I'm Proud To Be White

and if you don't like it you can


White Pride World Wide

White Pride World Wide

How many are actually paying attention to this?

There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc.

And then there are just Americans

You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You Call me White boy, Cracker, Honkey, Whitey, Caveman. And that's OK.

But when I call you, Nigger, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink...

You call me a racist.

You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET.

If we had WET (White Entertainment Television)

We'd be racists.

If we had a White Pride Day

You would call us racists.

If we had White History Month

We'd be racists.

If we had any organization for only whites to "advance OUR lives"

You would call us racists.

We have a Hih4ic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.

Wonder who pays for that?

If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships

You know we'd be racists.

There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US , yet if there were a "White college"

THAT would be a racist college.

In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching For your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights,

You would call us racists.

You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're Not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride.

You call us racists.

You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer Shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug-dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society. You call him a racist.

I am proud and white.
But, you call me a racist.

Ever wonder...

Why is it that only whites can be racists?

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Posted By: CarlosSun. Sep 5, 2010

I agree with you and with everything you say in your website. I just want to make one thing clear. most of the people that want to destroyed your culture, your society and your way of life are Mexican, "Mexican". My grand father was a German officer in the German army in WWII and I'm proud of it. I'm hispanic and want to let you know that not all hispanics want to destroy your country like the mexicans. I'm from Argentina our society is 47% German 37 Italian

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Posted By: Mike Tue. Sep 7, 2010

Every word eloquently written in this statement, is 100% true!!! I am so sick and tired of the discrimination by Mexicans and, I might add, our own PITIFUL Government. I'm white. I'm an Arizona native. I have worked hard for everything I have, yet some little "meximelt" gang-banger would take it all at gunpoint. Another thing. Mexicans will not fight 1 on 1, They are cowards! They need all their homies. Screw em! I wish some wetback would invade my home. I got answers for them!!!!

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Posted By: kristen,Tue. Sep 7, 2010

>> I actually agree w/all and everything you have posted above. I see men w/BROWN PRIDE tats, BLACK PRIDE TATS,but if one of our boy's get's a white pride/white boy or any one of the above it's "100" percent racist, I agree w/the one comment posted above, white people are the only one's considered "racist"

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Posted By: David reed from kentuckyTue. Sep 7, 2010


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Posted By: JohnTue. Sep 7, 2010

A Black President Is Proof We Are Loosen The War For The White People. We Must Stick Together To Win This War. We Are Stupid To Believe That This Is A One Time Thing The Black, Jews, Gays Propulsion Is Growing And The White Americans Are Shrinking. We Must Take Back Our Country And Grow. The People Must Rise Up To Stop This Before We Lose This War And We Become The Second Class And The Scum Take Over The World. This Is Our World And All Scum Must Be Put In Their Place. We Must Us The Scum To Build A New Would And Thin Cast Them Out Into The Pit In Which They Belong. White Power Must Win Or All Is Lost.

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Posted By: EddieWed. Sep 8, 2010

I live in Chicago heights and the whole community is s***... over run by niggers and spiks. It's f***ing ridiculous. all I see is grape and orange soda cans and flamin hot cheeto wrappers everywhere... every neighborhood they go in the destroy... obama is a joke he is a worthiness nigger

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Posted By: AnfamaWed. Sep 8, 2010

You men in here talk a lot about the double standard in America, where a Negro College Fund is fostered by whites, but a Caucasian College Fund would be denounced as racist, and so on. But you never ask yourselves the most important question, and until you do you'll never correct the inconsistencey: What philosophical notion has gotten lodged in the heads of American citizens that has turned all values upside down, good becoming evil, evil good, the victims [Caucasians] portrayed in films and television shows as the villains, the villains [Negroes] as the victims, that fosters programs that advance the interests of one race, the Negro race, while condemning similar programs to advance the interests of the Caucasian race? Until you zero in on that philosophical notion, identify it, and refute it, you will never stop the injustices being perpetrated against the noble Aryan people. I have the answer to that question. I'm publishing a book that contains that answer. Can you figure it out yourselves? It's the most important task you will set yourselves to engage in in your lives?

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Posted By: Are people really this dumbWed. Sep 8, 2010

As a white person, I honestly think that people as unintelligent as all of you should realllllly not be allowed to reproduce. Maybe you should do yourselves a service, and join Simpleton Pride instead.

As for people reading this, especially Anfama above me, these cretins don't have the mental capacity to comprehend your perfectly sound reasoning. Seriously. This is just ridiculous so don't waste your time writing responses that are too complex for their tiny little heads, and don't even get too upset. If at all. No one listens to dingbats. That's why Obama is the president and not one of the creators of this site.

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Posted By: AnfamaThu. Sep 9, 2010

To "Are people really this dumb, " I'm not sure you have construed my meaning correctly. I'm on the same side as the cretins. My whole purpose is to elevate the level of thought of the white supremacist movement with literate arguments that strictly follow the rules of inference, with the intent that the more intelligent white supremacists will have the words they need to defend themselves, and the courage to utter them. I intend to remove the stigma attached to the white supremacist movement by mindless leftists who often wield the Hitler club against it, you know the routine, guilt by association. Admittedly, Hitler s*** all over the cause. What can I say? He was an idiot. He exterminated not only the Jews, who disproportionately win Nobel prizes, but tens of millions of our best and brightest young white male breeders, lowering the genetic quality of Europe. The average male in Scotland today is eight inches shorter than his great-grandfather! Obviously, all the superior males became cannon fodder sent off to be slaughtered in two world wars, leaving the 4F-ers safely behind to reproduce. Hitler was not alone to blame. After all, it was the idiots in England and France who twice declared and started war on Germany.

The majority of scientists in the relevant fields now agree that the black race is inferior in innate intelligence to the white race. But the powers that be persist in claiming otherwise. My task seems daunting. But this is not the first time in history that an entire society has become unhinged. There are more intelligent people who agree with me than you think. One day I was talking on the phone to a well-known philosopher in New York City about our mutual point of view. I detoured briefly, mentioning a philosophical problem that a world-renowned philosopher, whose picture is in the Oxford Companion To Philosophy, claimed he had solved, but really hadn't. I know, because I had already solved it, so I knew what the solution looked like. My friend reproved me as follows: "Don't be hard on him. He's one of us!" It was then that I realized there is an underground of white supremacists in academia who are at the present time hunkered down because of the leftists' inquisition on campuses today, called political correctness, the purpose of which being to stamp out any unegalitarian speech. These academic white supremacists intend to launch a counter-strike with the plan in mind of annihilating the laughable case for affirmative action. Patience

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Posted By: AnfamaThu. Sep 9, 2010

Carlos, I am thinking about moving to Buenos Aires half of the year. I read that 10 percent of the population is English-speaking immigrants, mostly from the United States and England. The Hispanic culture is more to my liking. In fact, any of the Mediterranean cultures, Greece, Italy, Israel, southern France, Portugal. Some free advice, for what it's worth. Avoid defending Hitler and his lunatic jihad against the Jews. It has been discovered that the DNA of Jews is identical to Europeans. Even the DNA of Jews who've been living in Muslim countries for centuries is still much closer to the DNA of Europeans than it is to the indigenous Muslim population of those countries. Certain Aryan groups in Northern India have DNA that is closer to the DNA of Eastern Europeans than it is to other Indians. Indeed, it was these people who gave us the word "Aryan. " Thousands of years ago a tribe migrated from southeastern Europe or Asia Minor--which was Caucasian at the time, before the Muslim conquest--to the Indus River valley, then branching out and going on to conquer most of what is present-day India. They called themselves Aryans, meaning "the noble ones. " They inaugurated a caste system to preserve their racial identity, declaring the indigenous population they vanquished to be untouchable. It succeeded. Their DNA after thousands of years is still closer to European DNA than other castes, albeit there has been some infiltration into their gene pool by the untouchables. The point is that Aryan is a somewhat more inclusive category than we before thought, as is being evidenced by advances in genetics. Some ethnic groups in Iran, northern Iraq, and Turkey are still pure enough to claim Aryan status. Some Berbers in Morocco have blue eyes. Only Aryans have blue eyes. While being totally intolerant of admixture with The Other, we should recognize our brothers in the Aryan diaspora. White supremacy is a noble cause that needs champions who are not only proud to fight for their race, but to do so intelligently. The tiresome, and by now, mindless Jew-baiting of websites like Stormfront only weaken our cause by distracting Aryans from the real threat that is driving them to extinction, the irremediable pollution of their priceless gene pool through admixture with the cursed DNA of Negroes, Arabs, and Orientals.

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Posted By: Chippy #7Thu. Sep 9, 2010


As long as you understand that people will not actually flip their s***e over you announcing your pride in being white, and that the system which was once 100% in favor of the white race has been nerfed to oh, 80% in favor and that the white people hold the vast majority of both wealth and power in the world, continue to feel attacked all you want. However, everything with a "Black" appellation before it is there because there is a White inherently in place in its default counterpart. "Black colleges" do in fact allow White people to attend.

White history is the default history told. Every student in school is taught every year how the White race came to reside in and lord over the area that is now the US and Canada. WET is NBC, CBS, ABC, Showtime, AMC, HBO and any other non-BET station. Further, I cannot understand why you'd want a channel like that in the first place, BET is terrible and a channel of shows specifically pandering to "White issues" would be full of asinine programming.

:InB4 "BET is programmed by niggers" argument:

The staff are very white, so are the writers and corporate partners. Notice how almost all shows on TV have 10% or fewer black characters? This is White entertainment television. There's nothing wrong with this, I love How I Met Your Mother and there are basically no black people on that show as even extras. Most crucially, how many of you guys/gals here have actually been called any of the laughably weak anti-White racial epithets on anything close to a regular basis, specifically without warrant? Most Blacks don't use this kind of language because they really don't give a damn about them. Those terms used against Whites are DEFINITELY racist. But, I am fairly confident Whites have consistently been pretty talented with coining racial slurs first, which are equally DEFINITELY racist.

I mean, do your thing, love White people and being White, teach your kids about all the amazing things White people have done, but at least carry a balanced approach and understand AND acknowledge that the power structure is STILL massively in your favor, and that minorities calling you racist is your biggest worry as a race. Be proud (of whatever color you are), but don't be a dickhead about it.

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Posted By: KristyThu. Sep 9, 2010

I am white, my dad and grandparents are military officers. I am very proud of my military heritage! I also agree that people can come to this country, legally, and be AMERICAN! They are part of the contribution no matter where they come from. It's the people who slip in here illegally, or who are born here illegally. These people are taking from our social programs and hurting our citizens. I am proud to be of European descent, christian, and to have military officers as my family pride. When did being this way become a thing of shame? Can I express pride???? They have gay pride parades, and mexican parades... can I be proud to be white, christian, and straight????

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Posted By: Keith BadeauFri. Sep 10, 2010

We do need to stick together. Blacks are so prejudice against us whites but we are the racists. I'm discriminated against in my neighborhood (hispanic ghetto) when I go into the stores I'm treated like s*** and a laundry suggested I "go somewhere else".

We do need to unite and rationally and clearly state our mission and our problems that we're facing in America these days.

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Posted By: AnfamaFri. Sep 10, 2010

Answers to all 12 points Chippy #7, one point polished off each day.

[1] To the objection by Chippy #7 that white people holding most of the wealth and power in the world is the ground for dismissing with disdain threats against them by nonwhites, that whites should treat nonwhites who threaten them as nothing more than annoying, buzzing insects, I reply that whites gained supremacy over nonwhites in the first place because only whites have proven to have the ability for abstract thought at the highest level of creative genius, the level of a Newton, an Aristotle, a da Vinci, a Mozart, etc.

Aside from that, #7 fails to make the distinction between morality and expediency. Morality makes no distinction between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless. Moral imperatives are universal and absolute. All men are equally obliged to obey them. Rights are a moral claim for what belongs to one. A right is that concept intended to block arguments for its curtailment based on general expediency. Thus its unalienability. There's no logical connection between the extent of one's property [wealth] and the degree to which one should fight to protect one's right to it. Leftists like #7 just can't seem to get their values to match the pre-existent facts of human reality, such as the possession by the rich man as well as the poor man of unalienable rights and the equal claim to their protection from infringement, especially by government employees hell-bent to redistribute the rich man's wealth as largesse to the covetous parasites who hanker to receive it.

Tax the rich whites to death, says #7, take away their sons' opportunity to go to a prestigious unviersity and/or graduate school or find employment because of affirmative action. They shouldn't care because they're rich and powerful. The rich man's rights are less protected than the poor man's in #7's leftist dystopia.

What a psychological confession, #7. I'm sure you didn't mean to divulge such a contemptible lack of allegiance to the concept of unalienable rights, but there it is in your own words. As long as the rich and powerful whites can fly to Paris for lunch, they're insulated by their wealth from nonwhites' attacks upon them. So stop bellyaching, all you white people, about your right to property being infringed on by the kleptomaniacs on the Left in the name of their harebrainred moral and racial ideal of equality. Just suck it up.

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Posted By: AnfamaFri. Sep 10, 2010

Kristy is a good example of why women should not be allowed the privilege of exercising the voting franchise, the advice of the Founding Fathers which they themselves followed. She intones that immigrants from anywhere can contribute to America and should be allowed to migrate here. She has obviously been trained by egalitarians and is now regurgitating the bulls*** stuffed in her little head. The vast majority of scientists in the relevant fields of psychometrics and human genetics now agree that the Negro race is inferior in innate intelligence to the white race. If Negros are innately inferior to whites, who else is? Asians? Arabs? Inasmuch as neither Africans, Asians, nor Arabs have produced through all 5, 000 years of recorded history a single, solitary creative genius at the level of an Archimedes in mathematics, a Wagner in music, a Kant in philosophy, a Raphael in painting, a Tesla in technological invention, a Galileo in physics, a Kepler in astronomy, a Lavoisier in chemistry, an Adam Smith in economics, and hundreds more white males at the same level of creative genius, to allow such deficient races to migrate to white lands in the name of diversity, another shibboleth concocted by the Left and mindlessly repeated ad nauseum, to allow their cursed DNA to irremediably pollute the white race's priceless white gene pool through miscegenation, because they now have free access to white and delightsome flesh for the satisfaction of their sexual, social, and psychological needs, is sheer lunacy. For all the cursed darkies from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa allowed into Europe and America, it is still only whites who win Nobel prizes, who invent everything significant, who are the greatest composers of music, writers of plays and poems, sculptors, scientists, and inventors. The humiliation of the Chinese mathematics community just a few years ago is telling. The Chinese have an inferiority complex to the white race. They thought they had come up with the proof of an important conjecture in competition with everyone else in the world. Some white man pointed out their error. Then another white man in St. Petersburg, Russia, in his 20s and still living with his mother, provided the proof. The Chinese were crestfallen and humiliated. Once again the white man proves his intellectual, i. e. , creative, superiority. Chinamen can do well on tests. But they're not really creative. The white man creates. The yellow man imitates. And you welcome them here?

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Posted By: KristyFri. Sep 10, 2010

I stand corrected!

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Posted By: AnfamaFri. Sep 10, 2010

I am chastened by Kristy's admission. How often do we experience such integrity these days? Certainly never when we're forced to witness the on-going spectacle of egalitarians, altruists, social democrats, Democrats, socialists, communists, and other assorted lunatics on the Left blathering about equality of race and equality of gender, or even that tired, old Marxist notion of equality of class, you know, all that babble about helping the less fortunate in society, that impelled Democrats to self-servingly impose the monstrosities of Social Security and Medicare on the rest of us, who are forced to fork over, for the benefit of their voting constituencies of the disadvantaged and the down-and-out, as a compensatory coping strategy for their own [Democrats'] feelings of cognitive and moral inadequacy. All Democrats are moral morons, incapable of and afraid to debate the moral justification for their redistribution-of-wealth schemes. If you read their literature of late, you will find not one attempt to justify equality as a moral ideal, the raison d'etre of their social, economic, and political agenda. They just take it for granted as a moral axiom. There's a good reason for that. Karl Popper, libertarian and philosopher of science, decades ago pointed out that the core argument leftists had been using to justify equality as a moral imperative was a fallacy, in particular, a violation of Hume's law, the most egregious mistake leftists could have chosen to commit in ethics. His refutation sent a shudder through the entire leftist community at the time. But did they abandon their harebrained ideal of equality right then and there upon their justification of it being exposed as a fallacy? Of course, not. Leftists are not that honest. Instead, they simply started treating it as a moral axiom not to be questioned. Today you hear Democrats blathering about equality every two minutes as a justification for their depredations against the white male. But never will you hear them give a reason for taking equality seriously as a moral and social ideal. We are to take Democrats' word for it that equality as an ideal, which demands that white males be turned into sacrificial victims on the altar of nonwhites, nonmales, and poor white males, Democrats' reliable voting constituencies, has already been proven by philosophers to be valid, and all that remains is for their victims to obey it. Moral axiom my ass. There's no such thing.

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Posted By: LanceFri. Sep 10, 2010

I would like to say to everyone I am very proud to be white. I would also like to put out there that the over abundance of Mexicans in this country is really hurting me. I can't find another job anywhere because business owners around here only want to hire Mexicans. I live in central Illinois so right now is the beginning of harvest time, you would think farmers and the grain elevators would want some good hard working white men working for them. HELL NO!!! They want a bunch of wet backs that will work for $2-$3 less than me. Also I would like to tell you that it appears to me that wet backs have more rights than we do. 3 years ago I was beat by 2 Mexicans in the head with a baseball bat. I got hit 6 times. I got 31 staples and 13 stitches they also broke my left hand. Their were no arrests because the only person that seen it was the town drunk. I am thousands of dollars in debt because of Mexicans and I can't get out because of Mexicans.

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Posted By: a black manFri. Sep 10, 2010

haha white people are the most retarded race EVER haha black power! stuped rednecks BLACK POWER!!

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Posted By: WHITE POWERFri. Sep 10, 2010

HEY... . I love black people too wow and I am white haha but he is right we are retarded. black power!

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Posted By: Someone Who Loves EveryonSat. Sep 11, 2010

i will pray to my Lord Jesus Christ he touches each & every one of you to allow the Devil to take his hands off the kind of people who judge not by character, but race.

God please be with these air minded people. Amen.

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Posted By: AnfamaSat. Sep 11, 2010

"Someone Who Loves Everyone" exhibits the kind of mushy thinking we have come to expect from egalitarians on the Left, that is, Democrats. Jesus Christ himself pointed the way for us to follow, judging the Samaritan woman, not by her character, but by her race. The Jews despised Samaritans as a mongrel race living in their land. He called her a dog because of her not being a pure Jew. Here's how it went down. The woman solicited Jesus' attention for something whe wanted him to do for her. He declined her request, replying that he was sent to minister to the children [of Israel], not to the dogs. She answered, "Yes, but the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the children's table. " Jesus, who could appreciate a good quip like the next man, said to her that because of her witty answer he had changed his mind and would do as she asked of him.

The point of the story is that race was uppermost on Jesus' mind. The brains of poor souls like "Someone" have been turned to mush by their blind belief in equality as a moral and social ideal, even to the point of distorting the Gospel account of the mind of Jesus.

But then that's the whole point of the Left getting sad sacks like him/her to believe in it. Of course, no leftist has ever provided anyone with a rational justification of equality as an ideal. It's to be taken on faith, like religious dogma.

The first thing that Aryans must do if they are to reclaim their rightful place in the natural order, their power and their glory, and again bestride the world like a colossus, is to withdraw their sanction from the harebrained moral and social ideal of equality that's holding them back. The only power the Left has, the only power the racial egalitarians exercise over Aryans, is that power they give them by sanctioning their moral imperative of equality, an imperative that was concocted in the pit of hell by demons with the plan in mind of destroying the superior man, the superior race, the intelligent and the beautiful Aryans, and to hand the world over to the mentally inferior and physically loathsome nonwhites. God has made nonwhites ugly to identify them. It's the mark of Cain upon them, the purpose of which is to cause the superior, birthright people, the Aryan people, to recoil at the very sight of them, to avoid admixture of the birthright seed with the cursed seed of the darker and disinherited breeds. Those who ignore God's will are condemned to bear offspring forever polluted by the curse.

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Posted By: a black manSat. Sep 11, 2010


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Posted By: A free thinkerSun. Sep 12, 2010

I do not see why the minority races cannot just accept the fact that they will NEVER TRIUMPH over the white man. You CANNOT come into the country we built from nothing with our bare hands and attempt to take over or gain power. The White race is so powerful that we do not need any kind of recognition days or months or what have you and we still maintain power over all.

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Posted By: johnnybladeSun. Sep 12, 2010

hey (a black man). Really? are you that stupid?oh you are a nigger, why did I ask that?haha. keep killing each other, screwing your nieces and sisters, shooting and smoking your drugs. . it wont be long. DIE NIGGER!!!

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Posted By: JOHNNYBLADESun. Sep 12, 2010

HEY FREE THINKER, you dumb ass. this is why niggers, f***ing mexicans and sand niggers ARE taking over. don't think you can rely on these words you have wrote. they can come here and will take over. the whites are not that powerful anymore because of this way of thinking. 30 years ago if a nigger came in our neighborhood he got dismembered. now we say hello. WTF! I also blame ourselves for letting race mixing happen. death to all mud sharks... ... ... ... ... ... . .

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Posted By: johnnybladeSun. Sep 12, 2010

anfama, I wish I knew you. you are inspirational!

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Posted By: AnfamaSun. Sep 12, 2010

A FREE THINKER and JOHNNYBLADE are both right. How's that possible? 'A free thinker' relies on the assumption that the innate superiority of the white male is sufficient ground for his ultimate triumph. It's not. A giant who is fully awake cannot be defeated by a 90-pound weakling. But if the 90-pound weakling Mickey-Finns the giant's drink with a potion that puts him into a deep sleep, the weakest child could easily succeed in killing him. The white male is a giant among intellectual and moral pygmies.

The point is that the innate superiority of the white male is not enough to triumph over his racial enemies, if his primal impulse to self-preservation is paralyzed, the motive to defend himself is nullified. And that's the point of 'johnnyblade'. From the white male's allowing attacks on himself without his retaliating, e. g. , affirmative action, allowing the promotion of nonwhites and nonmales in films and on television shows, as new reporters, supplanting white males in casting, we conclude that his primal impulse to self-preservation has been paralyzed.

And what could possibly have succeeded in paralyzing his impulse to self-preservation? Being persuaded to blindly believe that equality is valid as a moral and social ideal. He has never been supplied a logical justification for so believing. He assumes it's true on blind faith. And equality demands the level-pegging of all the races and both sexes, e. g. , affirmative action.

Superiority is a cardinal sin in the egalitarian canon. By his very birth, therefore, the white male is guilty in a culture that worships equality as an idol, which ours does. The white male's overwhelming superiority is his Original Sin. He has been turned into an apologetic, self-sacrificing schmoo by his belief in equality, turning himself into a sacrificial victim on the altar of nonwhites and nonmales in conformance with the imperative of equality. The white male's wanting to do what's right, which he foolishly thinks is making nonwhites and nonmales equal to him because of equality getting lodged in his head, is being used against him to defeat himself.

Now, 'A free thinker' is also correct, but not obviously. The overwhelming superiority of the intellect of the white male, in fact, will be his salvation ultimately. But only if he uses it to discredit the egalitarian moral canon, and withdraws his sanction from it. That's the first step to the restoration of the natural order, of his former power and glory.

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Posted By: that white kidMon. Sep 13, 2010

haha I randomly stumbled upon this page and it made me laugh pretty hard. Anfama: it is very obvious that you are passionate about this subject and I totally agree with all of your deep answera to all of life's questions, but you have way too much time on your hands. get a life bro

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Posted By: AnfamaMon. Sep 13, 2010

THAT WHITE KID, how much time do you think I spend typing my posts? I type 100 words/minute. This is like child's play to me. I type posts in the amount of time it takes you to watch a commercial break for one of those idiotic football games YOU consume your time on, which YOU dare to call a life. Oh, I forgot, since you read my post you apparently have spent your time surfing the racist sites on the Internet. I'll bet you spent more time doing that in one session at home than it takes me to write six posts.

Your assumption is that only someone intent on wasting their time would post. But what were you doing reading my post? Huh? Your assumption is that my posting is a profitless expenditure of my time. You came to that conclusion, obviously, because it would be a profitless expenditure of YOUR time to argue ideas. Your criticism of me is nothing but a projection reaction, divulging your own lack of interest in ideas because of your relatively low IQ. Fine. You are what God made you. But don't try to force your own intellectual limitation onto others. If you had a modicum of intelligence you would engage me. But it is only too plain that you don't, and so you won't. Who needs your mindlessness in the white supremacist movement? Get lost.

You stupidly assume that posting is an end in itself for me. I have bigger plans. My posts are just a warm-up. I'm exercising my muscles on the subject of racism for my own and others edification for the first time. And I intend to continue to do so. Don't bother me again.

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Posted By: MATT WANASEK Mon. Sep 13, 2010


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Posted By: MATT WANASEK Mon. Sep 13, 2010


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Posted By: MATT WANASEK Mon. Sep 13, 2010


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Posted By: MATT WANSEK Mon. Sep 13, 2010


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Posted By: AnfamaMon. Sep 13, 2010

To the amusing MATT WANASEK, as usual with your ilk, your grasp of the facts is insufficient to make a sound argument. First, paleoanthropologists have discovered thousands of pre-Columbian Caucasian skeletons in both North and South America. Heard of the Kennewick Man, you dumby? Indian activists had the site he was discovered at CEMENTED OVER so scientists could not research further remains of Caucasians living in America prior to Columbus. Every ancient pre-Columbian Caucasian skeleton scientists find the Indians immediately declare it Indian remains that must be buried in sacred Indian burial grounds off-limits to scientists. The ulterior motive is to prevent scientists from making known Caucasians also lived in America long before Columbus arrived. But there are thousands of such skeletons in the basements of university buildings. As one Indian political activist said when they cemented over the site where they discovered the Kennewick Man, "It is not in our [Indians'] political or economic interest to let people know that white people also lived in America before Columbus. We [Indians] get a lot of benefits and special privileges from the government by playing the race card, pretending that we owned America and white people came from Europe and took it away from us. If people found out that Indians didn't really own the land, that white people were living here long before Columbus, then that would undercut all the government benefits we get as the victims of white oppression. So we don't want scientists milling around digging up the bones of ancient white people. "

But what is interesting is that most of the ancient Caucasian skeletons that have been discovered display bone wounds that indicate a violent death at the hands of humans, much more than Indian skeletons display. The conclusion of scientists is that Indians singled out white people to kill them off, that Indians perpetrated genocide on the ancient white race living in America prior to Columbus! So it is Indians who are the genocidalists!! You Indians got what you deserved, then, at the hands of whites from Europe who revenged their brothers' deaths at your hands. You deserved to lose the land of America that you obtained in the first place by perpetrating genocide on the white people who lived on that land long before Columbus arrive and who had a right to it. Go peddle your victimhood to ignorant whites who don't know the truth about your mass-murdering, genocidal Indians.

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Posted By: KatQ66Mon. Sep 13, 2010

I'm white, and very proud of it. Why shouldn't I be? So why is it that if I walked around with a badge saying white pride, that I would be labeled as a racist? Why does society tell us that black is good, and white is bad? People are becoming so obsessed with the idea of being racist, that they are giving black's special treatment. How come that's not racist?

Let's face it, white's have done a huge amount more than black's. Black holidays celebrate a bunch of people that no one has ever heard of, and all because of the color of their skin. That IS racist. And seeing as we have more people to celebrate (that you HAVE heard of), shouldn't we get a huge amount more holidays? So where are they?

Anyone who says that the color of a person's skin shouldn't matter is right, and yet it does matter a huge amount. In every job their are tick boxes for making sure their are enough people each races, so that the company doesn't look racist. Well that just means that the minorities have an easier time getting the job. How is that fair?

There may be people who think that every person posting here are racists, but it is probable that they themselves are racists, just leaning the other way. I think there should be more people like Anfama, boasting white pride, because we're pretty spectacular, and I think that the whole world should know it.

As far as straight pride is concerned, I used to know people who would declare themselves as lesbians, because it was a cool thing to be. Anyone who says that gays have it harder than straights are talking out of their asses. More and more television programmes are bringing in gay characters. Is this to make people more accepting? No. It's because it's good for ratings.

Being gay is the new being black. We complain about the special treatment blacks are getting. Wait another couple of years, and the gays are likely to have completely over taken them.

Long live the straight whites. We made the world what it is, and without us, the planet would be a horrible place.

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Posted By: JessMon. Sep 13, 2010

I am proudly serving my country as a Military Police Officer and I must say one thing... this country really seems to be going to s*** lately. America used to mean and stand for so many different things. . but none of that seems to exist anymore. I am NOT a racist, but DO believe that you must work for what you want and have, not steal it. As Americans, we are supposedly one of the highest working classes out there right now, but what about down the road?What about the future?We have worked hard for what we have and what we stand for, so all of these illegal immigrants need to cut the s***. You want to work and live here?Do it the right way and WORK for it. Don't steal what we have built for so many years. It's not right for the people who are here legally to be having such a s*** time trying to find jobs. I am a proud white Ameican, born and raised. German and Italian. Legal. And straight!If you really want a same-sex partner... keep it behind closed doors and quit flaunting it.

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Posted By: AnfamaMon. Sep 13, 2010

KATQ66, I'm sympathetic to your observations. I want to say two things in response. One, you ask: "Why does society tell us that black is good and white is bad? . . . giving blacks special treatment. How come that's not racist?" 'Good' and 'bad' are moral judgments. What moral standard infers that black is good and white is bad? Equality. Equality commands that everyone be equal economically, socially, politically, even psychologically [equal dignity or self-image]. The means of closing the gap between blacks and whites is two-pronged, hoist the blacks up and tear the whites down. Sooner or later, it's hoped, the two races will be level economically, socially, and so on. So for the time being black is good because blacks are privileged to be the ones chosen to be lifted up, and white is bad because Democrats have to justify downgrading whites. It's just that simple. Affirmative action or reparations to be paid to blacks is not compensation for slavery. White females and Hispancis weren't enslaved, but they are beneficiaries of affirmative action, too. It's the obsession with equality that tells us that black is good and white bad.

Obviously, KatQy66, you are an honest and noble soul able to independently withdraw your sanction from the moral ideal of equality. Most whites don't have your courage to stand alone. They follow the pack, intimidated into pretending that they, too, 'see' the egalitarian line leftist moral con artists are spinning out of air, out of thin air.

Two, a correction. You said that straight whites made the world what it is. If true this should be amended to straight white males, inasmuch as white females are intellectual parasites on the white male. No white female has come close to approximating the intellect of the great white male geniuses. The best we can expect from females is talented mediocrity.

But white homosexual males have contributed to the advancement of civilization disproportionately. Aristotle, Plato, Sophokles, Pindar, Virgil, Newton, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Alexander the Great, Handel, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Marvell, Kant, Proust. George Washington hired Count von Steuben, a notorious homosexual from Germany, to whip the American Continental army in shape, without whose leadership we would not have won the Revolutionary War. He turned a ragtag pack of amateurs into a professional army. You don't have to approve of the gay lifestyle to respect the facts about gays.

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Posted By: KatQ66Tue. Sep 14, 2010

I do agree with you that females have never come close to man, and life is also being made easier for us. Some people high up have said men look better than woman, we need to do something. Why? This isn't about fairness, it's political correctness.

What really annoys me are the people who fight for woman's right. We've already balanced out any equality, and they just want to make it easier for woman. That's not fair to men.

As a female I hate the idea of life being made easier for me, in the same way that I don't want it made easier for others. We all need to be on an equal playing field.

I also agree with you that are many gay achievements. I really like Oscar Wilde's plays, and he was a homo.

I'm actually not against gays at all. They can do whatever they want, but I don't think the media should get involved and try to force it on others.

I only said white heteros created this world, because at the time when we going out and broadening our horizons, it was mainly white straights. This could be because gays were not accepted then, but the blacks definitely weren't doing anything.

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Posted By: AnfamaTue. Sep 14, 2010

KatQ66, you've got your head screwed on straight. I only argue with you over some minor details. One such detail is that white hetero males were the only explorers, the only one's broadening our horizons. First off, he who is acknowledged to be the greatest military genius in all history, who certainly single-handedly broadened the horizons of the Greeks, who were rather insular by choice, due to their superiority complex, as Aristotle pointed out and lauded, was Alexander the Great, a flamer if there ever was one. He forced his entire army, encamped in Asia, to mourn the untimely death of his lifelong male lover for a whole week!! Alexander was paralyzed with grief. Hadrian, universally considered to be the greatest emperor of Rome, who cemented the boundaries of the Roman Empire's greatest extent, whose long reign was the most prosperous and benevolent of all the emperors, took a male lover named Antoninus. He also died untimely. Hadrian's grief was unassuagable. He never loved another.

How do you know that Magellan or Cortez or some of their lieutenants were not homosexual? With the gay man's love of the military and a flare for the adventurous, it's unlikely that there were not. But in those days, who was going to tell. It is well-known that frontiersmen in America had sex with each other rather than the local native women. Wyatt Earp was another flamer.

But more importantly, homosexuals have been numbered among those who were intellectual explorers. Isaac Newton for one. Plato and Aristotle for others. Of course, in Greece, the line between gay and straight was not etched in stone as it is in Judeo-Christian societies. Men were expected to mess around with each other, but also expected to get married to a woman and have children. But the gay sexual preference stuck with some well-known Greeks, like Pindar, the greatest lyric poet of the ancient world, Sophokles, the greatest playwright of the ancient world, Alexander the Great, the greatest military leader of the ancient world, Virgil, next to Homer [gay?], the greatest epic poet of the ancient world, Plato and Aristotle, the greatest philosophers of all time. Aristotle did his duty and got married in his 40s to the niece of the king of a small political entity in Asia Minor, who was a friend of his. But Plato refused to marry a woman. Perhaps he witnessed the horrible life Socrates endured at the hands of his ill-tempered, sharp-tongued wife, and that scared him off. Who knows?

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Posted By: angel aTue. Sep 14, 2010

you are just saying what the rest of us are thinking but don't have the balls to say it so, thank you for easing my mind... knowing I'm not the only one.

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Posted By: FESTERTue. Sep 14, 2010


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Posted By: Joseph WinklerWed. Sep 15, 2010

Hello, I'm a retired man, 72, good education, BA and MA degrees Univ. of California, veteran, seven parachute jumps, 26 months in Vietnam (which no one remembers), hate niggers and what they are doing, have done, to this country. I can edit manuscripts, write speeches, whatever you need, to make your case.

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Posted By: VerywhitegirlFri. Sep 17, 2010

I have lived in a small town in southern Ohio most of my life and when I first came here it was mostly WHITE and now you can count the niggers on the streets and now it seems like the newest fashion craze it to tote around a little nigger baby. Mixing is nasty and a disgrace to our race u need shot if u want to be with a nigger it makes you no better than they are. We need to be proud of our race, family, and who we are. Keep it white keep it right!!!

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Posted By: AnfamaFri. Sep 17, 2010

Verywhitegirl, how come it's usually Aryan females who allow their fair skin to be pawed by Ugly Darkies with the faces of true apes? You seldom see an Aryan male with a cursed female darky. Aryan males recoil at the thought of being touched by such a loathsome creature. Why don't Aryan females similarly recoil? Is it something they lack, some moral deficiency?

When Africans are cleansed from the land and quarantined once again in Africa--mark my words, the United States is going to collapse into a race war within 10 years that will spell the end of multi-racialism, as Yugoslavia and Russia 20 years ago collapsed into inter-racial conflict--their white female paramours should be forced to go with them. Why should their white male brothers allow those self-hating race traitors to stay here and enjoy the gifts they provide their disloyal sisters. If they love ape-faced, nappy-headed Africans so much, then let them go live with them and enjoy whatever gifts they can provide in Africa. Why should white females have their cake and eat it, too? If they're going to betray their own white brothers, then, by damn, let them suffer the consequences.

Of course, they'll weep and nash their teeth, asking their white brothers to forgive them. But the one unforgivable sin in this life that a white person can commit is betrayal of his birthright race.

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Posted By: mein kumph Sat. Sep 18, 2010

WHITE POWER... look out the clan is getting bigger... wow I'm a racist but if a monkey said black power people are allup on it

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Posted By: GabeSat. Sep 18, 2010


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Posted By: AnfamaSat. Sep 18, 2010

Hey, I take offense at that.

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Posted By: AnfamaSat. Sep 18, 2010

White? Definitely. Ignorant? Hmm. But a bitch? How dare you. I want you to know that I'm all man, that's right, all man.

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Posted By: OMGSun. Sep 19, 2010

I can't believe some of you white people exist, how sad so many of you live in the past trying to relive the glory days of slavery, please wake up and realize that you are now in the 21st century, hey check this out, news flash, we're all apart of one race and that's the human race, choke on that

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Posted By: OMGSun. Sep 19, 2010

You guys are funny I read someone's comment that black people should go back to F**cking their neice's, how funny is that when white folks are known for sleeping with their relatives incest runs rampid in the white community.

And as far as white folks building America you should check your history again and you will discover that America was built on the backs of your so called niggers so tell me WTF did awhite people build, you it's said that when you hate someone that deep down it's something about that person you admire

Tell me this since you hate niggers so much why do you lay in the sun for hours at a time to darken your skin, could it be your trying to look like us? And who takes care of your kids? It certainly isn't white folks cause you can't handle your kids at all

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Posted By: OMGSun. Sep 19, 2010

And white folks are always saying for black people to go back to Africa when it was you backwards ass ancestors that brought black people her in the first place, that is why your way of thinking is dieing a horrible death, HUMAN POWER forever, get with it clowns

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Posted By: OMGSun. Sep 19, 2010

That's right keep on being annoying supanigga cause these crackas corner the market on saying stupid annoyning s***

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Posted By: OMGSun. Sep 19, 2010

All racists should stop sleeping with their sisters

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Posted By: BruceSun. Sep 19, 2010

first of all cuba was the first to bring nigger slaves out of africa, second africa sold us slaves to bring back here, you should know what your talking about before you open your mouth. the only thing we f***ed up on is keeping them damn toads here this long/there useless to us {amaricans} now

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Posted By: OMGSun. Sep 19, 2010

Bruce you sound like your mother and father are related, you're a fine example of inbreeding, now go and screw your sister like you've been doing all along

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Posted By: OMGSun. Sep 19, 2010

Please people if you guys are gonna comment ignorance please, please read up on your history, cause you sound dumb as hell you're probably in some damn cave somewhere

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Posted By: AnfamaSun. Sep 19, 2010

OMG, #50-54, you darkies slay me. Everything you value in your miserable, cursed lives is a gift given to you by the white male on account of his supreme creative genius. Everything. When you list the great creative geniuses that were white male, who gave you darkies all your sciences, technologies, philosophies, logics, mathematics, and your greatest films, poems, plays, music, and paintings, and as if that's not enough, gave you your liberty and rights, which you never had in Africa living with other darkies like yourselves, are you grateful to the white male? Tell me you are, please. I would hate to think you're a vile ingrate.

I've posted my replies to #50-54 in the general comments section. Total demolition job on the darky. I've so far posted two. But more later when I have time. Got to go.

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Posted By: DeeSun. Sep 19, 2010

WTF? I am a 42 year old white woman who works in an assisted living facility, and have been there about a year. I put in a transfer request for a better department than what I am in. The black supervisor in that department hired two black women for the only open positions. Every one she has ever hired for her department has been black... so I guess I don't stand a chance. I am very let down and frustrated. I have been an outstanding employee. Now I want to quit.

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Posted By: OMGMon. Sep 20, 2010

Anfama you sound like an ass, black people were the first kings queens healers and builders of this world when white people were in caves in the caucus mountains eating each others hearts, its true that white people are more deceptive and evil but make no mistake about it white people wasn't the only ones making contributions in this world, black people invented the street lights, blood plasma and the comb, does any of these things sound familiar to you, and by the way black people fought in the revolutionary war, and all the other wars so that idiots like you can have the freedom to write stupidity, so you're welcome jackass and you really have to stop sleeping with your sister its warping your brain, and Dee if you feel that way go to your HR dept cause what that supervisor is doing doesn't sound fair or legal, there is a such thing as reverse racism but make sure that you're qualified for the job first and not just because your white, GO HUMAN POWER, GET WITH IT

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Posted By: AnfamaMon. Sep 20, 2010

OMG, your ignorance of history is appalling, but to be expected from a nappy-headed darky. The Sumerian people created the first civilization with kings, and queens, and builders. Sumerians were Caucasian. Some of them migrated into Russia, then Western Europe. While the Caucasians in Sumeria were building the Tower of Babel, then afterwards, the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world--all seven wonders built by Caucasians, by the way--sub-Saharan darkies were running around in loin cloths, chucking spears, and living in mud huts, just as they do in many parts of Africa today. To repeat my post in the comment section you click on in the upper left of this site, you darkies had no mathematical knowledge past the number 3. A bird can count that high, for hell's sake. A race that can only count to 3, imagine. That's why archeologists haven't bothered to this day to explore sub-Sahara Africa. There's never been a civilization to explore. It's an intellectual wasteland, always has been, always will be. The reason is that you darkies are, well, how shall I put this, painfully inferior in innate intelligence as evidenced by the fact that you cannot name a single darky in African history worthy of mention with Caucasian geniuses like Aristotle, Shakespeare, Mozart, da Vinci, Galileo, Einstein, and hundreds more white males of equal creative genius. Not a single, solitary darky in history has ever come close to approximating these Caucasian intellects. For the last 100 years darkies have remained 15 points below whites on their average IQ score, no matter the trillions of dollars whites have wasted on special education for darky children trying to raise it.

But your real torment comes in your physical ugliness. Every feature of darkies is loathsome to look at, from your eyes that are flat, even bug out like insects by contrast with the deep-set eyes of white males, to your flat broad nose, the enormity of the horizontal measurement of which has to be seen to be believed, your mouth, a cavity of unbounded limitation, compassed by two lips themselves of colossal dimensions, mammoth outward swellings of flesh of such prodigious magnitude as to be of a disfiguring nature, disgusting in their unprecendented immensity, and then your primitive skull topped off by an embarrassing mat of black, nappy corkscrew wires--clearly designating an especially brutish creature reminiscent of the earliest known forms of man.

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Posted By: AnfamaMon. Sep 20, 2010

PS: OMG, you make my point about the inferior innate mental ability of nappy-headed darkies. Taking for granted arguendo that darkies invented the comb and blood plasma, the very fact that you can name two things that darkies invented proves how inferior darkies are. You can count darkies' achievements on the fingers of one hand. By contrast, to show you how superior white males are to darkies, the tens of thousands of inventions of major significance--greater than the comb--are too many to list. It would require an encycopedia set to perform that feat. To name a few. Darkies invented the comb. White males invented the airplane. Darkies invented the comb. White males invented the automobile. Darkies invented the comb. White males invented the computer, television, radio, telescope, CD players, DVD players, inside plumbing, hot and cold running water, flushing toilets, all electric appliances in the home, the electric light bulb, discovered the structure of DNA, discovered all the sciences, named all the planets, stars, and galaxies, created all the mathematics, discovered all the proofs in theoretical mathematics, invented the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, photography, the railroad, central heating, air conditioning, and everything else you darkies value today in your pathetically inferior lives, making your entire race parasites on the white male's creative genius, and abject dependents on the white male's generosity. Are you grateful?

Darkies were far better off as slaves to the white man in the United States than they were living in Africa. Read Robert Fogel, OMG, who won the Nobel prize in economics for proving that darkies enjoyed a good life as plantation slaves in the South. Mohammed Ali came back from a trip to Africa declaring his gratitude to the white slave traders for bringing his ancestors to the white man's land of America. As he put it, Africa is a hell-hole. And any African in America who glorifies his African homeland is an ignorant fool.

OMG, all you darkies are suffering from a racial inferiority complex to the white man, and the humiliation that inevitably ensues therefrom. Everything you say and do is a compensatory coping strategy for your feelings of racial inferiority, like taking credit for Caucasians' achievements. It would be funny, if not so tragically sad. Your mental inferiority AND your physical ugliness is a double whammy that I'm aware is hurtful for you. But God is He who cursed you, not whites.

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Posted By: CatfishTue. Sep 21, 2010

Anfama, I only have a 9th grade education and didn't pay attention to most of it. I admire your way with words and agree with what I know to be fact. The rest I would have to look up. A few of your supporters don't seem to spell much better than the people we're talking about. I don.t see much help in a race war since most of the white youth are a bunch of nig... wanna be's and the ones that ain't don't care about nothing but a pill! I have more respect N.W.A. than I do for the stupid white kids who buy their cd's and play them in their four wheel drive's with mud tires while their girlfriends shaking her ass to the jungle beat and would probably spread her legs to one in a second.

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Posted By: CatfishTue. Sep 21, 2010

To the comments about trates such as blue eyes, I am of European mix and have brown hair and hazel eyes but I seem to be having the same trouble with niggypoo and spickydoo as the trate lovers. Whats up with that?

