Videos of Folks Burning their Qur'ans on "International Burn a Koran Day"

I'll be scanning YouTube on and off today to bring you more videos as they are uploaded.

By the way: Predictably, the Libtards and Lefturds at Google/YouTube are flagging these videos as "offensive to the community." I'm trying to circumvent their warning label by accessing the videos directly. Let me know if it is working, or not.

Note: Many of the videos contain language not suitable for children:

I've included the following video because TheAmazingAtheist raises some good points at the 2:10 mark:

This one is kind of dark, but pretty cool. Note to self:Pig fat burns real good:

Nice music:

WARNING: Nasy, foul-mouthed language from a kid who must have taken Ronin's advice to heart and burnt several pieces of paper-one with a picture of a Qur'an cover on it-in order not to finance any terrorists:

Uhhh Let's see Obviously, this Qur'an was used for target practice previously to being burnt, urinated on, and spat upon. Warning: PG-Rated type Language:

I think this guy was going for some sort of avant-garde experience. The music-from one of my favorite groups, Yello-was a nice touch, too. BTW - The song is "Domingo":

A backyard barbecue in the morning and no bacon strips in sight! For shame! Maybe next year:

The second time is a charm. Pretty basic burn; needs some music and/or commentary:

Another basic burn. Looks like he took Sura 4:34 to heart and beat the cr*p out of it before lighting her up:

Personally, I wouldn't recommend using a plastic bucket to burn your Qur'an in, Just saying:

This one cracks me up:

Nice finish as it gets flushed down the toilet!:

MUST WATCH!!!!     The most ballsy of all: 9-11 Mosque Protester torches pages of Qur'an in front of Muzzies and gets 'escorted' by the NYPD!

Part one is the filmmaker urinating on the Qur'an. Part two is him burning the Qur'an. Might I suggest he learn how to rotate his cell phone about 90 degrees?:

Very detailed burning. Sounds like some pork started sizzling and popping once the Qur'an really gets burning around the 5:00 minute mark. Also, the crow screeching in the background was and added bonus:

17 comments about International Burn a Koran Day


Posted By: KathrynFri. Jul 8, 2011

The people who look up to these books are not concerned with your liking or disliking them, all they ask is that you respect them as human beings who merely have varying beliefs from you or a deviating pigmentation of skin colour. Where is your respect? I'm in strong belief that someone should cover you in lighter fluid. Then emblazon you in flames, thereupon urinating on you to "douse the flames nicely". Perhaps shortly after covering you in their saliva, sir. Get a day job.

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Posted By: Asma_bint_marwanMon. Aug 22, 2011


They are burning a BOOK.

You, however, want to burn PEOPLE.

And you can't figure out why people are tired of muslims and their crap AND their libtarded screech monkeys like you.

Do you psychopaths ever listen to yourselves?

How you can equate burning PEOPLE to death with burning BOOKS is a study in why moral relativism is wrong. I'm sure with your twisted moral equivalancy you're okay with mo the molestor conscripting the MURDER of a poetess in retaliation for her DISRESPECT of mo.

May you choke to death on your own libtarded smugness you evil cupid stunt.

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Posted By: Rp40Sun. Feb 19, 2012

:-( I thought it said "Burn a Korean Day"... this'll do.

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Posted By: JamieThu. Mar 8, 2012

I loved the videos

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Posted By: Proud Of Southern HeritageSun. Mar 18, 2012

To # 1 Katheryn, It is people with your mindset that have totally put to shame any sense of rational intellegence for people that are AMERICANS. Your statement is completely void of any sign of human brain activity. You and people with your attitude need to go post your thoughts to a website called The Mentally Deficient Outlook On Things I Don't Have A Clue About But I Need To Run My Mouth On, Because Everything Has A Right To Do Anything. You and people with your attitude are so full of s***.

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Posted By: I'm Glad I'm Over 40 And A ColSat. Mar 24, 2012

Why is it all the bloggers under 30 yrs of age show their total ignorance of facts and the lack of high school or college education as well as a lack of knowledge on a subject and have to resort to vulgarity in order to express their thoughts . I pity the world 25 years from now with them in charge it most likely will revert back to the stone age.

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Posted By: Jackson HoltFri. Apr 27, 2012

has anyone here ever burned a bible? i'm just saying you have to be a lot smarter than just using brute violence. burn 2, 000, they'll just go and print another 2, 000.

