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These are the images that The Vegan sent to my butt to probe that the Indians are out to get him.







I'm not sure if it was the indians or those peyote buttons that got to him but I think something did.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. May 9, 2011

I am Alien from outer planet. bl I ftr hj I gdds ghhjitree kkputre ikkl;;; tftyoioptg bbniutrf; I come to tell you to re-elect Barack Obama. ghrttdds jjkkoou8 fffdde jjk;;oiy6t5r Over and out. bngfdr mmkk, . ythik

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Posted By: The VeganWed. May 11, 2011

There is no way that Thomas Jefferson was a devoted Christian sorebutt. I copied and pasted this, but read it anyways.

"Consider these words that Thomas Jefferson wrote in the front of his well-worn Bible: "I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our creator. "

This is a bizarre amalgam of two entirely different quotations, both not only quoted inaccurately AND out of context but attributed to the wrong source, and it points out one of the major problems with these kinds of discussions. Whoever wrote this article originally was either totally dishonest in his quotations, or he is merely copying the quotes from yet another source and he has not bothered to actually look at the original documents themselves too see if the quotation is accurate. Let's begin the task of examining the quote...

First, none of those words were written "in the front of his well worn bible". The first sentence of the quote, though quoted completely inaccurately, is from a letter he wrote to Benjamin Rush in 1803. Here is what Jefferson actually said:

"To the corruptions of Christianity I am, indeed, opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself. I am a Christian in the only sense in which He wished anyone to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines in preference of all others; ascribing to himself every human excellence; and believing he never claimed any other. "

If the person doing the quoting had bothered to actually read this letter, and many others that Jefferson wrote on the subject, he would know what Jefferson meant by this. One of the primary "corruptions of Christianity" that Jefferson opposed was the claim that Jesus was the son of God. Jefferson not only did not believe that Jesus was divine, he did not believe that Jesus had ever claimed to be the son of God. He viewed Jesus as an ethical philosopher and compared him to Socrates and Epictetus as men who were great thinkers but who, because they wrote nothing themselves, had their views distorted by their students and followers. He lamented the fact that the task of writing about his life and ideas fell to "unlettered and ignorant men", referring to the gospel writers and especially to Paul, whom he loathed greatly. Jefferson greatly admired the ethical system of Jesus, but completely rejected any claims of his divinity, claims of him having performed miracles, the virgin birth, the resurrection, and all other supernatural claims about him. All of those he considered "corruptions" of Christianity. "

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Posted By: The VeganWed. May 11, 2011

The second half of the quote, again quoted entirely inaccurately and wrongly attributed, doesn't really deal with what is implied at all. In the last 20 years of his life, Jefferson was a supporter of tUnitarianismism of his friend Joseph Priestley and he predicted that this would become the dominant religious view in the US. The quote seems to be a bastardization, pulled entirely out of context, of a letter Jefferson wrote to James Smith in 1822. In this letter, Jefferson shreds the notion of the trinity (remember that he rejected the divinity of Jesus, largely for this reason) and says the following:

"The pure and simple unity of the Creator of the universe, is now all bascendantatn in the Eastern States; it is dawning in the West, and advancing towards the South; and I confidently expect that the present generation will see Unitarianism become the general religion of the United States. " Contrary to the implication here, Jefferson was not talking about America rallying around Christianity, but around a rejection of one of the major tenets of Christianity.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. May 11, 2011

On July 4, 1821, President Adams said, "The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: "It connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity. "

This is another textbook example of what happens when quotes are simply passed along and repeated without anyone bothering to check the original source to see if it's accurate. This is why, in scholarly documents, footnotes are used to provide specific documentation of the source of a quote. Let's follow the trail backwards and see where it leads. The quote is used by David Barton, who is nearly always the modern source of false quotations from the founding fathers. We'll see an example of another one below. Barton did not get it from the original documents, he got it from another book of quotations by William Federer called America's God and Country: An Encyclopedia of Quotations. So Federer got it from the original, right? Wrong. Federer's footnote is to a book by John Wingate Thornton from 1860. The Thornton book is full of quotations and footnotes locating the source of those quotes. But these words, attributed to John Quincy Adams, are not in fact a quote at all. The words belonged to Thornton. The words are not in quotation marks and there is no footnote giving a source. And no one has ever located an original source from Adams that contain those words, of even a similar sentiment to it. The quote, to be blunt, is a fake. Adams never said it. But this is an excellent example of what passes for historical scholarship among the Christian Nation proponents - the truth doesn't matter so long as something can be made to appear as supporting their position.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. May 11, 2011

Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President of the United States reaffirmed this truth when he wrote, "The foundations of our society and our government rest so much on the teachings of the Bible that it would be difficult to support them if faith in these teachings would cease to be practically universal in our country. "

I'm at a loss to understand how the words of Coolidge, well over a century after the founding of the country, mean much when it comes to the issue at hand. I would ask Coolidge the same question I ask everyone else who makes this claim today. If the "foundations of our government" rest on the teachings of the bible, then which principles found in the constitution that establishes our government are found in the bible? No one ever manages to answer that question because there is no answer. There is nothing in the constitution which rests on the validity of the bible at all. In the Federalist Papers, the essays that Madison, Hamilton and Jay wrote to explain the defend the ideas found in the Constitution to convince the citizens to vote for them, the bible is not cited once. They repeatedly trace the ideas found in the Constitution to John Locke, Baron de Montesquieu, Cicero and other philosophers, but not once do they explain any provision of the constitution as flowing from a biblical principle.

In 1782, the United States Congress voted this resolution: "The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools. "

Again, this is from before the passage of the constitution. There was no "United States Congress" at the time, there was the Continental-Confederation Congress operating under the Articles of Confederation, which did not have any provisions for church/state separation. Remember also that there were no public schools at the time.

William Holmes McGuffey is the author of the McGuffey Reader, which was used for over 100 years in our public schools, with over 125 million copies sold, until it was stopped in 1963.

President Lincoln called him the "Schoolmaster of the Nation. " Listen to these words of Mr. McGuffey: "The Christian religion is the religion of our country. From it are derived our nation, on the character of God, on the great moral Governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free Institutions. From no source has the author drawn more conspicuously than from the sacred Scriptures. For all these extracts from the Bible, I make no apology. "

Also quite irrelevant to the issue at hand. Whatever McGuffey believed on the subject of the existence of God, and whatever source he himself turned to, has no bearing on the intent of the founders or of the constitution.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. May 11, 2011

Of the first 108 universities founded in America, 106 were distinctly Christian, including the first, Harvard University, chartered in 1636. In the original Harvard Student Handbook, rule number 1 was that students seeking entrance must know Latin and Greek so that they could study the Scriptures: "Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies, is, to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life, John 17:3; and therefore to lay Jesus Christ as the only foundation for our children to follow the moral principles of the Ten Commandments. "

Again, completely irrelevant. No one ever doubted, or would dispute, that Christianity has been hugely influential in American culture. But those universities were private institutions, not public ones, and they have no bearing on the issue of whether the American government was intended to be officially Christian. The first public university in the US was the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, and he intended it to be entirely secular, with no chapel and no divinity courses at all.

James Madison, the primary author of the Constitution of the United States, said this: "We have staked the whole future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments. "

Another excellent example of the shoddy scholarship of David Barton and his ilk and another quote that simply does not exist. The quote appears in Barton's book, The Myth of Separation, but the footnotes are not to any document written by Madison at all. He cites two other sources, neither of which quotes any document from Madison either. No one has ever located the quote in any of the literally tens of thousands of pages of original documents from or about Madison. The historian Robert Alley, a Madison scholar, has done an exhaustive search and finds nothing even close to this quote from Madison himself. It is entirely inconsistent with everything else that Madison has to say on the subject. After several years of being hammered for his use of such quotations, Barton finally wrote an article admitting that there were a large number of quotes that have never been confirmed that he uses. This is one of them. Another is a quote attributed to George Washington saying, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. " Such is the state of scholarship among the Christian Nation apologists.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jun 22, 2012

All people are evil. The base philosophy of the Beginning is that human life should be exterminated. Making it fair I would start by making equality and elimanating each ethnic group one by one equally. Africans. English. French. Germans. Iraqs. Russians. Full spectrum of elimination is fair and undoing and nessisary for life on earth survival adding to the prosperty of human, animal, and microlife events.

Diversity or seperation has no projective, effective, benificial nor long lasting events propergating satisfactory serinity . Therefore all renewed true life must begin from the ashes of the ruins from the leftovers of the human race.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

Muslims are exempt from Obamacare, because it is illegal for a muslim to have health insurance that it is deemed to be the same as gambling, native americans are also exempt, and scientologist. Mysorebutt is not exempt because he is white, and whites upheld the obama mandatory health care law, like most whites do all the time when they get into government, because Obama is half white, and most whites who own most things in the United States believe Obama care is good. Mitt Romney is white and is not concerned except for votes, because he originally created mandatory health care insurance in the state of Michagen and only wants to repeal and replace the Obamacare to his form of mandatory health care insurance.

If you have ever been around the country you know whites are oppressive, they have oppressed wages, they have more bad police, and more corruption in government. Back in the day when the good old United States of America was more white, whites would draft young white kids into wars and kill them by their 18th birthday. And they didn't flinch and eyebrow over it. They would make recreation drugs so illegal you could spend a life time in jail over it. Home schooling for kids was illegal when the country was more white, because the white state needed to monitor your kids until the reduced white population entered the arena.

So you're white.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

Whites do all this because the white boys don't want to regulate healthcare cost. Meaning hospitals and health care systems are private business, and along the way sometime in history the white boys club called the white republican party deregulated the laws that set the limits on what can be charged for a purchased product helping business. They also did the same with big business monopolising the private market. Also outsourcing. In the middle 1960's it was $5. 00 to have a tooth extracted. Today it is $200. In the 1970's bread was $. 10 a loaf. Today it is $2. 00 Native Americans fund much of their own health care cost with moneys from casinos, and private business. Meaning You could live without a tax on individuals if it were nessisary if you have a source of money supporting the cost. Of course in white America gambling has always been a moral sin according to Christian's, and a crime illegal in most states excluding the City of sin Las Vegas Nevada until Native American's moved in and attained Nation status. Of course alcohol consumption was also made illegal by whites until the mofia made whites accept drinking again. Of course Jesus always enjoyed a drink. Like with all things Jesus was eulogised beyond recognition, and creation spread like wildfire throughout the world, until today, science has moved in and replaced the devil with facts instead of fearful superstitions. And life is no longer a dream. We now know who we are.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

Although I live on Native American land I have a strong dislike and unfavortism of Native Americans, hatred would be a better word for it. This Indian Nation I live with their tribe ranges to about 5, 000 members, I would guess 78% of the tribal members are very white with blond hair and blue eyes, and than of course than you have your whites with brunette hair and blue eyes. Of course the brunettes they get away with it better because they pass offf brunette as Native American even if it is European. Their police force is huge. They have 7 cops according to wikipedia and my personal experience with them harrassing me at my door from the w/Indians that don't like me living here, they've even yelled at me saying 'leave no one likes you' 'you're not welcome here' their cops are their family members even with blond hair in their Indian cop cars , to get rid of me they file false complaints against me, stuff like being outside at night, and not keeping my grass mowed to a less than half of a quarter of an inch high, this also includes their who knows how many security officers they have in a city of around 2, 000 people with a casino. Like with all white people they made police their sole objective using this to kidnap the government, they have tons of bureaucratic buildings, and made health care along with education the heart of the Government, much like how Obama and Obamacare want to make the nation. These people have even called other Tribal cops from other tribal nation on me. They just want me to know that I'm not welcome, going as far as to threaten to blow my head off. All family like the mofia. Even though I have membership card, it doesn't matter to white people, their chief messed around with blood lines status so much no one knows who is what of indian, plus these people are so arrogant and get away with so much, they think they are higher than clouds, even if they do have blond hair and blue eyes. I do dislike all Indian's white or non white. You should STOP liking white people person. soon. ONLY the U. S. A.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

I really like the forward title JOE LEGAL vs. JOSE ILLEGAL. A lot of this is true, not only illegals a draw to the country, but their government, they can not own property in Mexico they can only lease it, don't bring that to the U. S. but I wouldn't over support white Joe because he's like the other Joe, his family was illegal, he took what belonged to others, and became the government, this all began in the 1600's when Native American's owned the land, now days Native American's are the Joe Legal.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

I was thinking about a little peace from those two thompson twin girls, I don't know their names or listen to their naz I music although if they ever become vegan like me and don't mind an older guy to keep company with, tell 'em for me i'm single and faithfully vegan, animal lover. maybe we can sing a few naz I lyrics together and they educate me on the life of adolf hitler even here on indian land with joe legal. we can pitch a tent and camp out, drink some beer. bud. it's vegan

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

and please tell the hillbillys I live by to stop killing the animals, they ain't that hungry. plus let the thompson twins know california is a flop but montana couldn't be anything but cold and I have a warm heat to keep them cozy

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

The problem with Obama and I wrote him emails about this is... he's not vegan, I told him he should consider being an animal lover and being vegetarian, right? Plus I told him he shouldn't support Native American's than he turned right around and invited them to the white house than he signed the indigenous act giving more power to blue eye blond hair joe legal. That totally annoyed me. I figured it was Michelle Obama taking him to McDonalds and telling him Native American's were good so this is what happened. Most conservatives are bad, but after the health care bill I think it's time to see what both parties have always been, traitors. This is not helping at all. One thing for sure. Obama came off as a clean guy. Now it's clear. I am the only person the only person that knows what's good for people.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 1, 2012

I tell you, you don't want to listen to Ozzy Osbourne or Ice-T. They're both old bad music. Old folgies. Loud, worthless noise. And you don't want to listen to Marilyn Manson either because they dress like nice looking girls and are old goth vampires, and he supports a murderer in Arkansas that practised wiccan bit some little kids in the head in the eighties. Plus he's selling a picture he painted of himself with tears coming out of his eyes looking like an orgasim and he's selling it to support this guy he calls a political prisoner. Your best choice for music is ELO and The Canberries. I liked the song I remember from long ago I heard on TV recently that is beautiful song. Mr. Blue Sky by ELO. You should listen to it.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 3, 2012

Bio Chemist. When it comes to Africans they haves no neanderthal dna which could explain why there is a difference between everyone else. Neanderthals were a pale skin, with red hair, with large noses. Researchers believe the human race ate the neanderthal so that would be the main reason neanderthal don't exist. Of course like with all science there can be methods to combine science with creation. Eve conceived and bare Abel in the garden it was her first son, after this she gave birth to a second child they called Cain, Cain slew Abel from jealousy and God expelled Cain from the garden, when leaving the garden Cain found people in the world, his wife was one of them whom he took as his wife, The father of Cain's new wife happen to be at least equally the age if not a much older man than Cain was. After this Eve had her third child they named Seth. It was written that through Seth men began to honor the Lord.

Of course the creation story tells that God calls on people to re-populate the earth, meaning it had to once be populated. I imagine we will never know if there are any truths to the creation story or not, I don't mind because I hate creationist anyway and I like facts, although they the faithful couldn't give a s*** what Jesus said anyways.

'Hardly shall those with riches enter into the kingdom of God' They could care less. But only those who believe in Jesus and in so believing obey the words of Jesus live.

I guess the Money is very powerful God, not to mention the relationship with the other God money is idolatry.

If Jesus was correct the world will come to end very very soon after his gospel is preached unto all nations as a witness. Then will the end of the world come he said.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 3, 2012

The Bill of rights was written and introduced to the congress about a year later by James Madison. Most of the original United States constitution was written by lawyers, congressmen, and some war vets. Today most people are discovering that the U. S. constitution grants most of the governing power to the U. S. Congress. So originally the constitution invested most if not all power within the congress of the United States, Article 1 section 8 says that congress shall have the power to create the militia, train the militia, and regulate the militia to the point of it assisting the ground and navel forces against rebellion, uprising, or insurrections.

Until the introduction and approval of the bill of rights a year later there really were no specified rights to the individual, so the militia took on a new meaning, firearms became part of peoples natural rights and lives to secure liberty. At least half-assed.

Tomorrow the 4th of July is not really about liberty, it is only the celebration of the independence from England, but not a celebration of the independence from powerful government.

We will always be slaves.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 3, 2012

Big Business rules everything, so they did attempt to do some mild ethnic cleansing by outsourcing factories and imports from overseas but it didn't work. They tried to limit the amount of blacks and other races they would employ within the United States through finiacial methods it just didn't work too well because while they were lying to the United States people that outsourcing saves people money, overseas and southern produced products cost the consumer equally the same cost and has damaged the United States tax resource to where they have to tax in other areas, in turn they also lied by saying it would stop illegals from crossing the border, but outsourcing had the opposite affect in turn causing the borders to be flooded with illegals from Mexico more than in all history. So ethnic cleansing done by finacial means by the white elite business owners never worked out too well, so they went to staging false terror attacks.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 3, 2012

Funny. Mexicans are so low they can only lease property for 100 years. Than they screw themselves. With the supreme court becoming more Mexican the government will probably use the President and U. S. congress to make property on a lease ONLY basis. Thanks to a rotten country and Mexicans.

Don't bring it here.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 3, 2012

I don't like to be one of those contradictory people, the kind of people always correcting other people all the time, but wasn't it God that slew Jesus on the cross for a blood sacrifice.

Anyways, Adolf Hitler was very interesting. He had a mystical belief in Vril-ya, who lived beneath the earth and planned to conquer the world with vril, a psychokinetic energy.

He believe the opening to the hollow earth was underneath the Himalayan mountains, this is where he looked for it. People have come to believe they can communicate with Vril in the hollow earth with the Vril generator

Adolf hitler loved cowboys and Indians, as a boy he loved 'Old Shatterhand', a white man who always won his battles with Native Americans. As a young boy he read and re-read every books about Old Shatterhand, 70 novels. He continued to read them even as Führer. During the German attack on Soviet Russia, he sometimes referred to the Russians as Redskins and ordered his officers to carry May's books about fighting Indians.

As a young man he had an obsessive interest in a young blond named Stephanie. He would stare at her as she walked by and sometimes followed her. He wrote her many love poems. But he never delivered the poems or worked up the nerve to introduce himself, preferring to keep her in his fantasies. He told his friend Kubizek he was able to communicate with her by intuition and that she was even aware of his thoughts and had great admiration for him.

I still remember seeing on TV a blond girl an ice skater in the Olympics visit Hitler. I still think how good looking she was. She has to be like 90 today.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 4, 2012

I am wondering which is better. Confederate Government compared to Federal Government.

"Federal Government- A federal government is one in which the powers of government are divided between a central government and several local governments. An authority superior to both the central and local governments makes this division of powers on a geographic basis; and that division cannot be changed by either the local or national level acting alone. Both levels of government act directly on the people through their own sets of laws, officials, and agencies. In the United States, for example the National Government has certain powers and the 50 states have others. This division of powers is set out in the Constitution of the United States. "

"Confederate Government – A confederate government is an alliance of independent states. A central organ – the confederate government – has the power to handle only those matters that the member states have assigned to it. Typically, confederate governments have had limited powers and only in such fields as defense and foreign commerce. In our own history, the United States under the Articles of Confederation (1781 to 1789) and the Confederate States of America (1861-1865) are examples of the form. Confederations are very rare in today’s world. The European Union is the closest approach to a confederation today. "

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 4, 2012

"Federal Government ADVANTAGES

1. Federal unity but local governments handle local problems

2. Local government/officials have to be responsive to people who elect them

3. Central government can devote more time and energy to national and international problems

4. More opportunities for participation in making decisions – in influencing what is taught in the schools and in deciding where highways and government projects are to be built"


1. Duplication of services

2. Citizens living in different parts of the country will be treated differently, not only in spending programs, such as welfare, but in legal systems that assign in different places different penalties to similar offenses or that differentially enforce civil rights laws

3. Disputes over power/national supremacy versus state’s rights

4. International relations – states may pass laws that counter national policy"

"Confederate Government ADVANTAGES

1. Keeps power at local levels preventing the growth of a large central government

2. Makes it possible for the several states to cooperate in matters of common concern and also retain their separate identities"


1. Weakness of central government makes it unable to enforce laws or collect taxes

2. lack of unity and common laws"

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 4, 2012

Of course looking at the Confederate Constitution there doesn't appear to be a big difference.

The Constitution of the Confederate States of America. ARTICLE I. SECTION IX.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

No Soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand

Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any Criminal Case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have Compulsory process for obtaining Witnesses in his favour, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the [United] Confederate States, than according to . the rules of the common law.

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Every law or resolution having the force of law, shall relate to but one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 4, 2012

From what I understand the Islam word Allah is a contraction of the word Elaha or Alaha in Aramaic language which was the language of Jesus. Jesus said the word Elaha or Alaha when he was speaking about God. When Muslims began to exist and their language changed they maybe accidently changed the word Alaha to be Allah.

The known fact religion is dangerous, the last thing we need is Islam.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 4, 2012

California is a terrible place to live. Next to the state of Arkansas Bill and Hillary's home, California probably has the lowest pay rate in the country. At one time Mexicans occupied California before the United States, and at that time Mexico refused to allow Indians to ride horses. I kind of like the idea of watching Indians walk. People are bitter, angry, and murderous in California, it is a very terrible oppressive bitter place to live.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 4, 2012

I can never understand why people think the United States Constitution is great. The constitution was written by wealthy land owners, lawyers, congressmen. To rise against the system, or to be friends of it's enemies is punishable by treason. Treason may be punishable by death.

That doesn't give a person much room to breathe, and appears to deprive men of natural liberty just because a few men said so.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

"I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work. I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts. For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth? Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him? "

Ecclesiastes 3

There may not be a God in this big universe, but these words still seems applicable to common sense.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

yes, but everybody in Arizona is originally from the midwest and they have come to belief that they living in the southwest dry desert climate now makes them much different and better than midwestern people as though they are now movie stars. I believe if Mexicans had blond hair and blue eyes there would be no issue, and Arizona people would continue to dislike mid western Americans.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Mexico is changing. The whiter, blonder, more blue eyed Mexicans are becomming a bigger influential portion of Mexico, driving the poorer darker people out of Mexico to the United States.

Pretty soon Mexico will be beautiful. and sexy...

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Were you aware that the Portugal government which is now conservative legalized all illegal drugs in 2011. Amazing. Whites will not let you buy cough syrup for colds over the counter. Art Bell from coast to coast after his wife passed away and she really was a real witch who died from an asthma attack , 60 year old Art Bell married a 20 year old filipino girl. Art Bell told everyone when he moved to the philippines he was pleasantly surprized he could buy antibiotic medication from the self. Amazing. Most of the things of Barack Obama he can not control. For instance he can not make jobs because although he is rich he doesn't have the money to create 311 million jobs, only the wealthy can do that, and they will not do that if they don't want Barack Obama.

On the other hand while Republicans and press are telling everyone Barack Obama hasn't made jobs will at the same time tell you that it's not the governments job to make jobs.

Who job is it?

The Poor they say. Make your own jobs, like open your own car wash with your own water hose.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Personally I don't mind a solely white organized agenda like whites always do like when they created a police state out of their free country with the help of the Republican Christian Bush family, and than exclusively blame Obama for it. Helping white people is good. Although everything Nature, the Universe, or God created whites believe is bad, like marijuna. Now we don't want God corrupting our body by creating marijuna growing everywhere, do we? , whites are better informed than the creator God who made marijuna.

Heck make God illegal. Make everything illegal and make it white. Most of the United States is already white. The U. S. population's distribution by race and ethnicity according to Wikipedia Demographics of the United States in 2010 was 223, 553, 265 out of a population of 308, 745, 538, 73. 4 % of the drug free population. Black were 12. 6 % of the drug population.

And Native American's are totally drug free white.
Mexico is becoming white.
And of course is there Jewish girl doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes?
Canada is almost 100% white.
Most of Western Europe is white.
Austrilia is almost 100% white.
New Zealand is white and steadily becoming more white, because for a fact it is owned by white Queen Elisebeth II of England for Gods sake.
Why wouldn't New Zealand be white?

Sure. I support whites.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Snopes is a first timer for me. I have never been there before now. I checked out the link and it all seems a little trivial. Of course I have never ever been to Facebook either. If you web search Facebook you don't see much. Facebook requires you to create an account to view it unlike Youtube who suspended my account forever they said, and all I hear is how dangerous the multi-billion dollar business Facebook owned by a young kid is to the public privacy from the government.

Yikes! A young white kid, a billionaire.
And the million others?

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Congress is only for sale to the top bidder.

Sorry. As true and heart felt as this article may be, we are not living in a representative republic. It's a representative re-businessed public. web search ALEC Exposed. who really makes the laws.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Newton Gingrich when he was speaker, or head of the House made a contract with America. Look around today and you see what a contract with America through a politician does to a once free America, and of course it's best to blame it on Obama.

Newton Gingrich believes Jesus Christ himself opposed government supporting a minimum wage standard. It's congresses job to assure such duties are upheld according to the United States Constitution.

Newton Gingrich prefers competitive wages based upon the cost of foreign labor. Which of course is a between $.25 cents and $1.00 and hour depending on where the competition is located in the world.

