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Mexicans belong in Mexico! That's why they're called Mexicans!

And, it's NOT "illegal immigrants." Rather, it's "illegal aliens" or, to put it more bluntly, "criminal trespassers" to the United States.

Mexico/USA: Prostitution horror for young women

In Mexico you can do a 9 year old just like Muhammad did.

Source: New York Daily News
By Nicole Bode, Daily News Staff Writer

News investigation into the plight of young women forced into horror of prostitution

Hundreds of young women stand with their backs pressed up against a graffiti-covered concrete wall on a side street in Tijuana. Leering men swarm around the girls, some as young as 8, as a chill wind blows across their exposed skin, bound tightly inside leather bustiers, miniskirts and schoolgirl uniforms.

Before the night is over, the girls of "Zona Rosa" - a notorious red-light district just a few blocks from the main tourist drag in this Mexican border town - will make as much as $250 each by selling sex.

It's cold-blooded sexual slavery - forced prostitution that began when they were kidnapped from their small towns in Mexico and Central America and smuggled through a dangerous corridor that leads into the United States.

After they work their apprenticeships in Tijuana, many of the girls end up as sexual servants in New York's illegal brothels.

"I've been in this business for 30 years - it's much more prevalent now than it was then," said federal agent Martin Ficke, who oversees the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's New York division.

"They are coming from everywhere," Ficke said. "[They] are brought to the U.S. under false pretenses and they are forced to work as prostitutes against their will."

As many as 17,500 sex slaves are smuggled into the United States each year, according to the latest federal statistics.

One out of every three people trafficked into New York is forced into prostitution, according to Safe Horizon, a Manhattan-based human rights organization.

The depraved exploitation will be spotlighted by this week's Brooklyn Federal Court case against the Carreto family, a group of extended relatives from Mexico.

Preying upon uneducated and impressionable girls from poor towns throughout Mexico, the family allegedly kidnapped, raped and beat its victims into submission. The family made hundreds of thousands of dollars, while its sex slaves, who toiled inside ordinary-looking homes in Queens, earned next to nothing, authorities charge.

At the heart of the shadowy sex-trafficking industry lies Zona Rosa, law enforcement sources told the Daily News.

"Tijuana is a good crossing point because it's a prostitution zone," said Marisa Ugarte, executive director of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, an anti-trafficking group based in San Diego. "It's easy to get from Tijuana into Arizona, California, Texas, to New York. It's simple."

The border town, a short drive from San Diego, also provides a daily flood of sex-hungry tourists and a police department that looks the other way.

During a recent trip to Zona Rosa, The News found dozens of cops standing by as hundreds of girls sold sex to strangers.

The girls' burly pimps kept a watchful eye, never moving more than a few feet away. Nearby, street hustlers solicited customers, many of them American men, telling them to move inside dank bars and seedy, second-story motels. They promised "naked massage." Many johns were eager to oblige, forking over a going rate of $20 to $60 for a half-hour session of forced sexual favors.

Premium prices were charged for "bareback," or unprotected sex. But the highest prices were charged for the youngest girls - or "cherries" - who are prized for their fresh appearance and their supposed lack of sexually transmitted diseases.

"There is a perception that the younger the child, the safer you are going to be and the less disease-ridden you are going to be," Ugarte said. "It's another myth because by the time they have a 12-year-old or a 13-year-old, by this time maybe she has already had 50 to 60 men." The girls are forbidden from keeping the money they make from sex and are prohibited from contacting their families or talking to other women.

Violence against them is frequent and severe.

The pimps beat the girls with coat hangers, cables, beer bottles and belts. Many of them are forced to have abortions when they become pregnant and others are given crystal meth and cocaine so they become addicts.

The pimps also threaten to hurt the girls' loved ones.

"They say, 'We'll kill your family.' If they have babies, they say, 'We'll kill your babies,'" said Deputy Sheriff Rick Castro of the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

The sex rings are well-organized and many pimps work with relatives - just as the Carretos allegedly did to smuggle girls to Queens.

Each ring uses its own route from Tijuana into the United States.

Some drive girls across the border flashing counterfeit documents in California. Other sex slaves are slipped across the border on foot and then shuttled by van to brothels through a network of covert safehouses.