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Posted By: CatfishTue. Sep 21, 2010

I spoke of supporters not being able to spell. In comments 33 and 34, Wanasek or Wansek? This peace pipe smoker can't spell anything, not even his name! Maybe we do have the advantage!

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Posted By: catfishTue. Sep 21, 2010

A positive note for black people. I am basically rassist, but I know not all blacks are nigs. An NFL football player with a college degree says... "I likes da way he runs da ball" and then Lennox Lewis a heavy weight fighter with less education, gets on TV and speaks better english than I do. I despise rap and don't care much for RnB but Alisia Keys is a class act! I don't care much for mix breeding but if she was in my face, I could see where temptation might arise! Point is they can carry themselves with class if they want to. The fact that the majority does'nt want to is the reason I don't want to live around them. On the same note there's plenty of whites I don't want to live around niether! In conclusion back to the boxing. Thank you Buster Douglas, Evander Hollifield and Lennox Lewis for beating up and humiliating Mike Tyson, a nigger in true form.

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Posted By: CatfishTue. Sep 21, 2010

A neggative comment for niggypoo... You can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can, t take the jungle out of the nigger. Why in the Hell are all these pro football players getting charged with crimes? Hey you stupid monkeys, your making millions! You no longer have to fight dogs, sell drugs and whores, committ rape, loot, shoot, and gang bang. What ever you want, you just go buy it. You should, nt risk a life of luxury and your freedom, just to be fly with da brothas!2+2=4 Hey dummies, get it now?As for Ben Rothlesburger, if you, re guilty of that s***, then you need to hang with the rest em. And by the way, I, m a Pittsburg steelers fan. I hated the Dallas cowboys years ago for the stupid s***, and applauded the Steelers for getting rid of Bam Morris for the stupid s***, and then ther 'you' go!I could never be leader of the KKK because I want to bang Allicia Keys, but I, m no dummy. Ya, ll make millions but are stupid. Have a nice day!

commas and apostrophes are not interchangeable

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Posted By: CatfishTue. Sep 21, 2010

A positive note for black people. When I see a black sports figure with a black wife and kids, I respect him. Let, s face it. He has the choice of all these white whore slut bitches chasing him, but he marries a black woman. It would be probably safe to say the number of great looking white women far out number great looking black women, and he has the choice but he chooses a black woman. He, s doing so out of respect for his own color, himself, his children to come, and his parents and grandparents feelings if he were to show up on the holidays with some white cheerleader bitch. He could of done the Tiger Woods thing but he did, nt. I would rather live next to someone like this than some white nigger wanna be. F... you you bunch of wiggers!

commas and apostrophes are not interchangeable

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Posted By: justinTue. Sep 21, 2010

why don't you go back to Europe and leave "America" for the Native Americans? the real Americans who were actually free and knew how to live in a place with respect and honor?

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Posted By: OMGWed. Sep 22, 2010

You're right justin, the white man always talk about people going back to where they came from when all of them came out the bowels of europe they should go back to where they came from and as far as anfama, I feel sorry for you, you write a whole bunch of fancy words that not even your ignorant ass white brothers can't understand, you're so smart that you're the dumbest one of all, get help fast, anfama you probably work for a black man, get used to it jackass

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Posted By: AnfamaWed. Sep 22, 2010

The problem, justin and OMG, you two loathsome darkies, is that if the white man went back to Europe no one would be here to support you. It would be like killing the goose that lays all your golden eggs. And there would be no more Aryans for you to caress with your ape-like paws. We know that ALL darkies are obsessed with obtaining a fair-complected, fair-haired Aryan for a sexual and breeding partner. If there were none left in America, darkies would have to settle for bedding down apes like themselves. No more god-like Aryans to pursue to gratify their sexual fantasies. We all know you loathsome darkies fantasize constantly about having sex with a fair-complected Aryan, especially blondes.

But as to the historical facts, paleoanthropologists have discovered and documented thousands of skeletons of Caucasians in both North and South America who lived here centuries prior to Columbus. I repeat a post, the Kennewick Man is the remains of such a Caucasian, called that because his skeleton was found near Kennewick, Washington. He died centuries before Columbus arrived. The Indians appealed to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to cement over the site so scientists couldn't dig up any more Caucasian skeletons there. As one of the Indian activists said: "It's not in the political and economic interest of Native Americans to allow the American people to know that white people lived here prior to Columbus. That fact threatens our claim to America and with it our claim to special treatment by the government. "

Both the Mayans and Aztecs had a legend of a white-skinned, bearded race of people--Indians can't grow beards--who lived in the Americas, but were wiped out. They called them "the people of light and knowledge. " Apparently, the Indians perpetrated genocide on the white race, then stole their culture and their cities. The more things change the more they stay the same. The fair-complected Caucasians are are still "the people of light and knowledge" upon whose superior intelligence the race of repugnant darkies like justin and OMG are abjectly dependent for everything of value in their miserable, dark-skinned lives. If Europeans went back to Europe, America would sink to the level of all other all-darky nations like Ghana, Angola, and Nigeria. Believe me, justin and OMG, it's in your economic interest--and sexual interest--to keep the Caucasians here to provide you with all that you value, including their fair bodies which you worship. Oh, yes, we know.

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Posted By: catfishWed. Sep 22, 2010

Dear Justin, besides the facts just stated to you by Anfama, your so called honorable and free Native Americans were of different tribes with different names. Some were peacefull but some were viscious running around slaughtering and robbing the other tribes. Your fantasy land was no different than the rest of world. If the United States of America had'nt happend your primative people, still chasing Buffalo, would have fell victim to a much less humane demise! Without us Hittler would have been using your people for chemical weapons tests or torture tests. What about communist Soviet Union? Or the many other powers out there that you would have never warded off with bows and arrows! We beat Germany to nuclear weaponry by just a fraction of time. History does'nt lie. Only the mightiest of nations survived until we came along and started protecting the less fortunate. Because of us the buffalo are still roaming and you and negro can sit around, smoke peace pipes, and crack rocks, and bitch about us. Have a nice day.

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Posted By: OMGWed. Sep 22, 2010

Anfama I now know why you have so much hate for the black race your wife must have left you for a black man or your daughter is dating a black man or maybe you yourself would like to date a blackman, you know you probably feel inferior to the blackman because deep down inside you know you don't measure up to a blackman, due get yourself fixed and please tell me you didn't multiply cause the world is sad enough, tell the truth your boss is black

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Posted By: OMGWed. Sep 22, 2010

Catfish before you post non-sense please do me and the rest of the world a favor and hit the damn spell check feature on your computer I mean the world already know's how ignorant you are by your dumb ass thinking but do we really have to put up with your non-spelling ass, lmao, you racists are entertaining

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Posted By: MartinezWed. Sep 22, 2010

You are so stupid

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Posted By: CatfishWed. Sep 22, 2010

Since were not going to go by the facts and simply trash talk, I will make a short list of black bennefits suppied to them by white technologies... water mellon, hog head cheese, kentucky fried chicken, chittlens, crack, white bithes, caddilacs, democrats, gold teeth, government housing, food stamps, basket ball, all forms of recorded music including blues. Blues came from liesure time on white plantations. If B. B. King were in Africa, he would of had no way to plug his guitar in. Every rich successfull black in america had his ways paved by the white man. From sports to bussiness to medical to music. Ya if we give you the ball, you can run like Hell, but without us there would be no ball, no field, no game, or school to go to, to be able to play the game in the first place. The reason you have doctors, lawers, and so on is because of mushy whites who made so easy for you. You were slaves! You were allowed to be free, you did'nt take freedom by force like we did. Where's the NFL or NBA in black Africa? There's nothing but starvation and AID's infestation eccept for what the Brittish put there. If it were'nt for the white man, you would be there right know, roasting someone's arm over a fire, getting bit by titsi flies. Have a nice day.

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Posted By: DR1Wed. Sep 22, 2010

Hello! I was just interested in checking out some of the pro- white sites and came across this thread. I recently got a tat on the inside of my arm that says proud white male in a square. No big deal right? Wrong! I have had looks like you would not believe (or maybe you you would because you have).

I do not consider myself a racist. I am very proud to be an American, White and Male. Even though I have been passed up for promotion, did not get the job, called a cracker by other races. I am the minority where I live.

Here is my issue with the KKK and other white "Hate" groups. They are as a whole stuck in the past and still in the high school I am going to scare people stage. When does the leadership of these groups decide that they want to be taken seriously?

When do you drop the hooded robes and the skinhead look for a more appealing look. What I mean is if I walk into a crowded room I would not be able to tell the KKK or Skinheads from anyone else.

When does the leadership shift focus from going after the same issues (Blacks, jews, mexicans) in the failed ways it has to a more palatable agenda. Doing this might attract those who are proud and want to be a part of something to better prepare a future for their families.

I believe there are a lot of bright people with valid arguments but can't get that out because they are having to spend their time explaining to others why people are dressing the way they do and screaming racial slurs and just acting crazy. Bring yourselves into current times and adjust yourselves accordingly to preserve a future.

I mean no dis-respect to anyone on here. Just a thought as I was reading some of the posts here and elsewhere. I could be wrong about all of this too and if so I apologize in advance.

Main thing is if you claim to be superior than do not stoop to the level of those you are above or you become like them and the message is lost.

Take it easy!

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Posted By: CatfishWed. Sep 22, 2010

Sorry about the spelling OMG, #76 between crack and caddilacs is supposed to be white bitches. I don't like to use dummy buttons on the computer because I like to use my brain. I've only been using a computer for a few months, and hav'nt written any thing in years. I'm a musician by trade. I like to go on U Tube to learn cover tunes for free. This site is the only reason I've started typing. I find it very entertaining. Thank you who ever it was telling me about apostrophes and commas I finally figured out which button was which plus I learned how to spell both words. When the catfish are'nt bitting and I'm not playing music I will defenatly keep posted. Such refreshing conversation in such a deppresing time. America is in it's dark ages. People better wake up and see the light.

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Posted By: CatfishWed. Sep 22, 2010

Whats happening DR1, You sound young so I'm going to let you in on some of my experience... ... YOU CAN ONLY SEE E'M IN THE DARK WHEN THEY SMILE!

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Posted By: SeanThu. Sep 23, 2010

I am so upset and tired of these LOW LIFE knucle dragging MOOKS and these 3rd world Brown, Green, or what ever color they are spics!!! Where are the White freedom fighters? Why not come out of the hills, mountains, cellers of AMERICA and start eliminating them ALL!! WE NEED OUR COUNTRY BACK!

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Posted By: PLEASE STOP THEM!Thu. Sep 23, 2010

Look at how these black ass mongers talk sht on this site. GET THEM ALL OR ARE YOU STILL SCARED! SO much for WHITE PRIDE!!! There was a day when the strenght of WHITE was a force to be wreckend with. And I mean 3 or 4 or 5 or 1000's of WHITES! THEY would react and stomp these parasites into the dirt!

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Posted By: CatfishThu. Sep 23, 2010

every time I take my time and write a master peace, if it says anything about the US government it does'nt go through I get a bunch of s*** about must put ignore comment... .

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Posted By: johnnybladeThu. Sep 23, 2010

hey omg. SHUT THE F*** UP!!!! go watch bet or see your parole officer!

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Posted By: White BoyThu. Sep 23, 2010

OMG, is a ignorant, blind, fat sack of s***, who says everyone sleeps with there sister's because he dousnt whant to be the only one.

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Posted By: white gingerFri. Sep 24, 2010

I'm a white red headed guy I used to catch alot of s*** because of my red hair. now it's because I'm white In my town which is infested with Beaners it pisses me off. luckily I'm older now approx. 23. and I'm very tall and skinny so no one talks s*** but my dads a cop and it's a proven fact 1 out of 3 blacks will spend time in prison. it's the way they are, the way they speak all types of things that bother me. not the skin but the way they ignore every thing that brought this country to power. they are ignorant maggots. they take our welfare money our wic which a few people really need but I see them use wic then leave in an escalade WTF bro f*** u guys. whites rule man and we are the only ones who a majority of a time can hold down a decent job f***en a

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Posted By: Proud White AmericanFri. Sep 24, 2010

I totally agree with everything you have said. It's time We stand up, and be proud of our White race. Build all white collages, have a all white day, have White history month, White collage funds, and ect. We as proud White Americans need to stand up for our race and our country. We need to show those that appose our race that we are not the racist one, and show them how much they are. It's time we take no more of this. All proud White Americans, stand up and take this country back and support and be proud of our race.

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Posted By: Derik NeumannThu. Sep 23, 2010

I love my country to death. But, I don't like very many of the people living in this once great country. They take our jobs, women, money, and houses. I have been raised to love every race but that is not working to my parents advantage. My parents have foster kinds along with me, their biological son. They had a black kid living with us for about a month, he ended up running away and transferring families after I told him I would cut out his eyes because he was not worthy to look upon white skin. I am now 19 and living in an Aryan Brotherhood Compound. I still hate everyone that is not White Protestant and always will. I've been to prison for hate crimes and now I'm out and I'm still, not a changed man. I love this country to death like I already said. We need to get rid of these minorities so we can live in peace for ever more.

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Posted By: NateSun. Sep 26, 2010

the thing that you neglect is that this country is made by the white man for the white man. I am black and I will not use the words "cracker" "honkey" or whatever racial slurs are for white people. Black history month is a way to encourage education of the black part of the history. white people have their pride. They are the poster children of the human race. they have destroyed ways of life and converted people to their twisted religion against their will. And one more thing, why are jews not considered white? Do you just not like them or something? I mean I guess its none of my business but it seems like you should check your facts before you go and post some asinine rant about an issue you clearly do not understand. There was a little thing called redlining, where minorities were not allowed to live in decent neighborhoods and instead had to live in the ghettos. Today the effects have gotten worse, tax money being put in the pockets of white government officials instead of fixing the streets or paying for more law enforcement. It is really easy to sound impressive when you paint with a broad brush.

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Posted By: HAHAMon. Sep 27, 2010

you are all a bunch of ignorant racist loosers with no lives. Read a bible if you can read of course

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Posted By: voice of reasonMon. Sep 27, 2010

You can't justify hate if you search your heart. All I can see is people firing back and forth a bunch of biased propeganda. Not all of the points are fruitless, but you have to sift through the garbage to find the treasures. One thing that just isn't true "Anfama" is that white people came up with all math. That's not true, because if you check your history algebra was created by Al-Khwarizmi, a muslim in 820. Before then there was no concept of zero. Another thing, about the "Kennewick Man, " they said he DID have traits of caucasian, but he also had dental traits of south ASIANS. I'm white, and I understand some of the arguments about race. There definately is a problem, but I'm affraid that if you think the solution is to stride from continent to continent like a "Colosuss, " then we've lost our humanity. If you "Anfama, " and other sepremists that posted similar to Anfama could seriously kill a child, or a baby, or a mother, old woman, or pregnant woman, then you have forfeitted your humanity. If it is true what you say Anfama about having friends high in academia supporting that cause, then I gather that there's no real contest in which I can bring to change your minds. I remember you quoting in a sort from (Matt 15:21-28), and saying that Jesus would turn that "Canaanite" woman away and deny her. First of all he wasn't calling her a dog, but was speaking in a parable about her heritage being an enemy of the jews. The message you misconstrewed was ""It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to their dogs. " To which she replied, "but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters' table. " By her response, she appears to understand that Jesus' primary calling is to the Jews, but incredibly, she also recognizes that just crumbs, the size that would thoughtlessly fall under the table, are enough for what she's asking. Jesus then replied, "Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted. " And her daughter was healed from that very hour. " If you read on in Mark 7:24-30, you'll see that this woman had extensive knowledge and faith in Jesus considering how far she lived from there. Jesus wasn't scorning her for her race, he was proving to the deciples that her race DIDN'T matter. According to Matthew's account, the woman continues calling out even though Jesus is silent. The disciples finally intervene. Rather than being stunned by her recognition of Jesus as Messiah, their response is cultural, asking Jesus to send her away.

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Posted By: voice of reasonMon. Sep 27, 2010

Funny how you want to take Bible texts and warp the messages like that. What does the bible say about it? "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you(Ephesians 4:32). " How about, "By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another(John 13:35). " Jeses said, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets(Matt 7:12). " You might want to be carefull how you build yourself up like you do. Because history and our creator tell us something very interresting. No matter how smart you are, or how strong you think you or your skin makes you this message should be a warning for those who seek to be a triumphant "Colossus" stridding from continent to continent leaving havok in their wake. Matthew 5:5 "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. " Be careful what you wish for brothers. We definately have our work cut out for us, but we don't need to "cut out" our neighbors to "work. " I admire your courage, but with all your philosophy and hate you've missed the point. You've stated that black's have generally scored lower on the I. Q. tests than whites. You've noted all the great achievements of the so called white race. Well to say that any is superior or inferior is stating that God himself is flawed for making an inferior race. We have our differences, and in the extreme ends of the scales maybe we are better at different things than the other. That doesn't give you the right to riddicule or blame others for their overachievements or shortcommings. You indirectly are pointing the finger at God and saying "not good enough God!" I don't think any of us are in the position to be doing that no matter how smart or strong. That is arrogance, and when you let your emotions get in the way like that you can't make sound judgments or decisions. People get angry, and retaliate. Can't you see that the evil forces want you to act that way? They want us at eachother's throats. They want us nice and distracted so they can hit us with what we're not expecting. I have faith that with what I've said (What Jesus said), that god willing somebody will have at least entertained the thought that there can be peace amont "all men. " However, I know that some will fire back with witty comments to try to sway you either way against ourselves once again. Don't listen to their voices. I pray that God reaches you now.

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Posted By: voice of reasonMon. Sep 27, 2010

By the way "Anfama, " I've looked up what you're name means. Appearently you more than likely work for, or are affiliated with "Anfama Technologies. " If that's not the case, maybe it's because you were mentioning moving to Argentina. I'm guessing that you're looking into Anfama Argentina. Very interresting indeed. My wife is from Peru, and has told me of the German villages there too. I don't doubt that you have elite friends that are highly capable of bringing destruction where you want to. If you ever met you're agenda of conquering the world under the tread of your feet like a colossus like you dream of, what then? Who are you going to tread on then? I have no doubt you'll find a flaw in something or someone to reach whatever economic or political gain. Someone will have to pay. I'm not going to go and throw out a bunch of useless threats to you or anybody here. Even though I'm a highly capable person myself, and so is my wife who is also educated. If you've read my other posts, you'll know she's Peruvian. She speaks 4 languages, and could probably put me to shame with her math skills. Her family is rich, and her father works for the Peruvian government. She's pretty accomplished for her young age. I'm a former prior service scout team leader, and she's still in the Army. Yes she's a legal American, and yes she got her naturalization through the military. If you tell me she doesn't have the right to be here, I'd say she's fighting for your right to even say that out loud. So how do you qualify people for being a citizen anyways? You wanna talk about the down fall of America, and how to controll the border? Well the people of Arizona sure would like some answers huh? Militia? Oh, the National Guard has been Federalized and deployed? Well looks like we need to look at the constitution, and our rights then. The Founders never intended for the militia to be used abroad as an auxiliary for the standing Army. Article 1, Section 8 contemplates the militia of the several states being called forth "to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions. " Now there's no militia besides the National Guard that's recognised anymore. There might be some redneck wannabe's with some AK's or something, but no military grade anti-armor, or armor for that matter. Looks like they need to quit with the anti-gun attitude and let the citizens arm themselves. The 2nd ammendment was meant to protect against tyranny, and when YOU come knocking at my door.

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Posted By: Derik NeumannMon. Sep 27, 2010

I do get what all of you non-racist people are saying. I am a white supremacist , but I also am not totally apposed to looking at things from the others point of view. I do not like blacks, jews, mexicans, or the yellow mother f*****s in our country. I also believe in the 2nd amendment like "voice of reason" and when one of you non-whites come on to my compound I'm going to blow your lungs out your back. I will sit down with you and talk to you if you want to try to talk me out of my beliefs, I'll listen to you but if you piss me off you wont make it out of Starbucks alive. Man, I keep rainting on about pointless stuff. I love this once great country. White people are not perfect we do make mistakes and help mess up our country.

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Posted By: Derik NeumannMon. Sep 27, 2010

and you Anfama!!!!! you bring disgrace to all of us. you need to go and get your ass shot a few times and I hope to God that you live so I can make you hurt more that you can imagine. Did you know that there is a way that you can take off all of the limbs of the human body and have them not die of blood loss? There is also a way to stab somebody like you 268 times and you wont die. I have access to morphine and anesthesia but do you think I would use that on a maggot like yourself? there is not a chance in the world that I would dull your pain and suffering at all.

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Posted By: voice of reasonMon. Sep 27, 2010

So Derik, what you're saying is that your compound is inside of a Starbucks? Hmmm, I hate to say it, but that doesn't lend you much credibility to your supremist point of view. Just joking with you. As for me being the evil hippie that you're making me into in your mind, If you don't know what a scout is in the army I'll fill you in. I was part of a scout/sniper platoon in 2-506 INF 101 ABN, and I was deployed to Iraq once in the invasion and once again in late 2005-06. I was in Afghanistan again in late 2007-08. Do you really think that I'd support an organization that wouldn't stand by my brothers in arms? However I do enjoy coffee, so sue me. No sir I'm not the pansy you wish I was, and I've been on a two way range more than I want to remember. As for Anfama, I agree to some degree with you, especially how much he knows and possibly supports homosexuals. I thought that was worse to a supremist than being black? Not that I'm an expert by any means, but I think it would be a valid assumption. The only thing that angered me was how he twisted the message of the bible to meet his agenda. Well if you want to look at what the bible says about homosexuals just read Leviticus 20:13. "Any man that lays with a man, as he lies with a woman shall surely be put to death. " So I don't think the bible is going to be the best angle to go and support your agenda. You might want to find another source Anfama that is at least paralell to your views. That said, the most important thing about what the bible says to follow are the 10 commandments. Keep in mind that killing and murder are two different things. I'd warrant lopping the limbs of your victim and trying to keep them alive for further torture murder for sure. I know that people have survived such things as loosing ALL their limbs, but I doubt that you have the knowledge, or the facilities to facilitate the parameters of your morbid experiment. That just proves your mind is dwelling on darkness. I don't doubt that you or anybody else here has reason to hate others unlike yourself. However if you're trying to empower the white race by spreading violence and hate, that's exactly what you will reap in return. If you are really that hell bent to acknowledge how amazing we are and how much we've contributed, then like Anfama said go and subscribe to an encyclopedia. But you have to remember that much of the reasons for our ability to excel is because we have kept the others out of the inner circle of knowledge, and power.

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Posted By: voice of reasonMon. Sep 27, 2010

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).

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Posted By: i can't believe thisMon. Sep 27, 2010

My precious creator Jesus made every single human being with his amazing hands and each one of them is loved by him just as much as the next. He is blind to race and loves homosexuals just as much as he loves heterosexuals. Websites like this that promote hatred break his heart. I cannot believe that in this supposedly enlightened country things as horrible as this website still exist. I pray with my whole hart that each one of you comes to a relationship with the God who calls his children to love blindly and see themselves as the LEAST of these.

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Posted By: black chickMon. Sep 27, 2010

F*** all you white racist hillbilly redneck motherf***ers!

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Posted By: KaleighTue. Sep 28, 2010

you have taken the thoughts right out of my mind I was just talking too my husband about getting my first white pride tattoo when we read this it encourged me even more there is nothing racist about haveing white pride! thank you

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Posted By: voice of reasonTue. Sep 28, 2010

Keep in mind "black chick" that they rely on comments such as yours to fan the fire, and create even more propeganda. Don't fall prey by letting them use you against yourself. I'm not calling anybody stupid or ridiculing anyone. I'm against any "supremist's" period. That is just poisoning the impressionable minds that might have come to their own conclusions. For one thing both the term "redneck, " and "cracker" aren't even offensive if you know the history behind them. The reason they were called rednecks was because of the red bandana they wore to distinguish themselves during conflicts with opposition. They were miners in a revolt because of the terrible conditions they lived and worked with. They attempted to unionize themselves, and were killed by local law enforcement and "private detectives. " They were one of the first "unions" to emerge. This is a honorable term that has been misconstrewed into thinking it has to do with a "sun tan. " The term "cracker, " was coined by African American slaves before the Civil War, and refered to the man "cracking" the whip. This might be offensive to the mass of white people now days, but to these narrow minded people here, it's a compliment. Know what they're talking about; know what you're talking about, and the history and knowledge behind the subject. I'm not a black person, and I can't say I understand how angry this makes you feel, because I haven't LIVED with it. No I can only sympathize and state how embarrased such sensless acts perpetrated against anyone by my race. They preach "white pride, " and they can't see that they tarnish our name. They can't be waivered with by any amount of evidence or persuasion. If they are to ever break free from this sinister way of thinking, they will likely have to do it through Christ and their own integrity. However there are those that dare to undermind even the words of our savior himself to reach their agenda. To everyone, ALL races included, I emplore you to take it upon yourselves and do YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Don't let someone dictate to you "false truth's. " The propaganda that they call truth has many flaws. If someone rambles off a bible verse that seems like it isn't right, try reading the message in it's entirity, and flip back a few verses or maybe even pages. I doubt that the message will read the same. There's definately some out there to get us, but it's not the black man or the brown man. The devil loves violence. Fear, pride, and ignorance is the gasoline.

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Posted By: voice of reasonTue. Sep 28, 2010

Do you ever wonder if some of the supposed black people posting here aren't really white people trying to start a fight, and possible recruit other people to their cause. It's just a theory, but it's totally within the parameters of reason. I wonder...

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Posted By: black chickTue. Sep 28, 2010

"voice of reason" I do not intend on fueling any fire . My comment was a reaction of disbelief. I am bamboozled at the fact that people are so simple ! so I will repeat myself since as I am still in a state of shock. F*** ALL WHITE HILLBILLY REDNECK RACISTS! this site has shown me that America is NOT a first or even third world country . You racists make your country seem barbaric , small-minded and just simply IGNORANT! DO NOT ever call yourselves a civilization!

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Posted By: Derik NeumannTue. Sep 28, 2010

Well, "black chick" where the f*** do you live that you say YOUR country? I hope that you don't live here in this country and I hope you never move here. It's people like you that make me sick. You are the enemy and you deserve a fate at least as bad as death if not worse like Anfama. F*** you all!!!!!(exept my fellow people)

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Posted By: tom459mTue. Sep 28, 2010

America's mistake was not sending the blacks back to africa after the emancipation proclamation. Blacks make up about 20 percent of the U. S. population, but they out number white and hispanics combine in the penal system in Florida. Single black females on average have 3-5 children which the taxpayers foot the bill. So its no wonder why the black community is expanding so rapidly. When blacks start moving into white neighborhoods, the area turns to s***. These are the facts, so do not imply that I am being racist. The true solution is eradication. If the government fails the people the people must act.

Here may be a more humane solution, if you have a child that you can not afford and you require welfare you must be subjected to compulsory birth control. Intelligent and responsible people do not have multiple children that they know they can not afford. Statistically, this is real popular in the black communities and this is fact so don't call me ignorant or a racist.

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Posted By: tom459mTue. Sep 28, 2010

Why do black males wear their pants below their ass?

Answer: They wear their pants that way to identify themselves with other blacks on the down low. Easy access, if there is no females around they will f*** each other, animals or even a hole in the ground.

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Posted By: black chickTue. Sep 28, 2010

wow "tom459m" I can picture you now overweight slob just browsing the internet for some racist sites where you can unleash your racist thoughts without fear of getting your ass kicked ! God have mercy on you and all the other racists on this site!

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Posted By: voice of reasonWed. Sep 29, 2010

Tom do you really know what you're talking about? If they shipped them back to Africa, how would have the Confederate land owners have gotten rich off them from share cropping? Some are still paying their great grandfathers debt to this day. If president Andrew Johnson hadn't screwed up Lincoln's origional plan by implementing his hair brained scheme to restore the south following the Civil War, maybe we wouldn't even be having this conversation. No, instead of giving freed slaves the human rights and abilities to thrive that the white man had, they created the "black codes/Jim Crow laws. This was a huge setback for early African Americans, because even if the 13th & 14th amendmants supposedly protected them, the "black codes" denied them equal rights and oppurtunities. Those same "black codes" were in effect until 1954 until black students stood up against "the board of education. " This was a turning point, but it wasn't like a dam broke and their freedom poured out to all the black people. They have been denied for a long time the same oppurtunities, and they are still recovering and addapting to the freedom that you and I take for granted. However, even though they have now "equal rights, " you would be nieve to actually believe that the majority have "equal oppurtunity. " No people like you insist that they must be denied to thrive like many white people take for granted. If you see a successful black man, you can bet he struggled much harder than an equally successful white man. Don't be so quick to judge if you haven't walked in their shoes. The fact of the matter is that we're all created by god. "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you(Ephesians 4:32). " How about, "By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another(John 13:35). " Jesus said, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets(Matt 7:12). " You can speak out lies against God, but that is your decision. I'd hope that you wouldn't be so arrogant or pig headed to do so. Everybody has their differences, and nobody's perfect. However, if you are going to be the judge and executioner and try to bring eradication of ANY race, I'd hate to be in your shoes when you meet your maker. It's not easy to forgive, but to even start you have to make it your perogative to understand why there may be a problem in the first place.

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Posted By: Derik NeumannWed. Sep 29, 2010

I agree with some of what "voice of reason" is saying. I also feel that if we had gotten rid of the blacks after the civil war we would be better off. It was the whites fault for bringing them over here in the first place. If there so proud to be black then why don't they go back to there native land and f*** that place up. I'm tired of trying to be nice to these ungrateful f***s. I am I firm believer in my people and how we can make this country a truly great one.

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Posted By: Seriously guysWed. Sep 29, 2010

You are a bunch of Racists, sorry to say this but its true. The things said above may be true but regardless of that fact or not you are all still a bunch of arrogant and rather ignorant people. I don't give a s*** what color you are people need to learn to live in Peace rather subject each other to terms like these. You have a hollow argument because in all honesty none of this matters, if you want the world to be a better place do something to change it. Stop bitching about the things that are wrong and work on making them right rather than fill the air the Hate and Anger. I'm a white male, and sure there are a lot of blacks and mexicans that do bad things but there are just as many whites who do the same s*** you f***ing retards are just to blind to realize it because you're f***ing racists and don't give a s*** what a white man does. Also holy s*** to most of what was said because after everything it says "But were racist" People call you a racist because you well s*** umm act like a f***ing racist, you don't call a black person a nigger and mean it in a nice way you are saying it in a hurtful manner and sincerity direct those comments with hate. So seriously get your head out of your asses and stop acting like a bunch of retards you f***ing niggers. ( nigger is an ignorant person so this applies to all of you )

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Posted By: tom459mWed. Sep 29, 2010

Post 106, as I stated listing facts does not make me a racist, I am not an overweight slob, just fed up with the direction society is going in, and come to think of it I 've never had my ass kicked.

Post 107, Yes, I know what I am talking about. If society would have known back then the state of America today, you better believe they would have deported all blacks back to africa. And I'm going to let you in on a little secret, there is no god, religion is man made for 2 reasons, to collect taxes and to set rules for communal living. Then over the years it has thrived into a profitble business.

post 108, America would be a beautiful place without blacks and mexicans.

post 109, Seeing a problem and correcting it does not make you a racist.

1 in 3 black males will be incarcerated in their life, Any Martin Luther King Street there is violence and crime, these are facts. Now more and more white Americans are getting tired of what they are seeing, granted most of them are pussies, and even then there still is enough to clean up the mess. It's coming.

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Posted By: tom459mWed. Sep 29, 2010

And by the way, skinheads are rasict and no better than your run of the mill nigger. Skinheads and aryan brotherhood are a bunch of felons that have no clue to their history, none of them probably ever been to germany and someone in their family has probably fought in world war 2 against the germans. The world would be better of without these clowns too.

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Posted By: voice of reasonWed. Sep 29, 2010

You know Tom, I'm not going to say you're completely wrong. There are people "whites" included that sit back and collect unemployment and welfare. There are people who have children to boost their monetairy gain. It's sad, but true. It sucks that we are paying taxes to support them. I don't mind as much as some people do about the matter, but I can definately see how many get angry. So I can agree to a certian degree, but as a christian (which I know you've stated you're not) I believe that financial aid to those who are desperate is warranted. However, I can certianly agree that there are many people "white's" included that abuse the assistance. What I was trying to say in the previous letter (107) is that blacks after the civil war, had a huge disadvantage at sustaining a family here in America. This might have been different if they had the same rights and privliges that we did back then. However, even with the masses against them, some have managed to climb their way tooth and nail to become successful. You have to acknoweldge that there are successful black people living in America now days. Some haven't been so lucky, and havn't been able to get over the stigma of being black. Though times are changing, and more and more are becoming successful as this nation grows and changes. In time there will be less of a difference between blacks and whites. Hopefully there is never going to be a race war, and I doubt in these times that it would be anything substantial. What I could see happening is a small uprising that gets crushed, and then our government jumps at the oppurtunity to impose "martial law. " Which might I add, is completely un-constitutional if they ever try to do so. But what I'm saying is following such possible action, you could bet that you and my white ass's will likely be subjected to being racially profiled as "terrorists. " Wouldn't that be a bitch? Then we'd have a taste of what blacks endure with law enforcement all the time. I think the government secretly promotes such kinds of insurrection, so they can close their already tight grasp on us even more. It's just a theory, and totally my opinion. However, you can't deny that they are stripping the constitution and creating loop-holes every chance they get. I'm a former scout team leader who's served 3 tours (2X Iraq, 1X A-stan). I'll be the first to go to battle to uphold my oath I swore to protect the constitution, but I won't commit genocide and target "blacks" indiscriminately.

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Posted By: Tyrone ShoesWed. Sep 29, 2010

you pussy's talk some heavy bulls***. I been inside, was42-0 with the muslim scumbag faggot niggers who joined a gang inside to look hard. At least those sorry niggers would throw a punch. You however are a bunch of fat f*** lazy 360 playing slobs who have no heart. Stand up you white pussy don't put your head down when a nigger grits on you and you will have not only my respect but maybe some self respect. I am hard-core white, never owned a gun and never let a nigger bitch me up. You can probably say the same but you didn't have 20 niggers sweating you or trying to. Signed White man who is tired of young white pussies who get bullied by niggers in life and get tough on the net. Go waste your schoolmate and yourself and stop making real white men look bad

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Posted By: Tyrone ShoesWed. Sep 29, 2010

you faggots almost make me be ashamed to be white. why do I hear about niggers taking back their communities, (even though they are the scourge that killed same) at least the monkey will stand up. Even if only when ten other monkeys are there.

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Posted By: tom459mThu. Sep 30, 2010

post 112, I am really surprised that you are as religious as you are, seeing how you did 3 tours. The 2 biggest causes of war are over land or religion and I would say the last 50 years it has been primarily religion, but I am going to assume you are still young 24-28 and probably from the mid-west. But, I am not knocking you for your belief in a greater power. Now, when I first saw this site I read someones comment about a racial war and he said in about 10 years. A lot of whites are saying similar things and not racist or felons but everyday working people. I agree with you that the government would implement martial law, but an overwhelming majority of the military are whites from the midwest who do not particularly care for the direction of this country. You see what I am geting at.

Post 113, You're just ignorant. I can't fully understand the message you are trying to convey between the grammar and jargon. You've been inside, I am going to assume you mean you are an ex-con. I don't know what 42-0 means, I think when you say 360 you are referring to a video game, real men do not play video games. What I infer from your statement is that you probably did not acheive higher than a 6-7 grade education and you definately do not have the intellect to be apart of an intelligent discussion and if you really are white you would be one of the people I was referring to in post 111.

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Posted By: Derik NeumannThu. Sep 30, 2010

Well, Tom thank you for seeing what I meant in post 108. I also agree that some skinheads are uneducated and hillbilly f***s. I am a skinhead and I do live on a compound and no its not in Alabama or those other redneck states. I live in Cali and my uncle is the one that started this compound and it is thriving and doing well. its south of Falbrook and it's a great place to live, but Ive never been a follower and I think I'm going to get my own place soon in L. A. where I grew up and live my life as a racist from there. And you "proper white MAN" f*** you!!! I would bet my life that Ive f***ed more n***** up in my life than you have and I'm only 19(and no I'm not trying to brag). You come and find me and I'll make you wish you would have never got on this website. I am not a believer in God but I respect those who are, it's just not for me, but however I do believe that an all out race war will unfold itself in my lifetime. You can believe that I'll be ready to hurt me some people when that comes. Including you "proper white MAN"

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Posted By: freaking metalTue. Sep 28, 2010

at black chick

we are pretty civilized I assure u. it's pretty ironic that a BLACK girl is calling other people civilized xD GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRIES BLACK PEOPLE! DONT F*** WITH OURS!!!

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Posted By: hjappThu. Sep 30, 2010

to 'a blackguy'

you spelled stupid as 'stuped'

I had to laugh. Thanks for proving this website's point. :)

Oh by the way... we are also laughing cause you need HIV medication... and we don't. HAHAHA for 2 decades we have tpld you to wear a rubber, yet you wont. Then you get AIDS, and you say 'well the white govt is trying to kill us'. Cracka, please. How many times to you have to be told ' wear a rubber'!!!

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Posted By: voice of reasonThu. Sep 30, 2010

Actually tom, I'm from a north central part of Florida in a town called "Gainesville. " You probably know of us from our football team "Gators. " More recently you probably heard of the church down there threatening to burn the "Quran" on September 11. There are plenty of southeners down there, as we're only maybe an hour or less (depending if your speeding) from Georgia. I actually didn't used to be anything like I am right now. I used to listen to nothing but heavy metal and myself was in fact quite racist. I moved in with a buddy of mine who got out of prison, and he was a radical racist with the tatoos to prove his dedication. He was a crazy mother fu#*$r, and I respected his way of thinking. We got into all kinds of trouble. However, he was into some pretty hard drugs and he ended up marrying some broad out in a town called "Live Oak, " and moved away. I'd started my own "lawn maintainence" buisness, and one day he came begging me for some money. I lent him the money, and showed him my equipment that I was so proud of. Later on he ended up robbing my equipment from my home while I was away to feed his drug habbit. I totally lost respect for him, and what he stood for, however I was still a racist at the time. It wasn't until the one morning I turned on the news before going to work, and I saw the first plane hit the tower. I immediately called an Army recruiter. I couldn't join, cause I didn't have my GED. I quit my job, and went full time at the local "Job Corps" to get my GED. The funny thing was, the trade school I was taking was pre-law. I was the security guard at the probably 90% black school. Go figure right? This didn't do anything but fuel my racism exponentionally. Anyways, I took my racist self and later joined the army. It was there that I got to see that every man bleeds the same red blood. As an infantryman, I saw first hand that we were fighting for the same reason. It wasn't about the country anymore, it was because we wanted to come home together alive. White, black, whatever it didn't matter, none of us wanted to be the ones explaining to eachothers mothers how we'd failed her son. The first casualty of the invasion was SSG Kennon, a black man. He was one of our best, and he dedicated every second he was there to our mission, success and the well being of his soldiers. He was as good of a man as anyone could have expected. He litterally died extracting his men from an overwatch position that had been compromised. A good man indeed.

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Posted By: voice of reasonThu. Sep 30, 2010

I always seem to have to cut my ideas short because of the 2500 character limit. I wanted to finish my last sentence differently. I guess I can understand how white people feel about a lot of black people. I can only state that I see the world in a different perspective now than I did before. Even I can look at "gangster" wannabe's and know that they're plague, just as MS-13 (latino) gangsters are. I'm not blind! There are equally usless white groups that threaten us from whithin our borders as well. But you can't judge or label all blacks or latinos the same way as their gangbanger counterparts. There are good blacks and latinos out there that have just as much to fear from those bastards as we do. There's plenty of black people that I've met that are embarrased to that fact, and they claw their way up to become successful just to try to give hope to their ignorant counterparts. In some neighborhoods, they have very little options to choose from. Either become a gangbanger, or a crack head. That's pretty much it! There are some that escape, but the obstacles are against them. They don't know how to help themselves. It is sad, and I can see how it makes somebody think that the black race is inferior. That doesn't make them less intelligent, because when you see a black man that is successful, you know he's earned it. He's struggled to break free from that circle of violence and drugs to make something of himself. That's impressive to me, wether you'll acknowledge it or not I don't know. If you were to take a company sized element to the ghetto and kill everyone there, you might kill plenty of bad people, but also a few good as well. You can't just label them all as bad is what I'm saying. If we start committing genocide like that, we aren't any better than the countries we pride ourselves on being different from. We lose! We'd be the same homocidal maniacs that we tell our kids are so evil. That's what the insurgents do in Iraq. They kill eachother back and forth men women and children. The Sunni's have been in power for so long, and now without Saddam they are struggling to regain their power. It's murder! Be careful what you're calling for, because if someone you love is maimed or killed, just remember you antagonized the response. When some faction comes marching, crawling or convoys to your front door step, I hope you remember that wat you wished for years ago has finally come to pass. For what reason? Are you ready to sacrifice the ones you love?

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Posted By: voice of reasonFri. Oct 1, 2010

It seems that I forgot to address "proper white man. " I'm sure you pride yourself on being some racial poster child for furthering "white pride. " You however have given the public a reason to hate people like you, and thankfully keep you locked away. You say you have never owned a gun. Could it be that you CAN'T own one because you're a convicted felon? About kicking my ass, I wasn't a push over even before the army, but while I was in I was part of a combatives team. I was trained extensively by civilian instructors in mixed martial arts at the "Clarksville, Tn Mixed Martial Arts Academy" They are the same group of guys that train SF guys hand to hand, (well 5th group anyways). But if I were to encounter you on the street, I'm afraid I'd likely take the opportunity to do some ethnic cleansing of my own with my licensed side arm. You'd have better luck attacking me in the summer when I slim down to a more concealable . 380 cal. However in the winter expect round upon round of 1911 delivered . 45 cal. If for some reason you could breach the security at the front gate and find my home, you'd be greeted by whatever firearm is closest to me (seeing as I have one in reach in each room of the house). If for some reason it were to come to fisticuffs, I always have my Gerber switch blade on me. Though I could dispatch you with my hands alone, I like insurance knowing that I could kill you or multiple assailants efficiently with relative ease. But since my threats here are as empty as your words, you should have the wisdom to be more careful to who you go threatening in the future. Hopefully my expectations of you are false, because I'd hate to see you go right back in to prison high on meth like you probably were when you decided to write uninsightful jibberish. I'd like to think you're capable of not only thinking for yourself, but also listening to others when they speak peacefully. Is this going to be your legacy? Is this how you want to be remembered? You have only one life to live my friend, don't be so eager to sacrifice yourself to a cause that doesn't even care about you.

Oh yeah and "Tom, " I'm actually not quite as religious as you might have thought. I was mainly correcting those who wished to take bible verses and warp their message to meet their agenda. I took that especially personal. Though I'm a terrible christian. I do believe in god, though I haven't been to church in years. I'm afraid I'll catch fire when I walk through the doors.

You won't think you're so tough if you ever have a run-in with a Navy SEAL. :)

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Posted By: voice of reasonFri. Oct 1, 2010

Oh and just to clarify, I didn't mean by "security at the front gate" as in "I'm rich enough to be able to afford a security force to guard my mansion. " I actually live on an Army base. I think I might have stated that before, but anyways. Since I'm divulging information, I'm NOT in the Army anymore. My wife is in the Army, and is currently deployed. We met in the Army, and now I'm a student working towards my BA. My plan is to go back in the Army as an officer after college so I can get Med school paid for. However it's looking almost impossible to get accepted into Med school, and I'll likely have to go back in by OCS (officer candidate school). That means that they'll likely place me back at my previous skill set (infantry). If this happens, I'll likely try out for SF selection and join my buddies there. So either way, scholarship or not, I win. If you read my previous post's, you'd know that my wife is Peruvian. She's actually more racist against black people than most white people (as there are NO blacks in Peru). She litterally stabbed my buddy at the chow hall with a fork for calling her Mexican. Which boggles my mind, but I kind of like it, though I don't concider myself racist. She has an associate's in "Psych, " but has changed directions and is now studying for "computer programing. " She speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently (as she's 1/4 Italian). I don't know how to spell it, but she speaks partial Ketchua (Inca dialect), and partial French. You wouldn't even know she's spanish if you didn't hear her speak (because of her accent). She actually looks white. I've been to Peru with her, and she doesn't look anything like the locals. Maybe it's the Italian in her, I don't know. Her parents are rich, and she didn't flee her country across the Rio Grande like many might think. She's been to Afghanistan once, and now she's 2/3 through a deployment to Iraq. So if you tell me she doesn't have the right to be here, I'd tell you that she's fighting for your right to even say that about her. And if you for some reason "proper white man" wanted to assault her in any way, she'd introduce you to her Ruger LCP . 380 that she loves so much. She's meaner than I am, so do it at your own risk buddy. She's not the "cholo" you're envisioning I'm sure. She listens to country mostly, and rock (mainly when I have controll of the radio). You guys will say a bunch of mean stuff about her, and I'm going to have to count on my intestinal fortitude not to get angry.

