United States history - 101

OUR HERITAGE - It's worth reading

Immediately after creating the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress voted to purchase and import 20,000 copies of Scripture for the people of this nation. Patrick Henry, who is called the firebrand of the American Revolution, is still remembered for his words, "Give me liberty, or give me death"; but in current textbooks, the context of these words is omitted.

Here is what he actually said: "An appeal to arms and the God of hosts is all that is left us. But we shall not fight our battle alone. There is a just God that presides over the destinies of nations. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death."

These sentences have been erased from our textbooks. Was Patrick Henry a Christian? The following year, 1776, he wrote this: "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great Nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here."

Consider the words that Thomas Jefferson wrote in the front of his well-worn Bible: "I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our creator." He was also the chairman of the American Bible Society, which he considered his highest and most important role.

On July 4, 1821, President Adams said, "The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: "It connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity."

Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President of the United States reaffirmed this truth when he wrote," The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country."

In 1782, the United States Congress voted this resolution: "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools."

William Holmes McGuffey is the author of the McGuffey Reader, which was used for over 100 years in our public schools, with over 125 million copies sold, until it was stopped in 1963.

President Lincoln called him the "Schoolmaster of the Nation." Listen to these words of Mr. McGuffey: "The Christian religion is the religion of our country. From it are derived our nation, on the character of God, on the great moral Governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free Institutions. From no source has the author drawn more conspicuously than from the sacred Scriptures. For all these extracts from the Bible, I make no apology."

Of the first 108 universities founded in America, 106 were distinctly Christian, including the first, Harvard University, chartered in 1636. In the original Harvard Student Handbook, rule number 1 was that students seeking entrance must know Latin and Greek so that they could study the Scriptures: "Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies, is, to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life, John 17:3; and therefore to lay Jesus Christ as the only foundation for our children to follow the moral principles of the Ten Commandments."

James Madison, the primary author of the Constitution of the United States, said this: "We have staked the whole future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments."

Most of what you read in this article has been erased from our textbooks. Revisionists have rewritten history to remove the truth about our country's Christian roots. You are encouraged to share this with others, so that the truth of our nation's history will be told.

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Posted By: Tyrone ShoesThu. Sep 30, 2010

Y do u thnk amrca hts u. u r stoopid. even the nigger learned to manipulate the media. Go sell another t-shirt from mom's basement u trailer trash, making the rest of us look bad fat-f***. and u probably lose support with the math thing with your in-bred douche-bag followers

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Posted By: Politically CorrectFri. Oct 8, 2010

USA has NO Capitalism, USA ONLY HAS Corporatism.

USA has NO Democracy, USA ONLY HAS Plutocracy.

USA has NO Constitution, USA ONLY HAS Patriot Act, Drones, Blackwater, False Flag Attacks & Lies.

USA has NO Politicians or Reps, USA ONLY HAS Neocon Corporate-Owned Lobbyists working ONLY for Corporations & Special Interests like AIPAC/PNAC


Biggest LIE Ever Created: "USA is Land of the Free"

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Posted By: Waa poor niggersFri. Oct 29, 2010

Shut your whiny nigger mouth okay? Everyone on earth is tired of the same old "oh woe is me. white people are putting me down" bulls***. You have done this to yourselves not everything has been done by whites. You bring yourselves down.

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Posted By: Lester NelsenSun. Nov 7, 2010

Hi, my name is Lester Nelson - I go to school in mackley, alabama. I am in the Third grade. my teacher said black people should be treated equal to white people. but my daddy says she's wrong and together we are writing a report can you please help support my point of view please? thank you very much, Lester nelson

p. s I am white

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Posted By: fuck niggers Sat. Nov 20, 2010

f*** the niggers send them f***ing ape back to the trees

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Posted By: there are no googSat. Nov 20, 2010

this is white land and it should be f***ing white land they come from places with notthng no food or notthing it is hard anoff with us here we build it so f*** off you f***ing nigger like it or not I AM F***ING WHITE AND PROUD OF IT SO F*** U NIGGERS

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Posted By: General CunninghamMon. Nov 22, 2010

World population is out of control (Over 6 billion). In my honest opinion we should start getting rid of the most defective communities which are the inbreed whites in trailer parks and low income housing in the Midwest USA and south western Canada. It's sad to take human lives but if you were an outside observer over the course of the last 500 years watching planet earth from above it would have looked as an alien fungal disease (with no cure in sight) took over and started marring the face of the earth in ever direction from its infection epicenter. This cleansing will reset the white gene pool and take care of a number of socio-political-financial problems.

Humans will reach their carrying capacity no matter the race present! Start precautionary measures NOW! Book: The Giver.

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Posted By: O.n.Sun. Dec 12, 2010

F*** off whitey. You had your time.


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Posted By: So Tired Of All The Talk!Thu. Dec 16, 2010

This site is a really good place for white people to stick together, and to STATE THE TRUTH! We CAN do it without HATE. But, the reason we do end up getting so mad is because people like O. N saying what they do and so we have to stand up and tell them they are wrong. YES WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD ONLY MIX WITH THEIR RACE, AS SHOULD ALL RACES! Does that mean we all can't get along and all have everything equally, NO! I think we all should have nice homes, nice cars, and everything equal. America is not fair to any of us. So, lets all stop complaining and stand up for human rights, not just race rights!

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Posted By: white Power!Sun. Dec 19, 2010

White Power

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Posted By: Robbin Tue. Dec 21, 2010

wow wtf all this hate in one place, lol, were fcuked ! send us the space rocks ;-)

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Posted By: White Fools Still Never Learn.Wed. Dec 22, 2010

When white people call any black people "apes" or "monkeys", believing that the black race never descend from Adam and Eve family. How come the white people have capabilities to commit bestiality with dogs, horses, sheep, goats and donkeys in the first place??? This issue doesn't make any sense at all. Therefore, God did not say that the black people are forbidden to marry any human race. AS God said in the Bible, "Men from one man and nations from one nation, therefore all mankind are equal. No one is more or less than others. "Muslims and Hindus know very well that all human races are also equal regardless to skin color.

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Posted By: ImwhiteSun. Jan 2, 2011

you guys are idiots if you think you can win and get rid of "niggers" in america

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Posted By: MannMon. Jan 3, 2011

i live in a small town in illinois and we didnt have any mexicans or niggers till chicago sent them down this way with a low housing area in wenona il. there they love the niggers and the white women are cross breeding and breakins are up 100% and car breakins are at 100% BUT IN TOLUCA THERE STILL ISNT A NIGGER BECUASE WE HERE HAVE A REPUTATION OF HATING NIGGERS. THEY COME TO THE BAR BUT SOON AFTER ARRIVING THEY LEAVE. NIGGERS GO TO AFRICA. (OH THEY DONT WANT YOU THERE EITHER THATS WHY YOUR GREAT-GREAT-GREAT GRANDDADDY SOLD YOU, S

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Posted By: All Mighty WhiteyTue. Feb 1, 2011

Niggers niggers niggers!!! All I gota say is according to the U. S. Constitution all men are created equal accept for the negro which is only 2/3 of a man. LMAO you NIGGER ANIMAL!!!

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Posted By: Blakk ManThu. Feb 10, 2011

all u whiteys are f***ed up. we don't want u either. if ud left us alone we'd still be doing fine in africa withut your interference. look at our soft featured and sexy women, ant I ageing properties of our skin. we dnt give no s*** bout u pigs!!!!

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Posted By: Lexie61Sun. Feb 27, 2011

Hey whitefools, I can't stand Middle Easterners so why do you?

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Posted By: Lexie61Sun. Feb 27, 2011

So are you trying to say that cross breeding is ok? I stay in my own heritage. My entire family is white. Should I be ashamed? I don't think so. I plan to keep it that way. So deal with it!

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Posted By: Mike MarchiThu. Mar 10, 2011

White and dame proud of my heritage. and like the man said if you don't like it come and kiss my WHITE ass if any of you black, yellow, or s*** color f***s have the balls

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Posted By: LuiFri. Mar 11, 2011

all famlies one way or another are mixed. there's no way a person can be pure ANYTHING. 6000 years of human history and mixing it up have put a wrench in your plans.

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Posted By: Asian LadyWed. Mar 30, 2011

Why is everyone so rude and critical about race. Its pretty obvious in nature the females prefer to mate with the most secure and healthy males. Why deny nature. You want change, workout and perform better in bed. Until then, blacks will continue to be #1, along with blond white females.

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Posted By: Johnny RuppeTue. Apr 19, 2011

I am sick of you racist crap. I am white but I am a homosexual. Why do you care if I prefer Latinos. My life partner Hector and I love each other but can't get married because of people like you. I am not a sissy, I fight like a man and I'm not afraid. Call me anytime 123-456-7890 to fight or love, I don't care which. There is no White Power, only RAINBOW POWER! When the civil war comes, and it will, we are going to rape all of you racist clowns!

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Posted By: Shirly WhiteWed. Apr 20, 2011

I do not approve of interracial relationships, the white race will die out and so will all the others. Then whos pointing fingers?

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Posted By: ShitforbrainsSat. Apr 23, 2011


f***ing niggers are trash andthe white mans wipping Bitch enough said

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Posted By: WtfThu. Apr 28, 2011

you should have pride in your own race but you don't have to discriminate on others in order to have that.

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Posted By: WowThu. Apr 28, 2011

first of all no one has room to judge anyone else second of all yea I agree, white people are the most people call racist and most of it is not true but there are in every race racist ppl... and white people brought africans here so guess what we are stuck with it now. and I hate we people base a whole race on what a couple of people have done or said and I hate when people say this should be a whole white country because guess what native americans were here first and black people if you recall alot of white people fought for black freedom too are you gonna call them racist because if it wasnt for the north would you even be free right now? stop discriminating against one nother and try to make the a better country for once cause frankly its going down a s*** hole. and we are all created equall.

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Posted By: Texan By Birth White By The GrThu. May 26, 2011

We may not be able to get rid of those apes but we sure could chain them up again with a few Bananas and basket balls as bait.

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Posted By: Here's A History Lesson For YaFri. Jul 1, 2011

Wow, some of you need a history lesson. Comment number 6 on this page states, "This is white land. " That is laughable. This country's natives were not white. They were almost wiped out by whites who infiltrated this land. If you're going to defend an argument as stupid as white people having claim over this country think of where you white people come from. You come from colonists who decided to invade this country, kill it's natives and force others to come here and work for you for free so blame your ancestors for all the "niggers" you have to deal with, the whole problem you have with black people is your own damn fault. Maybe you and your people should have stayed in your respective white countries.

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Posted By: BuckySat. Jul 9, 2011

I don't have anything against niggers. I thing every one should own at least 2. And I don't blame them for f***ing white girls. I wouldn't f*** a nigger either

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

KKK Knights are Heroes

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

Kenyan nigger monkey Obama thinks he can behave in Anglo Saxon America as a banania african monkey dictator in his banania possession, that nigger is mad and needs to be cured

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

Shame on Obama, the shameless kenyan nigger monkey intruder

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

I live in a North Africa country, Mauritania, in which White majority is daily harassed by niggers, who became mad since animal "Obama" "election", we definitely need a KKK to adress that efficiently

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

Do you think there is a difference between niggers and animals? Analyze their animalistic behaviour and you will see that animals are more human

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

God Bless Knights

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

May I ask REAL AMERICANS, ANGLO SAXONS, the following question:seriously, don't you think it's TIME to take YOUR COUNTRY BACK AND RESTORE ITS GREATNESS?

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Posted By: CrackerSun. Aug 7, 2011

When Obama loses, all the ghetto niggers will act up and then we can take care of them

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Posted By: KittykittyMon. Aug 8, 2011

LOL Tyrone... the blacks have not learned to malipulate the media. . the jews run that sh!t... no other race ownes and runs more of the media than the jewish elite!

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Posted By: Leoni LeoniTue. Aug 16, 2011

I holiday in the caribbean because I love being waited on hand and foot by niggers. The way it should be. I see the poor ones begging on the street and I think that these dudes need to get a grip on life because most of them screwed their own life up with drugs and booze.

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Posted By: BugsyFri. Sep 2, 2011

America for the legal.

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Posted By: Fuck All Of YouTue. Sep 6, 2011

Hey guys, first off, I'm white. And I'm surprised at all the grammar mistakes here made my the supreme white race. And all of you people that are so proud of being an American, and then this pages about the christian history of our government (god of which is clearly NOT real. ) Well, let me enlighten you on our heritage for all the ill-educated (that means how well you were taught) people here that love this site. First off, you bitch about the "niggers" being here, well guess what, THE AMERICANS BROUGHT THEM HERE! You wanted slaves (which is really stupid, you can't own a person you stupid f***ing retards) so, it should have been obvious they would have been freed eventually. Bottom line, you brought them here, so please, for the sake of your fake god, stop bitching. And as it is we didn't even belong here, we stole the land from the natives and killed them off and tricked them over the course of the 1800's and 1900's. We murdered them on a massive scale (which is bad, so all of you idiots know). To show how great American is you all should know that we funded the Nazis prior to World War 2, and a ton of our American corporations did business with them during the war. After the war we saved a bunch of the Nazis and gave them new names and backgrounds. So don't go on about the great America and all the "chinks, niggers, wetbacks, and redskins" or talk about WHITE PRIDE! Because so much of what white people have done SUCKS. So if you want to have white pride, fine, but you can have it without talking about "niggers, wetbacks, and chinks" it lowers you to the level you think of them. So next time you want to talk about all of this. Learn something first.

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Posted By: PkhonkeyFri. Sep 9, 2011

If we judged them by the content of their character, they'd be begging us to judge them by the color of their skin

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Posted By: AlsoimaninjaMon. Sep 19, 2011

last time I checked, trailers didn't have basements

Reppin' the UK bro ;)

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Posted By: MarekFri. Sep 30, 2011

Dear Lester,

Your teacher is right. Color has nothing to do with a person's worth. The Bible says that God created man in His own image and that means all of mankind - black, brown, yellow, white and all shades in between. One of the most evil men in the history of the world tried to make the white race supreme and he tried to get rid of black people as well as Jews. He had many millions of them murdered. His name was Hitler and he headed up the Naz I party. If you ever read the Bible you will see that God's special people were the Jews and His Son, Jesus, was born into a Jewish family. The Bible says that God is not a respecter of persons, but treats all people equally. The apostle Paul said that "in Christ there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, but all are equal. " Through all of history, human nature has caused groups of people to put other groups down and they have succeeded in doing this but that doesn't mean it is right. In the end, God will judge us as to how we have treated each other. Jesus said the most important commandments are "to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself". Jesus said "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples - if you have love for one another. " Lester, just imagine if everyone suddenly went blind and deaf and lost all their possessions. We couldn't tell what color people were and we couldn't hear their accents or speech defects. We wouldn't know if they were beautiful or ugly and we would all be poor. That would definitely make everyone equal. I'm sorry your dad doesn't agree that black people and white people are equal, but in the end, you have to make up your own mind about what is right and what is wrong. Ask God to help you. He said "if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask for it and it will be given it".

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Posted By: ScotsmanWed. Oct 12, 2011

for what its worth... we are all pretty much mutts here, dogs are bred better than we are. . unless of course, you look at the usual suspects (the breeding practices of royalty and their ilk. or to be cliche, hillbillies with their kit and caboodle. ) as far as racial tensions go I am one of the usual suspects... spics niggers blah blah blah. . the funny thing about something not so funny is the fact that every one keeps talking an nobody asks why?. . like why is it ive been in the company of (from time to time) some of the best ppl humanity has to offer. . individuals who when in there presents, are nothing short of inspiring. . all smiles and selflessness, generous, giving... you have been in their presents before they are profound sometimes only in the humility you do not expect from them. . yet then we turn around and say... ahh f***in nggr... or whatever class you perceive them to be. It goes for all sides. . blk, brn, wht, red, ylw doesn't matter what you are. . they've got u all. . why, why. . because its what we've been taught. . it in the news papers, on the news on the radio, in the sitcoms, the movies and on the cartoons... the media has always had the monopoly on fear, hate and loathing... its 3rd grade, dollar store behavior!!dirt cheap s*** man!!you know it ;). . just like grade school kid cuts the lunch line on you, turns an sticks his tongue out at you. . BOY you just want to smack his face but the lunch ladies looking... bell rings you sit down in class. . there he is, out in the hall pointing an laughing at you... next time you see him your walkin home he goes buy on his school bus. . tongue hangin out thumbs stuck in his ears waggling his fingers at you>. *#$%man the kid seems to be untouchable. . you get home the phone rings one of your buddies says man! I missed it " I heard you got beatup at lunch today"... that's the way it goes, , it would have been forgotten but he stayed on your case, an now hes talkin an ppl are believing and your never gonna here the end of it... . yea well my fellow humans, that little kid is in your face every day and all night long. . he's in the papers, on the news on the radio, in the sitcoms, the movies and on the cartoons. . that kid owns the media hes always had the monopoly on fear hate and loathing. when I start getting that warm fuzzy racist feeling. . it doesn't click . . it doesn't apply to some of the ppl I have met, worked with, lived with, and fought side by side with. . it makes me a hypocrite, self-loathing is not worth practicing, , so I'll blame the media kid...

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Posted By: Jeff P Contact Me At Trainer19Thu. Oct 13, 2011

Are we alla bunch of crying pussies? who will step up? I have done time from crimes I didnt even do but I know about honor. Why are we all bitching and no standing up for whats right? Me I am alone looking for a real white pride group like when I was locked down not a bunch of whinning pussies. Do you really no whats going n in this country are you really ready to stand up? You let me know!

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Posted By: AnfamaSun. Oct 16, 2011

Race has everything to do with a person's "genetic" worth and ultimate potential. It's no accident that all the greatest creative geniuses in history in every field have been white males and only white males. In the last 5, 000 years of recorded history there've been no Negro Shakespeares, no Arab Newtons, no Chinese Mozarts, no Indian Aristotles, no Vietnamese da Vincis, and there never will be. Only white males reach that level of intelligence.

The vast majority of the scientists in the relevant fields of human genetics and psychometrics now agree, the Negro race is inferior to the white European race in innate intelligence. But I didn't need science to tell me that. Watching The Amazing Race teaches the same lesson, the superiority of white males over nonwhites and nonmales. The Democrats on the staff of that show saw a problem after the first seasons. The white male teams were winning every race because of their ability to think faster on their feet. So the staff got together and hatched a plan to engineer nonwhites and nonmales winning some of the time. They started "affirmative-action" casting the race. Only obvious incompetents, fat and stupid hill-billies, and fruity choir members were accepted as white male teams, with the expected outcome, nonwhites and nonmales winning some of the races.

A counterexample to your claim that God's creating everyone in His own image means that all the races are in God's image, are equal in that respect. But which sex is created in God's image? Huh? And if women are not created in God's image we cannot assume that claim means all the races are created in His image, either. It's obviously a general statement that loosely refers to mankind, and cannot be intended to indicate racial equality. Jesus Himself was a racialist, calling the mixed-race Samaritan woman a dog and refusing to help her because of her inferior racial status. You need to learn that the scriptures are a field with land mines on every page that can blow up in your egalitarian face, as I've just indicated.

God does not treat all people equally. Right at birth the loathsome, cursed darky from Africa is not treated by God equally to the blond, blue-eyed rich white boy from the West who enjoys all the advantages of being Aryan, beautiful, and intelligent. And God selected out of all the races only one to be the Chosen People. Equality my ass.

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Posted By: WaiterThu. Nov 3, 2011

why can't niggers learn how to tip?

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Posted By: WaiterThu. Nov 3, 2011

you are inferior

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Posted By: WaiterThu. Nov 3, 2011

I think if black people disappeared no one would be upset (except for fat white blond women)

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Posted By: HammondSat. Nov 19, 2011

Look, you are worried about the decline of white race. You just bunch of idiots and faggots. You encourage adultary, homosexuality. Whote people are declining in numbers because of themselves; I know many guys in ireland who only likes drinking and f***ing all the time; and they find it something very normal whereas in other religions and cultures, it is shame to be homezexual or alcoholic. Blame your reacist whote reace not the other people f***ass.