Leave it up to the Republican party and Jesus of the Republican party can make anything come true.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Yeah, the draft began during the civil war and ended in 1973, because the hippy, music, and drug culture demanded it, lucky for me the veitnam war was quickly coming to an end before my 17th birthday. But by the time I reached my 18th birthday Ronald Regan re instituted the Selective Service making all adults register for the draft, or as he viewed it, a coming war with a deteriorating Soviet Russia. Luckily for us the threat from the eastern Soviet block was not real, and it was later discovered that the Soviet Union was so detrimentally poor that they were displaying cardboard missiles in parades against the U. S. capitalist instead of real ones. We have always been pawns. We will always be pawns.

Perhaps the only good thing about a military cemetery is that it provided a lovely place to bury my beloved fathers ashes, a Korean war veteran.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

this is so very funny, Satan is targeting the Shlomo Benizri haha ha

"During the debate Shas MK Nissim Zeev, a former deputy mayor of Jerusalem, restated his view that gay people should be put in rehabilitation centres and called the gay rights movement a "plague that may destroy Jewish Israel" that should be dealt with by the Ministry of Health. " haha ha

haha ha haha ha haha ha haha

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

I think the idea existing in Islam although I am not absolutely certain is that Muslims live in a bizzare world where there are two kinds of humans, a regular human and a jinn human, so the base darkest belief is that there is an invisible war going on.

"Jinns are also a part of Allah’s creation, separate from mankind and angels, sharing with man certain qualities such as: intelligence, discrimination, freedom and the power to choose between good and bad, true and false, right and wrong. They are distinct in certain essentials the most important of which is their origin since the basic substance of jinn’s is not the same as the basic substance of man. There are empirical proofs of the existence of the Jinn in the Qur’aan and Ahadith. As Allah has stated in the Quraan: -

“ I have only created jinn and man that they may serve me. ” (C 51: V 56)

“And the jinn He created from, a smokeless flame of fire. ” (C 55: V 15)

“And indeed: We created man from dried (sounding) clay and altered mud. And the jinn, We created aforetime from the smokeless flame of fire. ”(C15: V 26-27)

“ Say: it has been revealed to me that a company of the jinn listened” (C 72: V 01)

“Say: If the mankind and the jinn gathered to produce the like of this Quraan, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another. ” (C 17: V 88)

“And (remember) when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam, So they prostrated themselves except Iblis (Satan). He was one of the Jinn; he disobeyed the command of his Lord. (C 18: V 50)

The Prophet was sent on a universal mission to all Jinn and Man. Just as humans some responded positively accepting the call towards righteousness and others did not rejecting the invitation to eternal bliss. Allah tells us: - There are among us some that are righteous and some the contrary; we are groups having different ways (religious sects). (C 72: V 11)

And (remember) when we sent towards you (Muhammad) a group (three to ten persons) of the jinn, (quietly) listening to the quraan. When they stood in the presence thereof, they said: “Listen in silence! ” And when it was finished, they returned to their people as warners. (C 46: V 29)

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Your Bloody Islam page will not load.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

The biggest liars are the Native Americans who can become any blood degree of Indian on only a whim of desire. The whole system is corruption. The United States copies their system and wah lah you got totalitarian corruption with the arrival of a police state, and the whites haven't a clue, because Native American's rule the roost in their Native Country the U. S. A.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

where they came from I haven't a clue, I didn't load it.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Are you sure it's the Mexicans that are the problem, Apache, Cocopa, Halchidhoma, Halvikwamai, Havasupai, Hopi, Kohuana, Maricopa, Mohave, Navaho, Paiute, Papago, Pima, Quahatika, Sobaipuri, Tonto, Walapai, Yavapai, and Yuma Indian Nations occupy Arizona. And when I say they occupy it, I mean they probably literally occupy it. Although I have never lived in Arizona.

There are 562 Native American NATIONS in the united states. Believe me. I live on one. They are corrupt. They are Police corrupt. Government corrupt. Tons of cops.

Are you sure Obama didn't create an illusion while giving everything to Native American government police states?

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Ton and tons and tons and tons of police and police cars. Native American NATIONS can afford it. Bunches and bunches and bunches of bureaucratic government buildings, one after another, and another and another. I don't understand the type errors above, I didn't put them there.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Maybe the Mexican/United States issue is to take your mind off the real issue. The takeover of the United States from in side you.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

This is laughs. The idiots face on a Mexican bill. I'm telling ya, I'm really giving you fair warning, I don't think mexicans are as powerful as the power house of Indian Nations and their ton and tons and tons and tons of police, bureaucratic government agencies, and respect they have squired from the United States, besides the handful that are on occasions your U. S. government representatives. At least where I live many Indians also occupy the U. S. government positions. My county representative is a member of the Cherokee Nation. There are many many others around the states, including judges and sheriffs. The Nation I live with here, their police chief was the head of the local country sheriffs department for 16 years. I live with one Indian Nation. Only one out of 586 Nations. This one has more power than the United States.

They have tons and tons and tons and tons of police and police cars, and tons and tons.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

and ton and tons and tons of authority. you couldn't imagine

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

mexicans have no power

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 6, 2012

Mexican = Zero

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Jul 7, 2012

Re: Native American Nation are the biggest danger facing the United States of America today.

More dangerous than an influx of immigrants from mexico. More dangerous than Islam. No one should be suprised that totalitarianism is rising in the United States of America. With 562 Native American NATIONS on the roll to power, their rise to INFINITE POWER in the united states incresing everyday, no one should be surprised if in the future there is limitations to rights, freedom, liberty, with loss of self individualism in the future of tomorrow for americans when the government is owned and directed by Native NATIONS and their overwhelming abundance of police and police state style dictatorship authority.

Native American NATIONS even just one of them, one NATION has more individual authority than ANY lower to top level government body in any place in the united states excluding the u. s. congress.

Their police on your highways are allowed to govern you. and perhaps power is granted them over your property rights.

Many Native American NATIONS believe that their police are FEDERAL.

This means they have the legal power to govern any highway and place in the United states with FEDERAL AUTHORITY.

I BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS. I have a picture of an Indian police sign saying they are FEDERAL POLICE.

I only live with ONE NATION associated with other Indian NATIONS that is extremely dangerous, while it's clan members virtually have more power than the united states government. Bureaucratic buildings, police buildings, police and police cars everywhere, a police state, you name it people, they have it.

They can not be sued.
They can not be prosecuted.
They are above u. s. law, and their police are above the law.

The Wyandotte Nation is only ONE NATION above your rights in America.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Jul 7, 2012

Thanks SoreButt. If any of you out there want any pictures of the Indian government buildings, their police and police departments, picture of the Indian Federal police, audios of me being verbally assaulted by the clan to be killed, because their all family and stick together like flies on s***, or anything else of interest that you might be interested in just let me know. I'll try to get it for you. I'll give you my email if you like. I don't want to write up your site all by myself. I want you all to know your United States government is selling you out to Indians, and Indian's are even in your United States government although you can't be in theirs.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 8, 2012

This is how evolution works. It was discovered that there were white European descents from the era of the Black Plague that occurred in Europe between 1348 and 1350 living in the United States that had complete immunity to the HIV virus. The Black Plague killed killed 30–60 percent of Europe's population, and an estimated 450 million died. The survivors of the Black plague from 1348 and 1350 genes mutated giving them a high survival rate and complete immunity to HIV. Without modern medicine, and the science available today most of earths population would have died out except for these rare people who would have evolved on into the future coming world. Sort of a Second Noah would have occurred.

This is how it happens. This is how it occurs.

Today science makes GMO food by forcing genes to mutate in plants through exposing them to radiation. Grapefruit is one of those. The gene mutates and you have a lot of the food that is drought resistance that people are eating today is forced evolutionary mutation.

We are all animals. From the beautiful animal cricket that sings wonderfully beauty songs, and actually sings five different songs, to the fish that swim in spanning the rivers, to the human look for something better and wonderful in life.

And they all feel the same emotion.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Jul 9, 2012

I would guess if a person believed in God the answer would be that no one understands the thoughts and the mind of God. I remember when I had moved to Arkansas and worked at a boat factory in Moutain Home. White guys were very mean, one would sit there during break although I never knew him and cuss at me under his breathe. I never met the guy in all my life, never had problems with him. Other guys who worked for Trailers talked about breaking blacks legs although there were not blacks in a million miles or even wanted to be in the land of desperation of $3. 00 an hour under tems to perm services. Maybe God see's this stuff, maybe God judges according to what he see's. Yet maybe there is no God. Only God knows if God exist.

Maybe God chooses.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Jul 9, 2012

Maybe God will continue choosing

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

politicians has always rolled out the carpet for illegals. It called manipulated competitive market associated with politics and private business. It used to be that it were Republicans that were claiming that 'illegals are good for the country' 'because they took jobs nobody wanted' today Republican's are the ones using it as a political advantage.

The saying 'Oh the webs we weave, when we practice to deceive' may be a sorrowful truth. Especially if you're a greedy poisonous republican spider.

The grass roots of the country 'mysorebutt' they really did invited these problems a long time ago wrapped in gold.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

Amazing. Basicly noise hearing that someone you don't know, that they own everthing you have.

So now we have to apply these questions.

Who takes your land, and gives it to me? You don't know me although you did say the land is mine.

For all you know I'm a fat slob.

Where do we move you now that you've agreed to submit?

You said you are living on my land.

Just because you agreed with me doesn't mean I'm going to like you, or allow you to have rights, or even let you stay now.

Put the stupid people in a crowd, and they look stupid, give them chores to do for land rent payment.

How do I apply law to you without rights until you are deported or enter camp to pay for your land rent?

The amazing thing is that you don't know me.

Amazing some people are like they never came off the opium from their hospital visit.

And I'm two asshole Indians and I hate both.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

'white ppl are greedy and stupid'? Has anyone in the United States of America really ever visited a Native American Nation government building? They are white. I live with thirteen Indian Nations surrounding the local area. They are white people.

haha who did you think Indians were going to be?

When I need to go to the Indian clinic which I don't like to do. Nation members look whiter than white, are kicking back drinking coffee and watching the clinics T. V. like they're at home.

You seriously didn't think Indians were going to breed through the years with low class color people did you? haha.

They know whites are progressive and invinted almost everything.

When the Nation government flies a flag. It's a United States flag above theirs.

haha. Some people are just so blind. or they just want to be that way.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

Yo so stupid princess i'm having a hard time stopping from talking to you.

Right now I have two Nation tags on my vehicles. I'm dying to get rid of them both. Meaning i'm not part of the asshole clan members. They are assholes.

I have two Nation cards. A blood line card from one Nation that is hard for an ordinary person to get. That Nation at one time owned black slaves during the civil war era. Today they're called Freedmen listed on the Cherokee rolls, because they were held as slaves when the Seminole, Cherokee, Choctaw, and other tribes used them for labor and held them during the civil war when these Indian Nations fought for the slave trade and the confederate government. That Indian Nation blood card I destroyed and burned in the fire. The other Indian card I have to have because I live on Indian land and need it right now, but will one day cancel it. When you do the policy is that when you end your membership or citizenship you do it forever. But that's fine with me. These people think they own me.

princess... whites are forever. by 2050 they will still be the majority. And your employeer.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

I apologise for over doing it here 'mysorebutt' I'm looking at a map of the Continents of the world, and it wouldn't be surprised if there were original peoples to the United States who may have lived here at an earlier period of time and were from Europe and Africa. All of Canada was connected with all of Europe, and parts of the lower United States was connected to Europe and Africa. Meaning if would seem that people had to travel on this land than when the Continents were connected at some period of time.

I hope princess doesn't think I was being mean, but trying to help it. If she doesn't think Indian Nation are a police state she's/it's living and illusion.

"Though Congress on June 2, 1924, extended national citizenship to include members of enrolled tribes, the court concluded two Oglala Sioux defendants convicted of adultery under tribal laws did not enjoy legal protection afforded to other citizens by the United States Constitution. The court cited case law from a pre-1924 case that said, "when Indians are prepared to exercise the privileges and bear the burdens of one sui juris (not under the power of another), the tribal relation may be dissolved and the national guardianship brought to an end, but it rests with Congress to determine when and how this shall be done, and whether the emancipation shall be complete or only partial ... " (U. S. v. Nice, 1916). The court further determined, based on the earlier Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock case, that, "It is thoroughly established that Congress has plenary authority over Indians. " The court held that, "the granting of citizenship in itself did not destroy ... jurisdiction of the Indian tribal courts and ... there was no intention on the part of Congress to do so. " The adultery conviction and the power of tribal courts were upheld. "

Indian Nations are more powerful than even a state in the United States because they are a Nation.

"Another dispute over American Indian government is its sovereignty versus that of the states. The federal U. S. government has always been the government that makes treaties with Indian tribes - not the states. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states that “Congress shall have the power to regulate Commerce with foreign nations and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes”. This determined that Indian tribes were separate from the federal or state governments and that the states did not have power. "

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

"to commerce with the tribes, much less regulate them. " wikipedia Tribal State Relations: Sovereign within a Sovereign

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

These tribal people have verbally threatened to murder me, have me put in prison and raped. Why? Because they can. They keep their police harassing me and at my door as regular as possible on false complaints. Legal recourse?
Don't like you. You're on the gangs crap list.

Kiss my ass or get out.

love you 'mysorbutt' love your site

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 10, 2012

You know if muslims were the Christians they would be putting them on psychiatric drugs and doping them with intense mind altering chemicals inside their food and water along with subjecting them to social behavioral anger programs. The existing government would use commercialism in advertisements to condition, and offset the mindset of aggressive religious behavior and the attention paid to religious devotion keeping government psychiatric institutions operating at full staff.

if you're looking for the past United States it's probably gone, life changes, surroundings change, you'll probably need to start planning for different methods to deal with the future, the disturbing changes, and the different battles and struggles you'll be forced to face.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 13, 2012

I appreiate you allowing me to post here. It's so bad here on Wyandotte Nation land with the gang members throwing false complaints around that I have to keep my camera charged everyday although I am not certain if they allow you to video police here, because last time the tribal cop was here on a false complaint (Me being outside walking around naked) done by the gang for fun and trouble he seemed to be ticked off that the theromoter outside may had been a camera. These people are so corrupt they create a law out of thin air. And everybody living around here thinks they can murder me. When I first had problems with the Tribal Nation in 2001 it started with their police banging on our door at 5 o'clock in the morning. He wanted to know why our phone was not hooked up, not that there was an emergency, or someone trying to call, no one knows why he wanted our phone at 5 o'clock in the morning connected, it had just been wired by the phone company and hadn't operated properly. How many people out there have a cop at their home door at 5 in the morning while it is dark out asking why their phone is not connected?

It didn't stop because the gang and the tribe was sure they didn't like us or want us to live here. I had problems with the tribe Nation who didn't want to respond to a call from me and I had to contact my senator. I was upset with them so I contacted the State Attorney whom forwarded my letter to the FBI. Out of all this I received letters, but nothing of any importance.

Now the people living beghind us are not tribal members here, but they are close friends with the tribal Nation and tribal members here. He originally sold the land we are living on to the Tribe Nation, and the people still own perhaps 20 more acres. When he heard I had problems with the tribe he changed from being somewhat friendly and started becoming a problem. When I was shooting a low calibar firearm with buck shot out side one day he yelled extremely loud at me and told me to stop. He said I couldn't shoot here in the country and if a bullet came close to his house he would murder everybody in my house my whole family. From there he told me if a I had a problem we could go see the Wyandotte Cheif together and they would agree with him. I walk back to the house and his hillbilly son came driving up to the house. Went to our door, said he was looking for his father. Not. He knew where he was.


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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 13, 2012

As time went on through time the tribal member one after another picked on us, farm boy with farmboy caps, cowboy Wyandottes lived across the road from us. We had to make a trip to the VA clinic, and in the afternoon when we returned back we found that the Wyandottes had killed our dog, his back was broken, he was sick and throwing up yellow fluid with blood, and died a couple hours later. We know it was the farmboy Wyandottes with farmboy caps because one of the more friendly Wyandotte member who was friends and family to them told us it was those people who killed him. The farmboy guys moved out a month later and the Wyandottes moved mor in. I was going to town early in the morning to get cigeretts from the gas station, I have an old truck that runs ruff, I stoped in the country road, paused, with no traffic turned I turned off my my headlights and waited 2-3 minutes to see if the truck started running better because it was really cold out, I decided not to go and returned back to the house, 2 minutes later two Eastern Shawnee Nation Police cars stopped next door at their house, then they came to my house asking about me being in the road. I told them I was, but that it was no big deal. They shook me down, took my name. I asked them if it was illegal, and he said no. I asked him his juridiction authority because I was not on tribal land. He said he had authority over the entire county. After this I saw their Eastern Shawnee Nation police posting signs saying that they were Federal Police.

After this I had the neigbors start using their little kids to pick on us, because for many years they had trashed up our yard by throwing trash in their yard and letting the trash and tons of it blow in our yard, because the wind would always blow in our direction. Tons and tons of trash. The Seneca-cayuga Nation tribal member living next door told me it was his kids doing it, but later after it continued he said it was other neibors. The cops would drive by and see paper plates, cups, and plastic hot dog rappers in the road and trash everywhere and just drive right on by like it was nothing, mainly I think , because it bothered us.

The little kid of the Wyandotte security officer started coming to my house asking to shoot and kill the deer, he was about 10 years old, of course I told the kid no, later he wanted other stuff, and he wouldn't accept no for an answer. I think this ticked his family off really bad, because things esculated very badly after this.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 13, 2012

I really believe the neibor's next door, the guy who is Seneca-cayuga Nation tribal member, and the Wyandotte female along with his kids and their drinking friends next door put the little kids up to challenging me. Because when I would be outside and tons trash coming from the road went in our yard I would walk out and throw it back in the road. The would act like I committed some great crime for doing that. The people and their parents got the little kids to start questioning me over putting the trash back in the road or yard it came from. First it was the 10 year old yelling at me, than it was their 6 years talking to me like he was an adult, while his mother who filed a false complainted against me stood there and smiled like it was really cute her 6 year old was getting after me about moving the unwanted trash out of our yard. Than it was their 4 year old girl they got to start challenging me. Although we contacted the Wyandotte Nation about the trash they just ignored it. We contacted them two times within a couple months and sent pictures to them, and they ignored it completely.

These people pride themselves on thumbing their nose at a person. This is why I had problems in 2001 with their police. A month later when my Senator forced the Wyandotte Nation to contact me over the issue, they said I was wrong for contacting the United States government. That I better stop doing it. And that all the United States wants to do is rake up trash on Indians.

After this our problems with the Wyandotte Nation Clan y started and never ended, Because you don't mess with the family.

Well not long after this a cop comes banging on my door early in the morning. He said I was reported by neigbors to be walking naked at night outside.

I told him no. Asked him who it was, and he said it wasn't important. So I told him it wasn't important for me to talk to him about it anymore. I began to close the door and he tried to stop me. I told him no. He went next door where the adults were getting the kids to pick on us and gave her a complaint form. She held it in the air so we could see it while she with the neibor' next door must have been laughing their head off.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 13, 2012

Well thanks for allowing me to post here. Later that night after the police visit, I walked outside and the woman with the kids with the security cop, always walked near in her yard where I was outside and watch me while smoking a ciggereet and talking on her cell phone. She left and walked to the Seneca-cayuga/Wyandotte house to drink and party, so I went to watch them back. They starting telling me how I was going to prison, how I need to keep my pants up, 'soap on a rope' was coming for me. That's means being violently raped in prison for dropping the soap. The Senca said he was going to blow my head off for bothering them. She yelled at me and told me the best thing for me would be to kill myself, and that I didn't deserve to breathe the same air that they breathe. They have all kind of friends from the Miami Nation tribe to cowboys, so up comes driving their friend in a truck pointing his truck headlights where I was standing in the dark on the front porch. They laughed, and yelled some more. He told me again the only thing he thought he could do would be to blow my head off.

She called me a lot of cuss names and said stop picking on her family. ? ? ? Indians of course. The Wyandotte Nation.

They came looking for me in the dark without leaving their yard. This went on from 2-3 hours.

Funny thing is no one can do a thing about this, and as much as American's feel the rest of the world is a threat to them, the Indian Nation's growing in the country have to be the biggest threat of all.

There's more like the hillybilly and his wife stopping next door, Seneca member moved across the road into a home by local fire department guy who runs many local business near. Him being close friends to all these people.

How many people can tell you that they are going to murder you?


Thanks for the post

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Jul 14, 2012

Hey MySoreButt I'll keep you informed to the latest news concerning the Rip off of America NA Nations. Plus I'm absolutely sure something really big is getting ready to happen here. There's just something so outrageous and seriously about what is going on.

I really think one of the Indians kicked out of here contracted my murder.

Stay yourself beautiful, American. And Pride. Maybe one day Vegan. Which is good for soul and health.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 18, 2012

A Indian Cop came in last night digging his wheels in the gravel road, he could be a regular sorebutt fan. When the cops see me looking their way the Indian cops make sure they stop in the road and sit there and watch.

I remember when I first moved here, I went up to the Eastern Shawnee convenience store to get some cigarettes, and there was this really big fat white Eastern Shawnee cop standing there drinking a soft drink, and I said Hello to him, and just starred at me with this serious dirty look , he didn't say a word like I had farted in his face, like I was standing in his home.

It really is amazing that the ideal people have of Native American's and what they really are is entirely different.

In legal matters though there's no challenging them. I remember when I first had problems with the clan gang. No outside cops, no attorneys, I had contacted the ACLU years and years ago, and the ACLU could only recommended I create my own orginisations to combat any problems I have.

The D. A. told me 'Don't come to us when you have problems with Indian's. Work within the Indian system. '

Man I'm telling you these people could kill me and no one would even notice. I'd move from these s*** heads, but I'm not made of money, like the rest of the users that use people in the world.

You don't get real money unless you screw somebody, or something.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 18, 2012

Mexicans are really tough sore butt. I had seen some mexicans yesterday and they look tough as Iron. As many white guys I've worked around and have known no one I have ever met are as tough as mexicans.

When I lived in California in the Palm Springs area most of the Cholos the low riders lived in Coachella Valley around the Indio area. They were tough as nails. The other mexican just stayed gardeners for the country clubs around cat. city, palm desert.

When I lived in San Diego I was friends with some half mexican guys. These guys were really smart. One of the guys probably knew half the people living in San Diego. These guys were really street wise.

White guys I worked with in Cathederal City california really hated mexicans and blacks. When I had left a job to move to the high desert a black guy was leaving as I was coming in. I asked the guys there if they told him there was an opening, and they said no. I asked why and they said because the guy was gay. The new rough neck guy wanted to fight me. He said his wife could kick my ass, ha. have to be one big dike, and he called me out for a fight. Only because I asked why they didn't tell this black guy there was a job opening. white are not really tough as much as mouthy.

I think the toughest white guys I ever lived around were from southern Kansas. Very agresssive place Kansas is although most people wouldn't think so.

Arkansas when I lived there the rednecks were more mouth than anything.

Missouri is the friendly state. I have never met a tough guy in Missuori.

Blacks who knows if they are tough, who knows. They can't even survive the surival show on TV.

I wouldn't hold my breath on a black.

Indian's are all cops.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 18, 2012

The best way to deal with fire may be with fire.

Check out these groups.

The Chinese secret society has 6 million members, including 1. 8 million Asian gangsters and 100, 000 professional assassins, says the Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford.