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Posted By: tom459mFri. Oct 1, 2010

Post 114, that's because black people still possess pack mentality, they have not quite evolved to civility yet. When you jot down your thoughts try to be more conprehensible. (understandable)

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Posted By: tom459mFri. Oct 1, 2010

Post 116, Derik, I don't know you at all but you seem like you may be a reasonable person. Weak and impressionable people are followers, everyone should strive to be a leader. You are still young so before you act you should always think rationally. You should always form your own thoughts and opinions from your own research and experiences, not because someone says so.

Now here is the overall consensus on skinheads, they are all tatted up with swastikas and nazi crap. The everyday american does not want to hear that rhetoric. I hate typing so I am more concise where as voice of reasoning is more loquaciuos, ( not knocking you v. o. r. ) but maybe that's beause his woman is not home. My point is is that it is all about the presentation, if you want a following you have to make your idea sound appealing to other people ( it's all about the presentation)

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Posted By: tom459mFri. Oct 1, 2010

V. O. R. , I knew you were out of a rural area, I am familiar with gainesville, I've been to a couple of parties up there, I am in the fort lauderdale area. Where you live is still predominantly white, if you lived down here your views would be a little different. I skimmed through your post, I hate reading and typing or I should say more impatient, so I'll respond to what I remember.

I do not have a problem with good looking women who come to this country legally. I think the u. s. is over populated and we are catering to people abusing the government, i. e. black women with multiple children by different males (I won't even call them men). I know spanish and white trash do it too, but mainly blacks do it.

I have a problem with illegals coming over here and putting americans out of work because they will work for half as much, then the liberals say the immigrants are only working the jobs that the americans won't, well that's because the immigrants will work for peanuts and an american won't.

That is a good idea go finish your BA you beter get good grades if you want to go to OCS. Being a doctor is a good profession, but I couldn't do it. If I saw some piece of s*** gang banger or crackhead come into the E. R. I would let them die. You'll always have fun in SF.

That's enough typing for one night.

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Posted By: american history xSat. Oct 2, 2010

What do niggers have in common with apples? They both look good hanging from trees.

Have you ever wondered why niggers are the same color as your s***? Can anyone answer that?

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Posted By: tom459mSat. Oct 2, 2010

supplement to post 123: blacks just look for any excuse to act up.

post 114, take back their neighborhood from who? no one wants there s*** hole of a neighborhood.

post 126, kudos

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Posted By: voice of reasonSat. Oct 2, 2010

Good point Tom, I know I tend to ramble on too much. I'm not the greatest writer, and I'm just trying to support my ideas, though the crux of my point gets diluted as I keep running my suck. I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Who ever thought that it would be fun to pit me against a Navy Seal, that's a good one. I never claimed I was Rambo, but you're probably right. Any determined man with the right plan or preparation can do what they set out to accomplish. I've never worked with Seals, but I used to work out in the gym with one during my second deployment. They're actually more easy going than you'd think. In fact most of what I like to call "secret squirrels" are pretty laid back in general. I guess they can see through all the bull s***, and take their down time as it is. That was what I respected most about those guys. I knew they could kick the crap out of almost any human being, yet they never from my experience got arrogant, competitive yes, pig headed no. Great gym partners. I was honored they even acknowledged me. Wouldn't want to be a Seal though, I'm not much of a diver. I doubt I'd pass BUDS.

Back at Tom, I agree with you about the illegal immigrants. I can even agree that there's a large percent of blacks that have multiple children from different fathers, and they do so to collect more child support and government aid. That pisses me off too man. I just don't think marching down to the ghetto and rounding them up for killing is the right thing to do. However, I can understand the motivation behind it.

If you guys really want things to change, you're gonna have assemble and quit with the white power thing. Nobody's gonna listen and nothing will get accomplished. If you could somehow address the problems and provide some kind of solution that doesn't involve genocide, or the tired old "ship 'em back to Africa" you'd likely have more support. I'm not against white people standing up together to achieve something great. Does it have to be an all white organization? You could probably get black people involved to straighten their own mess up. With the right message, and reasonable plan of action I think you could have a lot of people scratching their heads wondering "damn they have a point. " But as soon as you start acting barbaric, nobody will touch it. As long as it's constitutional, I support white pride. I don't think that should be the focus of the message though if you really want your goals accomplished. Damn, I rambled again...

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Posted By: white manSun. Oct 3, 2010

black man you suck and smell

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Posted By: cambioSun. Oct 3, 2010

Whites do not need a White Entertainment Network, or a White Pride Day, or a White History Month. They have these freedoms every day. They own the networks. They control the nation. They wrote the history books primarily covering themselves and leaving out all the races who built America along with them. Every day is a holiday for White Americans.

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Posted By: american history xSun. Oct 3, 2010

I Live in Deerfield Beach (southeast florida) and every time I turn on the f***ing news and alls I hear is niggers commiting crime. Nigger kills brinks driver, nigger robs bank, nigger car jack woman, group of niggers rob video game store, nigger kills girlfriends daughter. Do you see a pattern here. Niggers are the scourge of the earth. America needs to wake the f*** up, niggers are ruining this country, not to mention the illegal immigrants. We need tougher laws, we need to start pushing the death penalty. We need a new law on the books second time to prison it is automatically the death sentence and that goes for all races. If a little ignorant whore gets knocked up automatic abortion, no more f***ing handouts. This country is way to soft and liberal. Now fags want the right to marry each other, if you believe in religion the bible says a marriage is between a man and a woman, if you believe in science two people of the same sex can not reproduce. An asshole is made for deficating not sexual gratification. What next, we going to be able to marry are f***ing pets. We as a society need to gas everyone in prison and scramble our military jets over every ghetto in this country and burn them with napalm.

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Posted By: voice of reasonSun. Oct 3, 2010

I'm against genocide, but besides mass murder I agree. Somebody commits rape, take their genitals. You kill somebody, then damn it kill 'em back! You rob somebody, then make them work to pay them and those who sheltered you what is owed, then cut off a hand. As long as there's proof beyond a reasonable doubt, why not? That would solve or kill off 90% of the problem right there. And no I don't in any way believe that gays should be able to get married. Besides being gross, It's out right wrong. However if they want to tempt God, let 'em. I'm not going to get any blood on my hands (besides it's disease ridden). I don't think we should kill them, but no marriage and no kids (addopted or natural). I don't agree with the forced abortion though. I don't agree with abortion period. That's just against what I believe in, and I can't stand it when people use it like birth controll. Maybe I could understand if she was raped, or if it might kill the mother. Still though, you're still grinding up a baby and sucking it through a tube. No way would I force that on any mother.

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Posted By: White in CanadaMon. Oct 4, 2010

Totally agree with your statements.

There is no shame in being a white person who is concerned with and about the white race but current lawmakers are almost making it a crime to even voice your concerns openly unless you are in favour of the supposed "disadvantaged races".

In today's world they are afforded every advantage over the white man eg. free schooling, buisness grants, first time home buyers grants etc. and they are still not advancing.

It is the other races such as Indians, blacks etc. that are promoting racial segregation by wanting there own schools, buisness and even goverments. In a rational society that should be deemed promoting racism. Excluding every other nationality but your own is racist.

There is a huge population explosion within the "minornity groups" so I suppose from a politicians stand point there are more votes to be had by catering to minornities.

It is time for people to "wake up" and stop blameing the white man for thier situations and look in the mirror and realize they have done these things to themselves eg. poverty, uneducated etc. You were not around 100 yrs. ago and I did not do this to you. But there is no money in it if they do not have the white man to blame and cry "you did this to me" for some sort of monetary payout. All they are doing is creating professional beggers of the highest order. It is time to stop this 2 tiered racial structure, where every race can have thier own day, month etc. except for the white man and using thier heritage as a counter racist tool.

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Posted By: Married to a white manMon. Oct 4, 2010

Explain to me why a white family down on their luck after husband just lost his job to a Mexican felon goes to the local DES office and applies for emergency food stamps and assitance and gets told they have to wait for 2 weeks for an interview and then they tell the illegal Mexican as long as he has PROOF of applying for a green card he can get immediate assitance. WTF? I was then told when I complained that I was the wrong color and nantionality. I still have not seen all these dumb people who voted our "president" in. Yeah, we are going to have a change alright - they want to keep the groups apart and they are trying to break up the family. OH yes, in the meantime, they want to raise the tax on cigarettes, cut health care, and take away your right to protect yourself. What freedoms do we really still have left? One more thing: this is a white-pride site and eveyrone knows this, so why are the ignorant people complaining aobut it? They can leave, don't have to read it. But, obviously they took the time to and also comment.

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Posted By: american history xMon. Oct 4, 2010

white in canada, I don't know if you are canadian or american, but I have a friend she is italian born in canada and living in america. She is trying to become an american citizen she is almost finished with her bachelors degree, here's the f***ed up part she has to geta masters degree before she is granted citizenship. Now tell me that's not racism, the f***ing mexicans can come to america and are probably going to be given amnesty. Why because they're hispanic and canadians are white. This country is full of a bunch of pussys with no fortitude.

Married to a white man, because the pussy politicians flip flop on the issues to cater to the crowd. We need real politician in office representing the majority of the peoples opinions not the f***ing minority a bunch of sorry niggers and spics exploiting the system. Soon the real americans are going to have to stand up and clean up the mess.

Latest poll for obama 91% of niggers approve, is it because he's black or because he is doing a good job. You know obama wants more rehabilitation for prisoners and softer sentencing is this because 1 in 3 niggers go to jail. Correct me if I am wrong, but I though jail/prison was for punishment. So lock these mother f***ers in a box. No tv, no phone, no working out, and bread and water. That's not inhumane that's punishment. I'll tell you what's in humane the pain and terror criminals inflict upon their victims. I really am not prejudice, but you know the old adage 1 bad apple can spoil a bunch.

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Posted By: White in CanadaMon. Oct 4, 2010

To Married to a white man:
Sorry for your misfortune, I had the same problem a few years back.

In Canada it is mostly the Indians here, specifically Saskatchewan, blacks in Ontario, chinese in Alberta, pakis in B. C so forth.

In reality the laws are not going to change anywhere in North America until WE start banning and working together to have fundraisers, sending out literature, calling political parties etc. to be able to take the goverment(s) to court for thier ILLEGAL legislation. What HIPOCRISY. Goverment and localized buisnesses can run ads stating "Preference will be given to people with visible minornities, aboriginal ancestory, " Blah Blah. Try to run an ad stating "Prefence will be given to people of Celtic ancestery and who are visibly white" and you would be taken to court so fast for racism it would make your head spin.

It is up to us to work as a group, in Canada and the U. S. A, to take the goverment(s) to court for unfair legislation and/ or make people understand the unfairness of the laws so they become angry enough that they call thier local MLA'S or, in the U. S I think you call them Congressmen, to let them know that any political party that supports current legislation will not be getting anyone's vote.

If we are not proactive in our approch then we have to put up with the status quo. With current trends, the white people are going to suffer alot more I am sure. Good luck with your situation and know there are a lot of people out there who understand and sympathizes with your situation.

Oh yes, you are right about one other thing. If someone who does not have anything positive to say about this site, then piss off. I am sure you have your own minority site, go share your ignorance with your own people. This time white is truly right.

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Posted By: american history xTue. Oct 5, 2010

I remember from school that there was a presidential candidate that was running for president along time ago and he was running on the principle that he would send all monkeys back to africa, but he did not win I guess due to the whites being greedy and lazy to keep their niggers plowing the fields. You see they were not thinking of the future. So I don't know when all whites are going to wake up, do you know how f***ed up this country is going to be in the next 50 years if we continue on the same course. I also remember there was a president maybe 40-60 years ago who said, if we don't start controlling these blacks they are going to be out of control and they are. did you know that if you ask any race of people what race they hate the most, the answer will always be a nigger even if you ask a hatian or a jamaican. I would really like to see a race war in my time...

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Posted By: american history xTue. Oct 5, 2010

white in canada, the politicians are not going to do any thing if we start writing them letters, it will fall on deaf ears. It seems like people are more worried about being politically correct rather than be morally correct or whats for the good of a nation. Like a hundred years ago in america to become a citizen you had to speak the language, not anymore. If I moved to another country You better believe I am going to learn that language.

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Posted By: White in CanadaTue. Oct 5, 2010

To American history X: I am from Canada.

That is very F***ed up. I guess Obama approves of taking money from white people and giving the Mexicans a free pass and your friend will probably still be kicked out of the country even if she does get her Masters Degree.

Apparently American politicians want to keep the majority of the population ignorant so they are easier to control and have no means of fighting back. Because if you are giving somebody welfare then you can pretty much run their lives and still look like a hero. Sorry to say this but it looks like Obama is the ruler of a declining nation if this is the attitude, Canada is not much better. Every time I see Canada from a citizens point of view, I see the bloody bended knees where my nation is dying.

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Posted By: White in CanadaTue. Oct 5, 2010

To American history X:
Believe me I understand your frustration, but attitudes are changing for eg. France kicking out the Romas, their form of gypsies, in Iceland the new president their got elected on one of the statements that they need to stop immigration coming into their country, right now in Toronto, Ontario there is a mayoral candidate that is telling it like it is such as, people do not want halfway houses in their communities, minorities are giving to many rights as it is etc. and they are predicating he is going to win by a landslide over the current mayor. Hell stop anyone on the street and ask them about the current situation and the answer is usually the same. Things are getting out of control.

Attitudes are changing and in most respects are already there, people just have to have the courage and speak up. Nobody wants to be the first but I would bet that if someone or organization is the first to speak up publicly, we would all be surprised at how many people will follow and support them.

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Posted By: voice of reasonTue. Oct 5, 2010

White in Canada, you're the only one so far that I've seen that has a decent proposal. You've got some great ideas, and even mapped out some possible solutions. That's the magic ingredient that everybody else has been missing, which is a plan of action. You can go and stock your cellars with cans of ammo and supplies for the "race war, " or you can present facts and statistics and possible creat a following. Sure you can rant on about superiority, but that hasn't gotten us anywhere in the past couple hundred years, so why continue? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, " (Benjamin Franklin). I'm not against what you're saying, just those that promote racial superiority. What you're talking about is equality, and I admit that it's not fair on many levels. Great points "white in canada. "

"Married to a white man, " that's incredible! I didn't know it was like that. You should document what happened, and preferable record the conversation where they told you "you were the wrong color & nationality. " Talk to a lawyer, and call your congresman to complain. That's not right at all.

One last thing, if whites banded together they could have the resourses to battle these sorts of things. You wouldn't need propeganda, you'd have specific cases that you could prove that would be tons more beneficial to the cause than rhetoric. What you need is to get people involved, and educate them on what's really going on. "Married to a white man's" case would be just such a case.

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Posted By: steelmanTue. Oct 5, 2010

so sick of the mexicans turning our white country into mexico... and black man, you think we are retarded, if it wasnt for the white man there would be no shaq. or kobe, or ray lewis, or barry bonds. you would all still be in africa, hunting with a spear, unchanged for 100s of years. . whos retarded???... for all you white brothers and sisters... check out you tube, a guy from boston.

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Posted By: american history xTue. Oct 5, 2010

No people are already doing this in america they are called the tea party and the liberal media repeatedly calls them racist.

It is time for the american people to rise up against a government who is fail its people

And I agree with steelman niggers would not have it so good if we ship them back to africa a 150 years ago.

Mexicans are a lighter shade nigger

This site is for preserving the white race, so wake the f*** up. Everyone else is not worthy to live in my country.

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Posted By: ramesh pandeyWed. Oct 6, 2010

as a shamed Asian American Indian citizen, I must have to admit that the above statements are true. I hate my blood and I am pathetic. My career has gotten me nowhere and I need a job. Please white people. Help me.

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Posted By: White in CanadaWed. Oct 6, 2010

I agree with American History X, except in Canada it is the Indians who are a plague and financial drain on our society. Victimizing themselves and other people. We need to find a cure and a plug quickly.

WTF with ramesh pandey? Either someone is f***ing around on this site pretending to be some mournful minonity or if his comments are for real what would he be saying about white people in the company of his own kind? Either way, this site is created for white people by white people. Go lick your wounds somewhere else, you will find no sympathy here.

Freedom got our white heros wasted so they can enjoy and abuse the luxories of today's society and for us to turn our backs on our history would be commiting nationality suicide. Especialy now when both countries are letting in more pigs then we have tits to feed. The goverment(s) should at least implement a mandatory national sterilization policy as a condition to becoming a citizen. White european people are slowly fadeing into the history books. With less white people having kids, interacial marriages(having kids of mixed color) and huge population explosions from minonities (no doubt to collect all the free money from child/income tax) the politicians should be closing off the borders to everyone except in migrating europeans to try to start balancing the populations.

Humpty f***ing dumpty the white empire is falling down, civalization is crumblng and the worst part is/was the white political leaders were/are at them helm leading the charge for so called "equality".

For a people who enslaved the blacks and slaughtered the indians at one time to pave the way for today's freedom, they sure did an about face pretty quickly. When are they going to get it, through out history, it has been proven time and time again seperate cultures cannot live in peace together. They would rather live in a fantasy world where we are all sitting around a campfire holding hands singing coonbyah. Somehow there has to be a jolt of reality that is going to make them wake the f**k up. There are numbers and statistics coming out the ass that the so called "disadvantaged races" are a huge burden on society, eg. crime and prison stats, welfare, iliteracy, gangs etc. etc. etc. The only question I have left is when are we going to have our moment of silence for our dead history and countries?

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Posted By: american history xThu. Oct 7, 2010

There are three types of white people in america, first the affluent who enjoy exploiting the minorities and these people do not have to deal with the minorities on a direct basis. Second type, is the soft passive whites who lack the intelligence to see what is coming. The third is people like me and white in canada that have the common sense to see the direction that we are headed and beleive me there are alot of people who feel exactly like we do. So it is not a matter of if but when, there will be a race war!

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Posted By: BLaCC-N-Br0wN $aC 2 Da BaYThu. Oct 7, 2010

80 percent gays are white. white people don got no race or culture they are jus white trash. I got sum white theyre not raccist they get down down I bet u lil whitebois sit around at yo house talkn s*** bout colored people on da internet I bet yall aint gunna do s*** when u see a gang of colored people all dat yall gunna do is s*** yo pants, make raccist comments N get punked N robbed haha oh yeah y are all the whitegirls marring, dating or fuccin wit colored people because whitebois are goin gay for white men hahah white supremacy is a fuccin joke. so u guys keep talkn s*** while theres a blacc/muslim president, blacc people bein millionaires, rappers, athletes, and way more s*** like takN yo wifes N daughters hahahah.

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Posted By: WerWolfThu. Oct 7, 2010

What we have now is a reverse discrimination... look at what the HIPHOP culture is doing to society??? we can even plice the streets anymore because the pol;ice are afraid of being marked racist. . There are way more incidents of black on white violence then the other way around... However, we must turn a bind eye. . We are becoming a minority in our own country. . Wake up WHITE PEOPLE. .

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Posted By: EXACTLYFri. Oct 8, 2010

They're the plague of the earth. Take their babies and chop them out of their mothers wombs with a machette. Then dismember the little runt and stick in on a spike on my grill guard with all the rest of the mother and child's dismembered parts tangled in razor wire! Two for one! I wanna make a bag out of her tits to keep my change in, but it rotted away too fast. I guess I should research how to cure it. HAH! The stupid Nigger bitch kept passing out while I was carving on her limbs. I really need to get my hands on some adrenaline so next time they'll suffer more. It takes all the fun out of it, and WE CAN't have THAT!!! Also, you guys know how I can get my hands on some anti-coagulant? She died of blood loss before I even finished. I wanted that nigger skank to feel it all... oh well. Better luck next time I guess. If you guys see me on the news, YOU'RE WELCOME...

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Posted By: american history xFri. Oct 8, 2010

Why are white chicks with niggers? It's because they watch stupid f***ing nigger rap videos and think it is cool, they are about as dumb as a box of rocks with no self respect. Whites allow niggers to be successful, we allow you to be athletes for our entertainmnet, I don't agree with it, but that s*** is going to come to an end. It is post post 147 that illustrates how f***ing stupid niggers are, this piece of s*** probably never even made it to sixth grade you stupid ebonics nigger go f*** one of your homies on the down low. If a nigger trys to rob me my face will be the last face he will see.

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Posted By: american history xFri. Oct 8, 2010

Oh yeah, last saturday a black guy in memphis shot a nigger in the ass for not pulling his pants up. See this guy can see that niggers are ruining it for descent black people. This guy needs to be applauded and anyone who sits on the jury at his trial should find him not guilty!!!

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Posted By: white in canadaFri. Oct 8, 2010

Once again, why are there other races coming to this site spreading their ignorance? Refering post #147. Could it be that you hate your own race, are sickened with how they are ruining current society and you are also looking for a "like" minded community?

While I am on the subject and since all the blacks want to bring it up everytime they struggle to open their big lips, what is so great about hip hop and when did it become fashionable to be a piece of crime ridden s***? When all rap songs promote gangs, murders, stealing and rape, you know, the same things that are spinning out of control in everybodies neighborhoods, coincidence, I don't think so. And you all want to dress like the criminals you worship, eg. pants 6 sizes to big to show off your diry underwear, wearing ball caps like someone slapped you across your face etc. If this is your big proud contribution to society, then you probably should all be grouped together so you can kill each other off and be "cool". You are only proving our point, justifying the crime stats and proving you cannot live in a civilized society. As it is in your genes to f*** up everything that is good. If this is an example of your intelligence, then I will have a very good sleep tonight. And I was worried they were smart enough to try and take over. As far as white women dating blacks, well who else is going to do the yard and garden work and never complain it is to hot? I am not for stopping minornities from working. As a matter of fact, I am all for minornities working. Saving tax payers billions of dollars a year on "social" programs. But I guess if your are getting paid by the goverment to have kids (child tax), I suppose you are the entrepenur of your race.

If someone takes exceptions to these remarks, then you are probably a minornity. If so, you need to do 2 things, first, refer back to paragraph 1, then go out and start your own web site discussing how your ethniticity is leading today's world into a bottomless pit. I am sure there is "free" grant money in it for you somewhere.

Quick stat from Canada regarding the population boom of the indians. I am confident this also aplies to America with thier minornity boom.

According to Global CTV, my local news in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. Over the last 2 decades the aboriginal population has almost doubled and 49% of them right now are UNDER the age of 25. Think about that people.

Kudo's to american history x. post 146.

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Posted By: White in CanadaFri. Oct 8, 2010

One more thing about post 147 comments. I live in a nieghborhood where I am the minornity and I have a bumper sticker promoting my hertage, wear my shirt that says "avoid the beating and F**koff" to do my yard work to list justa couple. No one says BOO to me unless they out number you and even then they still don't do anything. (people says it is probably because I am in shape and heavily tattooed). I know othewise, they are not "kicking s***". When I shout at them to get off the road(like the will get a disease if they walk on the sidewalk) they are shouting things and giving me the finger, that is until they see the brake lights come on, then they promptly put thier head down and you can actually see them shrinking. It has happened alot more than once. You can actually see them shrinkig. All inimidaton until someone stands up to them.

I have worked for Corrections provincial/federal for going on 12ys. How many times have I seen these self proclaimed tough gang members actually crying stating " if I go back on the range they are going to 'roll me out'. To may times I even care to remember. Sick part is, if they had the upper hand, they would be the one's doing the victimizing.

Bottom line: If they know they have you intimadated and/or outnumbered then they call themselves "tough guys". The second you either stand up to them and/or give them a slap, they fold faster than a losing poker hand. They do not have any "salt" to stand up by themselves. That's why they travel in packs, they are all running scared by themselves. (not all of them, once in a very long while you come across a "solid" guy" and that's when you will find out what both of you are made of).

Just wanted to mention it so other people can understand some of the psychology beind thier method of victimization.

A real man may stand alone, but he will still stand.

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Posted By: american history xFri. Oct 8, 2010

see this is the kind of s*** that happens when you try to be accepting of other cultures, you give them an inch they want a mile. Not only do we have to deal with sorry niggers because people wanted to be compassionate. Now we have to deal with all these spanish immigrants who expect america to become what ever country they have come from. Now we have to deal with these f***ing islamic muslims. I would think if one was to move to another country because you are poverty striken you would embrace and accept the culture of that country. Most people in general are f***ing stupid and lack common sense. I am eager for a new beginning...

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Posted By: White in CanadaFri. Oct 8, 2010

In case any of you do not believe the white race is declining here are some stats for you, and since most of you appear to be american, these are U. S stats taken from the American Community Survey that is to replace the 10yr. census-

Based on total populations the following has had an increase of non-white immigrants by more than 35 million that now comprise 12. 4% of the total pop. of the U. S. since 2001. Remember these are only non-white immigrants coming in, does not count the minorities already living in the U. S

Hispanics rose to 14. 4% of pop blacks in at 12. 8% of pop California had the biggest increase at 27. 2% of pop. Whites are now officially the minornity (as counted in total pop) in 4 states-Hawaii, New Mexico, California and Texas. Child birth rates- white women declined to 53% of all births in 2008. 2008 babies born to single mothers accounted for- 72% for black women 53% to hispanic 29% to white 17% to asian Birth rates are also dropping in Europe. live births per 1, 000 inhabitants- Germany 8. 6%, Poland 9. 3%, Italy 9. 7%. Ireland had the most at 15. 2% So, there is alot of justification to preserving the white race before we go the way of the dinosaures.

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Posted By: victorSat. Oct 9, 2010

nether will negers all I can say is stick and move all ways stay strong and do not let them back you down stand together fight and keep on ther ass

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Posted By: BernieSat. Oct 9, 2010

I'm not racist against anyone, I am only for my son, my nephews, and respectable youths of any race. I am of Scottish blood, with a last name that comes from ancient Egypt. My best friends are not white... one is black from New Jersey and refers to himself as dark brown he is an amazingly hard worker and impressively intelligent-Carlos; one is Huron-Korean-Italian mix and may be the most deep-thoughted, intellectual philosopher I know. On average Mexicans and Africans are niggers, unfortunately so are most white people. I think that being a nigger is a choice many people have made, if you choose to be a respectable member of society then you are not a nigger. It is a fact that whites and north-eastern asians have dramatically larger more complex brains than races from other regions-probably because a smarter brain is needed in storm ridden hostile enviroments. Anyone who would like to debate any of this with me may do so via e-mail PS:any man who does not work shall not eat. End forced charity(don't tax me so some nigger or mexican or honkie can sit on her fat ass and pop out babies!)

natureboybern at yahoo

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Posted By: BernieSat. Oct 9, 2010

"White in Canada" made a solid point on the intimmidation bit -my spelling sux- I am 6'2" , 200 lbs , tatood , muscular, and agressive as hell. They don't mess with me, my family, my property, or even people visiting my home. I learned how cowardly they were behind bars and showed them that I was more afraid of fear than I was of them, I ended up with a little more time for the actions I took, but Iwas more comfortable after the one and only incedent. I think even if I had lost my battle I won the war the moment I decided not to surrender. Remember to each his own, and if you want what's mine you'll get me to. Who will stand with me against the swarm? Think White, act White, be White be right.

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Posted By: NermanSun. Oct 10, 2010

Hey "in Canada, " why doon't ya make a trip doun here aay? I got some statistics you can goo oover aay? How's 10 inches of red hot man meat sound too ya aay? You dirty little Hosier dooncha know aay?

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Posted By: White in CanadaSun. Oct 10, 2010

Apparently my comments have gone above someones head (nerman). Maybe next time stand on a chair so that does not happen again. So let me explain it to you so even a 2 yr. old can understand. The reason I wrote that comment was not to brag or show any type of bravado, it was to give people a little insight in to how some races go about victimizing other people, because if you know how you are going to be confronted then you know how you are going to react so as to not become a victim. Share a little experience that I have had to benefit other people. I am not a violent or racist person by nature, I am fed up with the direction society is going. Because IF YOU DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING THEN YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING. You nerman, apparently have fallen flat on your face a long time ago. You are also evidence that ignorant white trash does exist. If in fact you are even white, because you are obviously not educated. You never made any comment on what I said in post #155. What's the matter to complicated for you? You have just proved the level of your intelligence by focusing on the one comment that is pretty insignificant compared to the stats that I listed in post #155. ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS SITES LIKE THIS EXIST. Unless you have something to actually contribute, then why are you here trying to fuel animosity between white people? There is more than enough to go around outside your front door.

PS. In case you are confused (by the sound of it in more ways then one) This is a site where people come together to discuss issues concerning the white race, if you are looking for your gay experience then look for fag sites in your local area. Until then, you are left with mine and bernies physical descriptions to jerk off to. You're not a man just some scared little boy.

Here is a comment by John F Kennedy that applies to you and the minorities: Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. Contemplate that the next time you are craving some dick.

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Posted By: american history xSun. Oct 10, 2010

Fags, niggers and immigrants need to leave the U. S. or face extinction. Oh, and lets not forget the race tradders either, death to them all. This country has turned to real s*** in the past 50 years due to the society being so tolerant accepting of the niggers and now we are so tolerant of everyone else. This is why our white country is so f***ed up we have been to tolerant and accepting of other cultures. No race wants to co-exist with another, america is the white mans land so lets get it back that way.

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Posted By: NermanSun. Oct 10, 2010

Sooo serious... can't take a little heckling I see. Your points have been noted, and I have to applaud you for at least addressing tangible points. Though I fear your concerns will fall on deaf ears. These cretans don't rely on facts to justify their cause. When one has it in their mind to believe something, there's little need for proof otherwise. I also have a quote for you about statistics. "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. " - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

As for why this site exists is up for debate. For the intelligent few that have posted, cheers and jeers abound! To those that ramble off unintelligible malarky, shame on you. You're the cowards myself and my colligues spit on from our impermiable defences. Why don't you do the gene pool a favor and hang yourselves (not you "in Canada"). They abuse their 1st ammemdment right to free speach, and also do so in such a way that proves their cowardace. At least Mr. "in Canada" addresses real issues, and might I add actually takes the initiative to do some damn research.

As for my formentioned statements, I was only poking fun at you. You shouldn't be so proud of yourself that you can't afford a good laugh. I'm sorry I did so at your expense, and no I'm not gay. I got the name "Nerman 'nasty German'" from what I could do on the battlefield and in training. I AM white, and I've suffered more than you could even imagine. So if my 1st amendment rights are in question, pardon my French, but f*** off! Go bleed on the battlefield for you and your colligues rights, until then, be thankful you have REAL men like me to do it in your stead.

I love my country more than you could possibly imagine. When this race war comes to a head, you can count on me defending the constitutional rights guarenteed to all that myself and others alike swore to protect. Those rights are already being infringed upon already, and the people that protect this country i. e police, military, firefighters ect. are aligning as we speak. Come to OUR country and attempt to reap any benefit other than what is COnstitutional, and you will in fact incite a war. However, you might not like result. "De Oppresso Liber" - (to liberate the oppressed), "If you want peace, prepare for war. " - (Winston Churchill)

Take a sigh of relief. We're on the same side, if that side be that of justice. Don't limit your mind like the rest of the "sheeple" that post here. It's coming...

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Posted By: american history xSun. Oct 10, 2010

Post 162, I don't know what to think of your post, it is not clear the message you are trying to convey. From previous post myself and white in canada have stated varifiable statistics, most people don't use statistics but common sense, if you are not blind you can see the direction that america, canada and other countries are going because they try to be tolerable of other cultures. Guess what? It's not working, so when something does not work you change strategies for the better of the people (majority not the minority). As far as a 1st admendment right over the last 150 years it has become misconstrued and manipulated to fit whatever whoever wants. Nerman I can't make heads or tails of your post. There is only one side and that is the side of white who made america and canada it is, not the nigs and spics. This site is for the preservation and legacy of the white race, no one else.

You might also want to use spell check because you are trying to present yourself as being cultured and educated, but you mispelled colleague twice so I know it is not a typo.

If people want rights they need to go back to their country and stay the f*** out of ours. If they do not like american culture they need to go back to the country of their culture and not expect us to accept their stupid cultures here. White Power!!!

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Posted By: BernieSun. Oct 10, 2010

that made me chuckle a little... cute.

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Posted By: NermanSun. Oct 10, 2010

You got me. I spelled it incorrectly. I could touch on your punctuation, and try to teach you the difference between introductory mess and an independant clause. What's the point? There isn't one. The funny thing is is how much faith you and friends have in themselves. It would be nice to meet you sir. I imagine we'd have a great conversation. I don't think I'd be able to contain myself with such interresting person such as yourself. If only everyone could be as enlightened and sophisticated as yourself.

No sir, bring your damn war. Lets see if you have the will to fight when your COLLEAGE'S head explodes next to you as I call out targets for my rifleman's M107 with my spotting scope, and he trains his reticle on you. Don't forget the breach team will take that as the initiative to breach the perimiter, and the assault team will meet you next. That is if my rifleman and I haven't dispatched you already with the . 50 cal. I bet we could get 2 shots down range before the first round splashes the target. I hope you guys have a decent SOP for "react to sniper" in practice. Even if you do, the dynamic entry/assault team will likely through you and your COLLEAGUE'S into chaos, as we plink you away from afar. Even if you have thermal capabilities, I doubt that you have the assets or will to fight such an onslaught of a quick and deadly strike force of dedicated individuals. What are you waiting for? We're hungry! Start your damn war already!

Or you could just sit there in Deerfield Beach FL, and talk s*** with your thumb up your ass. You want a war? I hope you're willing to die for it.

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Posted By: NAZI KILLERSun. Oct 10, 2010


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Posted By: White in CanadaMon. Oct 11, 2010

I am sorry if I took your comments to heart, I am probably one of the most easy going person you will find, but realize there are two pitfalls with online forums. First because these are only words and we cannot determine the tone, we do not know what is sarcasm, humour or angry words. Eg. post #166, in what context should we take those words. Is someone trying to be funny or do they mean what they say?

Second is that if there are people browsing this site with something they actually have to say and/or bring something with real substance to the table, they are going to review the comments of what people are writing. Do we really want to come off as some hate speaking white people who are just angry, with no real arguments to promote this cause? They will probably move on and say we are just a bunch of uneducated, ignorant, haters against everything, because from a public relations stand point right now in this world, the minute you mention anything WHITE they see us as just a bunch of hillbilly, nazi, violent racists. (refering post #166 again). We are much better than that and we should prove it by provoking logical, well thought out, fact based arguments if we are to expect anyone to see our side of things and help support our common goal. THE PRESERVATION AND PROMOTION OF THE WHITE RACE. So please, do not "fire" back at american history x for backing up a fellow member. We should have and defend each others backs. Being in the military I am sure this is an ideology you subscribe to.

If we all stick to this type of "formula" then we can see who are the real haters who only want to insult us and run us down and then we can promptly weed them out. We are all on the same side.

Once again accept my apology I was wrong for "jumping the gun" to soon. One possible solution would be to suggest web cams where anyone who is interested in speaking face to face at a predetermined time can meet. It is free to download SKYPE on our computers to make this happen and it will not cost a cent as long as you already have a web cam. That way we can have discussions unencumbered and messages do not get misconstrued. Just a thought.

Take it easy ad be safe.

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Posted By: White in CanadaMon. Oct 11, 2010

The "race war" will not happen tomorrow and here is the reason why I think it is.

Right now the international community eg. the UN and Human rights Council is saying that wealthier countries such as the U. S. A and Canada are not doing enough to help thier poor and "underpriveleged". If this is the world view of us right now, then you can imagine the backlash our countries would face from the rest of the world, if we started bombing ghettos and had our own race war. So even hypothetically, if North America's politicans agreed that enough is enough we have given the minornities to many rights and freedoms over everyone else and we are going to curb thier behaviour and populations by force, the rest of the world would be up in arms against us. That is why current law makers right now would never allow us to start a race war and they would come down on us with police, military etc. even if they knew we are right.

Look at all the backlash France is getting from the rest of the world by kicking out all the Romas. Imagine what France would become in the rest of the worlds eyes if instead they were not kicking them out of thier country but killing them instead. The UN would invoke sanctions, embargos and anything else they could do to cripple that country until they stopped doing what they were doing.

But attitudes are changing with goverments around the world. To name a couple would be the above mentioned France, The people in Iceland, a short time after the recession, over through thier current goverment at the time and elected a goverment with strong anti- immigration beliefs, China is also sharply curbing thier immigration, and just today I heard on the news that the people of Vienna just elected a goverment that also has strong anti-immigration laws.

People are fed up all over the world right now and they are proving it by who they are electing in.

The world view has/is changing and it is becoming a lot less tolerant to outsiders coming into thier respective countries. But it has to change a little bit more before we can start "loading the guns". Otherwise our own goverments would stop us before we even begun for the sake of how they are perceived on the world stage.

Be smart, be paitient and most of all be informed. As the world is becoming less tolerant of the minornities in thier countries and minornities are pushing harder for more freedoms for themselves outside the safety of thier own countries, things are slowly coming to a head.

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Posted By: White in CanadaMon. Oct 11, 2010

You are probably thinking holy f**k another one. Just want to make one more point.

It is easy to threaten someone over the computer, it is something totally different to carry out that threat. Tired of people talking s*** when they know they do not have to back it up. So why even do it?

Think of it this way: Everyone can own a gun, everyone can point a gun at somebody. But NOT everyone can pull the trigger.

If you have had any experience with this then you get and I have made my point.

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Posted By: NermanMon. Oct 11, 2010

Damn it "in Canada, " I like you. That's what I'm talking about, and if everyone here did their homework they'd have no problem making their voice heard. You've got a brain, and thank you for using it. I'm not disagreeing with you about the unballance of privelages that many minorities recieve. Also I totally agree that this "race war" would be just the excuse for our government to try and impose martial law. Which if you read the constitution, it's almost impossible for that to happen. In that case there's plenty of people in the government's pay plan who will not follow those orders, and are eager to fight back when such occurances are put into action. There has already been many of such laws and loop-holes that have been created already. The mass majority of the populace isn't even aware of such insurrection against their nation. However, the oath that every man and woman on the police, firefighter, military, FBI, CIA ect. , are all sworn to protect the constitution from enemies both forign AND DOMESTIC. There's a huge growing movement in such entities, and we are all sleeper cells just waiting for action.

As for my threats, I'm sorry. I was just a little angry that "history X" was being an ass, and not to mention ALL his gramar discrepancies in HIS prior posts. He was speaking about hypathetical racial genocide in MANY of his prior posts. I was only entertaining my own hypathetical retaliation to such a fantasy as him and his cohorts wish to believe of their own capabilities. They can run around on their compound and practice shooting fixed and transitional targets (doubtful), and they can pat themselves on the back and puff out their chests in the belief that they'd take over the world. The fact of the matter is a small element of my buddies and I could turn their pride into panic. Their efforts would be laughable at best.

As for if I'd like to allow the government to zero in on myself as a possible threat by allowing them to track my IP address on SKYPE, no thank you. That's one of the benefits of having a site such as this. Everyone on here can talk about killing and murdering the black women and children in ethnic cleansing, but nobody wants to have to pay the piper. This should prove how diabolical and evil some of these posts really are. Nobody sait s*** about that maniac bragging about murdering some lady and hacking her child from her belly (doubtful). Where was your conscious then? And to you #149, I'd be happy to vendicate you, sick f***!

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Posted By: Charles WrightMon. Oct 11, 2010

#19, your an idiot! Get back to your ghetto, chasing poor innocent white girls (who will drive you around everywhere) because "brotha ain't got no wheels! Get her white ass pregnant, and let us clean up the mess financially, supporting your Niglett. Look at the the prison system, the ratios, I rest my case. Go back to Africa or where ever you came from!!! Piece of sh**.

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Posted By: american history xMon. Oct 11, 2010

german, I am not concerned with my sentence fragments or run on sentences or my puncuation, as long as my message is clear. I am a part of the blue collar working class, I work with my hands, I am a true american. I read some prior post and your writing patterns are very similar to voice of reason and the s*** you spew. I do not have any affiliation with a compound or hate groups. Individuals who are capable and competent do not divulge what they are capable of. You and your buddies probably sit around playing those war video games and probably think you have a clue.

White in canada, I use to date a girl from canada and the way she made it sound was that canada is strict on allowing people into the country. As far as I know america is one of the only countrys in the world that does not have any cap on immigration and america has never really enforced any immigration laws unless you were white and trying to do it legally. I'll comment more later I don't feel like sitting in front of the computer.

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Posted By: american history xMon. Oct 11, 2010

law enforcement and first responders are tired of the s*** too. white in canada works in corrections, you know what I am talking about.

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Posted By: Fuck you Mon. Oct 11, 2010

Black power... . . F*** you O'Fays(punk cracker bitch)

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Posted By: cool ass crackerMon. Oct 11, 2010

Hey f*** you, There is no black power only the illusion of the delusional nigger. It shall be a joyous occasion when america is nigger free. Yee-haw. I gonna rack my shotgun and go coon hunting, I gonna skin me a coon and make a hat or something.

What are niggers good for? Not a god damn thing.

Why do niggers call each other boo, I likes to call'em gigaboo. Everyone should look up the meaning of gigaboo it can also be spelled with a j.

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Posted By: cool ass crackerMon. Oct 11, 2010

Why don't sharks eat niggers? They think it's whale s***.

Why don't nigger kids play in the sandbox? Cats keep covering them up.

What do you call an apartment full of niggers? A COON-dominium.

What did the Alabama sherriff call the nigger who had been shot 15 times? Worst case of suicide he had ever seen.

Why are there no nigger astronauts? Their lips explode at 50, 000 feet.

How do you babysit a niglet? Put Velcro on the ceiling and tell him to jump.

How do you get him down? Invite the spics over, blindfold them and tell them it's a piñata party.

What's long and black and smells like s***? The welfare line.

What is the worst 3 years of a niggers life? First grade.

How was break dancing invented? Niggers trying to steal hubcaps from moving cars.

What is a nigger? Proof that skunks f*** monkeys.

Why are chimps always frowning? They know in a million years they are going to turn into niggers.

What's the most confusing day in Harlem? Father's Day.

How long does it take a nigger bitch to take a s***? 9 months.

Why don't nigger women wear panties to picnics? To keep the flies off the chicken.

Why do police dogs lick their ass? To get the taste of nigger out of their mouth.

What is the difference between Batman and a black man? Batman can go out at night without Robin.

What's yellow and black and makes you laugh ? A bus full of niggers going over a cliff.

What does N. A. A. C. P stand for? Niggers Are Always Causing Problems

How does a black woman fight crime? She has an abortion.

What happened when the nigger looked up his family tree? A gorilla s*** on his face.

What do you call a nigger priest? Holy s***.

What word starts with "N" and ends with "R" that you never want to call a black person? Neighbor.

What's the difference between a nigger and a letter? You can send a letter back to where it came from

Do you remember the nigger family on the Jetsons? No? The future looks pretty good!

A nigger walks into a bar with a duck on his shoulder. Bartender says, "Hey, cool, where did you get that?" Duck says, "Africa, they are all over the f***ing place. "

What do you call a white man surrounded by 100 niggers? Warden.

What do you call a nigger with a regular job, who doesn't drive a lowrider, sleeps in the same bed every night, doesn't collect welfare, and doesn't rape White women? An inmate.

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Posted By: NermanTue. Oct 12, 2010

Basically "X" if your argument is that if your message was litterate that I shouldn't be over analytical. Then why sir did you try to throw me under the metaphorical bus with my spelling discrepancies? Look friend, I was out of line when I threw out comments about a possible future raid. I do have friends in a supplementary group of a much larger group that is definately worried about the direction of our country and government. There are agencies that threaten to undermine the freedom we have. Thankfully we have people on our side who remember their oath, and are willing to stand when the time comes. I'm not willing to disclose the names of the these sub entities for obvious reasons, and I myself would be ostracized if I were to be found guilty of slandering their names here by being affiliated in conjunction with this site. The media would have a field day with that information taken out of context. I do not wish to discredit them if at all possible.

A lot of the things that you advocate in your posts "X" are against what we stand for. At the same time, certian issues we can surely agree on. Illegal immigration is definately one of those.

If you'd like to see what my associates and I believe in, you should take a look at the link here. To those that are monitoring this site via government support, quit spying on us! You make me sick!

I do not claim affiliation to this group, nor do I wish to discredit them as an extremist or racial group. However the fact that it's posted on this site will probably be taken out of context by the media. Our alligence doesn't lie with a man, but with the constitution. "Oathkeepers" doesn't have a contingency plan in place to enforce it. We are gathering recources and recruits to make sure WE CAN. That's the difference. When they turn our government against us, we're writing a blank check up to the ammount of our lives. Hopefully they don't push us that far.

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Posted By: White in CanadaTue. Oct 12, 2010

To Nerman; Sorry you are right, I should not of challenged you on your comments when post #149 said the things he said. The reason why I never commented on those was because I did not want to encourage or draw any attention to him or or anyone else like him to write more comments like that. He is a pretty disturbing f**k. Excuses aside, your right, what is fair is fair.