Still other pimps promise to smuggle the impressionable girls into the United States, telling them they can get jobs as nannies, cooks and maids - making enough money to support their families back home.

These traffickers charge the girls as much as $7,500 in illicit crossing fees - but once they get to the United States, the girls are raped and forced into prostitution. By the time the girls realize they have been kidnapped, it's too late for them to escape.

"They start going, 'Why aren't we free to leave? ... Why are there men blocking the exit?'" Castro said.

A ring of traffickers busted last year forced 50 girls to have sex with 300 to 500 men a day in a field of reeds just north of San Diego. The girls were given a piece of carpet or a towel to lay on, and an egg timer to keep track of their 10-minute sessions. Each man paid $20 for his window of time.

The ring catered to day laborers, and advertised through word of mouth.

In New York, the sex slaves' clientele includes illegal immigrants who work long hours to send money back to their families and use what little money they have left to buy illicit pleasure. President Bush's administration has moved aggressively to combat human trafficking, and Bush has mentioned the problem in many major speeches.

Despite the growing awareness, anti-trafficking advocates face a daunting task.

The victimized girls are reluctant to go to authorities because they feel a crippling sense of shame. Most also are living here illegally and don't trust law enforcement because authorities in their hometowns either profit from the sex-slave trade or do nothing to prevent it.

"A lot of people think prostitution is voluntary, and maybe for some women it is," Castro said. "But when you're talking about children or people who were brought in under false pretenses, that's not voluntary. That's something completely different."

Seductive lure of bogus ads

Mexican sex traffickers deceive countless young women into becoming prostitutes by placing bogus ads in local papers. Here's a look at one of the ads, translated from Spanish:

If you are between 18 and 24 years old, like to dance, are a size 3 to 7 ... are pretty and want to get between $6,000 and $20,000, pay attention. We're offering:

Help put end to nightmare

If you know someone who is a victim of human trafficking or want to help combat the international problem, here are some private and government agencies that can help:

Safe Horizon
(800) 621-HOPE

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(866) DHS-2ICE

Covenant House
(800) 999-9999 New York Association for New Americans
(888) 242-5838

AsociaciĆ³n Tepeyac of New York
(212) 633-7108

Latin American Integration Center
(718) 565-8500

New Immigrant Community Empowerment
(718) 205-8796

Urban Justice Center Sex Workers Project
(646) 602-5617

23 comments about Prostitution in Mexico


Posted By: Suzanne Sun. Dec 26, 2010


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Posted By: Bigg Dawg Wayne The TrainWed. Jan 26, 2011

I clicked on the title of this posting w/caution hoping I could yell at some Chomo but to my surprise you are exposing a horrible crime & to me an unforgivable sin. The Bible says A MAN THAT FORCES HIMSELF ON A CHILD SHALL DIE it also says IT IS WRONG TO GIVE A WOMAN MONEY FOR SEX OR TO SEE HER NAKEDNESS. I've never got prostitution, or sleeping w/kids, or trying to score a virgin. Give me a nasty whore who likes to screw & knows what to do & we'll both have a good time & both get something out of it. But you AHOLES that ruin young lives deserve to die. Tell you what, you hurt one of my kids there won't be no calling the law because there won't be anybody to arrest. You ask my little girl she'll tell you, NOBODY CAN HURT MY DADDY BECAUSE HE'S GOT A GUN & she believes it & I'd use my gun. I'd just have to figure out which one to shove up your ASS. You know a predator or a child being hurt DO SOMETHING TURN THEM IN I wish someone did when I was hurt. The innocence of a child should not be lost till that person is ready for the amount of innocence they are willing to lose. It comes w/age & you lose it w/people your age not some dirty old man who preys on children.

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Posted By: NicholasSat. Apr 2, 2011

I only wished I was someone very wealthy and had the money to help change the lifes of all these unfortunate girls. I've give every penny, and would be completely unselfish.