U. S. Asian14K Triad Asian Boyz Black Dragons Jackson Street Boys Triads Tongs Wah Ching Chinese Triads (Chinese)

Bandidos The Breed MC Brother Speed Diablos Devils Diciples Free Souls Hells Angels Highwaymen Motorcycle Club Market Street Commandos Mongols Outlaws Motorcycle Club Pagans Motorcycle Club Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington Sons of Silence Vagos Motorcycle Club Warlocks Motorcycle Club Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club Iron Horsemen

69 Mob Almighty Black P. Stone Nation Almighty Vice Lord Nation Black Gangster Disciples Black Disciples Gangster Disciples Black Guerilla Family Black Liberation Army Black Mafia Family Bloods Double II Set Pirus Sex Money Murda United Blood Nation Crips East Nashville Crips Eight Trey Gangster Crips Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crips Venice Shoreline Crips The Council D. C. Blacks Errol Flynns Four Corner Hustlers Hidden Valley Kings Jamaican Posse KUMI 415 Mickey Cobras Philadelphia Black Mafia Supreme Team Weather Underground Zoe Pound Gang

Folk Nation Friends Stand United LVM Gang Maniac Latin Disciples Nation of Gods and Earths People Nation Simon City Royals Dixie Mafia

Irish Mob 19th Street Gang 40 Thieves Bottoms Gang Bowe Brothers Charlestown Mob Dead Rabbits The Ducky Boys gang Egan's Rats Gopher Gang Grady Gang Gustin Gang Kerryonians Live Oak Boys Mullen Gang North Side Gang Potashes Ragen's Colts Rhodes Gang Roach Guards Westies White Hand Gang Winter Hill Gang Yakey Yakes

American Mafia Bonanno crime family Bufalino crime family Buffalo crime family Chicago Outfit Cleveland crime family Colombo crime family DeCavalcante crime family Detroit Partnership Gambino crime family Genna crime family Genovese crime family Kansas City crime family Licavoli Mob Los Angeles crime family Lucchese crime family Milwaukee crime family Morello crime family New Orleans crime family Patriarca crime family Philadelphia crime family Philadelphia poison ring Pittsburgh crime family Porrello crime family Rochester crime family San Francisco crime family Scarfo crime family Sciortino crime family Smaldone crime family St. Louis crime family Trafficante crime family

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 18, 2012

18th Street Gang Association Ñeta Brown Pride Cali Cartel Dominicans Don't Play Fresno Bulldogs Ghetto Brothers Gulf Cartel Jheri Curls Juárez Cartel La Raza Nation Latin Eagles Latin Kings Los Zetas Mara Salvatrucha Maniac Latin Disciples Medellín Cartel Mexican Mafia Norteños Puro Tango Blast Sinaloa Cartel Spanish Gangster Disciples Sureños Culver City Boys 13 Clanton 14 Longos 38th Street Gang Onterio Varrio Sur Tooner Ville Rifa 13 The Avenues Varrio Nuevo Estrada Venice 13 Santa Monica 13 Tijuana Cartel trinitarios los caravelas 16

Armenian Power Assyrian/Chaldean Mafia Israeli mafia Jewish Mafia TAP Boyz

Aryan Brotherhood Black Guerrilla Family Black Liberation Army Bloods Crips D. C. Blacks Dead Man Inc. European Kindred Folk Nation KUMI 415 Mexican Mafia Mexikanemi Netas Nuestra Familia People Nation Public Enemy No. 1 Puro Tango Blast Texas Syndicate Trinitario Zoe Pound Gang Mara Salvatrucha

Russian Mafia Potato Bag Gang Solntsevskaya Bratva

311 Boyz Almighty Saints Aryan Nation Chicago Gaylords Forty-Two Gang Ku Klux Klan Jousters Nazi Low Riders Public Enemy No. 1 South Brooklyn Boys South Side Popes Volksfront

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 20, 2012

Religion is extremely dangerous. Look how politicians get elected using Christianity than lie their asses off every time using the public. Do you think this is why Jesus Christ himself said "The children of the kingdom will be cast into eternal darkness where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth" I'm guessing though every lying politician is against career politicians while making their millions off the slaves of the country. But than look... you have to think again. Jesus Christ said 'Hardly shall those who have riches of this world enter into the kingdom of God, it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for with riches to enter therein" Riches is Idolatry. Jesus said "You can not worship God and Money together or both" But tell that to a rich politician. Than Think. Jesus said 'Hardly shall the rich believe even if one testified from the dead"

Look what the gods do for God Money. They drive race horses to their death at the race track. The creation is mocked. The animal's die in a dump site being dumped day after day after the race and bidding. $$$

Look at the mass slaughter and killing of cattle. For $$$ Half of those beautiful animals go in the trash can. Why? Because they were so abused and butchered alive that they can not be eaten, their their hormones juiced terror so badly the would make a person die, only for killing of love of gluttony and lust of satisfaction. Food is exactly the same as sex!

Muslims are the same!

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 20, 2012

There is no difference between a Muslim and a Christian. They are both the deceives of Satan.

If the fabled predicted second day of Noah comes to the earth, the fabled second day of Noah will come to destroy the masses including Satan's choosen Christian's and Muslims.

And if such a thing could happen it wouldn't be very far away.

Why? Jesus told people exactly when the end of the world would come. Jesus never gave a date and a time, but he gave a sign of the time.

Matthew 24.
And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple.
And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

(Here it is in clear writting) The End Of The World.

Mat. 24. 13 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

So if the common tribulations come into existence as described in verses 4 through 12 "wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in strange places"and after 2000 years this gospel is preached as a witness to all nations to be a witness against them. Than the End Of The World Must Come, but... there's more.

Mat. 24. 37. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark,

And the world knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Personally I'm an evolutionist at heart and mind, because I see the evidence of evolution, and scientific facts, but. . I'll apologize to God, and his son Jesus if all these prophecies comes to pass, and it is not just some more religious superstitious Voodoo to control the outcome of who rules in power.

Like Jesus said. "Those who were MADE rich, shall be Made poor, And those who were MADE poor, shall be MADE rich"

We live in a world where the rich and religious make all of us.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 20, 2012

I like your site. The Alex Jones I don't go to anymore ever, he deleted my account over and over again, yet you don't delete the comments I post on your site, at least not yet. Are you a skin head biker. What ever you are you must be somewhat alright. Alex Jones on the other hand is a fraud and an idiot. This last time after he terminated my account I visited a few times to read the articles and comments, and they're all so yappy and empty in my opinion. The people there on his site posting act like they are on a stage, and like anyone cares about their yappy opinion. Most of them are still in high school. I figure Alex is just a baby sitter fighting the parents kids authorities, for them the kids to one day to become authorities, and say, well, kids just don't know what's good for them. Yeah right.

Speaking of school. How in the world do Christian's graduate high school let alone College with finishing Biology. I mean no matter how you believe, biology, and biological evolution is backed by serious and not lacking DNA evidence that is sure fact. You don't get much better than that. Meaning, one day someone has to acknowledge the evidence provided by science.

I really believe your right to posting these videos are going to be short lived, the reason is I believe the religious governing authorities are going to create laws concerning the desecration of religious material. They can make some a law for anything. They really can. The founders of the country really did have the sole intent on making the government all powerful in the end. They really did. That's why you have idiots like Alex Jones.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 20, 2012

Alex plays the part of the defender of rights while at the same time everybody knows that the government was founded to determine those rights, and can at any time do what they will. It's all a big game and Alex is just a successful player in the game. And he knows it.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 20, 2012

Islam is death! Christianity used to be lethal. Galileo was threatened by the early Christian church that if he said the earth rotated aroud the sun he would be put to death. Issac Newton was forced to become a minister in England upon the threat of punishment.

Now I pulled over to take a poop at a river one time. Had to. . I would have craped in my pants otherwise.

Damn when I was a kid in scholl teachers refused us to go to the bathroom, way back than teachers were like 80 years old and born in the middle 1800's. They were extremely mean. I remember a girl asking a teacher to go to the bathroom, she said no and the girl pissed a giant puddle in the floor about a minute later. They figured we were trying to cheat. I s*** in my pants in school like a pack of mud for about three years, it was always uncomfortable waking about a mile home with a cake of dried crap in my pants.

Farts may influence people like... Don't have sex. It's nasty.

Well I'd invite you over to smoke, but no one smokes weed here, plus it's been 30 years since I've smoked pot, but sounds good anyways. Everybody should be Vegan.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 20, 2012

Now if you're like me I step out side and I see this giant band of light in the night sky, his band of light is made of millions and millions of stars larger than the sun, and is a visual arch of the Milky Ways spiral. This baby is 100, 000–120, 000 light-years in diameter containing 200–400 billion stars and were living in it. The earth itself is big to us, but out there in no mans land it is estimated that 10 billion earth like planets are orbiting in the habitable zone of their parent stars in this galaxy alone.

Bam! Plus we travel in space. We're moving about I think about 190 miles per second foreward, and near that speed turning. So we wake up in another part of the universe everyday.

Near the edge of the visible universe some ancient galaxies like our own are traveling near one third the speed of light, if there is life there they were watching the old black and white TV movies in ancient times.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 20, 2012

And that is why they are called mexicans. is because they are from mexico. I went to mexico a couple times. I didn't like it in mexico because you hear stories about American's going to jail there and them cutting their balls off. They say you never get out of jail there unless you pay the cops a lot of money. George Noory almost got his dumb ass kidnapped down there about a year ago. haha. Big tall dumb slug is worth some money. I went to a bar and got charged 12 dollars for three beers, the guy was not very friendly. I used to have my pants taylored there. I think it made me look like a Mexican. But they fit snug. Damn those people love leather, there are leather shops everywhere, tile floors, and guys outside bars saying girls, girls, girls, come in to see girls. I went to a mission out back but the mexicans didn't like to see us playing basketball with them. They got it made in mexico. They spend a lot of time upholstering car seats for Americans. I worked near the border once. The guys went to get some food, not surprized they let flys enjoy the meal too, then eating it was another story, it tasted like flys enjoyed a meal. Everybody should be Vegan

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 22, 2012

Sure the United States history is fundamentally Christian. I remember I was always in church as a child, but because the United States is a country with a majority of Christians does that make God exist. For God to exist one can only serve him, one can not serve a false Gods the only other being money.

The strange thing with the rich folks is that they believe that riches is not idolatry which is a violation of Gods law the ten commandments given by Moses.

Most rich people believe that God the creator of the commandments accepts them having a false God in their life, which is money, this is why Jesus said 'You can not worship or serve God and money both for you can not serve or worship two masters' because he said one has to be true.

Rich people believe that riches in their life is not a problem, but remember Jesus required a young rich man to expel his false God, and take that cross upon his shoulders and follow himself to his true destiny which would be where his true riches are stored in heaven.

The young rich man bowed to Jesus and asked him how to be saved. Jesus said You know the commandments. The young rich man said these I have done from my youth. But you lack one thing says Jesus. Take thy treasures and distribute them among the poor, take that cross and follow after me, and you will see treasures in heaven.

The young rich man could not, so Jesus turned to his disciples and said. How hardly shall those with riches enter into the kingdom of God, it would be easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for those with riches to enter into the kingdom of God.

The amazing thing is. The young rich guy did the works, acted the part, asked Jesus for salvation, and yet was doomed to lose his soul with no kingdom to go to.

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. " Jesus said.

The rich can really deceive people. God money is powerful. Desirous. Happiness. Pleasure. People cheer for treasures. Live for treasures. The golden calf in the desert when Moses went to the mountain had no power accept for the fact he was made of treasures melted under the fire, and represented the meat in Egypt the Hebrews wanted to return to, the lives that they loved, and in the imagination it provided them happiness. The rich can deceive. And this is why you are living in a country that you have become unhappy with.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 22, 2012

I imagine Jesus' destiny was to be a rich man, if his heart was set upon the riches of this world and to be rich, as long as he bowed down and worshiped Satan. Satan. 'Look at all the kingdoms and the lights, I will give you power over all these kingdoms and the treasures of them if you will bow down and worship me."

This Satan is so wealthy. Just imagine having a small portion of the roll the dice of pleasure, the goods, with the lights and his kingdoms.

A BILLION! Load me up with the dough $$$. Harry Barry.

Like I will so faithful to God, Satan.

Anyways sorebutt my father had us in church as much as possible. He believed the Bible verse "That if you raise your children in the way of the Lord they will never depart from it. " I told my father a few days before he died that I did not believe in God, after he died I started noticing images in the stars, I couldn't say it would make me believe more in God, but it really is amazing being the images I see span the universe. Never the less even if I believe. I would never associate with Christian's, I dislike Christian's more than I dislike rats in my food. I like facts. But I like the unknown too.

But for sure, if Jesus is to return it will be soon.

Jesus knew the season of the time.

Matthew 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matthew 24:38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, Matthew 24:39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 25, 2012

Right on 'Valhalla Awaits Us All' oh yeah I'm white too. And If you ever see any Wyandotte indian's ask them if they're keep their Britches pulled up. hum ha.

I don't know 'Valhalla Awaits Us All' , 'mysorebutt' is a very religous person. I guess he needs to attend more white festivals haha.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 25, 2012

You know my brother if he is still alive he was living in California and spent a lot of time in the California prison system. He did time in Chino for five years and spent some time time in other systems around the state of California. When he came to visit us with his wife he stopped at the Wyandotte casino and their gas station convenience store. He said the cop their was just starring him down. Maybe my brother had too many tatoos for the Native American's oh yeah. Let everybody know Indians are the policy azz holes.

In prison my brother was part of the Whites, the guys I guess like the Biker German cross or whatever it is, although I guess the groups impression was that Adolf Hitler stole the swastika. I didn't understand that idea. I thought the guys in California may be ill informed because the Hitler swastika was a reverse form of the Asian swastika and represented the letter G in the Viking ruinic alphelbet. Which stands for Thor-son of Odin. , God of thunder. So they used the symbol to represent power, along with other European countries.

He was a good guy, my brother. Always getting picked on and beat up by police, or someone else.

Anyway. His group was ite in the system when he was in. And california prisons must be a terrible place. Everybody is a tough guy. Ubfortunately he was facing three strikes and you're out, and he was on probation. I'd like to stick a wyandotte head up a wyandotte azz hole.

go Vegan

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Jul 25, 2012

we got stuck here where I live, living around a ruthless shameless clan. first we thought it was going to be a house. time went on it turned out to be a prison camp and police state. leave it up to brown/white people to make a mess of living when they think they were born Native American Gods.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 27, 2012

I remember back in the 80's in San Diego Mr. Tom Metzger televised his own television show, I really I couldn't tell you exactly what Mr. Tom Metzger had to say, because I was so busy, I had to work all the time, and most people were white, except that he was a quiet friendly fellow, and had a ranch or something somewhere there near Temecula California and was appealing to white people in general. California went from being mostly white to mostly Mexican, with a lot of blacks. So it turned into a depressing crap hole. Peoples homes went from ordinary homes to having barred windows.

Life sucks, but how can a free country that has been mostly white for almost 200 years, make themselves this way.

Whites still account for most of the people. Whites still own most of the the bigger and the successful business's. Whites pay for almost everything in the world. I am against United States Native American's being on Social Security, because they wouldn't give it to you or your family. Native American's wouldn't give you anything but a lot of problems, they don't believe people should get anything. Also this typical idea I would imagine would apply to Hispanics and Blacks as well. I can see why Republicans want to get out of the social security program.

Thing is... Whites are responsible for the error.

Native Americans act real tough here, they can get away with it. Each of them are all relatives, Regular whites are retarded so they support Indian's, Indian programs, you wouldn't believe the goodies the United States gives these Indian's just for saying I'm Indian, than they get it with no strings attached, because they are their own government Nation, and whites only hope for social engineering of their white tribe.

Mexican's and Blacks only like the white people, and challenging them to superiority regularly, so they have no interest in Indian Nations, either that or they're cowards, or it's just that they enjoy their mom and pop living on Social Security, and Indians got nothing to offer, because they're both the same. Ugly.

Although these Indians act tough I've known the toughest people in the world. God these s*** heads only dream of. I'd give them God if they want God bad. Permanently.

I would knock the holy hell out of one these people, and make them quake in their shoes if it wasn't for their relative cops beating me down and hanging outside my home in the street for them picking on me.

Give me liberty or give me death.
Someones going and it ain't me.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 27, 2012

So point is. . If you want to social engineer yourself to retardation go right ahead. Whites have always been this way. I can remember it being the very worse in Arkansas, rules for whites to no end. Rules for whites everywhere. Whites like rules. So you screw yourself.

You want a good government, maybe one day we will get together and make one. The United States today has no match to freedom, even with all the crappy laws. No Nation is the same when it comes to honoring freedom.

That's why all the Mexican, Black, and some White slaves come here from the crap holes.


There may be a God out there in this extremely big Universe, extremely big, or God is inside here inside yourself. So if there is you yourself have to find it alone, and it should make you a Vegan/Vegetarian, and lover of fellow life I would think, instead of just an empty headed eater. There is an interesting story that when a Buddhist monk who was the best meditator ever, that he could meditate so well that he could levitate, that when he went levitating into outer space looking for the end of the universe that he could find the end to the universe, he said died over and over again and still could find no end to the universe. So he went before Buddha and told him about it, and Buddha said, This is not how you find the end of the Universe. The end of the universe is found here within.

Good story for ancient people.

You make life what it is. Go Vegan.
Visit Mercy For Animals online too.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Jul 27, 2012

These difficulties I have had with Indians.

They pride thgemselves off of ignoring people, because they can, but not for being the ONLY one being policed. They don't ignore one being policed.

In our American history although 'Valhalla Awaits Us All' called Jesus a "a delusional hippie Jew" most of the movers and shakers were hippys in the United States. Jesus was a real Hippy, Ceaser of Rome son of Nero during the time of Jesus had his portrait engraved to an emerald. So you can web search 'Finding the face of Jesus in Ceasers Emerald' Allthough Israel does live off of white people, and white people live off of white slaves with an oversized regulatory government, of delusional regulated white people, that act and look like leprosy, the existing authority is continually threatning with there is no master but me. You can begin creating your own government. Believe me there are almost 600 other Native American Nations rising in the United States that are powerful, and this one the United States will not substain itself under constitutional treaties. I agree with 'Valhalla Awaits Us All' , and White Christian's believe if they take care of Jews that God will take care of them, and yes Jews own Hollywood, and Congress. and the media, and peoples easily socially engineered brains.

Hippys in American history.

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country. " - Thomas Jefferson, U. S. President quote on Hemp and semi-long haired hippy

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere. " - George Washington, U. S. President quote on Hemp and semi-long haired.

"We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption. " - John Adams, U. S. President quote on Hemp and semi-long haired hippy

Benjamin Franklin was a pro vegetarian Hippy.

George Armstrong Custer who won the American west lived as a hippy.

Buffalo Bill Cody, and friends like fugitive Wild Bill Hickok were both hippys.

Buffalo Bill Cody killed the Cheif of the Cheyyenne 'Cheif Yellow hair' in hand to hand combat with a knife 22 days after the death of his friend George Armstrong Custer at Little Bighorn 1876.

The draft ended in 1973 because of hippys. And pot because of hippys became a recreational drug.

Issac Newton who discovered and described the forces gravity was a hippy, an English hippy, right before the sixties rock and roll British invasion by the hippys.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 29, 2012

I figure the next time I have another Wyandotte cop at my door picking on me to entertain their family member next door, because now two neighbor Wyandottes our trashing our yard up again, of course for the entertainment factor everybody acts as it doesn't exist, I'm contacting my Congressmans office again, and the Department of Justice to see if I can file a criminal harassment complaint against the police. First degree felony will come uppon conviction with something like an 11 year sentence. It would be on the grounds first degree felony harassment using the collar of authority injects serious crime and time. I contacted the Beurea of Indian affairs through their web site, but the United States BIA seems to be occupied by Native American's that run it, and they sent me an postmaster error message. My email disappeared.

My local representitive went to Wyandotte high school, lived in the city of Wyandotte, and is a member of the Cherokee Nation. I always knew him being a buddy and close friend if not relative with the Wyandotte Nation authorities was going to be a serious probblem.

The Chief Billy Friend is a new Chief and doesn't seem to be a problem. Very white guy. I'd be seriously surprized if he is more than 1/32 Wyandotte. There has never in recent history been a full blooded Wyandotte, and about 100 years ago most their tribe was around 1/2 to 1/4. This guy was a sunday scholl teacher so he would get along with quack white people like your wacko Christian folk 'sorebutt' These people make up their own blood line degree anymore so they can make it up if they want, plus they use other Indians as a cover, which other Indian's don't mind because they are privledged, and get spoiled by the Nation. Ah boy. Tough times ahead here, be happy you have the United States on your side. That's if you can keep Indian's from taking it away from you by becomming your authority because they can operate in your system, and get free college.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Jul 29, 2012

You know 'sore butt' God is a silly idea and that strange idea that may be why I'm having troubles with the Wyandotte Nation besides the fact that the Wyandottes are spoiled white people and all of them are relatives, and have their own Nation, and they have other Indian Nations supporting them, and the United States. Not only do Indian's think they can control my world, christian's think they can control my world. This group claims that it is a Christian Nation. I curse their God. Their God is the Devil. You deal with me right. Not with cops and bad authority.

I've had to deal with other Indian Nation cops here at this place. It's getting really old being picked on by everybody. The problem is that Indian's not only operate their own Nation, they are United States citizens and work with the local city, county, and state authorities with their police and government. I think this tickles the United States, and this represents a problem for me. I'm not getting reprensentation. I had contacted the ACLU but they like everybody blew me off either being scared or impressed with the Indian Nations said I should create my own group to combat problems I have with Indian's. Right like I'm a millionaire. Everyone in the United States are liars.

Like I told you about republican's and the radio republican brashing concering president Obama. Republican's say Obama doesn't create jobs, than they turn around and say it's not the governments job to create jobs. That it is poor people job to create jobs. To get out your water hose and start washing cars. So really. Is there a problem with our president Obama not being able to creating enough jobs, because believe me, the rich they can make jobs, just not if they're looking for a republican president. President Obama has a lot of money. He just can not create 113 million jobs off his money.

Guns 'sorebutt' Guns can be regulated by the United States. It's in the constitution of the United States. Congress can regulte guns down to a peas shooter according to the US constitution. I dion't know why people have a problem with reading. They don't having a problem reading other stuff. What exactly are people going to use these guns for? Exactly what? The US Constitution doesn't allow the insurrection or rebellion done by the public. All the public can do with a gun is kill their neighbor or defensless animals.

Congress has all the power according to the US constitution to determine the laws that govern people.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Jul 31, 2012

Sure thing. What we need is to create our own government. It's only a short time before the Indians take over everything, and you see Indian cop cars everywhere. We should start thinking about the birth of our government very soon, and lead ourself to peace, to freedom, and happiness. You should all foreget about Alex Jones. He is a babysitter for high school kids. I like to think if you're not old enough to sleep with me, or drink a beer, although you may be old enough to die in combat, that you're propbably not old enough to have a good opinion. Plus mom and pop hanging over your shoulder is not really exceptionaly attactive. I couldn't say I like parental courting a heck of lot.

Beside Alex Jones has banned me from his site, a dozen times.

First the U. S. Constitution is bad for your health. Politicans are lying to everyone. And why. because the U. S. constitution gives congress so much authority that the congress can pass any law that the congress desires to. Changing this is important. We want to create antything oppisite to a paid politicans. We want anything that is not financed by Billionaires. And the unapproval of uncontrolled laws, or the creation of laws without public approval. We want to eliminate.

The U. S. constitution is adverse to the above last listed standards.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 2, 2012

I often wonder if time travelers came in to play with past events.

I thought that Jesus could have been a Jewish time traveler living in modern Jeruselem today alive and well, and that this time traveler from Israel set the whole stage for the largest religion, and biggest influence over government that has ever existed.

Than someone or an alien from outer space could have sent another time traveler to start Islam.

and who knows what really goes on.

Evolution is a fact, so even if a person believes in religous creation stories, they always look towards time travel as a proven fact, and you fit all this together, evolution, time travel, and it's proof that the Christian or Muslim beliefs that they really hold no real significance, and than look at all the destructive ugly racist minorities that belive in Jesus as their bleeding hero while spray painting grafitti on everything and you have to wonder what kind of toilet that they crawled out of. We find that Muslims believe in Jesus. They believe that Jesus created the animal Bat with his hands. I think this is correct Where the bat fits into real evolution I don't know, or it's DNA I don't know for certain, but it would be interesting, being that the proof thwart the Muslim story. But than it's only a matter of time before 'Young Earth Creation Science' comes to an end like all superstitous values eventually do.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 2, 2012

Than you could consider that time traveling into the past would be extremly simple if you could pass a type of high intense energy or even a radio transmission through synthetic reality. We have electronic synthetic reality sources like Television. Yesterday exist today through the 150 year old electroincal advancements like television movies. We watch yesterdays realities play its part in modern reality from 50 years ago. It remains to be reality, and an occuring event in time travel, meaning it is still happening, just not today, but from yesterday. Passing energy through this barrier to the other side if it were possible would put us in touch with the past.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Aug 3, 2012

Point is gay people are assholes. I never liked any gay people. Except for this one a little bit. He used to grow his own pot plants. I enjoyed smoking his home grown pot, got me stoned, although I only spent a little time around the good guy. One time I was working with him on a toilet, he had to go to the hardware store to get some parts, and after he left I had to take a s***. I looked down and the toilet and the entire toilet was removed, I didn't know what I was going to do because I had to s*** really bad, there it was it was a big hole where the toilet was. I bent down and I shiit in the hole. When he got back, he looked down inside the hole and said. "ooooh did you s*** in that hole!" What was I going to say. Yep. I crapped in the hole. I figured it was a s*** hole anyway. I had to crap.

Gay people don't create earthquakes. I create earthquakes.

I used to know these gay guys living in Thousand Palms. I used their shower once, and while showering I looked up and saw a big eyeball in between the ceiling and wall looking around. I don't understand it to this day. It wasn't a camera. It was an eyeball moving around, than when the eyeball saw me watching it vanished and went back to wall and cieling. I hate gays. At the same place I walked in to find a gay guy mixing his finger in my Big Gulp cola drink. He took off running when he saw me walk into the room. I didn't do anything, but I left the soda for him, I never touched it again after that. I didn't know what he did to it. Gays are sick people.