Thank you for pointing out the Skype idea. Never thought about anyone tracking me. What's scary about the oath that military, police, FBI, or in Canada the RCMP, etc. take in the part about protecting the country from domestic enemies, is that all the above mentioned agencies were not designed for the use that people assume they do in today's society, as there prime function is for social order with thier own citizens. In Canada we got a major glimpse of that when we hosted the G8 and G20 summits. They are put in place to quell any possible uprising against the current goverment by thier own citizenery.

To american x: Canada did have a little stricter immigration policies than the U. S, at one time. Now they have totally loosened up thier policies because of the projected labour shortage predicated in the near future. Reasearchers are saying that in approx. 10 yrs. there are going to be more retired people than there are going to be working. Apparently the boomer generation did not have many kids. So , here come all the nigger, spics, phillipenos, chinks and everybody else coming into Canada wanting thier own rights, communities etc. You see and talk to them and they have a real sense of entitelment. There attitude is, "ok, I am in Canada now, give me what's mine". they have even said that openly.

They are given jobs (especially in health care), a house in the nicest parts of the city ( I have lived here and paid my taxes all my life and cannot afford to live where they live), money to initially set themselves up, etc. and Canada's own citizens are just trying to make ends meet. You think this breeds alot of hate towards them especially with thier attitude, you bet your ass it does.

One quick comment about the minornity inmates mind set that pretty much sums them up. When they are talking about prison, they don't say "if" I come back to jail they say "when" I come back. That comment alone should speak volumes. Lock the f**kers up for good, or better yet, we should just be able to kill them. Just think how many future victims you would save if you even killed one.

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Posted By: NermanTue. Oct 12, 2010

Every one of you here have your opinions. I might not agree with most of them, but I'm glad you still have the RIGHT to voice your opinions. There are those in power that want to take that away from us. They are slowly doing just that, and the majority of Americans don't even realize what's happening. They WANT to pit us against eachother so they have a reason to interject and impose whatever rule they deem most beneficial to themselves. I can't speak for Canada, but ALL cival servants take the same oath to the Constitution. That does NOT mean you serve the government, but the republic! This is an oath that WE don't take lightly, and with education we're reminding MANY exactly what that means.

I wish I had the charisma to inspire you all to at least review for yourselves what I'm proposing. My words aren't as powerful as the situation is URGENT. Without us, they have no power. It's the standing army's job to protect us from afar, but it is our MILITIA who is supposed to protect us in our own borders. Where is our militia? They're in Iraq or Afghanistan. That was not the intention of the founding fathers.

I implore that you get angry, and learn your rights as citizens. The police and border patroll simply AREN'T equipped to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. Yet the government is openly opposed to a well regulated militia other than the National Guard. They slander their names, and we usually give them the reason to do so. Things are changing fast, and we're already struggling an up-hill battle.

It's time we remind the government they work for us, and not the other way around. Don't let them fool you into thinking they have the power. E Pluribus Unum "Out of many, one!"

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Posted By: american history xTue. Oct 12, 2010

nerman we kind of agree on some things, I think. my opinion is that the american government is failing its people and those same people that actively speak out our labeled domestic terrorist. America is going to be a pathetic country in the future, because people were to stupid to see what was going to happen, because they wanted to be sympathetic to everyone's cause instead of doing what was and is for the better of the country as a whole. this is why we are going to end up in this position. When america ends up in civil arrest and it will it will send a ripple effect throughout the world. unfortunately, this country has been to yielding for to long to undo the events that have been set into motion. I checked out that website that you posted and others that were posted there, I had no idea that there was so much stuff there related to this discussion. just goes to prove my point that the nation has failed it's people as a whole (majority)

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Posted By: american history xTue. Oct 12, 2010

white in canada, it is like that here, the neighborhood I live in now is being encroached upon by niggers and spics and it is turning into the f***ing ghetto. not to mention all the special programs for these f***s while the whites get s*** on in their own country.

ie: in 2008 at a polling station where you had 2 nigger black panthers trying to intimidate voters caught on tape and is a clear violation of federal law and nigger u. s. attorney general eric holder said there would be no prosecution, if those 2 niggers were at my polling station at minimum I would have f***ed those porch monkeys up.

now I can't wait to see what happens to this stupid ugly mexican bitch that admited she used a false social security number to gain employment. now the liberal media is attacking meg whitman who is running become california's governor accusing her of exploiting this mexican bitch. she was paying this spic $23 an hour, so how in the f*** was she exploiting this beaner?

Heard today on the news about a teacher of 17 years being suspended for throwing a desk at a nigger student for taunting the teacher

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Posted By: tonyWed. Oct 13, 2010


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Posted By: white hater (specifically you)Wed. Oct 13, 2010

learn to spell you white dikhead. it's worthless. and obama rocks u bastard. go sit in your white red neck trailer park. whites think they have power but asians and indians are the superpower of today. we have the finest doctors, scientists, engineers. you guys have s***. just chew a lot of skoal and smoke pot. nasty mofos (in particular you)

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Posted By: White in CanadaWed. Oct 13, 2010

When it comes to "power of the state" it is very scary and our countries are no different.

This is why sites like this one are so important. People have to realize that to secure OUR freedoms of white people, we have to mobilize enough poplular power to be able to check state power. If we allow our power as white people to be taken away from us, then we have very little freedom to protect OUR interests against those who do have power, increasingly, the niggers, mexican's etc. Our freedoms are realities only so far as we have the democratic power to make them so. That is why I think every white person got so freaked out when Obama got elected. Even in Canada.

If you go back a little in the history books, we were never given our freedoms, rather white people fought and died for the benefits we have today eg, the 8 hr workday, CPP or in the U. S I think you call it social security, UI and disability insurance, Unions etc. It was a battle against "class" privelage and power. Which the whites are quickly losing that "power" to the minornities. That is why we are becoming the victimized and OUR rights are being abused and forgotten.

Minornities are saying that us whites are scared and the reason why there is WHITE PRIDE is because we are only acting in our best interests because we want to keep them down. I say that with reverse discrimination, unfair legislation and making anything white almost illegal, to name just a couple, that we are acting as we are MOTIVATED to act with URGENCY. The white people that take no action against these unfair practices will see that they are not suffering any repression because they are in fact REPRESSING THEMSELVES by not standing against this unfairness. Because when change threatens to rule, then the rules are changed.

All the white people on this site and in North America, have to realize that the freedom of OUR rights, speach and protest are best secured when you are ACTIVLEY imposing them. Otherwise they will not be taken away from us, as much as we gave them up.

Ask yourself that why in North America there has been a sizable growth in reactionary and so called racists sites. As white people, our future is getting "darker" by the day. Like other freedoms, free speach is situational. It exists in a social and class context. The more we are treated unfairly, the more our rights are tread upon as white people, the less chance our "voices" will be heard and we will become the vicitmized by the "new social order

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Posted By: White in CanadaWed. Oct 13, 2010

To white hater: I can see how you are the new "super power" by your intelectually, stimulating comment. No matter how hard you try, you still cannot mask your ignorance.

Go do what you are best at: smoke crack, beat a kid, commit a crime and when a white person comes to arrest you and take your kids away, then you can cry racisim.

You call yourselves a "nation", I will agree with that. You are in fact a nation of whiners and beggars. Anything to get a free "affirmative action" ride.

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Posted By: NermanWed. Oct 13, 2010

I hate to say it "white hater, " but you were barely into your sentence before you yourself spelled "dick head" as dikhead. Not to mention you should have used a comma instead of a period after your second sentence. You didn't capitolize any of the first letters in the beggining of your sentences. You shouldn't be so quick to judge. Try to have some empathy, or your voice will never be heard. Not that you seem like you have much to say anyways.

About China being the next economic superpower, they were saying the same thing over 100 years ago. China was at that time second economically as it still is today. America is still 3 times more economically sound than any country in the history of the world, and that is with the problems we're having today. We're not nearly as bad off economically as they would have you believe. Above all the people of the world want to buy American. It's the best quality "whatever" on the market period, and you know that.

You make cool phones and gizmos, we make inventions that change the world, and our scientists discover theories that unlock whole new dimentions of possiblilty. It's not to say that you can't do the same, but what motivation do you have if your a comunist? None... I thought so. Complain about America if you want, but when you have to excape from Tiananmen Square, remember how you slandered our great country.

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Posted By: Random white kidThu. Oct 14, 2010

All gotta say Is this country was founded for whites should remain for white and oh ya... . F*** NIGGERS F*** BEANORS F*** CHINKS AND F*** KIKES.

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Posted By: Sgt06Thu. Oct 14, 2010

Can you believe this s#*t!? Best argument ever for compulsory sterilization.

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Posted By: FernandoThu. Oct 14, 2010

Idiotic, Delusional, and Ignorant Person. You are illogical, can you represent your race right? Trust me, what you call the minority races right now, in the future will be the majority races, so be careful what you state, and how you see the world, because it my just hurt you in the end.

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Posted By: ChristThu. Oct 14, 2010

What a bunch of moronic, insecure white trash motherf***ers. Do the rest of us sane white power and call yourself another race.

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Posted By: bbbrcThu. Oct 14, 2010

i am white and proud of it

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Posted By: lazThu. Oct 14, 2010

Seirously, you people are the scum of the earth. You judge people off appereance, I thought most people broke that habit during high school. You should not be regarded as a person if you promote hate and death to another person just because of race. You are all dirt, you have no value as living organisms. It would benefit humanity if you would end your pathetic and undeserving life.

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Posted By: TedFri. Oct 15, 2010

I'm proud to be white. And I'll tell you f***ers what! The Irish are not f***ing white. I'm a real white person and Irish are f***ing dogs. You god dam catholic suns of bitches. . F*** the Irish and Irish Americans or F***ing Dog F***ers is what I call them. .

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Posted By: dont worry about itSat. Oct 16, 2010

First of all Ted, not all Irish are catholic so you need to get that straight. Do you honestly think at some point or another one of you ancestors didn't mess around with an Irish individual really? I am white that is all there is to it. Ignorant people such as yourself have no place making comments regarding anything. How does everyone know you aren't part Irish? Can you say for sure you're not part Irish? I'm very proud of my heritage, I was lucky enough to be born in the USA, served my country for 4 years and can't wait to graduate college with the honors I have. There are plenty of people on this who make sense, you however are way out of your element.

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Posted By: dont worry about itSat. Oct 16, 2010

Forgot to mention, the color of other's skin, really is just a couple layers. I hate to be the one to break this to you but, you are truly just like a black person minus the dark outside, the possible big lips and nose. You may make more sense when you speak at times however, odds are if you are on here ranting a raving about how superior your color is chances are your not very intelligent to begin with. You really should try to be more like Derik? He admits he will never change however he is also open to listen. It really is amazing what you can learn just by listening to others. Despite the color. I am a firm believer of keeping it within the same color yes, that isn't because of their color. I have a white spouse and that's how I have always been. I don't mess around outside of my race. By sitting here and arguing and cursing at somebody who is a complete stranger you are giving them more power than you have. They become the leaders of the comments just by getting you upset. Is it really worth it honestly? This site was for a research project for my thesis but I have to thank all of you. I have learned much more than I had hoped.

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Posted By: luluSat. Oct 16, 2010

i think if you investigate history you will find the BLACK AFRICANS sold their own people to the black slave traders and brought them to america.

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Posted By: lovetheworldSat. Oct 16, 2010


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Posted By: adamSat. Oct 16, 2010

Stand with absolute Pride no matter what your race is, to hold your own kind above other races is natures law. we are White, lower races will always do & say what ever they can to belittle the White race. Whether it through Guilt, miscegenation or violence, The goal for us is never let this happen, to always remain Steadfast in our stance!! Our Rise as a folk, as one Kindred must become the Main objective. We should not ever care what a lesser race has to say about us, what does it matter? their opinion really does not count, never has, never will . . so I say this to all my Brother, s & Sisters, stay the coarse, learn our precepts, learn our noble 9, learn our 14, then after all that,,, LIVE BY IT !!! STRENGTH & HONOR...

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Posted By: a white guy with black friedsSat. Oct 16, 2010


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Posted By: emmaMon. Oct 18, 2010

I think your all some f***ing dumb ass people I thought to my self let me browse the Internet and my kid wrote kkk and I laughed first whites are not racist well not all but with the stupid s*** they wrote on here well they must be people that don't have s*** to do but to think hey how can we make this a white America jaja this will never be a white America you f***ing small minded idiotes what is it to f***ing you if a Mexican is working here or a black person or Asian in sure your worried that they will take your jobs but I'm sure if your not some lazy ass you wouldent have to worry about a Mexican taking your job right ... You know I have seen more of white men rape little children killing women being gay smoking crack asking for money onthe street than any mexican or Asians but hey what do I know , theirs just some people that don't realize that when judgement day comes I won't matter if we are white or any color we will all die beside eachother but hey till then let's just kick back while all these f***ing dutshbags try to make this a white America jajaja! Good luck f***ing idiotes!!!!

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 18, 2010

I say we designate a WHITE PRIDE day and encourage as many white people to celebrate as possible march in washington demand our own day anything it takes with out breaking the law. If any one is interested please contact me at rebelsoldier78 at

March 21sy is white pride day.

March 21st is also recognized as International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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Posted By: american history xTue. Oct 19, 2010

I hate niggers not blacks. Unfortunately, there are far more niggers than blacks. Niggers breed like dogs in heat and expect the tax payers to give them money. I for one am tired of that s***! I don't see anything wrong with immigrants coming to this country to make a better life for themselves, but when it is at the expense of Americans I do. Immigrants come over here and work for an hourly wage far less than an American will or can. Most mexicans only make $30-$50 a month in mexico so when they come over here and work for minimum wage which is half of what the employer was paying the American to work for of course he is going to employ the beaner, f***ing greedy traitor. American company's maximizing their profit and s***ing on the American. That is what is wrong with this pathetic country. It is not about being racist it is about doing the right thing. Look out for your own first. America is to divided to be united.

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Posted By: michael dortonTue. Oct 19, 2010

I am a proud white american, and I am tired of our govt. giving all these niggers hand-outs for everything. It just makes me sick. I was locked-up in a very bad prison for assaulting two deputy sheriffs who desrvered everything they got an now everytime I get pulled over its the third degree and they try to make me mad. my history shows that I have a bad temper and they use it to ther advantage. I am an ex green beret who served our country. we as a white race deserve better treatment. I am a member of the ARYAN BROTHERHOOD AND VERY PROUD TO BE SO. I for one am here to help in any way I can. (WHITE POWER WORLD WIDE) AB is a way of life, so is my Harley

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Posted By: american history xTue. Oct 19, 2010

Good for you 203 stand up for yourself, just because you're wearing a badge dosen't make you right. We have a couple of things in common, I am not a part of AB. I don't like pussys hiding behind a badge either, I have family in L. E. so I know the s*** that some of them pull.

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Posted By: fla crackerThu. Oct 21, 2010


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Posted By: DrakewoodThu. Oct 21, 2010

The reason White people don't have to have White History month is because it's taught eleven months a year. The reason there are no white pride parades is because all non white people can see how prideful you are. And so on and so on... all of the systems necessary for the pursuit of happiness are dominated by a race that is in fact the minority! It's unfortunate that white people, black people, Asian people, native american people, and all other racially identifying people can't see that RACE, CLASS, AND GENDER ARE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIONS! DESIGNED FOR A HIERARCHY SYSTEM THAT RESULTS IN UNBALANCED POWER STRUCTURES AND RACISM. THE REASON WHY PEOPLE CALL YOU A RACIST IS BECAUSE YOU ARE... . . NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE... JUST YOU AND A FEW OTHERS...

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Posted By: american history xThu. Oct 21, 2010

well put fla cracker, most blacks are in fact niggers and niggers are like cancer they destroy everything.

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Posted By: steadfast9Fri. Oct 22, 2010

I see some good view, s here, & some very sad ones. To my Kindred, , "PLEASE" learn to spell before you speak racially. Don, t get me wrong, this is by far not to everyone, but it only take, s one or two to give the enemy the ammo they need. I understand our young Skin, s have the motivation, I was there my self a long time ago. But these are not the 80, s or 90, s anymore, we can no longer afford to be reckless, It is essential that we learn all we can, learn our precept, s, learn our 9 noble , preach our beautiful 14, & Live by it!! that is the key, , learn it & live it ! We are on center stage now , every move we make is being closely watched, what one does or say, s reflects on us all. So I ask one thing, this is something I do daily, every night before you go to bed ask yourself one question , " WHAT DID I DO FOR MY RACE TODAY " ??????? B. I. A

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Posted By: Stef !!!Fri. Oct 22, 2010

I don't wish anybody cancer but for some ass hole says that stupid s*** I hope that person gets it what an ignorant piece of s*** I'm not black nor was born in Mexico but I am a beautiful chicana girl I work go to school here in my America what am I a Beener no I am an American citizen my skin is not White but light my parents Are U S citizens also and we don't take s*** from anywhite mans pokets because we pay our taxes and are house we let other people use are tax dollars for food stamps and belive me its not only the blacks and the mexican using it what does that make me a Beener? I am going out with a White man what does that make him? Anyways I ole that American x never gets cancer love and peace... ...

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Posted By: steadfast9Fri. Oct 22, 2010

By the way, to American History X, what made you choose that name to fall under? just to get it right for everyone, that movie is not a film that support, s us or our views in anyway !! Complete Jewish propaganda . I understand the bad rap our Brother, s inside have, I was once one of them, But that would not of took place under any circumstances, I mean you are going to gang rape a fellow Brother because he did not respond to you on the yard !! not to mention that he was second in command to a movement in ca. & his charge, s alone would of been praised. I am not pointing all this out to belittle you in any way, please do not think that. I only believe in Raising our own, I speak as a Brother, just please investigate the fact, s ... with Strength & Honor !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By: Johnny ZeroFri. Oct 22, 2010

What makes me concerned is that there are special groups out there like the NAACP that police all facets of media for the African American race and make sure that the black race is not painted in the wrong lime light but the white race does not have this. If you think I am wrong take a look at your TV commercials nowadays and see who is playing the fool or the criminal?

If you watch the ADT or any security commercial, the robber is a white dude, its never a black dude. If I owned a security company and wanted to scare my customers into buying my product, I would make it as a real as it could be and that would be a couple of black dudes with gold teeth doing a home invasion on a family. We as a white race need to take care of each other more in this aspect.

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Posted By: american history xFri. Oct 22, 2010

steadfast9, the name has nothing to do with the movie. I am not affiliated with any aryan groups, nor have I ever been in prison. it is because if america continues on its current path the true american history will be lost, as well as the future that the founding fathers had envisioned.

johnny zero, this is because we are suppose to be politically correct and obviously it does not mean that it is true. as I have said before americans have become to tolerant to the point it is going to hurt us all in the long run. everyone knows that most crimes are committed by niggers. if you did own a security company and put a nigger on it as a thief the nigger association along with al and jesse would be trying to sue you for slander or being a bigot.

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Posted By: just a average guySat. Oct 23, 2010

To american history x, I live in Hollywood, Fla... . that "ghetto city"... and I agree with you about your comments with 100% of them... 98. 8% of the "black race" is "low-life racist niggers". . also. . the NYC/LI, NJ, Phil, & Mass. rude whinney complaning "JEWS" live in Broward County/S. Fla... ... S. FLORIDA IS THE "TOILET BOWL" of the USA... I wish that I could move out of s. fla... . but. . I can't, because the major stroke that I had

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Posted By: the bush familySat. Oct 23, 2010

average guy, hope that you get a recover and agree with you their is tooooooooo much racist nigs & rude whiney/complainting jews living in s. fla

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Posted By: Big DawgSun. Oct 24, 2010

Right Brother, I live in Colorado and completely agree with you. I have an answer for some mexican to break in my home. American made 12ga!!

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Posted By: steadfast9Sun. Oct 24, 2010

now my favorite question for my Kindred... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR RACE TODAY ??????????????????????????

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Posted By: bobSun. Oct 24, 2010

you guys are all f***ing idiots. I don't agree that there should be brown pride, or white pride, or any other pride. every one of you is an ignorant s*** and you are just as stupid as the ghetto blacks you make fun of.

oh and i'm surprised half of you could do the anti-spam math.

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Posted By: JohnMon. Oct 25, 2010

Racist tools, if you think about it we're all immigrants.

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Posted By: whitecanadianTue. Oct 26, 2010

I love how everything the other races have to say his f*** racists f***s or whatever. None of them have provided anything close to a smart argument. Read Anfama's multiple comments and try to tell me we are not superior. You dumb niggers.

ps. English isn't my first language. I can express myself perfectly in my own language.

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Posted By: Color should be embraced.Wed. Oct 27, 2010

White pride is an interesting precipice to be a part of. Though I am proud of my color, I openly celebrate the diversity of others. It is when there is a discrepancy between what one person can do and what one cannot do that I take issue. There is no purpose to purport that people of any other creed or race are any less than you or I. It is also unfair to purport that any person from any race is a criminal just as it is not fair that the common perspective of what white pride is can be seen synonymously with militant bigots. I am proud of my heritage, not what the modern notion of white pride signifies, I'm also happy to know that there are those who are proud of their own race even though we are from the same one (the human race). If you want to combat anything combat your understanding of the world you fear. No one wants to hurt as much as you.

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Posted By: HumanWed. Oct 27, 2010

"When Jesus was in the house, he asked the disciples, "What were you arguing about on the road?" But they kept quiet because on the way they had argued about who was the greatest.

Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all. "

Matthew 9:33-35

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Posted By: ChiaThu. Oct 28, 2010

I agree with EVERYTHING on this page. Wake up people! Call me a racist, I don't care. Look at what's happening to our country. It's going to Shit. The only thing we can do right now it vote them out. Go Vote Nov. 2. Barack Hussain Obama knows he's going to be voted out in two years. If your a liberal vote for the conservatives on Nov. 2, so that Hillary Clinton will run in two years.

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Posted By: AnfamaThu. Oct 28, 2010

The only problem Aryans have today is the guilt-ridden, self-hating white race traitors in their midst, other Aryans who promote the interests of the darkies at the expense of their own people. A house divided cannot stand. And it isn't standing because it's divided. Negros are united in gratifying their covetousness for all that the white man has. 90% of them block vote for white Democrats who promise to redistribute the white man's wealth and privileges to their loathesome race.

We see the treason in Hollywood whites with affirmative-action casting in films and television shows. Only one in nine of the general population is Negro. Yet one in three, even one in two speaking roles in every scene now are cast with Negro actors, a 300% higher rate than their representation in the general population. I offer in evidence all the Law and Order series, The Good Wife, and so on. Even The Amazing Race has been ruined by Democrats, mostly females, on the staff. The mental skill required to win that race is the making of quick and correct judgments on the spot. White male teams were obviously superior at this, which is indicative of their winning all the races, and their superiority in general, and why women and Negros need affirmative action to help them compete with white males in reality.

Embarrassed by white male teams always winning, they started the third season to engineer the casting of teams to handicap white males. One method was to cast Negro teams three times greater in number, one in three, than that unfortunate race is represented in the general population, one in nine. But what embarrassed them more was the fact that the Negro teams were eliminated one-two-three almost from the start. So this year they gave up on helping Negros and decided to help a female team win. How? By casting only one white male team and six female teams, mostly white. And the white male team was a couple of simpletons they knew didn't stand a chance, two rather silly, flighty members of a choir at Princeton. I've noticed before how they cast white male teams made up of low-IQ rednecks, fatties, and/or dufuses. Why am I not surprised that the one white male team was finally eliminated because of the dufus factor. Mission accomplished. The feminists on the staff of Amazing Race are smiling now. Let's see if one of the white male-white female teams wins, the white male, of course, being handicapped by the whiny, clumsy, and ever argumentative female partner.

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Posted By: JewishFri. Oct 29, 2010

This whole website is a piece of crap.

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Posted By: MEXICANFri. Oct 29, 2010

I hate all you racist little sissy lala's. BROWN PRIDE UNTIL I DIE

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Posted By: whitecanadianSat. Oct 30, 2010

MEXICAN, great comment man. Very well argued and your point is very intelligent. That proves how retarded your people are. Suck a dick and go finish ruin whats left of your country instead of ours.

Anfama please post more.

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Posted By: proud to be white Sun. Oct 31, 2010

I am white I am 19 I had to go to a ll black middle school ... had towatch when I would go to the bath room cuz if a nigglet would see u ... u got jumped ... . got hit in the hall ways ... principle was black ... I got beat on every day ... it was hell . . I hate niggers and I got white pride tatted on me ... . I love being white and I will die being proud to be white ... .

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Posted By: Colin from IndianaSun. Oct 31, 2010

i agree. I say we get rid of all the niggers in this world. ever since they were givin freedom they have been no good. they were better off pickin cotton out of my grandpas feild.

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Posted By: Colin from IndianaSun. Oct 31, 2010


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Posted By: Colin from IndianaSun. Oct 31, 2010


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Posted By: Hate to allTue. Nov 2, 2010

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, is that all people do anymore. My ancestor's were Cherokee, so the white's get what they sowed. All races have nigger's, it's not a color, it's a way of life and attitude

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Posted By: PeaceTue. Nov 2, 2010

"Let us forget the past and relive the future"

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Posted By: JohnWed. Nov 3, 2010

1. You should stand up for yourself when someone calls your a whiteboy, cracker, honkey, etc.

2. The ghetto is poor, so people commit crime to get food/property. Duh, if they had money in the ghetto, why would someone commit a crime. Explain to me why neighborhoodscout. com ranks hotsprings, ak as the #2 most dangerous city in the US? And its 78% white.

3. White entertainment television just sounds stupid. What the f*** do white people want to watch that isn't already on tv? Its a pretty dumb idea anyways. That's why we don't have it. And yes there are scholarships for white americans(Irish, German etc).

4. Why the f*** would we have white history month? US History in high school consists of white history(for a full year). That's a pretty dumb idea. Its not we spend a full year on black history.

5. I really don't see the point of having a white chamber of commerce because at most of these clubs, the majority are white. So it would be kind of pointless to create a whole new club. Unless you were infact racist. Why did latinos do it? Well cause maybe most of them speak spanish and very little english. So they created a club for themselves.

6. Black colleges don't stop you from attending. That would be racist. If you don't want anymore black colleges in the US, go to one and bring all your white friends. They are black colleges because before integration, they had to be all black. And after integration, black people kept going there. So what's the big deal? 1950's racist america had sent blacks to those colleges in the first place. Now you complain they're still around? Pretty stupid.

7. Anyone who says "Black Pride" is pretty racist, I don't know why you would think otherwise.

8. I hate cops in the first place. And you should too. Cops drain society of tax dollars to "protect and serve" F*** that bulls***. They actively support laws and ordinances that ensure their job security and ridiculous 90% pensions. F*** the police, they're just in it for the money. Why the f*** should a 38 year old police retiree receive $50, 000 a year for the rest of his life, for doing nothing. While everyone else is struggling on social security of $12000/year?

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Posted By: WasianWed. Nov 3, 2010

Does it bother the general White Pride populous that the US Census shows that Asian Americans overall have the highest yearly income within the United States?... Keep in mind that there is not a plethora of support programs to further progress their races... Also, I am not sure if you were aware, but the debt owed to China alone is an ungodly amount. China owns around 40% of America. BY THE WAY, why is it that the white males obsession with Japanese females is so prevalent in our American modern society? Even your beloved cartoons you feed your children daily are spin-offs of originally Asian ideas and concepts.

The point I'm trying to make here is that I do not have a point.

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Posted By: truthfulnessWed. Nov 3, 2010

Why do all races bitch about other races, soon we will all be brown with all th interbreeding. This country is full of black niggers, white niggers, brown niggers, yellow niggers, red niggers. White's have been kissing black's asses for 60 yrs. Now look, we have a black president. Next is the mexican's right? If white's want to be supreme, why don't they do something??? Drunk's, Druggies & pill heads, That's what America has become.

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Posted By: Your AssWed. Nov 3, 2010

Whats next Whitey, a Mexican President, or better yet, how about a Muslim, radical terroist. White people don't even look like human's anymore, they look like farm animal's. Wake up idiot's your country is already gone.

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Posted By: HomeyWed. Nov 3, 2010

Your bitch wife would comment, but her mouth is full of dark meat. Hmmm.

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Posted By: javonThu. Nov 4, 2010

if you people black people arepointless drop off the earth we are the people that made this country you honkeys aint s*** without us yall not better yall fear us and most of yall want to be black keep tanning I hate white people for a reason black peple control the world honkeys

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Posted By: kingThu. Nov 4, 2010

shut up bitch ass honkey waka waka waka nigga turn up the black s*** obama in office and he will be for the next eight years face it notre dame just got they first valdictorian we smart funny fast can fight run yall and yall tan tobe blavk jesus was colored not black but clored

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Posted By: SadbuttrueThu. Nov 4, 2010

1968 websters dictionary = Nigger= illiterate, uneducated, state of mind. Sounds like a lot of you!!!

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Posted By: mr. johnsonThu. Nov 4, 2010

can't we all just get alone. live life and love

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Posted By: Steadfast9Thu. Nov 4, 2010

The more the Skrealings speak, the more they prove our point... some words that are spoken on these sites are real easy to say from behind a keyboard. Everyone should stop and evaluate their TRUE courage & come to terms with either their ability OR inability to enter war... We need only the strong, the brave, We must all do our own part and take an active stance against our enemies ... B. I. A

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Posted By: JanetFri. Nov 5, 2010

If you are plain American than you must be American Indians they are the only true people that are hear in these americas

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Posted By: McKinneyFri. Nov 5, 2010

Alright, listen up. We need to open our eyes. There’s over two million illegal immigrants bedding down in this state, tonight. The state spent three billion dollars last year, on services for those people who had no right to be here in the first place. Three billion dollars. 400 million dollars, just to lock up a bunch of illegal immigrant, criminals, who only got in to this country because the f***ing I. N. S. decided, it’s not worth the effort to screen for convicted fellons. Who gives a s***? Our government doesn’t give a s***. Our border policy is a joke. So, is anybody surprised, that south of the border, they’re laughing at us? Laughing at our laws? Every night, thousands of these parasites streem across the border like some f***ing piniata exploded… Don’t laugh! There’s nothing funny going on here. This is about your life, and mine. It’s about decent, hard working Americans falling through the cracks, and getting the shaft, because their government cares more about the constitutional rights, of a bunch of people, who aren’t even citezens of this country. On the statue of liberty it says, “Give us your hungry, your tired, your poor…”, well it’s Americans who are hungry, and tired, and poor! And I say, until you take care of that, close the f***ing book! ‘Cause we’re losing. We’re losing our right to pursue our destiny. We’re losing our freedom… So that a bunch of f***ing foreigners can come in here and exploit our country. And this isn’t something that’s going on far away, this isn’t something that’s happening places where we can’t do anything about it… It’s happening right here! Right in our neighborhood, right in that building behind you.

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Posted By: RobertChristopherSat. Nov 6, 2010

Hey, we all came from varied colored peoples thousands of years ago and we are heading back that way again. Nazism has no future. Enjoy all peoples and cultures!Hating take a lot of energy, eats people alive and starts wars all over the world.

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Posted By: Whitey in ChicagoSat. Nov 6, 2010


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Posted By: steadfast9Sun. Nov 7, 2010

WOW!!!!! Whitey in chicago, you really put us on top with that one!! tell me, just how long did that take to come up with? huh, robert christoroher, you are in fact a moron also. both of you need to listen to Mckinny a little more. . Now, how many construction workers are out there that can not find any work ? how many of you drive by a job site and see only mexicans? The American working man is being pushed out, how is this happening? what can be done to stop it? these are the questions that we need to ask each other.

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Posted By: jayTue. Nov 9, 2010

i live in warren Michigan and on holloween all I seen was white girls with black babys it is nice to hear that all white girls are not contaminated

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Posted By: Shannon LevinTue. Nov 9, 2010

I don't think it's right to say that because blacks set themselves apart, they are racist. There's a reason they have BET and Black History Month and etc. : it's because after being oppressed for all those years, it's going to take a lot to rebuild their hope, dignity, and respect amongst themselves. Whites have always been dominant; we don't know how it feels to be told how to live - if the blacks want to assert their independence and identify and pride, then they have every right to, without being criticized.

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Posted By: noassWed. Nov 10, 2010

Whites, or as they want to be called. are to lazy to do anything, like blacks. Just want to sit around drunk bitching about everything. Why has this nigger president not been assinated??? Why do large cities all have a Martin Luther King Road but no John F. Kennedy road. Whites are pussies.

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Posted By: tomThu. Nov 11, 2010

America is f***ed up and it is only going to get worse over time. We continue to allow immigrants in so that companies can exploit them for low wages and then they send our money to mexico, no wonder we are in a recession. We continue to let niggers exploit the system by paying to raise their children which will continue to repeat the cycle. Now muslims are trying to get a foothold in this country because the american people don't speak up and object

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Posted By: chazThu. Nov 11, 2010

hey OMG ur a dumb nigger.

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Posted By: aryanThu. Nov 11, 2010

I am German ... . the only good race is Aryan race ... National Socialism should be revived in America ... . and Europe ... . asia/africa is lost ... . pure aryan blood is rare ... one of ours is worht 100000 of them

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Posted By: JamesFri. Nov 12, 2010

When you say you are promoting the cause of white pride or the white race and slandering any other race that isn't white, you are no different than predjudiced blacks, hispanics, or any other race.

So just when you thought you were trying to separate yourself from the races you supposedly hate, you're actually no different from them when it comes to being prejudice.

Your philosophy is based on ignorance.

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Posted By: steveFri. Nov 12, 2010

Ilove what you all are for keep it up

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Posted By: ZachFri. Nov 12, 2010

This is all completely true whatever we say or do is considered racist when is someone going to do something about it

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Posted By: KelliSat. Nov 13, 2010

I love this site, I lived in an all black neighborhood most of my life and I was the one getting picked on all the time... . no one liked me cause I was white... they always say we judge them, but they judge us worse and say we owe them something... . . sorry, I don't owe anyone s***!!!

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Posted By: DaliSun. Nov 14, 2010

I agree with alot of what you say. . I don't like all of the negative comments about other races, why can't you people focus on the positive.

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Posted By: dali Sun. Nov 14, 2010

I am part Mexican and part white, my family was in Texas when it was Mexico and them the Alamo happened and then they were Americans. . this is my country too ... and I don't think these people care if ur part German ... you might as well be from Mexico to them if u r not "full white" ... Carlos, u ass kissing Moron ... as for you the owner of this site you can kiss My lily white MEXICAN ass you moron.

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Posted By: Dali Sun. Nov 14, 2010

And... for the record, while your getting your panties in a bunch, true Mexicans the ones that u say want to destroy ur country... don't give a s*** about you and you white pride... they are just living their live the best they can. U are a serious LOSER, dude, good luck w/ that lol

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Posted By: aryanSun. Nov 14, 2010

I am ARYAN & white ... . when nazis talked about pureness of aryan blood ... you invaded my country ... hypocrites ...

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Posted By: aryanSunSun. Nov 14, 2010

"I am part Mexican and part white"

is not white ... your not pure... . we should not mix and destroy the pureness of aryan race ... you are a traitor... and yes . . you can never be an aryan ...

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Posted By: WHITEY girlMon. Nov 15, 2010

HELLLLLLL yeah this is the best web site ever. I hate this!!! I am not racist and never have been but it is so messed up how RACIST other people are. If you notice African americans can be the MOST racist. I think we should all have EQUAL (not one race gets more) rights. I praise the person who created this website. Thanx for speaking up!!!

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Posted By: QuincyMon. Nov 15, 2010

I am a 14 year old girl of European Descent, mainly German, Czech, United Kingdom, Baltic, Spanish, etc. I live in Arkansas. I was born in Glenview, Illinois. Before I moved to Arkansas when I was 7, I went to a school that actually didn`t have violence. If a student had a grudge against another student, they would talk to the teacher. As of last year, it was 40% black, 55% white, 2% Asian, and 3% Hispanic in the school I attend now. Unfortunately, my school has had to take in the students of another school that was predominantly black and closed recently because of outstandingly low state test scores. Now the odds are strongly against white students. All fights in this school are between black students. About a month ago, I was jumped by a black girl after PE class because, apparently, life is supposed to work according to her rules, and beating her team at Ultimate Frisbee is against her rules. She also didn`t seem very smart, because she failed to realize that, while she is around 4'10" and literally anorexic, weighing, I'd guess, 70-90 Lbs. , I happen to be 5'3", weighing about 140 Lbs. , mostly muscle from helping my father with yard work, and with significant Martial Arts training, as shown from the stance I took up when she threw her first meager punch.

Also, very recently, there was a riot in our school cafeteria. All the white students that had been in the cafeteria left as soon as they noticed the fight that started it all, but black students stayed to cheer. Soon after, more fights began between students. Eventually, it all became one huge riot. It got so out of control that the school police officer had to break out the pepper spray for crowd control. Every student in the proximity was affected. No white students were. And to top it off, the fight had been between local students and students sent here from a school that was shut down because of low test scores. One of them is being sent to jail for 6 months because of his pre-existing criminal record.

And, as the decorative icing on the cake that is Black Inferiority, 7 students at my school, age range 14-15, have been or are pregnant. How many are black?
7 of them.

How many don`t know the father?

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Posted By: DmitryMon. Nov 15, 2010

Hey, all of you morons that type like #238, javon, Nov. 4, 2010-

"If you people black people are pointless drop off the earth we are the people that made this country you honkeys aint s*** without us yall not better yall fear us and most of yall want to be black keep tanning I hate white people for a reason black peple control the world honkeys" - Let me correct this digusting mess of a paragraph-

"Black people are the people that made this country. You are nothing without us. You are not better. You fear us, and most of you want to be black. Keep tanning. I hate white people for a reason. Black people control the world."

First of all, after correcting the amazingly horrid grammar, spelling, structure, and repetition in this mess so that I could read it, I'll assume that you`re American. Black people did not make America. The British colonists did. If blacks dropped off the face of the earth, America would have more money because it`s government wouldn`t be forced to pay out millions in welfare and assistance to people that won`t work for it, and wouldn`t spend millions helping African third world countries. In American schools, Black males have lower performance than hispanics with English as a second language. American schools would have higher State test scores if this dead weight was gone. Actually, we are better. Name one invention created by a black person. Yeah, you can`t. There are none. White people want to be black because of all the benefits dished out to African Americans. The reason white people tan is because tan skin has long been associated with a healthier person, because of the Vitamin D that sunlight provides. And finally, black people do NOT control the world. Obama is president of the U. S. ? Yes, but it`s a democracy, and the majority of the senate is white. Obama does not dictate what becomes a law. He can veto a law he does not like, but the senate can override his veto. North and South America are governed by white and hispanic people. Asian nations have probably no black people in government offices. European nations are governed by white people. African nations do not have much political leverage. Australia is governed by white people. No countries governed by black people have any claim to the continent of Antarctica. So, before you comment, why not get your facts straight? Or spell-check? Because, for your information, I`m 14 years old, and even I know that you should shut up until you can form at least basic speech, you idiot.

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Posted By: TomMon. Nov 15, 2010

I think that it is safe to say that atleast 75% of the black population are criminals and/or leeches to society. Popping out 5 kids before they are even 25 years old and then expecting the system to pay for them. Anytime you integrate blacks into white schools it turns into a mess, blacks are monkeys they belong in the jungle, they are worthless. America would be so much better without them...

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Posted By: sean t halleyTue. Nov 16, 2010

Read my name. my white bread name I am white an proud can't even discribe wat I am I won't hide it that's y I post my full name and I'm from. revere mass how's that if any one feels like wat they just read is true u got my info cum find me I would love to b ur brother in arms I'm Sean halley and I am proud to b white and if any one got a prob with that get the F*** out of my home land

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Posted By: rudyTue. Nov 16, 2010

I myself am the blue eyed devil race and have white pride tattooed on the back of my arms, because of my experiences with all other races in the workplace, military, college and prison. Stand proud white people, we have done much in this world to be proud of!


Minorities are killing this country among others

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Posted By: aryanTue. Nov 16, 2010

nicely said my aryan brothers

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Posted By: IdiotsWed. Nov 17, 2010

How can any race call themselves anything but mongrels. You all f*** like rats, interbreed, you are all red inside. Shut the f*** up and die.

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Posted By: tomWed. Nov 17, 2010

Here is a great solution, you know if every white person would walk outside there house and kill a nigger or an immigrant that would solve our economic crisis. We waste to much money on hand outs to niggers that breed like dogs in heat, we waste to much money on health care for immigrants. Immigrants come here and take our jobs because they will work for peanuts.

Post 270 must be a f***ing fag or nigger

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Posted By: WhitegardaThu. Nov 18, 2010

Actually there is a White Pride day, March 21st.

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Posted By: matthewThu. Nov 18, 2010


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Posted By: SS Army SSThu. Nov 18, 2010

F*** all the black assholes in the world I would kill all of you with my bare hands if given the chance... . F*** all of you porch monkeys... White Pride World Wide

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Posted By: MixolutionFri. Nov 19, 2010

I don't even know where to start. I have read some mentally and emotionally stimulating passages by some of the people posting on this site, as well as some downright-practically incomprehensive-ignorant and pitiful postings by humans I pray wish had more compassion and capacity to understand the human condition.

As for right and wrong, black and white, good and bad, better and worse, smarter or dumber, handsomer or uglier; I say: WAKE UP folks we are no longer living in a dichotomous/nationalist society with kingdoms and walls which only let in the righteous subscribers of that skin color. We are yes, I am PROUD to say it: EVOLVING!!!! We’re dribbling together from the droplets of a melting global climate (no pun intended with global climate change) from the effects of globalization; mass information highways, international travel, language barriers falling down, cultural exchange happening everywhere we go, new organizations and companies springing up out of here and there with Japanese-Slovak company CEO’s, or Columbian-Native American-African American-Polish leaders at U. S. Universities-it’s all emerging whether we like it or not. So why fight it when we CAN all get along?

Answer: Because one of life’s greatest challenges is to fight the strongest force against our individual self-enlightenment process-the ego. It’s got everyone so tightly strangled and bound that we (the human condition-not just whites) are willing to go to other continents and commit atrocious acts of human theft of thousands of happily existing tribal people with ancient traditions of self-SUSTAIN{ability}ING farming practices, spirituality, languages, technology and medicine or create hate groups to oppress equally substantial human beings. Anfama asserts that blacks haven’t invented anything, that the white man is solely credible for societies greatest contributions. What a premature flop of a statement! What do you call swing dancing, Jazz, Blues, Hip-hop, Reggae, African shamanism, or if your not convinced by the credibility of these professions or inventions how about Stephen H. Davis 7/20/1943 who invented the Load weighing and totaling device for cranes, hoists and the like, or Adolphos Samms who invented the multiple stage rocket as well as the rocket motor fuel feed and emergency release for extraction chute all in the 1960’s during civil rights. There is an entire database for black inventors.

But, back to my original idea of EVOLUTION. Sorry folks who just refuse the idea or shiver at the sound of Evolution, because that is what your church has indoctrinated or brainwashed you into believing. ITS REAL! If you are still up in arms and throwing racial epithets at reading this or blindly defending the bible with the idea of intelligent design, I strongly encourage you to take a deep breath and pick up an introductory textbook on ecology, genetics, or evolutionary biology. This will teach you some basic ideas about the necessity for DIFFERENCE (diversity) in the world. Also, if you pay attention, genetics will also teach you that cross-breeding genetics from highly variable (but compatible-as in human-human not human-sheep or goat) origins, will create incredibly strong and adaptable offspring, i. e. the opposite of inbreeding which whites so generously seem to have exemplified for history i. e the Spanish Monarchy and Ohio’s finest. An example includes myself an Irish-German male with an African-American, Latina, Native American, and we have the healthiest, most beautiful, intelligent mullato (mixed) children who don’t carry any sadly dividing social ideologies.

These archaic ideologies that we are still holding onto (Whites, blacks, Latino’s {prejudice against blacks and whites exists in many barrios and Latino Americano countries} Asians, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, or any other unmentioned ethnic category) are only impeding us from EVOLVING together. When I say evolving together I mean not only as a global society creating "inventions" with commerce and trade and tangible goods like the Jesus figure you bought at Wal-mart for your 2bd/1. 5ba home. This is something, which is now inevitable, and irreversible-we’re there! But, I also mean on an interactive level of human compassion and spirituality. The space where you can agree with someone or honestly laugh with them because there is something about your relationship which has been elevated to a realm where color or culture doesn’t exist. This is called the truth and the ego has no place where only the truth shines. Maybe I’m getting a little preachy, but damn, the truth has a right to preach!

Be proud of who you are, where you come from (as long as it isn’t a place which has intentions to hurt or oppress others), what you celebrate, what you look like, and create groups to celebrate your culture and heritage because in our globalizing society of internet and ipod’s and cologne lips and silicone tits we are losing those precious teachings, traditions, and scriptures which originally made us happy and united as humans. BUT PLEASE, don’t’ get on a Black or White, Brown or Yellow High-Horse. Love thy neighbor (whatever color they are).

