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Were the antics of the six Flying Imams merely additional tactics in the Islamic overall strategy of installing Shari'a law in the USA? It would appear so, according to some self-avowed moderate Muslims and the results of other recently exhibited actions by US Islamists and their followers. Let's take a look.

With regards to Minneapolis Airport's Muslim cab drivers, in 2006 the Muslim American Society of Minneapolis (MAS) issued a "fatwa" (religious edict) to the Minneapolis Airport Commission (MAC). The fatwa advised MAC that Islamic law prohibits Muslims from being around the sin of alcohol and Muslim cabbies refused to transport any passenger fares who had packed sealed alcoholic products in their luggage. Other Muslim taxi drivers at the airport also refused to transport passengers with dogs-including guide dogs. Muslims consider not only pork to be unclean but, dogs also. After a great deal of foot-dragging and stalling, MAC finally voted on the Muslim cabbies' demands, in April. With a unanimous 11-0 vote, Minneapolis Airport commissioners agreed to suspend airport taxi drivers who refuse fares. The first offense will carry a 30-day suspension and repeat offenses will result in 2-year taxi license revocations. Note: This is highly unusual, as lately all too many Muslim demands have been met with submission to them.

One of these recent submissions to Islam involves a Minneapolis Target store. Muslim Target checkers refuse to scan any pork products. Due to the recent Muslim cab driver flap, one can only assume this refusal-to-touch-or-scan also applies to any products containing alcohol. Instead of advising the Target Muslim checkers that scanning pork is part of their jobs, Target accommodated their demands. The retail giant has either transferred the Muslims to other duties or a non-Muslim employee is called to scan the items. Question: Are Jewish Target employees afforded the same treatment, when they must handle pork? The answer is, of course, no. Singular privilege applies only to Muslims.

Another surrender to Muslims' demands was recently announced by Minneapolis Community & Technical College. In what appears to be a direct violation of the US Supreme Court's Justice Black 1947 interpretation of "separation of church and state", the college has allocated tax-payer funds to build on campus foot washing basins for Muslims preparing for prayer. The school is also said to be involved in negotiations with Minneapolis' Muslim leaders to, also, establish an on-campus Muslim prayer room. Of note is that Christian symbols and celebrations are banned on this campus but, the Islamic Muslim religion is now embraced and given-yet again-"special privileges." Separation of "mosque and state" does not apply.

Questions: Does anyone see a developed pattern of capitulation to Islam in the state of Minnesota? Will Minnesota cities, as have already been implemented in Michigan cities, soon have calls to Islamic prayer broadcast to their citizens?

World Magazine reports that Executive Director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul, Omar Jamal, stated: "CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] and MAS are radicalizing the community. They're not interested in protecting civil liberties. They're interested in a broader political mission to create a world of Muslims versus Christians." Instead of encouraging Muslim immigrants to assimilate, we are supporting their desires to remain a separate and growing separist movement within the United States-in direct violation of US law.

Another example of the Islamic strategy to eventually install their own religious laws, which will trump and replace US laws, within the USA involves MAS' Washington DC based Muslim Accommodations Task Force (MATF). MATF states its mission as: "To help make campuses more "Muslim-friendly" by documenting existing religious accommodations and facilitating emerging ones. Over time, we will be able to rank colleges and universities on "Muslim-friendliness" and publicize our findings in the media and publications. Prospective students and their families will be able to account for Muslim accommodations as they decide on appropriate institutions of higher learning." In order to affect its demands for special privileges, MATF also states that its projects include responding and helping MSA chapters who are lobbying for religious accommodations including prayer permanent spaces, counseling services, Muslim housing, holiday observance, etc. Although the provision of special religious accommodations is legally disallowed by colleges and universities they are, nonetheless, being implemented by these schools. Is this simply another example of our leftist-bent school system applying laws only if it agrees with them? It appears so. As we have viewed for several decades, all things Christian are being removed and banned. However, all things Islam are now being embraced-in violation of US law. But, after Islamic fundamentalist Shari'a law is installed in our court system-US law will be moot.

The establishment of Islamic law is already occurring in European countries. And it now seems that the US school system (as well as "accommodating" retailers fearing a Muslim backlash) is aiding and abetting Islam toward its goal of establishing Shari'a on our shores. If they have to break US laws to affect said Islamization-so be it. Thus far, the Islamization of the USA is heavily concentrated in Michigan and Minnesota. Hmmm. Are these "M" states representative of the "M" in Muslim? But, I predict that it won't be long before the 5-time-per-day calls to prayer are heard in all of our neighborhoods-that is, unless we sit back and allow it to happen. Are there alumni of the Islamic-compliant schools who might refuse to fund them? Are there state and federal lawmakers that we-the-people are still allowed to contact, in order to voice our opposition? Of course there are. However, it requires us taking action. Are you willing to do so? As the consequences of doing nothing are so grave, I pray that we all are.

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Posted By: Abubakari ShaibuMon. Dec 13, 2010

I can not understand why MUSLIM on Target ?

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Posted By: IsabellaFri. Mar 25, 2011

What the goddamned Hell are you talking about? Do you have ANY verifiable proof on this? I am an AMERICAN Muslim and NEVER have I ever heard of bulls*** like this. Lots of Muslims work at 7-11s and other places that sell alcohol. They have no problem with that at all! Where are you getting false information? Your right-wing neighbor? Fox News perhaps? Hey I have an idea. Why don't you read the Qu'ran for yourself?! It's not a hateful, spiteful, violent religion. If you would read it for yourself you would know that. Wait, no, you probably can't even read. Probably paid some guy to type this for you. Look, I have no problem with you being proud of your heritage, proud of being white. That's awesome! Good for you. Just don't talk/rant about what you don't know about. Jeez.

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Posted By: FalconiSun. Jul 10, 2011

It's interesting that Mulims consider dogs to be unclean, yet muslims wash their feet & ass in public restroom sinks

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Posted By: Rabbi White EuropeanTue. Jul 15, 2014

If the above is incorrect and dribble as Isabella states, then it is an example of Jews stirring the pot of dissension amongst all of the multicultural dribble they let into America, since their creation and enactment of the 1965 Immigration Laws.

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Posted By: David SalThu. Jan 1, 2015

Everything that is posted here it is true and correct, Islam is a man-made religion and it is not from God it is evil it is not peaceful I am from Egypt I am Christian and I know in fact about slaughtering Christians all over the world and Muslims are all alike they act so nice on the outside until they reach their goal, And the goal as they were teaching by the false prophet is The dream that they can convert the whole world to Islam, Nice dream we are at war with Islam, Have you notice every trouble every Terrorist incident it involves Islam, Wake up people please the west wake up Islam is cancer cells in the world that must to be cleansed

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