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Mexicans belong in Mexico! That's why they're called Mexicans!

And, it's NOT "illegal immigrants." Rather, it's "illegal aliens" or, to put it more bluntly, "criminal trespassers" to the United States.

Mexico's Immigration Law: Let's Try It Here in the USA

Mexico has a radical idea for a rational immigration policy that most Americans would love. However, Mexican officials haven't been sharing that idea with us as they press for our Congress to adopt the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform bill.

That's too bad, because Mexico, which annually deports more illegal aliens than the United States does, has much to teach us about how it handles the immigration issue. Under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico.

At a time when the Supreme Court and many politicians seek to bring American law in line with foreign legal norms, it's noteworthy that nobody has argued that the U.S. look at how Mexico deals with immigration and what it might teach us about how best to solve our illegal immigration problem. Mexico has a single, streamlined law that ensures that foreign visitors and immigrants are:

The law also ensures that:

Who could disagree with such a law? It makes perfect sense. The Mexican constitution strictly defines the rights of citizens -- and the denial of many fundamental rights to non-citizens, illegal and illegal. Under the constitution, the Ley General de Població® ¯r General Law on Population, spells out specifically the country's immigration policy.

It is an interesting law -- and one that should cause us all to ask, Why is our great southern neighbor pushing us to water down our own immigration laws and policies, when its own immigration restrictions are the toughest on the continent? If a felony is a crime punishable by more than one year in prison, then Mexican law makes it a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico.

If the United States adopted such statutes, Mexico no doubt would denounce it as a manifestation of American racism and bigotry.

We looked at the immigration provisions of the Mexican constitution. [ 1 ] Now let's look at Mexico's main immigration law.

Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society:

Mexican authorities must keep track of every single person in the country:

Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned:

Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned as felons:

Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population says,

Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law:

All of the above runs contrary to what Mexican leaders are demanding of the United States. The stark contrast between Mexico's immigration practices versus its American immigration preachings is telling. It gives a clear picture of the Mexican government's agenda: to have a one-way immigration relationship with the United States.

Let's call Mexico's bluff on its unwarranted interference in U.S. immigration policy. Let's propose, just to make a point, that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) member nations standardize their immigration laws by using Mexico's own law as a model.

This article was first posted at

1. "Mexico's Glass House," Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper, April 3, 2006.

Dr. Waller is vice president for Information Operations at the Center for Security Policy. A journalist and author, he brings expertise in terrorism, intelligence, the former Soviet Union and the Americas. He previously served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of State.

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39 comments about Mexico's Immigration Law


Posted By: gary s.Mon. Sep 6, 2010

whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Posted By: Politically CorrectMon. Sep 6, 2010

Mexicans should try living by their own laws

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Posted By: ******Wed. Sep 29, 2010

f*** you you stupid bitches

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Posted By: pround americanTue. Oct 12, 2010

Mexico owns United States,

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Posted By: LUisWed. Nov 17, 2010

Well deports more immigrants in the world because these immmigrants are trying to get to your own country. They are actually doing you a favor. If you feel so strongly about why don't you start a civil war.

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Posted By: ShellyMon. Dec 6, 2010

If Mexicans belong in Mexico then we all need to go where our families are from... We are all from different countries and places. . We are the land of the free and where did that go. . At one time it all the black people they had to fight to get where they are today. . And I will support the Mexicans to get where they need to go. . I have a son who's father is from Mexico and is it fare to my son to be treated this way because of where his father is from???? I wish we could teach our children that we the USA is not a raciest country, But we are and, what do you want our country to become???? Teach them we are the land of the FREE... ... . God says love one another and you will be favored by god... I don't know about you, but I want gods love more then yours or your opinion... .

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Posted By: Ekanss9Sun. Jan 23, 2011

When you gringos idiots and ignorant, down-burgers and junk food stop doing drugs, drinking a liter coca-cola and read a book to stop being the biggest assholes in the world, may understand that the issue of immigration is caused by Washington f***ing with Jewish leaders pro-Zionist Masons who seek to enslave and take ownership of the entire world's wealth, when you, assholes griongoss people wake up and see that they have been led by a party of Jews and Masons will see the reality of things, stop watching so much t. v. and take control of your own fucking country, sons of bitches.

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Posted By: FrjmTue. Feb 1, 2011

Shelly . I can say very little concerning the stupidy you display. America is not Mexico and we are trying to keep it from becoming anything like that s*** hole.

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Posted By: Sue Wed. Apr 20, 2011

this is for Shelly # 6 - F*** you stupid little bitch! There is a VAST difference between how my ancestors got here and how they acted when they came to live. They didn't demand free s***, didn't fly the flag of their country while spitting on the US flag or worse. Drawing swastikas on it, urinating on it, DEMANDING that the US citizen remove a flag shirt because if offended them on their day (Cinco De Mayo, it happened in California)

Where do you live Shelly baby? Surely you live in some backwater f***ing small hick town with no mexicans.