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Posted By: Kyle D.Mon. Dec 12, 2011

My name is Kyle and I work for the Steve Wilkos Show in Stamford, CT. We are a talk show for NBC. We are doing a racial issues episode, and have already filmed half in which a black man expressed his issues with the nation. We are looking to film the other half with an opposing view. We are looking for one or more to come out and the show would be in question answer format with the audience, with Steve as the host. We will pay all travel costs, as well as hotel and food. If you are interested, you may contact me at 203. 564. 1364. Thanks

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Posted By: Borg-mx5Wed. Jan 4, 2012

Couple more my Thomas Paine:

"The study of theology, as it stands in the Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authority; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and it admits of no conclusion. "

"All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit. "

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Posted By: WhitemanSun. Feb 5, 2012

obama was the worst president in history, all he does is f*** everything up, he has no idea what hes doing, if he is re-elected it will show how stupid people in america can be

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Posted By: Mike GFri. Feb 10, 2012

The media and those against us try to dismiss us as a bunch of rednecks, uneducated, sitting around thinking of how we can ship all the blacks back to Africa. We're not! The face of White America has evolved. We are not a hate group like the kkk was. We look to each other to advance ourselves just like other social groups do. We are tired of having our hard earned incomes being taxed to support America and the world. Enough is enough, what would happen if White America stopped giving the help we give?

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Posted By: Lord Handcock IiiMon. Mar 5, 2012

My dear Boys I am a proper British Gentleman. My family has been around since the War of American aggression you dear boys call the American Revolution. All you Americans are Crazy. You hate everybody. I am glad I live in Liverpool and can be Gay and proud. How should I say it? Oh! One day we will take America back.

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Posted By: JenaMon. Mar 19, 2012

I admit I had attacked someone, and had committed a misdeanor, but its just what the Black people want. Many black women with white friends act like they wanna break off the bond between them and white people and have me as their friend. I don't even know if they've got social anxiety towards white people. When I go to Wal-Mart many black people stare at me. They wanna get involved with me even if we're enemies. They always greet me on the streets because all they think is that they only have a Black Ugly Face.

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Posted By: Amialone AmialoneSun. Apr 1, 2012

Facts are facts. MLK would be so sick it would probably make him throw up because how blacks are in this country. Act and I do say they act like they love MLK but when do they do anything he has said. Fact is they get to much gain being racist using the race card to steal our rights away from us. They do not care or want to be equal. They want to kill whitey but they sure do want the white woman. Whats wrong your own are they not good enough? TOO many white people with black lips and to many black people with white butts. If anybody in this country are going to be mad at the black men it should be the black women. DUH! I would feel ashamed to fight a black man because it will feel like fighting someone with one arm because they can't seem to let go of the privates with the other. That is very very very sick. How is it whitey`s fault that a black man hits an old woman over the head steals what she has and then gets caught and put in prison? Oh yell about hangings search your history and find out why they where hung. Some young an innocent I know that but most was not. Last public hanging in the usa was in ky because it was a black man but that black man raped and tortured a woman to death. What would you do if it would have been your daughter? Allot of people where hung of all races. Open your eyes!

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Posted By: ThisismycountryMon. Apr 2, 2012

I have never seen a bigger bunch of whiny, privileged, self-entitled babies in my entire life. Waaaaaaaah, I'm white and I only own the country by 80% I want it all waaaaaaaaaaah.

You'd think you'd WANT blacks to stay around so at least you get to think to yourself, "Well, I suck in every way, but at least I'm not black! " You're so f***ing dumb that you'd get rid of blacks and wind up as the new scapegoats for everything that's wrong with the country because guess what - no one likes racists! Your irrational hatred is uncivilized and embarrassing. Most of you are going to end up old racists whose grandchildren blush and make apologies every time you open your mouths. I actually pity them!

I'm curious to know in what way have any of you f***ers improved the world? Because all I ever hear about is how other white people improved the world. Seriously? Riding the coat tails of other whites who did all the work and put in all of the effort when you don't have any accomplishments of your own is truly retarded.

I can just see you now trading stories with doctors, lawyers, physicists. When it's your turn to list how you've helped humanity, your response? "Well, since I'm white like you, I was planning on sharing the credit for your accomplishments. "

... Really?

You outnumber blacks nearly 7 to 1, you own like 98% of the money and the property, people trust you by default because you're white, and you still can't get ahead? You're really not making yourselves look good when you suggest that one "inferior" black has the power to oppress you in any way.

You're no better than blacks who don't try to better themselves and blame whites for their woes, except those blacks have the slightest excuse of being psychologically damaged due to years of abuse, like someone who's molested and goes on to do it to their own children.

What's your excuses for not getting ahead? What, blacks have 2 jobs out of 10, and you suck so much that you can't land the other 8? You feel ENTITLED to have all of them? It's human nature to feel entitled to something after you've been denied something, but you folks? Denied NOTHING, and still entitled. It's really rather funny in a way, when it's not so utterly pathetic.

Get a job, get a life, stop making excuses. It's what I tell blacks who aren't pulling themselves up and it's what I'm telling your sorry asses. Stop expecting the world to give you something because of the color of your skin. Oh, and "blacks started it first"? Grow the hell up.

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Posted By: BradTue. May 8, 2012

we should just ship them back on the f***ing boats that the came on there nothing but a dam problem, so send them back to there countries. that solves the problem if they don't like us we white people that put up with all there bulls*** shouldn't have to deal with it anymore blacks are nothing but f***ing problem and every other dark skinned cunts out there are f***ing uneducated monkeys that are dumber than f***ing a brick, the world would be some much nicer without them destroying every thing NOTHING BUT A F***ING PROBLEM.

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Posted By: Proud HeathenWed. May 16, 2012

I say we send them all back to Africa and let them kill each other off like they have bee doing for millenia. The same goes for the f***ing mongrel kikes.

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Posted By: DimwitMon. May 21, 2012

Posted By: Proud Heathen Wed. May 16, 2012

"I say we send them all back to Africa and let them kill each other off like they have bee doing for millenia. The same goes for the f***ing mongrel kikes. "

Steven Spielberg, a Jew movie director, jokingly said we should have every nigger swim back to Africa each with a kike on his back.

The funny thing is, the kikes aren't real Semite Jews, but rather 8th century Turkish, Mongolian converts from the Khazarian civilization near Russia.

That is why many of them who don't have European royalty bred into them are so hooked nosed ugly.

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Posted By: JamesThu. Jun 21, 2012

While there are good discussions about the evils of the Negro culture and Yes they are important to know, it is highly likely you will be not allowed to express Honest information, so be ready for that.

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Posted By: Bio ChemistSat. Jun 23, 2012

well time for a history lesson... first of all, yes we all come from african descent. science calls them scientific adam and eve. they were the first humans after homosapien. now that's outta the way lets describe where blue eyes came from, why whites are more intelligent, why blacks are more athletic, why we differ so much in terms of reason vs violence, and why blacks should be thanking whites for slavery.

(assuming this all based on evolution and not religion) first, we all come from africa and over thousands of years of evolution some civilizations evolved more mentally and were able to ask questions about life, thier surroundings, and what else what out there. so they started to move. when these civilizations moved to other parts of the world they evolved physically (as well as mentally) to adapt to the climate. colder weather and less sun made lighter skin and eyes. also, since these civilizations had to cope with new enviroments, they had to ask themselves questions about their surroundings and more importantly, how to survive. doing this daily made their minds evolve more to come up with better survival techniques( hint to why almost all things that help people today are created by white people) so all the cicilizations that had more inteligents and left africa became different looking white, and the ones that stayed there stayed the same. so over years of evolution, whites changed and prospered and had to figure out all kinds of new things, while blacks havent evolved at all. they still look the EXACT same, and act the same. as for blue eyes, in science, the color is a recessive gene, meaning its rare. like all thing worth anything rarity is huge. this is why all races and why the image of beautiful women is of light complexion, blond hair, and u guessed it blue eyes. since we all came from dark compexion, dark evrything are dominant genes, hints to why when black and white mix, the black almost always prevails in the offspring. this is sad for the whites cause it basically means that thousands of years of evolution are down the drain, meaning youre basicslly starting back to begining (sci. adam and eve). so whites have evolved mentally better, while the civilizations that stayed in africa evolved physically since all they had to do to survive was catch animals. the simplest way to do that, become faster and stronger, and they did. so, since whites evolved more with their minds they started asking more and more questions until they got vry complex

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Posted By: Bio ChemistSat. Jun 23, 2012


complex, like why r we here? whered we come from? even which race is better? this brought about feelings of emotions as well as conscience cause people were asking questions like if I feel pain others have to to. so whites became aware and sympathetic to other peoples emotions, while the africans had to still compete for survival ( survival of fitness I call it). jus like they have and still do till this day. this mentally is still present in africa and ghetto nieghborhoods across america( selling drugs for money, murder, using people for personal gain the list goes on and on) all problems in every community but more abundant obviously in black communities. whites generally arent this way cause of our evolution in mental ability to feel for other people, especially our own race.

now slavery. because of slavery some blacks have the oppurtunity to live in a white made world. if slavery never existed, all blakcs would still be in africa dieing from even more diseases than they do now, murdering more than they do now, and raping more than they do now. in fact their existence might have been totally wiped off the face of the earth long ago if we didn't SAVE them with slavery. plus, even though everyone seems to hate america and our WHITE ways, they all want to come here and exploit it. most of them are illegally here. of all races we CHOSE to let blacks come here and live our white way of life. instead they, like other races jus exploit it and are still making excuses as to why they, as an entire race, are worthless. whites have given blacks every oppurtunity we can, free education, scholarships, employment, welfare. yet you still condemn us, murder us, and destroy years of evolution by raping our women. you destroy our youth with brainwashing songs that contain nothing but references to murder, sex, and drug use (rap is the #1 music in america right now. guess what are are three major issues in our country concerning the decline of our children). I have barely touched the surface of my views and theorys of evolution of cultures. I don't have the room to write all of it. but I want to end with this. I believe that as long as there are different races there will be racism. every race wants to be at the top, and when ur on the top everyone below will try to replace you. blacks brag constantly about how theyre the best in sports and I guarantee will never want to give that up. so I ask all the whites, why do we want to give up the number one position?

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Posted By: Your Lord And SaviorWed. Jun 27, 2012

Do you geniuses actually eat with those mouths of yours? ?

Such vile hatred you spew, but God forbid I should use all caps-my comment might get deleted! !

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Posted By: PrincessMon. Jul 9, 2012

lol errbody on here talkin racist s*** yo kids and grandkids fina have mixed babies trust me in like 20 yrs errbody gon be yellow skin. fyi this aint white land its native american land we took it from them. white ppl are greedy and stupid

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Posted By: HeathenTue. Jul 10, 2012

Hey Princess, by the sound of you post youre a white chick so how about you try talking white instead of like a stupid nigger? Have some pride in yourself you ignorant bitch.

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Posted By: Valhalla Awaits Us AllTue. Jul 24, 2012

Why all this Christ-boy talk anyway? If you're White and you're still bowing and scraping to a delusional hippie Jew, after what damned Christians did to your people 1, 000 years ago, you're a CHUMP and deserve to be fleeced by your rip-off 'pastor'. Oh yeah, WPWW, you filthy nigger apes! 14/88 And f*** you race traitors, you know who you are, nigger ass-lickers!

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Posted By: MattFri. Aug 24, 2012

i honestly don't think black's are the problems its all those beaners and cartel

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Posted By: F*** You BigotsTue. Sep 4, 2012

This site is quite possibly the most rediculous breeding pool of backwards thought in existense. You should all be shot for thinking that white people are superior to any other people for any means. We are all born equal, nobody is born with any superiority over anyone else. There should not exist, in our culture, any feeling of superiority from any group. Yet I see it time and again on this site. White people are no better than black people, who are no better than Asians, who are no better than hispanic people. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant.

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Posted By: PinkySun. Sep 16, 2012

Each person had 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, and so on. 20 generations ago (about 400 years), you had 1, 048, 576 ancestors. It took more than a million people to make you, and that's just in the past 400 years! The same for the other 7 billion people alive in the world today. So in 1608, there were 7. 34 quadrillion people, far more than history books admit. Where did everybody go?

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Sep 17, 2012

At:Pinky "there were 7. 34 quadrillion people, far more than history books admit. Where did everybody go"

If the Jew controlled Federal Reserve keeps printing new money to pay for their Jew created wars in the Middle East, we are all going to need a billion dollars to buy a cup of coffee.

If a thousand trillion makes a quadrillion, most of those 7. 34 quadrillion were either eaten by aliens or emigrated to Mars.

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Posted By: Proud White Infidel WomanMon. Oct 1, 2012

I just read on nbc sandiego where a muslim spic crossbreed was calling for the beating, rape and death of a White Woman. It was in the comment sections of an article where a Border Patrol Agent in Chula Vista, California had shot and killed a spic who had ran him over with her car.

This guy, frank anthony marroquin, needs to learn that we don't tolerate illegals here, especially when they're calling for the rape, beating, and death of a White Women who supports border patrol. He lives right there in chula vista and needs to be taught a lesson. His house is (address), which is close to where the shooting took place, so you would think that a Border Patrol Agent who was trying to arrest a violent illegal would be supported by the neighborhood but apparently now they think they own the USA.

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Posted By: RitaSat. Nov 10, 2012

Now that Obama won get ready for a new wave of immigrants to come and get free stuff.

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Posted By: RitaSat. Nov 10, 2012

Americans better learn Spanish quick because this is becoming an extension of south America. They plan to conquer America while we pay for their kids to go to school give them food stamps, free health care and social security for their elderly family members. I am tired of paying for my own health care, my kids school, and my own food. I think I am going to stop working and live of the government, I think we all should and see what happens!

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Nov 12, 2012

It really doesn't matter whether the Republican or Democratic party is governing America. The blame for the "open borders policy" of allowing illegals to flood our country is squarely on the Jews who control our government by contributing over 50% of the election funds of both parties.

Between the traitorous Jewish Israeli's lobby AIPAC and the Jew controlled main stream media, no politician will be elected or stay in office if they don't kiss the asses of Jews.

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Posted By: CaseyThu. Jan 3, 2013

if it ok to get a white power tattoo even if I'm not associated in a white group I'm just proud to b white and my background? ?

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Posted By: World CitizenThu. Feb 7, 2013

People of the world , anywhere anyplace in the globe, life as we know it or get accustumed to, never stays the same , its constantly changing, be the city or landscape that is constantly changing or the social and race melt-pot that any particular place becomes , it happens all over the world and we all everywhere anyplace have to roll with the changes, it serves no purpose whatsoever to blame and detest somebody else for it, grow up as a human and accept that we are all in this world together trying to make it a better place as a Whole not as separatist, I don't expect you to understand with these few words today, but maybe in the future , somehow these few words will shed some light on those things that you might see as troubling and perhaps make you see things with a more humanistic point of view .

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Posted By: White Trailer TrashMon. Feb 18, 2013

White land!!!, Did you F***ing forget that their were Native American Indians here first, you F***ing white trash, in-bred piece of S***. Don't you have something better to do, like F*** your cousin or mother, or sister, how about you pick up a book. I bet your family tree is straight.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSun. Apr 28, 2013

To the Native American scum who were wiped out by the small pox infested blankets supplied by the White government but delivered with full knowledge by the Jew peddlers. Tough titties!

The land in the Americas was inhabited by Whites who came over perhaps 20, 000 years ago during the Ice Age when the land masses and oceans were frozen. However, they were wiped out by natural causes. Since they predate the Native Americans, who are descended by an analysis of DNA from one women who lived near the Arctic region, the Whites were here first you dumb INJUNS.

There was a specific name given to these people which I can't remember. The White Nationalists prepared a book or booklet identifying these people on the extremely , intelligent, educated stormfront. org forums. Don't let the Jews label this site as an uneducated redneck site. Do yourself a favor and read a few forums of stormfront. org and you will see that there are no dummies writing and commenting there.

Also try the occidentalobserver. net site which has many excellent articles along with tons of intelligent, educated posters.

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Apr 29, 2013

The free booklet that I was referring to is "The Zionist Attack On Western Civilization" which was composed on an earlier thread of the with input from fellow posters. See the following thread for a free downloadable copy. The following is an excerpt:

You see, thousands of years ago Europeans living in modern day France called, "The Solutreans", used to hunt wild animals for food. There's all kinds of archaeological evidence proving that these Europeans, (who lived before & during the last great ice age of 17, 000 years ago) hunted animals with a special arrow head attached to a spear. Now, you have to remember we are talking about a period of time during the "Stone Age". Europeans hadn't yet discovered or invented metal so we had to make our arrow heads out of rock! Now, these special arrow heads were 100 times sharper than a steel razor! You can see them for yourself if you go to the museums where they are on display. These unique arrow heads are called "Clovis points" and aren't found in Asia or Siberia but are found in Europe. The real interesting fact is that they have been recently discovered here in North America as well! However, the "Clovis points" are not present along the route of the Bering Land Bridge! So that means that these arrow heads did not come from Asia as they have not been found on that continent. They are an exclusive White man Arrow head, which have been unearthed in Europe and now here in North America! So how did they get here? The answer is (which is supported by ample scientific evidence, including White DNA and ancient skeletal remains) that during the last great ice age which covered the Atlantic Ocean with ice as far South as Southern France, our ancient food gatherers had to venture out into the sea to locate additional food due to the harsh winter which had killed off previously available animal herds. These hunters who traveled by canoe accidentally got trapped in the ice flow & gulf streams & got swept to North America by the prevailing sea currents. Once arriving in this new land they had to eat, so they resumed hunting with the techniques that had worked for them in Europe. The White Solutrean people continued to create their "Clovis Point" arrow heads (which are now found in archaeological digs throughout North America). Science has even recently discovered White skeletal remains here in North America like the Kennewick Man which predate any Indian civilization. But our government, which is blatantly anti-White, works overtime to suppress these facts and hide the truth from our people. For a great video on the European Solutrean Clovis Arrow head points watch the video called, "Ice Age Columbus", produced by the Discovery Channel & its BBC produced counterpart called, "Stone Age Columbus" which can be found on

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Posted By: OreoThu. May 9, 2013

Ya all know you like black girls, the reason thety call me Oreo is because my muffin is black, and inside is the white creme ya like to lick out with your tounge. Sweet and tasteee, I know ya'all sayin Yum!x but ya gotta have money to be with this gold mine.

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. May 14, 2013


If your brown muffin is so tasty, why do the black bucks with money from sports or entertainment head to the nearest good looking White woman?

Tiger Wood diets on one good looking White woman after another. And if White women's wet hair smells like wet doggy fur, why do so many Black bucks desire White women's vanilla ice cream?

I subscribe to the America's past history when black bucks were strung up from the nearest tree, just for looking at a White woman.

P. S. I have always hated oreo cookies.

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Posted By: Ol JoeWed. Jun 12, 2013

Your quotes from Thomas Jefferson are a tad misleading. He explicitly states that he believes in neither Christ's divinity nor resurrection. Nor with most of what he calls Biblical "fables. " But he WAS a Deist. Still, I like your site: its candor is refreshing but its tenor is noisome. Like drinking from a poisoned stream when you're dying of thirst.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Jun 14, 2013

Thomas Jefferson would be turning over in his grave or looking down from heaven in disgust in seeing how the Jews are destroying America and all the other White majority countries. It is like we are transported back to Nazi Germany in the 1930's without a sign of a good-natured fellow similar to Adolf Hitler is waiting in the wings to rescue our gentile asses.

If he and the other forefathers would have banned the Jews from entering America via a few choice passages in the Constitution, America wouldn't be in such dire straits.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Jun 15, 2013

At: Ol Joe "I like your site: its candor is refreshing but its tenor is noisome. Like drinking from a poisoned stream when you're dying of thirst. "

I didn't know that reading the truth and not being brainwashed by Jewish lies was like drinking from a poisoned stream. The tenor rather than being noisome is refreshingly enlightening, especially for a non-Jewish White European whose White majority countries are being hijacked by the Jews for a planned New World Government.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Jun 29, 2013

I have been reading that may be infiltrated by the Jews. In keeping with their actions, a certain percentage of information seems truthful, but when a poster questions something that is sensitive to their agenda, like blaming Israel's Mosaad for 9/11 and not the Arabs, they are banned.

I read posts on there from the immediate past which are very interesting, but I then notice that many of these past posters speaking the truth are banned. Isn't that a telltale sign that the site has been taken over by kikes.

First the Jews belittle stormfront as an anti-semitic, Nazi, stormtrooper, red-neck hick site, and then they take it over to neutralize the truthful information emanating from the site. Those dirty Jews are pretty clever deceitful snakes.

