How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

How did they get there?

Really now, can someone tell me how this thing got here.


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Posted By: Bigg Dawg Wayne The TrainTue. Feb 1, 2011


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Posted By: DanSat. Feb 26, 2011


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Posted By: Lexie61Sun. Feb 27, 2011

LOL. Years ago, about 20, my husband and I were working for my brother-in-law for extra money. He hired a Nimrod to scrape a house to then paint.

Well, Brian, went to the address he was given and scraped the entire house of paint.

My brother-in-law came back from his short vacation and discovered that Brian had scarped the wrong house... lol.

The people were on vacation at the time so when they got back, not only did they get a free scraping but they also ended up with a free paint job on their house.

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Posted By: FedupWed. Mar 9, 2011

While George Bush was in office he received a lot of radiation while checking for WMD's and kicking Saddam Hussein's ass. Then he took a s*** before he left the white house, and there you have it, Barrack Obama.

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Posted By: Holyshitkill A NiggaWed. Apr 27, 2011


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Posted By: 100%Wed. Apr 27, 2011

It got there by our collective sense of White guilt.

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Posted By: Chris WendeWed. May 25, 2011

a nigger in control of our country... . . wtf? nigga puleez!!!!somebody do something quickly!!

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Posted By: KathrynFri. Jul 8, 2011

How did they get there? I shall be so kind as to answer this for you, sir.

Image 1: This dog clearly found himself in some form of predicament which gave him the insatiable urge to look through the small cavity in the wall. He thereupon got stuck.

Image 2: This one's easy, not like I'm insulting your intelligence or anything, sir. This donkey fell into a large vessel of murky water and unfortunately could not escape from his distressing crisis.

Image 3: This mammal was most likely strolling along and did not realize that a large orifice in the ground. He then tumbled into that very hole.

Image 4: This cow decided to advance into the metal structure, soon after finding that she could not extract her head.

Image 5: This dog evidently arrived at the conclusion that it should climb up the large frame. It then did.

Image 6: This dog must have embarked upon a walk out of the window and subsequently discovered that it could not return into the house after the windows were closed. Luckily courteous fire fighters were there to rescue it.

Image 7: This pig presumably stumbled into a niche in the muddy ground and could not release itself from its quandary.

Image 8: This inquisitive brown horse may have perhaps been searching for something in the hollow of this tree, perhaps his small book about how brown horses are superior to gray because they originate from the neighbouring field? Though its motives are otherwise unidentifiable.

Image 9: This pigeon definitely got into its circumstance through human dabbling after a person would have dropped a circular hollowed crust onto the bird.

Image 10: This sheep was investigating the wonders of plastic chairs of the blue variety but got his large head stuck whilst doing so.

Image 11: This influential African-American was awarded his place in parliament due to nothing but hard work and motivation. He still continues to impress and endeavours to do the best for his country. He has signed order to close the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay, he has won a nobel peace prize, and created a $789 billion economic stimulus plan.

You're prejudices towards this great man are evidently racially stimulated. Shame on your narrow mind.

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Posted By: JoshMon. Jul 18, 2011

Funniest s*** I have ever seen. NObama!

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Posted By: KittykittyMon. Aug 8, 2011

Kathryn is off her rocker. . lol

obama won the peace prize for something they THOUGHT he might do. . he is the 1st and only person in history to win for something he is YET to do. Also, you might want to look up what his so called hard work of the past has been... I think he fell out of a cracker jack box and people were amused... at first, but now he will just end up in the trash like all those cheap prizes, tricks and toys do :)

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Posted By: Therednose!!Wed. Aug 24, 2011

Fukn nigger Obama suck assholes!!

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Posted By: UnknownSun. Nov 27, 2011

I'm black and I don't even like Obama but not because hes black. Get a brain your so stupid its not even funny dude

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Posted By: NaziWed. Dec 7, 2011

When is Richard Nixon going to get his Piece Prize for ending the Vietnam war?

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Posted By: Redneck HaterFri. Dec 30, 2011

a piece of what prize.

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Posted By: Color Me BlackSun. Jan 1, 2012

It amazes me at the level of stupidity still in the world. No wait the level of ignorant "white Americans". If you all are so patriotic then do the rest of us Americans a favor and die for your cause.