Thing is in the desert the rattle snakes are everywhere. So I always got a drink of water at the gays water hose, and I didn't know it, but before me drinking from it a rattle snake was drinking from it. It made my whole tounge swell up real big, and made my tounge feel a little bit on fire. Gays are not to be around. Unless they got pot.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Aug 3, 2012

They are all the same friend. They are all the same. They just screw you differently.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Aug 7, 2012

I was just over at Alex Jones site, and I want you to see how immature the Alex Jones audience is. Now with Alex Jones the military troops are always taking over U. S. streets, I noticed that one of his followers said "No one is going to stand for this, and the cops will not either, the cops will defend and protect us" Hehe. hahahahahaha. hahahahaha. L-M-butthole-O

This one needs a tiny winy bit of brain surgery.

U. S. Constitution gives power to Congress to regulate United States citizens. And of course the U. S. Constitution was written and enacted by the wealthy slave owners. And this is why there exist a slant toward the rich in the country, is why the rich own all the television staions, including every AM and FM radio staion within the US, and have easy access to brain washing people right inside their homes, cars, or where ever.

The old saying. "Tell a lie over and over again, and the people will believe it. "

The US Constitution

Article. I.

Section. 1.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Section. 8.

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;


To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;--And

To make all Laws... .

Weren't the former rich slave owners . They gave us laws.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Aug 7, 2012

Anyways 'sorebutt' If you haven't checked it out yet NASA is providing high resolution images of the beautiful Mars and I've been looking at some of them and found them interesting. One shows the geographic ancient landscape of Mars image 65, showns ancient streams coming out of the rocks with horizonal lines, and verticle lines in the stone from ancient ground water. I realize you're a Christian so I'm not trying to be mean to you, but how the wackho Christian community is going to explain fossils of life on Mars I haven't a clue. Because if Nasa finds fish fossils which is extemely likely, or even shelled fossils like sea shells, this will blow the entire creation story back to the dark ages, because oh... some 1900 years before Abraham was the beginng of everything according to Christians, and those planet where only lights to light the night. So I guess politicians using God for votes is going to prove their mischievousness, and that truly, if Christians graduate high school little lone college it is amazing, and of course it take forever to inch along this type of insecurity to the truth, plus this proves Jesus may have been a time traveler from modern day Jeruselem. haha.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Aug 8, 2012

I do enjoy your site much better than the Alex Jones inforwars 'There Is A War On For Your Plastic Paul Republican Political Opinion Yapper Flapper Site that I have been banned from for over a dozen times. I won't go as far to call the Alex Jones attempt to isolate his site to Small Paul supporters and conservative idealism's an attempt to brainwash the viewers, and ban free speech, Alex Jones like a kiddy Garden child has made it clear "This is my site and I can do what I want" although even when You Tube which is privately owned and not government owned disapproved of Alex Jones videos it automatically became censorship among the Alex Jones supporters. And 'sorebutt' Did you know that Alex Jones has family in the FBI. If you were not, I will try and return tomorrow and provide you with a link. I need time to look it up.

The only ten or twenty observations that I disagree with you on 'sorebutt' although I love your site is... That I don't believe blacks should be slaves. Blacks may be a drag, and disco maniacs, and loud, and aggressive, but I don't believe animals should be slaves. Now black people don't care about animals like everybody else so they go to McDonalds and stuff them down, especially fried chicken that have been beaten badly first. So All humans are selfish. And by evolution we humans are natural herbivores, so we do best on vegetation so no matter how many scientific studies that they do on health, cancer, breast cancer, heart issues, the answer will always be the same, whether coffee, tea, white willow bark or aspirin, to soy, to carrots, to wheat, to nuts, to any non cholesterol food is good for you. Just not meat. Nothing in meat is good for you.

So what society does as a poor excuse is to create artificial medicine to combat the sin called meat, and cholesterol which is a killer, and over time it destroys the arteries so badly that surgeons have to install new arteries into the heart. This includes all artificial medicines that one should never need while hiding their sin, and this like venereal diseases it means you have been behaving badly.

Pills pills and more pills, means a society is immorally wrong.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 9, 2012

If you haven't been over to the enterprize missions dot com the Mr. Richard Hoaglan site than you're really missing out on some great discoveries being hidden by the God-bots in the world. You know... 'If God doesn't control you, than I'm not going to be able to control you. ' You have to see the ancient space ship orbiting Mars. So cool.

I told you if you weren't aware Alex Jones was an FBI man that I'd give you a link. www.wingtv. net/thorn2006/jarhead.html

Here is the story

Alex Jones-FBI Connection

"Below is one of the most damning articles ever written about Alex Jones. Not only does it reveal in great detail how he snitched to the FBI one night after getting his ass kicked in a parking lot, but it also shows his rampant paranoia, delusions, lies, insatiable desire for publicity, long-standing censorship practices, and how he's historically ran a Zionist protection racket. If anyone wants to see the real Alex Jones, this is the perfect place to start, along with the WING TV Hall of Shame. The article(s) are somewhat lengthy, but well worth reading, especially the section where Alex gets whooped, then declares that he has relatives in the FBI. Don't be fooled any longer; this guy's been pulling the same stunts for years now. "

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Aug 12, 2012

It is somewhere around 90 days until the 2012 Presidential election. Personally I think it's pretty clear who will win the election. And of course based of economic growth and other issues like the US minumin wage, social security, and other securities that would never exist under minority groups or tribal governments, these benifits of US citizenship are going come under fire.

In a country like the United States. It has a population at a larger percentage of white, plus the operating status of business are mostly white. Diversity and ethnicity is not going to win this election, essentially winning this election is going to be based on pure fortitude. With Tribal Warfare seperating the United States. People in the future are going to have to foot the bill for mom and pops social security, and learn the lesson of competitive wages. Which is all coming.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Aug 12, 2012

Those are some terrible pictures. Acting as an interior designer I would add some colorful photos, with butterflies, rainbows, and a spaceship flying to a garden filled planet in space.

What did you do have a motorcycle accident. It looks like although I am not certain that you cut open your skin near or on your tail bone area after skidding on your ass. According to wikipedia: In humans and other tailless primates (e. g. , great apes) since Nacholapithecus (a Miocene hominoid), the coccyx is the remnant of a vestigial tail, but still not entirely useless; it is an important attachment for various muscles, tendons and ligaments—which makes it necessary for physicians and patients to pay special attention to these attachments when considering surgical removal of the coccyx. Additionally, it is also a part of the weight-bearing tripod structure which acts as a support for a sitting person. When a person sits leaning forward, the ischial tuberosities and inferior rami of the ischium take most of the weight, but as the sitting person leans backward, more weight is transferred to the coccyx. "

Or in other words it helps if you're traveling on a motorcycle at 120 MPH and you lose control of your bike, when you start skidding (you say Oh crap) your ass starts to bounch, you end up cracking a hole in your butt area. It helps alot to throw some of that bounce onto your coccyx, because there was a time your ancestors used it to hang from trees and fly into the air.

You don't look very white by your ass, because you have a black hairy butt. And those little black hairs show that you are descendants of Palistinians of the middle east. That is where all dark haired Europeans come from.

Well that looks like that was a terrible accident.

I stop riding bikes. I had an 1100 motorcycle, I was going 90 to 100 down a country desert road, a biker came up behind me and passed me on his bike with ease, I looked down and saw I was traveling near 100, but this bike couldn't go any faster, the other guy just kept moving right ahead without a problem. Must of been high hp, and better wind-whip protection, because I was getting my ass wind-whipped off. Flat face.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Aug 12, 2012

I think although I am not certain that the lighter haired people like Hilter and Germans believed came from Tibet, and Indo-Anglo area of India. They bred lighter with lighter, until the skin became more white and their hair became blond, mainly because those people are basicly yellow and can be seen with milky white skin like the yellow skin Japenese. I am not certain unless the genes just mutated through unexpected changes in the enviroment.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Aug 14, 2012

Now you see why they ban me from posting on sites. haha.

I will try not to post more comments, but would encourage you all to go vegan, not only is it good for your health, but it's good for animals, it's also good for a natual life, and of course think of that killer better habits that you're going to have. The only reason people are addicted to meat is because the industery and marketing is pushing it into people lives, because of the big money involved.

I intake 0 Chelestrol after becomming vegan. At first I thought I was going to have a difficult time finding food to eat, but I really didn't.

Not only does my body funtion naturally off my own body chemicals, it funtions without those unnatual chemicles and horomones from abused animals. It allowed me to put my body to the test, since birth no meat eater has ever been able to do the experiment except for vegans.

I need no doctors, no medicine, no blood pressure pills or cholestrol pills, and I can tell that in the future I will have no need for heart surgery, or cancer treatments, because I can feel my body finding nourishment from the green leafy vegetables I intake, from soy milk, soy meat, nuts while all the meat eaters are going to the hospital and to hell.

I won't overdo it here, but good living is good.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Aug 15, 2012

Hello Everybody. Sore Butt haha me this oprotunity to propose my opinion to people regarding, whatever I had on my mind. I do have a lot of opinions and not that people have to agee with me, sore butts site is not United States Indian land, or China, or Saudi Arabia so here you can think whatever you want without the gang or police hanging out at your door, and for first I would like to say that it is my pleasure to be here. Life is sure. It's belief is that the country of the United States is more than an excellent country where anybody can own property. People may take it for ganted but you can not own property in Mexico including other countries throughout the world. This is not the only drawback concerning United States minority groups living in and enjoying the United States, if it were up to Native Americans you wouldn't be able to own property, you may be allowed to lease it, but the greedy people who may have never owned anything they own because they pride themselves off being an adversary to white mans law. Now although most think Native Americans may be as liberal and as free as the United States they are not. On many Native Nations government lands you can be imprisoned for charges of adultery, not that you are guilty, it just means you have been charged. Here with law none has to prove anything, law is based upon seniority, race, or down right dirty harrassment. With many Nation Governments you can not have the freedom you may enjoy with protection of the laws that you enjoy in the United States. Homosexual marriage has already been determined by the Cherokee Nation to be immoral and illegal, not that most thing on Indian land are legal in any sense, it depends on how the tribe gang is feeling at the moment.

Now a lot of people believe Indian's like smoking and smoking pot. Not true. That is another one of those things that you see in the movies. But reality is different completely. Their cops may, but they have close family in the Indian tribe Nation, but with their authority it doesn't mean that you are in any sense going to enjoy the same type of freedoms. They the Indian's will choose who can do something, and who it is that can not do something according to what they like at the moment, because this is not white mans law. Every thing in Indians world belongs to Indian, including discrimination and killing.

A lot of people are not aware that Native Americans were traders in slavery, and were happy slave holders. Continued... .

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Aug 15, 2012

Slavery was favored by Indians, based upon the former economical benifits given by free labor. Meaning Native American's are the most close related example resembling modern day republican politicians. Republican's are well known for their love of free, or if they have to pay for it, cheap labor. Over protecting small business is their main agenda besides the benifits given on the issue abortion for the Christian vote. Not that they really care. Because when those babies are pumped into the world at the rate of billion per hours, the old worn out Christian bible verse comes to play. "If a man doesn't labor, he should die" Meaning. It's okay to leave compassion after forcing unwanted birth. Now it's okay to abort. Just let them die.

Here is a famous Bible verse that explains the pain of one mans life after birth.

Jeremiah chapter 20

Verse. 13 Sing unto the LORD, praise ye the LORD: for he hath delivered the soul of the poor from the hand of evildoers.

14 Cursed be the day wherein I was born: let not the day wherein my mother bare me be blessed.

15 Cursed be the man who brought tidings to my father, saying, A man child is born unto thee; making him very glad.

16 And let that man be as the cities which the LORD overthrew, and repented not: and let him hear the cry in the morning, and the shouting at noontide;

17 Because he slew me not from the womb; or that my mother might have been my grave, and her womb to be always great with me.

18 Wherefore came I forth out of the womb to see labour and sorrow, that my days should be consumed with shame?

This Bible verse fairly explains the life of proverty under former president Ronald Reagan and his vice president George Bush, and the Christian coalition.


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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 16, 2012

Now if you're like me you remember the Old Dragon Ronald Reagan and his false prophet George Bush, CIA abomination. Ronald Reagon the Old Red Dragon was so ruthless and wicked that he created a legislative bill regarding labor that would give laborers a one penny raise per year over a five year period. For most laborers the minumin wage was common pay, and private business was not concerned with losing laborers because there was no higher pay, plus they were so spoiled by the republican party and The Old Dragon gave private business everything it wanted. At that period private business was in control of the republican party leadership and there was a phyc-ops war going on with the minds of Americans with religion, and the frigid non existence artificial cold war with Russia and Cuba. This was part of the Red Dragons plan was to erect a totalitarian state of ultimate power and control mechanisms which the false prophet would play a major role in the evil Red Dragons plan.

The Great Red Dragon would go on to combat the youth of the United States not only with psyc-ops but with making a law to have all wild growing marijuana plants whether in the United States or across the border in Mexico to be assulted by the U. S. government to be posioned with toxic chemicals sparays, meaning The Graet Red Dragons only equal in chemical sparaying was the treacherous Sadam Hussien whom the Great Red Irish Dragon created to combat the struggling improvished Nation of Russia and its people to elimanate them from off of the face of the earth. How many millions of American youth died from cancer or the other illness's associated with smoking toxic posioned sprayed marijuana no one is for certain. The death rates associated with the spraying have never been recorded. George Bush went on to make a public statement and I quote George Bush that he believed that "all drug users should be put to death" whether he stated this during his false phophet term or during the service given to the great Red Irish Dragon I am uncertain, but it was another threat of death to the youth of the United States.

Continued... .

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 16, 2012

The evil created by The Great Red Dragon whom was made by private business, not only to speak great things in all manner of illnes, but to put to death all those who would not worship surfaced once again on the day of September 11th 2001. Thirteen years after the rule of the Great Red Dragon there was set up a wickedness that was the frame to orchestrate more death organised by the Great Red Dragon and his false phophet to form a totalitarian state, a man named Osama Bin Laden a creation of the Great Red Dragon and his false prophet to combat Russia played a major role in the 9/11/01 events that unfolded which began the beginning of the end of the U. S. Constitution and the United States of America.


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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 16, 2012

The Great Red Dragom worked evil availible to him with the assistance of the false prophet to destroy the free world and to abolish liberty. He was a man of war, that of weapons, and a man of arms as predicted. He created the largest active military office that the world had ever seen, and he created mass military wars, destruction and mass slaughter of millions of lives along with the false prophet from around the globe. His work of false signs, of wonders, and false miracles were always with him in his evil works. As predicted there was an attempt upon the life of the Great Red Dragon. Miraculously the Dragon and his cult driven cabinet survived, as the world watched in wonder and the Dragon phoenix rised from the ashes, because in U. S. history no other Presidential leader had ever survived such an attempt. They world watched in wonder as one of the members of the Dragon cult had risen from the grave as unto ressurection. James Brady President and White House Press Secretary to the Great Red Dragon was shot in the head by John Hinckley, Jr. CNN, reported that Brady had died. Later, ABC News anchorman Frank Reynolds, a friend of James Brady, retracted the story.

It's said that Hinckley's motivation behind the attack was from his obsession with than actress Jodie Foster. Hinckley while living in Hollywood in the late 1970s, he saw the film 'Taxi Driver' at least 15 times, And seeing the film 15 times would drive anybody crazy. And is probably why you should never watchg this film 15 times in a row. Pop corn. Sodas, and 15 of the same darn movies in a row do not mix when the Dragon and false phophet are ruling the world.

Eventually the Dragon, his mind was bound and chained, and cast into fire lake. And humanity leaped the barrier of the age of destruction and arrived from hell to the new golden age.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 23, 2012

How I know for a fact that Ronald Reagan is the Anti-Christ

I come from a long line of Baptist preachers. My people know the bible. Every male member of my mom's family is either a lawyer or a Baptist minister--or both.

When Cousin Reverand Jimmy says good-bye to me he says, "I can see the lord working in you, and I can't wait to see what he does with you. "

And I know my bible.

If you know your bible you gotta know your Revelations.

Revelations is the roadmap of God's plan for the coming end.

If the devil can f*** up the map, God loses. And all bets are off.

Anybody who knows anything about Revelations has heard of Gog and Magog.

The Lord says in Revelations that a mighty army will sweep down on Israel in the latter days. Before 1948 this part of the prophesy could not be realized. And EVERY part of the prophesy must be realized or the End Times can not come.

The army is called Gog and Magog. Gog being the leader of this vast army and Magog referring to the land to the north parts from which he will come. When it attacks Palestine on the mountains of Israel the Lord God will intervene and Gog and Magog will be defeated in a gigantic slaughter and only 1/6th of the army will escape.

Most Cold War bible scholars were convinced, as I remain today, that Gog and Magog referred to Russia... . And Russia referred to the Soviet Union. There was and remains no question about it.

Associated with Gog and Magog are a host of satellite nations, and these must be part of the Magog coalition or the prophesy is not fulfilled.

It has been repeatedly pointed out that MESHECH and TUbal refer to MOSCOW and old TOBOLSK. GOMER can be associated definitely with the GERMAN NATIONS. In fact, those nations which were all part of EAST GERMANY.

It says in Ezekiel 37-39 that SEVEN nations will be aligned with Magog. In the 80's all but one were under the domination of RUSSIA. Only Ethiopia was not part of this association, and the Latter Days could not yet come until it was. ALL SEVEN needed to be in place.

BEFORE Russia could invade the land of Palestine, setting in motion God's final prophesy, three things needed to occur. First Israel had to be restored as a NATION and be back in the land of Palestine. This was done in 1948. Second Russia must conquer seven nations which will be associated with Magog. And third, the Lord must come to Rapture his church.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 23, 2012

REAL CHRISTIANS can not wait for this to happen. Christian lawmakers in the 80s were seeking to aid in the fulfillment of prophesy in any way they could.

Except Ronald Wilson Reagan. The president whose name had the numerical value of the beast.

He didn't want to help Russia get Ethiopia.

He wanted to free the satelite nations. He is the one who said, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.

With the tumbling of the Berlin wall, and then the later reunification of East and West Germany--the dissolution of Magog's mighty coalition, it is now nearly impossible for the prophesy that was so close in 1981 in coming to fruition TO EVER COME TO PASS... .

Reagan was the Anti-christ, and he knew what we had never considered... that the best way to discredit God, to keep the 2nd coming from occuring was to read ahead in the script and not do what it says to do.

Don't rebuild the temple on the mount. Don't walk in and declare yourself a god among men.


And when the man, the actor, the empty shell had served its usefulness, the demonic being that was the spawn of Lucifer left the body of Ronald Wilson Reagan, and today that shell lies alone in a hospital and Nancy holds its hand praying to a darker god that her husband will find his way back from hell to take back his life and body.

And we stumble forward, with a God bound by his own rules not to destroy the world or take up his church until his own conditions are met and a devil who decided not to play the same game.

What does this mean for us?

Only that there is no hope, we will only eat away at our world with no promise that we can turn in the empty for a shiny new eden. We will only gradually, like Job, see what we love turn rotten and eventually poisonous and curse what we once claimed to love with all our hearts.

And the devil will scream up at Heaven, "You see? I told you so!"

And God will rage uselessly at the rules he himself has made which stay his hand. Which keep him from reminding us of his existence. And Jesus will weep that his death for our sins is the thing which eventually caused us to forget the God that made us all.

www.noshame. org/scripts/ristau020215.htm

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 23, 2012

Ron and Nancy Reagan retired to a house at 666 St. Cloud Road. Nancy had the address changed to 668.

Revelation 13 2 ... its feet were like a bear's ... The Reagan family coat of arms, commissioned by Ron and Nancy Reagan, includes a bear, the state animal of California. California is both the Reagan's home, and their power base.

Revelation 17 3 ... I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and bedecked with gold and jewels and pearls ... Nancy Reagan consistently wore very expensive designer clothing while she was First Lady, strongly favoring the color red. Revelation 17 5 and on her forehead was written a name of mystery: "Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of earth's abominations. "

Revelation 7:3, 9:4, 14:1, 14:9, 17:1-2 Nancy Reagan consulted her astrologer when setting the President's schedule. Astrology is the surviving remnant of the faith of ancient Babylon.

A mark on the forehead is a Biblical reference to one's faith. Harlotry is a reference to a false faith. When Jeremiah condemns Israel for following false gods with the phrase "you have a harlot's brow" he nicely combines both images.

Revelation 17 16 And the ten horns that you saw, they ... will hate the harlot ... Many people, on leaving the Reagan administration, wrote books which included an attack on Nancy. This became such a regular thing that when Nancy wrote her own memoirs she titled them My Turn and attacked her attackers.

Revelation 13 11 Then I saw another beast which rose out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb ... George Bush, Reagan's successor, fought a war against Iraq consisting of two very distinct phases. First an air war, then a ground war.

In the scriptural passage, note that the word for horn, kerata, can also be used to refer to a military division.

Of course, I have come to wonder if this might be a reference to the two sons of George Bush, George W. and Jeb.

Revelation 13 13 It works great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in the sight of men; It was only in the war against Iraq that air power finally became the decisive factor in a war. Iraq was subjected to a tremendous bombing campaign, essentially destroying its fighting ability before the ground war began. The bombing was broadcast live world wide.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 23, 2012

Revelation 16 13 And I saw, issuing from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet, three foul spirits like frogs; 14 for they are demonic spirits, performing signs, who go abroad to the kings of the whole world, to assemble them for battle ... . Bush sent his men, including Secretary of State James Baker, an old Reagan man, to the capitols of the world, seeking and getting military, financial and moral support for the army he put together in Saudi Arabia. He got United Nations approval to build and use the army against Iraq.

The term "false prophet" in the Scriptural passage refers to the successor of the beast. Revelation 13 16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six. George Bush convinced the United Nations to pass a number of resolutions in 1990 dealing with Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. The resolutions included trade restrictions preventing any nation from doing business with Iraq. There was an exception allowed. Humanitarian aid, defined by UN Security Council Resolution 666, allowed medical supplies and food into Iraq for humanitarian reasons. Iraq, Yemen and Cuba opposed this resolution because it only allowed the supplies in if they were in compliance with Resolution 666. UN Chronicle, December 1990, pp18-19

These sanctions were in place until George W. conquered Iraq/Babylon.

. Revelation 18 10 ... . Alas! alas! thou great city, thou mighty city, Babylon! In one hour has thy judgement come. ... . 21 ... . So shall Babylon the great city be thrown down with violence, and shall be found no more;

The Iraqi military, the fourth largest in the world, was largely destroyed by the UN coalition forces in less than two months. The ground war lasted only a few days. Iraq contains the ruins of ancient Babylon. Baghdad, the capitol of Iraq, is just across the Tigress and Euphrates rivers from Babylon. Saddam had a huge sign created showing himself inheriting the authority of Babylon from King Nebuchadnezzar.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Aug 23, 2012

Revelation 13 14 and by the signs that it is allowed to perform on behalf of the beast, it deceives the inhabitants of earth, telling them to make an image for the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived; 15 and it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast so that the image of the beast could even speak and cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

This one still bothers me. It is a major prophecy of an act by the False Prophet, but I can't find a good match for it in the facts. I gave up on it when George Bush left office without constructing a powerful image of Ronald Reagan to be worshiped. The election of his son and that son's conquest of Babylon has given me renewed hope. We may see this one come true yet, if not through the work of George W. , then perhaps by Jeb's hand. Revelation 8 10 The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the fountains of water. 11 The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the water, because it was made bitter. The nuclear reactor at Chernobyl produced a cloud of fallout which fell over much of Europe. This fallout moved in rain water and runoff, eventually collecting and concentrating in the rivers. Long term health results can be expected. Nuclear reactors use a power source related to that found in stars. Chernobyl is Ukrainian for wormwood.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Aug 28, 2012

hey sore butt I was curious whether this site is connected to you in some way. I would say it is right up your direction and I couldn't tell the difference. Now the site is called 'Irateirishman' and I quote 'Irateirishman' "Just when you think niggers can't sink any lower, they manage to drain just a little more from the cesspool"

Okay so here is a story. But first I want you to know whites are niggers too.

Story: Black Female Shetwat orgasms 100 times a day

Falling down the stairs left a shetwat nurse with a rare condition which causes her to orgasm up to 100 times a day.

Kim Ramsey suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), an incurable condition which causes her to be spontaneously muh cootchie aroused without sexual desire. The 44-year-old’s unusual condition means sitting in a chair, traveling on a train or even doing nest work can cause her to climax – sometimes even in public. Kim, from Hertfordshire, fell down the stairs and hurt her back in 2001. Eleven years later, in May this year, doctors discovered that the fall may have caused a Tarlov cyst on her spine at the point where a woman’s orgasm originates. But it wasn’t until Kim became intimate with her partner that she discovered the unexpected side effect from the fall. Kim said: “After we’d had a muk dik session I was still experiencing constant orgasms for four days. “I was petrified, I thought I was going mad. I told the muh dik and he was chuffed. “When I told a close friend she mentioned it might be PGAD but I was so embarrassed and worried about it happening again that I just tried to forget about it and chose a period of celibacy. “But then after meeting a new muh dik it happened again. I was mortified. “We tried everything to make it stop – squats, deep breathing.

