Remember - United We Stand, Divided We Fall

"In multiracial societies, you don't vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion" - Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore.

Blacks, Hispanics and illegal aliens

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, among African(nigger)-Americans 18 to 29 with only a high-school degree, unemployment is now 20 percent. Among black adults who do not have a high-school diploma, it is 24 percent. Among teenagers under 18, black unemployment is 30 percent.

Among native-born Hispanics with only a high-school diploma, the unemployment rate is 13.6 percent. Among high-school dropouts, 16 percent. Among Hispanic 16- and 17-year-olds, the jobless figure is 40 percent.

As these figures were compiled in December, before the last two months of sweeping layoffs, they surely understate the situation. And with both black and Hispanic dropout rates now reaching 50 percent in major cities, the social dynamite is piling up.

Last month, USA Today reported that the FBI estimates there are now 1 million gang members in the United States -- up 200,000 from 2005 -- and these gangs are responsible for 80 percent of all U.S. crimes. From other studies, young Hispanics are 19 times as likely as white youth to join gangs, while African-Americans are 15 times.

These millions of teenagers, and unskilled and less-educated young adults with no jobs and little prospect of finding them, are recruiting pools for criminal gangs.

Who is getting the jobs for which these native-born black and Hispanic young could quality? Illegal aliens hold literally millions of them.

Last week, the CIS reported, "An estimated 6 to 7 million illegal immigrants are currently holding jobs. Prior research indicates they are overwhelmingly employed in lower-skilled and lower-paid jobs."

Exactly what sort of jobs?

"Illegals are primarily employed in construction, building cleaning and maintenance, food preparation, service and processing, transportation and moving occupations and agriculture."

With the exception of agriculture, a majority of the workers in these occupations are native-born Americans. Thus, illegal aliens are taking jobs Americans are not only willing to do, but are doing, and taking 7 million of these jobs from young Americans now out of work.

By failing to enforce U.S. immigration laws, the government of the United States is selling America's working class down the river.

In addition to the 7 million illegals holding jobs, legal immigrants have another 15 million. In 2008, when Americans lost 3.5 million jobs, 144,000 immigrants were admitted every month.

Why do we have an open-borders immigration policy that annually allows in millions, legal and illegal, to compete for jobs, when 10 million Americans are out of work and half a million are losing their jobs every month? The political correctness and moral cowardice of our Lords Temporal, who refuse to call a time-out on immigration until our own people go back to work, is killing the American dream for millions.

According to the census, as reported in The New York Times on Saturday, 97 percent of immigrants from Mexico do not speak English at home. They are less skilled and less educated than the average American.

Says demographer William Frey, "The new immigration magnets especially in the Southwest are disproportionately attracting young Mexican men who are willing to accept low wages."

What further proof is needed that mass immigration from the Third World is taking jobs from Americans and driving down their wages when they do find work?

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Posted By: Native PrideFri. Sep 23, 2011

Diversity is a beautiful. I love White people. I love Blacks. I love everybody. I'm Native American and I'm proud. Most of you guys aren't even 100% white. Your ancestors might of slept with a slave or raped a poor innocent native girl. Wonder why your hips are wide and your breast are big, not all white look alike. look up your roots, what if you found out you're not 100% white.

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Oct 4, 2012

Diversity sucks and the majority of White Europeans don't have mixed blood in them except for the alcoholics who may have a tinge of Injun blood in them.

Most of the American continents except for the U. S. A. , have a mixture of White, Black and native American in them resulting in 3rd world country status.

It takes 100% White European to create a super power status which the Jews hijacked back in 1965, when they had the 1965 Immigration Act passed. America was 89% White European back then and has been steadily falling into 3rd world country status thanks to the multi-culturalism and multi-racialism pushed by the Jews.

The old clique stating that America is a nation of immigrants is hog wash. White Europeans didn't migrate to America. We came and took it from the Injuns and the French built a Statue of Liberty facing Europe and not the 3rd world countries.

