Fukushima: The Asian 9/11

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Aug 15, 2013


The Jews seem to be involved in all of the wars and terrorist activity in the 20th century, especially the beginning of the 21st century. Firstly with 911(9-11-2001)in NYC and now Fukushima: the Asian 911 (3-11-2011) in Japan. What are the odds of these two incidents both happening on the eleventh day of the month?

The following is a little sick humor discovered on the internet:

ISRAEL: "Give us 6 trillion and allow us to control your banks and currency; forget Palestine; stop enriching uranium for Iran; and the Okinawa base stays; don't say Sh!t or we mini-nuke all your plants and drown and irradiate you to death before you can do a damn thing. Got it ya Chinky eyed mutants? "

JAPAN: "Are you serious? how can you do this? We are human beings!"

USA: "He ain't playin, bro! because we control the US government and people! We also controlled the British and US governments during WWII when we(Jews) gave the order to nuke Hiroshima and Nakasaki.

JAPAN: "very well... we shall obey and not disclose the Jew threats to our people. "

GERMANY: "Ha Ha I'm laughing because it's soo not funny. We're shutting our plants down ASAP, for we have been under Jew control and punishment from the end of WWII until the present; We can't say a damn thing about the dirty Jews and their multicultural goals of neutralizing the White European spirit by allowing third world non-White scum to ever change a once proud all White Germany , or imprisonment awaits via the hate crimes legislation. Does anyone have a clip of the Fuhrer's hair to clone? "

ISRAEL: CRITICAL HIT on all you bitches! Again!

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Aug 15, 2013

Am I bad!


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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Aug 17, 2013

This Asian 9/11 conspiracy is starting to gain speed with all types of explanations. The following are excerpts from: //

Israel, working with deeply-embedded intelligence moles in the United States, including within the U. S. government and “off-the-books” intelligence front companies, has been pilfering spent U. S. nuclear fuel from American nuclear arms caches at a phenomenal rate over the last several years. U. S. and foreign intelligence sources have confirmed that much of the nuclear fuel has been shipped to Israel and other locations via the port of Houston.

The illegal smuggling of spent highly-enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium fuel from U. S. nuclear weapons facilities was resold by Israel to Japan.

However, the Japanese soon discovered that the plutonium for which they were paying the Israelis top dollar was too old and provided only short-life usable nuclear weapons. Japan decided to go it alone on their nuclear weapons development but not before they planned to blow the whistle on the Israeli and American smuggling operation to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Before the Japanese could act, the super-quake struck Japan, along with the devastating tsunami. At that point in time, Israel and the Americans programmed their Stuxnet computer virus to trigger the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, the major site for Japan’s nuclear weapons development program.

The Fukushima disaster destroyed physical evidence of the Israeli smuggling operation to Japan.

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Aug 20, 2013

Excerpts from:

"The real issue at hand now is that Israel has proven itself out in the open, under documented irrefutable conditions, that it considers nuclear aggression acceptable policy. This means that for as long as Israel exists it is a menace to the world. It is fairly well proven that Israel caused the Indonesian tsunami, nuked Bali, caused the Japan tsunami, nuked Fukushima, and FINALLY, because an Arab set a decent camera up at exactly the right place and time, and had the balls to post the video immediately, it is proven and not a guess that Israel is a nuclear rogue who fired 3 micro nuked missiles at Syria using the dolphin submarine made by Germany."

If we White European gentiles can take back America, the Jews would have to fight the world alone , and maybe the bible predictions will become a reality.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Mar 7, 2014

Excerpts from :

"The disaster is far far worse than you have been told, because few people realize that nuclear weapons were used at Fukushima. I am not certain even TEPCO knows yet. The Japanese government DOES KNOW and I believe they are under threat to not tell the Japanese people. Germany has apparently figured it out also, and kicked all the Israelis out of their nuclear facilities and also shut down all the nuclear facilities that Israelis provided "security" for. Because nuclear weapons were used to blow Fukushima apart, the disaster is worse than Chernobyl. Fukushima Diiachi has a situation where exposed fuel is out in the open on the ground in large amounts. This has NEVER been reported in the "official" news, "

I wonder whether the dirty JEWS in Israel provide security for America's nuclear power plants and whether mini nukes are contained in large cameras in the containment buildings of every American nuclear facility, like was done in Japan.

I also wonder whether the stutnet virus is included in all of the American nuclear plants software enabling the JEWS to neutralize any efforts to correct a meltdown like was done in Japan.