“I even sat on frozen peas but the orgasms and muh cootchie arousal continued for 36 hours – I must have had around 200 orgasms during that period. The pain and exhaustion was excruciating. ”

Full story and other stories: The h-t-t-p://

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Sep 1, 2012

At: Vegan

I haven't read all of your postings yet , but they seem to be very interesting views of a Native American. Why do you use the term Indians? I thought that YOUR PEOPLE don't like to be associated or identified with the tribes of the country of India.

And, do you eat hamburgers?

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

Hey there white european. I'm really not Native American, and mostly I'm white. Me just like a lot of American people have descendants from Native American Indian tribes, I have two, but millions of Americans maybe you also have Indians in their family. The problem is I got stuck with Indians in their Nation living in a house on their land by accident and the last thing I expected is a police state from Indians and Indian cops are mostly white. I hate the Big Baby Hugee cops I encountered. Indians turned out to be BIG POLICE government. Even their pow wows are loaded with cops. I expected Indians to be natural. So when Indians traveled the land in the past and seen a marijuana plant they didn't go berzerk like some people like marijuana is evil, and like it was meant to be in coexistence. European founding fathers of the United States smoked pot. United States presidents said in quotes they used marijuana. Indians are un natural. They look bad. And thery like white european females. So their kids are mostly always white, but are still very Indian. I yaddle a lot everywhere I go on the internet. Hope you all don't mind.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

Sorry about the double post White European. I started out becoming a vegetarian. I went Vegan after realizing the abuse of animals for animal products. The egg factories force hens to stay awake 24 hours a day to lay eggs until they die to boost production, then they replace them with new laying hens they fource to stay awake twenty four hours a day and they have no shame doing this. They produce babies on these rolling belted machines, they sort through the babies and and snap the necks with their thumbs the baby males so people can eat eggs. If there was a God, and I'm an evolutionist so I don't belive anything except biological evolution, God would have intended food only to be farm produced, and not factory produced meaning the earth is abnormally over populated and it takes animal abuse to feed it. Most people don't care. I eat soy hamburges sometimes. I make an exceptional killer good soft taco with soy meat, home baked beans, lettuce, and rich red ripe tamatoe. Taste like the best clean food ever. I do live on a starvation diet. I most eat nuts every day, with soy milk. It feel good to be part of helping animals from here, and living free.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

Freedom is surprizingly something Indians nor Americans don't seem to believe in these days. We're living in a big prison in life. The whole darn planet is about big government. No matter what promise a politician makes, they remain to support big government, because they will make us laws. And it takes government to do this.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

I guess a lot of people think Indians don't have problems. There are a lot of problems everywhere. Like in this story here of George Armstrong Custer favorite Indian scout Bloody Knife. Source Wikipedia: Bloody Knife was probably born between 1837 and 1840 in Dakota Territory, although his exact birth date and birthplace are unknown. His father was a Hunkpapa Sioux and his mother a member of the Arikara tribe, also known as the Ree. He lived with his father's tribe during his early childhood. Since he was of mixed blood, and the Sioux were traditional enemies of the Arikara, he was often discriminated against and treated poorly by the other Sioux. Consequently, he developed a hatred for the Sioux tribe and a feud evolved between him and a Sioux named Gall. Sitting Bull, who had a close friendship with Gall, also abused Bloody Knife. When he was about fifteen, Bloody Knife and his mother left his father and the Sioux to return to the Arikara at an American Fur Company trading post called Fort Clark, which was located close to modern day Stanton, North Dakota on the Upper Mississippi River.

In 1876, during the Little Bighorn campaign, Bloody Knife repeatedly tried to warn Custer there were too many Indians to fight. Consequently, he ignored Custer's plea to stay out of the battle. By some accounts, before the battle began, Bloody Knife signaled to the sun with his hands, "I shall not see you go down behind the hills tonight. " Bloody Knife was assigned to Major Marcus Reno, who had a command of 140 soldiers, at the Battle of the Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876. During the battle, Custer directed Bloody Knife and the other Arikara and Crow scouts to drive off the herds of Indian ponies in the Sioux camp. Reno and his men retreated into woodland near the river, and Bloody Knife was shot in the head and killed while mounted on his horse. Reportedly, Bloody Knife was standing next to Reno, who had motioned for Bloody Knife to approach him so he could ask Bloody Knife what the Indians would do when his command began to move away from their village. Bloody Knife's blood and brain spattered onto Reno's face. Reno was traumatized and began to panic, then enacted a series of frantic actions and many of his troops died. Bloody Knife was one of three Arikara scouts assigned to Reno to die during the battle; the others were Little Brave (also known as Bear's Trail or Little Soldier) and Bobtail Bull. The US Army suffered a huge defeat.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

Bloody Knife's corpse had been mutilated by the Sioux. According to Bloody Knife's sister, her daughters had found his body on the battlefield, and unaware that it was the body of their uncle, cut off his head and took it to the Hunkpapa village where it was displayed on a pole. When she saw the head and recognized it as that of her brother, Bloody Knife's sister was horrified. According to David Humphreys Miller, an interviewer who talked with many of the participants and witnesses from the battle, she cried out: "Gall has killed him at last!" However, other accounts do not mention Gall nor the sisters' reactions at their discovery of the head's identity. Bloody Knife's body was buried on June 27, 1876 by Colonel John Gibbon's troops on the battlefield. A scalp was found in an empty Sioux lodge by one of Gibbon's men and the Arikara identified it as that of Bloody Knife, having recognized the gray streaks in the hair. On April 14, 1879, Bloody Knife's widow, She Owl, arrived at Fort Berthold. She told Thomas Ellis, an agent at the fort, that she was "the sole and only legal representative of said Bloody Knife, " and wished to receive money that he was owed for his services. In 1881, she received $91. 66 in wages from the US Government"

Point is White European. There are assholes everywhere.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

This sore butt fellow allowed me to post on his site because I run my mouth so much people can't stand it.

I don't like Indians, and don't think I ever had. I went to a Ponca Indian clinic one time to get an appointment card for a relative and the Indian girls screamed at me for no reason, I have a cousin who is 1/8 potawatomi indian, she went to the same for dentle care and she said they treated her really mean and tortured her mouth.

Indians are big brown assholes in my opinion.

But who doesn't suck in one wy or another.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

I don't think people realizes how detrimentally serious life is living here. This is a real government, they have real cops, there is no more protection here than someone living in Mexico, Cuba, or China. They can do what they want. My dispute is dual citizenship and the US government favoring Indian Nation soverinty and their unregulated police over human rights issues. The cops can come to my house in the middle of the night and I can disappear, I told sore butt this in a letter to him. Like in any nation I face the same challenges here. I sent sore butt a short audio of people openly threatening to kill me, and entrap me so if something happens and I end up dead maybe he can stand in for my defense. Here they can put cameras in your house if they are small enough not to be seen, the police can monitor you 24 hrs a day with energy weapons and other technology. They do what they want when they want. Sore Butt may spare me a very serious problem, where the US government plays favor to Indian Nations, gives their elderly our social security so they can pick on people if they don't like them, and takes care of their entire wants and needs. They're in our government. They run the Department of the interior Beurea of Indian affairs. I could die here. Sore butt can help me, and I know he could because look at his site.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

As strange as this may sound after exausting my energies with the United States and the unbelievable association they have created with Indian Nations and Indian Nations operating inside the US government and all the special favortism to their government and police, I seriously considered consulting some natorious Mofia familys inside the United States for assistence. It depends on the circumstance because I could be forced in that direction without a choice. The problem is that I probably don't have the resources or even close to pay for the protection, not even close. This would deliver a serious punch to the Indian family grouping problem, and the pressure these people would inflict would be unbearable and serious to the Indians. The United States government from the Senate to the Sheriffs to the county D. A. has already told me that I am on my own here with Indian Nations and I have to funtion in their system, plus they're buddies with the local tribal members county representatives, casinos, business, Nations, and on and on. So has the ACLU, and ever other 100th legal resource I have attempted to use. Attoneys will just ignor you over the issue with Indians. Indian Nations can not be legally held accoutable for most things like any government in the world. Mexico can not be held accountable, China, Russia, England or Indians. Color people are the same caught up in color, not justice for a second. That is why you don't trust color people, they smile at you like they're smart, and think inside their head, Hmmm? Color. Indian governments are just too powerful. This leaves me on my own. In the future I may have to do whatever I feel is nessiary for my self preservation if it becomes nessiary. I'm dealing with a family who have cops and their family likes picking on me, I may need my own unregulated family, just one hell of a family that is as tough as hell warmed over. I considered a biker gang but what can you expect out of a few old guys on bikes, these people can't even control their own destiny in their own city or their girlfriends for that much. I was thinking something better than some worn out old drunks with girlfriends, beards, and cheap jackets. I was thinking business. Some real muscle. And I would need some real money which I don't have. My problems would end, because all people respond to authority.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 1, 2012

I love all the religous stuff up above. Ronald Reagan was an mean old republican business man. But not meaner than Indians. Now it's Mitt Romneys turn. Mormon prophecy predicts in the end days that a Mormon will become president of the United States and restore the constitution. Amazing. It's just one after another. I believe in evolution because I see the facts presented on paper, in DNA, and the unmerciful life we live. In the past fossil records. This life is the survival of the fittest a dog eat dog world even with republicans and this is why republicans are rich. Off the backs of dead cattle, and dead laborers. No matter how many Christians get together and praise the old Hebrew God. The Egypians God and his temples faded away, so did the Greeks God and temples they worshipped at and took their kids to, same in Babylon when the Hebrew Abraham was taken to the Babylon church by his parents. Men have always associated the affects of nature and the universe, pulsars and microwaves from space, earthg quakes, tidlewaves, and perhaps Aliens affects on life on earth, or time travel in a 15 billion year old universe to be a God and nothing more than that. Amazing, even in the religous days of Jesus whoever Jesus was if he really existed, Sadducees unlike pharisees didn't believe in life after death although they worshipped God and attended temples. Jesus didn't seem to have a problem with Sadducees, he had a problem with pharisees and the way they observed their laws. We are a product of evolution, of space, of collapsing stars. We are 14 billion years, and heading towards the future, and life will change, and most of us will be forgotton about. From Albert Einstein, to Carl Sagan, to the greatest human skeptics, they will all speak the same words and life continues on.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 3, 2012

So how many of you people are Native Americans. ? ? ? I found that these people are on the computer, but they wont talk about this stuff or Indians, but when they're here on the land they're fully s*** faced, because they can get away with anything.

Has me wondering if white european is Native American. With his Psycho analizing me. People start picking my brain and put a dim witted twist on. You're people. It'as like I just crapped my pants. Indians can't even dance. They stop. Looks like they got turds in their pants. So in old times a pants crapper was their leader, and made them dance that way. Was handed down as a tradition, they never forgot about it. Good thing whites don't do this anymore or we'd all be doing strange things of the past we don't want to do. Like witch burning.

Anyways. sore butt... I like the whites only thing. The only problem is you run into the same problem Hitler ran into. Who is white? I mean there are whites that are not white, not even close. Whites and no one else sounds good. I've always enjoyed some whites best. They found that Harvard college students cheating through college. I imagined they looked around at all the white (and brown)Indians having it made, plus Mexicans, and Blacks. They are not required to qualify like whites, so apparently just maybe, the whites decided why should the others be allowed to score less--- just because their colored and got a fat broard ass.

I just wanted you all to know Indians are assholes and they get away with a lot of s***.

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Sep 3, 2012

Who the hell is the Great Red Dragon? Are you afraid to use the JEW word?

P. S. I am slowly reading your comments and won't form an opinion on whether they are ramblings of a mad man or lucid genius.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 3, 2012

Woe so many spelling errors. Brownies are patting themselves on the back thinking, hey. . I ain't stupid after all. Hey sore butt you should get away from the Jesus stuff. I know you were probably brought up as a Christian. Makes me wonder how old you are. The Jesus if he existed, was full Jewish. Buddhist insist that Jesus copied Buddha, and insist Jesus was a Buddhist student, because his words are Buddha's words. This is not impossible, because Jews are followers of everone else in the world. They have lived in everyone elses country. Starting with Abraham in Babylon, to Egypt, to France 300 BC, to Russia, to Germany. Jewish intelligence kills white people around the world especially if they're connected to their belief system like Hitler, hunts them down, terrifys them, eventually owns them like servants. Our computer wasn't made by Jesus but by Charles Babbage "an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer. " Originated the concept of a programmable computer. He is called the "father of the computer" Charles Darwin was a good intelligent white man. There is very little proof that Jewish Jesus existed. Very few writing about him come from people who knew him. Paul was the Jewish convert who was converted to Christianity 34 years after the death of Jesus who wrote most about him. He didn't know him. He never seen anything Jesus did. And most of the New Testiment is written by people who only heard rumors about the Jewish Jesus and these things anyone could do for someone else in todays world out of their home garage for the future generations like for David Koresh the other Jesus.

Have you ever researched evolution? Evolution is fact. I can't seeing you being a good white person being reborn from white to being Jewish. It just doesn't click.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 3, 2012

The Great Red Dragon is the fictional character from the Book of Revelations. Supposedly wriitten by Paul of (Tarsus? ? ) Greece. Jews have always fantasised about mythlogical evil beings in other peoples countries. This story is not quite as good as the more older myth story from Persia (Iran) were many Jews like the Jewish Daniel of the Book of Daniel lived. Ahura Mazda is considered the one and only creator of the Universe. He is pure without evil. His name means Ahura Light and Mazada Wisdom. Old Iranian religion who was proclaimed the uncreated God by Zoroaster, Ahura Mazda is the creator and upholder of Arta (truth). Ahura Mazda is an omniscient (though not omnipotent) god, who has destroyed evil. Ahura Mazda's created a being called Angra Mainyu, the "evil spirit" who chose evil and as the creator of evil has been destroyed according to legend and the initiation of frashokereti (the destruction of evil).

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Sep 3, 2012

After reading a little more, Great Red Dragon is specifically Ronald Reagen. I thought it was a symbolism for the Big Red machine of Jewish created communism and the Jew, Mosaad created 9/11 attack of the Zionist pigs billeted permanently in Israel while wearing out their welcome in America, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy , and Russia.

I don't know whether Russia's Putin is a Christian savior to the White Russians or a puppet of the International Zionists bankers. Time will tell. One would think that if he was a true Christian savior, he would liquidate the remaining Jews in Russia for all of their past butchering sins from 1918-1990.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 3, 2012

Evolution goes something like this.

In the beginning 535 MYBC. 'Pikaia', a worm-like animal, about 2 inches long with a long flattened tail, dates back to the Cambrian, about 535 million years ago, is the oldest know chordate. It is the ancestor of every living chordate including all fishes, amphibian, reptiles, birds, all mammals, and modern humans.

Than the first 'Tetrapods vertebrate animals'. 'Class Agnathan' were the first true vertebrates to evolve, and the first animals to posses a true backbone and appeared about 510 million years ago.

Afterward the first lobed-fin fishes evolved about 390 million years ago. The lobed-fin fishes move their fins with muscles within the fin itself. These muscled fins developed into walking limbs, which allowed them to walk along the bed of shallow ponds and estuaries and pick little creatures out of the mud. Eventually their swim bladders evolved into a lung and their primitive limbs became strong enough to support terrestrial movement. They were the first tetrapod.

Than 'amniote reptiles' which is a reptile whose eggs contain specialized membranes that allow them to develop out of water, and the amniote reptiles evolved from amphibians about 300 million years ago.

Afterwards the 'diapsid reptiles' somewhere around 280 million years ago, diapsid reptiles became dinosaurs and crocodilians and modern snakes and lizards on earth.

Than the first Carnivora mammal evolved 60 and 70 million years ago from a group of mammal-like reptiles called the 'therapsids' that lived about 220 million years ago. The first mammal was a somewhat weasel-like insectivore.

55 to 33 million years ago, the first plus-sized herbivorous mammals. Across early Eocene North America. The Eocene, also gestated the first prehistoric horses, whales, and elephants.

A picture of the first mammal-like reptile //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Therapsida

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 3, 2012

Ronald Reagan was one Great Red Dragon. He oppressed the white man in his labors, and made the white people of the United States poor. He disrupted the white growth of the country, spured on minority benifits especially with his dealing with his beloved Mexico. Ronald Reagan put low-cost Mexican labor before the welfare of the future of white American. When Ronald Reagan first became president he ran to Mexico to visit the Mexican president as quick as possible first thing off in the first few days. He felt Mexican labor was benificial to American, and to stimulate democracy or Capitalism in the the world, by creating low cost labor for farmers, and business. The people under Ronald Reagan are mostly dead now from living in darkness in big industery. Than they were treated like mexican animals inside the sweat-shops. they were what you see today as baby cow veal inside slaughter houses and they were treated the same in every degree. Plus he wanted to put the youth to death for drugs and created the drug-war which spured on the factory-prison system. Something business is currently involved in today for cheap labor. He also spayed the wild plants with toxic poison and killed people with his drug war.

Russia has the largest land mass in the world with the deepest lakes and I think I read that it had the highest moutains, plus I think Russia connects to more oceans and countries than any other country in the world I believe. I would have to re-research. Retirement for women in Russia is 55. 60 for men. The difference is probably because Russia is more traditional and they don't have womens rights and womens issues like they do in the United States.

The other Red Dragon could be Native American Nations. There are currently almost 600 other Nations in the United States.

Russia's Putin may be a Christian savior to the White Russians.

He seems to be concerned, although Zionism is like everywhere. It exist in every church the teachings that the Jews are Gods chosen people and will rule the world in the end days. To every Christian president. To every business. I think there is more hope for the anti-zionist in Kim Jung Un of North Korea than Putin perhaps.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 3, 2012

Buddhist are one of those peoples that will never accept the idea that there is a God, mostly because of the elequant impressive teachings of the Buddha. Buddha was one of those people who knew everything about everything without being there or even seeing it. Buddha talked about the Universe, Different times in the Universe, Periods where other worlds with other traditions existed, coming existences of different types of people in different shapes and sizes and traditions, the beginning and end of the universe, the beginng of all new univeses, the enegy of ones life after one dies, benificial observations about the values or benifits of over-coming anger which is intentionally induced into a person by a bad society.

Zionish have a perfect ending when it comes to Buddhism. But real whites are already distroyed. The whites today are mean low value repubican inbreds of low bred races.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 3, 2012

Here is a little teaching of Buddha.

The Dhammapada Chapter 17 verse 1

Verse 1. One should give up anger, renounce pride, and overcome all fetters. Suffering never befalls him who clings not to mind and body and is detached. who clings not to mind and body and is detached. 2. He who checks rising anger as a charioteer checks a rolling chariot, him I call a true charioteer. Others only hold the reins. 3. Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the miser by generosity; overcome the liar by truth. 4. Speak the truth; yield not to anger; when asked, give even if you only have a little. By these three means can one reach the presence of the gods. 5. Those sages who are inoffensive and ever restrained in body, go to the Deathless State, where, having gone, they grieve no more. 6. Those who are ever vigilant, who discipline themselves day and night, and are ever intent upon Nibbana — their defilements fade away. 7. O Atula! Indeed, this is an ancient practice, not one only of today: they blame those who remain silent, they blame those who speak much, they blame those who speak in moderation. There is none in the world who is not blamed. 8. There never was, there never will be, nor is there now, a person who is wholly blamed or wholly praised. 9. But the man whom the wise praise, after observing him day after day, is one of flawless character, wise, and endowed with knowledge and virtue. 10. Who can blame such a one, as worthy as a coin of refined gold? Even the gods praise him; by Brahma, too, is he praised. 11. Let a man guard himself against irritability in bodily action; let him be controlled in deed. Abandoning bodily misconduct, let him practice good conduct in deed. 12. Let a man guard himself against irritability in speech; let him be controlled in speech. Abandoning verbal misconduct, let him practice good conduct in speech. 13. Let a man guard himself against irritability in thought; let him be controlled in mind. Abandoning mental misconduct, let him practice good conduct in thought. 14. The wise are controlled in bodily action, controlled in speech and controlled in thought. They are truly well-controlled.

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Posted By: White EuropeanWed. Sep 5, 2012


Did you chase all of the posters away? I search most of the threads daily and find very little poster activity. Our comments appear to be going to the google search engine because if you put in enough consecutive words used in your composition, the search engine will show this site on the top page.

Sign up for new comment notifications and you won't have to search the site for new posts. You will know when, where and by whom they are posted

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Sep 5, 2012

I love this site. I turn people off. Than you turn people on. I turn them off again. It's like walking into a windy room with candles burning, than someone accidently expells some fart gas, and the whole room explodes in a fire ball.

Burritos are on the table to the right. :)

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Sep 5, 2012

I eat lots of bean\soy burritos. Very good. Were you aware Elvis Presley was an eighth degree black belt, it makes me wonder why he shot his TV with a bullet in the movie instead of chopping it with his hands. Elvis Presley was trained by Chuck Noris and his wife too. Now I don't like Kong Fu or Fu movies, or Ballet, because Chuck Norris said Ballet is a good start to going Fu because you can stretch better, and I believe Japanese people got squented eys and front buck tooths by masturbating too hard, some people believe that Presley whom was a devoted Christian, and male hooker is still alive today hiding out from the public eye.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Sep 5, 2012

Now here is a site for all those Pagan Witch hating Christian's out there-sore butt- I don't much care for Pagans myself, but exclusively for different reasons. The site points out who are the Witches and Pagans in our society, and exactly what these sinners are up to. You really got to check out this one sore butt, white european. the h-t-t-p//

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Sep 6, 2012

At: Website Owner "Sign up for new comment notifications and you won't have to search the site for new posts. You will know when, where and by whom they are posted"

I have 3 E-Mail addresses and don't really click on any of them on a regular basis because I don't have any personal friend's messages to look out for. I visit my E-Mail addresses usually once a month to clear and delete the spam.

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Sep 6, 2012

Behind most assassinations are Jews.

Abe Lincoln- killed for having our government issue Greenback dollars.

Andrew Jackson- failed assassination attempt for being a bug up the Jew's asses by delaying for decades the re-introduction of a Jew controlled Central Bank.

Joseph McCarthy- poisoned by the Jews for stirring up their complete association with communism.

Joseph Stalin- poisoned by the Jews when he started to kill Jews.

General George Patton- killed by the Jews for trying to disclose the truth about fighting for the wrong side. Should have helped Hitler and Germany to liquidate the Bolshevik communist Jews of Russia.

John F. Kennedy- killed for having the government issue silver certificates.

Robert Kennedy-killed by the Jewish mafia for cracking down as Attorney General on their wicked ways.

Marilyn Monroe-killed by knowing too much about the Kennedys and maybe the Jewish or Italian mafia.

Elvis Presley-killed by the mafia; don't know if it was the Italian or Jewish mafia.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

white european you have to be care giving people your email address. sore butt 9whoever he is, black, brown, white, indian, jewish) uses a google account mail, he gave me a virus when I was in connection with him. The virus locked up my virus protection system and I couldn't get in to it.

How could I give you a virus from a gmail account without sending you attachment?
California where he says he lives is notorious for assholes.
So now you think I'm an asshole do you.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

sore butt has a disclaimer at the bottom of his page. "The content does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of either my ISP, myself, my company or employer, my friends (if any, ) my goldfish or my neighbour's mad dog; don't quote me on that; don't quote me on anything; all rights reserved;"

"read at your own risk; parental advisory - explicit words; text may contain material some readers may find objectionable, parental guidance is advised; not suitable for children; not suitable for adults; not for human consumption; keep away from sunlight, pets and small children; limit one-per-family; no money down; no purchase necessary; to approved purchasers only; facsimiles are acceptable in South Australia; you need not be present to read this post;"

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

These could be a government operated site where they attempt to entrap white groups.

Zionist do this all the time in or government.

When he said he was eating a buritto it could have been in a government building with a FBI-DHS-ATF desk.

The best thing to do to sore butt if you desire to talk to him is to answer him back according to his own folly... which means to never be honest to him.

I have never lied to him, but I know he's up to no good.

His virus is called 'Generic'''''''---

Buddhist groups are not white, some Buddhist claim Buddha was Ayrian, Buddhism is the best religion to combat Judaism and to end the conquering the world with Zionism because Buddhism is far superior.

Buddhist will never accept Judaism, Islamist whom Buddhist hate, or Christianity the nest of hornets the baby sect of Zionist.

Like with all colors I don't know if there is a difference between Italian or Jewish.

To combat this problem in our United States people will need to put their trust in white republican's whether they like the republicans that always leans towards zionism or not, because they are the only white people who are still white in the United States, the other white people in the United States, no one knows who they are.

Here I am faithfully Vegan not only because I care for animals, because I differ from the crowd of eaters, I seperate myself away from the mix of baboons. I'm also healthier in body, mind, and moral conscience. Not in the appetite.

If you are some person called white european and not sore butt screwing off again because he is the only one here posting on his CIA site. If you gave him your email you should go to your internet service provider and request a user name passwor change very soon.