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Posted By: spyFri. Nov 19, 2010

The current miss america is black , shouldn't she have been in the black america contest ? She has her own contest but joins the white miss america pagent , what does that tell you ' they want to be white ". They really want to be white , they try hard but can't quite pull it off.

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Posted By: Stacey DFri. Nov 19, 2010

I completely agree. We have to take our power and our rights back. I believe that the way to do it is by personally practicing five basic principles in everyday life.
1. Purity…
2. Education…
3. Conduct…
4. Activism…
5. Self Defense.

Truly BE someone who can be a PROUD AND PRODUCTIVE white member of society. Then you can stand firm on the ideology of White Pride. I mean no disrespect to some of my white brothers and sisters… but when the world sees our movement being driven by ultra-extremist groups, uneducated hillbillies, gangs and convicts/ex-convicts we degrade our credibility and drive away other whites that might feel the same way. Make sense??

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Posted By: Stacey DFri. Nov 19, 2010

PS... anyone out there from BHM AL???

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Posted By: tomFri. Nov 19, 2010

stacey d, you are spot on

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Posted By: NOT TO BE RUDE BUTSat. Nov 20, 2010


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Posted By: MixolutionSat. Nov 20, 2010


I don't think you were rude at all. If anything you have shed light on some good history with it's obvious outcomes. What people don't seem to understand on this blog (which is more than a lot) is that White's already have a huge (the biggest!) organizational structure in the world with groups, clubs, foundries, financial programs, real estate, etc., all of which carries significant worldly leverage-MONEY! lots of money. Whites have pioneered the "institutional and tehno world" and left the emotional and spiritual worlds in their tracks, and for that reason our society today in 2010 is still so deeply entrenched and embedded in white (European institutional ideology).

Somebody earlier mentioned that the CET (Country Entertainment Television) was the BET of the White world-and it is! How many blacks do you see making Country music with the exception of Ray Charles-who was blind to color. Humans have a competitive nature. The reason why we Whites (yes I am a white male) cannot and should not form White pride groups is because we have not been repetitively oppressed to to even a fraction of a fraction of which other races have been oppressed throughout the course of history. We have our history and culture well documented and well displayed everywhere you go; it's in Africa, N & S America, Australia, and Asia. Minority groups who form groups like African Student Alliance, Cantonese Student association, Centro Americanos Unidos, Multi-cultural festival planning committees, etc. , are trying to preserve and recognize their unique cultural origins which have been and are still being diluted by deeply rooted, fundamental, white patriarchal institutions like the U. S. government and it's Banking system. It doesn't mean that we (whites {and our mixed children}) cannot celebrate and participate in things like Maibaumfest a strange German outdoor festival involving lifting logs and drinking beer or Irish River dancing festivities- I do! We just shouldn't form things like the KKK with objectives to dominate others. After all minority support groups don't have lynching agendas or hatred policies. My answer still stands; love thy neighbor, whatever color they are. Peace to everybody.

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Posted By: stevenSat. Nov 20, 2010

i totally agree with all that. white pride

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Posted By: nicSat. Nov 20, 2010

Thinking of making a White Pride facebook page. There is not even one that I can find. The Blacks have a few. Let me know who would join and we´ll get it done and out there!

I lost my job two years ago in favor of a mexican and a vietnamise. A job that I really needed at the time. A Job in my own country :( WHITE PRIDE

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Posted By: Stacey DSat. Nov 20, 2010

I would join a White Pride Page in a second… provided it honored the White Pride movement and was a tool used for education, activism, support and networking. Most importantly, set forth a CODE OF CONDUCT that sought to bring forth the movement in a positive light.

No offense again to some of my white brothers and sisters… but when we act like "wiggers" we defeat our purpose and DISGRACE OUR RACE… we drive away honest hardworking white Americans who would be behind us… join us… and openly represent for our race.

To me… White Pride is abou… HAVING SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!!! None of us had any control over what color we were born… but we do have control over our actions and our conduct… and we have a right to be proud of our white heritage and race.

That is what the real meaning of White Pride is for me… but when we behave in ways that are self destructive, illegal or truly offensive all we have done is set ourselves back. That is not White Pride… That is being a "wigger" And nothing to be proud of.

Anyhow… I am not hiding behind an anonymous comment… My real e-mail address is stacey. denzin at yahoo. com. I live in Birmingham AL and I welcome anyone who shares my ideology to contact me.

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Posted By: AnonymousSat. Nov 20, 2010

To "A free thinker", This land was not built by you or your ancestors' bare hands. It was built on the backs, blood, sweat, and tears of the african man. Your ancestors brought us here and did nothing for themselves. They did not even nurse their own children. Technically this country was even built with the milk of the black woman. All of you sit here wondering why the minorities are here.

Without us, you would have nothing.

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Posted By: Charles KrauthammerSat. Nov 20, 2010

To "Anonymous". Backs didn't do s*** in the northern states.

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Posted By: AnonymousSat. Nov 20, 2010

You're so cute when you're ignorant.

Free blacks still did the dirty work in the north.

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Posted By: Stacey DSat. Nov 20, 2010

To - Anonymous Sat. Nov 20, 2010

Our ancestors might have brought your ancestors here... but guess who sold us your ancestors to us in Africa????

Africans!! We did not just show up in Africa and round you up on slave ships to the Americas. You were sold by your own people to the Spanish and the Europeans.

Have you ever been to Africa??? I have. Rwanda... country which one of the worst genocides in human history took place. Nearly a million Tutsi and Hutu/Tutsi sympathisers were killed in four months. My e-mail is on this thread. I will send you first hand photos of the bones of the dead... guess what... this was all black on black violence, much like all of the violence in Africa.

Without US YOU would be just another black woman in Africa where rape does not exist and a woman is property or a prostitute. Talk about no rights!!!!! I have been over there... you would be appalled at how the average african treats their fellow man and thier own children...

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Posted By: wut it dewSat. Nov 20, 2010

Some of you people forget the history of what is so called the United States. CA and the southwest was Mexico before. So don't say it is your land and the whites, such as the Europeans were here first. Let me remind you that Indians were here before all of the Europeans or so called whites. So get your s*** straight. The reason I see that there are White folks having racial groups is because they are becoming the "minorities" yes the "minorities. " Latinos are all over the west and southwest. In the east and southeast. You will see, you white bitches will be the minorities one day. Hahahhahahha!! F***en Crackers.

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Posted By: AnonymousSat. Nov 20, 2010

Genocide and War happen amongst all races.

Bosnia was a white on white genocide, so that is proof that it is not just black countries. Neither was Cambodia. As for Rwanda, the political actions of the Belgians were responsible for creating the divide between the Hutus and Tutsis.

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Posted By: AnonymousSat. Nov 20, 2010

At "wut it dew":

I know it's easy to get mad at these people, but rather than stooping we need to educate them. Meanwhile, I wouldn't say you're wrong.

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Posted By: AnonymousSat. Nov 20, 2010

Also white people sold their own people into slavery as well, i. e. indentured servants. My boyfriend will also have you know that Italians were exploited by whites as well. So what makes a white person "white"? And your practices are just so similar historically, that no one can be called "better" or "right".

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Posted By: matthew deranianSat. Nov 20, 2010

What's the matter with "Anonymous". Did you forget your name or didn't your mother give you a name?

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Posted By: wut it dewSat. Nov 20, 2010

whats a good site to find info for racist organizations, it doesn't matter the race, I need some info

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Posted By: Stacey DSat. Nov 20, 2010

Back to the topic of White Pride. For me it is not about hate and violence... it is about being the best person I can be and representing my race and my country both home and abroad. I have tried to make a difference to the less fortunate of other races to the point of putting my own life at risk... in very dangerous countries. Guess what... I will not do it again. How do you help people who won’t help themselves?? You can't... and should not.

Experience is a Mother Fu&#R. I think it is appalling that the black attitude in America is that the whites owe you something for slavery when it is as commonplace in Africa today, as it was 200 years ago... and that without the labor of blacks the USA would be nothing.

Most anyone can swing a hammer and drive a nail but it takes pure genius to develop a great nation.

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Posted By: Stacey DSat. Nov 20, 2010

You are wrong about the Belgians creating the division of the Hutu and Tutsi's in Rwanda... you must have gotten that from the movie "Hotel Rwanda". Hutu is a term used for a servant or a member of lower ranking social status in Rwanda... not historically a race... The Tutsi were …and still are…of higher social ranking based on the line of the Tutsi Kings that ruled Rwanda for centuries... this was in place long before the Belgians showed up. Believe me... they act as if they are superior. Even today after the genocide.

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Posted By: Stacey DSat. Nov 20, 2010

Back to the topic of White Pride... no one will ever take away my right to be proud of my heritage and my race. I will not have white guilt for slavery for which I had no part of nor will I feel like I owe the black Americans anything for their ancestors having been enslaved.

I will continue to press forward despite opposition to the White Pride movement and be the best person I can be by conducting myself in a way that is not a disgrace to my race.


Again... I am a real person... not some moron hiding behind an anonymous comment. stacey. denzin at yahoo. com

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Posted By: MixolutionSat. Nov 20, 2010

That's great and all Stacy D, but are you still prejudice and/or racist, willing to make snide comments or harbor the ideals of White supremacy? I have pride for myself and my German ancestry and celebrate it. I also accept, love and honor my wife and her family who are African American & Latino as well as the rest of society.

Whites need to quit crying about not being represented in society. To think in that self loathing, self-pity way only creates things like prejudice or jealousy or even worse-a hate group. We Whites are represented across the globe, and not always in a positive light.

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Posted By: Muslims SukSun. Nov 21, 2010

The ultimate goal of jihad in all its forms is the imposition of Islamic law. This is the common thread in numerous, bloody wars being fought in places far removed from one another, including Thailand, Mindanao in the Philippines, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Somalia, and Chechnya.

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Posted By: AnonymousSun. Nov 21, 2010

I refuse to reveal my name and email address because it is completely unnecessary. Also, Stacey D... I never once said that whites owed blacks anything for slavery. You all read into your own beliefs and spread them and trick yourselves into believing them. That's sad.

As for Rwanda, the Belgian and German colonizations added to the strain. There is no one cause for genocide.

And I will never understand where people get off believing that laws set up for everyone are a specific target for the white race. smh.

Continue to do what you deem necessary, but I too am a credit to my race--regardless of what you may think.

at Mixolution Amen. Sounds like family. Mixed up and I appreciate every part.

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Posted By: AnonymousSun. Nov 21, 2010

Matthew Deranian... . . sounds Armenian. Armenians were targeted by the Turks and slaughtered... ... .

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Posted By: matthew deranianSun. Nov 21, 2010

Step right this way all you smelly niggers and get rich quick.

Senate Approves $4. 6 Billion for Claims by Black Farmers, American Indians

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Posted By: Stacey DSun. Nov 21, 2010

Anonymous - your own comment #285 - "This land was not built by you or your ancestors' bare hands. It was built on the backs, blood, sweat, and tears of the african man. Your ancestors brought us here and did nothing for themselves. They did not even nurse their own children. Technically this country was even built with the milk of the black woman. All of you sit here wondering why the minorities are here. Without us, you would have nothing." ----those are your words anonymous---- pretty strong words in fact. Without the black slaves us whites would have nothing??? Whites did nothing for themselves??? They did not even nurse their own children?? Interesting... sounds like you do believe we owe you something... and your comment 290 ---"As for Rwanda, the political actions of the Belgians were responsible for creating the divide between the Hutus and Tutsis." --- then your comment 300--- "As for Rwanda, the Belgian and German colonizations added to the strain. There is no one cause for genocide" --- backtracking a bit there...

Well I am glad you are a credit to your race. That is a good thing... (not being sarcastic)... as for what I believe comes from my own life experience not reading propaganda published by racist groups... in fact... I find some of it to be offensive because of the extreme and the racial slurs.

To mixsolution - I am glad you are proud to be German. German pride... and your wife - African American/ Latino Pride...

So why is it wrong for me to say White Pride??? Do I need to say that I have Irish/French/English/German Pride for me to be politically correct??

What you hear in my "snide" comments is not white supremacy or hatred... it is frustration over the fact that other races can openly claim pride... heck... even gay pride. They can have their own groups, social programs, TV networks, organizations, scholarships etc etc etc... but not whites...

Just the term WHITE PRIDE automatically makes people assume that you are a Nazi, White Supremacist etc etc... kinda like you did with me.

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Posted By: AnonymousSun. Nov 21, 2010

I do not believe anything is owed to us. As a matter of fact it makes me embarrassed to think that some people are sitting around doing nothing and getting rich off of welfare. On the other hand, I just want it clear that it's not only the black race who is "abominable". As for White Pride, there is nothing wrong when it comes to the way you wish to celebrate it. I only have a problem with it when people take their "pride" to the next level by hating another group. I'm glad you have cleared up your beliefs. Personally, I make it a point to research all parts of my background, i. e. Black, Native American, German, and Mexican.

As for my comments, they come across strong only to make the point that the black race was not always the "trash" most of these people would have you believe. And while some of them have digressed, many of us have pushed forward and done extraordinary things. And I apologize if my comments made you feel judged.

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Posted By: Stacey DSun. Nov 21, 2010

Anonymous… see… you and I are not so different after all. I also find anyone - whatever color - sitting around on welfare - doing nothing to be a productive member of this country to be deplorable. I strongly agree that there is trash in EVERY race. My own birth family was a true example of pure white trash. I was adopted into another family when I was six months old and made a point to do something with my life. I came from nothing and became something.

I am not a racist and I don't hate anyone on the basis of color. But tell me if you can relate to this… you are a black woman and I am a white woman… we are both obviously educated and accomplished people… now let’s say… I drove through a white trash trailer park and you drove through a black project. I think we would both be infuriated by the waste of life and the fact honest hard working Americans are paying to support these people. Does that not make you want to say – "GET OFF YOUR ASS – OFF THE DOPE - OFF THE SYSTEM -AND GET A FRIGGING JOB!!" - now if you went to the trailer park and I went to the projects , and said that – we would both probably be killed!!

Sometimes you can only do what is right in front of you – and lead those nearest to you by being an example. I have truly enjoyed this conversation… intelligent and productive… thank you.

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Posted By: aRIZONA kRACKERSun. Nov 21, 2010


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Posted By: AnonymousSun. Nov 21, 2010

Stacey D, I completely agree with you! I am attending college in NYC at the moment, and systematic waste of monetary resources is rampant here.

I also thank you for the stimulating discussion.

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Posted By: Stacey DSun. Nov 21, 2010

Anonymous... LOL... I grew up in NYC... I wish you nothing but the best.

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Posted By: AussieMon. Nov 22, 2010

I live in Australia and the aboriginals are a f***in disgrace to our society. They get so many benefits from the government just for being black and they still bitch and play the victim card. We should wipe the scum out entirely. We outnumber them 100 to 1, it wouldn't be a fight it would be a massacre.

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Posted By: Proud To Be White!!!Mon. Nov 22, 2010

I completely AGREE with everything stated in this page. It is only white people who are considered racist! Its completely ridiculous! If there was a White Entertainment Channel Mexicans and blacks would be outraged; when its considered just fine for there to be a channel dedicated to blacks. Oh and those trashy good-for-nothing spics who pop out 5 babies per day; yuck! Oh yeah did I mention that white people are much much prettier... Oh and of course I would be stupid to put my name- Some gang of spics would hunt me down and decapitate me -Signed Anonymous (WHITE PRIDE!)

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Posted By: Aussie MassacreTue. Nov 23, 2010

TO THE AUSSIE F***!!!!!!


DID YOU KNOW THAT (IT IS ACCEPTED WORLDWIDE, NOT ONLY FROM NATIVE AMERICAN ORGANIZATIONS & INDIGENOUS GROUPS, BUT WORLDWIDE INDIGENOUS GROUPS AS WELL) IT TAKES 7 GENERATIONS {almost 500 years} TO HEAL FROM ABUSE: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL). Since Australian aborigines have suffered some of the worst abuse throughout the past few hundred years, I think they are entitled to have a wake OF cultural disaster, which is causing their cultural and spiritual communities to be a "disgrace" from your low, selfish, shallow, ignorant, capitalist, linear, one-track mind perspective.

By the way (from and AMERICAN perspective) white AUSSIES, the gross leftovers, the s***, the rejects, the criminals, are that which never made it to the U. S. The only reason you outnumber aborigines 100:1 is because you INVADED with ignorant force with guns which happy people didn't need. If you are thinking about whipping out SCUM, you should think about whipping the deteriorating s***, rotting s(cum) from your own stagnant asshole, the stupidity that infests your soul! Ya, that s*** that makes you uniquely AUSSIE (or should I say ASSIEhole)! YOU F***ING PRETZ!

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Posted By: Aussie MassacreTue. Nov 23, 2010


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Posted By: J.t.Tue. Nov 23, 2010

Wow... there is a WHOLE LOT to read on here, so I didn't have the time to read more than about half of it so I don't know if these things have been brought up correctly:

I was pretty pissed off when I did my own research to find out the truth about Hitler and the supposed holocaust because I was taught a lie my entire life... anyone can distort the truth if attempted with enough persons...

Hitler did not have millions of jews killed, do some research yourself on how the numbers have been lowered over the years yet never justified by real documents or forensic evidence. Hitler DID have a few of his soldiers killed that went rogue and started killing jews, and he employed hundreds of thousands of jews... not slaughter them.

Black people were brought her by white people, true... but the black people were sold to those white people by their own people in Africa (or Haiti or wherever they decided to get black people from at the time). President Lincoln did NOT free the slaves to allow them to be free in the U. S., but instead freed them so that they would be free to LEAVE the U. S.; that was the plan the whole time.

To all those people that call White Pride racist, you're only partly right. If you're going to call white pride racist then you have to call black pride and asian pride and mexican pride and gay pride and woman/girl power and everything else related either racist or sexist or at least discriminatory. It is not equality (and don't even get me started on "affirmative action" which should be called negative-effect-obvious action) to allow black org's and mexican org's and women org's and the related in that sense as well and not to allow white org's without being called racist.

What it all really breaks down to is that our "oh so wonderful" government is allowing this to happen to keep all of us busy, and to pretty much destroy whatever is left of non-mixed white. Do some research on the jews throughout history; they were screaming about the holocaust around 15 years before Hitler came into power and before there was any Auschwitz concentration camp. Who's in charge of most everything these days? The jews. I'm not saying everyone that is jewish is evil, but the ones that perpetuated the holocaust lie started the sh*t ball rolling.

Hate with purpose and understanding because hating without knowing what you're hating for is futile.

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Posted By: Steadfast9Tue. Nov 23, 2010

Does it really matter what Hitler did or didn't do anymore? We as Americans have our own problems that exist right now. We have enemies at our door, and they want in. We need to live in the now, honor the past but Strive for our future. The future is all that matters. We as White Americans are the demons in every other races eyes. Even sadder is, we are the enemy in some of our own peoples eyes. now I ask again my Folk, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR RACE TODAY?

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Posted By: MixolutionTue. Nov 23, 2010

In my opinion, people are people. No matter the color of your skin we all share the same HUMAN tendencies. We are all going to be one light brown mulatto race in a few hundred years anyway (if the human race still exists). That is what globalization is causing-one huge whirlpool of culture and ethnicity, an unavoidable mix.

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Posted By: Steadfast9Wed. Nov 24, 2010

way to give in and surrender Mixolution, actually we do not share all the same tendencies at all. we are all Humans yes, but that is as far as it goes. racial individuality is all any Race has, to lose that is a defeat for us all, every color ...

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Posted By: TomWed. Nov 24, 2010

All niggers are inferior, no race likes them. If you ask any race of people which race they like the least it is always niggers. Stacey you should not even compare yourself to anonymous because the s*** she is spewing is complete retoric and inaccurate, which leads me to the conclusion that she is not educated but ghetto and if she is going to college which I doubt it is with the funds of the taxpayer.

Blacks were used for their labor by the white man, sure. We worked smart not hard. No white man would have their baby nurse of a black women, that would be the equivalent of letting their child nurse from a pig. Dirty and disgusting.

This is how little blacks know about their culture. Most of them think Africa is a country, it is a continent. You can go to any predominantly black country in the world and those countries are poor s*** holes. So Niggers in America don't preach the white man keeps you oppressed, niggers in america keep themselves oppressed.

As far as the white man coming to America and stealing it from the indians and mexicans it is because we were far more advanced. If we should learn anything from our past it is that we truly can not co-exist.

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Posted By: MixolutionThu. Nov 25, 2010

Tom is a sad sad angry man. Black people are the inferior race? Hey guess what, we have a black president! Probably for a second term too. In your face you ignorant disgrace.

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Posted By: SimplicityThu. Nov 25, 2010

I do agree, that there should be "White Pride", without it being considered racist, but I also believe that any degrading remarks, whether it be "cracker" "nigger" "spick", etc. should be drowned out. Prejudiced and bullying remarks should not be ingrained in our children's minds.

I also agree that, unfortunately, a lot of stereotypes are so because so many people perpetuate them. But if you're going to bitch about something, instead of complaining about "lazy Mexicans" and "ghetto Blacks", how about you try to get your fellow white men to get off their lazy white asses, to quit scarfing down McDonald's and hiring Mexican maids? Maybe if you did some work on your own and quit perpetuating that stereotype, the rest of the world wouldn't hate America.

Once you find a way to make Americans look less like illiterate hicks that terrorized Native Americans, then maybe you can earn the right to be respected about bitching about s*** that's never going to change.

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Posted By: BillFri. Nov 26, 2010

iam a white man and proud of it why should I be sorry I never owed one I raise my son to be proud to be white the black man say we are the devil well this white man says f*** you nigger

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Posted By: MacFri. Nov 26, 2010

Anybody notice a mysteriously absent Anfama? Jail perhaps? Or a change of heart?

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Posted By: Herman GoeringSat. Nov 27, 2010

Just like I siad back in 1942 ein reich ein fuhfer ein welt zieg heil!!! und slackt all unter miches! we must form an ss squad to take back das amerikas from juden swines who own der federal reserve heil Hitler who has shown the welt all truth to free the world from jews.

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Posted By: Big ScottSat. Nov 27, 2010

I agree with all of this and I think if the niggars and spicks, gooks and towel monkeys knew anything about our race (white) they'd run the f*** away!! I mean what other races are as proud of their own as we??? Somebody tell me!! All those others pretend to be proud as they are searching for some fine ass white chick with blonde hair!! Find one of your own f***ing women!! Or are you as disgusted with them as we are!!! F*** you and die, you pieces of s***!! Leave the white girls alone!! And as for the white girls who like the other f***s, be proud and don't let those f***ers into your panties!!! That race trading and I think that should be punishable by pussy punching!!!! Stupid f***s!!

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Posted By: Ignorance PoliceSat. Nov 27, 2010

Sounds like Big Scott has got a pretty little dick with a bad attitude. Two words of advice:

1) Explore academia more, i.e. learn to read and write better before you attempt to make statements about race amongst others who are trying to have mature dialogue on this blog.

2) Read post #319 by Simplicity to find out more about yourself.

I honestly feel sympathy for you and your level of ignorance. I'm constantly disappointed to realize that as far as human beings have come, there are still scum like yourself who drag on the pant legs of the rest of humanity.

You are officially under arrest by the Ignorance Police. You have the obligation to remain silent, anything ignorant you say or do will karmically be doubled up and spat back at you. I hereby render you sterile and incapable of reproducing.

Yours Truly,

The Ignorance Police
"Fighting ignorance with humor, intelligence and compassion since the beginning of time. "

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Posted By: Alex The ConfederateSat. Nov 27, 2010

I feel that the largest problem in racial relations is not so much the black or the Mexicans, rather its the Middle Easterners. They come here and treat Whites like s***. Blacks complain a lot, but they're no real threat unless they break into your home. Then they're just f***ed as far as I'm concerned. Mexican do all the s*** work cheaper than Whites will do it for. Just like the Chinese did in the 1800's. All propaganda aside, because we all know what's actually true, Whites tend to have the lowest crime rate, percentage of poverty, and more intact families. You'll notice that blacks, Mexicans, Asians, etc that speak like Whites, act like Whites, and work like Whites tend to not only do better in society, but lead happier lives. They're also more likely to be hated by their own race. Minority pride? Only if it's in crime and and other deviant behavior. Just like all those little nigglets who think being a thug is cool.

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Posted By: 400 Yrs.Sat. Nov 27, 2010


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Posted By: Stacey DSun. Nov 28, 2010

Tom ...
I can't say that I disagree with everything you said... however... I choose not to use offensive words and language to get my point across... I know you followed the conversation between "anonymous" and myself... by the end of the conversation... she backed up and realized that just because I said ... I AM PROUD TO BE WHITE... does not mean that I am an ignorant, uneducated idiot “racist”. . in the end she apologized to me for …. These were her words… “ And I apologize if my comments made you feel judged” …

Who knows… she may or may, not be going to college on the system... hopefully, she will end up being one less person on welfare.

Anyhow…I can’t and don’t speak for anyone else here… but this is what I live by… when it comes to the White Pride Movement…. . (more)

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Posted By: Stacey DSun. Nov 28, 2010

THIS IS WHAT WHITE PRIDE MEANS TO ME - I strongly believe in PURITY… I don’t date/marry/have sex with… anyone outside of my race… Purity also means keeping body pure… which includes… no drugs… excessive drinking etc. or anything else that makes me a disgrace to my race… DISCIPLINE… Be a hard working productive member of society… work circles around those who might try and move in on a position of advancement based on a racial quota… document your achievements… so when the time comes… you can prove you are the right man/woman for the job. Discipline also includes physical training, martial arts, and weapons training… so you can defend yourself when the time comes. CONDUCT … don’t act like an ignorant ass slinging racial slurs and be A DISGRACE TO YOUR RACE… people… even other whites… stop listening when we act like “wiggers”… Don’t break the law!!! Guess what… “White Power”… what power do you have when you are in prison??? Convicted felons can’t vote or legally possess arms to defend themselves… Conduct is key to our movement… ACTIVISIM… Which starts in everyday life… sometimes you just have to grab up the nearest white boy gone astray and saying “WTF!!”… do something with yourself “… and help him get his s*** together…help one more white get off the system... Also, take time to get involved in the politics of the USA and vote. Get involved with WHITE PRIDE IN REAL LIFE… not just on some anonymous comment… Last but not least… ADVANCEMENT… Continue to educate yourself formally, politically and press forward through the minorities that would like to take everything away from you… WHITE PRIDE !!!!! We need to support and take care of our own… then we will rise… stop looking at the others… but look at our selves… we have no control over what color we were born… but we do over our conduct and we can take care of and our own… turn emotion, frustration, and passion… into positive action… Sure… I am PURE WHITE… but my PRIDE comes from my actions and accomplishments.

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Posted By: Dj FaulkSun. Nov 28, 2010

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! I have dealt with every race, religion and security risk group out there. I was a Sergeant for Corrections for ten years. I am white and live in a dominantly white community and ironically enough, most inmates in our system were minorities. There are reasons for this. Some of this lies on them, some of this is our communities. But in ten years there is something that I've learned and live by. I judge NOT BY COLOR, BUT BY CHARACTER! I have learned it is all INTERNAL not external. Listening to you talk scares me! I agree with so much of what you say. It was my ancestors that slaved others, NOT ME. It was their ancestors that were slaved, NOT THEM! But Americans are all mixed! THAT IS our culture! And our politicians need to be pushed into strengthening the immigration laws etc and so on. It hurts us all, I agree! But we are not helping by pointing fingers at each other. I was so hated in the prison because of my decision to see everyone individually that it was THE WHITE SUPREMACY followers that came after me... NOT the minorities! In fact, they protected me. They 'whites' thought I should favor them strickly on their color! They planned to take me hostage and kill me because of my refusal to stoop to their level! MY OWN RACE! I'm writing a book about it. It'll be called Gated. But I am challenging all of you to quit looking at color or background and look at people for who they are. If they are ass holes? Fine, treat them as such. But the next time someone glares at you that you assume is discriminating, why don't you put out a hand or introduce yourself and really be sure before YOU assume yourself what they are thinking. There is a lot of reverse racism out there... I hated it when the inmates would throw s*** like 'you hate me because I'm black' or likewise... but like I would tell them... 'I treat you the way you ask, do me the same and respect my find out my intentions before you judge' and it would change the scene every time. Try it sometime! Be part of the solution NOT part of the problem and see what happens. It just might surprise you! CHARACTER NOT COLOR. Live it YOURSELF first!

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Posted By: Big ScottSun. Nov 28, 2010

Hey ignorance police, so you think you are so f***ing smart?? I like people like you, you are the teachers of society!! I love how you make assumtions like you know who I am and stand for! I love you, you f***ing piece of s*** f***in bitch!!! MUAW!!!

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Posted By: Stacey DSun. Nov 28, 2010

To DJ Faulk... I hear you loud and clear. I have never been in prison... but my friend is serving 49 to life... When he first went, in he was independent for a while. . and I visited him for more than eight years... until... he became affiliated... anyhow... that is when things went from bad to worse ... next thing I know... I am being asked to bring dope into visitation for those boys... WELL... sorry... this white girl was not willing to risk her freedom, life and DISGRACE MY RACE by ending up in the system... I have never visited him since... What I am getting at is... not all of us who talk about White Pride are gangsters, convicts/ex-convicts, ultra extremists, neo-nazis... etc... some of us are just good white folks who want to have a certain amount of separatism, take care of our own and raise each other up. Please don’t base your experience with so called "WHITE SUPREMACY" prison gangs... they are in prison for a reason… BECAUSE THEY ARE INDIVIDUALS WHO CAN'T or WON'T live by the rules of society... and I hate the fact that my tax dollars support their sorry asses… I agree ... there is good and bad in all races... but I still have the right to represent for my race... WHITE PRIDE

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Posted By: Steadfast9Sun. Nov 28, 2010

Stacey D, you got good points and a great outlook of the situation. Big Scott you on the other hand, are a Moron. Just remember everyone, just because you can yell White power in the shower or whisper the word nigger amongst your buddies, , does not make you an Aryan or a Skinhead, it really does'nt make you anything at all. what you do for your Race day after day, that is what yell, s Pride. How did anyone here uphold our Race today? We all know the negative views concerning the skrealings of the world, what about all the Positive attributes of OUR RACE? Instead of downing the others, we need to Rise our own, concern yourself with our Folk, learn our Noble virtues, learn our Precepts, live by our 14 words and not just say them like you wrote them. We are a Kindred of one, no matter what sect you belong, we all fall under one Creed,

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Posted By: MixolutionSun. Nov 28, 2010

Props to Dj Faulk!
Your post #329 is a great testament of a noble white man who gives everyone a chance.

It must have been rough treating people like they "deserve" to be treated especially in a hostile prison environment as such. But, I can assure you you're a much more respected and dignified soul in the eyes of the greater population.

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Posted By: JmuhlingMon. Nov 29, 2010

Here in Australia ”multiculturalism” is rammed down our throats... we have no choice; these unwanted immigrants are afforded the same rights as us TRUE AUSSIES (after sixty days in detention that is…). To say otherwise is “RACIST”. But how can this be so? I HAVE SERVED IN IRAQ, yet these “people” are given more RIGHTS and CONCESSIONS than myself, simply because they are border jumpers. WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE.

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Posted By: Steadfast9Mon. Nov 29, 2010

Always know your enemy, We have plenty on this page. Remember, there are no fence riders welcome inside any TRUE group of Brothers & Sisters. The weak will in fact be eliminated first, we must all be a whole lot more than just White.

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Posted By: WhiteliteMon. Nov 29, 2010

I thank white fowks iz da beyst! owlways wuz an owlways wil be. Dey say dat duh las thang yew see bafour yew die iz a big ol white lite and dey owlso say dat is da clowsist thang ta inlitinmint an freedum wich meen dat white iz da clowsis thang ta god. I am so white dat yew can see right threw my sowl. Evin DAve Shapel nows whuts up-white powur!

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Posted By: Hater Of The HatersTue. Nov 30, 2010

Dear Steadfast9,

Who rides a fence when you can ride a horse or a big fat dick? -Much more agreeable on the ass you know (fences are narrow, made of metal, and sometimes have barb-wire). Anyway, as history has shown us, a TRUE group of "Brothers & Sisters" will undoubtedly create a "TRUE" group of ugly, degenerative, racist retards who should "in fact be eliminated first" if I quote you right #335. Maybe us white folks should rethink about keeping it "TRUE" within our "Brothers & Sisters" and start f***ing everybody (and loving them too), so we don't make a bunch of racist retards. Have a colorful day!

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Posted By: Ignorance PoliceTue. Nov 30, 2010

Regarding JmuhlingMon post #334-

You are officially under arrest by the Ignorance Police. You have the obligation to remain silent, anything ignorant you say or do will karmically be doubled up and spat back at you. I hereby render you sterile and incapable of reproducing.

First off, if you are white-which your "white pride worldwide" ending sentence in post #334 almost indefinitely brands you as- you are an ignorant dumbass for the statements you have made. You assert "unwanted immigrants are afforded the same rights as us TRUE AUSSIES!"

Second, YOU are not a TRUE AUSSIE! Aborigines are TRUE AUSSIES! You are the the youth of an invasive society from Europe (the imprisoned, exiled, scum of Europe of course). You are the passed down genetic lineage of an invasive society (European) which has premeditated, slaughtered, conquered, indoctrinated and upheld it's dominant and subversive ideologies upon a defenseless continent. I repeat; YOU are not a TRUE AUSSIE, just as a German-American is NOT a Native(TRUE) American, but a descendant of non-native residing in a non-native land (not that there is anything wrong with that), we just can't have idiots like you calling yourself a TRUE AUSSIE and someone else who is trying to migrate there (like your ancestors did) an "unwanted immigrant. " Also, I'll add, Australia is an island-there is no border to jump. And, you serving in Iraq has absolutely no validity or credibility in trying to gain sympathy for immigrants getting more "concessions" than you.

The Ignorance Police hereby sentences you to: Life With Multiculturalism rammed down your throat (after all your ancestors brought it on when they mixed White with BlackOriginies). We here at the Global Department of Ignorance Defense will send out deep sincere prayers that you be relinquished from your stone-cold ignorance coma shortly.

Yours Truly,

The Ignorance Police "Fighting ignorance with humor, intelligence and compassion since the beginning of time. "

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Posted By: Whitepride4evaTue. Nov 30, 2010

oh yea man down with the establishment and obama no one wants a black pres

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Posted By: Stacey DTue. Nov 30, 2010

OK... here is where I just need to vent about an experiance I had the other day... I went out with a couple of friends to play pool... and there was this black guy who started hitting on me... I clearly let him know that I was not interested, without being offensive... well... he popped off at the mouth with " Oh . . I get it... apparently I am the wrong color for you "... . ok... he was the one who pulled the race card... I GOT FING INFURUATED because... hear is the deal... if I would have pulled the race card ... and said " sorry... but you are the wrong color for me"... all hell would have broken loose and I would have gotten kicked out of the bar... furthermore... . I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO HAS ACCESS TO MY BODY... and sorry... I am not attracted to black guys... why is what wrong in the eyes of our world?? If I said that I was also not attracted to someone who weighed 300 lbs... does that make me a fat-ist too?? I do not feel wrong in saying... I love my white boys... that was my vent for today... .

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Posted By: Becca D. Tue. Nov 30, 2010

I think the big issue we're missing here is "White Privilege", because of slavery and US history in general white people have a social advantage; you may not need white colleges because most colleges have white students as the majority.

a person who is white AND male, is at the top of the totem pole. I think there is alot of ignorance and hate in many races and in the case of "people of color" (any one who isn't white) alot of it comes from not reading, not knowing about history, feeling like they have no power and not understanding that not all white people are racist or mean.

However, more white people need to acknowledge and learn about their white privilege.

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Posted By: MichaelWed. Dec 1, 2010

white people rule niggers stink

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Posted By: Michael Wed. Dec 1, 2010

white is right black is wack f*** all niggers they could kiss my feet f*** them all they could burn

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Posted By: JaunWed. Dec 1, 2010

Oh Michael, you have such a holy and biblical name after one of the archangels. Michael literally means "who is like God. " I don't think anyone with such close reference to the Lord should be using such self-degrading and un-Godly language.

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Posted By: CretinWed. Dec 1, 2010

Anfama are u a swf? I think I'm falling in love! ... . lol

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Posted By: A Bvlack Guy With A White SlutWed. Dec 1, 2010

You guys are crazy! do you at least know what happened in the past? The reason why we don't trust you is that you are greedy and evil! People around the world are waking up and realising that white people are the most heartless people God has ever created. No one trust you! Look at what you have done in the world for centuries! you have killed millions of people of many races and yet you still think people have no memories! Silly guys if only you knew your end is just around the corner! I'm a black guy and my wife is white! haha who's laughing?... . me!

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Posted By: Egalitarian White WomanThu. Dec 2, 2010

After traveling the world in part to help understand racism internationally, I respond to this article and to previous comments with a heavy heart... this is truly tragic. I suspect all comments promoting equality have been removed formerly, as will mine, but I'd like to pay a contribution to the most victimized groups in the history of the world - minorities in the United States. Not supposedly, not based in bias by the majority, but judging by clear and empirical evidence.

Whites through history were clearly selfish and destructive. Our ancestors destroyed the people that understood how to maintain sustainable practices and avoid the mass destruction that has resulted in the grim situation we leave our children today. I know this site represents only a minority of Americans, but holy s*** guys, please see reason and find compassion before your life equates to nothing. We are the most PRIVILEGED race in the world... are whites only creating friction because they know they would likely win the resulting altercation?

I am not proud to be white.

No comments promoting equality have been removed. Only the occasional post that says nothing and thus doesn't qualify as a comment gets deleted.

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Posted By: North Idaho Rules!Thu. Dec 2, 2010

see the recent news about racist snowman in hayden idaho? come on, move up here we need it to be like what it was 10yrs ago! White Pride!

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Posted By: Laura From KentuckyThu. Dec 2, 2010

I know what you mean, our town was always nice and peaceful then one day all these blacks and mexicans moved in. To make a long story short, we had our own gang wars and drug dealers pretty much overnight. The good news is that some of our people here ran most of them out of the area.

Back when I was a kid in school I was contastly tormented by black children who called me a cracker, ganged up on me like cowards, etc. But no one would help me because I'm white.

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Posted By: National SocialistThu. Dec 2, 2010

Why do so many whites hate Hitler? We should be hailing him as the greatest white who ever lived.

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Posted By: White ManFri. Dec 3, 2010

I don't believe a word of this. Money and Power are the real cause of racism. Whoever has the most money has the most power and control. It's simple politics. The only reason the average white person feels that blacks are racist.. because they have BET.. is the whites have most of the money and allow this to happen- to keep the people (blacks) that feel they are discriminated against happy and under control. It's call pacifying. Figure it out. It's always about the money, then comes power, then control. If the rich whites did not allow for it there would be rioting in the streets. Rich whites do not care about the average white man or if the average white man feels he is discriminated against . Because... what is an average white man, married with 2 kids going to do about it. Nothing!!!! And they know it.

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Posted By: MixolutionFri. Dec 3, 2010

Cheers to Egalitarian White Woman!
I have been posting on this site for the past few weeks in hopes to bring light to many of the items you bring up in your last post #347, i. e. fundamentally indoctrinated and institutionalized white privilege, white destructive and oppressive history (continued today), and marginalized minority groups, etc. I have been doing so because a) I am fascinated with the idea of race as a social-political-economic conflict, b) am trying to understand why people (whites on this site in particular-but extends to all races in general) are still upholding their prejudices, c) bring my perspective and experiences as someone who has overcome racial prejudices as well as co-created a bilingual and mixed-ethnic family. I have been trying to go about it all on this site with key historical evidence, personal experiences, humor, compassion and plain honesty.

Despite many of the tragically grotesque, un-evolved, immature, and downright ignorantly racist comments on this site, everyone who posts is NOT ignorant and racist. Some of us are trying to engage in serious dialogue about current race issues. I encourage you to continue reading and responding to potent content which may require some research and some new modes of thinking. It has done me good. I appreciate your last post as well.

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Posted By: MatthewFri. Dec 3, 2010

How will this go down in 2012 when the world would see itself turned on her head?

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Posted By: Funny ManFri. Dec 3, 2010

Why does a lion lick his asshole??? To get the taste of nigger out of his mouth !!!! Ahhhhh hahahahahaha

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Posted By: J.t.Sat. Dec 4, 2010

Somebody on here (actually, a few persons) said that whites have the power and control so there should be a BET and UNCF and NAACP and the like allowed to exist. False, I say. Don't think that "whitey" is in charge of everything. A black president? Not really. He's a black-mix, and he's anything but a great man. Still, these days you can be black and be in charge of anything... and if anything goes wrong you just pull the "race card" and get away with just about anything. Wow, how F-ed! Whites in charge? Not right now... but just keep provoking and it will happen again.

Also, "whitey" no longer has freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or freedom of religion. If "whitey" did have these things (first amendment rights) then he could say nigger and spick and diaper-head and whatnot as easy as those not white can say cracker and pastey and redneck and hick and white-trash. As far as the freedom of religion goes, "whitey" can't have a religion that is geared toward those that are white.

On a different note let's discuss "African-American. " Are you from Africa? Are your parents from Africa? I didn't think so. You're BLACK! Just like I'm white; I'm not German-American or Irish-American or whatever-American... I'm WHITE!

Switching gears again I want to show my approval for something mentioned by someone not too long ago (posting #325 by Alex The Confederate). You got it right on the money about the being hated by your own race (or color, for my example). Do you remember when black folks were saying that Wayne Brady wasn't "black" enough? So he spoke with eloquence and properly pronounced his English... so what? So he didn't speak like a mumble-mouth... so what? Was he talking too white? Oh, whatever. Have you heard him lately? WHAT A CHANGE! NOW, Wayne "beebada-bobbada-mumba-mout" Brady sounds just like the black folks wanted him to sound... ghetto-ridiculous; talk about giving into pressure. There is NOTHING in your DNA that says you have to be black mumble-mouth... it's just stupid. Should every mexican speak like the stereotypical mexican? Okay, most do... I'll give you that...

Those that are white are sick of getting stomped on and told they are wrong for being proud to be white while every other race/color get away with their pride. When s*it goes down in a really heavy way, you only have YOUR racist-against-whites asses to blame when you have your turn licking the bottom of the boots.

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Posted By: Funny ManSat. Dec 4, 2010

thats right. Oscama is not black. He was raised by white people and he is a Malato. There will never be a black man in the Oval Office.

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Posted By: AussieSun. Dec 5, 2010

Death to Abo scum

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Posted By: JonSun. Dec 5, 2010

blacks get 1 month all other 11 is white history month

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Posted By: RickSun. Dec 5, 2010

Anfama, where are you? I can't wait to laugh at your attempt to write a book. Who did you hire to do your anti-spam math? I'm proud to be white. I'm extremely proud not to be like you.

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Posted By: RachelSun. Dec 5, 2010


It's comforting to know that there are people out there like me. I wait patiently for the day that we (intelligent white supremacists) will reclaim what is rightfully ours. Don't let the comments of others bother you, when the day comes, we will need footsoldiers ;)

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Posted By: J.t.Mon. Dec 6, 2010

I get so sick of hearing the justification for having black history month and BET; the excuse being that "all 11 months are white history months" and that all the other channels are for whites. Bulls**t! Like Anfama was saying, look at the Affirmative Action's impact on casting for movies/television shows/plays/etc... Regardless of that, we are not taught only about whites in U. S. history because we are taught about HISTORY and what happened (and who was involved and the many cultures that are a part of that history). The history we are taught is NOT exclusively white.

What about the 3rd Monday in January? That's Martin Kink Junior's observed birthday... and it's an observed holiday (schools closed, a number of businesses closed, banks closed, city buses not running in many cities... ). What about Washington's birthday? It's been changed to President's Day and it is NOT an observed holiday. WTF?! That was the first president of this country! That's f-ed up.

Here's what I think is really going on: our own government is allowing these kind of issues to exist and they even throw gasoline-soaked wads of crumpled history on the already growing fires. What do politicians get out of this? They get control. I mean, race/color/gender wars will continue to escalate (look at our p. o. s. current president that is doing whatever he can to block Arizona from enforcing immigration laws that NEED to be enforced because he says it is "unconstitutional" but illegals aren't part of our constitution... THE CITIZENS ARE). Things will get so bad that our government will declare a police state to take control. At that point it won't matter what color/race/gender you are; what will matter is what power and money you have... along with what associations/connections you have.

I propose everyone of every color/race/gender/religion focus on the government first, take the power back from the government, give it back to the people (WE THE PEOPLE), and THEN focus on everything else after. I understand white pride; I'm white and I'm damned proud to be. But the separation of colors/religions/genders/races at this point in our existence needs to be put aside or we won't have a choice in anything we do. Think about it, why would the government NOT fortify our mexican border and yet they keep giving illegals more and more rights/options/benefits? Why are troops ordered to protect opium fields in Afghanistan? Social unrest and chaos is what they want! A POLICE STATE is what they want.

