The perpetrators of 9/11

As the smoke begins to clear we see the same pattern develop as after 9-11-2001. The perpetrator (the fictional "Al Qaeda") is immediately named by the media. The political agenda -whatever it may have been- is gone and replaced by the "War on Terror". Issues such as poverty and domestic spending priorities are pushed off the map. Political dissenters find little tolerance and may find themselves warned to shut up and get with the program (throw up the one arm salute!).

And what of the evidence for this being a strike by "Al Qaeda"? Oh, there will be no investigation of that by the media. All claims by the "security services" will be transmitted unquestioned. No blame will befall MI6. Instead the budgets for security will immediately go up. Civil liberties will be retracted in order to "fight terror".

So while the blast is still topical and before things are pushed down the Orwellian memory hole let us examine this supposed "claim of responsibility". Here in America there has never been even the slightest attention paid to the details of any "claim of responsibility". All we get is that "the CIA confirms".

In the Guardian on July 9, 2005 David Gallister reports that the claim was made on a Web site registered by "Qalaah Qalaah in Abu Dhabi" and the site was hosted not in the mysterious mountains of Pakistan, but "by a server in Houston, Texas".

Oh my.

Now we Americans reading this can see why we are never given details.

It gets worse actually because even this is not traceable to any webmaster. The claim is on a "forum" where anyone can post. That means some kid could have posted this child like claim of an organization called "the Secret Organisation of the al-Qaida Jihad in Europe".

Sounds like something from Batman.

Almost a year ago a man in San Francisco named Benjamin Vanderford faked his own beheading and uploaded the video through file sharing programs. His "beheading" was then reported as fact by the "American" media, in fact they seemed gleeful to have such a gory incident to report.

The only thing different here is that we have real dead bodies, but there is no evidence whatsoever to point to any "terror group".

However, we can do some theorizing. Let's look at that language of the claim that was made at . "The Secret Organisation of the al-Qaida Jihad in Europe", oh my doesn't that sound evil! Kind of like the "axis of evil" and referring to unnamed people as "evil doers" and "bad guys".

Who does that? Perhaps it is better to ask "who writes that for Dubya to say?"

Climate change? Debt forgiveness for Africa? World poverty? Peace in the Middle East?


Replaced by the "War on Terror"!

Can you see the smile on Dubya's face?

They're all smiles at Langley and Tel Aviv as well.

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Posted By: keith johnsonSat. Sep 25, 2010

i faught al qaeda... they exist and I personally knew about them 4 full years before the attack, under the clinton administration. for this to have been an inside job, it would have required immense co operation between two opposing admionistrations involving way to many people for no one to have leaked by now... . sorry, but you're a nut bag

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Posted By: Steve FrenchThu. Feb 10, 2011

Keith do your homework. Just because you were told you were fighting Al-Quada doesn't make it so. Further more, calling some one a "nut bag" doesn't prove them wrong. Whenever someone brings up the topic of 9/11 being a false flag terror op. they are met with ridicule and ignorance. I'm trying to start a fight or piss anyone off, but do some serious research... don't just watch a documentary or look at a few websites and consider yourself an expert. I've spent years, reading many books on the intelligence community, watched basically every documentary on the subject, and have contributed to dozens of websites... You don't have to trust me, just try to prove the 9/11 false flag op theory wrong. I challenge anyone. Research the physics surrounding 9/11, Dr. Steve Jones has proven the official story to be bulls*** with simple physics. The twin towers fell at free fall speed, that can only happen when you move mass out of the way. The pancake theory(official theory for collapse) is physically not possible considering the fall speed. Shit the didn't even try to explain building 7! look up building 7. It collapsed and nothing even hit it! There were buildings closer to the twin towers that didn't receive any structural damage but building 7 caught fire on a few floor then collapsed at free fall speed. The only way a building can collapse at free fall speed is when it's demo'd.

Don't listen to me, I don't give two s***s. Just try to prove it wrong.

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Posted By: White EuropeanWed. Aug 29, 2012

People believe what the Joos tell them.

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Posted By: White EuropeanWed. Sep 5, 2012

Now I lay me down to sleep to awaken to fight for some dirty Jew controlled government in the guise of patriotism. During the Vietnam war, the Jews took us by the draft to fight a Jew created no-win war in which communism was the big bad enemy.

But no one, who was able to piece together and write about the circumstances of the world , was allowed to be published. Jew controlled capitalists were fighting Jew created and controlled communism. We goyim were pawns in a clever plan by the Jews to make profit off lending money to both sides, stoking the very profitable Jew controlled war supplies industry, and killing off 50, 000+ mostly White European males.

There was such a stink about the Viet Nam War with the motto " Hell No We Won't Go" that the Jews had to rescind the draft and use our voluntary national guard. Most of these poor souls had no idea that they would become professional soldiers to fight another Jew created war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If only the Jews would fight their own wars. But they abhor physical contact, either because they are cowards or just lazy. As . 3% of the world population, they are content in trying to control the world.

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