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Border Patrol Agents Show Their Outrage...
Help Keep Mexican Truckers out of America

We are vigilantly watching for an amnesty bill to surface in the Senate-and another one or two to be introduced in the House. Washington is an amazing place-Democrats and Republicans alike are all talking about the need to pass an amnesty but just as they are about to do so they spend a long weekend in their district and their enthusiasm wanes. They know how opposed Americans everywhere are to this outrageous policy of rewarding lawbreakers.

For the most part they don't care about what we want-they believe themselves to be far wiser than the people. But the one thing they will not risk is re-election. They will do nothing to jeopardize losing their cushy little jobs in Washington.

This is how we've been able to stop amnesty. And it is our only hope of stopping it from passing this year. You must keep calling your congressman and senators and let them know how adamant you are that they vote for a secure border, that they demand our immigration laws be enforced-and that they are never to vote for an amnesty!

Let me also update you on a few interesting developments on the immigration front. As I mentioned in last week's e-mail President Bush gave his latest amnesty speech in front of Border Patrol agents. The Border agents were not happy and they went public against border patrol chief David Aguilar-he is President Bush's apologist on immigration having supported virtually every single "comprehensive" amnesty that the President has proposed. In addition they are still fuming over the lack of support he gave fellow agents Ramos and Compean for defending themselves from drug dealers. The 11,000 member National Border Patrol Union unanimously voted no confidence in Aguilar.

Union leader TJ Bonner called him "a political hack who blindly supports the president's ill-conceived immigration agenda without regard for the damage it does to the mission of the agency and the security of our borders."

The men and women who are protecting our border are making clear that they want it secured and they are demanding respect. They are risking their lives keeping illegal immigrants out of the country and the President and their own chief want to reward the very people who managed to get passed them. Our front line of defense against this invasion has a right to be teed off.

Then there is the equally offensive decision by this administration to let Mexican trucks into the United States. Currently Mexican trucking companies are allowed to bring their freight only 20 miles into the U.S. and then must pass on their freight to an American owned truck. Bush wants to give Mexican Truckers carte blanche to drive anywhere in the country. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters has been pushing a "demonstration program" that would allow 100 Mexican trucking companies to cruise around the America. And don't think for a moment that US companies would also be allowed to deliver goods in Mexico!

This program is a threat to national security, a rotten deal for Americans truckers, a threat to our safety, and a boom for smugglers of illegal aliens, drugs, or weapons. And it is another giant step toward a North American Union.

And all this is being brought to us by a Republican administration! The deal has been delayed by the Democrats and a few solid Republicans. But who can believe any of our leaders would so much as consider such an awful deal for America.

Start those calls into the Congressional offices and let them know you are watching. You are our only hope. We simply can't stand by and let Bush and friends chip away at our borders and our sovereignty. Tell your representatives in Washington it's no on amnesty, yes on the fence, no on Mexican trucks, and yes on prosecuting those who hire illegal aliens.

[Contact Congress]

We'll keep you informed as things develop. Thanks for all you do and all your support.

My best,
Bay Buchanan

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