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Posted By: What GivesMon. Aug 22, 2011

I heard a rumor that this site was being run by niggers who were trying track racially aware people and that's why it no longer accepts comments.

And yet, here is your comment.

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Posted By: Cracker Killa SwagSat. Mar 3, 2012

itz ture lolz u whites r so dumb

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Posted By: J PaigeTue. May 15, 2012

Well I sure hope you're proud of yourself. You seem to have attracted quite an intelligent following jackass. SMDH.

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Posted By: White EuropeanSat. Sep 15, 2012

Whites should form secret clubs, organizations, and associations just like the Jews do. However, there must be a plan to stymie Jewish infiltrators. Maybe, not allow circumcised Jew dicks into the organizations. But be careful of the Jew dude who tries to pull his abbreviated foreskin down to fool unsuspecting goyim like they did during the Greek olympics, which didn't allow circumcised penises to compete.

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Posted By: Patxi LaskurainWed. Apr 17, 2013

Are you a homosexual or are you simply gay, you shemale cocksucker?

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