Obama Gives Major Swath of Arizona Back to Mexico


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Posted By: Tcm88Fri. Jul 22, 2011

Goddamn right blacks arent the problem. Its these f***in mexicans who don't speak english and take our jobs.

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Posted By: MeSun. Aug 14, 2011

There are jobs out there. But I bet your to lazy to go out and look for them. If you really looked hard enough you would find one regardless of the pay and hours. Thats what mexicans and that's why they mexicans have them.

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Posted By: PitbullWed. Nov 23, 2011

I have put in 15 job apps in the last 3weeks and have not had one return call, I have 10 years in management exp and because of all the mexicans that have moved up in the business here in cal I have hired illegals so I can't get a f***ing job, so me go f*** yourself and just like a f***ing s***ty president to close off OUR border instead of putting up signs and have armed guards 24/7 trespassers will be shot on site who can and will cause a national threat. We supposedly were attacked on 9/11 and declared war but drug smuggling is ok to enter our country and do as they please kill our families get welfare and all they get is deported? ? ? ? is that right? ? ? ? All this s*** started with regan, should have stopped along time ago

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Posted By: SandiFri. Jul 27, 2012

Oh My dear friend God bless america and hold your soul to who created this site. We were all people not because of the color we have are we better but we do look good lol am here and my whole family is f***ing here so why don't you get use to our latino ass because. 1000 are deported 20000 are coming in ILLEGAL papi. So stop hating this isn't your counrty and you sure aren't anyone important so please get a life... pinche puto

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Posted By: HomieMon. Aug 13, 2012

well said SANDI, we are simply taking back what belongs to us, remember Mexicans were here before you and this was taken from us !!! you better get used to this because no matter how high or long is the wall, there is always a taller ladder.

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Posted By: Pissed Off RedneckMon. Sep 24, 2012

They took our jobs! (They took our jobs!) Derk a der! (Derk a der!)

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Posted By: Blah BlahMon. Feb 18, 2013

I tend to disagree: white people won this land & Mexico using disease as a method of war, they created the borders, they brought over blacks & eventually used them to help hunt down Native populations, Mexican bounty hunters were highered by the government to hunt down Native populations yet again (there body parts were hacked off and a certain price was given per body part). Now the borders are biting back & both the blacks, whites & Mexican govt. is paying the price. I hate to go to Asia with this one considering how confused you are based on your overall ignorrant views but Karmas a bitch.

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Posted By: JimFri. Mar 1, 2013

Thank You for standing up for us... .

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Posted By: TicMon. Jul 15, 2013

Hey Sandi, You are a dumb, typical, Latina Cunt! If this was your country it would be a war zone with your own government selling you out to drug dealers and cops stealing your money. Every body would be a F***ing animal like criminal, and you would all be eating F***ing dog food just like mexico. Yes, You are ruining this country too, but its not quite there yet! Where you going to sneak into after this country is destroyed? CUNT!

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