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Posted By: LolSun. Jan 15, 2012

I just love how you choose to compare him to richard nixon of all the presidents

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Posted By: Black And ProudThu. Jan 26, 2012

Kathyrn. I love your answers. Oh and the last one happens do to your wonderfully stupid ancestors who couldn't seem to plow their own lands, pick their own cotton and best of all raise foolish twits like you white is best fools.

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Posted By: Cracker Killa SwagSat. Mar 3, 2012

god is good that's what happen

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Posted By: BoohooSun. Mar 25, 2012

Shut the f**k up

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Posted By: Proud Of Southern HeritageWed. Mar 28, 2012

The truth is obama got there for the same reason the niggers were freed in the civil war. It's just a repeat of nigger lovin dumbass white people giving a sorry nigger something they don't deserve. Just as the civil war mentality of lincoln and other northern abolitionist prevailed in 1860 so it goes to this very day especially in 2008. There are some nigger lovin white people that just can't seem to get the taste of that black dick out of their mouth. They started by giving the niggers freedom and giving to the niggers seems to be the call of some nigger loving, black dick and asshole sucking white pussies. If them niggers ever deserved and earned anything it is to be loaded up on a boat ride with a 1 way ticket to their continent of origin. Then it could be said that they earned their just dues. If the niggers are unhappy about something all they have to do is cry about it and the nigger loving white people come out of the woodwork to their rescue. All a nigger knows is that if he cries there is always nigger loving White people who will come to his rescue. The problem is these nigger loving white people don't have the sense that God gave a goose. They have ruined this country with their pro-nig agenda. If they had any sense they would be sorry for the way they have screwed their fellow whites, and start by shipping the nigs out of america. Then many problems would be solved, nigs could no longer cry of their injustice at the hands of the racist whites, prison population would decrease by 80%, crime would fall by 80%, the scenery would improve drastically, the air would be cleaner. The only drawback I can see is the nigger loving white people would not have a black root or asshole to suck upon, oh well nothings perfect, maybe they can kick the habit with the help of some nigger root/asshole flavored chewing gum. Or some niggerest! ! !

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Posted By: JoeSat. Apr 14, 2012

I have no problem with you picking apart how n why animals do the things they do. You did a half ass, sorry, full ass job of pickiing apart the situations n making your best guess.

Though, the Obama one gets me a little. Your version of Obama doesn't jive with reality. Obama was given the Noble Peace Prize as soon as he was elected. He had done nothing. Then, he ended up sending more troops to Iraq & Afghanistan. Iraq was a s*** show. It started with WMD's that didn't exist, then went to a "humanitarian war" whereby close to 1 million Iraqis were killed cus of the declared war on them; Obama knew it when he sent more troops after receiving the "peace prize".

The same with Afghanistan. They don't want us there. They didn't want the Russians there, but kept them to the point of bankruptcy; they left. All the help n lives we gave them to give them freedom... and they beheaded aid workers cus some preacher burned a Koran. It is a war without win.

So, Obama said the troops would come home. Yup, he's so crafty, the White House doesn't call them "troops" anymore; they call them trainers, humanitarians, etc. Troops are still there by the thousands; they've just a new name.

Obama recently went to war with Libya n he did this bypassing the Senate and Congress, overstepping the Constitution n he knew it when he declared war on Libya. Peace Prize ain't worth toilet paper.

Guantanamo: Ya, he's closing it, n all he's doing with the "suspects" that have been held without charge or trial or evidence is to ship them off to other countries to hold them indefinately without trial. Never mind that, recently, he signed orders to assassinate American citizens while they were abroad.

His stimulus plan right from the start was to give the multinational banks, etc over 1 trillion American debt. While taking on the other trillions for continuuing the wars in Iraq, AF, then Libya, n soon Syria.

Obama got to where he is by manipulation, affirmative action, and racists black or otherwise colored people who voted for him simply because of the color of his skin. I asked many black people, "why are you voting for Obama? Which of his policies do you like" Too many times I heard, "cus he's a brother".

Obama is an asshole, just simply cus he actually is an asshole. The color of his skin certainly comes secondary for jokes, which you can't seem to understand.

Obama hasn't done s*** for the US, Liberty's, Peace, n he has flagrantly stomped on the Constitution.