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Posted By: You Don't Need To Know. You JuTue. Dec 7, 2010

You bunch of freaking Hicks. Get out of the 1800's and learn to just deal with things without blaming another race. There are idiotic people in EVERY RACE, ours included. If people want to call you racist, then that's their absolutely ridiculous problem. It's when you give them a reason to do so that you've lowered yourself to their level, whether you be Black, White, Asian or Latino. Put your useless grudges aside and learn to be part of the Human race... Which really is the only one that matters.

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Posted By: BreezeTue. Dec 7, 2010

i am white and southern still fly the gray and red not in hate in pride southern pride. I see people from other countries who live here and fly there flags nothing said abouth them . but I fly mine and catch hell from everyone . we go to war drop bombs then send money to rebuild the place we just blew up whats wrong with that fuc;;;g picture . we send money to hati to rebuild but let our own people live in a tent . we send our industry and jobs over seas and borders then buy the s*** back from them. the gov wants to stop unemployment . ok. bring back our industry and jobs and send the wets back the ragheads back the gooks and chinks back then you have america back the white man and the black man ant taking away from you yhe gov is giving it away . all we fought for is gone stop and think more and more taken every day our gov did not gain us our freedom guts guns and people with balls did

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Posted By: White In CanadaTue. Dec 7, 2010

Apparently some people have got the wrong message of what this site promotes. It does not promote hate and violence, but rather love and preservation of the white race. LOVE AND PRESERVATION OF THE WHITE RACE is more important now than ever.

The systematic destruction of the white race is not happening in the older generation, but rather in the white children that are growing up in these times. They are being "re-programmed" as soon as they enter school and society to believe that we are the "feces of the species. "

With kids growing up in an enviroment where they see and learn for themselves that it is almost illegal to promote anything white (much less white pride), taught, demoralized and made to feel ashamed in school that we are forever the "demons" of the human race because of colonializim and what our ancestors did to other races, seeing the unfair advantages other races are getting over us eg: affirmitive action and employment equity, all black and native schools, "free" grant money for education and buisness, thier own T. V networks and the list goes on and on.

What can whites have that they can call thier own? Nothing but thier heritage. To even suggest such a thing you are labelled racist and sub-human. Why is it that only whites can be racist?

The dismemberment of the white race is happening now, but we will not see and feel the full effects for about another 10-20 years from now when the kids now are adults. That is why it is important to fight back for our rightful place in society NOW and to bring our children up with absolute WHITE PRIDE.

Otherwise, the next generations of whites will grow up feeling they are inferior, devalued and deserve nothing more than the crumbs from societites table.

If you do not have absolute love for the white race, then have it for your kids, so that they will be able to enjoy rich and fullfilling lives and not made to feel that they only belong at other minonities feet.

The fight is now, but it is the white children who have everything to lose.


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Posted By: White In CanadaWed. Dec 8, 2010

One more thing. I am so sick and tired of hearing "You have done this to my people so now you owe us. "

I am no more a slave trader today as you are a victim of the past.

" Those who make peaceful evolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. " John F Kennedy.

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Posted By: TimWed. Dec 8, 2010

I absolutely agree with everything that's been posted here. And I love the fact that people are finally taking a stand for the White Race... The Right Race!

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Posted By: Erik From FloridaWed. Dec 8, 2010

Everything that you stated makes sense, and as on other gentleman wrote, "I Am no more a slave trader than you are a slave". Take a look around, we are all slaves to something presently. We are free, but the traps are carefully set in place.

When it first came out, I liked hip hop, when it seemed harmless. Over the years, thanks to Jew controlled MTV, it has become a large part of young white culture. It is diseasing our youth with it's materialistic and flashy values, promotion of alcohol and drugs, deviant sexual behavior and worst of all , mixed race relationships.

The media is very powerful and most people, whatever their race, and whether they notice it or not assimilate with what's appearing on the glowing magic box in their living room. The Jews just sit back and laugh at their handiwork.

I saw this gay ass video game commercial, with a black boy putting his lips on a young white girl with braces. That's not OK with me, In fact it pissed me off.

Be who you are as a race, that's fine, but have some pride and breed within your own.

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Posted By: Erik From Florida Wed. Dec 8, 2010

Anfama, I like that... . . "self hating, white race traitor" Right on... . you are good folk!

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Posted By: AnonymousWed. Dec 8, 2010

No. The answer for the betterment of this country is not through hate. You complain of how you are unequally treated but mybe it is time to forgive and move on. America can not improve if you hate all that which makes it better than the extremists we fight. Only through unity can we show we are the best country. We are the mutts that will be the best o the best.

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Posted By: White In CanadaThu. Dec 9, 2010

To Anonymous:

Why strive for excellence, I am already white.

Take your rhetoric to the complainers, whiners and beggars. Everyone else but whites and see how THEY view your forgivness speach.

Review my post #184.

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Posted By: MixolutionThu. Dec 9, 2010

Its funny how ALL the FEMALES on this site ALWAYS post something much more potent and intellectually stimulating than any of the dumb ass, ignorant, worthless Tim, J. T. , Rick, Steadfatst9, John, Aussie, or dumbs*** #5.

Way to go Stacy D. and Egalitarian White Woman for rising above all the other dumbs***s on this site!

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Posted By: MeThu. Dec 9, 2010

you crazy all. just speaking. . no1 will do something... so shut up. . be proud and do something ... or be proud and shut up. I am white. . so? not american , like you... somewhere in Europe(Romania)... but let be honest we just like to argue. . what they do to you ( black peoples ) ? . . you never smoke drugs??, you never fck a black woman or a chinesse??, you don't listen 50 Cent or T-pain or idk Rick Ross??... . maybe is better to shut up... all have's other opinion... we are different like coulor, body and face... but all of us have soul... love you all!! have a great day/month/year!!!

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Posted By: BillThu. Dec 9, 2010

Civil Rights Movement Comes of Age in Second Life

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Posted By: Tyrone ShoesFri. Dec 10, 2010

you are such a f***ing fag! true proud white folk don't need to get on a computer, or as your parents call it , the smart thinkin tv, speaking of your parents has the whole brother sister f***in thing ever become a problem. you ought to get your 400lb. ass off of that chair and do something other than beating your dick with pictures of your 11 year old sister in your head. I hate niggers, spics and all the mud people but I hate soft fat klebold fantasizing faggots who give niggers their milk money and then get on their computer and get tough worse

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Posted By: Tyrone ShoesFri. Dec 10, 2010

i wish I knew where you were so I could smack you. you make real white men look like pussies. don't be on our side fatboy, you make us look bad

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Posted By: Tyrone ShoesFri. Dec 10, 2010

i hope when you and your mom/aunt are done f***in you actually get a clue this from a philadelphia nigger hater

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Posted By: MeFri. Dec 10, 2010

Whiteeeeeeeeeeeeeee. . we the best ever. . ya let's kill them. . ohh but not yet?. . let's wait another 2000 years, maybe we finish to post here our opinions and argue like fcking idiots. . because of that they win all the time . . cuz they are together. . we just fight about who have's right. . but still I see blacks on the street . .

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Posted By: Eric 14 WordsFri. Dec 10, 2010

i agree 100% enough said.

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Posted By: RaySat. Dec 11, 2010

God, I agree on the most part. I get so angry at all the minorities that call the whites "racist" for showing support of their race, throwing an insult or name and then calling the whites racist when they respond equally, etc. The list goes on and on. Years ago I used to see no point in racism, but through the years I found faults with our society and grew progressively angrier at them, now I show support for my race. Especially above all others. To say a white man or woman is racist because they support their race is absurd. Would you favor another race above your own? Of course not, no matter who you are! That's not racist. That's the human mind. That's fair. That's right. I'm sick of these minorities, especially blacks and Arabs, and want to do something about it. I wish the rest of Americas white would feel the same and realize the faults of the minorities, the righteousness of every word posted on this page WITHOUT being afraid of being called a racist or a Nazi. Thats whats holding us back; fear. We need to raise our heads, hearts, and fists and take action. The time is now, there is no later.

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Posted By: RaySat. Dec 11, 2010

Also, to OMG, you are a prime example to the lack of intelligence of the black race. Anfama at least provided a reasonably ideal end to your argument, providing facts and decent correct statements argued with you, and so many times, all you could fire back with were petty excuses for irrelevant and false insults. Your brain capacity and darky IQ doesn't even COMPARE with Anfama's, you just never had the pride and balls to admit it, so you tried to make up for it by trying to make yourself feel better. However, good luck seeing it, everything about you and your race is inferior, and intelligence doesn't match up to the whites, you're simply a disgrace to your putrid race, only making it wholly stupider than it already is. Thank you.

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Posted By: MeSun. Dec 12, 2010

Ray , why you provoke OMG to say something?is worthless. . words. . like you said. . Let's do something!! without speaking.

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Posted By: White DudeSun. Dec 12, 2010

You racist dips***s are so f***ing stupid, and you know it! Inside your pathetic little brains you completely realize how absolutely worthless you are. That is why you turn to the simplicity of racism. If it wasn't for blacks in this country, our music would suck so f***ing bad. Lots of things would suck. We would have the blandest food ever... . White Power bands wouldn't even exist, considering we basically stole rock n roll from blacks... Grow the f*** up crackers and stop being complete embarrassments to "our" race... .

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Posted By: RedwoodSun. Dec 12, 2010

Any whites who are angered and have been through tribulations due to non whites should check this web site out!!!! Thank you!! 14/88


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Posted By: To Amfama And OthersWed. Dec 15, 2010

What is stated above is SOO CORRECT! Why is it Blacks and Latino's, and others cry about why they live in such bad neighborhoods, with driveby's and Violence, "WHEN IT IS THEM" who are doing it to themselves?? You can't honestly say it's Whites can you? NOOO! I don't promote violence to any certain race, but stop crying and lying, and blaming us whites when it is "CLEARLY YOU WHO ARE THE PROBLEMS IN YOUR OWN SOCIETY'S! The "CLEAR" Difference between WHITES and other races is when we want what is BEST for ourselves, we make it happen! When you all want something you "DO NOT" make it happen, so you you cry, complain, and BLAME us for what YOUR promlem is! Look at ALLL the help you get (See above) and YET you still live disgusting, filthy, violent lives!! Stop Pointing fingers and if you can't stand when we whites have something to say about "YOUR" bullsht, then catch a plane, Train, or just swim to where you REALLY come from!!!!!!!!1

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Posted By: CmanThu. Dec 16, 2010

well done

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Posted By: GregThu. Dec 16, 2010

I am White but, White people have only made up the majority of North America in resent years for the large majority of the history of the continent Native Americans were the majority. It was their home. The White man came and took it away from them unjustly by slaughtering them and starving them by killing Buffalo. We did not give them a choice. How have we come to think of this as our America, and that it is our right to be the majority, to control the country. We are complaining about racial slurs, and jobs(by the way the facts are that generally Hispanics have low- income jobs, so if your competing with them for a job, you have probably made some bad life choices, and should probably re-evaluate your life and get a college degree) at least we are not being slaughtered without mercy. There is no mandate from God, Allah, Science, etc... that says White people should control America.

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Posted By: LandsendThu. Dec 16, 2010

I agree that society calls white people racist for promoting white organizations. Maybe there should be a Caucasian college fund and fight it in court. I just don't understand What homosexuals have anything to do with what you are arguing. There are plenty of white homosexuals, and there is a 10% chance anyone may have a homosexual child (regardless of race). And just to clear it up, Mexican/Latino/Hispanic isn't a race- they are Nationalities and Ethnic groups of other races, including whites.

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Posted By: ToddFri. Dec 17, 2010

I agree with Landsend. I am so proud to be white but I also just happen to be gay. My partner is white too. If we could drop some of the problems between us, (straights and gays) We could accomplish things together. The bottom line is we're proud to be white too.

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Posted By: DavidSat. Dec 18, 2010

A few observations,

I hear a lot of white people complain about how we are losing a population advantage to blacks and hispanics. But has it occured to anyone that this is easily solved by simply having more children? Most of my friends complain about the shift in population but few of them have chosen to have children and those that have only have one or two. Anyone who is not contributing to the population has no right to complain about this.

People complain about the media and who controls it. The media makes money through advertising. If you don't like the media that is out there stop watching it and reading it and stop buying from those who are advertising in the media you don't like. Take it one step further and write to those advertisers and tell them why you are boycotting them.

A couple of years ago a fever took over this country and the result was the first black president. The Blacks did not put him in office. Neither did the Hispanics. The majority of voters are still white in this country. The only way he got in was because enough white people voted for him. The majority will always rule in this country but the only way we can maintain a majority is if we keep adding to our white population. And stop voting for idiots.

While the current politically correct atmosphere makes difficult the use of "White Pride" as a slogan, we can express our pride and declare it publicly by being just slightly more specific. I alternate between wearing "Celtic Pride, " "English Pride, " and "German Pride" Sweatshirts to work all the time and nobody bats and eye and where I work are mostly Hispanics and Asians. They think nothing of it. And if you are not as sure of your genealogy as I am wear the good old "USA Pride" as I also do.

One last note, I very successfully forced my employer to have all the Hugo Chavez posters taken down as I made a very logical case for how they were offensive to me.

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Posted By: DavidSat. Dec 18, 2010

There are a huge number of organizations which promote white pride very successfully and very publically and nobody seems to be offended by us.

I shall list some of them:

The New England Historic Genealogical Society. While recently infultrated by a very small number of non whites, this organization is almost exclusively white and promotes white heritage by supporting the genealogical and historical research of early American settlers who by definition are almost entirely white.

The Sons of the American Revolution. Exclusive membership for only those who can prove descent from a veteran of the American Revolution. Since virtually all such veterans were white and nearly all of their descendents are white this is a principally white organization. Until fairly recently this was exclusively white but for political reasons they were forced to permit some blacks. In reality there are almost no non whites who belong or participate in this organization and the few who do can be regarded as token.

NHSCOT (New Hampshire Highland Games) This the official website for the New Hampshire Highland Games. You won't see too many non white faces in the crowd at this one and believe me we express our pride quite vocally.

These are just the ones I belong to.

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Posted By: Sean The White BoySat. Dec 18, 2010

black people are not racist like us white people we are sick in the head we are wrong look how we think just read these comments its proof

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Posted By: JohnnyrottonSun. Dec 19, 2010

hey Sean the black boy. You are not white you are black. So don't post on here like you are one of the disgusted white people. Maybe your right, no blacks are racist it is just are imagination. YOUR F***ED!Not all are but they are raised to hate whites. Do you live in a hole? You don't have to agree with what white people post on here either.

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Posted By: Erik From Florida Mon. Dec 20, 2010

David, you are obviously an intelligent person. I respectfully disagree that having more children is the answer to anything. More of the human race is not going to make the world a better place, black, brown yellow or white. I personally believe that we need to reform the welfare system, and stop paying people to have children. If this would affect more minorities, so be it.

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Posted By: Quarterback 16 AbccMon. Dec 20, 2010

I hate Niggers and Sand Niggers, Jews and Chinks, Beaners and Liberals, and the french...

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Posted By: EMon. Dec 20, 2010

white pride day is Columbus day and thanksgiving!!! and I'm I the only one that finds people using the word "nigger" in the 21st century hilarious!! xD

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Posted By: Hard Working CrackerTue. Dec 21, 2010

WTF. Greg are you serious? Some of us white people did not get a 5 star education. Our parents where hard working Americans who worked long and hard to get what little we had. Those hard working Americans today have lost almost every thing due to one simple fact. MEXICO.

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Posted By: Robert DeanTue. Dec 21, 2010

It is rapidly approaching the time where we will all be carrying weapons to defend ourselves in our own homes from the wave of illegals and others looking to steal the American dream from us, the citizens. And frankly, it is cheaper to bust a cap in them, than risk a heart attack.

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Posted By: Erik From Florida Wed. Dec 22, 2010

When I refer to white people, I don't include Jews .

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Posted By: White In CanadaWed. Dec 22, 2010

Check out and/or for arguments that demonstrates intelligence and pride in the white race with a touch of class. Not ego maniac, trailer trash rants.

Everything that I hope this site will be some day if we can weed out the people who only want to create animosity between each other.

Either way, big applause to all who love and support the betterment of the white race.

Never apologize for being white. no longer is there. It's just parked.

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Posted By: Your All StupidThu. Dec 23, 2010

Your all dumb people who are fags

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Posted By: A Human BeingFri. Dec 24, 2010

This website is fascinating and is indicative of a curious aspect of the human psyche. Nowhere in the animal kingdom do you see a pride of lions dividing themselves based on who has a longer mane or a brighter coat.

I do not hate whites, and the idea that someone will just accuse me of that without even meeting or knowing me is in itself offensive. I actually pity anyone who has so much hate in them that they can't see how screwed up that way of thinking is.

All that I ask is that you please don't hurt someone of color just because you hate them. If you hate us that's your problem, but if you hurt someone then that's freakin' evil.

I really wish I knew what I had to do or say to show you haters that you have no reason to hate anyone and that you are just being paranoid. I hope that if you have kids, or if you do now, that you allow them to think for themselvs instead of filling their heads with propaganda and your own biased notions.

Please just try to meet a minority and make a minority friend you may be very surprised is all that I'm saying.

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Posted By: Politically CorrectFri. Dec 24, 2010

I don't hate niggers, I just don't like them. It's just that niggers are so stupid and ugly.

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Posted By: Suzy HallSun. Dec 26, 2010


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Posted By: TomMon. Dec 27, 2010

People from different ethnic backgrounds/cultures can not truly co-exist with one another, study up on your history. As far back as history has been recorded there is evidence of this. As a civilization we have become more tolerant of each other, but as the economic system collapses the tolerance is going to dissipate. I'll give you two big keys as to why the economy isn't getting any better. 1)Immigration which puts Americans out of work because immigrants will work for wages much lower than Americans can or will. 2) Free money programs that pay for poor people to breed like dogs in heat. Intelligent people do not have children when they know they can not afford them. Eliminating these 2 factors would improve life in America. We also need to eliminate habitual criminals.

America has not seen the worst of the economy collapse, as the economy worsens we will see civil unrest a breakdown of society and race wars. At that point you will have to pick a side.

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Posted By: Laborer Local 6 ChicagoMon. Dec 27, 2010

Post# 404. I read this to my wife. I told her I'm not the only one who truly believes this. She got a tear in her eye and says she hopes this won't happen... ... it's coming... . . be prepared!

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Posted By: JasonTue. Dec 28, 2010

Its not about white people hating all the other races like alot of people think, its about the fact that if our white women keep having babies with other races that our white race will be extinct eventually. That shouldnt be a concern to only white people but every race that exists, if people want to speak their mind in a negative way about that specific subject than they themselves are probably a "VICTIM" of being born a half breed. Dont speak jibberish about my race wanting to preserve our white heritage for our future generations to come. If you wish to have sex with another race as sick an disgusting as it sounds, please use protection, because if you get pregnant with them your not doing the child any favors. your child is not viewed as a half white child he/she is viewed as the race that it is mixed with an that is already a strike against them an that isnt fair for the child. White Pride isnt a group of rednecks who hate niggers, its a movement whos cause is saving WHITE AMERICA!

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Posted By: Good PointTue. Dec 28, 2010

I read your post what you said. You have a good point. Well... . In general, white people do have a very bad reputation for what they did violently to the whole non-white world from the past to present days. Racists are everywhere, not just the white people being racist. A racist can be anybody else based on their ignorance. I'm mostly Afro-American myself but I do have European and Native American ancestry in my blood from both of my parents sides. There is nothing wrong with Rednecks having their own Southern flags since it is a part of their history. I have mine. The best thing is not to mind any black people calling you racist, just ignore them. As you can see, there is no improvement within black American communities, the Caribbeans, Latin Americas and Africa. All I can say that most black Americans are no better than Eritreans who rebuild their own new independent country Eritrea separated from Ethiopia (located in east Africa).

By the way, I don't think that a white race will become extinct by impregnating non-white women because my biracial niece looks like 80% European with Caucasian hair and she still can be seen as a white person taking sun-tanning. Her natural human mimic (behavior) is very Caucasian. Even when I was with some white women, they told me that my body is like Caucasian as they were surprised. So, there is no big deal. If biracial people like Mulattoes, for instance, keep marrying other Mulattoes within their own group, they will have 50% chance to have blue-eyed blond Caucasian children that shows the white race will never disappear into the extinction. Keep in your mind all humans have blueprints inside DNA to produce that never change, they copy from each parent, also can pass from grandparents or through parents. Therefore. I think you white people are doing fine and stop worry about your race being extinct. Light up!!

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Posted By: A AsianTue. Dec 28, 2010

Since when did I prohibit your actions? The majority of your problems are caused by your own race. I don't mind racism as long as it's not offensive.

Non-offensive racism?

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Posted By: SoratakanoWed. Dec 29, 2010

Racists are everywhere. And so is the owner of this site. Am I right?

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Posted By: TlhThu. Dec 30, 2010

I know of one church that recently had a Kwanzaa service all in the interest of political correctness. Do we all know the purpose behind Kwanzaa? Edification of African culture. And African people, even those in diaspora. If white poeple tried this, we'd be called racists.

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Posted By: GuyFri. Dec 31, 2010

You know, I am not racist, I don't believe in dislinking a race - individuals, on the other hand, I have no problem disliking. Hate is a waste of MY energy so I don't bother. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR INTRO!!! I have been preaching this same list to my 'friends of color' . . . which, by the way, is the same as 'colored friends' but somehow mo' betta. Love this and I will definately be back to read more but it is new years and i'm just getting off work so I don't wanna be here too long.

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Posted By: GuysoSat. Jan 1, 2011

there is no such thing as race you f***ing moron. we're all humans, we can f*** and have babies. that means we're the same f***ing species. That's all there is to it, genius. Look, you can be pissed off about stupid ideas and aggressive ignorance all you want. . but when you start trying to use other peoples idiocy as an excuse to impose your own stupidity. You can go f*** yourself.

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Posted By: Cmon NowSun. Jan 2, 2011

i have seen some of the dumbest things of all time written on this site. some have said that "1 in 3 niggers" is GUARANTEED to go to jail. if you can believe that this is true, you need to be educated, you know this isnt true

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Posted By: HahahahhahahahhaSun. Jan 2, 2011

so do you guys like thing you can win or something? like honestly, do you think you can bring this country back to the segregated times, or slavery, or an all-white country, or whatever the f*** you're trying to accomplish? seriously, what do you think you can do? this country has moved on, and you've all been left behind. WE ELECTED A BLACK PRESIDENT. seriously, are you all so nieve, as to think you can "eliminate niggers" or whatever you're trying to do? get real, we're in the 21st century, and you're clearly stuck in the past, which is why white supremecy cannot, and WILL NOT grow.

don't get me wrong. I am black, proud, and reasonable. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with being proud of being white and your heritage. nothing at all. in fact I encourage it. but if you want to eliminate other races from The United States of America, then you are nieve, and ignorant.

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Posted By: White Power 101Sun. Jan 2, 2011

Post 353 -
2012 is the year that obama will not be re-elected and of course this is when the ghetto monkeys will act up. At this time, I do believe most middle class whites will have had enough of the bulls*** from niggers, illegal immigration and the economic instability. Instead of being reserved we will start cleaning house.


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Posted By: White Power 101Mon. Jan 3, 2011

Why do black people have a natural funk

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Posted By: PhilMon. Jan 3, 2011

i grew up terrorized by blacks robbed jumped by 10 of them to myself robbed of grocery's I could go on and on but I won't they are taking over and I wish we could stop it before its too late...

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Posted By: Matt From ColoradoMon. Jan 3, 2011

I agree. I get called racist for even talking about white pride, I used to hate Hitler but now he's one of my heros because he helped save our white nation, without the Nazi party more white Americans and whites around the world wouldn't care about there people. HEIL HITLER 14/88

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Posted By: RandyTue. Jan 4, 2011

why is it that it is aceptable to say the word "hillbilly" but if you use the word nigger it is unaceptable

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Posted By: Erik From Florida Tue. Jan 4, 2011

Hey black guy with white slut, heard of any of the news that's going on in Africa? Black people left alone do plenty of greedy, evil, warlike deeds. Slavery was wrong, I admit, but when slavery was abolished, we should have apologized, gave you a severance check and shipped your asses back to Africa. You instead , get to live in a free country, with plenty of opportunity, and a welfare system that I'm sure several in your family are collecting from. You even get to screw a whore white race traitor. Hey if you think about it, not so bad, right darkey! Maybe you'll stop complaining about your, boohoo oppression, because you definitely wouldn't be doing any better in Africa.

You even get to vote! Speaking of, most of y'all voted for Obama, because he is black, just like I didn't. Good luck with the anti-spam math, if you reply, boy.

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Posted By: Erik From Florida Tue. Jan 4, 2011

Guido the genius, try telling the rest of the world there is no such thing as race. Race and species are different. Race is more closely related to ethnicity. Your emotion and bad words are cute, but your just showing who the real idiot is.

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Posted By: TylerWed. Jan 5, 2011

Ok first of all you guys are all retarded for even thinking about putting something like this up for debate, first of all, we were the ones who tortured, and segregated the blacks to no end. I think that they finally deserve something for themselves.

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Posted By: Joe MatthewsThu. Jan 6, 2011

i think we should have segragation

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Posted By: Nigger HaterThu. Jan 6, 2011

rap you can not spell crap with out it !! wanted must be willing to travel " one skinny nigger for a belt drive harley davidson" hey what sucks about being a jewish nigger ... you got to sit in the back of the oven...

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Posted By: Erik From FloridaThu. Jan 6, 2011

Tyler, maybe you tortured the blacks and segregated them to no end, but I sure as hell didn't. That's why I, and probably many others are frustrated from this"reverse" racism crap that's going on. That's like persecuting a two year old child of German descent for what the Nazis did.

I'm not saying it's right, but slavery is what made it economically viable to build some of the greatest empires in history such as the Incas, the Romans the Egyptians, the United States, etc. People of all colors have been forced into slave labor throughout history.

Coincidentally, some study of history will tell you that most of the slaves from Africa were not captured, they were sold to the traders from other Africans.

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Posted By: Erik From Florida Thu. Jan 6, 2011

Black is great. Tan is grand. White is the Color of big boss man!

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Posted By: Mason17Fri. Jan 7, 2011

Its going to take guns and balls to get the respect back for the white race. Dont back down, if you see a white man in battle be quick to help him for the whole white race. Whites need to come togeather as one to rise. They did it, nows its are turn. Stand tall and be proud!

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Posted By: WhitepowerSun. Jan 9, 2011


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Posted By: White Power 88 Sun. Jan 9, 2011

Everything is sooo true above, these parasites come into our country and treat us like crap and because of them I have to press 1 for english. I should not have to this a white mans country, go back home your not welcome

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Posted By: Indian (hindustani)Sun. Jan 9, 2011

This is only to a guy named Ramesh Pandey who has posted his comment on this site. I am an Indian too. You are saying you hate your Indian blood because probably you were not born in India. This country is known for its rich culture, diversity and status of fast emerging democracy in the world. Millions of patriotic people sacrificed their lives for its freedom.

I am proud of my Indian blood and I owe to my country.

Human history is full of wars, discrimination and abuse.
If you say somebody was wrong, you were also wrong.
The only way is Co-operation.
Don't think like a cheap person and close this sort of nuisance website.

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Posted By: ChinkMon. Jan 10, 2011

Tell me, when was the last time you were car-jacked by a slant eye? We Asians are the "Other White Meat" and we shouldn't be grouped with blacks.

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Posted By: 4xtraMon. Jan 10, 2011

you guys kill me ... So you say that blacks are molesters??

Do the research. The average sex offender is college educated, over 40, and WHITE MALE

The reason why you think like that is because you guys have had a bad experience with none other than "pookie and Leon " Not all black people act like that .

That is why I do NOT watch the news because they make blacks look BAD.

That is the very reason why white people are so scared of blacks is because of the stuff they see on TV at night

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Posted By: Whatyousay?Mon. Jan 10, 2011

The very need to declare yourself superior contraindicates your argument. If you were clearly superior, it would show in every aspect of life, yet it does not. You measure intelligence very narrowly and by rules designed to insure that only people with very specialized training/education measure up. Are whites superior in the Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence type, or music, or art, or any place where there is a level playing field? They are not. Yet all of those things are measures of intelligence and/or superiority in some areas.

You dig a pit, throw people in it, stomp on their hands when they try to climb out, and you blame them for bleeding on your territory. You then congratulate yourself for your superiority in being able to do that.

My advice to you is accept who you are and the gifts God has given you, but also recognize God has given us all gifts and it is only through everyone maximizing their potential that this world will be made better. You can let go of the hate... . breathe deep and just release it... You don't have to be superior to have a place, we all have a place.

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Posted By: KeithMon. Jan 10, 2011

As long as there are people like you. . and me. . and many, many others, be they black, white, orange, green, tan or crimson and cream (alma mater), these type of idiots won't take the world over. What we need to do is continue to speak up and speak out. Those of us who are sensible and believe that we can all live together in harmony must start speaking out and letting these other neanderthals know that they CANNOT lead and they do not, under ANY circumstances, speak for the majority. I applaud you, my Brother...

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Posted By: Whitegirl1488Mon. Jan 10, 2011

I agree with everything stated above the comments. . Us whites need to rise up and send all the riff raff back to their own countries they need to leave us to our country and stop polluting our white women with their nasty seeds.

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Posted By: Sumyung Guy Mon. Jan 10, 2011

dont be racist nigger

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Posted By: Aryan OutcastsTue. Jan 11, 2011

I agree with you 100 percent. WHITE PRIDE

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Posted By: White Power 101Thu. Jan 13, 2011

In response to post 432
The news does not make black people look bad, black people make black people look bad. So you went on the Ohio Department of Corrections website and pulled up several mugshots of white men who are sexual predators. Well, how many white men are in prison for sex crimes against minors versus how many white men live in the state. Then pull up the same information for black men and I guarantee you the percentage will be higher for black men.

Where I live in Florida you can pull up criminals in prison by race for various crimes. In florida; although, the number of blacks that commit sex crimes is lower the percentage is higher than whites considering the total population of whites and blacks. Also when you search for crimes commuted by whites the hispanics are included in the search, not reflecting an accurate count between hispanics and whites.

Here is the kicker between whites black and hispanics, whites are the highest population with lowest percentage of criminals. Then, you got the blacks with the lowest amount of people, but with the highest percent of crime.

Since I know Ohio is being over run with monkeys I am sure the crime statistics there are similar to Florida.

Black males in prison or probation in florida for sex crimes, which most were against juveniles is 4, 702. Total blacks in Florida is 2, 799, 699 according to US census Bureau, unfortunately it does not tell what percentage is male or female.

White males in prison or probation in florida for sex crimes is 10, 352 now keep in mind that is not a true count of whites since hispanics are included with whites. Total whites in Florida is 17, 891, 354. Now you do the math and your research.

this is all verifiable

Any way you slice it and dice blacks are more prone to commit crimes than any other race.

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Posted By: White Power 101Thu. Jan 13, 2011

here is the solution just nuke all the prison and jails and whoever else has the urge to commit a crime white or black

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Posted By: Blackman From FlintThu. Jan 13, 2011

Until u realize that god made us as equals you won't understand nor grasp the concept of life as itself. You spend all day hating one race or down playing another you forget about upholding your own. Yea we have an entire month to hear about our history but we hear about yours every f***in day in history class, 2 ok yea we have one television channel, but did u forget about the other 3 or 4 hundred more owned by white MEN, no I don't think your racist if you have mixed feelings about someone or. Another race because its only natural, but to be completely honestly my best friends. And "whiteboys" but that's the last thing I look at on them is the color different in our skin completion. Why single out a group of innocent people and categorize them with the ignorant ones? Hell I've met just as many ignorant dumb ass "white" people as I have "black" so how in the hell do u think your superior to me in any kind of way. Oh and another thing about. 40 percent of these "black" colleges are filled wit"white" girls.

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Posted By: WpThu. Jan 13, 2011

I'm tired of the blacks runnen around with the white girls god made you black for a reason so stay with your color and stop making our race as dirty as yours

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Posted By: TankgirlThu. Jan 13, 2011

i completely agree

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Posted By: An IdeaThu. Jan 13, 2011

There is no superior group, maybe you should not focus so much on the differences but the love that will bring us together. What do you gain through hate of others.

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Posted By: AmyThu. Jan 13, 2011

I'm a victim of a Church that's using CIA SPY equipment. A typical day for me is hearing people talk all day long using electronical equipment. The voices accured during a church service, this church is call Mount Gilead in Chesterfield county VA.

The people are using this technology to program their members to pay their tithes and offering. I'm a victim because I can actually hear them talk using these electronical devices. At times it sounds as if someone using me to talk to other people. I hear them and I can write all of their transactions.

This church is an African American Mega Church it has a track record of scamming members out of there money. Last year some church members were imprisoned for stealing 6 million dollars from some of the members at this church. The couple was Darreyl and Cy Underwood they partnered with a realitor company called Woodbridge. However this couple was accused of stealing and scamming church members out of there homes by refinancing their morage. But never did they pocket the money, they was programmed. Yet this church was involved, due to most of the victims that lost their home was members that attended Mount Gilead church in Chesterfield VA. The bishop and his organised electronal program "your programmed" is the mastermind behind all of this.

The Underwoods was sentenced to 15 years in prison. But it was the organized electronical church cult that programed them to steal the money, in other words electronical gang stalking.

This electronical gang stalking / harrassment is the "New get rich quick scam." Mount Gilead non Dem Church in Chesterfield VA are using some form of electronical harrassment to shock their members and program them to pay their tithes, also organize their family life and somehow program them to some electronical computer program. The device their using is so thin and light its hardly viable. The Bishop at this church is Daniel Robinson Jr. I tried to contact this bishop for the past 2 years but he doesn't respond to any of my messages personal. He does have his staff contact me and pray. This is beyond some bible study prayer the procedure that's used is electronically programing humans to follow his commands.

I'm tired of this I went to numerous therapist and psychologist. Still no help. Somehow this church is using military intelligence equipment to keep this horrible, mindgogging, torment. Everyday of my life they are in my thoughts.

Please help me its like my mind is "enslaved by people tormenting me".

There is a solution. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you then read the Bible for yourself. Go to for Bible-based study guides. Fill them out, do the study. The Bible will help to clear your mind and heal your brain.Get out of that church. Do the studies mentioned and they will lead you to a church that believes in God, not technology. It will give you peace.

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Posted By: Really?Fri. Jan 14, 2011

you people are so stupid.

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Posted By: White Power 101Fri. Jan 14, 2011

sounds like post 444 needs some medication, most church organizations are fraudulent scams. There is no god because the world is so evil and don't say that is satans doing, because he does not exist, if he did I would have sold my sole and I would be a millionaire. we live in a s*** whole where we all can't stand one another and when we die that is the end. people don't want to accept that when they die that is it, so they cling to the belief of god and heaven. wake up! Babies get raped and killed and you think there is a f***ing god.

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Posted By: Wp Fri. Jan 14, 2011

black man from flint is a dirty niger

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Posted By: Dr. WhiteeFri. Jan 14, 2011

I find this site very interesting. I will need to read more before I can comment at length. I really don't know if blacks are less intelligent than whites? From what I have seen they are more susceptible to harsh conditions. They dehydrate easier and go into kidney failure much quicker than whites. Blacks are more affected by the cold also. When put under anesthesia they respond horribly to it. I won't go into how our healthcare system is failing from people who suck off the tit of the government.

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Posted By: My Race SucksSun. Jan 16, 2011

im black and I wish I was white! death to my race!

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Posted By: ChristopherSun. Jan 16, 2011

WOW!!! This whole thing is crazy. Father in Jesus name I pray that you would send healing to this world. I rebuke the spirit of racis I'm on every level and in all cultures. I decree unity in this world. Forgivness and reconciliation to the entire human race. I decree love and exceptance in all cultures. I break the power of the enemy over the minds and lives of all racist people in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Posted By: Lj GoodwinSun. Jan 16, 2011

amen. I completley agre. why is it a black male can call another black male nigger but if I say it I'm racist. well hell with it I'm proud to be white and if that makes me a racist then so be it.

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Posted By: Lj GoodwinSun. Jan 16, 2011

you are f***in ignorant. read what this page talks about before you try and preach. if you don't like whats on this site then f***in leave. you are not wanted here anyway.

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Posted By: JesseMon. Jan 17, 2011

I got White Pride tattooed on me with no intent on it being a racial statement... I'm just proud to be white. . but everywhere I go people call me a racist and it pisses me off. . what makes me mad the most is when another white person says that Shit to me

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Posted By: White Power 101Mon. Jan 17, 2011

Yes Jesse, that s*** should piss you off. To the white people that put you down, f*** them it is because of white people like that bending over backwards to make all the other races feel accepted but s***ing on their own kind. F***ing race traders, it is the pussification of whites with no fortitude that is f***ing this country up. Just because you want to look out for your own kind first does not make you a racist, it is called self preservation you f***ing idiots. F***ing wake up you f***ing pussies!!!

As far as non whites posting on this site, go sell some crack or f*** your homeboy on the downlow.

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Posted By: Amy ATue. Jan 18, 2011

Think about this: Blacks carry on about how they are people of color yet all of them have either brown or black eyes and usually black hair. Whites, however, can have eyes that are blue, green, hazel, brown, violet or black and just as many natural hair colors! We are the true people of color, but like many things, the blacks have twisted and manipulated it to something belonging to the Negro. Just like they have made white people hate their white skin by portraying whites as wimpy fools who can`t dance, have made whites say the words `I`m so white!`, as though it is a bad thing! Remember to be proud of your skin color!

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Posted By: JessTue. Jan 18, 2011

This is ridiculous. I am half white and half black. The world is not this simple to me. White people in this country have always had more opportunities than the minorities which is why they made opportunities for themselves like their own college funds and by the way historically black schools give scholarships to white students in an attempt to make the schools more diverse, they don't exclude white people, you need to get your facts straight. Whites never needed a Civil Rights movement and why is a special day dedicated to white people needed? As far as I'm concerned you have your day every other day of the year. Blacks are people of color because they have a variety of skin tones, there is really only one shade of white.

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Posted By: JessTue. Jan 18, 2011

I am half white and half black. I have been ashamed of both sides. White people who hide behind a Confederate flag and old ideas shame me. The black people from my old neighborhood who sell drugs and carry guns shame me. White people who feel the word "nigger" is an acceptable term shame me. Black people who call white people crackers, honkeys, white trash and hicks shame me. The world doesn't owe any race any favors including white people, especially not white people.

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Posted By: White ChildTue. Jan 18, 2011

to the people who are proud to be white I am glad for you and to my fellow white supremacists I fully support you. but to you white people who are dating anyone outside your race and to those who support the minorities such as niggers... I have to say to you, that you are completely ignorant and stupid. I want you to open your eyes and think about this. what have the black people ever done for the world or for AMERICA? was it not white europeans that built America? yes. it was and is the white man that has prospered and still prospers. nationwide and globally. in africa there are places that have prospered only because the white man has built it. AFRICAN tribes SOLD THEIR OWN PEOPLE TO OUR ANCESTORS FOR LABOR. they were sold because they were and are NO GOOD!!! to the Jesus freak, (no offense to that) I believe in God but open your eyes, and look at africa other areas that are dominated by dark races. they are cursed. there is nothing but disease and famine all around them. they are ignorant. they have not flourished like us white people. sure God made us equally, but in my opinion, everyone prefers a fair fight. God gave us each a brain to use. they chose to be stupid and ignorant and trashy. while we on the other side of the fence chose to use our intelligence and be honorable, and upright. the white people deserve every positive thing and action come to him. my fellow white supremacists, keep up the good fight for you are not alone. it was only last year that that my cousin and I spotted a nigger walking down the road in front of our home, we literally ran him off our street and ran him and his family out of our predominantly white neighborhood. that my friends is a true story. I hope my words encourage you to do the same. keep your neighborhood clean and safe. make way for a brighter, more white future. WPWW!!!!

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Posted By: White ChildTue. Jan 18, 2011

I agree with mason17 , comment 427. help your brothers and sisters!!

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Posted By: I AgreeTue. Jan 18, 2011

I agree with the entire world of humans who feel you racist f***s should roll out of America if it's not suiting your preferences. ITS 2011! Get a f***ing grip, and understand that we are only moving forward as a country, clearly with no help from you all. So you can spend the rest of your short lives focusing on how to fix a problem with no possible solution, or you can roll out so we aren't subject to your ignorance.

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Posted By: Spider-ricoTue. Jan 18, 2011

I am proud to be white. If you have a problem with that. F*** You.

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Posted By: White ChildTue. Jan 18, 2011

to " I agree" you can't tell us to move out because the country isnt to our "suiting". incase you don't know your history, it was the blacks who bitched and complained. since it wasnt to their "suiting" then they should have moved out and went back home. hell they still bitch and moan about things not going their way. so shut your mouth.

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Posted By: ShuntayTue. Jan 18, 2011

u are insane ... why is it that black people are the way that they are ... ever wonder... maybe its because that's what WHITE people trained us to be. . yes I said it trained us to be. . maybe if we were left alone in Africa in the first place... there wouldn't be a black president, there wouldn't be flamin hot cheetos or anything else that relates to Black people... So I'm here to say its YOUR FAULT... Deal with it!!!

Just be glad the sand niggers didn't get you.

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Posted By: White ChildTue. Jan 18, 2011

to "shuntay". your just a typical jigg. you mean that PAST WHITE PEOPLE made PAST BLACK PEOPLE the way they were. nothing happened to you. . but yet you still want to act like a nigger. we aren't making you do anything. and id love to know where your from.

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Posted By: ThomasWed. Jan 19, 2011

All of the statments on the first page are correct! I tried to have a racialy nutral conversation with black guys at work and I was called a raceist. They are the ones hateing, not the white man.

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Posted By: WhiteTue. Jan 18, 2011

ur all a bunch of idiots get a life

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Posted By: Langland**Wed. Jan 19, 2011

I absolutely agree with everything written. it's so true. I was raised in a small town outside of Detroit?, and I know how it is. its ridiculous how they think they can take over now, 60 years ago, they were are slaves! who do they think they are...

60 years ago?

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Posted By: Wp Wed. Jan 19, 2011


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Posted By: Huh..Wed. Jan 19, 2011

I wonder if any of you have 1. completed high school and 2. attend college. Not that formal education is the only way to educate yourself... but you all seem quite ignorant. Maybe you should consider the words diversity, acceptance and hope. Because clearly you don't know the meaning to any of them. Also. . being proud of your individuality does not mean hating someone else's.

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Posted By: NazijThu. Jan 20, 2011

I'm a racist Naz I and I love to be called a racist. When are we going to bring back hanging and dragging.

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Posted By: NazijThu. Jan 20, 2011

Niggers are cockroaches and they've had it too good for too long.

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Posted By: White Power 101Thu. Jan 20, 2011

Regarding post 469, I don't know what race you are but it is attitudes like yours that will cause the demise of this country. You do not need a high school diploma to see that. Anywhere in the United States the minority is commiting a majority of the crime. Now Muslims want to come over here and try to start changing laws to suit their stupid f***ing retarded religious beliefs. F*** muhammed and allah.

Real white americans need to wake and start taking these niggers and immigrants out of the equation.

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Posted By: White Power 101Thu. Jan 20, 2011

white child and nazij, good points

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Posted By: Uncle TomThu. Jan 20, 2011

Niggers are good for nothing pieces of s***s, they are the same color as dookie, they smell like it too. Niggers are proof of evolution, they have all the traits and characteristics of monkeys. If you ever watch documentaries on monkeys you'll see what I am talking about.

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Posted By: Uncle TomThu. Jan 20, 2011

any time you turn on the news, it is always niggers wreaking havoc. Go figure

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Posted By: WpThu. Jan 20, 2011

to this HUH mother f***er asking about if we have an education I wint to MSU for 6 years with histery as my major so F*** OFF

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Posted By: Hmmm.Thu. Jan 20, 2011

It's interesting watching the goings-on around sites such as these. I think it's about time I put myself in the crosshairs and took a gander at what kind of ammunition the white supremacists actually have :-)

Now I'm neither white nor American and have no desire to be either. I'm quite happy living where I am, contributing much more to *my* society than those who have the time to sit around and run their mouths!

However, I'd like to see your responses to the following. Please feel free to unload as much ammo as you want, but hopefully someone will see through my inflammatory facade and give me good answers (not holding my breath!):

* Why is it that America's economy has been destroyed by eight years of conservative white rule? * Why is it that the Chinese are dangerously close to succeeding (if not already successful) at surpassing the US in the technological race? * Why is it that Asians dominate the physical sciences in America and white literacy continues to drop?