Whenever White Europeans form pro White organizations and political parties, it doesn't take long for the Jew to either infiltrate or discredit the principals making the organization harmless. They have done that in Australia and America. But yet these snakes have thousands of their own organizations to control the world.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Jul 12, 2013

My mind has been vacillating as to whether to frequent the stormfront site. It may still be in the hands of truth seeking Whites but maybe the Jews are the ones that have been spreading rumors that it is infiltrated by their tribe so that gentiles want visit the site, which still seems to be allowing truthful information about the actions of the kikes.

I should proceed with caution when visiting the site and partake what I believe is truth while being on the lookout against some big dirty Jewish propaganda.

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Posted By: DarksideFri. Nov 1, 2013

At White European, Well I am back I really like how you have final changed the words at the start of your website. I am very proud of you. I say this even though I know you do not care about my opinion of you, but that is alright. Anyhow, let me get to the point. First of all my dear friend you have more in common with a nigger who was known as Malcolm Little AKA Malcolm X. He often made the same quotes from Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, just as you do now. That is very strange?

It is weird if niggers are animals and incapable of any logical thought. How can White Supremacists of the 21st century now copy his words? Malcolm X was not racists he was a man fighting the powers that be. His words were a warning to ALL men of the future that people in power would and have abused it. Yet no one accepted this man while he was living. People lied on him eventually MURDERED him. Now I am hearing his words coming from the mouths of White Supremacists today. How strange I told you once before that your people have a deep, deep secret of how they obtained power and control over the world. People like you have been tricked into believing that there is a difference between US and THEM. You have spent your life hating an enemy that has long since been defeated and who no longer has a SOUL AKA Black or Nigger. We are all in the same boat, but on different sides rowing in different directions. I will end this for now. Keep up the good fight I will continue to read your words of wisdom. LOL

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Nov 1, 2013

At: Darkside

Glad to see you are back. Don't be a stranger. If you are referring to the "Why Jews SUX" category, why not comment on that and a few other categories as well. "A Person" missed you!

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Posted By: DarksideTue. Nov 5, 2013

At:you back Jews again? Listen a lot of time and a lot of lies have been put in front of us apparently the jews are masters at manipulating the very books we read. The books are the source, at least one source from which we base our p. o. v. , you really need boarden what you read. If you don't mind me mentioning. Even if you are right about half the things you have talked about. You honestly can know what you are saying real or unreal? Why, because you were not around when the source was started. Hence, what I just stated. Some things you have wrote are ridiculous that you have suggested. Listen, as far as I know, Jews and you, as Russian ethic american have in common is alot. You Anglo Saxon they are Anglo Saxon what problem? You come from barbians they from barbians. Honestly what's the difference?

Chill out okay... ... lol

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Nov 5, 2013

At: Darkssside "Listen, as far as I know, Jews and you, as Russian ethic american have in common is alot. You Anglo Saxon they are Anglo Saxon what problem? You come from barbians they from barbians. Honestly what's the difference? "

WE are White Anglo Saxon European barbarians and they are Asiatic, Mongolian, Turkish barbarians. We White Europeans are stained with the same brush that these Asiatic Turkish barbarians paint in White majority countries against the third world imperialist activities. We are not so bad in our barbaric activities, but these Jewish swinehund are double dealing satanic animals who have no compassion for their fellow man. All they ever ask is WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE JEWS. They are not even Semitic, the JEW word being created specifically for these admixture swine, who interbred with White European royalty to appear White to the rest of the goyim.

America is hated by all foreigners because of the actions of the JEW. If you would read "Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" instead of those graphic novels(COMIC BOOKS), you would discover how the JEW was involved in black slavery. Your own Black leaders are blackballed and ostracized whenever they preach the truth about the JEWS.

Take away their monopoly on printing legal money and see how far these ignorant swine advance beyond the peddling of used rags.

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Posted By: DarksideThu. Nov 7, 2013

AT W. E. I have read and study the sick twisted relationship between Niggers and Jews. I am very much aware, that Jews control Niggers. All I saying to White people like you is STOP pretending that there is some kind of difference between the tribes of Anglo Saxons. Anglo Saxon are simply fighting for control of this planet now.

I honestly, do not care anymore which tribe wins. I know that there is nothing I will gain or my children will gain. But please do not kid yourself that mankind is better with one over the other.

Niggers have no Soul who cares what happens to us. We are just like the clones on Star Wars. A large Soulless army waiting to be controlled by whoever holds the reigns.

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Nov 7, 2013

At: Darkside

Quit bellyaching about woah is me. You have a very large continent of Africa which your people could turn into a pristine example of a utopia. The smart niggers have to lead the way for the dumb niggers, instead of sitting on their asses taking kickbacks and bribes from the JEW devils exploiting the resources.

The soulless garbage is just an excuse not to to anything in this world.

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Posted By: DarksideThu. Nov 7, 2013

AT W. E. Who is bellyaching? I hate what I am and what I represent. Being a Nigger is a curse. But at the same time I have no desire to be an Anglo Saxon either. I think the flesh is WEAK, because of this fact men are unable to lead other men the way god intended. We have clearly failed ALL MEN. They have let each other down time and time again, over and over, century after century. You see one big problem is the flesh. Flesh is very hard to overcome no man can break the barrier.

The mind is strong, but surround by bacteria the flesh. Only our minds truly represent god. Only the mind can break the barrier. Ever notice people try and do the right thing? they know the right thing, but they still commit awful crimes against each other. They always succumb to flesh their HEART's desire always. The Jews claim that their race has overcome the great barrier, but they haven't. If they had, we wouldn't be having this conversation. They would have lead us to new frontiers, we All would be creatures of enlightenment instead of crawling around in Darkness and Despair, Confusion, Hatred etc...

A man can not lead while he himself is also lost in the flesh of skin: White skin is no better than Black skin or Yellow skin etc. . There is no difference. Flesh is flesh. Personally I think we need to let computers rule us for a few millennium. Then let men take over maybe then after lesson men will final overcome the great barrier FLESH... lol

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Nov 8, 2013

At Darkside

You black bucks have to stop thinking all of the time about your personal tool(Mah Dick). Exercise it daily if you must, but schedule the rest of the time for enlightenment and good deeds in regards to leading your brothers out of the abyss. Welfare has spoiled most of you in regards to industriousness. Take a swimming lesson and then you will be able to swim back to Africa with a JEW on your back. When you reach Africa, the JEW will ride you like the good dependable donkey that you are. He will use and abuse you like a Kike bully, if you let him just like the two Miami Dolphins's football players.

I don't want any STINKIN COMPUTERS ruling over me but the JEWS want to put the operation of the drone airplanes into a computer program that decides who gets eliminated and who doesn't. It seems that it is difficult to recruit human drone pilots for all of the killing required. Let's hope the cyber space robot makes a mistake and turns on the JEW by killing them on a grand scale.

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Posted By: DarksideSat. Nov 9, 2013

AT W. E. Oh by the way they'd kill me in Africa, just as quickly as they would you. No one wants niggers in their country now. Not after being born a slave from slaves. Like I said, you need to stop complaining about your jew brothers just because they have the power and you don't.

Machines will do a much better job at ruling over men, than other men. This day is coming sooner than you know. A. I technology is already here and is already in our lives. How do you talk through this web site? lol... .

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Posted By: DarksideTue. Nov 12, 2013

AT W. E. " ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" lol, that statement has been misunderstood, all men are 'created', equal as far as egg ad sperm, as far as a male screwing a female. Now, that is as far of equality is concerned. Men are not equal. I never would hurt anyone for any reason, not unless they are trying to do me harm. I believe in live and let live. But clearly some niggers and Anglo Saxons do not share this belief. Some people will do anything to preserve their selfish life, they will kill, steal, cheat, lie etc... . Our minds separate us, and no two minds are the same this is why marriages do not work, this is why wars are fought etc...

A. I intelligence is on the rise, why because A. I is strictly about the mind, not the physical. Just because people have the same skin color does not mean their minds are equal. If this were true then Hitler would have won. His own soldiers plotted against him. There are German Jews who actually plotted against other Jews, so on and so fourth. People really need to learn to look past skin color and at a man's MIND. I say this because I am tried of being trapped in my own body. My body is a prison, and no one can see past it. I AM IN A PRISON WITHOUT WALLS. Niggers are soulless and hopeless sheep. I am a man trapped with mindless, soulless sheep body. We are not all the same!!!lol.

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Nov 12, 2013

At: Darkside

Do you feel satisfied to relieve your mind of all of that built up negativity to your present status? Wouldn't it be more fruitful to accept your soulless black body and curl up to an attractive black woman? And instead of reading comic books, google search some appropriate higher level knowledge and educate that black mind so that your soul will be shamed into re-entering your body making you whole again. If President Obongo can make it by serving our JEWISH MASTERS, so can you. Too much intelligence can be as dangerous as too little.

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Posted By: DarksideTue. Nov 26, 2013

At:W. E You are a very negative Anglo-saxon. There is no common grounds with you. I do not know why your parents raised you like this, but get a life. lol

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Nov 26, 2013

At: Darkside

"...although Jews are physically similar to all other men, yet they are endowed with a 'second soul' that renders them a SEPERATE SPECIES." (Zimmer, Uriel, Torah- Judaism and the State of Israel, Congregation Kehillath Yaakov, Inc. NY, 5732 (1972), p. 12)

I see that you aren't the only one talking about soulless people. See "Why Jews SUX" for additional remarks concerning the Jew as a different species. (# 137-139)

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Posted By: DarksideWed. Dec 11, 2013

At White European Listen stop trying to keep the upper hand about information I provide. Not only or you a racist, but a filthy thief just like the niggers you put down. I still reading what you write but I have long hours at work now, yes work. You knew nothing about soulless people until I mentioned it. Well I am exhausted now I trying to make Christmas money. Giving back to the Jews. lol, well you keep writing and keep reading brother. Lol

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Dec 13, 2013

At:Darkside "Not only or you a racist"

If being proud of my White European heritage, not wanting to soil my genetics, not wanting to live with a bunch of brown and black savages, and disliking niggers and spiks makes me a RACIST, so be it.

What type of work are you doing inside that prison my friend?

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Jan 23, 2014

At: Darkside

Did they give you an early release from that prison, my chocolate skinned friend? Or maybe you were serving your sentence in a Georgia chain gang. I know how difficult it is for a black man to work and post on this site at the same time. It is like having the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Jan 31, 2014

"Obama SUX" is an excellent propaganda video clip contrasting the indoctrination of Hitler's youth with that of our JEW WORLD ORDER using President Obama to brainwash the Goyim of America into indoctrinating our youth through the boyscouts and a universal draft for 18 to 25 year olds. It would be nice to have a comment section to gauge how gullible and naive goyim are to the tricks of the Jews. They probably created and floated this flick to see what responses they receive to determine what their next steps should be in their quest to form a police state like that of Russia circa 1917.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSun. Feb 23, 2014

You know the old saying that any publicity whether good or bad is welcome. The Vegan, former poster on here and who has a thread called "Observations By The Vegan" listed 4th from the bottom of the table of contents has defamed this site on the blog

Vegan October 9, 2012 at 9:05 pm

"We need Internet regulation so bad it's unbelievable. No web site is accountable, Their privacy is extraordinarily protected, and hate speech and hate crimes is made so simple. The internet is the outlaw old west of America. An example is this web site that should have been removed."

This stupid Indian knows not what he speaks about. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution gave all American CITIZENS the right to freedom of speech so long as one is not shouting fire in a crowded movie theater or nightclub. Hate speech and hate crimes are convenient labels created by our conniving JEW brothers to further stifle the truth about the fake Jewish Holocaust, the forming JEWnited Nations, and the forming JEW World Order from reaching the GOYIM hoards. Clamping down on the so called Wild West Internet could cause 6. 5 billion GOYIM to disappear from this planet Earth. Perhaps 200 to 300 million White Europeans were murdered by the machinations of the JEWS in the bloody 20th century. And according to demographics, there should be 1, 200 million White Europeans in the world today instead of the present 600 million. (People who are dead can't procreate additional offspring)

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Mar 6, 2014

When reading some of the past posts, I long to be able to reply to some of these so called learned folks who are always blaming the ignorant White folks for the crimes of the Jew impostors slithering like slimy snakes into the roles and actions of White folk. These crypto Jews are giving White people a bad name and making enemies of all of the citizens of foreign countries. "Yankee Go Home" is a direct result of letting these dirty JEW beggars control America's everything.

When using certain key words like mysorebutt, dirty Jewish swinehund and other derogatory phrases in the search engine, the site does appear for willing newbies to sample the fare by clicking on However, when they see picture of a White obese misfit, they tend to quickly hightail it out of here. The moderator/ownership must be working for JEWISH MASTERS, amassing IP addresses for when the JEW WORLD ORDER is implemented.

When you make two of your posters look like asses, it fortifies the site as a low class red neck experience, which most learned, intelligent folk want nothing to do with. Welcome to all of the idiots who can't string two sentences together.

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Posted By: AnonymousFri. Mar 14, 2014

It is not about what you are (creed or colour) but it is about what you reproduce (your children).

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Mar 25, 2014

At: Alix of ""

Immigration — The Brain Drain

"How can it be fair to take a countries elite of doctors, computer programmers, engineers, etc… and then leave the nation they originated from without this elite? How can it? "(Obviously these educated British elite don't see a future in a country ruled by Jews politically(City of London), legally, and with the banking and currency system. The enemy is not a left wing socialist but rather the Jew World Order hell bent on destroying the White Aryan race with multiculturalism.)

"The European union single currency was another stupid idea dreamed up by the "Socialist Left". (A polite euphemism for the DIRTY JEWS) The European Union was a step in the process of controlling all of White Western European countries economically, politically, and legally in forming a Jew World Order. )

"I do blame the Western politicians who have betrayed us for their own financial gain. "(Yes, the small percentage of Jews couldn't rule the world without the help of willing goyim. )

"The solution to the immigration problem is to take our countries, 'politically' more to the right, much more. "(The solution is to put on trial all of the traitorous politicians and Jews. One needs to identify the enemy using the Jew word and not some polite euphemism like left wing socialist. )

"For my home country being a part of the "European Union" is a big problem as legally we have to allow people from Europe in. The solution is obvious: LEAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION. "(Wrong, the solution for England and all other White majority countries is to identify the Jew as the enemy and create a Judenfrei society. )

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Posted By: DarksideSun. Jun 15, 2014

At White European: I see you still fighting the gooood fight. I read the opening to your website. Patrick Henry, Calvin Cooligde etc... . Those are voices from the past long since gone. Look around you at the country your ancestors created. What do you see? ? The White people that started this country are very disappointed at their descendants now, why?

Because they started this nation with the hopes that it would change the men that live in this world. They wanted things to be better for mankind. NOT. Instead of the descendants of the people of this country improving the lives of other human beings. They made a bad situation WORST. White people of today have failed their ancestors. They have not lived up to the standards that their ancestors set for them. Instead of bringing mankind forward and leading in the path of GOD. White people of today are just laying down in the filth and taking on the ways of the people they are supposed to change.

I have always noticed how the White people of today are standing on the words of their ancestors. Like YOU W. E. You and others like you are nothing, but SHADOWS of your ancestors. You and others like you are skeletons guarding a dead corpse of CIVILIZATION. You are struggling to hold on to something long since DEAD. You and others like you are holding a light in the night against all this darkness. The light is fading FAST

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Posted By: DarksideSun. Jun 15, 2014

At W. E. : Ever try stacking marbles in a corner? Ever imagine what it like to stop an ocean wave with your hands? ? Ever try catching air in your hands? ?

This is what you and others like you are trying to do. Now like I have told you in the past. Technology is the only solution for mankind right now. Science is the only key to straighten this train wreck of a world we live in. Drum beating words from the past from dead people is no way to find solutions to today's problems. Science will lead us to stars and give mankind an ultimate solution.

I will discuss this further when I get time. END OF LINE

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Posted By: Rabbi White EuropeanMon. Jun 16, 2014

Darkside pops up out of nowhere spouting nonsense. I still haven't figured out the relationship between Thomas White, Darkside, Dubril and Duende and we might also throw in Clovis.

I beginning to suspect that Darkside, Dubril, and Duende all starting in the letter D is not coincidental. Could this site be like kindergarten for Mosaad employed trollers, a learning experience to get the feet wet with mindless rednecks and niggers before venturing on to the more challenging sites?

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Jun 23, 2014

At W. E. Listen, how can you be Russian and European at the same time. Even though both are in the same family tree. But Europe is a long way from Russia.

Listen the light is fading fast from this world now. The time of DARKNESS is upon us. You think it about skin. It is not. It is about power!!!my friend POWER!! This power. Man will do anything to posses and keep it. I will talk to you later. My friend. END OF LINE And by the way I do not know who those other names that you bought up. I have always been straight with you. I have told you who I am. You already know? ? ?

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Posted By: Rabbi White EuropeanTue. Jun 24, 2014

Russia has its historical core as well as most of its population (74%), economic activity and political institutions (such as its capital city) in Europe, yet geographically most of the territory (77%) is actually in Asia. By most definitions, Russia straddles Eurasia.

At 17, 075, 400 square kilometres (6, 592, 800 sq mi) and with 142 million people, Russia is by far the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's land area, and ninth-largest by population. It extends across the whole of northern Asia and 40% of Europe, spanning 11 time zones and incorporating a great range of environments and landforms.

Most of the population lives in the European part of Russia and even a bigger part of the population is ethnically European. Siberia is just one big permanent colony, even though by area it's bigger then the western part. Historically Russia spread from the West, conquering the indigenous tribes in the way (I don't think there was much to conquer since it's so sparsely populated). So to sum it all up, geographically Russia is both European and Asian. Culturally and historically, Russia is European

Most of the people are living in the European Part of Russia So the country is to be considered European though the bigger part is in Asia but that part is less populated. Geographically the border between Europe and Asia is the Ural mountains and the coasts of the Caspian and Black sea.

Throughout history Russia considered itself European it is only under Soviet Rule this was changed.

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Posted By: ClovisFri. Jul 18, 2014

National Ruin Follows National Apostasy

The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Isa. 24:5.

The people of the United States have been a favored people; but when they restrict religious liberty, surrender Protestantism, and give countenance to popery, the measure of their guilt will be full, and "national apostasy" will be registered in the books of heaven. The result of this apostasy will be national ruin.

By the decree enforcing the institution of the papacy in violation of the law of God, our nation will disconnect herself fully from righteousness. When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power, when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism, when, under the influence of this threefold union, our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government, and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions, then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near.

Through spiritualism, Satan appears as a benefactor of the race, healing the diseases of the people, and professing to present a new and more exalted system of religious faith; but at the same time he works as a destroyer. . . .

While appearing to the children of men as a great physician who can heal all their maladies, he will bring disease and disaster, until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation. . . .

And then the great deceiver will persuade men that those who serve God are causing these evils.

As men depart further and further from God, Satan is permitted to have power over the children of disobedience. He hurls destruction among men. There is calamity by land and sea. Property and life are destroyed by fire and flood. Satan resolves to charge this upon those who refuse to bow to the idol which he has set up. His agents point to Seventh-day Adventists as the cause of the trouble. "These people stand out in defiance of law, " they say. "They desecrate Sunday. Were they compelled to obey the law for Sunday observance, there would be a cessation of these terrible judgments. "

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Posted By: DarksideSun. Jul 27, 2014

At Rabbi? W. E. You are a knight guarding an dead decaying corpse of a world now. Do you not understand what is happening? The Apocalypse is finally upon us now. This is why everything seems out of order. Everything is how it is planned to be. The Jews have won. The world can only get worst before it gets any better. It is changing. Now the question is? ? Will people like us, survive this CHANGE.

See this country is no accident. It was planned. The British never truly gave up America. They just let the illusion of independence roll around for a while. Alchemy is another dark-side to America. Do you understand what I am trying to say? ?

I write you later it not good to say too much so soon the great A. I. will notice. See ya later alligator

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Jul 28, 2014

At: Darkside "The Apocalypse is finally upon us now. ""The British never truly gave up America. "

You be listening to too many Jehovah Witnesses about the end of the world. It is not going to happen. We can't wait for some Jew created fairy tale by the name of Jesus Christ to come and save us from the Jew. We need a REAL worldwide Holocaust to accomplish that.

There is so much legal mumbo jumbo being written on who controls the American citizens.common Law vs Admiralty Law; U. S. Corporation vs United States of America;Citizens being slaves of the Jew/Rothschild controlled "City of London" and the Jew/Rothschild controlled Jesuit Black Vatican. All capitals on individual names are used in legal documents denoting the Jew owns every American citizen. Every American citizen accepts the master slave relationship when they take a social security number, entitling the Jew to issue a bond on the future lifetime earnings of the income tax that will be withheld. And that the Jew controlled Vatican owns all of the property in America.