Again F*** YOU

As a US citizen (anchor baby) your son is legally here. What's the matter? You want your PACO here too? How DARE a US citizen f***ing bitch stand up for the illegal pieces of S*** living here now. You want your baby daddy??? Go f***ing live in Mexico and take your brat with you!

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Posted By: Matt In AzWed. Apr 20, 2011

This is directed at # 4, 5, 6, and 7. It is obvious, after reading your posts, that you four are illiterate and surmising this fact, should have no opinion whatsoever on anything. Your rants make no sense and you should at least strive for a fifth or sixth grade education before voicing an opinion. You can either be quiet and just look stupid, or open your mouths and remove all doubt.

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Posted By: IraisTue. Apr 26, 2011

Your f***edd up! U. s Stoled Partt Of Mexico! Mexico Use To Own California And Ather Parts Of The U. s. And Someday Mexicans Are Gana Come Here And Kill Youhh xD

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Posted By: Blunt WraperSat. Apr 30, 2011

im mexican so suck my f***ing chod! nigger bitch!

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Posted By: Nathalie:)Thu. May 12, 2011

mess with the flag mess with me

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Posted By: Maria GrazicaSun. May 15, 2011

who ever made this web site is fudging stupid and one day you are going regret making this website and trust me you will you b****

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Posted By: GaryMon. May 16, 2011


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Posted By: Erica TuckerSat. Jun 4, 2011

This is not right because we are a free country and so is mexico but just because many mexicans are coming to the us. doesn't mean any thing it is unfair we have the rights we are free now think about happend back then and look at wat ur doing now ur changing it back the way it was a long time ago. Mexicans work, live , have shelter now and ur taking all of it and now yall make this law I hate it and you have now rights to control anybody. your taking everything they have so think be fore u write or talk

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Posted By: Erica TuckerSat. Jun 4, 2011

shellby . I am with u cause I go aginst this law .

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Posted By: Rosie.adamsWed. Jun 8, 2011

I like this law and at the same time I dont

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Posted By: Nothing.Wed. Jun 15, 2011

F-u! Can't hanlde the truth??? ahhahahahahahahahah funny you RACIST mexican.

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Posted By: Pris1Fri. Jun 17, 2011

The changing of the laws, has nothing to do with being racist. It has to do with doing what is best for the legal citizens of this country. We work, pay taxes, and spend our money in this country. But the people who are here illegally put a financial drain on this country by using the resources but not paying into them like the legal citizens do. If you want to live in this country, then petition to become an American citizen. Get your own social security number, pay your taxes like the rest of us, and enjoy life here. But as the Mexican immigration law says: Don't be a burden to the country.

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Posted By: InchainsSun. Jun 19, 2011

God damn america? YES YOU DID all this hope and change got me thinking I want out of this barokacy dicktatorship we call the USA

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Posted By: RaySun. Aug 21, 2011

Funny how all of us "Gringos" just want to see how life would be for us if we adopted Mexico's immigration laws and how many racist mexican's came out of the woodwork. You can't abide by your laws, so you come here and change ours. And what makes you think we need more racists here anyway? Follow our laws and there is no problem, come here and tell us Fu** you to ours and of course we have problems. The entire article was written to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Mexican government telling the U. S. that our immigration laws are inhumane when we have simply started to mirror them in Arizona. Get over it.

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Posted By: RagnarokMon. Sep 5, 2011

It's not about racism. It's about the unnecessary burden on the system. I don't care if they are from Mexico, India, Europe, China. . If you aren't here legally, you shouldn't get free benefits at the cost of the legal citizens who pay taxes.

But for as long as we have some people who refuse to take menial jobs, illegal immigrants will still be here making money under the table, raising our costs, and screwing the rest of us over. Until we have a national Work-for-Welfare program that also requires citizenship, and a blanket deportation law (and this includes the concept of removing 'anchor baby' laws giving those kids 'expatriate birth' meaning they are considered illegal until and unless an American citizen files for formal adoption, but the mother has to release custodial right and still gets sent home. . And yes, some countries do this already!), we continue to have a problem.

If they want to live better, fix your own damn country, quit destroying ours. And this is not targeted to just Mexicans, but illegal immigrants from ANY country.

As for the ones here legally, thank you for abiding by the laws set forth in this country and being a shining example of an upstanding person who has respect for others. I praise you.

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Posted By: LeroyMon. Sep 5, 2011

I see no difference between some one that is in your house illegally or in your country illegally. Both ways they are stealing something from you. If some one wants to be here let them knock on the door and be admitted in the proper way. We are not making them criminals they are when they brake in. Yes they are taking from us by using up our resources. Look at California and what it has cost them trying to deal with the problem.

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Posted By: Mark " Not Marcos "Wed. Sep 7, 2011

You are an Idiot. Do you even know what a border is ? Do you know that Mehico lost the war agains the United States. A war that was started by Mehico. Learn to accept the truth and you may be able to get past the serious denial that you are suffering from Mijo.