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Posted By: LisalizThu. Apr 7, 2011

It's very sad to see what's going on in our world and the majority of people just turn the other way and don't do a thing. If I were President of Mexico I would get all these people who are involved and send their asses to the moon! All this is very evil and each one of these monsters will pay for their crimes. God is watching all this and will make each of these dirty men pay for their offense. How can the parent's of these children be so stupid and cold cold hearted to sell their children to the devil. This world is so corrupt and full of evil that our God is very angry and will put a stop to all of this! God protect us from his wrath because it's coming soon and people don't even realize it. I wish their was something that I can do that would really make a difference and stop all this evil. Instead of our President putting his nose in other countries were it doesn't belong. He should be focusing on real issues that are so close to us. These are innocent children who really need our help and support and it should be put to a stop. The President has to remember that he has two little girls and he would never wish this on his own children or the others who are suffering. These are the same dirty mexicans who prey on all women and children in our country. I wish we lived in the times of eye for an eye. These monsters are getting away with this and if everybody put these laws in place we wouldn't be having these problems. Each one of these AHOLES deserve for their things to be cut off and put up their butts! These animals disgust me so much!!!!!!

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Posted By: WendyMon. Apr 18, 2011

People without complete facts are just ignorant that there comments convey them as idiots.

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Posted By: KathrynFri. Jul 8, 2011

You talk about how disgusting this issue is. You seem to leave the topic behind of your support of lynchings and disgusting abuse towards entire races. Hypocritical naz I bastard.

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Posted By: Zincq10Wed. Aug 10, 2011

Well these children are in Mexico their country and SHAME on the Mexican Gov because the age of consent is only 12 years old and they are NOT protecting their children. There are also American children living in Mexico and Polygamous families of the like of Warren Jeff also living there. But be aware that the men buying these children are from all over the world and LOTS of AMERICAN men go to Tijuana to buy these children. Tijuana if full of US men in these brothels.

This is not an issue of race this is an issue of human rights and pedophiles are from ALL races.

How can we start a petition to pressure the Mexican Gov to change the age of consent and penalize child prostitution more and basically change and enforce their laws??? anyone knows?? lets starts a petition.

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Posted By: Dave N.Sun. Apr 29, 2012

Nicholas; I can admire what you are saying, but you don't have to wait until you are rich, there are numbers there, give now, today, anything will help. My wife and I have actually taken in and raised children who are victims of abuse such as this, and we are no where near rich, most years when we were doing it, we made less than the average wage in the USA. Not everybody has to do what we did, but everybody can do something.

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Posted By: BobbieFri. Jul 13, 2012

This just sickens me. Myself, my sister and most of our female family members were abused sexually by our grandfather. I have forgiven him. I needed to move on and being stuck in self pity and hate did not make for a happy life. Having said this. I really believe the people who do this should be put to death as soon as they are caught!!! NO long drama court case! They got caught red handed. Just kill them. They are not even human. I don't care what color or how much money these sick perverts have, kill them. They will do this again and again. They won't stop. Show them mercy. Put them in jail let them out and they will do it again. They like it. They BELIEVE they have the right to force sex or anything they want on women and children. Just save us all the money. Put a bullet in their head on the spot. Then they won't do it again!!

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Posted By: In God We TrustWed. Aug 8, 2012

These disgusting Mex-I-cant's. Fortunately no Americans ever engage in child prostitution, either as the f**kee or f**ker!

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Posted By: RandySat. Aug 11, 2012

Well I think what's happening to those children is sick and beyond imagination. But I know that are country is far from perfect, we have soooo many issue's in our own country that have to be addressed before we can change the world. If the Mexican government can't control there own people then that's on them. Nature has a way of correcting it self. It is awe-full and nobody can deny this. But we stick our noses in everyone elses business and we can't correct the problems here! First we have to handle our country then maybe reach out to another.

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Posted By: Paul HarghusTue. Aug 28, 2012

"The girls were given a piece of carpet or a towel to lay on, and an egg timer to keep track of their 10-minute sessions. "

This really got to me.

Kids today have it so easy.

A piece of carpet or towel?

In my day you had to bend over a log or lay on the bed of an old Ford truck.

An egg timer?

In my day you had to count to 100 going, "one Mississippi, two Mississippi" and then clench real tight so they'd finish off in time to go to the next.