If we start stringing up these sick Jewish devils on the nearest light posts in the name of "Common Law", it won't matter whether our individual names are being capitalized on the Jew controlled Admiralty Law documents.

P. S. "A Person" is on the thread ABOUT NIGGERS spouting nonsense. At least she is now using spell check which helps to cover up her stupidity.

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Jul 28, 2014

At Rabbi W. E. Listen, Apocalypse does not mean THE END. A great change an unveiling of things yet to come. Stop concentrating on the Jews they are not the shatter point that has us trapped in this mess of reality.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Jul 29, 2014

At: Darkside

Are you speaking about the inner world of the aliens being revealed to us along with the secret underground military bases, cities and Maglev train tunnels, that can whisk someone from Jew York City to Los Angeles in 30 minutes, or the undersea route from California to Australia where a good many secret underground military bases exist?

Some say that the above is horse manure created to distract the wandering mind of the intelligent beings who want to know, but I believe there is some semblance of truth to the black ops technology that either back engineered the Roswell incident in circa 1947, or used Hitler's creative, White European, German scientists to develop anti-gravitic spaceships that go to the moon and most of the planets of our solar system, along with the bases already built there.

The deep space space station beyond the moon and the harmfulness of the Van Allen radiation belt, keeps popping up along with alien bases on the dark side of the moon. And the warnings of the aliens not to revisit the moon or face the consequences as the reasoning why humans haven't revisited the moon after the 1969 probes.

And then some say that the moon landings were hoaxes or false flag happenings created by the Jew director Stanley Kubrick, like in the staged Space Odyssey movie. Leave it to the Jews to provide so many explanations as to confuse the mind and distract White goyim from the White genocide plans of the authentic non-forged protocols. The Jews must be laughing their asses off at how easy it was to deceive the goyim about the very leaked protocol plans they have been using since the beginning of the 20th century to put in place their Jew World Order.

Mars has underground cities and I betcha the Jews have brought back any and all of the gold from that once advanced civilization either by anti-gravitic large mining ships or perhaps continual working star gates with the Earth stargate device situated in the military base Diego Garcia off the coast of Africa in the Indian ocean.

You haven't been taking your medications again have you? You are starting to sound like The Vegan.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Jul 29, 2014

None of the nonsense described above is of my imagination but simply a reiteration over the last five years of visiting various internet sites and occasionally listening to the syndicated radio show "Coast to Coast" which I have since heard is rich in prophets espousing the Jewish two sides to a question. The Jewish motto is "Keep the Goyim Totally Confused & Distracted from the Truth"

I don't read comic books and watch fiction movies like the Darkside. Some internet sites show photographs obtained by the Hubble telescope and the voyager type satellite probes approaching Saturn, of large space ships up to 1500 miles in diameter mining the rings of Saturn.

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Posted By: DarksideTue. Jul 29, 2014

At Rabbi W. E. Listen you sound typical to me. None of what you are saying affects me. Why? Because you are a ###///? ? ? Get a Life and grow up stop challenging everyone all the time. Stop calling people names too. Nobody is perfect. We all are striving for over-standing. You are in control of your destiny. Jews are doing some of the things you mention, but they are not intelligent enough to pull it off only as a race. No they need help from you , me all of us.

Do you not get it? ? ? If the Jews had the solution then don't you think there would been a mass exodus or something? No, all they do if they travel to far outward they stand a good chance of Genocide. Get it think. Who knows what is out there, the energy source can get you there but how you gonna exist? ? Listen they know this, but you to busy hating niggers and everyone else different from you. Personally I do believe in E. T. s but the Germans say other wise. Nikolai Tesla was very wise and a true visionary. His blueprints and notes were stolen when died. He was not Jewish. His ideas are legendary. I think if we had followed some of that mans dreams we all be living wonderful right now.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanWed. Jul 30, 2014

At. Darkside "Nikolai Tesla was very wise and a true visionary. His blueprints and notes were stolen when died. He was not Jewish. His ideas are legendary. I think if we had followed some of that mans dreams we all be living wonderful right now. "

I agree with you about the life of Nikolai Tesla. As you so aptly state, HE WAS NOT A JEW. Jews are not known for creating anything productive. At least the Asians know how to copy and improve the White Aryan inventions.

The coneheads KKK, an alien species, along with the White Aryan 7 to 8 feet fallen angels did exist and enlighten all of the civilizations of the world, since their skeletal remains have been uncovered and cataloged.

The Jews don't want the masses to live in a utopia since it would be difficult to leech off of and control such a lot of people who have everything. J. P. Morgan, the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, the department store magnates etc. , were financed by the Rothschilds. How do you think they would become such robber barons destroying all of the competition and creating monopolies in their specialties. They didn't rise to prominence by their own bootstraps but by wheelbarrow full of freshly printed Jew currency created out of nothing.

J. P. Morgan sidetracked Tesla's free electricity from the ethernet and vacuum when he was told that it couldn't be metered.

So who had 7 to 8 feet? Were they cross breeding with spiders?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanThu. Jul 31, 2014

At: Clovis "White Aryan 7 to 8 feet;So who had 7 to 8 feet? Were they cross breeding with spiders? "

Is this site a Jewish distraction or have some credibility?

See: &

  • * Caveat Lector
  • * Chapter 0: Introduction
  • * Chapter 1: Rise of the Aryans
  • * Chapter 2: Legendary Lost Lands
  • * Chapter 3: The Genetic Evidence
  • * Chapter 4: The Race of Giants
  • * Chapter 5: The Aryan Aristocracy
  • * Chapter 6: Ancient Technologies
  • * Chapter 7: Prehistoric Nuclear War
  • * Chapter 8: The Race of the Semites
  • * Chapter 9: The Aryan Sun Religion
  • * Chapter10: The True Nature of Christ
  • * Chapter11: The Rothschild Dynasty
  • * Chapter12: Occultism in the Third Reich
  • * Chapter13: Archaeology in the Third Reich
  • * Conclusion

Chapter 4: The Race of Giants

These Aryans were known by many other names given them by the primitive peoples whom they conquered and taught civilization to. The Aryans were also known as a race of giants as they stood as much as twice as tall as the original indigenous peoples that they conquered. Many of the ancient Aryan mummies and skeletons found in modern times, such as the remains of Lovelock, and elsewhere throughout North America, is proof that these Aryans were giants with an average male height of 7'5" to 8" and an average female height of 6'5" to 7", though some reported skeletons may have been as tall as 12 feet! Most interestingly are the extremely large skulls found to coincide with these findings, some large enough to fit around the full-grown head of a man. Repeatedly, the "race of giants" is connected with the legend of a global flood or Deluge.

This is not a Jew site and obviously it has no credibility. Who the hell is Clovis?
You said nothing about how tall they were but something about 7 or 8 feet.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Aug 1, 2014

At: Management "This is not a Jew site and obviously it has no credibility. Who the hell is Clovis? You said nothing about how tall they were but something about 7 or 8 feet."

Don't you have this ass backwards? Any Jew infiltrated site lacks credibility, given the censored biased record. It is the non-infiltrated, non-Jew sites that have the possibility of being credible.

Since Clovis can edit(change text and establish URL links) I can logically assume he/she is part of the management.

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Posted By: DarksideFri. Aug 15, 2014

At Rabbi W. E. Listen "Race of Giants". I am beyond such small and petty conversations. It really does not matter who looked like what. This is about LIFE and DEATH simply. There are places in the, what we know as galaxy or universe, that we can not explain. The Jews know this.

It is not about a life form, but rather LIFE. Do you not get it? LIGHT and DARK. Not skin.

In our poor fragile universe we are glad to find worlds to sustain LIFE, Once this LIFE is sustained it must be maintained. NO MATTER IT SHAPE, COLOR etc...

The universe as we are told is almost barren with LIFE. These GIANTS you speak of were antibodies keeping life sustained where ever it managed to take root. They were like caretakers sent out from their world to bring life into such darkness. Their bodies were made from strong biological matter to help them sustain long trips in space. From planet to star system to star system. This is why some of them appear BLACK skin or WHITE skin. Their all from ONE RACE, ONE PLANETARY SYSTEM.

Listen I better stop talking for now. Take in some of what I said I continue at a later date. END OF LINE

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Aug 16, 2014

At: Darkside

You speak utter nonsense. There is plenty of lifeforms in the Universe, which are being kept from the masses. They waste mucho bucks on those large radio telescopes seeking random signals from beyond while at the same time silence all of the UFO sightings many of which cannot be explained.

They(Aliens & Jews) spend CIA drug trafficking monies on Black Ops projects which are hundreds of years ahead of the present shown technology at NASA.

As far as those Aryan giants seven to eight feet tall, I believe they are the offspring of the fallen angels breeding with White human females. These White Aryan offspring loaded with intelligence from God, have spread their knowledge throughout the world.

Color does matter! Read a wonderful article on a world without those fallen angel, White Aryan blue eyed, blond and red haired, offspring, who saturated the globe with knowledge and civilization. See:

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Posted By: DarksideThu. Sep 18, 2014

At W. E. rabbi? ? ? You clearly do not comprehend or understand? ? Get your head out your ass for one second, OK. SKIN or FLESH is ilrevalant. The MIND. The MIND. It has no boundary. No shape of form the mind is perfect. You will always be a slave to flesh and blood. Are you a believer of LEVATHAN. Got to go

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Posted By: DarksideThu. Sep 18, 2014

At Rabbi: You and others like yourself are dinosaurs. I mean A. I and other terms like that seem to go over your head. Every heard of a dirty bomb? Well that what about to happen. Every heard of dead zone. When these events happen it will give the current A. I program made up of interlocking viruses. The A. I will seize these moments to overthrow the most powerful nation on the earth.

So while you keep blaming everything on the niggers and Jews. They have plans already in place the Jews I mean. Define A. I. ? ? what does it mean to you?

I got to go now I am curious as to your response

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Sep 19, 2014

At: Darkside " the current A. I program made up of interlocking viruses. The A. I will seize these moments to overthrow the most powerful nation on the earth.

So while you keep blaming everything on the niggers and Jews. They have plans already in place the Jews I mean. Define A. I. ? ? what does it mean to you? "

Before I can respond, you have to explain what you mean by A. I.

Only a halfbreed like yourself, not happy with YOUR body would welcome an out of body experience, whether in this world or what you hope is a spiritual world after death. If it happens not to be a life after death, I won't feel gypped with my beautiful lily White Aryan skinned, blue eyed, blond haired, full non-sloped Cro Magnon brain of modest, above average intelligence. (Nobody has ever come back from the dead except the Jew Big Lie of Jesus Christ, who with supposed almighty power, couldn't come back in his original body)

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Sep 22, 2014

At W. E. : Listen (WHITE SKIN TURNS BLACK WHEN IT ROTS) Blue eyes dry up and rot away. Beautiful blond hair turns grey and rots. Flesh rots away. Flesh is weak, we are being prepared to live in world not engineered by man, but rather the A. I. Since the internet came online in the 70s some of the original team have been living off GRID.

The A. I. that grew, is what we now have as the INTERNET NOW. The reason it is so easy to grow a virus, it is because the internet is a virus ever consider that point? ? ? All these hacks. The A. I. has been quietly watching and learning from us. That means you too? ? ? Every wonder how viruses move so easily through the internet. Programs are basically viruses? ? ? So if you every going to get a handle on what really happening. Get out the FLESH, are you a believer of LEVITHAN? ? ?

Intelligence has no face or body etc... .

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Sep 22, 2014

At W. E. : A. I. : ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE Dam, you dumb ass white man lol

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Sep 23, 2014

At Darkside

Artificial Intelligence in MY definition means a non-human, mobile, computerized brain trying to function autonomously without human control or intervention, and able to repair or replace parts of itself. If you can remember the British Dr. Who TV series, somewhat mobile robots, part human and part machine were wheeling around the set yelling EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! with attached laser vaporizing weapons. They were called Darlicks. They were ridiculous, because in the reality of real life, the world is not made up of perfectly flat surfaces for the wheels to function, thus making them tip over easily by themselves, friends, or foes.

I am sure your hope is that these mobile(By legs) self functioning robots will enable men who are dying to have their brain functions and memories transferred electronically into a machine that can make one immortal. But what good is not having human physical sensations like making love and eating to fill that long immortal existence.

Besides, if the Jews rule the world and cheap robotic devices can be constructed to perform all the essential work now done by the slave like peons of the world, do you think your worthless dark backside along with 6. 5 billion more will be allowed to breathe oxygen and emit global warming carbon dioxide. Global warming is a Jewish hoax caused by sun spots or lack of sunspots or that planet X orbit and not the over emitting of CO2.

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Posted By: DarksideWed. Sep 24, 2014

AT W. E. : Okay, Doctor Who fan? ? ? You seem to understand. Yes if mankind gets to the point of using machines to destroy other men, which we have been doing for the last few centuries. 1900s.

A. I. wishes to mimic mankind. Ultimately the A. I. will want to replace us before the eyes of GOD, we have been sliding down this path for a very long time. See all of US will perish, believe me when I tell you this. The MIT group that started fumbling around with software programs back in the 70s, Bill Gates was part of that crowd, but he was one of the youngest of the group. A lot of those people went "off grid", German technology OPERATION PAPER CLIP. They knew that the sets of interlocking viruses, which formed the environment for the internet to exist. Was sentient or alive. It had to be in order to maintain the internet word processing etc... . . Actually I believe that there are 13 Active A. I's currently in existence. I think those crystal skulls match? ? You never answered my question. Are you a Leviathan believer? ? ?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanThu. Sep 25, 2014

At: Darkside "You never answered my question. Are you a Leviathan believer? ? ? "

This is not a classroom and you are not the professor. I am presently too lazy to google for knowledge. If you want to tell me about Leviathan, by all means, go ahead. And if you want to pretend to be a professor, tell me what universities you matriculated at? Honorary degrees are not acceptable.

If Leviathan is some fictitious Jew bible character, I am not interested. If it is the study of levitation in regards to the building of the pyramids, ask 'A Person' since she knows a lot about the advancements of past black civilizations. It seems the Jews celebrating black history month, have come up with some ridiculous 'Big Jewish Lies' in regards to the accomplishments of the Dark race.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanThu. Sep 25, 2014


Leviathan means 'twister'. He twists and distorts the truth and brings much confusion and chaos. It causes people to hear things in a twisted way and they very often believe the very opposite of what was said. Those under its influence are blinded to the truth.

The Word of God says that the 'truth sets us free'. Satan doesn't want you to be free, he wants to keep you in bondage and he will do it by twisting God's truth about Who He is, who you are in Him and who His Bride is.

* In Canaanite mythology Leviathan personifies 'chaos'

* In demonology he is one of the seven princes of hell and the gatekeeper

I don't believe in the Devil. However, I do believe the Jew is as close to resembling the Devil as can be. The Jew fits the meaning of Leviathan--He twists and distorts the truth and brings much confusion and chaos because he knows in his heart of hearts, there is no afterlife and no Devil to punish his race in the burning coals of the abyss. He can murder and torture hundreds of millions of White Europeans in the last century without batting an eye. Punishment & justice is due this evil race of people

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Posted By: DarksideFri. Sep 26, 2014

AT W. E. : Leviathan is the lord of the maze, yes he is the the lord of confusion. I not a professor and you clearly are an intelligent person? ?

Leviathan is also the lord of FLESH, HUNGER, DESIRE, alot of people are missing the point.

A. I. interlocking viruses, Germany technology, Operation paper clip, Genetic programming, Bill Gates, MIT? ?

What do these things have in common. Are they Jew? You keep talking about the dam Jews all the time. What about these things? ? You keep forgetting the Germans down in South America getting rich off the technology the Third Reich brought during World Wars.

What do Third Reich and Jews have in common? The technology in the world today was pioneered by Germans, Japanese, Chinese and Jews. Yet you keep blaming everything on the niggers. The niggers are a beat down race of savages. They have lost everything. The world is being steered toward of cliff and all you can talk about is the niggers.

They are not doing this your white race is doing this. With this forbidden knowledge. None of us will survive The A. I. attack, because people like you are too busy hating niggers and blaming them. The niggers are sheep. It is the shepherd and the wolf you had better start worrying about. The A. I. that exist sees this mistake and is currently taking advantage of this BLINDSPOT. The riches people this morning live in South America. Between the Germans and Drug Cartel 1/3 of the money generated is there. The people destroying mankind this morning are being ignored.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Sep 26, 2014

At: Darkside

If the Germans in South America were so technologically advanced and part of the wealthy powerful elite, they would have punished the Jews for the destruction and genocide of their compatriots. They would not of let their people be subjugated to the Jew pigs from 1945 until the present. The American Jew controlled military bases are still in Germany to keep a foot on any enlightened German citizens ready to pull another Hitler, enacting a REAL Holocaust for which the Jews so richly deserve.

I agree about the niggers being a small, inconsequentially, easily solved problem. The real enemy of the civilized world is the JEW. Why don't you try Jim Laffrey' site in which he states that the civilized, educated non-Jews since the time of the Greeks and Romans, have tried to solve the problem of the Jewish Question by peaceful means, with absolutely no success, since no Jews have been liquidated. He advocates killing Jews at random to deplete their population. He says the lone wolf example of acting and not telling anyone counteracts the 'infiltration of organization tactic' of the Jews. Unless Jimbo is a Jew trolling collector of IP addresses, his days on Earth are numbered.

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Posted By: Eugenia LieuTue. Sep 30, 2014

I gambled my life through sexual abuse, and I won a pancake face, and everything else, but lost refinement at stake. However, Black People still think unrefinement is a prize. What I think though, is that big-eyed people are always excited, that is why I am obsessed over them. I totally desire them, or BM. I'm Totally CRAZY about them.

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Posted By: DarksideThu. Oct 9, 2014

At W. E. : You keep forgetting that some of the highest ranking members of the 3rd REICH were Jewish? ? This is a secret no one believes this, but it is true.

You completely clueless and ignorant. OPERATION PAPER CLIP, NASA. All are the bases for American POWER. You think in terms of RACE. For the past 50 years are so, German technology has driven the American economy. Right now there is group of 3rd REICH descendants living in South America, benefiting from OPERATION PAPER CLIP. The Japanese are also tied in with the 3rd Reich? ? All this technology that we use is making these Bastards rich beyond belief.

You keep focusing on Jews, they are the 3rd Reich? ? ? Adolf Hitler is not dead. His brain is preserved. He still calls the shots. Recently, thanks to the Russians. It has been discovered that the remains found in the bunker by American soldiers, are in fact the burnt remains of a woman. My friend who do you think hide this fact? ?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Oct 10, 2014

At: Darkside

I have already commented about the above as either being the truth or disinformation which the Jews have disseminated to confuse the goyim. What better way to have the truth ignored than to flood the internet with many plausible scenarios, to the point that most goyim wanting to learn, have given up and gone back to drinking beer while watching the Jew Tube(Electronic Jew). The only thing different from yesteryear is today's TV is not free anymore and requires cable/satellite subscriptions to the hooked nosed Mongoloid Asiatic.

The Jew has given many names to the elite that control the world(Masons, Illuminati, Nazis etc. ), but if one investigates the organizational, pyramid of the various groups, the Jews are always comfortably at the top pulling the strings. Man, the Jews in the 20th century have come along way baby, from staring with envy at non-admission to Ivy League universities and country clubs to owning and controlling them.

When a gentile goes to school he hopes his learning will bring personal riches along with the betterment of society. However, when the Jew goes to school, he forms conniving groups of like snakes plotting how to best control all of the societies that have welcomed their inhuman species into.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Oct 11, 2014

What do niggers do all day long? We know they go to church in a van and then invade the Golden Corral or such other all you can eat buffet restaurant. All 25 of them exit that van and expect to, without a reservation, be served at that Golden Correl. When told the restaurant only has a few tables that can accompany a party of 25 with a wait of perhaps 2 hours, the niggers decide to block the entrance and egress of patrons of the restaurant. They act like the typical nigger animals they are by causing a commotion with verbal abuse of the seated customers trying to eat in peace.

When told politely to leave, they make another commotion on their egress. These munchkins later decide to sue the restaurant chain for their mistreatment and I believe win a couple of million dollar settlement. What is America coming to when in the past they were rightfully segregated and denied entrance to the White man's doorway. They were served at the back entrance as it should be.