Also if you are using Google home page you need to switch to startpage home page. You can read there why you want start page home page and start page search engine.

take care.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

If you're interested in some Buddhist opinions where you don't need to register to post //

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

shot. do color people own guns in there crappy countries? Most of us don't have to ask ourselves too long where would color people be with white america. dead and in a hole.

let all the muslims kill each other in their religous dictatorships, abd let all the blacks in America and Africa kill each other. Let the Mexicans shoot each other in their gang wars. And to hell with Native American Police States!

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

The Sore Butt DHS-CIA-ATF probably posted that FYB. Besides I spelled checked all my words and it comes up that way above.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

Is there anybody beside me that would like to see a real picture of sore butt. you see this site has the Visa, Master Card, Discovery Cards going up there. Any black person living in Compton or Watts in Los Angeles California could be running this site.

Hell I live where there is a large government Native American police building running 24 Hrs. a day without regulation. They could be doing this, or one of the other almost 600 other Native American Nation police or government buildings could be running this site. Perhaps your soon sore butt with DHS-FBI-ATF. DHA-FBI-ATF do this entrapment all the time. Give whitey groups a sore butt after entrapment.

I give us white people harsh words sometimes. But I also give us support.

Sore Butt

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 6, 2012

well... in history there are many other interesting life after death religous stories.

The Vision of Er By Plato [In Book 10 of his Republic, Plato has Socrates tell the story of the vision of Er, an allegory concerning the fate of human souls after death and the way in which their next life on earth is determined. The following is the Jowett translation (§§ 614-621). -- Ed. ]

Er the son of Armenius, a Pamphylian by birth. He was slain in battle, and ten days afterwards, when the bodies of the dead were taken up already in a state of corruption, his body was found unaffected by decay, and carried away home to be buried. And on the twelfth day, as he was lying on the funeral pile, he returned to life and told them what he had seen in the other world. He said that when his soul left the body he went on a journey with a great company, and that they came to a mysterious place at which there were two openings in the earth; they were near together, and over against them were two other openings in the heaven above. In the intermediate space there were judges seated, who commanded the just, after they had given judgment on them and had bound their sentences in front of them, to ascend by the heavenly way on the right hand; and in like manner the unjust were bidden by them to descend by the lower way on the left hand; these also bore the symbols of their deeds, but fastened on their backs. He drew near, and they told him that he was to be the messenger who would carry the report of the other world to men, and they bade him hear and see all that was to be heard and seen in that place.

Full story by Socrates: //www.theosophy-nw. org/theosnw/reincar/re-plato.htm by Theosophical University Press

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Sep 7, 2012

If big brother wants to find your computer location they have no trouble. I found that if I use the google search engine, they track your every move. I read that using webcrawler which uses Google, Yahoo and others in the search , doesn't track you as much as using google directly.

The Jews via the CIA and Mosaad monitor every phone call and suspicious internet activity. Through the cell phone of individuals, they can track your every move and zoom in using satellite cameras. They can even use microwave beams to give a person a heart attack directly or induce eventual brain cancer over time.

I am leery of any political figures having heart attacks or coming down with brain cancer. The former mayor of Philadelphia Frank Rizzo , upon running for another term, had a fatal heart attack in his office while Ted Kennedy succumbed of brain cancer. They could have died of natural causes, but one can surely speculate.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Sep 7, 2012

If this is an infiltrated site paid for by the Jewish traitorous AIPAC lobby, why are donations sought?

I suppose it can be the stinginess of the Jewish personality. All of the public television stations are owned and controlled by Jews who receive generous stipends from the corporate community and governmental agencies, and yet they are always seeking private contributions from the public so that a few Jews can be overpaid for running the non-stressful operations of the local stations. If a job requires stress, the Jews will enlist the services of a gentile to perform the tasks.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Sep 7, 2012

I wonder if "A Person" the black girl who comments on this site from time to time is employed by AIPAC , pretending to be dumb as a skunk to elicit derogatory comments from what she considers White trash.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 8, 2012

Anyway sore butt I sent you some incriminating information on the Wyandotte Nation. We know just because someone sits inside power it doesn't mean that they can't be involved in things that are wrong and corrupt.

Wyandottes are good at breaking the law than covering themselves with some cover of holy rightousness. Probably like all low class Indians.

I ONLY accept tyhe laws of the United States. ONLY! And not some private group. But there is question whether the United States is breaking the laws with illegal intereactions with Indian Nations. May be a issue for the United States Supreme Court.

I thank you for sore butt for allowing me to send you this information and post on your site.

Your virus you gave me is something all togather different.

Why you would do that I haven't a clue. How you do that without going to jail I don't know. Cops here and the authority family clan would love to be harassing me at my front door right now.

I guess the United States is really protective of your rights. Unlike on any dictorial Indian Nation land.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 8, 2012

Yeah White European I was just getting ready to tell sore butt the(ATF, CIA, DHS, Nation of Native American Police Secret Service NNP)'Building' that he is very lucky to express his opinions freely here in the United States because if he was Indian land they wouldn't allow him to operate this site, or speak this way for a second or without approval. Him at the least they would assult him and his house with energy weapons 24/7, and send cops to his house on false complaints which in the United States is not illegal and covered under free speech.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 8, 2012

The startling thing is the unconstitutional United States is illegally involvement with these groups like the one you mentioned the AIPAC lobby. I think it's clear that the Zionist are mad, God drunken, delusional, and terroristic irate lobbist that are undermining the legible constitutional seperation of powers, church and state, and the rights expressed within the constitution law to the right of individual liberties granted by Natural Rights to the rest of the United States and occupants protected by laws.

The only political presidential resort given to the United States people is Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney is infused with the AIPAC, Zionist ideaologies, and drunken delusional zionism and God in everything.

It is destroying the Whites who have erected the security of the country -exclusively- for self individual empowerment, individualism, Liberty and the freedom and freedom from power regulatory government and the capitalism ilite who are controling the markets.

Amazing. Zionis are everywhere.

James Madison The fourth president of the United States and writer of the Bill of Rights "The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries. " -1803 letter objecting use of gov. land for churches


Buddhist mnay be the only Non Zionist besides Pagans.

Thomas Jefferson The third president of the United States

"I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition (Christianity) one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology. "

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 8, 2012

I didn't see your comments sore butt. You sent me an email with the exclusive word Generic' applied to the issue of pictures I took off the internet of Cheif of the Wyandotte Nation sunday school teacher Billy Friend, Federal Police Eastern Shawnee Nation, whom visied my house on a false complaint from the Indian Wyandotte family clan gang picking on me, Hwy. signs desinating Wyandotte Nation territory, and Eastern Shawnee Territory Nation land, an audio of Wyandotte Neighbors falsely accusing me of harassment of them and their family or Indian family why they are getting away with murder, gang banging me with their friends and police, why I'm suppose to coward. I sent you an internet picture of state representative and member of the Cherokee Nation Larry Glenn who went to high school in Wyandotte, a picture of the Cherokee Nation Marshals patch from the internet and told you Larry Glenn could be involve with the Cherokee Nation Marshals. I only gave two people my email. A realtor company attempting to find a place to live, and you. You're right. There was no attachment. The virus locked up my McAfee. The virus had a name Generic''''with some numbers attached. It could have been the Wyandotte Nation secret service police (NASP)and like I told you every neighbor I live around that killed our dog and destroy our property and send police to our house may be employed Wyandoote police, because the family makes their own rules.

I don't know. I didn't want to throw blame at you without knowing you give virus's.

Someone did.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Sep 8, 2012

Re:"So now you think I'm an asshole do you"

I live in California for many years. I lived from San Diego to Palm Springs, to Twenty Nine Palms, and traveled the state beginng when I was 15 year old, sometimes living on my own. I'm 50 years old now. I have never met a California person that I liked that much. California was always a trap. Believe it or not the Wyandottes have founded their own city and headquarters in California called Wyandotte City California. Although the Wyandotte Nation are not a United States Indian clan, and are originally from Canada with their company clan group the Seneca Cuyaga also from Canada they have done very well getting Federal recognition from the United States government. Now the Wyandotte Nation of Kansas wants to get their own Police State going with Federal Recognition they are appling for. The two together will become like the Cherokee Nation who have multiple bands of Nations, courts, government agencies, laws, and police.

I don't know what to tell you. California is occupied by people originally from the mid west and around the country. To me. California's are assholes. And you people think we should see you as movie stars or something special all of you.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 10, 2012

hey racist sore butt Johnny Ruppe wrote Tue. Apr 19, 2011

Johnny Ruppe said: "My life partner Hector and I love each other but can't get married because of people like you. I am not a sissy, I fight like a man and I'm not afraid. Call me anytime 123-456-7890 to fight or love, I don't care which. There is no White Power, only RAINBOW POWER! When the civil war comes, and it will, we are going to rape all of you racist clowns!" Johnny Ruppe gave you his phone number. 123-456-7890 Have you called yet?

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 10, 2012

I want Johnny Ruppe's to know The Vegan honors his choices, although never under estimate that the battles are tough and never ending. First the Zionist are everywhere and really believe we are to be ruled under Jewish law handed down through Moses from God.

They see God in an illusionary dream state in their daily lives like God really exist, fasioning the future, and they shoot to end our choices and freedoms so our lives will reflect the laws of their God, our choices and freedoms which the land of freedom and Liberty are based upon. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere, there exist the hornet Zionist that believe the Jews and Jewish law is the foundation of not only our country but that the Jews are Gods choosen people and are meant to rule the entire world in the last days. Oddly most of that has come to pass, Jews can be thankful to the Christians of the United States.

It's not only the Christian Republicans that want the return of the Military draft they also want more tax dollars going towards supporting a much larger Military. They want to teach the youth corrective education. Like do they teach in Africa. The law in Africa for homosexuality is corrective rape. During the Republican rule of George Bush 2 Christian George passed a law that raised the draft age to 47 years or older.

Native American Nations and the almost 600 of them and their governments are another problem for the soon to be lost Freedom and Liberty.

2004 Marriage Law decision "On June 14, 2004, the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council voted to officially define marriage as a union between a woman and man, thereby outlawing same-sex marriage. This decision came in response to an application by a lesbian couple submitted on May 13. The decision kept Cherokee law in line with Oklahoma state law, which in 2004 passed a referendum on a constitutional amendment excluding gay marriage as legal. " Wikipedia

Native American Nations are also Zionist, and also believe in the laws and fabled stories of Camel riders living in waste land deserts with flys eating their eyes out for over four thousand years, while they sacrificed their children to God to win battles and stoned people to death.

With all our technology thousands of years later we have just not come very far.

TIt is the survival of the fittest.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 10, 2012

Judges 11 And Jephthah vowed a vow unto the Lord, and said, If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into mine hands, Then it shall be, that whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, shall surely be the Lord's, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering. So Jephthah passed over unto the children of Ammon to fight against them; and the Lord delivered them into his hands. And he smote them from Aroer, even till thou come to Minnith, even twenty cities, and unto the plain of the vineyards, with a very great slaughter. Thus the children of Ammon were subdued before the children of Israel And Jephthah came to Mizpeh unto his house, and, behold, his daughter came out to meet him with timbrels and with dances: and she was his only child; beside her he had neither son nor daughter.

And it came to pass, when he saw her, that he rent his clothes, and said, Alas, my daughter! thou hast brought me very low, and thou art one of them that trouble me: for I have opened my mouth unto the Lord, and I cannot go back.

And she said unto him, My father, if thou hast opened thy mouth unto the Lord, do to me according to that which hath proceeded out of thy mouth; forasmuch as the Lord hath taken vengeance for thee of thine enemies, even of the children of Ammon.

And she said unto her father, Let this thing be done for me: let me alone two months, that I may go up and down upon the mountains, and bewail my virginity, I and my fellows.

And he said, Go. And he sent her away for two months: and she went with her companions, and bewailed her virginity upon the mountains.

And it came to pass at the end of two months, that she returned unto her father, who did with her according to his vow which he had vowed: and she knew no man. And it was a custom in Israel and burned her body, That the daughters of Israel went yearly to lament the daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite four days in a year.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Sep 10, 2012

The fourth president of the United States, James Madison, and producer and writer of the Bill of Rights

"What influence, in fact, have ecclesiastical establishments had on society? In some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny on the ruins of the civil authority; on many instances they have been seen upholding the thrones of political tyranny; in no instance have they been the guardians of the liberties of the people. Rulers who wish to subvert the public liberty may have found an established clergy convenient auxiliaries. A just government, instituted to secure and perpetuate it, needs them not. " - "A Memorial and Remonstrance", 1785


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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Sep 13, 2012

The Vegan was exiled to solitary confinement in his own jail cell "Observations By The Vegan"

If you post the right key words to your compositions, you will have a lot of followers from the google search engine.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Sep 13, 2012

You're an asshole, and that's why you resort to childish racial insults like "Some Niggers Never Die" or resort to insulting Mexicans which you probably smile to in public. you have never grown up, and you probably have no friends. No one knows you, how old you are if you're 12 years old or 20. You intentionally infected my computer with a computer virus and I really should have reported you to the FCC or Google or whoever I am suppose to report you to, than maybe you'd get some jail time, I'm sure McAfee still has your virus.

For your information every piece of information I intrusted you with while you were lying your ass off can be verified with ever local, county, and state authority within my state.

If you believe by siding with Indians is going to help you. You were wrong.

All my state Congressmen, Senators, Local State FBI office, State Attorneys office, and District Attorneys office are fully aware of all this.

You kiddo, you're a religous freak Christian sunday school weirdo... You're a cowardly liar and all blow!

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Oct 2, 2012

The Vegan must be in jail since he is no longer writing his diddies on his personalized blog.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 4, 2012

I opppose the site for posting my pictures without futher approval. I seriously considered contacting Google and filing a complaint about the site he and a virus called generic, which I could do at anytime, and I may contact the for the FCC for the profanity here which may remove the site or fine the owner. If I felt that the issue to be more serious, I know my way around California, I can go there if a legal issue is neesiary. The Site owner will be Subpoenaed and will see me in his county in front of a Judge. Upon need I will be supporting a change in the presidency of the United States so I can petition the new elected president to ending the racial discrimination I have been exposed to here, and for the illegal ingnoring of Federal law here which was supposed to be upheld both by the state, and request a end to funding and Federal recognition of Indian tribes.

As far as you go European. I have absolutely no interest in you, and Nothing to say.

Pray tell Indian boy, what would you expect Google to be able to do? Does Google now own the internet?

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 4, 2012

white woman if I know california and especially san diego and chula vista, and national city, you are one of those few people who stick out like a moldy cloth, the border patrol are mostly mexican, and angry cops, like most of those angry people in california, besides with your attitude you're going to end up in brownsfield one day anyways. you can always go back to arkansas and visit your bacon clan

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 4, 2012

I am not Indian. I like millions of Americans had ancestors that married white men. Cause women like money and something better than what Indian men had to offer back then. To get your site off the internet all it takes is a lot of angry people. Like visiting here. //www.stopracism. ca/content/report-hate-social-networking-sites And For Your Information. Google can, but does not, content of websites, because it is owned and or operated by the United States it could be forced to certain enact laws. I believe a law is now under way against defamation against religion which you should like because you are a lying creationist like all creationist I have had bgack luck un knowning. I bet in person you are in need of an ass whippin, and believe me, Mexicans are real tough. Exactly like the You Tubes felony fights. Check it out. You Tube. Felony fights. Web search.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 4, 2012

here's one butty: "Server ass kicking! Skinhead Nazi gets knee dropped by Mexican Gangster. // v=PVZfH4boP1g

I think this is the one where the Mexican almost killed the white guy by kneeing the guy in the throat when he knocked him out. The white guy almost died, or did.

Most Mexican in real life are this way because they come from Spanish Conquistador, those are the ones that about a few hundred of them in Columbus day killed a million Savage Indian with their hands and swords all by themselves. Plus today they are mixed with Mexico's savage Indians that canibalized American Indians.

Dude. You ani't had an ass kickin till you boxed one of these muscle men. boy!

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 4, 2012

Dude. Your emal-gmail is similar- something like ddude at gmail

I don't appreiate they way in which you treated me. I don't appreiate you posting the picture or my comments after taking advantage of my trust. I wish you would take them down and remove my comments. I will not be held responsible for any legal or personal problem you encounter. I feel sorry for your wife or kids if yoyu have any. And if not you should be sterilized. Both You and white european should be sterilized immediately.

I'm not owned by the Indian group and I personally DO NOT recognise their biased authority.

They would like you a lot better than me. Especially being they're Christan, the current Cheif is a sunday scholl teacher, and you're like thet are, and the exact same type of lying Christian. These toads can make you a Citizen of their silly Nation. Their Nation I will resign from one day. Maybe I will go to Europe if Tom Cruise sends me a million dollar check for being pretty.

Till than. I'll try not returning to your site.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Oct 5, 2012

I still can't get a sense of what your racial composition is. Are you part White Spanish Conquistador with some Mexican Native American? Do you have a little Negro in you also? You sound like a beguiled half breed. Do you like hooch or do you drink mouth wash so popular with the breeds?

Your talk of having participants on the Net arrested or sued for freedom of speech is pure bulls***. The Jews will censor the net in due course and you won't have to worry about it.

America is not a nation of immigrants because we White Europeans didn't migrate here. We came and took it from the many Indian tribes who organized as a nation much too late. Your Indian people are similar to Negros in that it is difficult to find an intelligent, honest Injun capable of leading a nation against the foreign White devils.

Native Americans and African Americans act like helpless children awaiting the next handout from the White man. Forming gangs will make it easier to eliminate the thugs when the racial Civil War comes to America.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Oct 5, 2012

I found through the Arab intelligence agency exactly the way that this site began, the owner and his mom were sitting in their house. And the owner said: Mamma their niggers everywhere. And his mamma said. Well I know son but what we goin to about it. And the owner said. Well mamma, they're a pain in my butt, a big pain mamma, so I figure I'm goin to make a internet site called My sore butt. Ohhhh said mamma. I knew when you were born, they said. He wouldn't make a sound. I had to slsp his butt, come to find out it was his face I slapped, I looked but I couldn't find his banana either, till he all of a sudden got a hard on, ma am he ain't pretty or nothing to look at depending on which end you are looking at him, but i;m sure he'll be good for some'in.

The owner said mamma I always love it when you tell me them there stories, cause there's only you and me, and no one else gives a damn about us, all but Jesus that daddy taught us about, and ruffels our hound dog, and pearly our favourite cat. Besides she catches the mice we had for dinner last night. mamma says. ohhhh it so good to be white and fasioned after the good lord. Amen

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Oct 6, 2012

You write like you are smoking peyote and guzzling mouth wash.

You hate niggers, Whites and Native Americans because you see a reflection of parts of all three when you gaze into the mirror.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Oct 7, 2012

Your momma should have swallowd you like she did all the others.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Oct 7, 2012

Hey Oneandone

California? looks like you may live in Chesterbrook PA 1&1 Internet, Inc. looks like your provider.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Oct 7, 2012

:// only costing you less than $10 a year?

Oneandone you don't have enough money to pay me if you get sued.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Oct 7, 2012

We know Infidel Woman you don't like Mexican's but in California you're smoke Mexican's Marijuana, because you wouldn't be smokin it in Arkansas. In Oklahoma possession of a controlled substance is 15 years.

Brownsfield prison there in San Diego probably is lacking one inmate. And that is probably, You!

I smell pot smoke coming from your house.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 8, 2012

you all should not be using drugs because it leads to opening web sites like this, or killing people, eventually, the demise of the country is undertaken.

hey "oneandone" at 1&1 Internet, Inc. someone may put you out of business fellews, because free speech is only protected to the point that someone is willing to protect it, for free speech being benificial is the only reason it exist.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 8, 2012

This is a $10 dollar web site

Which is more than you have indian boy

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Oct 8, 2012

How many body tattoos do you have master-vegi-nator? You do know that if you do it too much, you go blind.

How can a person only pay $10 per year for a domain name and web provider service?

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Oct 8, 2012

At:The Vegan "In Oklahoma possession of a controlled substance is 15 years. "

A controlled substance is any substance that turns a profit for the kike run FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and the traitorous Israeli run AIPAC.

I'm a White rabbit and God knows what color rabbit you are Zebra face. Yellow rabbits have slanted eyes , while black rabbits have big asses.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 8, 2012

thank you but I'd appreiate it if you removed my pictures

I am sure that if you were to make an appropriate donation all of your comments and your pilfered images would disappear. Bear in mind that you first posted on Mon. May 9, 2011

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Oct 9, 2012

At:Vegan "Mexico is changing. The whiter, blonder, more blue eyed Mexicans are becomming a bigger influential portion of Mexico, driving the poorer darker people out of Mexico to the United States. Pretty soon Mexico will be beautiful. and sexy. "

Thanks to the sheenies , America is becoming a third world cesspool of slimy mestizos(Mix of Native American and White European) while Mexico is becoming a utopia for White Europeans. I forgot the term for a mixture of White, Native Americans, and niggers.

Maybe the American and European White nationalists should land in Mexico performing a coup on the government, taking the land for Whites. Any and all Jews remaining in Mexico should be kicked out and that includes the slimy Jewish international bankers who continually screw everything up.

Hell, that scenario sucks! Why don't we just kick out the Jews, international bankers, and non White blooded scum, taking America back for the White European race.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Oct 12, 2012

Hey now that is funny "self centered web owner". White European many mixed race people exist that you may haved liked, Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura, Chuck Norris, and Winston Churchill who was Indie and White.

Full blooded white people have Christian traditions, like hunting, killing, and some are dishonest resembling the web owner here.

More mix raced people. Steve Jobs. Half Arab Ralph Nader. Lebanese. Frank Zappa. Quarter Arab Eddie Van-Halen. He is half Chinese-Malaysian Jimi Hendrix. Cherokee

It could be that radio host Glenn Beck is colored also because he loves Martin Luther King and gushes over him and his "I have a dream speeches"

I don't know guys.

It's really all about the rich and poor and nothing else.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Oct 13, 2012

These people have gotten into the banking business. The SeCuY are fifty percent owner in the SeComBnk. These Indian governments will own everything before it's over with. And of course, You know how people are when it comes to money, they suffer sudden mental concussion, go all the way to forget who you are, and bow to that almighty dolllar. Like aliens took over their body. The only real rule in life is. "He that has the Gold. Makes the rules. " Casinos. Banks. The Internet. People suck and abuse animals. Doesn't really matter what color they are.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 15, 2012

Hey "sore butt" everybody. I should clarify that the banks name above is Seneca Peoples bank, I'm sure it is part Japaneses owned, and now part owned by the Sececa-Cyuaga Nation. The significance is that there are nearly 600 Nations and growing. A new neighbor of the Wyandotte Nation clan came to my house yesterday. He claimed his dog was on my property that day when his dog was hurt. I didn't know what he was talking about or to tell him being I hadn't the slightest idea anything had occured to his dog, or noticed that day because I wasn't outside. I believe he was saying I was responsible, because his children said their dog came running from our back yard. He wasn't friendly, and left upset looking our back yard over like he wanted to search it. I'm surprised this cowboy wasn't a cop. These all love their power and their family cops picking on any one who is the Wyandottes enemy.

Tomarrow it will probably be something else or more serious. This guy and the guys girlfriend/wife ? They have like 5-6 little toddler girls living in a two bedroom modular HUD house on Wyandotte Nation land with their governmet. You would think the dirt nags would put their other dirt bags in a bigger house, because I believe it is against HUD rules.

Doesn't matter though. They can commit any act they want with their cops.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 16, 2012

Probably the real reason the guy was at my house is he wanted some of the vegans hot dog.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 16, 2012

He's another one of those people that probably need to be sterilised.

where is white european?

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 16, 2012

I was reading that Professor Walter J. Veith of the U. N. occult was a former atheist turned into creationist. I am wonder what stirred the pot with Mr. Walter J. Veith. Was it a heavenly vision where a beam of light shines while you are walking down the road, or did angels visit?

I mean. Life is so sad. Since the beginning of time no one has really heard from God. Have you heard from God? If so, what's the news?

Is he going to send Jesus?

I would love to watch the video which I am sure is very good, but it would take hours to load. Lokks like a good video. Do you think he can do a Vegan/Vegetarian trasformation video, and how the occult is trying to create world wide animal sacrifice and slaughter to Satan?

Professor Walter J. Veith is a vegan and has done a video as to why he is.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 16, 2012

Plus Satan is trying to feed the masses abused death.

and. . They are eating it.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Oct 17, 2012

okay. I'm very impressed. I'm sure the video is a good video.

