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Posted By: Proud Of Sothern HeritageSun. Mar 18, 2012

For sure Islam is a religion of war and the only way to meet those people is with war. They have a very high conversion rate to Islam, you turn Muslim or die. These are the most evil people on the planet. The only solution for the Islamic problem is total annihilation. As they feel the same about non muslims. No kid gloves for this bunch. Kill or be killed. Their goal is world domination the problem aint just gonna go away. They must be stopped.

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Posted By: DimwitFri. May 11, 2012

I use to think that Mooslums were more evil than Jews until I started to become enlightened on the INTERNET about JEWS.

Let's take the 9/11 fiasco. Per the Jew controlled mass media, 9/11 was the brain storm of Mooslums some of which are rotting in the U. S. military base in Cuba. Wrong!

Mooslums may have been used in the operation but were employed and controlled by the Jewish Mossad along with select rogue members of the CIA, FBI, and the U. S. government especially Chaney and that moron Bush. (Thanks for blacklisting the Dixie Chicks)

Mooslums may have a world domination goal but so do the Jews. I believe the world would be at peace without Muslums and Jews.

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