No wonder Germany kicked the Israeli KIKES out of the nuclear power plants and wants to divorce itself from nuclear power.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Mar 7, 2014

Excerpts from:

Navy Times, Dec. 28, 2013: A group of sailors who were aboard the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan as it rendered aid in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in Japan nearly three years ago say they’ve suffered since their radiation exposure. The attorney [Paul C. Garner] now has 71 plaintiffs listed, with myriad health issues. Garner estimated about one-third of the plaintiffs remain on active duty, adding that one is still assigned to the Reagan. A spokesman for the Navy said Reagan crew members weren’t exposed to enough radiation to cause long-term health effects. Aircrews delivering supplies to Fukushima were given medication to stave off thyroid gland exposure to radiation, and the ships were monitored for levels of radioactivity.

Attorney Paul C. Garner, environmental law expert: “The TEPCO people certainly knew the severity of what was happening, because now you have radiological releases into the environment. Leukemias, bleeding, thyroid problems, polyps, testicle removal, optic nerve removal the list goes on and on, unfortunately. It’s hard to imagine that all of these people are suffering now when they were all basically in their early 20s, in good health, and looking forward to life it should really be a situation where the naysayers have to demonstrate that it did no harm to these people. ”

Marco Kaltofen, registered professional civil engineer consulting for the Boston Chemical Data Corporation: “Has anyone heard the radiation in Japan being compared to say taking a flight from Los Angeles to Washington D. C. ? O. K. How about to eating a banana? Has anyone heard this one? So what we are talking about here is a slightly different kind of radiation, where we are looking at a lot of concentrated radiation in a very small particle. So the total amount of radiation we are exposed to might in fact be low, but because we are exposing only a small number of tissues, for instance, for a respirable dust particle, we inhale the dust particle that is radioactive. It actually is about the same scale of size as a cell in the human body. So that radioactive particle is adjacent to a cell that is going to stay there because it has a long residence time. And so to that particular cell, that is not a very low dose. In fact, that is a high dose, it is actually even a lethal dose to that cell. ”

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Mar 7, 2014

American Sailors exposed to Fukushima Radiation(Continued)

Some comments from the article:

Is every single officer in the US Navy such a coward that they cannot speak the truth? Is a naval career and pension in a brainless navy worth the silence when so many are going to die in agony? All the symptoms are very strongly indicating exposure to at least 200 REM, and it was probably even higher. 450 REM would be a lethal dose to half of them within 60 days, so it was apparently less than 450 REM. Many of them will probably need full bone marrow transplants before their immune systems can ever fully be re-established.

Alas, OldFool. The Reagan found itself in an untenable situation when it discovered the level of contamination (10, 000 CPM particulate on SHOES, enough gamma 'shine' from the plume 150 nautical miles out, to exceed limits in just 10 hours), and got its orders changed from search & rescue to plume monitoring for the wigs in D. C. , thereby putting its entire crew in danger. That kind of stuff isn't something the officers are allowed to mention to anybody not in their chain of command, no matter what.

I do notice that the U. S. Navy hasn't done anything authoritarian (yet) to quash the ability of crew members harmed from seeking compensation from the responsible parties in Japan. They are automatically prevented from seeking compensation from their own government employer, as they are all U. S. GOVERNMENT 'PROPERTY'. Really, just like bombs or ships or helicopters. I've actually known sailors to get court martial-ed for weekend outing sunburns serious enough to make them unable to perform their duties for some days after. The charge: Willful destruction of GOVERNMENT PROPERTY.

The sailors ought to sue the dirty KIKES in Israel for creating the mess in the first place. However, if they won any suits from Israel, we the American taxpayers would have to foot the bill for the pathetic, conniving country of Israel, which would be a land of tents and outhouses without American Aid.

There ought to be recruiting posters in which Uncle Samuel Goldberg invites unsuspecting, good heart-ed, Goyim souls to enlist in the State National Guards in the name of patriotism when in fact they are signing on the dotted lines to become GOVERNMENT PROPERTY(Slave Fodder) to be abused by the chain of command, similarly to the compartmentalization of the Jew controlled FBI , CIA, Illuminati, and Masonic Lodges where the anemic Jews maintain control by the "need to know" principle. Why isn't there ever any spy movies in which the top level Jews are wiped out? Because the Kikes control movie making distribution for profit. i. e. , ( all of the talented writers exposing the Jews actions in the 20th century have to give the books and articles away because the Kike controls distribution for profit. )

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Posted By: Rabbi White EuropeanWed. Jul 9, 2014

Excerpts from: nexusilluminati.

Fukushima’s Children are Dying Why Aren’t You Hearing Anything About Fukushima?

More than 48 percent of some 375, 000 young people—nearly 200, 000 kids—tested by the Fukushima Medical University near the smoldering reactors now suffer from pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts.

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