The Iraqi government reported that during 2006, a total of 16,273 soldiers, police officers, and civilians were murdered in that country. In 2007, a total of 16,425 murders took place in the United States. In 2008, more than 17,000 murders took place in this country. While the deaths of U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq as well as the murder of innocent civilians in that country have received unprecedented media attention, our own press all but ignores the crushing violence now becoming just a fact of life in our own country.

While the majority of Iraqi homicides have been the result of that nation's many Muslim factions fighting one another for political control, a large number of U.S. murders can be attributed to drugs and gang violence. Considering that sad comparison, Americans could easily face a more bleak future than will the Iraqis.

While the mainstream news media is very quick to announce the deaths of U.S. troops serving in Iraq, they largely ignore the rising death toll in this country. We have lost 4,266 soldiers since the start of the Iraq War in March of 2003. During that same time period, more than 104,000 Americans have fallen victim to murder inside the borders of their own country (Figures for the first three months of 2009 are based on the number of murders occurring in major cities and past FBI statistics).

The death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq, pales in comparison to the annual number of U.S. murders. The loss of every soldier is certainly a tragedy and represents a life-changing loss to that soldier's family. However, those 4,266 families can take some comfort in the fact that their loved-one died in the service of his country and was in control of his own destiny. In contrast, tens of thousands of American families can find no comfort because their loved-one died a senseless death at the hands of a murderer...For them there will be no taps, no folded flag, no heroic sacrifice, only a violent and untimely death.

Since the start of the Iraq War, U.S. news casts have been filled with images of violent Iraqi streets. However, the press has failed to report that many of our own cities have become lawless war zones. Consider the following number of murders in major U.S. cities which occurred in 2008 alone:

On April 27, 2007, New Orleans recorded its 62nd murder of the year. At that time, the city's population was 223,000. On that same day, Iraq had recorded their 6,523rd murder for the year in a country with a population of 29,267,000. Analysis of those figures gave New Orleans a murder rate of 1 in every 3,597 people, while the murder rate for Iraq is much lower with 1 in every 4,486 people. So where is the non-stop media attention and protests for those being slaughtered in New Orleans?

For over five years, we heard President Bush and his surrogates often justify our involvement in Iraq by telling us that our troops are saving Iraqi women from Saddam's infamous 'rape rooms.' Though Bush may have made saving Iraqi women from rape a priority, he never even commented on the large number of American women raped in this country annually. In 2005 alone, 92,837 rapes were reported in the U.S. Considering that rape is an incredibly under-reported crime, the actual number of American women raped is much higher ( Most experts believe that only about 1 in 10 rapes are reported, the actual number occurring annually in this country is believed to be closer to 920,000).

The press and our politicians do not like to talk about sobering U.S. crime statistics for a number of reasons. The left-leaning press does not like to delve too deeply into the subject due to the fact that minorities commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Politicians tend to shy away from the subject for that same reason, but also because high crime rates make elected officials appear useless and ineffectual. In the case of Presidents Bush and Obama, their refusal to defend the U.S.-Mexican border has left many Americans victims of violent crime at the hands of illegal aliens. In fact, illegal aliens now account for 29 percent of this nation's prison population.

The reasons why someone turns to a life of crime are numerous, but a child without two parents who lives at or below the poverty level, is much more likely to go to prison than to college. With out-of-wedlock births sky-rocketing, a worsening economy, and illegal aliens (and drug gangs) continuing to stream across the border, we can expect the violence in our beleaguered cities to continue unabated.

Whether you are killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq or a drug dealer in the United States, dead is dead.

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Posted By: Im A Bit Confused...Wed. Dec 8, 2010

I'm trying to verify your numbers and statistics... But your information isn't adding up... This seems to be stretching fact and moving in to "fiction-land"... Please provide citations...

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Posted By: Rabid White EuropeanTue. Sep 30, 2014

At: I'm A Bit Confused "Please provide citations... "

I know that you are long gone since 3. 5 years have elapsed but 'citation' this. All one has to do is venture into the multicultural enclaves of the major cities and be preyed upon by legal and illegal 3rd world and nigger scum. We don't need no stinkin citations!

Before the 1965 Immigration laws were changed allowing foreign cockroaches in, this White majority country was 89% lily White and a truly wonderful paradise to live in.

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Posted By: Africant's & Africant Americant'sTue. Jan 15, 2019

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