Hillary Clinton's campaign sells out to China just like Slick Willy did.

Norman Hsu

Norman Hsu (L) speaks with his attorney, James Brosnahan, inside a courtroom in Redwood City, California, September 21, 2007. Hsu was sentenced on Friday to three years in prison after a California judge rejected his bid to dismiss a 16-year-old fraud conviction.

SAN FRANCISCO - Democratic fundraiser and political donor Norman Hsu was sentenced on Friday to three years in prison after a California judge rejected his bid to dismiss a 16-year-old fraud conviction.

Hsu, who was who has been in custody since his arrest in Colorado in September after he failed to appear at an earlier hearing in the case.

He will be transferred to a state prison to serve his sentence.

Hsu was charged with stealing about $1 million from investors in a business fraud. He also faces federal charges in New York alleging he swindled investors in a $60 million fraud and made illegal donations to U.S. political campaigns.

His arrest prompted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign to return $850,000 in contributions last year (Ya right, like she really gave it back).

Hsu's lawyers failed to convince a San Mateo County Superior Court judge that Hsu's right to a speedy trial had been violated after officials did not actively pursue him while he was a fugitive beginning in 1992.

The federal indictment charges Hsu with six counts of mail fraud, six counts of wire fraud and three counts of violating the Federal Election Campaign Act, which limits individual campaign contributions.

If convicted in the federal case, he could face 20 years in prison an each fraud charge and five years on each campaign finance charge, plus fines, prosecutors said in December.

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Posted By: DimwitFri. Apr 13, 2012

I wonder if Hillary and Bill sleep in separate beds? I wonder if Henry, the queer, Kissinger serviced Hilllary? I wonder if Hillary is ashamed of her heavy legs and wide backside? I wonder if Hillary is beholden to her New York Jew friends for financing and placing her in office? I wonder what slick Willy does all day in Harlem? I wonder if slick Willy is sorry he had associates from Whitewater assassinated by accident?

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Posted By: White EuropeanWed. Aug 29, 2012

I can see by the number of responses the affection the nation affords Hilary Clinton. Bill has heart problems according to the rags and has summoned Monica for one last non-sexual activity.

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Nov 22, 2016

Hilary lost the election!

How the hell are people going to find the truth out when main stream media is totally controlled by Ashkenazi jewish mafia gangsters.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's father, Hugh Rodhamski was a member of the jewish mafia just like Bill Clinton. Her jewish family ancestry of Rodhamski moved to England from Poland and then immigrated to the city of Chicago. Does Barrack OBama and Rohm Emmanuel also of Chicago ring a bell. She met Bill Clinton at Yale Law School where the famous jewish gangster club, the Skull and Bones was arranging future political leaders like the Clintons and the Bushes. 

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