Yesterday I had to drive near their center. They had a police car parked near the hwy. like they always do. The police car had a life-like male manikin sitting at the drivers seat. I wondered why the guy wasn't moving. The dummy just starrred straight foreward stiff as a board.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Oct 19, 2012

You sure lie a lot for a Christian. These Whitedots they are the same. The audio I sent to you that you never uploaded is the same audio I had sent to the Whitedot Nation Housing Depatment a church going Christian. She said she heard nothing on the CD of course for the Whitedot family or because the gang family can remove mail. And you making fun of me is too bad. All I have to say is... God Damn The Holy Spirit.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Oct 19, 2012

That is okay though, because I don't need you. So you can post you rubbish because it's your site, but the next difficulty I have I am going to guarantee a criminal harrassment complaint that is going to the court. The last time I contacted my congressman his representative contacted me and he was exceptionally pissed off. Two things I didn't tell him, because I didn't want to renew problems six months later after the incident was that the police refused to allow us to file a complaint because we didn't know the name of the people, they did not want to go to their house, and we had to appeal to them several times before they went to their home, and the D. A. who my congressman can replace, refused to allow me to visit his office. And their connection to the Indians I have noo idea if there is one, because at the same building the Whitedot police chief headed their Sheriffs department for sixteen years. There may be criminal misconduct involved. Next time this same condition arises I will contact my congressmans office. I will have the United States congressman talk to the police while they are here. If the Federal law that was agreed to be upheld here is not upheld, I will request a private hearing with a Judge or Federal Judge, I will have someone arrested, sent to jail for a criminal complaint until they are arraigned in court after their arrest. If they want a jury trial I will not hesitate to be present. Done! As far as strange people coming on the property. I will post Do Not Tresspass signs. And if they are breached. They will go to prison! Finished. And for you web owner. You were a clown in helping me. I may contact the Islam Nation about you Koran burning.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Oct 20, 2012

At: The Veganator "he police car had a life-like male manikin sitting at the drivers seat. The dummy just starrred straight foreward stiff as a board. "

Are you sure that the dummy wasn't stiff some place else?

You sound like a typical crazy Injun who people laugh at after you leave their presence. Your District Attorney, U. S. congressman, sheriff's department, White Dot police chief, White Dot Nation Housing Department, judge, federal judge, and Islam Nation pay you no mind.

You sound like one of these Lone Rangers or Lone Wolfs who eventually goes off on the deep end wielding steel until you are struck down by an array of bullets.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Oct 20, 2012

This web site has to be one of the most popular web sites on the f***ing internet. The two of us, the bright one me, and the other one you, are probably the only two, the bright one me, and the other one you who visit this f***ing web site. Awe f*** those people. I'm an anarchist, and don't need their government and childish law. Indians are assholes and backward along with their f***in cops and government and they only dicked with me. I Am Their God, BECAUSE... . their little world and lives revolve around me! Without me they... are nothing... .

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Posted By: White EuropeanSun. Oct 21, 2012

"I Am Their God, BECAUSE... their little world and lives revolve around me! Without me they... are nothing... "

You are not their God but a very funny man. They laugh their asses off after encounters with you. You must be delusional if you think that you are "the bright one".

Look at the bright side. You may have thousands of visitors daily who only view your blog, but don't post any comments.

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Oct 22, 2012

At: The Vegan

I live in the east and don't have any contact at a distance or close up with 100% American Indians. Are there any good looking 100% Indian squaws? Are most of them fat with pimply red faces and mildly slanted Asian eyelids or are some of them attractive and worthy of miscegenation by the White man.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 22, 2012

The Vegan like African American peoples, and, or black people, and not white KKK christian niggers like yo'selfs. I am offering any group, groups of African Americans, and or black people to set up a travel trailer here on Wyandotte Indian land on this property, and live to see all the sour white cowboy faces, with the exception of a very few Cheyenne Indians living here that the Wyandottes use as a cover and preference for being white cowboy hunters. nuff said... . From your God As far as you two white fat fart faces go, there is not a whole hell of a lot to say to you. You're dick head white Christians.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 22, 2012

There is only 100% Indian. There is nothing else. Half Indian are not Indians, they are half white. Or in other words -a whole lot of leaning toward white, and white, and white, and more white-Any other Indian is -diffently- not Indians. As far as beauty. It's hard to tell. Many real Indian women are naturally big-bone and fat. But, many Indians can be found to be skinny and attractive, but, they can breed with a lot of white and than breed back, and still be recognised as 100% Indian. Especially because the tribes decided how much Indian you are going to be anyways. You probably see Indians all the time. If they have blond hair with blue eyes with an attitude they are probably Indians, this included Brunett. East coast Indians. Wabanaki, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Micmac, and Abenaki Indians, and they probably have blond and brunett hair with blue eyes. The Seneca-Cuyaga like my trouble making and spoiled neighbors are also in New York. Wyandottes are also in the east coast, Ohio, and Michagen. From Yo' God

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 22, 2012

Hey bud white european. Indians encounters with me is always their family cop, and or they don't want to show coward face appear themselves here on a self-created false alligation. If you never lived here you don't know what is going on. They are close allies and friends with white seperatist bow hunters, pig farmers, glass pack trucks red necks here that own a lot of land, and sold their wyandotte buddies this land. Every red neck hick here white or white Indian owns a glass pack truck, nothing else. From Yo' God

I am the sun the planets revolve around. I am the light.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Oct 22, 2012

anything else is darkness, and lies, murder, and cover up, and of course bow hunting murder

you know how evil whites are

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Oct 23, 2012

At Vegan:"Every red neck hick here white or white Indian owns a glass pack truck, nothing else. From Yo' God "

What do you do to create noise on the streets and highways? A bicycle with an inflated balloon attached to the spokes.

I hate anyone who has to resort to a glass pack to prove their manhood on the streets of this great White man's land. I remember when the cops actually prosecuted these muffler enhancers for disturbing the peace. Now , they are too busy profiling innocent people on our highways and streets just to increase the coffers of law enforcement.

The only people that are arrested for drug dealing are the innocent profile-ees and those too ignorant to know that they have to pay off the right people to conduct illicit business.

I googled and found out that there is a $1. 50 per pack federal tax on cigarettes along with various state, county, and local taxes. South Carolina has the lowest state tax at 7 cents per pack while Rhode Island has the steepest at $3. 46 per pack.

New York City has the $1. 50/pack federal tax along with $1. 50/pack city tax plus the $2. 75/pack state tax. Thats $5. 75/pack taxes before you get to the price of the cigarettes.

Chicago has the $1. 50/pack federal tax along with $. 68/pack city tax, $. 98/pack state tax, and $2. 00/pack county tax. Thats $5. 16/pack total taxes before the cost of the cigarettes.

If you like niggers over White folk , you must be full or part Negroid, with a touch of Native American and White European.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 23, 2012

When I was a kid a very distant past long ago, I wish I had a time machine to return to those days, as kids we used a clothes pin hooked a playing card to the spokes of our wheels to make the noise for enjoyment, we also used cluckers which were two balls on ropes you used for entertainment for clucking together. They made a loud clucking noise. You would probably like these folks with trucks and glass pack. The one behind me is like a nazi low rider, older guy about fifty, he cut his truck low to be a glass pack low rider, the others you'd like because they are not kids but mature, except with no exception they can't be messing around with me, or hurting animals.

Yeah. Who wants recreational entertainment illegal. I don't. I want people to enjoy life. Cost a fortune for cigarettes. I'll never stop smoking.

No. I like a lot of people. We're all of the family of animals. I like the insects our distant relatives perhaps the most. Interesting to observe and keep company with. The bigger animals are more wild so I leave them alone.

Understandable why you would like to keep company with insects but do they feel the same way about you.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 23, 2012

This is where I found out about this site owner. cool site

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 23, 2012

make sure when you go into that you use your keyboard 'enter' button and not the search on otherwise you may not get the info you're looking for.

My keyboard doesn't have an 'enter' button. However being a keyboard it does have an Enter key.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 23, 2012

domain: created: 27-Mar-2007 last-changed: 02-Mar-2012 registration-expiration: 27-Mar-2013

nserver: ns51. 217. 160. 80. 164 nserver: ns52. 217. 160. 81. 164


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bill-c-firstname: Oneandone bill-c-lastname: Private Registration bill-c-organization: 1&1 Internet, Inc. - bill-c-street1: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300 bill-c-street2: ATTN: bill-c-pcode: 19087 bill-c-state: PA bill-c-city: Chesterbrook

Wow, you are so incredibly frickin clever

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 23, 2012

Yes I do communicate with insects like I communicate with humans, and I am communicating with you, and the star in the sky at night communicate with me, or the life out there, or perhaps they are pure undefiled spirits, or gods, they, it, communicate with me from the night sky.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 23, 2012

When there is one insect playing under the light. He/she flys to my face gently carress my skin, and when its wings spread or legs together, its eyes sparkle with light, and after they stay at on door all night long, and holding fast to the light till the sunlight, they have no home. This tells me what the little creature is feeling, the same human feelings. In this I communicate. We are one in the same.

When I am in a store and crickets that sing five songs are sold in small containers for fishing, and they are strugling and they have neither food nor water, thirst, and express pain, and are strugling and having hard breathing, and strugling, they are communicating. waiting for God. love.

When a dog smiles his eyes open widely, the of his eyelids go in an upward form, his tail wags, he is happy, We are communicating. I have no dog.

When a deer plays and jumps, she/he is happy.communication.

When the galaxy moves among the galaxies, and the sun among the other stars, and the planets among solar system, and the light moves among them all, one light. There is life, and there abides the living.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Oct 23, 2012

I keep hearing this sound that is saying to the world, that when Romney is elected this will be the end of this age.


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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Oct 25, 2012

I am so sick of quickly flicking the channels to anything but the political debates. Jew controlled talking heads along with Jew controlled candidates on both sides of the parties answering pre- arranged questions with rehearsed answers thoroughly disgusts me.

Who cares whether O, Bama or Romney gets elected. The Jews will have the same control , and all of the appointed power positions will be dirty Jews or their yes man gentiles, desirous of kissing the asses of the chosen people.

Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu will visit the newly elected congressmen after the elections, causing his ass to be sore from all of the gentiles kissing it.

Our forefathers who warned us of the dirty Jews , will be turning over in their graves awaiting some justice when Jesus returns to give these leeches the justice they so richly deserve.

What America needs is a good dictator like Adolph Hitler, General MacArthur, or General Patton to rid the country of the Jewish parasites.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 25, 2012

I always wanted to be a dictator. A dictator can round up all these people up, shoot off the fireworks, and end all their problems.

Problems with your dogs? No more problems. Pissed off because you're wyandotte, you're ugly, and Indians suck. No more problems anymore.

Grandma suck and you hate her, like to take a knife to her whinedot ass, and your old bitter phony wyandotte grandpa that you spit on? NO more problems.

White European I have the perfect president for everybody. Check this out. Michael Myers for president the h-t-t-p// p=553

But I'm love. harming nothing.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 25, 2012

These Indians/whites here they really had the wonderful opprotunity to have their own government absent from the U. S. government. This stuff here is really really real, this something that the whites in the country, and white republic revolutionist like Ron Paul and Alex Jones only dream of every day without getting shot with bullets and tanks. The police here, and especially a former 16 year sheriff kidnapped it along with some business people, and turned it into a complete police-owned operation, a union with the ideologies of a police state. And there are not that many people that live here. The number of police they have could operate a 50, 000 person city. The people here are really childish, they actually assist this aweful type of governing, plus the corruption, and all the time thinking that this actually has more of a future for them, when they've already lost it to their new slave owners.

I like Jews in one regard. They forbid hunting. And I would think you might be surprized that Indians are more powerful than Israel.

I hear a stirring of antiquity. It says Romney will win the elected, and than this world will come to an end, or the end of this age or antiquity three to four years into his administration. It said If Barrack Obama could or would be elected which is a small chance, it would be a bright blurry haze continuing the same way he has modestly operated the country until it also comes to an end.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 25, 2012

You would be a little surprised by the people I live around. The people that threatened me, I believe are heavy drug users, and narks, and being they are Indians and had groups of people hanging out to party days in a row staying the night week after week they are, the cops let them use drugs as long as they snitch on people, well of the day after they threatened to kill me, and told all those lies about me, I had litly peeled my tires in the dirt road entering our drive way, few minutes later the police car came, the whole darn group of them that were there the night before had the cop stopped in the street, pointing at the road, and I pretty sure they were saying the natural sink holes were caused by me, they were like " Go get the bad man daddy police officer" so it seemed, they also smashed our mail box the next day turning it sideways by hitting it with one of their trucks, and put a BB in our front window.

Hey out there. If there are any of you other Whinedots out there that has never lived here, you are as bad as these people I assume because you are diseased with their bad blood.

If you other whinedots live near an ocean you should consider taking a long swim in the ocean without a life jacket as far out in the ocean as possible, and do the world a big favor.

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 25, 2012

White European if you believe Jesus was Gods chosen one who will return. Here is a real picture of Jesus so you will recognise Jesus when he comes.

Check it out.

The Emerald of Caesar

This Likeness of Jesus was copied from a portrait carved on an emerald by order of Tiberius Caesar, which emerald the Emperor of the Turks afterwards gave out of the Treasury of Constantinople to Pope Innocent VIII for the redemption of his brother, taken captive by the Christians.

Scroll down the page. This is Jesus. the h-t-t-p//

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Posted By: The VeganThu. Oct 25, 2012

I really enjoyed this. "A Human by Albert Einstein

"A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. " (Albert Einstein, 1954)

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Oct 26, 2012

"A Human by Albert Einstein"

Do actually believe that Einstein was intelligent enough to write that little diddy. He either plagiarized it from his wife or from some other colleague. He was a typical dumb ass Jew propped up by the Jewish press.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Oct 26, 2012

haha I don't know. I just know that I live with a circus and everybody is a clown.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Oct 27, 2012

Three Kennedy boys killed by the Jews for threatening to disrupt the Jews way of controlling and monopolizing America.

Where are the Arabs in meeting out justice against their Jew brothers for the massacres in Palestine?

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Oct 28, 2012

people are animals, they evolved all the same, do the same thing, and will oppress the same.

Religions will alway attempt to manipulate and rule the world.

In the end all life is about evolution.

Jews history are known for their war history. You can always go to Israel and ask their government for a fight with one of the war lords to the death. I'm sure their government will not hesitate to give it to you.

keyboard warriors = zero

Claims require evidence. That, so that justice serves everybody exactly the same without prejustice.

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Posted By: White EuropeanWed. Oct 31, 2012

"keyboard warriors = zero "

I don't agree. The "word" has to get out some way since the kikes control the main stream media. If twitter didn't work, the Chinese and all of the banana republics instigated into war by the sheenies, wouldn't shut down the internet at times if it wasn't effective.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Oct 31, 2012

stay away from the drugs guys, the opening entery says "I'm not sure if it was the indians or those peyote buttons that got to him but I think something did. "

I dson't even know what a 'peyote button' is, but if you believe some danger in the United States where there is free enterprize is jeprodizing you, to where I live is ABSOLUTELY NO free enterprize and everything is regulated by the Nanny State Indian Police State, than may just maybe you have been smoking or whatever you do with those 'peyote buttons' as you call them, or that Marijuana.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Oct 31, 2012

Point is you have the same opprotunity to succeed and be equally the same to the main stream media, so no one is stopping you, except animals pay for everything with their blood, and in the slaughter houses every night, and in poultery farms where chickens are forced to stay awake 24/7 and you don't hear or see their pain. And if your new media business does not support animal abuse you will not get the sponsorship from those people supporting your business. So you'll have to ssacrifice your soul to the Devil. Point is I believe Federal Law should apply to everybody when it comes to drugs, per the constitution this is correct. Not that I am against the use of recreational or medical marijuana, as long as the laws are the same for all regularly. I only support the United States and its laws, nothing else. Believe me. Here thay can discriminate, lie, and kill, and it falls at my door. You should feel blessed that you are free and treated equally.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Oct 31, 2012

You should come visit me some time White European. Depending on how old you are, so you'll have to be older than a minor, you appear like an older man and smart.

Cops have just recently stopped hanging out in front of our house in the street trying to intimidate my family for the last two months.

It is a long story about Family Ties and why they bullied and are bullying my family. And why they feel they can have us gone.

It's not going to stop.

I'm getting ready to put up No Tresspassing signs, but I just know they are going to challenge these rights, because they really believe they don't live by white mans european law, that they are their own government, make their own rules, and no tresspassing signs mean nothing, and I'm going to be facing many more problems from the murdering gang clan, and their bully cops, with their clan gang government.

They probably are trying to figure out right now how to regulate the internet so people can not view open issues about them.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Oct 31, 2012

Animals pay for everything.

Their blood pays for, and feeds and clothes a world of billions and billions of hungry advanced animals and their pets.

Every dollar bill in you pocket in some way or another is connected to hard silent sufferings and the violent sacrifice of animals.

From the Land of a thousand dictatorships.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Nov 2, 2012

It all depends on whether the lower form of animals can think and have souls. According to the scriptures, these animals were put on this Earth to propagate and provide a bounty for humans.

But if the scriptures are fairy tales made up by the Jews, then lower form animals are being slaughtered and misused just like the gentiles or goyim which are considered cattle according to the Talmud.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Nov 2, 2012

All life is the product of evolution there is no question about it. The facts are presented through natural biology, and through science. Scientist don't lie to us, biologist don't need a reason to lie. But through human weakness people need a reason to be good, being good doesn't exist natuarally in them, people torture animals to ease the pain of life and to prove to themselves that there exist the bible God, and abusing defenseless animals makes them feel sound, a feeling that God made animals to be a pawn and harmed, people also need some hope, because life in the true form of evolution is not fair, and it's just.

Solomon said in the book Of Ecclesiastes that a man is not above the animals, that both are the same. We know this because we share most of our dna, protiens, and the chemicals that make all life the same. Solomon also said that the animal souls may go to a place called an earth heaven, to where the human may go to an elevated higher form of heaven.

The creation story of the Bible says we were created non-meat eaters and even animals were created non-meat eaters, of course in evolution this doesn't pan out, because we evolved from the same lizard like mammals that produced the dinosaurs.

Space is so big. No one knows how big space is. The best estimation is 13 billion light years, but outer space is not 13 billion light years, space is much bigger than that. 13 billion light yearts is the only light we can see. And no one knows where exactly we are in the universe, because there may not be a center.

All I can tell you is I feel the same way about the white people, and the color people as you you do to a less offensive degree. And this has always been the White Europeans demise. But we have to accept this change in life to a degree, because that is the way life is. And no one is perfect.

Having a problem with math I see.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Nov 2, 2012

Genesis 1. Look at verse 29 and 30

20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. 21 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. 22 And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. 23 And the evening and the morning were the fifth day. 24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. 25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. 26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. 29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. 30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so. 31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Nov 2, 2012

God made Vegans... Verse 29 and 30

Except you that claim that you evolved from the same lizard like mammals that produced the dinosaurs.
29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat.

You said "All life is the product of evolution there is no question about it." and yet you keep quoting the Bible and the story of creation. You are one mixed up Indian.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Nov 3, 2012

Does the Jew controlled FBI and DEA use heat sensing satellites to detect all of the heat coming from the pot plant factories on Indian reservations?

P. S.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 3, 2012

awe sore butt you're a faggot asshole. who wants to waiste their day to see your $10 satire site. besides more whites are homofags than anybody, and in life very rarely are you going to find that many queer minorities.

whites have flaws like anybody and your worship them like gods. The only white God was George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Non of whom subscribed to your religous ideas.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 3, 2012

I don't know much about Jews White European. But I know if I stay here you are going to keep posting things about Jews. I really dislike fake people like the English Jew Roy Masters and his superior Jew family. Doesn't reflect on all the user Jews, because their success is only reliant upon the United States. None of which they have invested.

The only reason why the United States is presently not using the Alaskan oil resources, larger than the Middle east resources is to keep peace in the middle east for their mythilogical God of the Jews, who said if we didn't worship the state of Israel we would be cursed, and if we worshipped the state of Israel we would continue to be blessed.

This silly belief demonstraights you how mythology operates, yet at the same time most of the Jews are modern secular and atheist. Shows you how silly the white people are.

The christian fag that owns this satire site is also a voodoo believer.

He just accidently woke up in a world of technology.

Plus he's a freaken spy. like a pervert, . & at

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 3, 2012

I don't know about any drugs White European. We had a neighbor that had grown a pot plant outside of his house. I was going to tell this guy that they would arrest him for it, the United States one time arrested the president of another country for dealing in drugs, and brought him to the U. S. and charged him.

But Native Americans are worse than whites when it comes to laws, rules, and drugs.

People have this Idea that Indians are peaceful, pot smoking victims, and hate laws and rules.

No. They are the authority. Big authority. Big Police.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 3, 2012

The sore butt fag here is a pervert spy whose mind set is worse than a dictator government watching your every move, or a sunday school teacher keeping a christian eye on you behavour.

Anyways white european I know that you're not paying attention, because you probabably have a jew on your mind, why not, they are the whites destruction, hey but the whites like it, and they kiss the myth gods choosen peoples asses. give me ass.

Anyways, this is I believe by a man named Skullcandy88 who I think is a Astrophysics Supervisor on the issue of what is beyond the universe.

check it out.

"To the best of our current observations and theory, the Universe on the largest scales is homogeneous (i. e. 'smooth', or of similar density, composition, etc. ) and isotropic (it looks the same in every direction). So, no matter where you are within our Universe, it should be about the same. That's the short answer.

Let me point out that our Universe has a finite and well-determined age; recent measurements put it at a little over 13 billion years (roughly 3 times the age of the solar system/Earth). There is a limit to how far away we can see--13 billion light-years--because the universe is only 13 billion years old, and light from farther away hasn't had time to get to us yet. This DOES NOT mean that the Universe is only 13 billion light-years in radius, and we are at the center of it; it is only our observable universe that is that size. As time passes, the size of our observable universe increases at the speed of light.

The actual size of our Universe is much larger; we just can't see it. So, to an observer farther than 13. 4 billion light-years from us, outside our observable universe, things probably look about the same as they do here, but we won't know for sure until enough time passes for light (and gravity waves, neutrinos, whatever) arrive from there for us to observe. Note that is is an assumption--that everywhere is about the same as it is here, and we're not at the center of the universe*(see below for why astronomers think this). This assumption is true for the amount of the universe we can observe, so most astronomers assume that it is true in general. "

So, expansion of the universe. How do we know we're not at the center of the universe? We observe the light from distant galaxies to be redshifted, which means that the galaxy is moving away from us very quickly. (Look up the Doppler effect; we hear the same effect from a moving sound source"

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 3, 2012

such as a police car siren getting lower in pitch when the police car is moving away from us. ) Light from almost every galaxy, except those nearest to us (Andromeda, the Virgo cluster) is redshifted, meaning that everything is moving away from us, except for a few nearby galaxies. We can conclude that either: a) we are at the center of the universe, or b) space itself is expanding, and every galaxy sees most other galaxies moving away from it! We think it is b), that space is expanding. You can understand this in two dimensions by taking an uninflated balloon and marking some dots on it. Now, inflate the balloon. Every dot gets farther away from every other dot. Our universe works the same way in three dimensions.

So, that brings up the question---if our Universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? The cheap answer is that we can never know, since by definition it is beyond our universe. That's the best answer we can currently give, based on observations and generally-accepted theory.

I should point out one more thing. There is no 'edge' to our Universe; even if you were able to somehow able to travel faster than light, and go beyond our observable universe, you would never encounter an edge, no matter how far you looked. Likewise, the Earth is finite in size, but there is no edge to the Earth; it's a curved surface. Mathematicians would call this a 2-dimensional surface of positive curvature, embedded in 3 dimensions---you can travel around the earth, and eventually end up where you start. The universe works the same way, except that it is a three-dimensional curved surface embedded in four (spatial) dimensions. Just like we can't find the center of the Earth anywhere on its surface, there is no center to the Universe that we can find, because we are stuck on its 3-dimensional surface; the center is in a higher dimension. (I know that sounds bizarre!)

Incidentally, current observations show that our universe has negative curvature, the opposite of a sphere; (it will expand forever, and you could never travel in one direction and end up where you began like you can on surfaces of positive curvature such as the Earth).

As for what the fourth spatial dimension is that we can't observe because it is OUTSIDE OUR 3-D Universe, it is beyond what current science can answer. Read the numerous other answers to this question below for other peoples' thoughts on this.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 3, 2012

The answer to the question "What is on the other side of the universe" is very simple, that is, no one knows yet. But perhaps if we were to wait about 500 or more years maybe, and just maybe, there will be some sort of respectable answer based somewhat more on accumulated facts than on imaginary theories - Matthew Mudlock How would we know, like come on are we ever GOING TO GET THERE, well build a time machine and go into the future so we can see if we will, but guess what we can't do that right now even though we know that time travel is fifth dimension, so will we ever get to time travel, well how do we know, lets build a time machine so we can see, but guess what, we can't do that right now. I am an idiot who likes to make people feel bad, by the way.

(This is where the guy turns into a Sore Butt Fag)-The Vegan

Recently it has been observed that the farthest objects we can see are not only traveling outwards at great speed but also accelerating. (It is my personal belief that) God gave the galaxies their initial thrust but to be accelerating there must be some other force being exerted too. One feasible explanation is that there are similar bodies near enough to pull the outer regions of our Universe outwards. These bodies would be part of our universe, but perhaps not observable to us from our vantage point. Another explanation being taken seriously is a repulsive force that we have not yet observed that would be pushing the outer galaxies farther and farther away. "

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 3, 2012

How korny can you get. What God?