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Posted By: GregThu. Sep 29, 2011

that immigration thing was along time ago, we don't need more people here. This country belongs to our children, so stay home, be happy and cease coming here. were cannot afford you anymore.

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Posted By: IvorWed. Oct 12, 2011

All countries in the world welcome legal immigrants who have been through the process to determine eligibility and to make sure they will be good citizens, Mexico is no exception.

Illegal immigration is the point of law in all countries, if you want to move to a country that you are not a native of then go through the process.

Don't complain about a law just because you have no respect for it or are breaking it for your own personal gain. Racism has nothing to do with legal immigration requirements.

Just like the Mexican (read the country of your choice) immigration law, follow it you are welcome to stay, don't follow it and suffer the consequences. Remember "illegal" is the key word!

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Posted By: Cynthia MaxineSun. Nov 27, 2011

Mexicans need to go back to mexico makes no f***in since that all of us legal americans have to speak spanish in order to get a job like why the f*** for bitch your in our country ... and then these bastards are all managers and can't even speak english like wtf go home you ilegal bitchs

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Posted By: JackieMon. Apr 23, 2012

You are Mexican or American

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Posted By: Just MeThu. May 31, 2012

I always think its funny when people say that the southern United States belongs to Mexico. Lets get a few things straight. First off, people were on this land before Mexicans. So I think this should speak for itself. You were not here first, so stop acting like it. Second point. Yes, we (Americans) invaded Mexico, and stopped at Mexico city. We returned all of the land back to Mexico fearing how it would look one republic destroying another one in the worlds eyes. Third, what area that is now the United states was not purchased in some way from someone? I am sure there will be several people to argue. And I am sure that the current eduacation system taught you all you will ever need to know. Thanks!

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Posted By: RandishSat. Aug 11, 2012

when there is no more free welfare all the so called immigrants(invaders)will go back home. freedom isn't for everyone , It's damned hard to be free . it's even harder for the white man. He stands his ground and fights and dies for freedom. then the other races (sub human)takes advantage of his sacrifice like the low life scum cowards that they are. As god watches from above.

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Posted By: RandishSat. Aug 11, 2012

how many mexicans does it take to wash my balls ? Apparently all of them, judging from the border crossings. washing my balls is a dirty job, and I'd rather not do it myself. so that's a good job for my mexican ball licking friends.

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Posted By: The RageSat. Aug 11, 2012

I wish there was a serious organization for true WHITE god fearing freedom loving Human beings . and a place where we could go and be free and pure as God intended.

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Posted By: The RageSat. Aug 11, 2012

I love mexicans when there out gang banging I'm teaching little mija how to wash my big white balls. I love all mexicans and niggers I can't wait until the big W. O. R. O. L. situation. your going to feel me.

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Posted By: Legal DecendentThu. Aug 16, 2012

Seems to me that illegal aliens are the ones who are living a double standard. "They're just here working jobs that nobody wants". BS. They are breaking multiple laws while stealing from us and running around chanting racism and biggoted garbage. When they are challenged, they spew the typical liberal crap. Were not fooled one bit by your racist garbage. If your illegal, go home criminal.

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Posted By: BcWed. Nov 7, 2012

Truth As Professor Michael Waller of the Institute of World Politics points out, Mexico deports more illegal aliens than the United States does. Under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien residing anywhere in the country. Mexican immigration authorities keep detailed records of all foreign visitors. These visitors are explicitly banned from interfering in the nation's internal politics. Those who enter the country under false pretenses (e. g. , with fake papers) are summarily incarcerated or deported, and those who aid in illegal immigration are also sent to prison.

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Posted By: AfricanFri. Nov 16, 2012

Both countries got bitten in the ass. Mexico for use the sick excuse of patheticnes such as "But he did this and he did that" while all the time back at home they are even worse. USA, you don't like to be told what to do. But you are telling every other country what they should do and if they refuse you force them. You created this pathetic world ful of beggers. You keep on giving untill they start to think it's their right. Leave the pathetic countries to fight and feed themselfs for the strongest will survive and they will raise the country. By interfeering you only help the dictators, coruption and femen. When people realy start to die they will stand up to live. Mexico is only doing what the rest of the pathetic countries are doing, enyouing other peoples wealth through simpathy.

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Posted By: Tic-tic-ticTue. Jul 9, 2013

Shelley, You are one stupid bitch. You like living with those ungrateful, sneaky, free loading greasy F***s! Go too mexico and live with them! DUMB BITCH!

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Nov 22, 2016

There is a new sheriff in town and I suspect Trump after being fitted with his puppet strings supplied by Israel, AIPAC, and the ADL will do nothing in regards to the building of the wall with Mexico and promised deportations. After all, the massive flooding of multiculturals will continue unabated with the spicks from Mexico and the sand niggers from the Middle East. Besides, the secret tunnels between Mexico and the USA will continue since the jew controlled CIA needs that continual stream of black ops revenues from the drug business.

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