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Posted By: DarksideSun. Oct 12, 2014

At W. E: You idiot, you smart but you have no common sense and you are a coward. Coward, yes. Every since I read what you write. I notice you talk in circles. You want to hate someone, but you just can not decide, who? The world you live in is the world your people created. I think that you chose to ignore this basic fact. Niggers are sheep and your people are the shepherds now. Your people are the gate keepers and they have the key to fix all these problems, but they refuse.

They keep poor white trash like you at the bottom. And when you look around all you can see is poor, dumb niggers all around you. You are so ignorant and full of hate. You have decided to hate the one that is close to you, someone you can reach and touch. But the truth is Your own people have you in a mess and you can not touch them so you just hate someone that is convenient to hate. Niggers are not in control this day. You can not decide who to hate more.

And Jews are you, you are Jew. You look like a Jew, you smell like a Jew. I have studied this fact for years. The 3rd Reich was started by Jews, yet you ignore this fact. You can not even comment on the FACT that Jews are the ones that started your ideology. I think you are afraid to admit it. You spent your life following and believing someone that has basically tricked you. And now you are so old and ignorant you just hate the weak person that you can see. You refuse to believe what is right in front of you. Niggers are just SHEEP. Do you think that if every single Nigger was killed, that would make your life any different? Guess what, No. And if you study history instead of ignoring it you would see it. Jews are part of the Anglo-Saxon family. They are the dominant half. You are trash end of the Anglo-Saxon GENE POOL. White trash like you can not reach the dominant half and kept with the niggers, so you just hate niggers, because you can get to the dominant half. You are a white poor man who is frustrated. You do not know who to be angry at. continued.

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Posted By: DarksideSun. Oct 12, 2014

Niggers are animals which your people control, just like a horse, dog, or any other domesticated creature. Niggers have been under control for about 900 years by your people. Niggers have no bombs no technology of mass destruction. As a matter of fact Niggers have been dying horrible deaths because of a lack of such things. They can not even grow food or produce clean water to drink or descent housing etc... .

Your ancestors did all these things. They built great cities created great societies the Romans? ? They built these things and more. Your ancestors left these things for YOU. And what have you done? ? Nothing but hate sorry niggers. You should be on top this morning. Instead all you can do is beat down a already beaten down people. You are not a pioneer, you are not a scientist trying to improve things. You just a ignorant hate filled white man.

Jews are you and you know this deep down. Adolf Hitler knew it. After all his mother was a Jew. He came into world from a Jewish woman. Did you forget that? ? ? If you want to be a great white man then prove it. Create something, solve problems cure cancer and other disease that plague your people. If you do things like that. You will be A TRUE WHITE SUPERMACY. Instead you just one of the sheep hating the other sheep. I feel sorry for you my friend

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Posted By: DarksideSun. Oct 12, 2014

Civil war is a war between family. The white family have been at war with each other for over 2, 000 years. Any intelligent being knows that when wars happen everyone loses. This a terrible set back for your people. This is why we are in such bad shape in the world. Remove all mud people. What do you think will happen? Your people would eventually kill themselves off. We have seen this in this country already aka Civil War. That was a war of power and control.

The Russian are a perfect example. Russia made to orbit first, but what have they done since then? ? Russia should be the super power this morning, but are they? ? No. They are too busy beating down people who are already beat down. Because of this Russia is running around in circles. I know you and after reading this you will just ignore it. But that will not change anything. If the horses pulling the cart go into a ditch, who is at fault? ? The one holding and controlling the reins or is it the horses fault.

That is niggers to white comparison. Would don't you think about that sometimes when you rant on about dumb niggers? ?

And stop denying your Jew brothers, just embrace them.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSun. Oct 12, 2014

At: Darkside

I see that you were thoroughly embarrassed by the restaurant niggers reverting to their true animalistic ways, just like the global Jews being embarrassed by Hitler's Nuremberg Laws. But in the case of the Jews always tugging at both sides of the nastiness to cause two World Wars, coupled with a successful White genocide campaign, they seem to be completely in control. As you say Hitler and most of his high up henchmen were Jews, who were following orders to forcefully resettle the Jews of Europe into the future country of Israel, displacing Arabs who occupied Palestine for thousands of years. There was no extermination of Jews ever planned or enacted. But thanks to the Jew control of mass/main stream media along with the propaganda WWII movies, the goyim had no idea they were being brainwashed.

In the WWII Era, all of the super powers were controlled by Jews. Franklin Rosenvelt , Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were Jews. Can anyone with a rational mind believe that a genocide(Holocaust) of Jews actually took place with Jews manning every position of control?

"Russia should be the super power this morning, but are they? ? No. They are too busy beating down people who are already beat down. Because of this Russia is running around in circles"

Putin, a Jew, is at the controls of Russia. Russia has and still is under Jewish control since the assassination of the Czar and his family in 1917. It is laughable in the present Ukrainian conflict that Putin is portrayed as a boogeyman, when in fact both sides(America & Russia) are under Jewish direction and control. The Jews don't want gentiles controlling the government of Ukraine since the memories of intentional mass starvation in the past could result in a pogrom of Jewish leaders and citizens.

"Your people are the gate keepers and they have the key to fix all these problems, but they refuse. "

What problems are you talking about? All the White majority countries of the world were happy as pie as one homogenous group of White Europeans until the Jew changed the Immigration Laws letting in third world trash.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSun. Oct 12, 2014

At: Darkside

"And if you study history instead of ignoring it you would see it. Jews are part of the Anglo-Saxon family. They are the dominant half. " "You can not even comment on the FACT that Jews are the ones that started your ideology. "

Jews don't consider themselves pure White, but a separate race of Asiatic, Mongoloid, Turkish, White, and Negroid mixture. They hate and fear pure White European Aryans because of their creative and highly intelligent traits, which if ever awakened from the brain washed sleep, could do them in very easily. The Crypto Jews who have a large admixture of White in their genes are relied on heavily as spies and for the most part are used to blame Whitey for all of the blood thirsty Jewish tricks.

"Your ancestors did all these things. They built great cities created great societies the Romans? ? They built these things and more. Your ancestors left these things for YOU. And what have you done? ? Nothing but hate sorry niggers. "

For all the great civilizations created by pure Aryan Whites, it didn't take long for the Jews to infiltrate and see to it that the White race was diluted by intermarriage with the brown races. Eventually, the brown races with the Jews leading the way killed off the original pure bred White man and raped his women, causing the collapse of all of the great civilizations of the past. Witness America as the prime present example.

"If you want to be a great white man then prove it. Create something, solve problems cure cancer and other disease that plague your people"

White men have cured cancer, created antigravitic spacecraft, and solved the energy crisis by creating self contained, bread box sized, off the grid, power systems, which take free energy from the solar flare radiation circling the globe. However, the greedy Jews have suppressed all of this wonderful technology.

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Oct 20, 2014

At W. E. Stop it please, stop trying to prove disassociation from you and Jews. Jews are not mixed they are not negroid are you kiddin me? ? ? You sound like a nigger blaming someone. Jews are white, you are white. The Jews have the upper hand in your family now. Half nigger please. Everyone knows either you are a nigger or you or not that is a fact. Stop distorted facts. You using this to try and explain, what is perfectly plan. Your white Aryan brothers are greedy pigs who fell asleep at the controls and suddenly found that the weaker half took over. And know LOL, you struggling to justify why YOUR brothers the Jews have taken control. Jews smell like YOU, they have hair like you. Adolf Hilter knew this. He was half Jew. You believe in EUGENICS, so do I , survival of the strongest etc... . . I think you should worry about the Japanese and their connection with the 3rd Reich? ? ? They also believe in Eugenics and they hate just about everyone who is not of them. They are smart and clever hardworking people. Who will march upon the world if given the chance

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Oct 20, 2014

At W. E. : What do you think will happen if all mud people were gone? ? ? Your will have no scape goats, no one to blame, Death will destroy your people

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Oct 20, 2014

At: Darkside " I think you should worry about the Japanese and their connection with the 3rd Reich? ? ? They also believe in Eugenics and they hate just about everyone who is not of them. They are smart and clever hardworking people. Who will march upon the world if given the chance"

Stop diverting attention away from the Jews. I said the Jews have an admixture of White in them, along with the genes of the Devil. Pure White Europeans don't and will never think like Jews.

Only the Jews who controlled England and America during WWII would think about dropping the atom bomb on the two cities of Japan. The Japanese wanted peace near the end of WWII, just like Hitler wanted peace before the War would ever start. But the Jews' plans for White genocide would be hampered if there was peace.

Only the Jews would kill thousands of Americans along with millions of Arabs when creating the false flag 9/11.

Only the Jews would kill thousands of helpless Japanese civilians along with hundreds of thousands of future radiation poisoning victims, when creating the Fukushima disaster. The Japanese people were never told that it wasn't a natural disaster, but the willful actions of the Jews. The Japanese, just like the citizens of the White majority countries haven't a clue what the Jews are up to. Yes the Japanese are pretty smart alright.

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Posted By: A PersonThu. Oct 23, 2014

darkside is hiding from me because he can't F*** with me. but I wont post on this page again. i'll let you haters hate in peace on this one.

you all are nothing but some demonic devils anyway who stole everything from the very people you talk about. and every black person know it.

so carry on haters!!

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Posted By: DarksideFri. Oct 24, 2014

At W. E. : Alright my confused and hate filled friend. CAUCASOID: ko ke-soid, one of the major racial groups of mankind found in Europe, the Americas, North Africa, the Middle East, and India. "Caucasoid" or "Caucasian" is inaccurate because the group includes many populations of DARK complexion. The term was coined by Johann Fredrich Blumenbach in the 18th century because the skull he took as typical for the group was that of the Georgian women from the Caucasus. Blumenbach thought the type may have originated in the Caucasus, but in fact no one knows.

Skin color among Caucasoid varies from pale to reddish-white to DARK BROWN. Head hair varies from straight to curly. It is almost never woolly, rarely frizzly. I continue this later when I get off work.

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Posted By: DarksideFri. Oct 24, 2014

Continued: and the individual hairs are seldom as coarse or as sparsely distributed as in Mongoloids. In males, the hair on the face and over the rest of the body is usually well developed. All forms of head shape occur, but the general tendency is to broadheadeness ( brachycephaly). The nose tends to be comparatively narrow and prominent, and the lips tend to vary from thin to moderately developed. The face tends to be straight (orthognathic), and the forehead is comparatively high.

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Posted By: DarksideFri. Oct 24, 2014

At W. E. : Now the source of this information is AMERICANA Encyclopedia international edition first publish in 1829. Not a comic book or magazine. This definition is YOU. You said Jews or half nigger How? ? ? See racist like you are very ignorant to their past origins, because modern day racist tend to talk off the top of their head. You speak proganda my friend.

Jews or not half nigger they simply are a different kind of white man. This is a fact as I have just proven. I have more than just comic books at my disposal I have books from 19th century before they were distorted by racist like you. You are a hate filled person who is blinded by other hate filled fanatics. Someone has mislead you terribly You do not even know what or who you are? ? ? ? ?

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Oct 27, 2014

This time my hate filled friend I await your and other ignorant racist rants to these facts? ? Well guys Lets hear it ? ? Fire away at what is the plain truth. You been tricked into hating your own brothers. High ranking members of the 3rd reich were Jewish, they started that whole debacle in Europe an Adolf Hitler was half Jewish.

Now the remanats of the 3rd reich are held up in SOUTH AMERICA, getting Rich from OPERATION PAPER CLIP. All forms of modern day technology belong to these people. EVERYTHING electronic, they get paid indirectly or directly from it. These German maggots are growing into something more powerful than anyone can imagine. But you and others like yourself have completely missed this FACT. You think Jews are powerful, sneaky etc...

Wait till you get a load of what is about to come... ... .

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Posted By: DarksideMon. Oct 27, 2014

White is not even a correct word for you. Why keep claiming it? Let real white men speak for our race

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Oct 28, 2014

At: Darkside

I am busy with computer problems but will try to answer at a later date. I googled Encyclopedia Britannica and found most of the volumes on It will be interesting to refute your insane claims about the other White meat. Are you implying you are White? If I had to guess, I would surmise you are the other White meat dressed up just like the Jew in your porky skin.

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Posted By: DarksideThu. Oct 30, 2014

At W. E. : Are you insane? I am not a Jew. I will give you time to rant on about your oversight

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Posted By: DThu. Oct 30, 2014

Continued: Listen, the power, the real power is in technology. Modern day technology. The Jews are just the spearhead of what is wrong in our world today.


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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Oct 31, 2014

At: Darkside

Yes, the White Aryan European creation of the INTERNET has put a damper on the Jew's timetable of world subjugation. Hopefully, enough non-Jews will awaken, and become enlightened enough to possibly unite and cast the Devil's disciples into the abyss, before the coming of Christ. The real holocaust is coming baby, and I hope I will be alive to experience the supreme pleasure of it. Wouldn't it be pleasant if the Jew pushed multiculturalism back fired, and the Muslims targeted and destroyed the ordinary Jew in the White majority countries of the world. One still has to seek out the cowardly elite Jews in their underground cities. But the alien grays may destroy them and their sanctuaries.

I meant the Encyclopedia Americana rather than the Encyclopedia Britannica in the last comment. I didn't mean to imply you were a Jew. Just that your light colored Negro skin is similar to the Jewish admixture of pig skin.

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Posted By: DarksideSat. Nov 1, 2014

At W. E. : The internet was not created by White folks. No, the internet was discovered or uncovered. It is an new frontier no boundaries, no shape. A. I sustains the environment for the internet to exist. The A. I hates all of us

Note: Still waiting on response about definition of a white man from you.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Nov 1, 2014

At: Darkside

When I google 'Definition of White man', politics, genetics, environment, and other factors come into play. Do you want a specific aspect or the whole inter-twined picture? There are also some funny colloquial responses to the subject matter. Also a quaint view from 1889 by Chesnutt, Charles W. "What Is a White Man? " The Independent, 41 (30 May 1889): 5-6.

And don't forget the White admixture Crypto Jews, promenading around pretending to be White men, while admired and held to a high esteem by their ugly hooked nosed cousins.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyTue. Nov 4, 2014

At W. E. . I am changing my screen name to Son of Anarchy. Ok, not trying to hide from you.

This screen name suits both of us, don't you think? ? We are Sons of Anarchy!!!! I know some things you say are correct, but you still so blinded. I know about Jews and their iron grip on this world, but not everything happening here is their fault. My friend once people become aware of the world in which they live in, and actually accept. For instance a lot of people did not know, that the Civil War was a staged event. All the generals went to school together some even lovers. The Union had over 10, 000 repeating rifles shipped in from France. The Civil War could've been over in less than a year, yet it went on. Most Southerners have learned of this fact, and are lost now. Some just continue belief in the confederacy. World 2 could been avoided, but they needed the population cut down. Etc... ... ... . Your white brothers have really made a mess of humanity. Know matter what you may think your race will be held responsible for the decisions made NOW.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Nov 10, 2014

At:Son of Anarchy " We are Sons of Anarchy!!!!" "Your white brothers have really made a mess of humanity. Know matter what you may think your race will be held responsible for the decisions made NOW. "

We are not 'Sons of Anarchy' but 1st generation truthseekers awakened by the gift of God, the INTERNET. We have a responsibility to spread the truth about all Jews, whether Orthodox, Conservative, or Reformed(Zionist fake Hebrews from Khazaria), since they all sh#t in the same pot.

Let's not fight any more Jew wars in the name of patriotism. Confront these Satanic beasts, especially on high school and college campuses where the boot strap dupes of Uncle Sam Goldberg are recruiting our BEST GENTILES.

General Georgie Patton and Senator Eugene McCarthy didn't recognize the danger until it was too late. They both received arsenic sandwiches when the truth was to close to being released to the general public. And lest not forget a fellow Jew Joseph Stalin who was poisoned by his Jewish doctors and John F. Kennedy shot by the escape goat patsy Harvey Oswald. That smug Jew Lyndon Baines Johnson couldn't wait to take office.

Every time I peruse history and watch propagandized Hollywood fare, I wonder what the real story is ie. , how did the Jews figure into the sinking of the Titanic, and the explosive destruction of the Hindenberg.

You know better than to blame the Whites on the workings of the Crypto Jews dressed as 'Little red Riding Hood wolfs' ready to pounce on the little girl(White gentiles).

After seeing pictures of the Queer Herbert Hoover and the educated Jew slayer journalist Revilio P. Oliver, I wonder if they both have Negroid blood in them. Herbert Hoover does for certainty, but I am not sure about Revilio.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyMon. Nov 10, 2014

At W. E. : Listen I never said anything about whites starting. Whites, Greedy, selfish whites have and are benefiting by letting this debacle continue.

I told you once before, you and Jews are 2 heads of many growing off the same body. You can not kill them without mortality wounding yourself also. Your brothers are covered in the blood trail, that the Jews are making. The other races are following Whites. Everyone loves White people. Everyone ultimately follows Whites and you know what I am talking about? ? ?

This is why I say what I have said in past conversations. ARYANS are dominating this world, but their influence is faltering. Humanity is slipping into darkness. Even though that is our natural state, but White resist dark. Whites comes forth from darkness. The Jew is the dark half of your people. Do you understand that? ? ?

And for the record stop calling the internet "Gift from GOD". It is after all a secret intelligence bent your ultimate destruction ? ?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Nov 10, 2014

At: Son of Anarchy" Everyone ultimately follows Whites and you know what I am talking about? ? ? "

The Whites they are following are Crypto Jewish swinehund who have a greater cosmetic application of White Aryan admixture. Even the most handsome White Aryan camouflage reveals the hooked-nose, pointing-down trait of the true Jewish(Not Hebrew) race ie. , the aging hooked noses of Michael Douglas, Charleton Heston etc. Do you know what I am talking about?

The Jews(fake Hebrews from Khazaria)have similar DNA, and why would they have a program of White Aryan genocide detailed in their non-fake, genuine Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion if they didn't consider themselves a separate and distinct race of superior swine.

The term Jew was created and introduced not in the Bible, but in circa 19th century. They were referred to as Khazars by others and since they were not descendants of Abraham, they couldn't be called Hebrew.

The true descendants from Abraham are Sephardic Jews and most Palestinians. Why was an illegal country called Israel created for these Khazarian gangsters, and why does the world allow the genocide of the Palestinians? These fake Hebrews are not the chosen people referred to in the Bible, and they were never cursed, or experienced being slaves historically.

I'm going to try and not use foul language, but stop associating these Khazars with the White race. They look nothing like us and we have been kicking them out of Europe for their foul deeds through out history. But like a contagious disease, they kept coming back. One can spot them a mile away, and if you can't see them you can hear them by the foul language and excessive volume emanating from their big lips. (Jewish deli at lunchtime) Actually Khazars, without enough White Aryan admixture, look like rats... . Seriously they are an average ugly looking Mofos

Aryan in pre history is a Nordic word meaning Noble. Aryans hail from Germanic, Hungarian and Scandinavian tribes in Northern (Nordic) Europe. Also the (Gauls Gaelics France) ( Celts Spain). These tribes were also pushed into Britain and Ireland by the (Romans then the Goths and later Muslims. Lets not mix this up with Aryani (Eastern Persia) there is no relation from Aryan to Turkic tribes.

Hasbara Trolls trying to provoke ''Goyim Cattle''... Khazars have only mud slinging as ''arguments'' as they know they are a fraud and that they are running out of steam even among their best Allies America...

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyTue. Nov 11, 2014

At W. E. : First of all if you want me to take anything you say seriously, stop mentioning the bible. The KING JAMES VERSION. I have study and researched a long time. The bible is a rewritten book used to control mankind's behavior. It is loosely and I mean loosely translated from Sumerian, Torah, Book of Jubilees, Geneva bible etc... . My friend have you heard of the Poor Knights of Christ? ? you probably know them as Templars. These were some of the first great Aryans. White men struggling against the coming darkness.

I have never heard you mention them. And Jews had nothing to do with them. They exist today in secret. This country is Templar country. America was established by them. And today everyone is coming here, some even against their will aka Niggers. The Templars have been lied on and scorned by Jew propaganda. They have the answer for which you seek about Jews. Judahism, Muslism, Catholism: These 3 religions are what is wrong with the world today. When the Templars threaten to bring the truth forward they hasted and Jew influence spread. Europeans help to do this by killing off the Templars. The Templars were a direct threat to Jew power and control. Europeans through jealously helped to wipe out the Templars. And as a result Europe paid for the betrayal by what you described. Europeans welcomed the Jews and betrayed the Templars. That is why Europe suffered the Black plague that killed millions. Europeans made their choice. They choose the Jews? ?