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Posted By: Proud Of Southern HeritageSun. Apr 15, 2012

Dear Joe, With your take on what I do or don't seem to understand I feel relieved that someone with your vast knowledge of how obama and his policies came to be has enlightened me. I think I have finally seen the light. My best guess is someone like you with your great mind and this gets me, should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. But what I really don't seem to understand is what a know it all yankee or whatever you are, thinks they are so smart that they need to try to set someone that they know nothing about on the path of knowledge. As far as doing a full assed job at something being picked apart you qualify as #1 hands down. And something that I think we'll both seem to understand, you talk alot of bulls***.

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Posted By: John RyderMon. Apr 16, 2012

yes very funny before the lunch break, lunch will be better because of the posts ThanX guys

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Posted By: Proud Of Southern HeritageTue. Apr 17, 2012

Dear joe, upon careful examination of your post in which you felt it was your civic duty to educate me and belittle me I have come to the following inerrant conclusion:#1 you are a dumbass yankee, #2 you must think that just because you say something it's a fact and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the facts say otherwise. #3 You said obama got in office because of the black vote. I find that lie completely unbelievable in light of the FACT that whites make up 72. 4% of the population compared to blacks ONLY 12. 6% of the population. Now with that Fact brought to light WHO is guessing what you yankee know it all prick. Tell me if you can what it is I don't understand again. You are a charter member of the if you can't dazzle'em with brilliance baffle'em with bulls*** club. Another fine example of the intelligence worthy of a yankee propagandist trying to show his superior intellect. If you placed your brain on the end of a needle it would look like a BB rolling down a four lane highway. Now please tell me what I don't understand again. Your entire post is nothing more than fictitious, inconsequential, babbling with a feeble attempt to belittle me and exhibit your supposed superior mind. You ain't about jack s*** yankee. If I previously wrote something that offended you I can't change the facts. Now what was it that I don't understand you dumbass yankee. Please show the world your superior intellect over mine again. Did the truth offend you yankee boy? After all the yankees were willing to die to free all them fine upstanding niggers, that is something to be proud of and pat yourself on the back for, especially every time a nigger rapes, robs or murders a white person. Your yankee mentality has you posting anything that you think makes you look highly intelligent when in reality it does the opposite. In closing I must insist that you go screw yourself or get one of your nigger lovers to assist if needed. I am sure as much as you yankees care for them, they would be happy to oblige.

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Posted By: BlackandproudThu. May 31, 2012

dont say that ur not racist and that u will delete certain comments because they are in caps delete the comments that say mean things about blacks and I don't say racial slurs and whites have always been ahead because they pushed blacks back, so when we blacks get an extra push we get critsized WTF not fair!

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Posted By: Black ProphetessThu. Jul 12, 2012

well why George Bush was in office, he was taking care of the Nimrods around him (his daddy, Suddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden)!

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Posted By: JohnTue. Aug 7, 2012

A $789 billion economic stimulus plan and NOT One Dollar in My Mother-f***in pocket, WTF?

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Posted By: Just SayingWed. Aug 8, 2012

Lets have a census, how many of you have got a passport? Left your state or even ever left the country?

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Oct 2, 2012

At:Joe "Obama hasn't done s*** for the US, Liberty's, Peace, n he has flagrantly stomped on the Constitution. "

Why are you blaming O'Bama? He's just a dumb nigger put into power by the Jews who control his puppet strings via Zionist Israhell and the traitorous organization of AIPAC.

After all of the protests during the Viet Nam War, the Jews dare not re-institute the draft. Instead they are dam lucky that there are enough idiots who volunteer for the National Guard along with straps that can't wait to fight as mercenaries for all of the Jew created wars of yesteryear and of today in the name of false patriotism. How can anyone be dumb enough to serve the sheenies. They have a protocol agenda of White genocide along with the profit motives of money lending and the churning of the war supplies industry.

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Posted By: White European Alias DimwitTue. Oct 2, 2012

At:Proud Of Southern Heritage

You are a rare breed of uneducated Southern redneck who hates niggers and just loves kikes. Why do you love those circle writers who refused to use the letter X at Ellis Island because it reminded them of when they had their fellow Jew, Jesus Christ put to death on the cross.

In fact, these circle writers(Kikes) aren't really descendants of Judah but fake Mongoloid Turkish Khazars who converted to Judaism in the 7th or 8th century.

Since more than 90% of these phonies profess to be Jewish and hide behind a religion that they aren't really serious about, perhaps we should give back Palestine to the real Semite Arabs.

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