Also 20 bucks? I got a nickel for a coke and a hamburger.

These kids today are soft because of all these perks like this.

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Posted By: N/aMon. Sep 24, 2012

That's why so many young Mexicans in Arizona are pregnant! The men have no morals or standards!

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Posted By: Mark The MexicanSat. Dec 1, 2012

1srt yes there is sex slavery here just like in the usa yes you can buy a hooker her mexico but u can't by a child in zona roja do you come often to tj we don't have human rights. here or welfare a woman has to work its a job deal with it

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Posted By: HonestSun. Dec 2, 2012

You are such an idiot for postin it there that u can get a 9yr old prostitute just like Muhammad did. If u want to get attention with ur headlines, then u shd make use of ur brain to do that. And av u finished solvin the problems in ur own country b4 pokin ur dirty nose into other people's. Face the problems in ur country first, & u can start that by telllin America to leave other countries alone esp, those arab countries, going to steal from them, rapin and molestinng their women & children in the name of peace keepin. Thievies & hypocrits

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Posted By: 505 HitmanSat. Dec 22, 2012

Warning to all traffickers of children sex slaves coming into the United States: prepare to die, we will terminate you in most unpleasant ways. This is war now, no more compromise, no surrender, no deportation. Death to you and your entire family, we will hunt them all down, even in Mexico. We will end your blood line. Notice to all law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border: Step up or be executed as well. Systematic destruction of your country is well underway. You can't hide. God Bless The USA.

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Posted By: Jeff GreenwhichTue. Jan 29, 2013

This has been going on forever and is a sad thing and it seems like it will go on for eternity. How sad

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Posted By: YummFri. Aug 2, 2013

I spend all my extra money on young prostitutes. So yummy... .

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Posted By: MikeSun. Dec 29, 2013

Are you kidding me Susanne? Have you checked the "Sex offender registry" check out the list of sex offenders and you tell me if they are mostly Mexicans. You better do your homework before making dumb statements.

Posted By: Suzanne Sun. Dec 26, 2010

this is so sad. this only goes to show ... most of your child molesters that are seen on t. v... they are mexican. every time I'm watching the news and a child is or was almost abducted the abductor is 90% of the time ... mexican. makes me wonder how many of these children are american. foster care is another dangerous place for our white children. there are more mexican families doing foster care than any other race. what can I do to help ? I am sickened with disgust... as a teenager... I was constantly sexually harassed, and even stalked by mexican men while walking to and from school. if I was scared just imagine how these little girls feel. god help them, there lives are ruined

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Posted By: Terry ShechterWed. Feb 12, 2014

***(((---pimps beware, you are going to hell~:)---)))***

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Posted By: ArtSun. Mar 16, 2014

for being a child pervert is because you are ugly and can not get a girl pitafull

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Posted By: Jack ThompsonSun. Mar 23, 2014

Most of this article is not true. Girls, 18+, mostly 19 to 23, go to Tijuana from various cities in Mexico to make money to support a child who stayed back in the home town with grandma. Those girls leaning against the buildings are there of their own accord. Most do not have boyfriends or husbands or pimps. These girls think prostitution is the easiest fastest way to make a lot of money, Approximately $80, 000 a year. Most get out of this business after a few years. It's all about the money. The area is well policed probably because Tijuana sees prostitution as a great source of income. Police prevent most underage girls from working. The price for one of these girls is $20 and $10 additional dollars if she takes her top off. The unclean hotel room is an additional $3 to $10 for 20 minutes. Girls work about 11 hours a day and about 7 days a week. They usually take about a month vacation to go home during the year. Bar and massage parlor prices are more complicated. All Tijuana prostitutes are well versed in preventing HIV.

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Posted By: White EuropeanTue. Apr 29, 2014

Jack Thompson is probably a freakin lying troller. I would tend to believe the article. The Jewish mafia since the beginnings of civilization have been heavily involved in sex trafficking, most recently with White Eastern European girls. These kikenvermin men should have their balls cut off when exposed. Besides the Jew agenda to kill White people, sex trafficking of innocent White women is second in heinous crimes committed by the parasitic scurvy of DIRTY JEWS.

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