Could it be possible that whites are really only good at sitting around and arguing (Lawyers and philosophers), recording (Historians, with laughably obvious biases), appropriating (stealing theory and technology from asians, Jews and Arabs over the years and claiming them as their own- stealing culture from negroes and pretending to innovate) and mass murder (invasions, backstabbings, colonizations and general antisocial behaviour)

In other words- could it be that whites are the violent, cantankerous leftovers of a brutal plague unleashed upon humanity- destined only to bring death, destruction and suffering to all- themselves included- after they exterminate every person of value on the planet?

By the way, Jesus was not white.

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Posted By: HisterSat. Jan 22, 2011

Jesus Christ it's websites like these that make me embarrassed to be white.

You people really need to get over yourselves.

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Posted By: You F***ing Jude Sat. Jan 22, 2011

China is far from passing us in the technology race, their first stealth fighter is 9 years away from production. Their prototype just went up in flames before take off. Amerika will always have a better arms race. I am not answering your other questions because they are boring . Who cares if jesus was white or a dumb terrorist towel head. He's a made up person to sell lots of books. The bible is the best selling fiction book of all time. Religion is a business.

You have to remember china is our bitch , they make our phones to toothpicks. They can't think of anything themselves so that why they don't honor copyright laws.

Since your obviously an undereducated google news reader that lived during jesus' time... Cuz you " know " that that made up guy is not white... Come on over to my place so I can kick the shot out of you 2011 year old f***face.

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Posted By: White In IllinoisSat. Jan 22, 2011

fckin porch monkeys everywhere with pants saggin and undies showin, lets see if its as comfortable when you niggs r slave workin again.

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Posted By: Nolan SchermerhornSun. Jan 23, 2011

So this is true to the fullest I try to be good by all and act accordingly I went to prison for 6 years fought people to be able to stand by my beliefs that I judge only by the person but soon as I say I'm proud to be white I'm racist but we have brown pride native pride black panthers an asian pride so you tell me an I'm sorry if I call you a nigger but heres the deffiniton of a nigger ignorant uneducated stupid person there's white niggers black and etc that's the term to demean an african American but heres the real scoop white people who act like pukes are dirt bags blacks niggers mexicans beaners and so forth you can't say to me what up white boy and think I don't know your tryin to talk s*** your putting me down like white aint right yet you all want to f*** white girls and live off em f*** you and if this offends you suck my f***in dick! Heres another short fact according to playboy american curves and Hustler White guys got the biggest dicks then native american Black mexican an asian its color deffinition makes it look bigger really though who do you hear about in porn john holmes dirk diggler long dong silver etc not foooboo marookoo LMFAO enjoy

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Posted By: AnthonyMon. Jan 24, 2011



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Posted By: AnthonyMon. Jan 24, 2011


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Posted By: MeganMon. Jan 24, 2011

This page is what I've been thinking my whole life. I used to feel ashamed for thinking it but now I realize its common sense. I am British and proud however I feel that immigrants and blacks are ruining our way of life. it is our own fault we let them in. they forever carry a chip on their shoulder and act like we owe them something. what they forget is that white people were slaves as well. we don't go round continually bringing it up do we!

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Posted By: White Power 101Mon. Jan 24, 2011

Here is the problem, most middle class whites live in middle class neighborhoods lacking color and don't particularly have much interaction with niggers. So when they hear words like these on this post, a lot of them jump to the conclusion that we are racist. All you have to do is turn on the news to see who is the least productive members of society are. Where I live, 20 years ago if someone commuted a crime the news channels would report it and tell you the race and gender. In today's time they rarely do that because they don't want the general public to really see how out of hand the monkeys have become.

If you go to any predominantly black country, they are all run down poor s*** holes and that is what America is going to become. Blacks breed like rats and than the US taxpayer supports their babies. Usually by the time a ghetto black female is 28 she will have had 4-5 monkeys and we pay for them.

Unfortunately, I think things are going to get quite a bit worse before more people come to this realization and start reacting. America will see another civil/race war on the horizon, because we can not co-exist.

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Posted By: Born With Hate In My HeartTue. Jan 25, 2011

I constantly fight and stand up for myself for being white . Whenever a nigger calls me a "cracker" I call them a nigger... I don't vet walked on verbally of physically. I have beat them down and they have jumped me back. Constant battle that's left me many scars. They just motivate me to best them even harder. I hope there is a civil war... They will lose.

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Posted By: Angry White PersonTue. Jan 25, 2011

You people are pathetic. Climbing up on your pity train and wallowing amongst yourselves.

You're sure cool guys, hurr durr durr.

I hope all of you wake up one day in the body of some other race.

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Posted By: JakeTue. Jan 25, 2011

you girls are simple minded and pathetic... I'm white and you people are ignorant about the world becoming a better place, I'm preety sure your gonna teacch your children your ideas, many people like you all should rot in the mindless captivity your putting yourself through I'm glad your a captive of your own self ignorance

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Posted By: BobWed. Jan 26, 2011

I was not racist until on the street not but yesterday a tall black man yelled at me in my car honkey get out of here I said ok nigger shut up and he said he called the cops then the next day I got a fine for a hate crime so now I see what the world has come to a hard working white man gets a fine will a racist black man gets high I going to say it once f niggers f mexicans f chinese f muslems f hispanics and f all non white american people and yes if I offend you but I don't care

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Posted By: White ChildFri. Jan 28, 2011

White power 101, I'm glad that you agree with me. same to you nazij. these niggers are getting out of control. I'm losing my patience with the black minority. my race does NOT owe them anything. and the sooner you "unproud" whites learn that, the better chance we have in bringing respect back our way. WPWW!!

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Posted By: Random Nigger Passing ThroughSat. Jan 29, 2011

The Reason we say it is Racist you Ignorant boob. Is because of this...

We have black history month because the other 11 months belong to the whites We have BET because Whites Have MTV VH1 CMTV and about 90% of televisions as a whole.

What kills me is this there are just Americans you are stupid to believe that your origin is just here... the only true Americans are the NATIVE AMERICANS LETS GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND BREAK THAT DOWN...
NATIVE:Being such by birth or origin, so you just being an "American" Is not possible!!!

Furthermore had you done your homework in the Redneck school you went to you would have learned that your origin is European hence your milky skin and lack of tone skin color comes from melanins not from superiority. I have to say I personally Do not believe in Racism because it is pointless. However when I run across dumb s*** I have to speak my mind. There is no need for any of these names Craker, Honkey, Nigger, Spic, Chink, Wet Back... These names have no point because the last time I check we all s*** brown and green and bleed red. The main common thing between you the racist ass blacks, asians, hispanics, Ect. Is



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Posted By: Laborer Local 6 ChicagoSat. Jan 29, 2011

Hello Random nigger, am I a racist because I don't s*** green like you? Check your diet, something is wrong!Sure sounds to me you really do believe in racism. Go back and read your entire post, I think you totally contradict yourself. Oh well at least you got nigger right. Don't pray for us we don't need your prayers worry about you and your people.
Thank you

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Posted By: White In IllinoisSat. Jan 29, 2011

... WPWW...

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Posted By: BradmanSat. Jan 29, 2011

white power will push you so far up your ass you wount know what hit you... ... ...

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Posted By: CurtMon. Jan 31, 2011

Tv is run by Jewish psychologists. . Everybody on that piece o'crap is reading a script(including Oblabla). . There is a big war to get everybody divided but also to hate themselves. . Everyone should have pride in themselves and their race. . I can love what I am with out hating another so I don't call it racism. . I just call it as I see it

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Posted By: White ChildTue. Feb 1, 2011

well "random nigger" its not about who was here first. its the fact that the white people decided to build something out of nothing. hell africa STILL isnt worth a thing. its full of trash and nobody there has decided to build. we earned the name AMERICAN through hard work. and as far as the books go, America got her name by a white man named Amerigo vespucci. he was Italian. simply change the "g" and the "o" to a "c" and an "a" and you get America. and on top of that I'm part Italian. Italy is in Europe which is made up of white people and it was white european settelers who built this country. you just don't belong here.

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Posted By: HangaTue. Feb 1, 2011

hey guys I live in geraldton in western australia and can't stand the native flag that every aborigine seems to embrace, no body over here has the guts to agree with me that its a race flag , , wake up australia, , I'm anglo saxon and proud, ,

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Posted By: MexicanTue. Feb 1, 2011

shut the f*** up fags

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Posted By: White Power World WorldwideTue. Feb 1, 2011

at White Child. You are wrong: Black people do belong here. On the farms, that is.

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Posted By: White ChildWed. Feb 2, 2011

ha ha! yea you're right. I say after that just send them back.

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Posted By: Cc33Wed. Feb 2, 2011

white power really lacks in england, why have the white english lost their balls cause they let every ethnic walk all over us and take the piss out of us, we have become such a pussy race!!! But not me, just waiting for someone to light my fuse!

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Posted By: Cc33Wed. Feb 2, 2011

I rest my case! look at the response I got to this! Am I the only anglo saxon white english person left havent any of you got the balls to light my fuse?

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Posted By: XxkillxxgodxxWed. Feb 2, 2011

When did we become weak? Did the hippies make us weak with there free love bulls***? Is that why we are letting mexico take us over with out a fight? Does God make us weak cause he tells us were all equal? We all no that's a bunch of crap. Its time for a new way of thinking. If we want to stay white were going to fight for it and take out everyone else. Its the only way. If we don't we will be bread out.

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Posted By: White Power 101Wed. Feb 2, 2011

White Child nicely put in post 496 and you have some knowledge on history unlike the monkeys that come to this site talking about they have black history month because the other 11 months is white history. No s*** you f***ing monkeys, that is the history that built this country. Then other dip s***s say this country belongs to the indians, if white settlers did not come here this would be another third world country full of teepees.

The problem is that this country is run by politicians that do not have to associate with a bunch of niggers and spics on a day to day basis, so they do not really have an understanding of the true dissaster that these sub-par races are causing.

I do believe there will be a race/civil war in the future, I just hope I am around to see it and I anxiously await it. We have been to accepting and tolerant too long, enough is enough!

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Posted By: White ChildWed. Feb 2, 2011

white power 101 I completely agree.
I'm glad you see it my way. that is my point exactly. if it weren't for the white settlers the country wouldn't have ever came to existence. if the natives still ran this ground there would still be teepees for housing such as the africans with their mud huts. I'm glad that one such as yourself can recognize my knowledge on this subject. truthfully the fact about the white or just plain German race conquering and building goes back in biblical times. the biblical name for Germany back then was 'Assyria' as we all know, names change through the years. just a little history lesson. also trying to prove a point. anyway, I've been reading your comments on here and I'm proud to know that there are still people interested in our past. let alone a white supremacist at that. I'm glad to know that the rest of us aren't just 'hicks'. and say "white pride" and act the opposite over some petty difference. if all the white race would put a way petty differences; we could take what belongs to us back. our land and our respect.

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Posted By: Abel MunizThu. Feb 3, 2011

well first off everyone calls a white man rascit beacuse of 1984 white people would slave black people to do things thatt they never wanted to do. so now in the futer as we learn our history it all falls back on the white man. correct me if I'm wrong. its just an opinion

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Posted By: BoodaThu. Feb 3, 2011

I agree with what you wrote
I am a 40 year old white male blond hair blue eyes and I believe that I am the target of racism in my own country. The problem with white people is they don't want to stand up for there rights. If we had protest and marches to get jobs that we lost to mexicans and blacks we would all be arrested or looked upon as racists. I say its time to fight back and send all the illegals back where they belong so we can have our jobs back and the crime would go down as well. the government says they can't find illegals well I can so lets get a few thousand buses and round them up sand send them home. even the Irish from Ireland who are here illegal.

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Posted By: JustinThu. Feb 3, 2011

I thinks its hilarious that even in the school systems us country boys are profiled more so than the blacks hell its a sin to have a dip can in my pocket but they can sell pot in the hallways but wont say anything because they're scared of being labeled a racist for it which in my opinion is complete bulls*** I am a proud white American and some how I'm the asshole in the situation I can't have a confederate flag anywhere on my person on school grounds but they can flash their gang flags welcome to America and its on its way to hell in a hand basket with the way things are goin at the moment.

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Posted By: This Website Is RidiculousThu. Feb 3, 2011

Equality, brother. I'm not a leftist, i'm not a conservative. In this case, I believe in equality and equal opportunity. Why is that a crime? The white race has dominated for as long as history is taught, yet there is a website devoted to how the white race is treated unfairly, being threatened. what a joooooke!

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Posted By: White ChildFri. Feb 4, 2011

post 509, shut your ignorant and blind ass up. white people are being miss treated. everything is going the blacks folks way. its just like justin said even if you try to correct them they say its racism. and ABEL, you sound like your blaming us whites for our misfortunes. yes or no. I want you to tell me. BOODA, you say its time to fight back and I fully agree. the question is, are we going to or just run our mouths like the niggers do? and just who do you agree with exactly? and just to put it out there; if you're not proud to be white or you're not a white supremacist, then why waste your time coming to a WHITE PRIDE site? it makes no sense. well anyways my fellow WHITE supremacists, here's white I'm doing now. I'm creating my own little organization or family better yet. its called the 'Naz I Clan'. I'm very serious about this. since we all aren't from the same state (I'm assuming) I suggest you all do the same. since we are all scattered, we can all spread and grow. treat each brother and sister with respect. if you guys can't think of a name then do me a favor and spread mine. tell me ya'lls idea.

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Posted By: East TxFri. Feb 4, 2011

We must secure the existance of or race and the future for white children. M. H. I. C. L.

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Posted By: East TxFri. Feb 4, 2011

Much love and respect to any and all circle Bros. Keep your head up and your feet down. Let your diamond shine. M. H. I. C. L.

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Posted By: East TxFri. Feb 4, 2011

To 399, I live in a trailor, but you are correct. The white race needs to come together as a whole and look out for one another. If another white man is struggling or needs help, help him. Much respect.

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Posted By: DeltaFri. Feb 4, 2011

I was on your side, but as a WHITE woman I am insulted by the suggestion I shouldnot be allowed to vote! Who the hell are you?

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Posted By: DeltaFri. Feb 4, 2011

What an idiot to give your. address

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Posted By: Proud!Fri. Feb 4, 2011

I am So proud of being white, I like what I saw when I read this site! I'm SO sick of people playing the race card. I hate white people that are sooo terrified of being labeled racist! And most of all, I'm sick of white kids being scared of niggers in their neighborhood... I want to make it so niggers fear US!!!!!!!

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Posted By: JoseSat. Feb 5, 2011

stop pulling the victim card. we're all proud of where we come from and you can express your ideas, you just fall on "the racist card" because that's the most convenient thing to do. America is a melting pot. we all come from differnt places and hate to break it to you, but you're mixed with many other races that make you look "white" I'm Mexican American. I'm probably whiter than you and have green eyes. I don't fit the stereotype of a Mexican but could be called a "white" in which I have many times. be proud of where you come from and embrace it

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Posted By: An AmericanSun. Feb 6, 2011

In the Mexican Cession of 1848, when present day states of California, Nevada, Utah, and portions of New Mexico, Califronia, Nevada and Arizona were annexed into the United States forcibly. So here's my question to you? Who really is the illegal immigrant?

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Posted By: I Sun. Feb 6, 2011

Well have you ever seen a Mexican being racist to a Black person; or a Black to a Chinese? Or a Chinese to a native American? That answers your question as to why White people are considered racist :)

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Posted By: Anonymous Sun. Feb 6, 2011

Well said brother :D

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Posted By: Having Fun Reading All The LovSun. Feb 6, 2011

Haha you guys are really funny. White supremacy died a long time ago kids, didn't you guys get the memo? The world is an equal place now and will continue to be.
God bless The USA
at #518 well said indeed :)

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Posted By: The BibleSun. Feb 6, 2011

The Bible is a good story, but it's not really meant to be taken seriously. I mean it says that you can't have recreational sex in there. What kind of a joke is that?

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Posted By: RebeccaSun. Feb 6, 2011

Hey Jose, My grandaughter sent this site to me and I am digusted!But it's like a trainwreck, you can't help but look. I just wanted to say that I agree with you, my boyfriend is considered hispanic but he is light and there is anglo blood in the family, his last name is cosidered by many to be french. Some of my grandchildren have an american indian grandfather and a mexican grandmother, my ex (thier other grandpa)is of german and swedish decent. they are all mixed up!lol. I constantly remind them that they are AMERICAN!I don't want to be a racist, I love my country. We do have many issues in this town with a huge illegal population and that's a whole other deal, but going on this site made me realize how ignorant and un-educated some really are, but in this country you have freedom of speech, many have died for it. My son served 20 years as a ranger in the army, he served in Iraq and almost lost an arm in an IED explosion. I was an army brat for 20 years, so I may not be the most educated American but life experience has taught me to be tolerant, and work for the best solution and pray that god has mercy on us all. I have had days where I felt like some are taking advantage, and my hard earned tax dollars are going to people and things I can't control, but all we can do is keep plugging on and try to change what we feel is wrong without violence, if we don't all work together we may be in big trouble. A house divided-cannot stand. God bless you Jose

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Posted By: I Am WhiteSun. Feb 6, 2011

first i1m very proud to be white. what i`m sick of is my tax dollar going to the worthless none working MF`ERS. white... black... mexican... . whatever. taxpayer that is pissed

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Posted By: OlegSun. Feb 6, 2011

Hello! How u may see my name is Oleg. I am from Kazahstan, I am Russian. Sorry for my English, it is not my native language. I would say that i'm white, and i'm proud it. But i'm not rasist and nazzi. I don't think that not white people are more stupid or all of them are criminals and bad men(or women). But it is not most important problem. The main problem is that amount of white nation(white amerikans, frenchs, germans, swedens, russians and others) dicrease every years. We must union and stop it, because we built modern civilization, all around us was made us. Sorry if we(whites) are dissappear. White pride!!!

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Posted By: White ChildSun. Feb 6, 2011

White Pride!!! to post 519, yes from where I'm from, the mexicans are racist towards the blacks and the asians believe it or not. and in cali. there is a mexican gang who are racist towards the blacks. they call them ducks. JOSE you might be hispanic american, but guess what. I know some full blown mexicans who actually preach white pride. you know why? because they work for us. now, to the one who is backing jose's game. SHUT UP!!!! its whites like you who are allowing our people to lose their jobs. and they are actually LEGAL unlike those damn spics. you're just another white person who is scared of the minorities and who lets them run all over you.

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Posted By: White ChildSun. Feb 6, 2011

to the russian, I agree that we need to UNITE and work as one. WHITE POWER!!!!

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Posted By: White Power 101Sun. Feb 6, 2011

I am amazed at the ignorance of the whites preaching tolerance and acceptance of interbreeding. Yes, america was founded by white settlers that is what built this country, not mexicans, not indians and certainly not niggers. There is no god, religion is just a parable. Religion was started as way to teach people morals and a way to pass taxes. Unfortunately, most people are stupid even if educated. I've learned this fact working in the legal system, people need to start doing research before accepting statements as fact.

I can tell you there is absolutely no scientific evidence that supports a god in a biblical sense, but people feel the need to believe because they refuse to accept that when you die that is the end. Sorry, I am getting off topic because of post 523.

No race wants to co-exist with another, we need to learn from our history. President Woodrow Wison said if we don't start controling these people they are going to get out of control (blacks). This is something he said in 1914. Now we have mexicans running amuck in America, next it will be the muslims with their fanatic views.

It is not about hating it is about the preservation of our way of life and when government ignores that the views of the people the people become more adamant. It does not make them racist. People who know history and other cultures do not want this integration because they are the ones that are intelligent enough to see the negative implications that it is going to impose on their way of life.

To post 518. We did not forcibly take their land we were generous enough to pay them to sign it over. This is how land was aquired back then and if we didn't those areas would be ghettos like the rest of mexico.

keep up the good work White Child

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Posted By: HarrisonMon. Feb 7, 2011

you are all going to hell.

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Posted By: White ChildTue. Feb 8, 2011

thanks again white power 101. yea a lot of you people should start listening to him. he's right. the whites did pay for the lands. they could have EASILY taken it but no, they didnt. and even some of ya'll whites say us faithful whites are bad and evil. White Power!!!

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Posted By: Charles Tue. Feb 8, 2011

I agree that we should be proud of our race as white, but what I don't is the thought that this contry belong to one race. This is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If there is/are any group of ppl either White or Black or any color thinking of killing or fighting fellow american they don't belong to this nation and they are criminals. I also agree with "equal right". I am a military man and I have fought battle side by side with hispanic, black, asia, and so on. This is my third time going back to war. Join the military if you are so passionate about this great nation and lets defend this contry our enemies are abroad. thanks

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Posted By: JoseTue. Feb 8, 2011

hey Rebecca! thank you so much for the feed back. I would love to thank your son for serving our country. that's the most courageous act anyone could do. our country isn't perfect but what country is? I believe that we all have to realize and except the fact that we all come from different places. I have faith our country will be one again. god bless you!

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Posted By: JoseTue. Feb 8, 2011

#526 so you just made my point, what does it mean to be "white" just because I was raised on the united states doesn't mean I have to call myself white. I'm proud to be an American but I embrace my ethnicity to the fullest. I'm so proud of why my grandma came to this country. to better the lives of her 8 children. I will never stop being Hispanic, even I'd I move to china. what? if I move over there do. have to say I'm Chinese? no! if I choosed to would it be exceptable? ofcourse but I will always be Hispanic. I'm sure you love to be "white" the reason you're putting me down is because I have a family history, traditions, and moral values that were instilled in me from a young age. you probably don't. be proud but don't put other people down in the process of doing so, we're all differnt

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Posted By: 888morticianTue. Feb 8, 2011

I agree with this 110%. I am proud to be white and if anybody has a problem with that they can kiss my ass! My taxable wages pay for you to sit around doing drugs. 14/88WPWW

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Posted By: EllenWed. Feb 9, 2011

I agree that people often call whites racis, but some of the people around here really ARE racist.

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Posted By: Danny EnglandiWed. Feb 9, 2011

I will stand up for what I belive in even if I stand alone thay call it racism I call it being nice thay want us to treat them the same but give them there own word racism bollocks there the same color as my poo

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Posted By: KmaximusWed. Feb 9, 2011

Yall stupid haha. everyone came from the same thing whether you believe its the big bang theory or adam and eve. Were all family and rascism tears that apart. seriously how about yall just shut your mouth haha

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Posted By: UhhhWed. Feb 9, 2011

you're taking this web page a little seriously anfama. shut the f*** up and stop analyzing everyone's responses. Actually I dare you to write a page on mine. Kristy, you feel free to have whatever thoughts you want in that "little head" of yours. Don't let some long winded pseudo intellect intimidate.

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Posted By: JayThu. Feb 10, 2011

wow there is alotta psycho on here. this is another joke or what?

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Posted By: Rebel 01Thu. Feb 10, 2011

I would rip your head off and s*** down your throat you damn nigger

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Posted By: Big DogFri. Feb 11, 2011

White people dying off anyway, multiculturlism and interracial marriages is killing the white race, your genetic structure is weak, Low fertility, low immunity and low resistance from the sun. hahaha the sun gives you Melanoma. Your history and origin is a mystery and your not indigenous to any land. You stole all your sciences and knowledges from Egypt. Your an idiot race of people, who couldnt talk or bathe. You didnt bury your dead and you urinated and moved your bowels at the same you ate. You only been in power 6000 years prior to that Egypt ruled from the beginning. Stupid crackers need to learn history cuz even the Freemasons worship our symbol with the Pyramid on the dollar and the Obelisk in DC. F*** out of here

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Posted By: BlackgodFri. Feb 11, 2011

F*** white people

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Posted By: White ChildFri. Feb 11, 2011

jose you have no point. your grandma came to this country because the one she was at wasnt worth anything. second of all I am proud and I do have morals. I have learned about my familys history. and yea I'm young too. I don't know how young you are but I'm pretty damn young. I still have yet to see your point other than your proud to be hispanic. the white folks built this land so its ours.

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Posted By: KarimFri. Feb 11, 2011

With all due respect to everyone's opinions here; I believe that idiots exist in every race but hatred is triggered by focusing on only the negative ones. I happen to be an Arab and I have a lot of love for whites, blacks, Mexicans , anyone really...

It's the idiots I can't stand and my friends, they come in all colors

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Posted By: ChrisSat. Feb 12, 2011

I say put all niggers spics and dune coons on one island and let them fight it out

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Posted By: SomeguynamedbobSat. Feb 12, 2011

I think the issue is that too many people believe that white pride is a bad thing. Sure, many white supremacist groups have done atrocities to other people, but likewise have other people done unto others. Atrocities caused by the Ku Klux Klan are probably more well known than atrocities caused by any other race supremacist group. White pride is acceptable, but sometimes it can be and has been taken to the extreme in certain occasions. There is a fine line between pride in one's race and heritage, and an almost religious worship of one's race. There is no person that deserves superiority purely based on race, but rather the actions and ideals of said person.

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Posted By: Steven Brown Casper WyomingSat. Feb 12, 2011

you know I stumbled apron this site and I am a white boy to the fullest I let every one know it cuz if a nigger can sit there with his fist in the air and say "black power"and get away with it what is wrong with me sayin I love my people and expressing my self and culture and I have white pride on my legs but this site is what all white people need to read and under stand ! and I am tired of seeing our white women with black guys!!! I want every one to look at your family and your kids and remember these 14 words that I live by my hole lIFE "THE PEOPLE MUST PROTECT THE ARYAN RACE FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR WHITE CHILDREN" 1488 FOURTEEN WORDS EIGHTY-EIGHT PRECEPTS THOSE WHERE HITLERS WORDS! and if anyone wants to find me on facebook my email is brown_steven66690 at yahoo. com

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Posted By: JustinSat. Feb 12, 2011

Go Taliban !!! hahahhaa. . Just kiddin

Y'all are bunch f***ed up psychopaths ! Sorry !

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Posted By: White ChildSun. Feb 13, 2011

if your not proud to be white or you're not white then just don't get on this site.

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Posted By: Pl@y@Sun. Feb 13, 2011

this site makes me embarassed to be white. ignorance is bliss?

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Posted By: FoodforthoughtMon. Feb 14, 2011

Whats sad about all this is that some of you believe that this hatred is justified, points like THEY own BET, right well actually viacom owns BET and the president of viacom is white, next? how about slavery, did white have to go through that and please spare me the 'irish people were slaves. ' this is why our country is so convoluted. People like this who believe diversity is a bad thing. Why do black people have their own month? Cause every other month is for white people, slavery isn't that far back people, realize that. Whats truly nasicating is your arguements for a white pride day, or all white universties, well have you seen yale, notre dame, or princeton, check their minority percentages. You claim that they are taking away from our culture, OUR CULTURE, are you guys high? What culture, coke and hot dogs? We were a country of greedy white men founded upon being free from taxation, decided we wanted slaves so we didn't have to work, and started a civil war when the northerns tried to take our slaves away, great culture. For the most part, you need to get over this white pride thing, be proud to be human, and alive and be thankful for the life you have. Hatred is gonna get you no where, fast.

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Posted By: DannyMon. Feb 14, 2011

I'm proud to be WHITE, mother f***ers!

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Posted By: MakaylaTue. Feb 15, 2011

White supremasist r idiots! Raceist is not COOL! I'm half black half white and if I see people who don't treat others right... ... IMMA KILL YA!

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Posted By: Robert LeeWed. Feb 16, 2011

the only racist in here is is this guy from argentina. they even say they are the best race in the world. . that's why nobody likes them. .

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Posted By: MikeWed. Feb 16, 2011

I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying, but the comments I have read have missed the mark. I have argued until I was blue in the face about the double standard of racism when it comes to white pride. I have debated against the opinion that to love me, I have to hate you. I am done trying to justify my beliefs. I just want white people in my life cause they are who I relate to and like to be with. If you want to be with your own kind, go for it and to hell with anyone who would label you a racist because of it. White pride!

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Posted By: Steve Thu. Feb 17, 2011

The aboriginals here in Perth Australia run around doing whatever the f*** they want. A young guy and his wife were in town late one night and came across three niggers. One of which he ended up stabbing. The guy died and he was charged with murder, but got bail some months later. The other day after a court appearance he was set upon by about 7 niggers who were family of the dead guy. These f***ing niggers are wrecking this guys life. WHITE POWER.

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Posted By: Brandon L. SalyersSat. Feb 19, 2011

I am a Caucasian American and proud. I agreed with a lot that this message said. I do have some problems with the comments left by other people. Are you any better than the person calling you a "cracker" if your calling them a "nigger"? The reason why I believe I am superior to most people is not because the color of my skin or my social status it is because unlike most people I am to big to be offended by suck ignorant statements. One people, one world, If we don't all start working together and looking at the big picture like world spread diseases and hunger and lack of natural resources all of us white, black, brown, yellow, purple, ect. will all be faced with a global problem. Having white pride doesn't mean you have to be racist it just means you are proud of where you come from. Open your eyes people.

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Posted By: EricSat. Feb 19, 2011

I'm an asian from Hong Kong and I totally agree with s***e superimacy. I'm willing to be your slave.

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Posted By: MbernierSun. Feb 20, 2011

who ever wrote this or posted it... can I PLEASE use this to base lyrics off for one of my band's songs? I probably can't use the whole thing, but I'm going to take what I think has most impact, and flows with the song best.

Use all of it if you want to.

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Posted By: ScubaMon. Feb 21, 2011

I'm sick of this crap. I'm a realist. just look at the population of prisons in the U. S. A that should tell the story by it's self. I'm white and I'm right. You don't like it here? then gtfo. and stay away from our women. we don't need gray kids.
:) scuba

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Posted By: ScubaMon. Feb 21, 2011

Just want to know what world you live in? evidently not this one. people of your color get a free ride all the time, and then complain you don't get more. wake up and smell the welfare BRO!!!!

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Posted By: Fuqq UMon. Feb 21, 2011

All these comments are SO IGNORANT. you basturds need to get a life! mexicans, blacks, arabs, chinese, indians, and anybody else are not leaving the u. s. if you don't like it, you do us a favor and LEAVE. and by the way, trailor parks are the ghetto and are usually trashed with non-running cars, old clothes, and garbage.

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Posted By: JackMon. Feb 21, 2011

lol, why is everyone so uptight about race and colour. If you have no more to be proud of than the colour of your skin then, frankly you're sad. Every race has contributed to the current global climate and, while the European race appears to have produced more in the way of technological advances, it could not have been done without the solid mathematical foundations set by the Arab and Indian world. It is highly unlikely that European powers could have reached the status they have now without the Chinese invention of gun powder. The recent dominance of 'whites' in the last few centuries was more down to luck than racial superiority and was largely due to the manipulation of the seas. It is easy to forget, when looking at a largely westernized history, the contributions of other cultures. For example ‘pie’ in mathematics or indeed our very numerical system itself which have its origins in ancient India. The figure zero was also an Indian invention without which complex mathematics would not have been possible. Algebra again is an Arabic invention and in fact derives its name from an Arabic word. In fact many supposedly western discoveries like Galileo’s discovery that the earth travels around the sun are in fact rediscoveries. The fact that the earth orbit’s the sun was established centuries before by Arab scholars. We only learn a western history because at the moment, it is the west who holds all the power. Every race has had its golden era and it’s very easy for the race in question to say they are superior at the time. Indeed most races have said it at some point. In short, its all too easy to claim racial superiority at a time when your race appears to hold power, but you must not lose sight of everything that has come before you and of course, the fact that your race’s time will eventually pass.

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Posted By: Ashley BurkeMon. Feb 21, 2011

white pride

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Posted By: NickTue. Feb 22, 2011

I agree 100% with you. I was walking down the street when some f***ing coons yell to me "yo niiga wat you looking at" no one payed any atenton. but when I yelled back and said "what the f*** did you niggers just say" everyone looked at me like I was a monster

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Posted By: White PowerThu. Feb 24, 2011

f*** all the damn niggers lets killem all and be dun with it take over what is ours we don't need them lets start by taken back the southern states

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Posted By: ReeperThu. Feb 24, 2011

I think the time to fight is now, but its our own government that needs to be fought

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Posted By: BradThu. Feb 24, 2011

I want to start a WHITE ONLY college fund.

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Posted By: BoshizzleFri. Feb 25, 2011

F*** the Niggers, Spics, chinks, wankers, bankers, homos, egg-beaters, wife-beaters, dips***s, white-necks, turd-burglars et al.

Nobody making churches fizzle the rizzle fazzle dazzle should take it.

That's all I'm sayin.

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Posted By: Lexie61 Part 1Sat. Feb 26, 2011

Part 1. H I I'm a 49 yr. old white woman. I came in here because I was fed up with a black neighbor of mine and wanted to see what this site was all about.

To me, blogging shouldn't be a contest of who is the most intelligent writer or researcher and put other bloggers down for misspelling etc.

If you all belong to this group then why insult each other? You should be supporting one another here for your cause. I don't care if someone has a 6th grade education or a college education, have some respect for one another!

Not only that, but have some respect for the women that have made historical contributions to this country. I'm not going to go down a long list of names to satisfy anyone's intellect. You can do the research yourself. I don't have the patience to do so.

Getting back to the point of my blog: I live in a town home on a quiet little cul-de-sac. I've been here for 2 years now. More and more blacks are moving here in my neighborhood. It's getting to the point that my family and I are becoming the minority here. No big deal. Most of my neighbors don't bother me.

However, last summer, (my daughter lived 3 houses down from me) A new family moved in across the street. You want to trash white women being with black men? Well, a black woman and her white husband moved in across the street with 2 kids. I have nothing against the kids. They're innocent bystanders in this s***.

My daughter has 2 sons, 6 and 7 yrs. old. They were 5 and 6 at the time. They would play with the kids in the neighborhood and decided to go across the street and play with the black woman's kids. I don't know for the life of me what was wrong with that woman but she started saying nasty things to my Grand kids like: "White trash", "Scumbags" and "Dirty little bastards".

Well, my daughter wasn't going to have none of that. She went across the street to that woman's house and confronted her and that's when she realized that she was a nut job. She wanted to get in my daughter's face(right in her face) and argue. My daughter told her kids not to go over there anymore or play with that bitches kids.

Well, one day, the neighbor said something nasty to her kids so my daughter once again confronted her about it. This time she had her Husband with her. They started arguing and yelling inches from one another's faces. My son-in-law called her a Black Bitch and the neighbor went off in his face and pushed him in his chest. They never called the police. That was last summer. Then my Grandson went over to her yard to play with the kids(after we all told him not to) and ended up breaking her son's Nintendo DS game system. Oh great!

Since then my daughter moved out of the neighborhood. Well, today, the neighbors got a hold of my Grandson's skateboard. This is my youngest Grandchild and has nothing to do with any of the arguing or BS. The kids came in the house when I was making lunch and told us that they had their skateboard. I told them to

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Posted By: Lexie61 Prt2Sun. Feb 27, 2011

Part 2.
Anyway, this time I sent my husband over there with my Grandchildren and the neighbor said she wasn't giving the skateboard back until my daughter paid her $200. 00 for the gaming system that she said my Grandson broke. First of all, you can get a brand new Nintendo DS system for $149. 99 and secondly, we didn't know how old that system was or if she bought it from a garage sale or what. They came back into the house again and told me what the neighbor said. This pissed me off so I decided to call the police.

I told the officer what happened from almost a year ago and he went across the street with my Grandchildren. He came back with my Grandson and his skateboard and told me that the neighbor was going to sue my daughter. I asked him why she didn't do that in the first place 1 year ago instead of harassing my Grandchildren!

He also told me that the neighbor said that my Grandson just snapped the gaming system in half according to the neighbor. He was 6 years old at the time. Could any of you just snap a Nintendo DS right in half like she said?

My Grandson told me a year ago that he held it in his hands and dropped it on the cement and it broke. I told the police officer that she was lying. The neighbors son has continually come into our yard trying to take my youngest Grandchild's bike. We caught him many times and told him that the bike didn't belong to him and to put it back. Now I don't know if his Mother put him up to this s*** or not.

Why do blacks always act like they're entitled to something and are above the law? This bitch had the gall to come knocking on my door after the police went to her house and the officer was talking to me. Anyway, they're supposed to be moving to Ireland. Well, good luck. Those people won't tolerate her s*** for one moment. I know, I'm Irish... lol.

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Posted By: Lexie61Sun. Feb 27, 2011

Why the F*** should I get over being proud to be white?

Are you proud of your nationality? No... I doubt it. Yes? well then I think whites are the most beautiful, ingenious and creative people on earth.

Why don't blacks get over their air of entitlement? They're responsible for killing most of their own race and then some. Then when they get busted, they cry racism. Help me please!I wasn't around 400 yrs. ago you stupid monkey. I'm Irish. WE NEVER HAD SLAVES WORKING THE Potato FIELDS... THANK YOU.

When a white man goes to jail or prison, does he or she blame the black race for putting him or her there. No... I didn't think so. But blacks like to play the race game and blame their crimes on the "Man"... lmao. What about taking responsibility for your own actions assholes!

Maybe I should start blaming everything on niggers. I had a bad day... must have been a nigger. . lol... My Husband won't listen to me... it must be because of a nigger... I didn't get my disability check on time... there's a nigger in the woodpile... lmao!I snort crack and rob people and I got busted... must have been a nigger behind it. Quit crying about the "Man: holding you down and get off your ass and do something positive about your situation besides blaming a white man for your own downfalls. I screw everything I see and don't use birth control and I have about 9 kids. It must be the "Man: doing this to me... lmao.

You're all killing your own race off yet you blame the white race for your own s***.

I commend you. I hope you keep killing yourselves off. Tanks for doing our dirty work you stupid s***.

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Posted By: HateMon. Feb 28, 2011

Any one out there willing to beat up a gay man in Wisconsin?

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Posted By: Intelligent PersonMon. Feb 28, 2011

this is all bulls***

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Posted By: Lexie61Tue. Mar 1, 2011

I posted here before. I've never called this woman the "N" word. I just wasn't brought up that way. But I will say this, I wanted to bash her freaking face in. My blog is at the bottom of this page. Well, since then I've discussed this with my Daughter and was told to get over it. I can't get over it because my Grandchildren are being harassed! I don't know what else to do but call the Police on her ass. I'll do it every time I feel the need to. What do you all think?

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Posted By: Lexie61Tue. Mar 1, 2011

Isn't it ironic how there's many different races in this County of ours but only whites are racist for standing up to their race and being proud. I'm so disgusted that I can't even begin to bitch about it.

I just wish this Country of ours would stop allowing American haters into our country. And Illegal ALIENS too. WTF! and PLEASE QUIT QUOTING FROM THE BIBLE WHEN YOU DON'T INCLUDE THE ENTIRE QUOTE. You're just trying to justify your own BS. BELIEF.

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Posted By: Lexie61Tue. Mar 1, 2011

Yep, and isn't that some s***?

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Posted By: Mike U.s. ArmyTue. Mar 1, 2011

You know its bad when I look out the window at my own race following the steps that all the less supreme races are doing to preserve their way of life. All the ignorance needs to stop men. I must agree with Amfama's correctness and accuracy on the way he states his case. true, we as white men and women need to educate ourselves before we state our case publicly. I mean, I am a white supremacist, but I know that by using ignorance to defend ur case never works. before you talk about these subjects think and study them before announcing them. I want to thank the site for allowing us to have a place to speak. I live my life openly racist but I do it the wise way and I state my reasons in an effective manor. try it sometime it works.

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Posted By: Mike U.s. ArmyTue. Mar 1, 2011

if you wanna find me on facebook...

lexie61 I like the stance you take keep it up. hit me up on facebook. id like to find out more about ur beliefs on this and other subjects, if you don't mind.

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Posted By: XlTue. Mar 1, 2011

Dude, your logic is broken loose. Of course, it is unacceptable to intentionally call a person with racial slur, such as whitey, and nigger. The discriminatory intention and its effective executive form is not okay. And the so called black pride is for black gays, which is only to convey that they should not be discriminated. If white pride is also about not discriminate white people, of course it is fine. But not so, if it is used for helping create white supremacy. That is the different.

All the guys on board need to read a little more carefully about the details to see your logic is vague and fuzzy.

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Posted By: GuyTue. Mar 1, 2011

I see where you're comIng from but what everyone doesn't understand is that white people have never been the minority in history. White people have abused the black people and the Hispanic people. All throughout history many white people have shown much hatred towards other ethnicities.

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Posted By: Not WhiteTue. Mar 1, 2011

harsh... but true.

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Posted By: PsdwhtboyWed. Mar 2, 2011

This rocks, I am soo sick of not being able to be proud of who I am, I don't hate anybody, I just want to be proud to be white, but I can't because I would be considered racist. Do you know what it feels like to see Mexicans, and every other race, proudly carrying their flags around and their nationality, and told that I have to keep my pride to myself, because I don't want to offend anyone, since when did it become offensive to be white? That infuriates me. I want to have a white only dating site, I want to see a white group in colleges, but never.

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Posted By: Black And White Wed. Mar 2, 2011

why can't everyone live as who they are it don't matter black or white or red we are all human. get over it dumb f***s.

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Posted By: Wtf! Thinkfor 1sec.!!!!Wed. Mar 2, 2011

The next time a nig. tells you the he is owed something, ask him how he figures that when actully they OWE the white man everything!If they weren't brought over here as slaves. THEY would ALL be in Africa still eatting ants!Even Obama OWES us!The the piece of crap to sell his twisted story to someone else

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Posted By: Average JoeWed. Mar 2, 2011

it is funny how that is true, I never thought about it that way

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Posted By: JoeWed. Mar 2, 2011

Amen to all this!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By: RasjaThu. Mar 3, 2011

I love how so many of you claim to be superior to anyone who isn't a white man. As Wtf! Think for 1sec. !!!! has wonderfully demonstrated with his spelling abilities, most of these fools are as educated as a mule. I am officially ashamed to be a german white, anything that makes me even slightly related to these idiots has to be a bad thing. Why are so many of you obsessed with the f***ing past? Your ancestors accomplishments aren't yours to brag about! So what if your related to a freaking King? The only thing you are doing now is sitting on your royal ass trying to push your hateful beliefs onto others. Please get a new hobby that doesn't involve making yourself look stupid. I'm fifteen years old, and I have better spelling than half of you idiots. I hope the “bright whites” on this sight aren't an example of the people you want running our country. If so, this better be a f***ing joke.

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Posted By: CoThu. Mar 3, 2011


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Posted By: White ChildThu. Mar 3, 2011

hey rasja, don't be ashamed to be white or related to the whites. except to the ones who like to lower themselves by sleeping with the blacks or hispanics and orientals. or unless they're queer. I'm white with german in my blood, and my family is quite educated on many subjects, from agriculture to politics. besides, you don't seem very smart to me. in your eyes (im assuming you're not a racist, or even proud to be white apparently) the past should be looked upon. "those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" and you being german should be especially proud. germany had a big influence on western civilization and culture. type back.

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Posted By: RasjaThu. Mar 3, 2011

To white child I'm not seriously ashamed to be white, I was just trying to state my personal opinion. (meaning that I was trying to express how much I disagree with most of the things on here) Obviously that didnt work to good, because it ended up sounding the wrong way. I am a proud German white who doesn't agree with the German past... . Well, only the holocaust part of history. I wasn't trying to express that I was anymore intelligent than the average teenager, just more schooled than a lot of people here go claim to be a genius.

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Posted By: GeorgeThu. Mar 3, 2011

ya go white people white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all day bitches

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Posted By: AquamaquishaThu. Mar 3, 2011

black peploe f*** yo white pepolpe s*** up ua get some bitches

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Posted By: Br0wn BoyThu. Mar 3, 2011

hahah is coo yall could talk hellla s*** bout my race my color but I'm the one living this g00d ass life fuccin wit cho daughters any otha white girls dat l00k gud to n I'm alkn yo m0ney scarin y0 punk asses N da streets is coo talk s*** 0n tha internet cry like bitch but when you see me N tha streets ain g0ne do s*** haha

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Posted By: JustusFri. Mar 4, 2011

hey uppity niggers, the spanish brought your crimanal murderous ancestors over here with the help of the jews. it is US, the WHITES, who fed you and gained compassion for you, it was US who freed you and ended the world of slavery, it was US who gave you civil rights and helped you become part of OUR great society, it was US who voted in a black president. yet you dumb greasy stinky boot lipped ungrateful primates bark, bite and snarl at the hand that feeds you, you murder whites at 13 times the rate we murder you, you date and rape our women, you rob us and act with as much racial discrimination in your black communities as whites ever did, what do you think its like for a white to be in any area of a major U. S. city that is inhabited by niggers? are you saying you are not racist?? or you just hate whites? well guess what? you have trampled on our hospitality for the last time, enjoy your free white tax payer money while you can because it wont be long before you are expelled along with the jew monsters that molded your minds into what you are today

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Posted By: RobFri. Mar 4, 2011

White guy. lived in New hampshire most of my life, spent five years in Springfield, MA. I'm wondering why any of this is an issue. I am proud to be white, but, I mind my own businesss. do I care if youre black?... no. how does somebody show pride without looking like a retarded hick? I know i'm not alone. , and the math question at the end of this is f***ing insulting

You might be insulted by the simple math question but it keeps over 5,000 spam comments a month out of here.