This something you have no knowledge over. No one in your American circles has though about. The Jews convinced King Phillip to betray the Templars. The people of Europe betrayed the Templars.

Today the world is basically suffering from a lack of technology. the Templars and others within the circles have the key, but they will not release it. This key can truly free all mankind. Whites are becoming just like the animals they are keeping. Every White person I hear is saying the same dam thing. This is just a small window I am reviling to you. Whites are not getting IT

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyTue. Nov 11, 2014

continued: Europe had another choice. Templars. When the Templars were betrayed and run out of Europe by King Phillip and the Jew priest they set up the country we now know as Switzerland. Today no one understands that Switzerland is one of the most powerful country and it is so small. Why? ? ? it sprung up over night and has secrets the likes of which Jews can only phantom. And no, it is not Jew controlled. The Jews have no power in this country. Templar country, just like America and Canada. So you need to research more, because I know you have a problem with what I wrote today. Whites are making the Jews stronger, by misleading everyone else.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Nov 11, 2014

At: Son of Uncle Sam

You seem to have a lot of crazy ideas gleamed from historical comic books or fictitious movies or propagandized documentaries on the Jew Tube. I will respond seriously later but am troubled by the holiday, Veterans Day, which gentile straps, with a family history of patriotic service to their country angers me deeply. How can you reason with families who have suffered the loss or crippling of sons or daughters? If one tries to tell these families, their loved ones have died in vain just to serve the Jew's no win wars agenda, they will either have a glazed look on their faces or will retaliate vocally or physically with violence toward the messenger. They have no idea their government is controlled by satanic snakes who have been banished from civilized people many times over and who manage to regroup and reenter when the hatred dies down.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySat. Nov 15, 2014

At W. E. : You are a very ignorant causoid. You will always be treated the way you yourself just described in modern day America. I have never been treated as hostile as you, yourself just mentioned. Clearly your intentions were met with hostility. I have never experienced this. Your problem is your P. O. V, the way you come off to a person. YOUR TOO EXTREME. You can not have a casual conversation with anyone. You will always be alone in your ranting's.

Might I suggest you watch a movie, since you like mentioning them. AMERICAN X. It is a good eye opening movie for dinosaurs like you.

I understand, that no matter how I may feel about the origins of America. There are living breathing, thinking, feeling people around me. I have to respect that. You clearly do not understand ETHICS. That is your biggest set back. This is why your website so void. You have to dominate every conversation. You do not even know anything about the Templars. Your ass would not be here now, you assshole. They sacrificed themselves, so you could ignore them on the internet. You must be a CATHOLIC? ? ?

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySat. Nov 15, 2014

At W. E. : If you really want to know how the Jews got into Europe. The betrayal of the Poor Sons of Christ. The Templars. White people of Europe betrayed the Templars.

I am taking you back before the confusion got started. You have no idea, how the Jews got into Europe? ? ? do you... . . I get back to you after I finish work. . Later. THIS IS TEMPLAR COUNTRY. Believe it.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Nov 15, 2014

At: Darkside

I am still investigating and researching on the internet in regards to the Knights Templar. The Jews haven't made it easy trying to discern the truth with their incessant flooding of sites with believable nonsense. I read the Stormfront discussion forum along with a couple of other sites along with the recommended books of Scott Wolter and Rayelan Allan anaysis. The Knights Templar was suppose to be the beginnings of the first CRUDE (as the Jews refer to it) banking system which eventually rivaled the Jews and filled the gaps between the banishments and regroupings of the Jews. I do smell a rat of Jewish infiltration explaining the monopolistic power hungry state of the Knights Templar.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySat. Nov 22, 2014

At W. E. : First of all my proper screen name is Son of Anarchy, not Darkside anymore. Why can't you respect that? ? I respected you when you changed your screen name.

Anyhow, THIS IS TEMPLAR COUNTRY, this country is theirs, that's why it so special. The first Templars were betrayed by their King, King PhilipV and the Vactican. Also there is another group of people who were killed off, Genocide. The CHATERTERS, were a dualist religion. The pope had them killed off. Things events just paved the way for Jews to enter European world. Long before anything you have discussed thus far in your rantings. Catholism is bloody religion and they made a secret agreement with Judaism to let these people enter. The Russian were also penetrated, because they pushed out the Templars.

Switzerland is Templar country also. Just look at their flag. Templar symbol. Jews hate Freemasons which are modern day Templars. So you go ahead and research and study for yourself. You see the pattern if you are intelligent enough. The Jews got into Europe and everywhere else, because your white greedy, selfish, narcissus, brothers only thought of themselves.

Now here you and others are clawing at the wrong animal.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Nov 22, 2014

At: Darkside

You seem to want to blame all of the ills of civilization on White Aryan Europeans when in fact we know the Jews masquerading as Whites are the real basis of all of the skirmishes, conflicts and wars in the present and in the past. Without Jews exercising the plans of the Protocols, there wouldn't be any multicultural conflicts in the White majority countries of the world and Jewish bitches like Barbara Spectre wouldn't be mouthing off with the following statement:

"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive"

I beg to differ with the Jewish bitch. The White majority countries of the world will not survive with the continual interference of the parasitic and controlling ways of the Jews, who are not welcome anymore in the host countries. It is time for a world banishment or pogrom.

It is Jew controlled 'Templar Country' , because the Jews have infiltrated every White Aryan organization since the beginning of time.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Nov 23, 2014

At White European: Since you clearly have no respect, that's your problem.

Anyhow, there are 3 major religions in this world. Christian- Judaism, Cat holism, Muslim.

These 3 religions were chosen 2 of them combined together. Now the Templars once served under Cat holism. They protected White Europeans who were visiting the holy lands. But they had their own secret agenda. Basically the church had no control over them. They had too much influence over people. The PRYOR lead an army back in the nigger lands to obtain an artifact that proved Jesus had a wife. This artifact threaten the 3 major religions. This is what lead to the betrayal of the Templars, by WHITE EUROPEANS. The Jews convinced the Pope and King Philip V to kill off the Templars in return to have their secret.

My friend do you not see where I am going? This mess that you keep talking about is in part is White Europeans fault. Conspiracy with the Jews.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Nov 23, 2014

Continued 3 major religions have betrayed the Templars. They have lied and ran the Templars out of every country at that time that was civilized. America was not discovered then. The Jews were everywhere in every country in Europe and in Russia. They were driven out and killed. The Jews took advantage of the ignorance of White Europeans. The Jews had ancestors who had come from The Holy Lands. They knew the secret. The Templars knew the secret. But Europeans had never been into the nigger lands, so they knew nothing.

The Jews took advantage of their White brothers ignorance. Now since that time, Nazis have ventured into the nigger lands and they now know what I know. But you refuse to accept. Had White Europeans never threw out the TEMPLARS, they would never have suffered so badly. AKA "BLACK PLAGUE", this was European curse for what they did. The betrayal. You keep researching. I have to go to work. I talk to later. RESEARCH

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSun. Nov 23, 2014

At: Darkside

Well, what is the freakin secret? Every good storyteller leaves them hanging. Can you give me some hints? Is it scientific, geographic, philosophical, political, racial, healthful(eternal life or disease curing), or religious? Did Christ and his wife have a baby and was it normal looking, or some large Nephalim creature? Was levitation by sound waves created, like with the Coral Castle dude who levitated large stones into place when building a castle in Florida. Were the niggers really civilized back then and able to levitate their bodies and the gigantic stones of the Pyramids? Were there nigger eye surgeons in Timbuktu? Did the secret knowledge come from an alien race, and I hope you are not going to tell me the secret came from the dumb sub-Saharan jigaboos? Is the secret the scenario I envisioned below?

Negroids pound their chests with pride about the false Afro-Centrist theory pushed by the fake Khazar Hebrews who hijacked our school curriculum. One plausible scenario maybe extraterrestrials transporting a cargo of food related breeding stock from Alpha-Centauri to sub-Saharan Africa with the express purpose of harvesting a food product of dark meat which they take a liking to in their numerous vats of stewing meat in their secret underground cities. For some inexplicable reason, the Congoloids didn't meet with the greys cuisine objectives and the plan was jettisoned leaving Earth with a despicable bunch of half wit savages.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Dec 5, 2014

At White European: The secret you speak of no one knows but the high order of the Catholics. And the freemasons. No I am claiming anything I simply know. My point is that our lives are mixed with this stuff of which we know nothing about. Not even you.

I have read what you wrote for over 2 years now. I read all those other letters on your site and I also read on storm front. None of you European descendants seems to get it. Hating niggers is a waste of time and effort for white people. This country is set up so you can be at the top, but you're not. Why? who is holding you back? ? Niggers? ? Jews? ? Germans? Japanese? , Chinese? Canadians? Who? ?

Your white life is mixed in all this. Before you blamed Jews. Now that I have pointed that out Templars, Freemasons, Pryor. Russian betrayal. Why don't you research a little more.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Dec 5, 2014

Our problem is we have a lack of technology. And we believe in what we have been told. The D. O. D has underground biological medical facilities. That have a series of labs and medical facilities. An elaborate system used to store vast quantities of HUMAN DNA. DNA from every person born in the USA. These also include indigenous and immigrants. Since 1945

This something you know, but have not thought about? ? This is where we are equal. Pawns. UFO's. No more than American appetite for bogus revelations. What the military needed to take attention away from public view. Fanning the flames of UFO stories, secret air craft, Global destruction at the hands of America and enemy genocide. America truly is the most powerful country. But how is it you thought JUST JEWS RUN IT. It bigger than that.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Dec 5, 2014

And your question about Christ. Listen if you want to keep wasting your time on who slept with who? ? Jesus was here, they have chosen to distort events that we can never uncover. You can not unscramble eggs. I am tried of guessing who did what? or when? Believe what helps you sleep at night. I guess. I not going down that road, anymore.

The ORDER OF THE POOR BROTHERS OF CHRIST, aka TEMPLARS later called. They can tell you best. They are not Jew controlled as far as I researched. They had the answer for us all. This country is a testament to them, so if they believed in what you just mentioned, then you should research and learn more about them. Than just if a man a woman slept together. Why is that so important? ?

Then, upset about a salvage race of people. Niggers ain't no threat they be gone soon enough. They are a group a animals brought here to work. Now that we have Technology and Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese. These niggers will soon be pushed OUT. Your next worries are those races I just mentioned. What you gonna do Superior White European? ? ?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Dec 5, 2014

At: Darkside "Then, upset about a salvage race of people. Niggers ain't no threat they be gone soon enough. They are a group a animals brought here to work. Now that we have Technology and Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese. These niggers will soon be pushed OUT. Your next worries are those races I just mentioned. What you gonna do Superior White European? ? ?

The first option is to expose the Jew(Non-Hebrew), who as far as I see, does control all of the elite organizations you mentioned including your beloved Knights Templar, Illuminati, Freemasons, etc. The trick to the Jews success is not brain power but organization, globally. If the White Aryans, Muslims, or other elite nobility creates an effective organization to combat the Jews, they are infiltrated lickity split by the rat faced Khazars and neutralized pronto.

I also read Stormfront which is supposed to be infiltrated and controlled by the Jews. But there are damn good intelligent posters with plenty of information along with links to further knowledge, especially from the year 2000 on. I believe there are two factions of Jews. Ashkenazi Khazar gangsters, who hijacked Judaism and formed the Zionist Khazar state of Israel, and the Sephardic Hebrews who are the true descendants of Abraham. Internal conflict between the two factions are kept out of the main stream media by the khazars who obviously control it.

Truth about the Jews is being leaked or allowed to survive the rigors of Jewish censorship. There is an abundance of writers in the 20th century who have exposed this criminal element. The internet has allowed all of this knowledge to rise to the surface of accessibility.

All of those past excellent books which have been buried in the libraries are being converted to PDF and other computer data type files and are allowed presently to be downloaded. Why haven't the Jews clamped down on this access yet? Is there a guardian angel looking out for the gentiles, or is access to the internet, guaranteed by the 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech, too much for the puny sloped forehead Jew to neutralize in America like they have done in all of the other so called free democracies of the White majority countries of the world.

There is still some hope for the intelligent gifted superior White Aryan European, my Darkside, alias 'Son of Sam' anarchist friend.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Dec 5, 2014

At: Darkside "Then, upset about a salvage race of people. Niggers ain't no threat they be gone soon enough. They are a group a animals brought here to work. Now that we have Technology and Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese. These niggers will soon be pushed OUT. Your next worries are those races I just mentioned. "

I agree that niggers are no threat to our future freedoms and are insignificant to whether a Jew World Order is ever established. When the technology of the Industrial Revolution kicked in it was no longer necessary to use slave labor. However it was more expedient to use cheap slave labor even today rather than to convert to capital intensive automated equipment and machinery.

The Jew is starting to realize that a large slave like force of humanity is no longer needed to clutter up the globe. Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, and other third world munchkins are going to be eliminated and the Jew is going to lead the way in the depopulation agenda. Every time I see people receiving vaccinations, I cringe and wonder has the Jew intentionally tainted that vaccine to cause present or future destruction to that persons immune system. The person receiving the vaccination hasn't a clue as to the sinister debilitating effects they will experience and believe humanity will do them no wrong. Little do they know about the ways of the Jew.

The question is whether humanity will wake up in time to expose and eliminate the Jew, before the Orwellian '1984' society doesn't allow dissenters to change the new Jew World Order.

The Jews in their propaganda movies showed us how the Nazis used police dogs to control the Jewish prisoners on route to the concentration camps in cattle cars, when in reality, since none of that ever took place, it was their sadistic Jewish minds and not the Germans who conceived the idea. Jews were taken to resettlement camps via passenger and not cattle cars.

It was the Jews after WWII ended, who used cattle train cars with police dogs to control all of the transports of White Aryan Europeans to the Gulags of Russia for slave labor and a sure death.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Dec 14, 2014

At European: The FREEMASONS are not Jew controlled. Believe it

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Feb 14, 2015

At: Son Of Anarchy

I am acting like a Sheeny troll by requesting that you provide sources for your fallacious remarks about Freemasonry not being Jewish at it's upper most levels of the pyramid. I am having a ball posting to the You Tube comments in regards to Jew related topics under the handle 'Alex Titor'. I am probably being bombarded with micro wave beams from the Jew controlled Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, ADL, AIPAC, and Israel's Mossad intelligence agency. Join me if you can get away from prison duties.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSun. Feb 15, 2015

At: Son Of Anarchy

Instead of reading comic books watch the documentary THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN on and read the book THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN by Andrew Carrington Hitchc***available as a free download on

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Posted By: Shut Up DumbassTue. Feb 24, 2015

You Niggers are so annoying, infact I just saw one of the dumb ass niggers in one of these topics her or I should say it's username was person. and she says every time and or when ever they kill some one white people kill, or every time an or when ever they steal, white people steal. well this dumb monkey forgot to mention they do most of the killing and stealing nationally and internationally

I love it when these simian trash acts like white people are equal with them when it comes to crime, and not just white people they think everyone does crime equally in their retarded under developed brain. these savages are just embarrassing themselves every time or when ever they open their mouths or type on the internet.

an not to mention the afro centric nonsensical, drivel, dribble, frivolous, tripe. on how they were the original people of planet earth or they were the Kemets (a. k. a. Egyptians) and of course accusing the white man stealing culture or technology for that matter when their own kind is still living in various methodological huts an eating dirt cookies and insect burgers an or s***

and you savage simian dingle berry trash, always kill albino niggers because of some magic ju ju nonsense. an do bestiality and do incest on one another, you monkey's accuse white people doing incest when there's plenty of stories of you s*** faces doing that here in America or Sub Saharan Africa an or new guinea and haiti.

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Posted By: Shut Up DumbassTue. Feb 24, 2015

I'll show evidence.

Nigger anchor man ("Uncle Tom")naturally reverts to TNB and Monkey shine

Humans had a race war against niggers

afro centric lies

Okinawan rape done by niggers

600 nigger soldiers trying to kill white u. s. soldier counterparts during World War II in Australia

Never let you or your family members trust or be friends with an or date or marry niggers, let alone be an acquaintance

Niggers want death to yellow and white people

Nigger admits to having sex with 100 dead women

Nigger having sex with cow

Nigger marries two donkey's

Nigger had sex with a horse

Nigger had sex with a dog

Nigger had sex with Pig

Nigger having sex with a chicken

Nigger having sex with sheep

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Posted By: Shut Up DumbassTue. Feb 24, 2015

Niggers gang banged a Hispanic girl

Biological differences about Humans and Niggers

Humans fed up with TNB an Monkey shines

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanWed. Feb 25, 2015

At:Shut Up Dumbass, alias Son Of Anarchy, alias Darkside

After linking to some of your Negro slanted sites, I have come to the conclusion that you changed your name again to Shut Up Dumbass.

I am very surprised that you are actually reading rather than watching documentaries on You Tube, or reading large word comic books.

What is the dark races' written language, or did your people accomplish so much without a written language by drawing figures on caves?

What kind of medical training did the black eye surgeons of Timbuktu in northern Africa have?

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyThu. Mar 5, 2015

At: W. E I just got back from the west. W. E, it seems you missed me? ? I certainly miss YOU. I do not know why you keep attacking me words. You see I basically agree with you. Niggers are a no good race of people, they are stupid and nasty animals who should be wiped off the planet as far as I am concerned.

My work is tied into taking care of property where Niggers live. Let me tell you they are truly INHUMAN. I never seen people who will not take care of new property. I have seen Niggers move into a nice, clean area and destroy it. Even monkeys will keep their nest clean? ? But Niggers will not. They refuse to follow rules set by authorities etc... . . They want freedom. Freedom LOL, They do not understand FREEDOM. They think freedom means do whatever you want when you want. These animals do not even know the difference between right or wrong. I have witness them destroying everything around them including each other. Your ancestors should wiped them out long ago. I hate the very blood in my veins every time I look out in my neighborhood all I see is filth every where and people walking around getting drunk and women prostituting, people selling drugs etc... . So you do not have to continue your attacks against me I agree with most of what you have stated.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyThu. Mar 5, 2015

Continued: You see the basic problem is Niggers have inbred themselves so much that their very DNA is corrupt. They like to F*** so much, that they have crossbred themselves into animal level. They have no trace of humanity left in them. They are truly animals, lower than animals. Even animals are selective about who they F***, but Niggers do not care. They will have sex with anything that interest them. They are an empty soulless people. They have no purpose.

Africa is one of the oldest countries, but they never saw a wheel until white folks introduced it to them. They are man-beast walking on two legs. If you ever spend time around them, you will witness this. They can not rationalize anything, but playing around. They are a danger to themselves and anyone around them. I do not know why exactly your ancestors allowed them to continue to exist? But that was a very big mistake. After the Civil War they should been rounded up and either KILLED off or shipped right back where they came from. They are lazy beast who do nothing but cause ANARCHY. Hinze my screen name. I am a Son Of Anarchy. We need to be wiped out, because people who have no purpose have no place under the sun.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyThu. Mar 5, 2015

Continued again? ? Now that is out there. I want to address this Templar and Jew theory. W. E. you are wrong. The Templar s are Jews worst nightmare. Templar s are probably the only thing standing between you and Jews completely taking over this world. They have secrets which are unknown to Jews. They have the truth. They have known about Jews since 1300A. D The Jews have tried wipe them out, but their mastery over technology has always kept them one step ahead of Jews. Every since they dug up the secret in King Solomon mine and took it back to Italy. Templar started the modern world banking system. This is one thing that keeps them safe. The are the true guardians and protectors of Jesus bloodline. The Jews have always feared this fact. This is why they have tried wiping out all knowledge of their existence. Yes they use these man-beast aka Niggers to help them maintain their current level of power and influence in this world today. But the Templar live on. Thank goodness. Anyhow I got go clean up after these fifthly beast. You keep up the good fight OK

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanThu. Mar 5, 2015

At Son of Anarchy

Are you saying you are a self hating black man or more than likely a creation of mixed races? I wasn't aware the West had no access to the internet. Let me see, the whole planet has access to the internet except for the West. Is the West a polite euphemism for prison?

Unless you direct me to some URLs for sources of your ridiculous claims of Templars not being Jewish controlled, my mind will not be changed.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 6, 2015

At W. E I am have long term job assignments that have to be filled I do not have time for anyone or anything while I am making my money. I work 12 to 14 hours a day when I am on the road. So no I do not have time for anything. To answer your second question, YES, Yes I am a so called "self hating man" as you put it, but I love myself I just hate being judge because I just happen to have the same skin color as these fools have. I hate that I am black a curse from GOD. All I can tell you is I HAVE MY MIND. That separates me from them.

