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I see no reason why Muslims shouldn't KISS MY ASS

"Disdaining religion," eh? Such "insolence"! This is an increasingly strong challenge to a fundamental basis of a free society. If one is not free to write something critical of any belief-system or group, if any belief-system or group is held immune from such criticism, then freedom of speech does not actually exist. A free society means the freedom to reject, to criticize, even to ridicule. Without this freedom of speech and freedom of thought are hollow and meaningless.

"Muslim World League calls for UN interventions against disdaining religions," from the Kuwait News Agency, with thanks to Twostellas:

RIYADH, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- Muslim World League (MWL) called Saturday on the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to activate international laws against insolence of religions.

MWL Secretary General Dr Abdullah Al-Turki condemned, in a letter addressed to Annan, the discretion of Prophet Mohammed (PBU) by Danish and Norwegian newspapers, which published cartoon depicting the Prophet in a disrespectful way.

Al-Turki said in the letter that Muslims around the world felt very offended by the unethical campaign, noting that international laws prohibited scorning religions and other hatred-provoking practices.

He stressed that UN should intervene to stop media campaigns against Islam, which might ignite clashes between different cultures.

Moreover, he called on Annan to immediately and directly contact the Danish and Norwegian governments to demand them to ban media campaigns against Islam and to officially apologize for the Muslim nation.

Al-Turki also called on the international community to adopt a clear law criminalizing individuals and institutions that disrespect religions.

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Posted By: SanSat. Mar 12, 2011

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