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Mexicans belong in Mexico! That's why they're called Mexicans!

3 comments about Crime Victims Of Illegal Aliens


Posted By: Spick HaterTue. Oct 25, 2011

These f***ing wetbacks just come here to get jobs for $10 + an hour, work for 2 or 3 years tax free, then hightail it back to mexico with fat stacks of money and start up theyre drug bussiness.

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Posted By: SoundsSat. Nov 12, 2011

Yeah that sounds about right, but the sad part is the people buying the f***ing drugs of these Mexican drug lords are the damn white kids and adults so how does that help the deal

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Posted By: Allen Georgi Grapevine TexasMon. Dec 22, 2014

I don't like mexicans blacks niggers or jews or fat women at walmart they all are a parasites

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