Thirdly, DAN BROWN wrote the DA Vinci Code you should check it out. And also another good source is a book called "THE LAST TEMPLAR" I get the author's name next week and give it to you. The Last TEMPLAR is based loosely on fiction and fact. I can tell you that there was a legend about the last Templar died about 1500's and before he died a Catholic priest took his confession. When this priest came out room with the Templar his hair and his skin were ghost white, and not because he was old, he was in shock by what he was told by the Templar before he died. Now the Christians and the Catholics have destroyed or stolen what remains of the legend of the Templar s, so it is hard getting information on them here in America , Russia etc... . England and other U. K countries would be the place to look.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 6, 2015

continued... Author and Historian Dan Brown is currently living somewhere in the U. K countries far from Catholic and Jew harm they tried killing this man for writing Da Vinci Code. Believe Templars are very powerful and separate from Jew control. The Catholic church has had over 500 years to discredit the Templars, but they started the world modern banking system. No one controls them they control. They are a secret group that share a "Cabal", they have set this country up, that is why Jews will never beat them. They let everyone live as they please here and mix for a reason. Trust me the Templars are awesome. I knew you never heard of them, because you been blinded by Jews. You think they pull all the strings they do not. The Templars let them, but the Jews are nothing. All this wonderful powerful country we live in is not Jew control

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 6, 2015

Continued, Listen I am not surprised you feel the way you do most white racist like you are very ignorant and blind to the truth of the Templars, because of 500 years of disinformation. I think the whole German, and Jew and Mulism Chaos is a distraction for people like you. Everyone so busy reading about them noone even considers or has consider the Templars. They are the true power. I can also tell you that Switzerland was created after the Templars were driven out of Europe. Switzerland came into existence around the late 1400s. Why don't you check it out. Matter of fact check out Switzerland's national flag. It is Templar. RED cross on White background. Next time I tell you the meaning of the colors, just like America's flag colors have meaning. Look up the history of Switzerland and how their country came to be.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 6, 2015

Continued again. One more thing I did not start my research from URL. I grew up reading books. Something you should get back to doing. Templars books from European authors. The old European authors is one source you should also check. Get off the computer and go down to your local library. Freemasons are basically Templars but they are the builders of the castle that stores the knowledge. Freemasons that is another story I discuss it later. For now we need to get you up speed and stop being concerned so much about Jews. They are nothing.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Mar 7, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy "Jews. They are nothing. "

You are starting to sound like a jew troller. I agree that jews are nothing and in spite of the jew controlled spell check, I am beginning to not show respect to that wicked race of people by intentionally not capitalizing the j-word.

In spite of being nothing and not a very intelligent paradigm of inbreeding , they do control the world and we have to bow down to them as our MASTERS. We are reminded of them every time we pull out jew dollars, and as long as the jew dollars are accepted and respected by the rank and file of our planet, we have to be able to spot jews just in case we have to liquidate them. No more cattle cars to the gulags of Siberia or perhaps the frigid state of Alaska. If those 30, 000 guillotines are to be used, let's make sure they are used on the jews instead.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Mar 8, 2015

At W. E. Listen when I said they are nothing I am not saying they aren't powerful, yes. No, I am saying the worlds modern day banking system is not theirs. That belongs to the Templar's. jews run it, but they do not control it. Elysium is another good source for you to see.

Elysium you see Rich and poor. jews are the goats of the Rich? ? Europe history is Dark to you, Templar's are the real source. The royal families of Europe:Britain, Italy, France, Spain etc... They are the ones who decided to start the wars to save the jews, remember? ? jews could been wipe out but why? ? . See people like you always forget that Fact? ? Why? ? Because you do not study history. Britain's Royal family have wealth beyond belief and the posses technology SECRETS you would not believe. Remember, Britain is the country that pulled America into the war, by tricking the Germans into sinking an American Aid boat. After that America got involved with both feet. Germans are more upset at British than jews. This country had a Civil War that they let drag out for years and let millions of people wipe themselves out. PURITY CONTROL, this is a word common used by the Royal Families in Europe. See GUNS win wars real quickly if you have superior fire power. And Europe had REPEATING RIFLES STOCK PILED. The North could have won over night if the Royal families back them. Matter of fact the North had 10, 000 Repeating Rifles at the time during the Civil War. Why didn't they use them? ? ? They did not have permission or blessing from the Royal Families and the Vactican (Catholism) You never put these pieces together, did you? ? jews were just raggy dogs then. They wouldn't be here if the Royal Families did not want them here and now. jews are running this show I guess as scapegoats or patsy. The South was promised outside help by the queen of spain, but only if the south gained a Navy, so their Spanish ships would be safe while transporting suppiles to GEORGIA, FLORIDA etc... . Spain also had superior fire power, but they did not want to back a losing side. When they saw the South so unorgainize and uneducated. They abandoned the South. This is one reason the South lost the war. Elysium, Elysium very good movie and maybe what's to come? ? ? ? ?

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Mar 8, 2015

Continued PURITY CONTROL, Underground biological storage and medical facilities? ? These have nothing to do with jews. This is Templar.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Mar 8, 2015

Continued again: ATLAS SHRUGGED is another good book. Quick preview. What you think would happen if the world's industry leaders disappeared and took all their knowledge with them? And no all these different people are not jews. Check it out

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Posted By: Rabif White EuropeanSun. Mar 8, 2015

At : Son of Anarchy "Listen when I said they are nothing I am not saying they aren't powerful, yes. No, I am saying the worlds modern day banking system is not theirs. That belongs to the Templar's. jews run it, but they do not control it"

If the Templars are White upper class, and control the banking system, why would they allow such despicable rat faced people to RUN IT. Wouldn't it be better to have fellow Whites RUN IT. The Jews have done more than RUN IT. They have, since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913, used much of those unaudited funds to buy up all the main stream media, the Board of Directors of most large global corporations, as well as taken control of the Ivy League universities in which many a White upper class elite has been denied admission. How do you expect the White elite to remain the movers and shakers of the world without a first class education, ample funds, and high level positions to exert their wisdom and technological advancements.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyTue. Mar 10, 2015

At W. E. I thought the federal reserves came about during the great depression 1934.

Listen, the TEMPLAR's created the worlds first modern day banking system. They are the ones that created the word CREDIT. They created travelers check etc... . The TEMPLAR's were trying to unite the 3 major religions. They understood that men would enslave and take advantage of each other through religion. The PRIORY, ruined France economy, by leading an invasion in Africa, Jerusalem. The PRIORY, which is the TEMPLARS, but the upper branch. These guys were around long before the jews became infamous.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyTue. Mar 10, 2015

continued , I can certainly understand why the Vikings were exploring the world for a NEW JERUSALEM. Wish they would have found it.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyTue. Mar 10, 2015

Continued: I have spent years around these useless animals. I have seen how they live and how they view themselves in the world, They are animals. They have no since of morality or anything else.

I am alive, so I can not tell you why? ? ? ? So called black people do not want to be better. All I can say, is they are truly animals.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Mar 10, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy "I thought the federal reserves came about during the great depression 1934. "

Watch the following documentary on you tube 'Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve' v=5IJeemTQ7Vk

(Eliminate the spaces in the URL if the site doesn't come up)

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 20, 2015

At All Angry Whites: Listen up people when will you stop listening to Al Sharpton or Oprah or Jessie Jackson or any other so called black leader. These animals, these reptiles do not represent all of us. They do not speak for me when they open their mouths. As far I know other white people have put them in charge. White people understand that. You guys are causing this mess. It is done in secret. Plans on top of plans. What is going on here? ? And do not blame this on jews. Europeans are driving force behind this. The jews came later as a scapegoat race for Europeans: Royal family etc... They know who they are. jews do not control this country Europeans control this country. I know this fact and I have stated it time and time again, but white people just simply are not listening. They refuse to take responsibility and CLEAN THEIR HOUSE. By putting these dead minded fools on the forefront of people like me and using that as an excuse to attack me and others like me. By keeping me from the power they hand to fools like Al, Jessie, Oprah, Obama etc. . These animals or only thinking about themselves when they speak. The technology is given to these selfish, greedy, evil people so they can get on T. V and speak their hearts desire. This technology is European controlled not jew. Europeans control this technology and they are allowing jews and evil, selfish sick niggers to speak before millions. They have done this and now no one seems to even figure this out. I thought Europeans were smart intelligent people. They are but they clearly do not have good common sense. So the fact that I am writing this makes it true. Stop handing power to these fools listen to other blacks. Maybe this mess can solved

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 20, 2015

continued again, Further proof is Openheimer, Albert Einstein and the other German and jew scientist: AKA OPERATION PAPER CLIP. Europeans controlled this situation not jews. Europeans had full control after WW2. Oh yeah! You British and Europeans were in full control. You allowed Japanese access and the Chinese access to Pandora box. They have their hand in it, because WHITE PEOPLE, Europeans allowed it. Every since then they have been beating you at your own game. They taken the secret and ran ahead of the pack. Marco Polo never thought about what he was doing, while he was doing I. Opening up the Western world to the Eastern world. Napoleon never thought it either when he was trampling statues and destroying the past. Including the ROMANS. Alexander the GREAT LOL was truly an ignorant person. These are just some of the examples of how Europeans have and how they have created this DEBACLE. They have left a spider web of lies and untruths for you young white people to straighten. Good luck unscrambling EGGS. Good luck stacking marbles in a corner. This is your heritance. This is your Legacy My suggestion is to any reasonable, rational and COMMON SENSE thinking white person reading it , is CLEAN OUT YOUR OWN BACKYARD. First and find a nigger that thinks differently from these fools. Get that nigger and back him just like Obama was backed. Give him or her access.

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Posted By: Rabid Whote EuropeanFri. Mar 20, 2015

I acme across some topics that I remember discussed on George Noory's coasttocoast. am syndicated radio show. That is, the Andrew D. Basiago claims, to have been part of a time travel and teleportation research project he named for copyright and trademark purposes ' The Pegasus Project'. Andrew has a bunch of documentaries on youtube along with a lot of sites contributing to the conspiracy. Since he and others appear to be either victims of a discrediting campaign by our masters in government, or the perpetrators of a scam for financial gain, we are always left in the dark wondering what the reality is.

Barrack OBama has been implicated as a 19 year old participant named Barry Soetoro, who along with Basiago, participated and made two visits to Mars via a 'Jump Room' in the early 1980s. We then have a picture on Mars of a statue, buried up to the shoulders, of the head of what appears to be Barrack OBama.

I am afraid that if the government has been involved with time travel since the 1950s on, they(Jews) must be involved up to their hooked noses, big lips, and sloped foreheads. How can we deal with a bunch of snakes who use time travel and chronovision to alter events that are turning against them. Chronovision is a three dimensional TV capable of watching past and future events. Can one imagine the excitement in the jews face in capitalizing economically on future events. No need for the Jewish mafia to fix boxing matches or other sporting events when they have access to chronovision.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 20, 2015

At: W. E. Listen, I can not believe what I just read? ? !!!Chrono... .come on man are you serious? ? !! You mister anti sci-fi. TIME TRAVEL? ? !! LIFE ON MARS? ? !!!!OBAMA is alien from... . MARS? ? !!!Listen Coast to Coast is a nice "Entertaining" distracting paid for by advertisement by American Europeans.

Ol George Noory is a dam good salesman of European American products and or ideas. Coast to Coast is all about advertisement. Back when Coast to Coast first started it was saying "if you talk about topics that interest people they will come, that is why so many topics are discussed. They do a lot of advertising and they are masters at it. So I have never seriously listened to that show. Come on get serious now, I challenge you and your followers to respond to what I posted. I await for to come back more serious.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySat. Mar 21, 2015

Continued again. I do not understand why you would entertain such fantasy. You contradict yourself. I simply responding to the smartass comments you have made about me in the past, when I even dared write something like you just wrote.

As far as I am concerned Sci-fi is just Sci-fi. I used to believe something's I read and saw, but now, NO. I have lived long enough to know that people have great imagination and always looking for an escape from this cruel reality we live in. Rather than use common sense and figure out our problems, we created Sci-fi. However Sci-fi will not solve these problems we have created, We must solve them ourselves. The world will continue while are born grow old and die off from one generation to the next. Each generation contaminate the next. By making bad decisions and spreading ideas relevant to individual or individuals we are now left with a world full of confused and angry people. This poisonous cancer should be cut off from humanity. I think the day that comes when men might be able travel the whole of existence will be at danger. I think these people truly have their heads in the sand when it comes down to dealing the problems of humanity. WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THIS A BETTER WORLD. Not perfect but at least better. Starting YOU and ME. They say Mars is a left over dead civilization that destroyed the world GOD gave them. And now we are WALKING IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS? ? ? What can we possibly learn them but how speed up our own demise? ? Before we go out their we should CLEAN OUR OWN BACKYARD? ?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Mar 21, 2015

Some say there are two views to the sci-fi revelations or deceptions. One view is that the elite in government are purposely distracting us from investigating the truth of current happenings in politics, by bringing sci-fi topics to the forefront. The other view is the government is covering their tracks of whistle blowers exposing the truth of clandestine black ops operations that are 40 years ahead of what they want the public to know. The TV series Star Trek in the 1960s had cell phones and teleportation. Some say that science fiction writers of the day may have had access to leaks from the black ops operations.

George Nooray's coasttocoast. am is the tip of the iceberg in regards to President OBama's involvement with Andrew D. Basiago in the Pegasus Project involving time travel tunnels and Jump Gates. If you search you will find reputable sites like the Huffington Post talking about OBama's trips to Mars and the head of a statue that looks like him on Mars.

Time travel and chronovision would explain why there are posters of the twin towers being destroyed twenty years before the event and why the British elite have had discussions specifically mentioning Barrack OBama as the next POTUS twenty years before the election.

It is also a mystery to me why the Bush family and Rockefellers seem to live into their ninetys in spite of Barbara Bush having cancer.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSat. Mar 21, 2015

At:Son Of Anarchy

Why didn't America ever return to the moon after 1969? They say the Hubble telescope only 250, 000 miles away from the moon is unable to view the land rover, thus proving America actually landed on the Moon and was not some Hollywood reenactment on Earth. (Seems strange)

America has unmanned land rovers photo and videographing the surface of the planet Mars. It seems strange America doesn't have similar unmanned land rovers do the same on the moon proving the land rover from 1969 actually exists and was not some false flag recreation by the Hollywood jews.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Mar 22, 2015

At W. E. I am just a nigger and I really am not going to comment on this stuff about time travel or other planets etc... Because in my past conversations you have made it clear that a dumb porch monkey like me was reading too many comic books and that my negro brain can not grasp anything. In the past you made it clear that a nigger like me is not even worth responding too other than with a filthy insult. So I do not understand why are you now dwelling in such conversations. I am scared to comment on your topics, because I am tried of getting insulted. I do not know if this is some trick or are you off your medication? ?

I will say this though. It should be clear by now that there is something happening on our world. The Nazis party has already told everyone "WE HAD HELP FROM THEM", Varner Van Braun has made it clear that he and his fellow German scientist were visited. The American bomber pilots witnessed space crafts leaving out of Berlin before it was bombed. Everything you are talking about now I have wrote on, and you called me a "dumb porch monkey" who reads too many comics. And now here you are? ? ? ? ? Are you a hypocrite? ? I have known about Mars and the connection since the 80s. I have known about a lot of things, but because I am a nigger no one wants to hear me say anything without being labeled a crazy nigger, I have a mind just like you. I have been taught my place by white people like you all my life. Why is it different between you and me? ? ? Your skin maybe different, but clearly our minds are the same.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Mar 22, 2015

continued, I have told you that technology is and has been used to suppress the masses of the population of Earth. The evidence is throughout our history. They keep us fighting and hating each other to see this basic fact. That is why we have spent the last 2500 years going around in circles calling each other names and killing each other over: skin color etc... . It is called PURITY CONTROL. I have known about some of the things you just mentioned, but my passion for such things are gone now because I have been beat down and isolated by white racist and dumb ignorant niggers who have constantly reminded me that I am just a nigger. So with that being said. If anything is out beyond this world that I have been trapped in I just simply DO NOT GIVE A DAM anymore. 20 years of being put in my place has taken it away. I do not care about MARS, OBAMA nigger ass statue, time travel or anything else dealing with the outside universe. I am trying to keep a job pay my bills and just wait for my death. I am a dumb porch monkey. If anything is out there SO WHAT. My world my reality is here and now. I must deal with what is in front of me and the truth about the world I was born in. I am a nigger and will always be a nigger, just like you said, so I can not entertain anything you say. My enemy is here on this planet and he is my master he seeks to destroy me and I must deal with that reality. Maybe one day all will come to the light, but until then it is just fantasy to me and anyone discussing it is just plan CRAZY.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Mar 22, 2015

continued One more thing. My suggestion to you or anyone else. If you see something coming out of the clouds and it is not "OF MAN". I would run like hell and hide in the deepest cave or just go ahead and kill yourself, kill your children or anyone else you care about. Because with the way we have treated each other here on this world. Do not think that it will not be repeated. But this time it will be by something completely different and there will be no mercy no compassion, no religious limit. Nothing will stop the suffering and pain that is to come. You and everyone else better pray that there is nothing out here but us. We have been so brutal with our treatment of each other that Aliens will do the same and it will not be pleasant at all... . I hope that the German scientist were lying when they said "WE HAD HELP FROM THEM" while they pointed upward.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Mar 23, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy

I don't know if there is any difference between comic books or movies, which allege to be fictitious, and the latest dribble on the internet which professes to be the truth. One can thank the jews for flooding the internet with many sites exaggerating or bending the truth, in order to discourage us from seeking true knowledge from the original sites trying to inform without the monkey shines of jewry.

I read in the past of nuclear powered excavators capable of melting solid rock to create large underground cities as well as tunnels connecting those cities in America as well as a underground tunnel connecting the west coast of California with Australia.

Then I read about teleportation devices or gates allowing travel between two points as long as there are gates at the two points. For instance, on Mars an unmanned mission established a gate enabling OBama and his buddies to teleport. Wouldn't teleportation gates render the underground tunnels obsolete. Can one envision a mile long train being teleported from the west coast of California to Australia. I suppose the train wouldn't have to be manned, just in case something went wrong.

As far as being a porch monkey living off the dole of others, pride by the mixed race more intelligent brothers may cause some reflection, allowing a deviation and correction of circumstances.

I guess time travel doesn't require a gate at the destination point because the entrance and the return point are one and the same although the geography may be different. (Does that make any sense? )

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Posted By: JohnMon. Mar 23, 2015

son of anarchy has a very good point. keeping we the people divided is what the elitists are using too win this nwo game they have going. If the whole world banded together and forgot color which can't be fixed anyway we would kick their evil asses in a big hurry. But that wont happen because people of all colors are to F***ing stupid open their eyes to see whats really going on around them. At this point in the game you have to be a complete moron not to see the biblical facts of our world. Yes I know European, you think its created by the jew pigs. and you are wrong! Why would they write something that is 100% against them and their evil ways? But I know you and you think a huge deal of yourself. so let here it. their is no God and its all man creating all of this... YEAH RIGHT. :)

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Mar 24, 2015

James Laffrey of the whiteswillwinparty site and J. B. Campbell are the ones that claim Christianity is MIND POISON created by the dirty jew pigs. I hope there is a supreme being or god but I find it difficult to believe God inspired the Old and New testament writers to set down the truth.

The Old Testament alone was written by the jews without any inspiration from God because of the sheer barbaric cruelty of the stories which only jews have within them. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is another document that only the jews could ever fathom and write down. If one ever reads it, you will find the DIVIDE AND CONQUER protocol the jews use to keep goyim divided. And as far as the biblical prophesies coming true, if one flings enough speculations into the future, there is bound to be some hitting the pig in the ass.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Mar 24, 2015

Was Tesla an extremely bright individual who they say was able to see his calculations producing a finished product in his mind? Or did someone from the future aid him in his work? One story claims that the government confiscated his writing upon his death having them sent to Smiljan, in the military border zone of Austro-Hungarian Empire, now in the Republic of Croatia, while another speculation claims they were moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico so the scientists gathered there for the Manhattan project could peruse and study them.