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Posted By: Kathy MortWed. May 8, 2013

If anything diversity is very beneficial to the Economy. Tourists from different countries falls in love with "the land of opportunity" and move here to boost our economy. Plus, America is a super power, which makes it absolutely impossible for The U. S to become a third world country. Plus there is only two America's: North America and South America. Canada is a country, not a continent. This is why your references and facts are illegitimate and show a great amount of ambiguity

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Posted By: Kathy MortWed. May 8, 2013

Your facts cannot possibly be right is you're referring Native Americans by calling the Injuns. How ignorant

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Posted By: White EuropeanSun. May 19, 2013

At: Kathy Mort "Plus, America is a super power, which makes it absolutely impossible for The U. S to become a third world country. Plus there is only two America's: North America and South America. Canada is a country, not a continent. "

Did you forget about Central America? Canada, United States and Mexico are considered to be part of the continent of North America because the continental shelf extends through Mexico.

Do you wanna bet that America could very easily lose it's super power status with the Jew international Illuminati bankers at the helm. They are planning to bankrupt the country making the emerging Chinese the next super power.

We no longer have a healthy middleclass to support all of those third world beasts coming for the so called American dream of prosperity. Thanks to the Jews who took control of the large multinational global corporations, well paying manufacturing and computer technological jobs have been outsourced to India and China.

White Europeans as well as the third world scum will have to fight over the few low paying benefitless burger slinging jobs available. There won't be any decent paying manufacturing or technological jobs to support the rather large infrastructure of big government, medical profession, police and fire protection, insurance companies, the Jew dominated legal profession, the Jew dominated entertainment industry, and the Jew dominated banking and money out of thin air, usury busting, mortgage and credit card industry.

Can one see the ordinary run of the mill Jew being an Indian and not a chief. I guess they will have to emigrate to Israel, except that there won't be an American middleclass to send that 5 billion per year of taxpayers money to keep Israhell afloat.

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Posted By: SalMon. Jul 15, 2013

Shut your mouth til you end up LIVING in a multicultural neighborhood. I DO live in the middle of one. The blacks don't work. They go around breeding, including raping, white women (35, 000) a year according to the last unpolitical correct FBIstatistics and don't pay a dime for child support. You support the blacks and all their illegitimate offspring along with their lazy mothers. The blacks tried to hustle a very nice (white) girl who comes into clean for me do to serious illness, and scared her. The Mexicans flip us white people the finger every time they see us, and destroy our property. The American Indian children contemptuously spit on our lawns as they walk by, which they're taught by their drunken, drugged out parents. The adult Indians knock on our doors or stop us outside, as we walk, to panhandle us for money to get their next drink. They also will not supervise their children, and if you courteously ask the parents to stop their children from hanging on your clothes line and trampling through your flowers, they'll respond with "F*** you!" So, until you live in a multicultural neighborhood, shut your mouth.

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Oct 31, 2013

I just read that FBI statistic about 35, 000 niggers raping White women annually, with ZERO White men raping Black women. The JEW has done this diversity gig to America starting with the 1965 Immigration laws, coupled with JEW control of all levels of government and police. Even if that 1965 Immigration Law was enforced, there wouldn't be 20 to 30 million illegal spicks in America now. Arizona wanted to do the right thing, but OBama and the Jews called in the big "bad ass" central government gone crazy. We once were a Republic where the states had rights, but the Jews usurped those rights with democracy, where the majority doesn't rule, but rather a small percentage of Jews who by hook or crook have managed to kidnap this once fine country.

OBama wants to give them amnesty. I say deport everyone one of these brown degenerate scum, along with their American born children. Back to Mexico, Central and South America they go, where the mixed race of Native Americans, niggers, and White Spanish soldiers have corrupted the gene pool with low intelligence, lazy misfits, staining the great continents of the Americas.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sSat. Dec 8, 2018

Ok I'm sorry Native pride but you are very naive, ignorant oblivious if you think that most whites are mixed in North America when in fact if they were mixed with something it will most likely be with another white from a different European background cause you would have to be ultra, extremely, delusional to actually believe in what you have just said considering Indians from the reservations stick to their own kind even before reservations the fact of the matter is their aren't that many whites mixed with Indian blood only a fraction or less than a fraction actually have Indian in them while the rest does not.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sTue. Jan 1, 2019

I hate to break it to democrats ("Liberals") but they found an ancient fossil from Greece that is seven hundred thousand years old that challenges the Out of Africa theory there for whites (Euro Russians, Europeans) did not come from Africa so the real result is multi regional hypothesis. this proves even further that we did not all come from the same place regardless what the liberals have us believe for all those years no matter how much they want to say that isn't so and how much they cry an beg that we are all the same when in reality, actuality we're never were from the get go.

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