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Posted By: White EuropeanSun. Nov 4, 2012

Give an Indian a welfare check or some kind of governmental or tribal stipend and he winds up keyboard trekking to nonsensical scientific speculations. Plagiarizing or parroting others work, just like the phony Jew Albert Einstein did, even though he was just a high school dropout employed as a clerk in the German patent office before the hymies transported this phony into a false Jewish scientific genius. Genius , my arse!

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 4, 2012

Grow-up white european, you may be raising kids one day. Your kids are probably not going to feel cofortable hearing that their worthless, want-to-be cunt Dad hates jews and want to kill people, plus their want-to-be Dad is so jealous, covets others, and drools over other peoples existence, that he ain't got time to be successful.

You'll probably have to start your own $10 satire website called My Sore Cock.

I remember my father never complained. He felt God was the boss.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 4, 2012

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth... Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy... Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. " Matt 5:5-9.

You could start, you and loser sore butt by reading instead of using people.

"But I say to you that hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. " Luke 6:27-32

"Do not return evil for evil. Avenge not yourselves, but rather give way to wrath; for it is written, vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord. Therefore if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsts, give him drink: for in so doing you shall heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. " Romans 12:17-21

"If anyone says, I love God, but hates the brothers or sisters, he is a liar... Whoever loves God must also love the brothers and sisters. " I John 3:20, 21

"Whoever hates his brother is a murderer: and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. " I John 3:15

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 4, 2012

Eventually the Indians that I have problems with will get themselves into trouble. Like you. They are hater, lie, are jealous, and call themselves Christians. Eventually though with my patience they will find themselves in serious legal problems perhaps facing prison time, starting with their police first.

Who knows.

Look at you.

No One has heard one word from you about your life, or who you are, or who you have problems with, what kind of problem, or what may be going on in your daily life, except you express resentment for the poor, reacts like a coveter of what others have, expresses bitter anger, and wants to kill jews.

But here I am in broad daylight. You or the childish hater here sore butt, neither one of you could handle it.

No ones ever going to like you, anywhere. Not even your white folks.

And yet I am so sure. I could give you my address. dot. dot.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 4, 2012

Send picture about youself to sore butt. I want to see them.

or are you afraid.

hide behind the curtain.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 4, 2012

Seriously, my existence is above this meager web site.

I really have no real purpose to be here except to entertain kids or those who act like the kids.

Someone's going to think your in need of parents or older adults.

So if I don't return. There is no reason to be here for me that I might be a part of. -The Vegan. Always loving the animals, neglected unheard first. Even if you do not.

The Nuke

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 4, 2012

Mark The Vegan? Really Sore Butt. You have to be a skin head with a Nazi crooss tattoed on top.

This is an embaressment.

You should have played you cards rightously with me site owner. Now you have an empty full house. The winner loser. How was it going to be any different. You own the $10 site

You only harm yourself by using deciet, and ridicul me behind my back if you like you, anf the other, but I have no need or desire to return.

Enjoy your new president.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 4, 2012

And tell all the pretty skinny white girls I'm single.

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Nov 5, 2012

"Love your enemies"

(The Jews created the Christian religion so that dumb goyim can turn their cheeks while having their heads stamped on by the kikes)

"No One has heard one word from you about your life, or who you are, or who you have problems with"

(Damn straight, being anonymous allows the expression of truth bottled up by our Jew masters in America and Europe. You know damn well that I have problems with Jews, Niggers, and the suppression of free energy devices and anti-gravity. )

"reacts like a coveter of what others have, expresses bitter anger, and wants to kill jews"

(I never said anything about personally killing Jews, niggers , or politicians. I have Christian values even though I don't practice Catholicism. However, it would be nice to get even with the Bolshevik Jews for killing my 67 million White Russian ancestors. )

"Enjoy your new president"

(Does it really matter who the Jews control with their puppet strings)

"And tell all the pretty skinny white girls I'm single" (I gather that you are a mixed breed Indian who longs to be 100% White. Look in the mirror injun; you are what you are. )

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Nov 5, 2012

"so will we ever get to time travel, well how do we know, lets build a time machine so we can see, but guess what, we can't do that right now. "

Are you so sure that time travelers from the future aren't changing things in the past to alter their time lines in the future? I wouldn't put it past the Jew snakes to have commandeered our future time machines to make sure they stay in control in the future.

And why do you have sympathy for kikenvermin snakes controlling every aspect of our lives? Are you shacked up with a Jewish momma?

I am presently reading about the 1967-1968 expulsion of Jews in Poland. It seems that non-Jewish communists took leadership of the party in Poland in 1967 causing much of the remaining Jews to flee Poland.

Prior to that, there was a pogrom in Kielce after WWII in which only 37 Jews were killed by the gentile citizens for suspicion of ritual murder of Christian children in order to provide Christian blood for the making of matzo balls and unleavened bread. (No soup for you says the soup Nazi)

In three months following the pogrom, 70, 000 Jews left Poland along with 50, 000 more who emigrated during the entire year before. (What America needed is to have all of the Jews of Europe welcomed either in Israel or to prey upon unsuspecting goyim in the U. S. )

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Nov 5, 2012

A nasty anti-Semite walks into a bar and is about to order a drink when he sees a guy close by with kippa, tzitzis, and payos. He doesn't have to be an Einstein to know that this guy is Jewish. So he shouts over to the bartender so everyone can hear, "Drinks for everyone in here, bartender, but not for that Jew over there.

Soon after the drinks have been handed out, he notices that the Jewish guy is smiling, and waves to him and says, "Thank you. "

This infuriates him and in a loud voice, he once again orders drinks for everyone except the Jew. But as before, this does not seem to worry the Jewish guy who continues to smile, and again says, "Thank you. "

So the guy says to the bartender, "What's the matter with that Jew? I've ordered two rounds of drinks for everyone in the bar except him, and all he does is smile and thank me. Is he nuts?

"Nope, " replies the bartender. "He owns the place. "

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Nov 5, 2012

"And why do you have sympathy for kikenvermin snakes controlling every aspect of our lives? Are you shacked up with a Jewish momma? "

No. I've been single most of my life, no kids, and thank goodness for that, I think the Jews kept me out of any relationship when I lived in california. Thet DID me a big favor. I'm telling ya. I thank God every day.

You're opinions are probably very close to some truth, you just can't get angry. People sense anger, and don't like people who are angry.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Nov 5, 2012

I think I may buy this web site. How about $11 dollars that's one dollar above the operating price, sound good to you.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Nov 6, 2012

I can at the most offer you $12 dollars total. Your service provider gave you one year at 99 cents, and than $10 dollars afterward.

Whatever investment you made doesn't look like it enhanced the web site.

Whoever you people are, you sure are suspicious. I have a hard time imagining the ridiculous notion that the internet will be unregulated forever.

Although the current laws consider the service provider a self regulator, it's hard to imagine that discrimination against Jews or me, or other people, without law stopping it, doesn't come into play.

We always need government and laws.

Therefore I don't believe I could ever support an unregulated internet.

Hopefully things will change soon.

"I believe in Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings. " (Albert Einstein)

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Posted By: The VeganFri. Nov 9, 2012

I love Barack Obama. hahaha... ... . Gods choice for president.

Romans 13 “1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. 6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. ”

Yeah! 12 years!

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Nov 9, 2012

What a bunch of utter nonsense! We have Jews controlling our country since they railroaded the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and Personal Graduated Income tax, both in 1913 along with Jewmending the Kahnstitution over the years, creating a democratic slave state where once was a Republic.

Owing allegiance to authority sounds like a Jewish concept from the Jew created Old Testament. If there is a Supreme Being, he didn't appoint the snakes in office, which we should be critical of from the get go, instead of kneeling unquestioning to their devious actions.

The Jews are big on collecting taxes so that they can control the ever increasing governments authority and presence.

The civilian population , deciding to legalize pot smoking for recreational purposes in the states of Colorado and Washington, put a crimp on their Black Ops revenues derived from the CIA and FBI's total involvement in drug trafficking throughout the world.

What are they going to do when more states approve of such measures? Even though various States have allowed pot smoking for medical reasons, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency still confiscates the property of anyone they catch in the use and sale of pot. The Jew controlled central government can't allow the States to govern themselves and throw a monkey wrench into the system in the face of States and their citizen's rights.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 10, 2012

oh f*** you and your Monsanto gmo play up game. You god damn racist hate mongers shouldn't be alive today. You are always up to no good, and will never be allowed to live in comfort around me.

I have long distance jewish ancestry in my family, so you dirt bags are going to have to get used to living in the world that belongs to everyone.

I could care less what you promote, your good guy theory. You like to hate. Ya like to kill. And I'd like to kick the runny s*** out of you.

Hiding behind a keyboard and an image.

Yeah right!

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Posted By: White EuropeanSun. Nov 11, 2012

"I have long distance jewish ancestry in my family"

That explains why you are a Sheenie lover. And explains that you are probably a mixture of White, Black, and Native American. The Jewish ancestor was an ugly kike slave trader or kike plantation master who you feel reverence toward , just because he was an ugly Jew who sampled his Black inventory.

I bet if you tried to emigrate to Israel, you would be turned away like those 50, 000 black African refugees. It is a shame that the sheenies don't practice multi-culturalism and multi-racialism in Israel but push it in all the White majority countries. Tell the Jew, Barbara Spectre to shove her elitist attitude where the sun doesn't shine.

I am an indigenous White rabbit who's ancestry hails from Europe and you are a brown rabbit.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Nov 12, 2012

I seriously doubt that any Jewish ancestry I have is note worthy of becomming a citizen of another country, no more than Germany or Ireland. I am the U. S. A. , and president Barrack Obama is my president that I very much love, and God chose Barrack Obama to be president according to the christian bible otherwise he wouldn't be there. So haters whose time is limited. God says your time is over with. Just because you hate people because of their color doesn't affect the world and on one has to follow in your foot steps, or accept you or the stupid web site I'm posting on which is worth almost 500 dollars to some jerk, and receives . 65 cents a day from ads.

All I can tell you. Is Indians are white supremist like yourselfs, and that is why I disapproved of the cowboys, you can all go to Hell.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Nov 12, 2012

One day there will be laws against this type of hate speech, and you'll all be looking at the strong man the law. Yes the congress can regulate guns according to the U. S. constitution however they like, you might as well get used to the idea. If you threaten a revolution against the United States you will be killed, and I will help. Threats against the United States is Treason. You will be seriously punished, and executed or removed from the United States.

Speech that divides people, harms the Nation, it harms the people, and harms the animals in a domino affect. All people will eventually unite with the global world to end your poison of destruction.

And you, the Republican party the other haters who will not accept voters making their own choices, and the ballet to govern the country, can find another country, for we are colored. You can go to hell.

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Nov 12, 2012

"In Switzerland public discrimination or invoking to rancor against persons or a group of people because of their race, ethnicity, is getting penalized with a term of imprisonment until 3 years or a mulct. In 1934, the authorities of the Basel-Stadt canton criminalized anti-Jewish hate speech, e. g. the accusation of ritual murders, mostly in reaction against a pro-nazi antisemitic group and newspaper, the Volksbund"

"In the United Kingdom, several statutes criminalize hate speech against several categories of persons. The statutes forbid communication which is hateful, threatening, abusive, or insulting and which targets a person on account of skin colour, race, disability, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, or sexual orientation. The penalties for hate speech include fines, imprisonment, or both. "

"In Finland and defined in the section 11 of the penal code, War crimes and crimes against humanity, as publishing data, an opinion or other statement that threatens or insults a group on basis of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or conviction, sexual orientation, disability, or any comparable basis. Ethnic agitation is punishable with a fine or up to 2 years in prison, or 4 months to 4 years if aggravated (such as incitement to genocide). "

Most countries follow these ideas. The whole world can not be wrong.

I bet you warts are Indians. Because who else likes whites and the Republican party who refuse the voting box more?

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Posted By: The VeganMon. Nov 12, 2012

You all should do a ancestral dna test. I would like to do one myself but they are too expensive up to $400 dollars, I like the dna test because I only believe in the facts. Anyone can claim to be anything. Like Indians, the problem with Native Americans is they hate the idea of dna, because they are all fake. Fake stuff runs in their family. But there is hope for cowboys aka Native Americans, because the marker for Native American can not be verified, because it's the same market as pakistanis who the marker is highest in, than Japanese, Turkish people, Pacific Isalander, and so. So dna testing with Indians is always False positive, or false negative, but they like it that way because they are corrupt coyboys.

You people here would be surprised who you are related to. My past relatives hooked up with who they liked, and there was no big rule involved.

I can't say I can help you over your self arrogance. All you can hope for is that one day you will change. And life will change with you.

You and the republican party have had your way much too long, the republican rich elite can not face not having ruling power, and the one way power street.

Hopefully it is forever over.

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Nov 13, 2012

Your avatar shows you as a dumb Indian wearing a baseball cap backwards , while riding a toy pony. (IQ of 80) Did you steal that pony from Jerry Seinfeld's Nana? Maybe you could have Jerry send you a puffy white pirate shirt to wear.

The Jew created hate crime legislature hasn't taken affect in America because of the 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech. However, people in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other White majority countries haven't been so lucky.

The more the Jews clamp down, the quicker the White Europeans will organize and destroy the Beast. If the Jews don't topple Putin, he will lead the charge for White Christians throughout the world.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Nov 14, 2012

you keep on dreaming

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Posted By: White EuropeanWed. Nov 14, 2012

You look silly riding that toy pony

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Nov 14, 2012

It's amazing the kind of garbage can be on the computer. When we talk about white people, I know white people. The majority of whites are like everyone, and can be greedy, whites can push you to the back of the line like everyone, or pop you in your nose with a fist, or spit in your face. You're never going to find peace that you're looking for, you're not moral. White europeans have ruled this great country for over two hundred years.

I remember 50 years ago. Laws were very, very strict. The population was lower, but wages were oppressed by the wealthier, workers were looked upon like trash and worked like oxen for pennys. Drugs were so illegal if you were caught with them you faced life in prison. Cops were corrupt, in the 1930's to the 1940's cops entraped my fathers older brother while he was walking home from the movie theater. They murdered him in prison by running over his head with a truck. No older than 18-19. The killing had to be white isolationism, not mexican, or black, or Native American. I used to visit my fathers brothers grave with my father, and the expression and silent emotion is unexpressable. No one can express, feel or understand life in this manner of hate.

When people are all white they fight.

You moan and groan over Mexicans, yet mexicans are people like anyone. Mexicans happen to be the reason medical marijuana is distributed in California, Colorado, and Washington state, not whites, or Native Americans. I live around all whites and Indian. They would NEVER accept that here. And a priscription with all sorts of I. D. would be required, and the medical Marijuana if litely allowed would be extremely limited and monitored.

So you can say anything you want about Mexicans and Blacks. You need them.

I see one comment above that I don't remember expressing. I remember talking about the dangers of losing property, but not even in the privacy of my life do I call mexicans trash, and especially my country I would never call trash, not even in privacy. I don't remember expressing those feelings because I don't do that here.

I'm not biblical, but the Bible fit Americans best. James 4:2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

You complain because you are not successful. You blame other people. I can not say I am going to stay and add more comments to the racially offensive and non progessive white web site.

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Posted By: The VeganWed. Nov 14, 2012

Concerning the Native American Indian man riding on the stick pony above which you find entertaining.

The Native American Nations are very prosperous, perhaps so much they will rule the world one day. But Native Americans are like every other human being. And you will see white people creep through the seams of Indian Nations which there are nearly six hundred other powerful Native American Nations completely seperate in powers from the slowly dissoloving United States of American. And you will eventually see a new country and you will see your white women a part of those Nations everywhere.

But what are you going to do when the nearly six hundred other wealthy Nations, which are more Nations than the other Nations that exist throughout the entire world, begin to grow, and rule the laws and the land. Than at that time, you may have begin to understand what I had to say. And I predict. Your ancestors will be seen a part of at least one of those governing future bodies.

But people are people.

Romans 3:12 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Nov 16, 2012

I don't care whether you have thousands of tribes in the Americas, because your downfall was trusting the treacherous White man and his small pox infested blankets delivered by the Jew peddlers of the time.

Your people were not able to organize into one large nation to fight and defeat the White man back then and you wouldn't be able to organize presently.

There is no humility in the Injun mind, not making him capable of recognizing one central leader. You are similar to the Warlords of Afghanistan and Iraq, who will never accept the Western world's concept of Democracy.

Democracy is the concept where the majority rules and dictates what the people do. However, since the Jews hijacked America gradually from the inception, and speedily since the early 1900's, especially from the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and Graduated Progressive Individual Income Tax Act, both of 1913, a Plutocracy controlled by Jews is the reality.

P. S. Excuse the run on sentences but I don't have time to edit.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 17, 2012

Go ahead run your mouth off. Who gives a s***. I'm white. You have to stop calling white people Indians, or white people Jews. There are some small people in the world that believe they are colored when they are not. If I were colored I would tell you so, but honestly and nothing against whites, the owner of this site is childish, and it's difficult to enter this site. Give me directions to another place to communicate with you or I'm out of here. The f***er took all my comments juggled them together here, and made my opinions out of order look small and ill informed.

All of your comments are in chronological order as you posted them. If you feel the need to communicate with me this site has a contact form you are welcome to use.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 17, 2012

sore butt you're an asshole, whoever you are, and you do definitely look like an undercover agent or something, or a color group that f***s with whites.

But I assure anyone who would even care to watch this s*** on here which is all garbage, and looks like garbage since you f***ed with it, that you are not what you protray here.

I've known plenty of whites. You are not an example to a white person.

Really mamas boy. I am out of here, except for that white guy white european which I don't completely disagree with, unless he's an under cover agent too. and of course that could be. and I really f***ed up you program with entrapping whites.

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Posted By: The VeganSat. Nov 17, 2012

You liar. chronological order excuss like your mamma wasn't a city whore.

Your daddy was begging ever city girl he could get his hands on, that fell for his bull crap story line and had gonnirria. That's where you came from.

Like your daddy everything with you has to be a fib. You're in Ca. You probably never been in ca in your tiny life.

I bet you're an old bald man, 5'5, in a broken down house.

Looking for the next whore to entertain you.

Post your picture so we can see you.

You need to start learning and practicing good manners. Now go sit in the corner.

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Posted By: Professor GoldbergMon. Nov 19, 2012

You act like a wimp who's marbles were taken away. Grow up and don a pair. I heard that you were siding with us Jews? You seem to be confused at to what your true genetics are? Are you 100% white or a mixture of many races?

Are YOU an undercover agent of the Jews or just a dummy trying to deal drugs to make a buck?

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Nov 20, 2012

You failed to practice good manners. Now go sit in the corner again.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Nov 20, 2012

Professor Goldberg what is the difference between a Englishman, a Irishman, a Germanman and a Norwayman?

Are they different?

I am white except with a little mixed blood of something of this or of that. But no one when they might see me, see anything except white.

So we are both white, you just may be a tiny bit whiter with blue eyes. Whites are everywhere. They always will be.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Nov 20, 2012

Let's play a game. Give me the number of this.

... added to itself.

You know I would like try to convince you all to open up to nature and all living animals including all the insect animals, and me being one of the many naturalist, I really believe this is the best way to live.

To you it's strange but Insects the other animals are very beautiful. I was telling a evolution group how that in the summertime into the winter, because our beautiful insects with our wonderful sun manage to survive through the winter, and even on a winter day when it's warmer outside they come out to play. I told the evolutionist that when these very tiny creatures fly in in a school and spread in the wind, a picture comes out of it, what I didn't tell them is the picture I most always seen was praying hands.

Scientificly they analysed it, but the explanation destroyed the mystic, and being all part of the universe. Felt like a turd treatment.

I tell ya. I am so vegan, I mostly eat peanuts, sometimes only dry peanuts and water, that when people talk about meat, and when we clash because I don't eat it. They are like stunned. And I consider, what caused the vampire in them.

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Posted By: The VeganTue. Nov 20, 2012

That was five dots in a row. How you parted it I don't know.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 25, 2012

You site proves America has a moral problem and uses narcotics to advoid confronting the issues of lying, destroying life, animal abuse, and human abuses.

America has a drug problem and looks toward the drugs for the high to advoid the issue, or if nothing else false allegations against innocent people, like false allegations against me for instance.

And how do we confront Americas moral and drug problem?

Surely someone has to be able to answer this one.

Laws of course. What else. And of course over site.

Yes I posted my no tresspassing signs, and I guess everybody understands I mean serious business, No more playing games with the worthless family gang of a clan Indian governments.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 25, 2012

Indians really do lie so bad... ... I think it's because they think they tower above the good white european people of America, and this country the United States. The Indian governments push the U. S. government around and get some small trash like you to do dirty tricks for them. Brownie points. Indians have lots of money and power, and of course play the tears song over and over. I see it everyday. White trash doing goodies for Indian Nations. How low can all you go?

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 25, 2012

I don't know how you post that Christian stuff at the front of your site. As a Christian you are suppose to excell in your Christian faith.

You remind me of the Indian Nations. The buttholes get together at their pow wows and say a prayer to the great spirit whom they refer to as the Christian God. Demonic. Really. Meaning if there were a Satan a evil diety, he is a great spirit.

The dirt bags who if they didn't was their cloths you'd smell their s*** holes leaking are a mockery to faith and good government.

You get a few Indian clowns together and they think their manipulation is wiser than the United States.

In the end life becomes like Cuba, and in Cuba the only acceptable protest of the ruling government and police is to beat your pan out side at midnight with a spooon.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 25, 2012

And you. Look at yourself in the mirror. Just don't knock yourself out thinking how good looking you are.

Now me you should be calling ugly instead of Mojo. Because I am really ugly.

But point is with you calling yourself a Christian, Jesus said you would do greater works and miracles than he himself did, yet I bet you couldn't even pee in a straight line. haha fake. everything is fake. people are fake. life is garbage. life was never meant to be. people hate. everyone is selfish. love does not exist, unless you love those you can use for profit or they love you.

By a stroke of luck it exist in its evolution form.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 25, 2012

No one can ever deny evolution. I'm waiting for the folks at the church orginisations to start coming out of the closet and telling the world who they really are, atheist. deep inside they are.

It's just that there is so much power gained by calling yourself religous, and controlling people.

People are bad. They need a diety to explain their existence. One that looks like them. Men have always created dieties. I read the book of Enoch. He was sitting on his couch and was weary. Angels came took him to the clouds in heaven, than the sun, than above that, where God was relaxing, than above that where there was the garden of eden, than above that where there were angles, than above that where greater angels, and all the time the sun was rotating. God told him what he said he never told the angels. That he lived in the invisible and decided to make the visible. This book they banned this book from the bible. Not that it wasn't real. There are numbers of books removed from the bible. The church just didn't like all these books even if they are the real deal, because of exposure.

Point is. It shows how false religion is. How it was imagined, and how science is great surpassing superstitions, and evolution is a matter of scientific fact.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 25, 2012

I'm going to direct you to the web site. Not that you deserve it, but to enlighten you. The H-T-T-P//

Go... ... The Forgotten Books of Eden

The secret book of Enoch

1. 4

4 On the first day of the first month I was in my house alone and was resting on my couch and slept.

5 And when I was asleep, great distress came up into my heart, and I was weeping with my eyes in sleep, and I could not understand what this distress was, or what would happen to me.

6 And there appeared to me two men, exceeding big, so that I never saw such on earth; their faces were shining like the sun, their eyes too were like a burning light, and from their lips was fire coming forth with clothing and singing of various kinds in appearance purple, their wings were brighter than gold, their hands whiter than snow.

7 They were standing at the head of my couch and began to call me by my name.

8 And I arose from my sleep and saw clearly those two men standing in front of me.

9 And I saluted them and was seized with fear and the appearance of my face was changed from terror, and those men said to me:

10 'Have courage, Enoch, do mot fear; the eternal God sent us to thee, and lo! thou shalt to-day ascend with us into heaven, and thou shalt tell thy sons and all thy household all that they shall do without thee on earth in thy house, and let no one seek thee till the Lord return thee to them.

11 And I made haste to obey them and went out from my house, and made to the doors, as it was ordered me, and summoned my sons Mathusal and Regim and Gaidad and made known to them all the marvels those men had told me.

continued at site.

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Posted By: The VeganSun. Nov 25, 2012

I bet you are so redneck you call your momma bud beer

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Posted By: White EuropeanMon. Nov 26, 2012

After cursorily reading the incoherent garbage that you polluted cyber space with, I believe that you had too much Bud Suds to drink.

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. Dec 13, 2012

The Vegan must be in that Indian jail not able to access the internet. He should tell his fellow Indians that he needs to get out, because he is a celebrity on the mysorebutt site.

By being listed 5th on the cover page of topics to discuss, he has a responsibility to entertain the folks with his nonsense.

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Posted By: White EuropeanFri. Dec 21, 2012

We are to be destroyed by invisible empire:

KKK, Kikes, Katholics, and Kapitalists

P. S. I also wanted to see if the booger site URL comes up

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Posted By: White EuropeanThu. May 16, 2013

Where did the Vegan go? I keep checking back periodically for activity.

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Posted By: WalaceWed. Jan 14, 2015

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