In any case a death ray was eventually created from his notes and was the basis for President Ronald Reagan's Star Wars Project of unmanned death ray weapons in orbit, able to pulverize any nuclear missiles launched. No wonder the Jews who controlled both communist Russia and capitalist America threw their hands up in amazement, allowing a pip squeak rat faced jew by the name of Putin to be handled by the Jewish oligarchs and at the same time present an independent Christian savior look to the world. You know the jew concept of playing both sides against the middle.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyTue. Mar 24, 2015

AT: W. E and John Gentlemen, Elysium is a very, very good movie and even better book. Matt Damon is an incredible actor. This movie is the best look at the future for poor masses of people and warning? ? They are showing us what is to come. If we do not get our heads together NOW!!! this is our future. Please watch Elysium. While we continue arguing about skin color this future is coming. When you see this movie it will explain something I have tried pointing out. A quick preview: The rich they are White, India, Black, Asian, etc... . built themselves a nice place high up in the earth's orbit, while the poor masses are left on Earth to fend for themselves. They gave us jobs to work to build their society so they can live in comfort high above the filth and disease. Poor people meanwhile live nasty little unorganized towns. These towns have limit resources. The poor masses kill and feed off each other, while looking up in the sky wishing to could be in Elysium. Android type robotic machines police the poor masses sometimes breaking the bones and abusing the poor masses. No one to complain to, no to listen to them but the machines that are built by them in the factories for the ultra rich.

I do not know about you guys but this is no future at all. The ultra rich keep us breeding just to serve them. This is history repeating itself. AKA America and it's black slaves and poor white population. While the poor whites have been beating up on the other races the ultra rich AKA Royal families of Europe sit back and got rich selling the weapons to the poor whites who in turn suppressed the poor blacks, native Americans etc... . Notice pattern. This is why I have said when the poor whites final realize what happening and that they have been duped into believing they are the superior race etc... it will be to late to do anything about it, because they fed the monster. They help to give life. The ultra rich will simply kill them off horribly and replace them with machines who will rule their children and children's children. It will be terrible for white people when wake up and realize what they have given life. I love everyone and I do not want to see something like this happen to anyone, but white people are just as stubborn as niggers on some points and will not listen to niggers like me warning them of these things they are doing NOW to help this future come to past. WAKE UP NOW MIGHTY WHITE BROTHER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE? ? ? !!!!!

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanWed. Mar 25, 2015

Who are the ultra rich, and will the separation between the masses keep growing with the concerted elimination of the Middle Class in America? White European technology created in White majority countries for the benefit of it's citizenship, is being hijacked by our ultra rich jew controlled global corporations, and being sent as a gift to our uncreative third world brothers, who are swell at copying and improving on something they wouldn't and couldn't think of on their own. As the high paying technological manufacturing jobs are outsourced, our once highly paid Middle Class disappears. The service industry, the infrastructure as well as the governmental positions, cannot be sustained without the support of the tax payments and consumerism of a healthy highly paid Middle Class.

Will most of us be looking in the windows at the jews munching on delicacies in fine restaurants as we sustain ourselves on feces burgers, supplied by the jew controlled corporate food corporations like Monsanto, similarly to how the gentiles viewed the carpetbagger jews in post WWII Germany?

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Posted By: Rabid Whit EuropeanThu. Mar 26, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy

Although movies may represent some fashion of the truth depending on how much inside information that writer has from the black ops' whistle blowers and leakers of tidbits of information, I still believe that reading the written word of people who claim to be disclosing non-fiction has a better chance of being the truth. The question is how to determine what chunks of information on any particular site has the best chance of being the truth and not the deliberate flooding of falsehoods by our jew masters.

The niggers, mudpies, camel jockies, and Asians should look at the White Aryan people and their technology as some kind of supreme superior race. They should get down on their needs asking for forgiveness from their masters. Likewise, the White Aryan population looks to Christianity and a mono theistic GOD for forgiveness and eternal life.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyThu. Mar 26, 2015

At W. E You are a hardheaded person. Why I say this? ? Because you keep missing the point. I read what your responses are and they are everywhere, apparently you believe that jews are responsible for every tragic thing that has happen in this world. I think you were hurt are something happened to you that you blame jews. You are too young to have such hatred. You have not read studied enough. You refuse to see what is right in front of you. You are clearly full of hatred. . I noticed that some of your words are misspelled your thoughts are clouded now. I have been reading your words for over 2 years now, and you have never been so frustrated when you write.

Listen, I and everyone else who reads this site GETS IT. Jews are an evil race of people, but what about YOU? ? ? Europeans. Royal European families have nothing to do with jews. But you are trying to make a connection. You do not want any of this s*** to be put on Europeans. I tell you my friend, because I have had visions of the future where white people like you DIE OFF. Killed by the very people you keep protecting. I am a nigger and I tell you how sorry my people are and I have no shame in it. But you will keep believing in people who could care less about you. Europeans have secrets on secrets. Stop denying it. First you said you are Russian descent, now you say Russian is jew controlled? ? who are you then? ? ? what the hell is wrong with you? ? then you say this and that? ? Listen sometimes you make no sense at all. American history, Russian history how does a person listen to you? ? ? ? You have good points but where does your believe lay? ? ? I am not a ignorant person, but you can not convince my that jews are to blame for everything on this planet. I believe that each man: black, white, Asian, Russian, European whatever can possibly blame jews? ? for their actions? ? ? I am not going around in circles with you. I trying to understand you. But you will never convince me that jews are responsible for every individual action on this planet. That is insane. People do what they want because they want to do it.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyThu. Mar 26, 2015

Continued again. First of all that technology you speak of comes out of Africa it was found there long ago. If you bothered to study you know the first man made battery was found in Egypt not Europe. The Templars found something in Africa that they took back to Italy and black mailed the Vatican for 300 years. No technology was taken out of ancient Europe. It was brought into Europe and in Europe it was made better. Ancient Greece I always considered part of Europe. Things were made better. Aesop, Alexander, Constantine, Augusta, etc... . all were great European men who understood this. They were trying to get this technology into their people's hand because they knew that Europe did not have anything. They did their best to preserve what was found by explores from the European world. Vikings also included in this. All went into Africa, and they took back what they found to make their people's lives better. Nothing wrong with that. Africa after all is considered THE CRADLE OF HUMAN CIVILATION. All men are entitled to these discoveries. ALL MEN. I hope you understand this? ? ? ? Now if white Aryan people want to be at the head of the class? ? Good. Lead the rest of us out this darkness we seem to be in now. But that does not make you better than anyone else on the boat. If your race can pick up the ball and run with it. GO FOR IT. Lead us out of darkness. ALL AMEN

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyThu. Mar 26, 2015

Last comment. By the way niggers and mud pies are the same word for black people. Since name calling is so important to you. But that not going to solve this debacle we are in? ? ?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanFri. Mar 27, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy "I noticed that some of your words are misspelled your thoughts are clouded now. I have been reading your words for over 2 years now, and you have never been so frustrated when you write. "

In haste to create and set down a thought before losing it, we all tend to misspell words at times with spell check not catching the intent or meaning. If I proof read something maybe three times before posting I will catch most errors. However I sometimes post something immediately and it bites me in the ass after proof reading it after posting.

I once had a conversation with the 77 year old actor Wilfred Bromley on the my space forums. He was continually criticizing everyone's grammar. I pointed out that most of us on not writing for the soon to be dying dinosaur, written newspapers or magazines, where the editorial department is continually correcting everyone's grammar and misspellings.

However as a black person, you shouldn't be casting stones as far as the incorrect use of the singularity or plurality of the conjugation of the subject with the appropriate verb.

My thoughts are clouded with revisions revealed by continual study. I have a right to be angry with the jew brainwashing I and other gentiles have been bombarded with since childhood. The INTERNET is the equalizer for the truth and I relish in educating the ignorant goyim masses anonymously. If one speaks out publicly, the jews use their tribal and sayanim control to ostracize anyone daring to expose them.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyFri. Mar 27, 2015

At W. E. I was just pulling your chain about the missssssssssssspelling. I know all white people are frustrated at what is happening in this wonderful world of ours. Anyhow did you checkout Elysium? ? ?

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanSun. Mar 29, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy "By the way niggers and mud pies are the same word for black people. "

I stand corrected! Upon investigation, I tend to pull other peoples use of slur words as gospel when reading comments on discussion forums. It seems mud pies have more to do with feces food, than a slur word identification of people. The term 'mud people' however, are people of mixed race tending to have brown skin and I suppose you could include a lot of light skinned mixed race niggers in that term.

I like the term camel jockey. Typically of the Muslim descent having brown skin, is smelly, has a full mustache by age 6. Recently it has been found that all Middle-Eastern people are camel jockeys. They are known to wear turbans and s***ty ass robes, also many have poor hi-gene(deliberate misspelling) due to the fact of limited resources and very little money. They also enjoy harassing other countries by committing glorious suicide for their bull s*** religion. Jews tend to dress up like Muslims while doing dastardly deeds in hopes the camel jockeys will be held culpable. The jews with, a little White European admixture in them, also trick the rest of the world, that America is the evil monster when in fact it is the jew who is running the show.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchySun. Mar 29, 2015

At W. E. The Arabic world is basically new. Not even 100 years ago they were known as OTTOMAN EMPIRE. Ruled by One set of people called Persians. Now Persians I must admit I really know nothing about, in fact no one really understands who they were. They have a lot of myth surrounding them. All I know is they are in my opinion a bloody and dangerous, greedy, selfish, group of people just like Arabs whom they once ruled until the British broke up the Empire. "LAURENCE OF ARABIA" is a good movie you really should checkout. It is an older movie from the late 70s I think, but anyhow check it out. Arabic people seem to have no conscious when it comes down to human life. From what I have seen they have made trillions of dollars from westerns buying crude oil, and yet they are still one of the poorest countries in the world. Every time I see a part of their land on T. V I see people living in broken down cities with no running water no sewers etc... They will not even build facilities to have descent environment for children to learn. I saw in Iraq when the America soldiers came in to get Saddam a facility with DIRT FLOORS where the newborn babies were born. I could not believe it. What in the hell are they doing with all that money and wealth that has been given to that area of the world? ? ? ? They just seem to be blind to anything in their country yet they expect black people to join them and follow them in their religion "Allah" they have nasty attitudes about everyone and everything in this country. I do not understand why they are here? ? ? Why have white people let these barbaric people in USA, I will never understand, expect they are here to replace Blacks I guess? ? But they do not care about anyone not even each other. That is why they always blowing up women and children and old people. They care nothing about improving their country they just want to tear down this country. WHY in the hell have Europeans allowed these people in? ? ?

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyMon. Mar 30, 2015

continued, Wilfred Brimley starred in the THING and some more movies I can not remember, but I always felt like he was a old white racist. He was a good actor though. Anyhow let me explain why I think white people view niggers and why niggers are the way they are. Firstly niggers have a curse on them and white people have always known this, but why, why, in gods name did they still choose to bring us over here by the millions. Why couldn't whites simply do their own work? ? ? I hate people in this world sometimes. I hate being here under these circumstances. I know that I am only here because some farmer mated some black stud with some black whore on farm 100 years ago. I know that my blood is bad blood and the average white person knows it too. I know that god had nothing to do with me being here. Now with that said. 21st century niggers the end result of all that bad blood that are here and now crossbreeding and inbreeding have destroyed these niggers minds. The average nigger brain is jelly because all that cross breeding. See whites did not understand that niggers are different blood and different blood should not be mixed. Just like Scottish, British, etc... .

I heard that Obama is purposing a plan for us to go back to Africa. I think that is why they are letting all these Mexicans in America now. They are our replacements. NEW NIGGERS.

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Posted By: Son Of AnarchyMon. Mar 30, 2015

Continued again, Elysium? ? Have you seen it yet? ? I really want your opinion about this movie. Please just watch it, okay. I respect your P. O. V

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Mar 30, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy "Elysium? ? Have you seen it yet? ? I really want your opinion about this movie. "

I don't have cable TV and don't attend current movies in the theaters. There is no sense in giving the Jew anymore shekels in his control of the entertainment industry. However, if I am able to purchase a copy of the DVD on sale for less than $5. 00, I will oblige you. Like I said before, I would rather read information on the INTERNET that purports to be true instead of viewing fiction movies.

The name of your movie brings back memories of 'The Man from Elysian Fields' with the stunningly beautiful Olivia Williams and Julianna Margulies. Besides, the aging once very attractive Jody Foster, is no longer a pull to view 'Elysium'. Maybe John Hinkley still has a crush on her.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Apr 13, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy "The Templars found something in Africa that they took back to Italy and black mailed the Vatican for 300 years"

Almost all the U. S. Presidents had provable Jewish ancestry. The reason why they concealed their Jewish ancestry is obvious, however one must understand the entire origins of the cabal that declared the independence of the U. S. and among whom many served as President. The founding fathers were not Christians, they were crypto-Jews who concealed their true religion by posing as Deists and organizing others under their yoke through the crypto-Jewish cabal known as the Freemasons. Freemasonry was invented by crypto-Jewish members of the Knights Templar who had fled France and other parts of Europe after being tipped off of the planned executions of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th of October 1307 a day which has since resulted in the stigma of bad luck of on Friday the 13th of October. The crypto-Jewish Knights Templar fled with the treasures they had accumulated through their monopoly over European usury granted by special favors by the Pope through the threat of exposing secrets learned through the Knight's Templar's expeditions to the Holy Land during the Crusades that would delegitimize the power of the Pope. Source: 'Rule by Secrecy' by Jim Marrs

P. S. I hope you will be able to find this new site kissmywhiteass. pw if you didn't already bookmark before the change. I used the google alexa search which shows kissmywhiteass to the right of but doesn't identify the (pw) suffix.

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanMon. Apr 13, 2015

At: Son of Anarchy "The Templars found something in Africa(Solomon's Temple in the Holy Land) that they took back to Italy and black mailed the Vatican for 300 years" (Continued)

A few excerpts from the book 'Rule by Secrecy' by Jim Marrs

"The Knights Templar excavations below Solomon's Temple in addition to gold, included a wealth of ancient manuscript books in Hebrew and Syriac. Many of these predated the Gospels, providing first hand accounts that had not been edited by any ecclesiastical authority. It was widely accepted that the Knights possessed an insight which eclipsed Orthodox Christianity, an insight that permitted them the certainty that the Church had misinterpreted both the VIRGIN BIRTH and the RESURRECTION. The Templars clearly had possession of the purest Christian documents, possibly far more important than the Synoptic Gospels. With this knowledge, the Templar leaders, either directly or by implication, must have greatly intimidated church officials, leading to great growth and power. "

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Posted By: BethMon. Feb 29, 2016

I have no desire to kiss your white butt because my darling, your white arse is not white, you have genes that revert back to beautiful black people that helped built your country, god blessing to you and kind thoughts

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Posted By: BethMon. Feb 29, 2016

oh my gosh, are you insane? , get checaked and diagnosed for goodness sakes

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Posted By: Malcolm XSat. Mar 12, 2016

So many white trash. .

So few bullets...

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Mar 15, 2016

At: Malcolm X

Bullets! You talk about stinking Bullets! Niggers don't know how to load guns, let alone fire them. You stinking brown face.

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Posted By: ClovisThu. Nov 9, 2017

Americans are so fearful, brainwashed, dependent, or ignorant that they think like children and justify every law and overlook every abuse carried out by the government. They believe government workers are kind gods who can do no wrong. Americans feel that the government can run their lives better they can and that safety is more important than freedom.

Americans are so fat, degraded, and drugged up that they eagerly allow themselves to be molested to ride a bus, offer their fingerprints to get a driver license, and open their bags to be searched so they can ride a subway.

If Americans are asked about the US debt, they respond that it doesn't matter because it is not real money and doesn't need to be paid back. Americans don't mind having their faces scanned for a facial recognition database. Americans think that they live in a free country if they can get away with breaking laws. Americans say the police should be allowed to shoot unarmed people in the back. Americans believe people should be jailed for filming public buildings. Americans think endless wars are fine because US bombs are just gathering dust. Americans support government secrecy because the USA has enemies. Americans think taxes create more jobs than the free market can.

Americans think government workers deserve high wages because they work hard. Americans think the economy should be destroyed to save the environment. Americans say that regulations encourage people to start companies. Americans think everyone accused of crimes are guilty. Americans say people should be in prison to keep the unemployment rate down. Americans would rather increase punishments for victimless nanny state laws instead of repealing them. Americans think the desires of neighbors are more important than the rights of property owners. Americans believe the government owns everything because the government is the people. Americans think billboards should be banned to protect the scenery. Americans want protesting to be outlawed because protesters might break windows. Americans think forcing people to stand for the national anthem means freedom. Americans think people are helpless so they need the government to force them to do everything.

When asked about gun control, Americans say it's needed for safety. If asked about free speech, Americans respond that no one should be offended. Americans think Muslims don't have religious rights because Islam is not a religion. Americans say asset forfeiture is fine because the police have been doing it for years. Americans defend NSA wiretapping because it's just metadata. Americans believe TSA groping is good since they have nothing to hide. Americans say torture is okay because other countries do it. Americans even say the Bill of Rights should be abolished because George Washington owned slaves!

The US is so degraded now that any Americans who oppose wars, debt, and tyranny will be called traitors, nutjobs, racists, Communists, or Fascists.

The collapse of the USA is disgusting and shameful.

Those who still support the government are just tools for the elites.

The US deserves everything coming to it.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sSun. Dec 9, 2018

Malcom X more like so many black devil trash and a ton of bullets, mortars, tanks, jets, aircraft carriers battle ships, nuclear bomb, hydrogen bomb to annihilate, cleanse & wipe out your retarded underdeveloped simian kind.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sSun. Dec 9, 2018

John why don't you shut the F*** up you clueless dumb ass hole Humans and Sub Humans can not coexist the sooner you realize how vacuous you truly are for thinking that every body is the same the better an enough with your GS (Godzilla s***) there is no biblical warnings of anything douche you and Son of Anarchy are nothing more than bible thumping fools that needs to see a psychiatrist.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sSun. Dec 9, 2018

Robbin lol you truly are the dumbest person an the only one F***ed here is you loser so its pretty obvious a meteor should hit you and people that think like you exclusively considering how stupid you are daddy F***er.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sSun. Dec 9, 2018

To:F*** All Of You

Hey now let me be the one to educate you. you dumb ass hole F***ing retarded uneducated brainwashed douche bag of a Benedict Arnold sister F***er first of all there have been new facts, evidence that tuberculosis is the one responsible for killing a lot or most of the natives here in the North America and possibly Latin America an guess where tuberculosis came from that's right from nigger land. I'll give you a link but knowing how extremely stupid you are you'll just make any various types of excuses to defend the worthless garbage that is thy nigger another thing the Native Americans killed off the Vikings that first came to America even though the Vikings didn't come to America on purpose to colonize, conquer since they didn't know that there was another continent so what excuse do you have for the natives for doing that to the foreigners

I'm not surprised you distorted, skewed, twisted, spin facts & evidence first of all don't try to group the whole white ethnic American's in the same group as the German Americans when the rest of the whites had nothing to do with it you deluded moronic freak. it was only the German Americans that was funding the Nazis before world war II an don't try to act like all the whites are and or were in on it because they weren't unless you can prove otherwise

what complete utter BS with no hard cold concrete crucial, shredded, imperative, physical facts an evidence spewing such crap saying that American corporations were helping the Nazis before, during war typical liberal isn't it amazing inside your mind you thought projecting your tripe knowing and thinking that you are right when in actuality you're wrong oh I love it that you think of yourself as the grammar police get a brain transplant idiot.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sSun. Dec 9, 2018

To:Asian Lady

You're not very bright are you first of all nigger males are not secure an healthy let alone perform better in bed considering who would want to since they are uglier, fuglier, smellier than s*** not to mention niggers are the #1 carrier for disease like HIV/STD an other diseases and not to mention you're just a moron or just a white liberal douche pretending to be Asian or a uncle tom nigger pretending to be Asian. nature has got nothing to do about white females being with monkey's since it has something more to do with brain washing propaganda, ruse, deceit, lies making the public believe that this loser race is human an the only thing they are number one in are crime, disease, uglier, fuglier, smellier, dumber, talking about their penis when they can't win in a debate and or argument an they never did continue to be number one more like number three.

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Posted By: Sir Eugene CourtneyThu. Dec 13, 2018

To: Africant's and Africant American's

Do you believe the German's performed a Holocaust on the jews or followed a jewish Zionist plan to get the jews in Germany off of their lazy asses and migrate to the desert in the Middle East to form the illegal country of Israel?

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