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Posted By: From EarthThu. Aug 2, 2012

I suppose that we burn a book only if we are fully certain of it's meaning (about the Quran: be a great master of arabic and you'll still have to make a huge effort).

So can someone who doesn't really understand a book allows himself to destroy it, maybe because the book disturbs our way of life, or maybe burning a book just because some people called also Muslims misuse it. Anyway if each of us bear being fully responsible for his or her acts, so do whatever you ascertain true.

I'll pray for you to find what ease your soul.

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Posted By: In God We TrustWed. Aug 8, 2012

Burn a Koran a day - and at least two Bibles!

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Posted By: From EarthSat. Aug 11, 2012

Are you sure that you can live without inspiration, guidance or rules?

Even if it's fake or false, it's a big pleasure to try to find myself where it's wrong.

I see it like living with no reason and so You won't be able to appreciate the true meaning of life.

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Posted By: From EarthSat. Aug 11, 2012

you symbolize yourself by "In God We Trust", and you can ease your soul just by burning a Quran, 2 Bibles and maybe 3 Torahs (depending on the apparition date). Anyway maybe your soul is somehow ill, or your joke is hard. I suggest you to try little bit harder to find what really ease your soul. Anyway I'll keep praying.

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Posted By: JohnWed. Aug 29, 2012

You are a stinking sand nigger lover.

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Sep 20, 2012

What a world we live in. You have these uneducated Muslim scum who behead innocent White Christian females and their Jewish cousins who come from the same genetics wanting to rule the world.

Would it be possible to pit the hoards of Jewish and Muslim scum together in one geographic place egging them on to decimate each other while we White goyim look on gleefully while rubbing our hands.

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Posted By: Proud White Infidel WomanTue. Oct 2, 2012

There's no need to burn a koran. Just donate a few to a local farmer to use as bedding in his pig pen. The pigs love to s*** all over them. Since they're not supposed to touch the ground and pigs are considered the devil, this is double justice!

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Posted By: Proud White Infidel WomanTue. Oct 2, 2012

Dearest From Earth... . Perhaps instead of being so worried about a bunch of pages bound together and massed produced, how about you start concerning yourself with how to stop the rape, mutilation, and murder of innocent Women and Children in moooslum countries? ! Or, is stoning a woman to death or marrying off an infant to a child molester with 20 wives or forcing a young woman to burn death when her house caught on fire because she didn't have the proper head covering so her dad refused to open the door to let her out perfectly aceptable to you and the other slums? Or how about the suicide bombers who think they're going to Heaven for murdering innocent people? Are you ok with those?

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Posted By: AliSat. Aug 24, 2013

on 9-11 2013 muslims plan a million sand nigger march on Americas capital! AMERICA WAKE UP!!!! Its time to take this country back from these sick F***ing politician's, illegals, Muslims, and yes, these beloved by the press and jew Hollywood, rogue niggers!!

The founding fathers of this country did not have these disgusting, sick excuses for human beings in mind when they where writing our constitution! Have white people lost all of there balls completely? What the F*** is going on with white people in this country? This spineless queer government is selling out our kids, and grandkids and we are just letting it happen! This country was founded for the pure white children not this repulsive bunch of human parasites that our government is giving this country to!

Go ahead with your little lives, buy your cars, houses, mow your F***ing grass and pretend your country isn't being invaded! SPINLESS MOTHER F***ERS!!!! ITS YOUR KIDDS WHO WILL PAY!!!

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Dec 24, 2013

Between the JEWS controlling and ruining all the White majority countries in the world by orchestrating a world multicultural and multiracialists scenario and the freakin Muslims trying to establish their sick Sharia Laws in other than their own Muslim majority countries, the White Christian majority has to recognize the danger the above is presenting to their once pleasant way of life.

In 1965 before the JEWS had the 1965 Immigration Laws changed, America was 89% White. Presently in 2013 we are approaching 67% with our near future predicted as 50%. And included in that 67% are the White Hispanics legally and illegally invading our country with nary any enforcement of the present Immigration illegals by our Jew controlled national, state, and local police. Arizona tries to do the right thing by enforcing the laws already on the books, but the JEW controlled stooge OBama sicks Federal sanctions on Arizona.

The JEWS have all of the main stream media tied up like a hog on a conveyor belt on the way to the slaughter. The internet is helping to awaken the sleeping giant of White Christian awareness but it may be too little. What we need is a twitter BLITZ to inform the rest of the White majority in this country that the JEW is our mortal enemy. Just like the only good Indians are dead Indians, one can say the same thing about the JEWS.

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