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Posted By: JohnFri. Mar 4, 2011

I was watchin the george lopez show and he had an mma fighter on that had a "brown pride" tattoo on his arm and everyone was cheering. That prompted me to start lookin into things I found on a website that pure whites represent 9% of the worlds population! I was shocked to find that out so I went rite out and got a tattoo with a 9%er symbol

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Posted By: No BrakesSat. Mar 5, 2011

smell sum solgier 'donkey did not smell goats ass

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Posted By: WillkilluSat. Mar 5, 2011

All Niggers must Hang!

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Posted By: White Man AwakeningSun. Mar 6, 2011

I am Irish, German and Italian. I am most proud to be WHITE. I am fed up and I mean FED up of Racist eric holder! I call on all whites to have 1 more baby than they wanted to have.

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Posted By: Malcom X Sun. Mar 6, 2011

I can't say that I'm surprised that racism exists on America. then again I didn't expect to find such ignorant and closed minded opinions . I am a black female who has obtained her bachelors in psychology and minor in public relations. I had to be ten times better than my white class mates to achieve a scholarship and one hundred times better to get a position at NY Presbyterianism hospital. I say this to show that intelligence is something earned, not embedded just because your white . if your talking about crime, please look in your own back yard and notice the countless killing sprees by causcaions. or the countless embezzling by the caucasions down on wall street. white supremacy is real and that is because of the fear you have of minorities. with all that hate and inhumane treatment to blacks, Hispanics, Asians and homosexuals for centuries. Of course you would feel the fear of those you have oppressed. I do believe in self sufficiency but when white America continues te same tactics to keep African Americans from achieving your going to expect a violent reaction. your talking about hundreds if years if oppression, and just sixty years ago did black finally achieve equal liberties. and all this talk about going back to africa... well I will do that once you return to England. the rate of welfare recipients are 38 percent for whites to 36 percent blacks receiving welfare benefits. please remember this your ancestors brought us here to do your bidding because you hate working . because you don't like sweat on your brow but recognition for another mans work. Egypt was vast civilization before whites came and destroyed our land. we were able to achieve math, science and astrology before whites came in and depleted our lands due to the richness of our gold, diamonds and ivory. blacks only fault is that we don't stand for ourselves. but I guess can thank Willie lynch for that.

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Posted By: PattySun. Mar 6, 2011

You are so funny and stupid. Blacks and Hispanics aint going anywhere. LOL

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Posted By: JordanSun. Mar 6, 2011

It must burn you white folks up that the most powerful man in the country is a black man. I love President Barrack Obama. White folks are the minority now and they are so afraid of a black planet. We had a black planet years ago.

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Posted By: JamesSun. Mar 6, 2011

I find it so cowardly that people will talk trash on this post but wouldnt do it to a black mans face. Face it the country is full of black and brown people and we are not going anywhere. LOL

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Posted By: JimmySun. Mar 6, 2011

9 percent of the worlds population is white. Damn you people are almost extinct. But that's ok you reap what you sow and Karma has come back at you. Who cares that white folks hate us. Why should we care. There isnt that many of you left. LOL

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Posted By: JohnMon. Mar 7, 2011

I love to read the rants of my fellow white Americans. I can't help but wonder if people like Anfma are just mad because they have nothing. They sit around their mobile home parks and whine about how the niggers this and the jews that and the blah blah homo's too. You are all really a bunch of low life losers. Here is a piece of advice... spend less time worrying about why the BLACK is taking everything you never worked for and get off your ass and get a job... the you may actually have something someone may want to steal.
Drink UP lowlifes

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Posted By: JohnMon. Mar 7, 2011

Ohh and another thing Malcom X... you are just as bad as the red necks... 100x better to get a job... 10 better blah blah blah... get over yourself and quit using your race as an excuse to look at the world as if it is out to get you. The only ones who are really out to get your are the ones writing on the blog from their double wides... so put the poor me rhetoric away and lose the TUDE... now go to work.

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Posted By: MikeMon. Mar 7, 2011

h I my name is mike and I really wanna find more people like me in shwanee oklahoma and want to participate anyway I can and know if there are any groups around my area can e-mail me at mikeyhaskins at yahoo. com thank you and stay right stay white

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Posted By: Rocky55Mon. Mar 7, 2011

This planet belongs to none of us. We as people just need to stop fighting with each other. But we known that it will never be the way it is. I am proud to be white. We need to all be proud of who we are. I have no hatred for any race but I will not be told by any that I should be ashamed of my race. I was dating a black girl years ago and she told me that her dad had said that the two most racist people he had ever seen were old black men and old white women. He also said that blacks need to point the finger of slavery at who helped to keep it going and that was other blacks who helped the slave traiders to find and catch other blacks.

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Posted By: KarieTue. Mar 8, 2011

Anfama, for what its worth, I wanted to take a few minutes to commend you for your articulation, insight and passion, however, you completely discredited all of your well-thought-out words when you stooped to degrading and belittling attack other writers. Your words had such an eloquent flow and impacted me greatly, then you had to throw in your demeaning comments, and you completely lost all credibility. A person possessing true wisdom can rely solely on the facts to enlighten others, a person possessing a superiority complex will only aid in keeping closed minds shut with sarcasm and insults. Use your knowledge and wisdom to empower us, do not bring us shame please. You are better than that (I hope).

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Posted By: KarieTue. Mar 8, 2011

I wrote my post after only reading a few of your posts, now that I have read all of your posts, I realize you are not "better than that", you are egotistical, arrogant and enjoy using complex concepts and big words to validate your illogical premise and to justify your self-indulgence... I am happy you have "disappeared" from the board, you are an embarrassment to out race!

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Posted By: Simple ManTue. Mar 8, 2011

its time to grow up people move on except what is done is done and let it go god be with you all

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Posted By: Colors Of The WorldTue. Mar 8, 2011

Okay I was doing research and I found this website. I was like wow and laughed. (btw I'm white) Yes this racism does happen but its not just certain races. Its by EVERY race. This website makes white people sound better or innocent, but in the end everyone is the same. It doesn't matter what race you are or what heritage you descend from, what you do and say only shows who YOU are. It doesn't mean everyone in that race is exactly like you. Everyone is different. So just because some random people says a racial slur doesn't mean every one of that race is like that.

If it were up to me we all be purple, then no one could racially discriminate...

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Posted By: Tron It's About TimeWed. Mar 9, 2011

Niggers don't respect our white European values, they have no morals and no scrupel. Nigger, get out! This is Europe.

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Posted By: VikingWed. Mar 9, 2011

We as a whole should look to better ourselves in any way possible. Go get an education, a good job, vote, and only then we will be able to have the life we want. We will be able to raise our children in safe, clean communities. College is not impossible if you work hard and try. Affirmative action is in place for a reason, so we need to work harder to get where we need to be. Respect is earned and not given. Rhetoric only goes so far. If you want to walk around looking like an outcast who am I to complain, but an upstanding young person is hard to come by these days.

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Posted By: AaronWed. Mar 9, 2011

I am very proud to be white and I am not afraid to let people know that. I don't have a problem with black people, but I have a problem with niggers. I think there is a difference between the two. A black man is a respectable human being with a different skin color. He works hard and cares about others/family. Niggers on the other hand are lazy, careless, and have zero respect for others. During college I was forced to live with a nigger for a year, and it was the worst year of my life. I would catch him digging through my belongings, eating my food, and wearing my clothing, all without asking. I 100% agree with everything stated at the top of this website.

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Posted By: Va. Confederate Ridge Runner (Thu. Mar 10, 2011

I agree 100% with what was said here. I have always been for my race, I'm half German and half Scottish. I would like to join with my brothers n arms cause I know the day is coming to take that stand an, I'm ready!!!

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Posted By: Westside NiccuhThu. Mar 10, 2011

FUck ay'llll white asss hating maf***asss!!

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Posted By: LuiFri. Mar 11, 2011

why make race an issue?ALL races are guilty of something throughout history and around the world. in our creators eyes(or anybody whos watching)the human race has FAILED. nobody is innocent!

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Posted By: NaziFri. Mar 11, 2011

F*** every nigger and spik for coming here and ruining this great place

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Posted By: VikingFri. Mar 11, 2011

Race is the number 1 problem in the country today. Whites flourished in Europe for thousands of years, however blacks have not contributed to this. They claim to have built America, but sorry to break it to you this country was founded by white men. The declaration of independence was signed by white men, the revolution was four by white men. Your ancestors were slaves but your own people sold you into slavery. You have black history month and say its because whites celebrate our history everyday but that's only because blacks have no history to celebrate. Rosa parks sat at the front of the bus and wouldn't get up for a white man so she is considered a hero, Martin Luther king was a hero because he stood up to the white man who was pressing his people. Ok so 2 people in the 200 years you have been over here. That's a lot of history to celebrate. Affirmative action is put in place so blacks can have good jobs, but you don't want to work in the first place. Keep in mind that whites did blacks a favor by bringing them here they would have ended up a slave in Africa anyway, now they can be president and get an education, but god forbid you feel discriminated against you call the naacp.

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Posted By: Jeremy MeltonFri. Mar 11, 2011

I am Proud to be White! There's No reason not to be. I see the hypocrisy that pervades our society and I do not appreciate it. It is cool to be black, brown , yellow... etc but, to be white brings ridicule... . why? I am a productive, intelligent member of society. I have tried to get a job as a fireman, but if I were a 5 foot tall Laotian woman I would have a better chance. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I know about racism

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Posted By: Angry At WhitesFri. Mar 11, 2011

Your right... the KKK should have it's own holiday. The whites should have their own college. The whites should have a college fund only for whites. The grand high dragon should have his own day for himself. Anyone whose isn't white should be serving someone who is. There should be a month where whites should dress up as ghosts and burn, hang, torture, rape, murder and kill and f*** anything that doesn't have the complexion of an under baked loaf of bread. In my language that what we call whites... roughly translated... Under cooked. Oh, wait that already happened! It's called the past 2000 years! I think even before then too. You dumb f***s can see past your pale glaring nose to see the reason Blacks, Mexicans, Native Americans, Asians and everyone else in between have their own grants; holiday, college, icons, heroes and whatever else your bitching about, because of s*** whites have done in the past to discriminate, insult, beat up, scare, kill, rape, murder and wipe out entire races. If your proud to be white, show your pride and wear your robe and hood the next time you go to work. I'm sure you work in a whites only establishment and they should show their pride too. I'm a racist and I hate whites. A white man killed my wife and my unborn daughter for his crack habit. I am racist. Now tell me your proud white man.

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Posted By: This Is God's CountryFri. Mar 11, 2011

You whites think that cause this is America it's a white nation. Wrong! This land was discovered 40, 000 years before that wop Columbus and way before those cow heads(vikings) ever sailed their ships to America. By my people. Sure we helped those poor cold, starving whites who settled here. They gave that a holiday. Remember the French and Indian wars. Indians... the idiot thought he was in India. We are the real people, the human beings, the enemy, friend, and little snakes. Learn it, use it, live it. If any of you idiots know your history, you would know our history doesn't go back 50 years. We have thousands. Many a millennium of written and spoken history. Most can be found on the net. Others can be heard from the elders. Th rest in the history books are written by white men with their own opinion of us. Primitive and savage. Guess what we saw whites another way. Aggressive and helpless as a baby. Destructive and hateful. No respect for any living thing. If you think our history goes back only 50 years... your blind as a mole.

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Posted By: SteveFri. Mar 11, 2011

Niggers today all think they are owed something because their forefathers were slaves. I say bulls***!!!! They aren't owed anything but a bullet in their head. If you take a look at the prison population in the US you would notice one truth. Niggers make up most of the population. Wonder why? Its not that they are under privileged... . . no its because of genetics. Just look at Africa. It is the most poverty stricken place on earth. Niggers are sub-human. Whites are more advanced people. Look at Germany where most of the native population is white. Germany is home to BMW, Volkswagen and many other high tech company's. Whites have better developed brains. Niggers were put her on Earth by god to serve the white man not the other way around!!!

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Posted By: Ftw Everyone Will Be BeigeFri. Mar 11, 2011

LMFAO! What the f*** are all you bitches bitching about!? In a millennium there will be no whites, no blacks, no browns, reds or yellows. We will all be beige. It has already begun, half white half black, half irish half mexican, half chinese half japanese, half russian half black... oooo black russian! Be right back... . ahhhhhh! where was i? oh yeah half native american/german/spanish/jew/islamic/asian/black/hawaiian/samoan/filipino/italian/mexican half white. So whats the deal?

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Posted By: FyreFri. Mar 11, 2011

GOD made man from dirt not sand an dust the blacker the dirt the better the crops so the first man was black, israelites where black, egyptians black nimrod the son of cush(Ethiopia)was black where did white ppl came from they came from black people go watch natonal geographic dna of man. when white people was in europe in the caves going crazy with no foods no wealth suffering the indians an african was living good if the white man had any brains they would of be creative like the africans an indians to develope europe no brains no food so they had to gone to others country to look for food the best thing happen to europe is the europeans wen to africa, india an asia for over 5, 000 years these whites dnt have s***tt lol then the greeks was the first white people to get sum n from africa then romans hey white people remember when GOD tell moses in the bible to show pharoah king of egypt the second sign he put his hands in his bosom an the s*** turn white leposy lol lol then when moses sister mariam talk about moses wife her ass turn white an she was put out the camp lol proud to be black

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Posted By: FarleySun. Mar 13, 2011

I am afraid to speak out about what I see wrong with America because I will be labeled as an "intolerant raciest. " While I go to work every day to pay the mortgage and receive no government assistance I see minority's and illegals getting free and discounted services at the hospital I work at. I see illegals skip out on their bills while having hundreds of US dollars on them. They have mexican ID's issued by the mexican consultant in Austin. From what I understand a large portion of bills sent out come back because the illegal does not live at the address on their ID any more. That bill gets put on the tax payer's tab. I see people come in and complain they cannot afford their prescriptions, but answer their I-phones while talking to a financial counselor. Some complain they cannot pay for parking when they drive a nicer car then mine. Granted not all people who do this are black and mexican but the majority are. This screwed up sense of entitlement has to go.

Even as an Atheist I am awestruck at the lack of morals we have in America today. Hey I know it is not the 1950's but the tax payer should not have to carry the burden brought on by degenerate over breeders. It has become acceptable to be a single mother on government assistance. I believe it has become acceptable because of the "ghetto" culture which seems to have invaded all aspects of American life. When I hear a hip hop, or rap song all I hear is go out and party every night. Live beyond your means and rack up your credit cards. F&*k anybody in the "club" and have no worries about it. I have to pick up the tab for that mistake. Food stamps, section 8 housing, the child's health care, are just a few of the things that get put on my tax dollar.

Now confused white kids are finding this acceptable. I see it every day little jack asses gallivanting around like they are black. Sagging pants, oversized clothes, and talking like they are from the ghetto, driving around cars with rims valued more then the vehicle is worth. Just sickening.

So maybe I am a raciest because I am offended by the way some people want to live and call it a "counter culture. " So here is my culture:

Pay my bills, have no debt other than a mortgage

Take responsibility for my actions

Live within my means

Be educated, and keep learning

Be a productive member of society

And last but not least. If you do not like the content on this page, you do not have to read it. I do not like the programing on MTV so I do not watch it. Pretty simple.

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Posted By: A Black Beautiful FemaleSun. Mar 13, 2011

well I want to begin stating that i'm an 18 year old black female that attends a predominantly white college. I love and get along with every white male and female I come across. They have never showed signs of ignorance like the creator of this website and the helpless people who ignorantly comment on it. In the future my children will respect everyone they come across and that is what this world will eventually come to. You can raise your children to raise their children in a very ignorant and non educated way but that will only make matters worst. I just wish you all can see how much the world has changed. Get out of your small box of pity and see the world for what it is and will be in the future.

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Posted By: Susan Johnson Sun. Mar 13, 2011

I am a white female and mY best friend is Black. I love her with every bone in my body and I wouldn't trade her in for the world. All of you ignorant white people need to have a seat, shoot yourself and DIE. you are embarrassing us. oh wait I didn't mention that my husband, the father of my two sons is BLACK. I love my dark skinned man, and my children are beautiful. I guess that makes me a "nigger lover" ? hahaha NO that makes me a righteous person who can care less about race. SMH '

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Posted By: MarcMon. Mar 14, 2011

to kristy , to answer your question, no!in this day and age we whites are not suppose to be proud of our heritage and who we are. If we do we are declared racist and that is that. So I declare it loud in everything I wear and do and deal with the consequences as I need to. w, p 14-88

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Posted By: Proud To Be WhiteMon. Mar 14, 2011

your the lowest form of life I know of, a nigger loving jew cock sucker. you don't even get the point, and yet you feel the need to run your f***in mouth. what if you gave 5 white family's and 5 black family's the same jobs, same pay, same house's, same school, same everything? wait 5years. witch neighborhood would be better?

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Posted By: PatMon. Mar 14, 2011

We should kill all the the f***ing niggers and spics so our contry would be pure agen

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Posted By: KristineMon. Mar 14, 2011


In response to your comment about being poud of being white straight and christian... . (in a manor minorities are with their parades)

There are parades for you too! The Macy's Christmas Day parade celebrates Christianity, the Irish festival and St. Patrick's Day parade, or the German and Polish parades in Chicago all celebrate the white culture. Be proud of your heratige, by all means. Just remember your heritage isn't white your heritage is German, Irish, Bristish etc.

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Posted By: SerenityTue. Mar 15, 2011

Disrespectful! Now what if you were born black would you like people calling you today.

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Posted By: Rainier NelTue. Mar 15, 2011

I do feel sorry for all White people of America, Hell , I feel sorry for all of us all over the world, and as an Afrikaner, I know why I say that, but at the same time feelings of anger overwhelm the sorry that I feel, for WE allowed it all to befall us. We were simply not strong enough, here in Africa we are over run, what is the excuse of the mighty Americans, there THEY are an minority, No?

I pray for you all, be strong. Here, we feel the true hate of the black people and an corrupted black government, I do not feel sorry for Apartheid, but some of us do, God only knows why white people feels bad for trying to make a country Heaven, and employing blacks in doing so.

I never knew that some Americans feel as we do, In our media you are portrayed as an totally mixed breed nation, and we are shocked to see shows such as Jerry Springer Show, with all these strange habits and weird unholy sexualities, God protect you all!!!!

Greetings from South-Africa.

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Posted By: Gert NelTue. Mar 15, 2011

Reading through all the posts ;you can clearly see all the other races, and the jealousy they have of the White Race, I have to laugh at all of them, stupid sub-humans. First of all I like one comment of a person saying we are dying out, funny, we know when to breed and when not to, here in Africa the wild animals can sense when there is going to be good rains and if the future looks good then they mate , if not they do not , surprising that the African Blacks do not know this

People would expect them to be better in tune with the veld but they are not, they take all they can get from Mother Nature and destroy that which they can not carry, all because they do not want some else the enjoy what they have gathered or stolen.

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Posted By: Koos VenterTue. Mar 15, 2011

Hi, as an Afrikaner, and Boer, (farmer with a farm, / not the Boer as in Boer warrior that fought against the English), I am very proud to be a man and a white man, in Africa. God is good to us, although we face attacks often , especially at night. I have no problem with other races and help were I can, but one must be proud of who you are and the good that you do to help others where you can, but I help people who wants to help themselves. I do not understand why other races always "bitch" and moan like woman, here in town a new thing came from America, its Ganger ism, and all the weaklings belong to these groups, they watch American movies and acts as those losers, some even committing serious murders, but here people kill for 5 Rand anyway.

Our Black children are bad enough by themselves, now they try to be like that Black tribe in America, what are they called again, Nigger, is that right?

I have no problems with other nations, I like the the Asians , they keep to themselves and are full of smiles always. Only thing that worries me is that all Chinese people here declared themselves blacks, so not to be discriminated against in the job market. But us Afrikaners are out, especially if you are an male, no job for you then, but do you see us stealing , raping, killing, NO.

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Posted By: KeeferTue. Mar 15, 2011

I have white pride tatted on my stomach and don't care if someone thinks it is racist. I know it's not and I have no problem taking my shirt off at the pool or beach. People believe white pride means you are proud to have been a slave owner, the problem is those people are racist because that is all they think of when they think of white people, slavery. I never owned a slave my father never owned a slave and my grandfather never owned a slave and I would have a hard time believing you could find someone today that was a slave.

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Posted By: Half Black Half WhiteTue. Mar 15, 2011

I suppose that I willingly subjected myself to this. I, personally, find nothing wrong with being proud to be white, but many of the posters here don't stop at being proud of his/her heritage and are in fact racist. While it does sadden me that the world has not progressed far enough for all people to only judge the individual on his/her character, I do know that the posters here are in the minority. I have been blessed to live a good life so far. I am in a good law school right now (and not because of my race, my GPA and LSAT were in the 75 percentile (which means the top 25% of those admitted). I grew up middle class, I am considered attractive by most, have intelligence, and nothing to complain about. Some might argue that I get that from my "white half" hard to say, but my black mother was the one with the college degree, the one who paid the bills. My white father is a good guy, and intelligent himself, but never a provider before or after their divorce. I have white friends, Asian friends, Hispanic friends, Black friends, Arab friends, and am lucky to be surrounded be great people of all races. I hope that all of you that have had negative experiences that have shaped your views will start to have more positive ones. It is one thing to hate to gang members, it is another to hate all black or Mexican people because you only see the gang members. There are good and bad people in any race. Anfama, you may make any point you would like about intelligence, but you are giving a free pass to all white people of sub par intelligence because of the geniuses. If intelligence is what matters to you, why not condemn the white people with low IQ's as well? I believe that a person can be a good person without being a genius, or white for that matter, but maybe that is just me.

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Posted By: TyroneWed. Mar 16, 2011

man, I ahd to use a cowculator bcuze I aint got no 12 finger to count. f*** all yo cracker ass crackers. I be the future belee dat. al and jesse da naacp got my back and afirmative action 2. I gots my smelly black ass hanging out wat yoy fina do

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Posted By: White PowerWed. Mar 16, 2011

F*** you Tyrone u dumb shine your just mad cuz u don't know ur dad. That's cuz I hung him and burned his body. F*** all stupid niggers and spics WHITE POWER!!!!

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Posted By: HollyWed. Mar 16, 2011

shut up u stupid people, because white boys wre there pants down low to.

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Posted By: Brad Wed. Mar 16, 2011

Hostile Honky white pride thank god I'm white

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Posted By: Joe CThu. Mar 17, 2011

I am 31 years old and am a marine corp vet and am of German Irish heritage. What I see going on in this country starting from the highest levels makes me sick. while the top 10 percent get richer and richer While we the working white man can't even afford health care. but the illegals they come here souly to exploit us. free health care then when they get busted we end up giving em free and (board) in jail for 6 months or longer then give them a free ride home. WE ARE NOW THE MINORITY.

In short we need to take a stand before there is NOTHING left of this country. God bless all

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Posted By: Lilith WhyteThu. Mar 17, 2011

I only want what the jews and American indians have, which is a separatist nation. I am in my 50's and grew-up in White America. I remember a country that was productive, safe, respected and where schools actually provided an education. We can attribute our decline directly to the civil rights movement.

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Posted By: It´s About TimeFri. Mar 18, 2011

Niggers eat dog s***, so I don´t scoop poop when I walk my dog in countries where niggers live, because they´re worth it. Feed the world, let them know we care.

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Posted By: KeithFri. Mar 18, 2011

I know only this, everyday I have to send my 2 blonde haired blue eyed, german, children to a school with a 900+ student body. My children are 2 of 10 white children that attend this "school". My children are constantly put down and physically accosted by the majority of mexican and black children. and those in control do absolutely nothing to stop it. I, for one, have had enough of the reverse racism that has taken place in this country... but what can I do?

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Posted By: Red NeckFri. Mar 18, 2011

God bless the White race and be strong brothers, we will live long and prosper!! If it wasn't fore the White race, this would be a f***ed up world. The White race built and nurture this place we call Mother Earth.

Be thankful every day for being born White and Proud!!!

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Posted By: There Was A TimeSat. Mar 19, 2011

Problem is, there're white people who want to be niggers, some even grow rastas.

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Posted By: JoeSat. Mar 19, 2011

I'm a white man and I don't feel safe in the country of my four fathers all these niggers and wetbacks are taking over this country and us whites are being left out to to die we need to raise to the occasion get some brothers and try and take out as many as possible before we are inprisoned or killed knowing we tried to do the same as whites before us and our brothers in the kkk. White power and may the white supremacy live on...

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Posted By: It's About TimeTue. Mar 22, 2011

Only about a hundered years ago, niggers throughout Africa were still cannibals. Today, one of them is president of the USA.

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Posted By: Anti-ignorantWed. Mar 23, 2011

Maybe blacks are still kinda pissed about being treated like 2nd rate citizens only a few decades ago. Then there was the whole being bought and sold as property thing only a few hundred years ago. You know, it takes a while to recover from that s*** as a culture. Whites weren't exactly civilized for the first few decades after we came over here and conquered this land. Remember the whole stupid whitch burning bulls***? Also, maybe you should rise above racism and just because somebody treats you wrong because you are white doesn't mean you take it out on their entire race you ignorant cunts. Also, are you really afraid of "wetbacks" and "niggers" that much more than other white people who do f***ed up s*** to each other?

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Posted By: CamaroguyWed. Mar 23, 2011

f*** you nigger

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Posted By: AnonWed. Mar 23, 2011

Really, whenever I've been to a ghetto, or the projects, It's not JUST African Americans, or JUST Hispanics. I see a handful of Caucasians as well. It's not the race that choose to be lazy and dependent, it's the people. Ethnicity does not determine your value as a human being.

And as for those "predominantly white" neighborhoods? That's also a crock of s***. I live in a very nice suburban area and have quite a few Black neighbors. Couldn't be nicer people. You're basing all of this on stereotypical situations and ethnicities.

The colleges that proclaim that they're "Black" colleges? They're not EXCLUSIVELY for blacks. Try doing a little research before assuming you're being "victimized" by all the other races.

White supremacy? Ha. According to American history, Europeans have been anything but courteous to the other races from the very beginning.

"Oh, but those savage Negroes need our guidance! Can't you see how they behave when they're not told what to do?"

Hardly, you ignoramuses.

And the Hispanics? And the Asians? And the Native Americans? You're really going to blame everything on all of them, despite the treatment they've received all these years?

"But that was hundreds of years ago. We fixed all their s***, apologized and they still act like at #*% at . "

Well maybe because they're still treated that way? Lol, just because you say you're sorry doesn't mean you mean it. And of course, sites like this just prove it.

And when you don't mean it, do you really expect other races to look up to you? Like the f***ing big wigs you think you are?

You make me ashamed to be Caucasian, spewing your blasphemy and hate that "we're superior".

Get off your f***ing high horse.

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Posted By: CarolFri. Mar 25, 2011







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Posted By: Pretencious Fools...Fri. Mar 25, 2011

I am Dutch and take pride in the successes of my 'people' (I apologize that they happen to be white, please don't call me racist) but I am not a racist douche bag like many here have proved to be. I assume most of you live in the States which promotes freedom for everyone which naturally, attracts people of many different races seeking out a better life. So, to all of you racist whites who have a problem living around the minorities... here's some advice... LEAVE THE U. S. and go back to where your ancestors originated! Problem solved. Europeans took America from the natives so it's not even your land in the first place. The whole white argument is so contradictory and horribly hypocritical so if you don't like your situation in the States then get on a plane.

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Posted By: LolSat. Mar 26, 2011

Aryan means someone from Arya (Earth)

I am brown and I'm Aryan...

It's Sanskrit... not some Norse Rune language...

The only reason why ppl like the White Race is cuz they have a lighter complexion...

other wise we are all human. . lighter color is more aesthetically pleasin to our eyes. . we are all given a human mind. . and that's all I need to conquer the world or reject it completely...

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Posted By: White Power!Sat. Mar 26, 2011


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Posted By: RoderickSat. Mar 26, 2011

Um the ghetto's are the most dangerous places because of poverty. there are white ghettos too. you think only white people live in the suburbs? plus no it's not ok for white's to be called cracker and all those other names. hey be proud to be white I would be proud of what ever race I am. I'm proud to be black. I don't care if you like me or not but, to devide people because of race? that's dumb. also you don't have to say you have a white college or anything it's just understood that everything in america is white unless specified. any race can be racist, racism is the equivalent of stupidity not ignorance. an asian man can look at me the same way a kkk member does. a black person can be racist. I have friends of all races. so you are just in what you are saying but don't equate the stupidity of others to a whole race. all whites are not the same, all blacks are not the same and so on. So be proud of being white, I'm proud to be black. you can do whatever you want to if you choose f*** what anyone else says. now what I said just made a lot of sense but I bet that some racist is just gonna tell me to shut up or call me a racial slur. but your not an idiot you know what I said makes sense.

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Posted By: RoderickSat. Mar 26, 2011

oh and if your white don't apologize for being white dont' feel bad about what some white people did in the past unless your guilty of persecution or racism then don't worry about it.

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Posted By: RoderickSat. Mar 26, 2011

Only about a hundered years ago, niggers throughout Africa were still cannibals. Today, one of them is president of the USA. - well its about time

LOL see how stupid and pathetic racism is? this person has no proof but someone taught them that africans were a bunch of cannibals eating each other. This is false by the way, and it has nothing to do with obama. if you don't like his policies, say that, but if you don't like him because of his race that's just stupid. also if you voted for him just based off race that's stupid as well.

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Posted By: RoderickSat. Mar 26, 2011

Posted By: JoeSat. Mar 19, 2011

I'm a white man and I don't feel safe in the country of my four fathers all these niggers and wetbacks are taking over this country and us whites are being left out to to die we need to raise to the occasion get some brothers and try and take out as many as possible before we are inprisoned or killed knowing we tried to do the same as whites before us and our brothers in the kkk. White power and may the white supremacy live on...

AKA Another idiot! LOL ... raise to the occasion? lol he means rise. how cute.

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Posted By: The ManSun. Mar 27, 2011

To Roderick the retard. "all these niggers and wetbacks are taking over this country" do you honestly know how retarded you sound?It amazes me how necient you alls thoughts are. WE ARE TAKING OVER "YOUR COUNTRY? You stupid f***s teach dumb ass classes on how Columbus "discovered America"? How on earth is something discovered when it is already inhabitated by people "indians"? not to mention how you raped their women and just stole all their land. Makes no sense. And how the hell do you get mad at african americans. nobody told you stupid , ignorant f***s to take all of them to america in the first place. and you call blacks lazy? yalls asses were too lazy to do the work in plantations so you grabbed slaves to do it... it makes no sense. I mean really yall complain abotut blacks being here. . you all the ones who brought us here anyway. Its sad Gods children have come to this, hating one another over a damn color. I pray one day all this madness ends

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Posted By: 1234Sun. Mar 27, 2011

get a life bro u rasist f***s

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Posted By: Black SpiritMon. Mar 28, 2011

For all the frustrated black people, don't be! The hate pepetuated by whites is a result of basic jealousy. They can never be us and we are stronger genetically than then. A white man with a black woman will produce a black child, a black with a white woman will produce a black child, get it? We can polute there race but they cannot do the same to us, one drop of black and white is no more but you put a drop of white in black and black stays strong. White people hate because they came from cold countries and their parents have cold hearts. They dismay at how we can be joyful even in spite of the oppression inflicted upon us. White people are a sad sad race because no matter how much power they have they will never be happy because they will never be black. Their women flock to black men because white men have small useless dicks, no rhythm and are backward. Poor white people... .

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Posted By: FlyTue. Mar 29, 2011

This is true, I am from the dominican republic a spanish island, I conclude people only call whites racist since they have the need to defend their race because of the past. I come from an island where there are blondes with green eyes and pitch african black. I live in NY... . Down here we are a melting pot and we do not inferiorate mexicans, like other states do. Its quite ignorant wen I read most of these comments. Come To NY... Whites are with blacks, Blacks are with asians, Hispanics with indians, jewish with muslims, green is with blue, black and white is no such thing... . . People... travel, open your minds!!:)

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Posted By: CathyTue. Mar 29, 2011

I aprove of the person above me. . I am from NY, I am white, and personally I feel this country is a melting pot of immigrants. Racism is for idiots who feel inferior than others because they are mad. I am dating a black man, and may I say he has been better than all the white men I have de dated in the past, educated, clean and well behaved

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Posted By: Яйк д&Tue. Mar 29, 2011

F*** those stupid niggers who parade around screaming their monkey asses off about black pride, white f***in' pride man. But I also want to point out that gays are not trying to destroy our culture, I am a bisexual Ukrainian man and gays aren't the problems it's the F***in niggers. So I just want to say F*** the niggers and go white pride.
Щйл жєйк

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Posted By: Victor UrbanowiczWed. Mar 30, 2011

You have a good point: racism in any direction is racism. But historically the whites have held power and dealt out the most racism. Not because they are more evil than other races, but only because they have had the most opportunities, or temptations. (Asians are wonderfully talented at inflicting atrocities, but let's not compete, eh?)

And the definition of "white" has been pretty fluid. Your use of Celtic symbols is ironic, because the English habitually regarded the Irish as subhuman. And the Nazis had the same view of the Slavs: they put the extermination camps mostly in Poland, because the plan was to wipe out the Jews, then the Poles (my group). Ambitious! But anyway, now the Celts and the Slavs are all white.

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Posted By: Victor UrbanowiczWed. Mar 30, 2011

Pretty fuzzy thinking. Has any scientific study been done of black versus white schlong size? But seriously, when black and white produce kids, they can be a variety of colors from swarthy to pale. I knew a Nigerian woman married to a white guy. They have four kids, each lighter than the previous one. The last looked totally white. Her friend, another African, referred to the infant as "the English baby. " Also, white folks have long ago learned to laugh and sing lustily and shake their asses with the blackest of the black folk. (Thank you, Africa. ) As for women flocking to men, I understand that in one of three black-white unions the man is white and the woman black.

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Posted By: BWed. Mar 30, 2011

I'm white and I agree. I'm sick of our so called government do everything for the niggers and rest of the minorities. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with them if they at least try and have a job and don't just milk the gov taking all our tax money. Same for s*** bum whites that just sit around and collect a government check. Get off your ass and get a job. Have a little respect. If your lazy you disgust me. And if you are an illegal GET OUT!!! ps not everything racist that we do. Slavery is over so all the niggers need to get over it we don't owe you anything. The world is not equal the white man gets screwed.

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Posted By: NotmentionedWed. Mar 30, 2011

you are right white pride I am sick of being called a racist why shouldnt I get my fair agknowledged I called adolf hitler cuz I am saying white pride time to change something. thanks for this it gives me hope that I can be proud to be white.

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Posted By: 197666Thu. Mar 31, 2011

This is so stupid!

Someone way earlier had it right. There are no white colleges, no white entertainment television, no white scholarships, no white one million man marches or things like that because they are already white-based. We already have white TV shows on almost all channels, most school scholarships are given to white kids, and we already have most of the rights in this country!

Just because all of you fail to succeed does not mean it is the work of any other race. Maybe going to college, knowing proper grammar and spelling, being even slightly more intelligent than others might help you get somewhere.

Don't expect to get anywhere being retarded as most of you are. If I were looking for someone to fill a job, and you gave me an application with these spelling errors, I'd say hell no, because they don't even know the difference between "there" signifying a place, and "their" signifying possession. Nor is the difference between "your" meaning, belongs to you, and "you're" the contraction of you are. I mean it's really simple.

If you are uneducated, mean, have a superiority complex, and can't get the work done, yeah, I'd rather hire the Mexicans who are quiet, don't ask for much, get the work done, and don't bother anyone with stupid bulls*** such as this.

White people have claimed superiority for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We take over other lands that don't belong to us in the first place, a place where our race is not even indigenous then say it's ours. We snuff out the indigenous people, and claim that our race is becoming diluted with the blood of the natives. Well duh.

You claim you want to be pure, but if you recall, some of the first whites to settle here were Puritans. If you are so concerned with maintaining integrity, I suggest you revive Puritanism and then be on your merry way. The native Americans were here first, and technically we destroyed their racial purity, we took their lands, we sold their lands to other whites, and then shoved them onto reservations. Yet they seem to bitch much less than the white people who took everything they wanted and have no real reason to bitch at all.

When what white people have done is done back to them, it's some sort of crime to you ignorant dimwits. When other people come into this country and take lands and money, and jobs you all have a cow. But if you'd only stop to see, we do that to other people in other countries and expect them not to bitch. But if we get the short end of the stick, we expect it to be fixed, and we demand such action as if we have the right to.

Your life is fine, and if not, educate yourself and go somewhere that you can find a better opportunity. It's not always another race holding you down, a lot of the time it's just you.

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Posted By: RyvreThu. Mar 31, 2011

I'm not a white supremecist, or anything like that. but I am proud to have the noble vikings in my ancestral heritage, and I plan to go on in their traditions for the rest of my life. I am not guilty for being white!

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Posted By: AlexisFri. Apr 1, 2011

I am a 19 year old student who attends Florida State University. My father is white and my mother is black. I was raised to love and appreciate all races. No matter what the color of your skin may be, we all have a purpose in life and can bring something to the table. Be proud of who you are and let no one belittle you.

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Posted By: AnonymousFri. Apr 1, 2011

Good for you alexIs

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Posted By: F**king BlacksFri. Apr 1, 2011

I Am Proud White English Guy proud of my country proud of my pureness. What I hate is f***ing ni**ers trying to Rape our Motherland. Hell no Blacks out. gas the lot & keep it white

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Posted By: White Power 101Mon. Apr 4, 2011

I hope america wakes up soon and smells the bulls***; if not, america will become another third world country.

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Posted By: Poor Judgement Mon. Apr 4, 2011

if your race is so powerful then how in the World you lost the War in Germany. Think about it focus on this, you want to take over the country and expect people to just bow to your Dumb demands. your brains must not be so bright, you will spend the rest of your life hating others just because you fell as if they are taking your Jobs Even if you managed to get 40k people armed don't you think that the rest would fight you to death and the rest of the World seeing their brother in danger will just sit there and take it. come on guys grab a hold of your lives and educate your selfs don't just Hate because some one else does.

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Posted By: MattMon. Apr 4, 2011


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Posted By: Proud MexicanoTue. Apr 5, 2011




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Posted By: The Coolest Cat On The Block.Tue. Apr 5, 2011

As a nigger, I am proud of my nigga heritage. I live in Chicago heights and the whole community is f***ing awesome... over run by niggers and spiks. It's f***inging ridiculous. All I see is grape and orange soda cans and flamin hot cheeto wrappers everywhere... mmmmmmmmmm... obama is a tah s***. he is a f***ing awesome nigger

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Posted By: GokuThu. Apr 7, 2011

some one needs to hack this site and shut it down.

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Posted By: HhahaFri. Apr 8, 2011

shut the f*** up u retarded assholes. u wana know why blacks/hispanics/ any other race other than white consider u f***s racist ? hmm maybe because BLACKS WERE SLAVES nd built this country mexicans take the jobs tht all u country bumpkin f***s don't like, nd u attac the arabs like there ALL PERSONALLY AFFILIATED WIT OSAMA! I feel bad because were all part of the human race... . but since yalll lovvvveee history heres some for u ... statitstically the white male has commited BY FAR the most atrocities against the world... including other whites ( are you all serious wit this irish , english thing... u look the same? lol) sooo yes as a proud half black half puertorican woman HELL YEA I WATCH BET nd guess wat u'lll never have WET haahahahahaha

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Posted By: HahahFri. Apr 8, 2011

id love to know where ur from to, , , prly a meth lab trailer park

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Posted By: N/aFri. Apr 8, 2011

To the first comment "want to destroyed your culture" is what you wrote... Please educate yourself you ignorant asshole!

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Posted By: Michael Sherwood Of Santa MariFri. Apr 8, 2011

I am white, I am an American and I am proud to be both. I am not afraid to put my first and last name because I believe everything you wrote to be the truth and the whole truth. I live and work in California, I work all over the central coast pulling and setting ground water-pumps. most of the water wells we pull the pumps from are in orchards or vegetable fields. I see so much hate, in the faces, of the field workers when they look at me. I have never done anything to them! I smile, I say good morning, I wait for a response! seldom do I get one. When I am off work and I walk downtown of these small AMERICAN towns I can't even read the signs! I walk by the local AMERICAN school and the marque out front is written in Spanish, yea SPANISH! I try to order food from the local restaurant yet the waitress can't speak English! I have to point at a picture to get my food. WTF I am in California! I work with two Mexicans on my crew I am the third man, ten to twelve hours a day they speak Spanish listen to Spanish music and when they do speak English they tell me how much they hate white people. After three weeks of this I asked them to speak English, at the job site, so I could understand them. The next day I got a phone call from human resources because I asked two Americans to speak English. We work for an American company in an American state in an American town, why should I even have to ask someone to speak in English! I am white, I am an American and I proud to be both.

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Posted By: Michael Sat. Apr 9, 2011

What, are you serious! you are so bind if you think all of these comments are not true.

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Posted By: FumaninjaMon. Apr 11, 2011

White for your Rights

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Posted By: American PrideMon. Apr 11, 2011

who ever wrote this is pretty pathetic and same goes for all the neo naz I people who commented on here too, or wut ever the f*** you are. I just don't see everyone can't get along because believe it or not it will make everyones life easier

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Posted By: Stl White And Proud J.m.Mon. Apr 11, 2011

Great comments and observations about the way that or nation believes and acts towards each other. As a construction worker I see the actions of large corporations laying off great qualified and intelligent workers because there is "no work", yet it is rarely a black man, hispanic, or even a women that will loose there job. Do to the fact that our nation gives requirements to maintain a certain minority, regardless of the qualifications. Work and pay should be based on merit, not the fact that your black. These people not only work slower but also can create and pose a danger in the work place. I wholeheartedly agree with the main statement and my own.

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Posted By: Seriously??Mon. Apr 11, 2011

Just a bunch of ignorant white trailer trash losers!!!

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Posted By: JasonTue. Apr 12, 2011

I agree and have a website as well to fight for the white rights & pride! 1488

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Posted By: Dixie Polar BearTue. Apr 12, 2011

I agree with the comments.

There is no white history month because there is TOO much white history to fit into one month! Ha!

Minorities are the downfall of America's entire culture. American culture went from highly honoring Opera music to "Rapping, " what a scam! Whites have invented Ball room dancing, whereas monkeys dance salsa, "bump and grind, " and act like tribal savages. I have to suffer everyday watching our beautiful white culture become some nigger-loving, disease infested, interracial tub of waste. Now the entire American legal system is structured around dealing with monkeys, so in turn, the system treats whites like monkeys too.

Niggers, spics, chinks, etc... have evolved from tropical habitats that do not require much inventive thinking. In these tropical environments food is everywhere! In contrast, whites had a tough environment to evolve within. Harsh, cold temperatures forced whites to invent proper clothing, housing, tools, and a culture that required more education to survive. Over hundreds of thousands of years, the brain mass of whites far surpassed that of the less-clothed, more simian-like minority. It is no wonder that whites have invented the most revolutionary tools, by far, to this day- Grand battle ships, electricity, the train, the automobile, the hydrogen bomb, etc... It would be impossible to name them all.

All in all, I HATE the fact that our superior white culture has been extorted by opportunistic monkeys. I watch classic American movies to capture the essence of a pure white American culture... But this culture is becoming more of an illusion every day; as our blue and green eyes are turned brown and black; and as our non-monkey noses are turned thick and flat. I'm enraged, my white rights have been revoked- And I weep to see the future of our planet, darkness.

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Posted By: KevinTue. Apr 12, 2011

I am not a racist I judge a person based on merit not by color. but I am white and proud to be white. the things you have written are all 100 percent true. the thing that I have a problem with is the destruction of traditional american culture. I'm tired of being considered a racist because I love my culture. I'm tired of other races coming into my town and refusing to be american. they don't speak english and expect me to learn their language. my 4 year old son is being forced to learn spanish so he can talk to his classmates. but god forbid they learn english cause that would be racist. I'm in central Nebraska and looking for other like minded people my email is kevinwagner15 at gmail. com

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Posted By: EricFri. Apr 15, 2011

Very well said. Living as a white in South Africa I can, sadly, attest and agree with everything so say above.

We have a right and a duty to protect our race. Sadly most whites are completely negligent in that duty.

Live strong, Bread Pure, Embrace Pride. For your children.

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Posted By: NickFri. Apr 15, 2011

Hahaha this is so funny. To all white supremacists: your efforts are futile and you guys will, actually, already have failed. Times have changed and as we progress, things will only work against your favor and you guys will cry in anger and resentment. Sorry but that is a fact. so so sad...

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Posted By: A Random Person Fri. Apr 15, 2011

I'm a white lesbian christian female, and i'm proud despite the hate, and dirty looks I get daily. If a business in America won't speak english to me, I will take my money elsewhere. Simple as that. So suck my nonexistent dick.

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Posted By: Single GuySat. Apr 16, 2011

Where can I find a whites only dating site?

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Posted By: FarleySun. Apr 17, 2011

In response to this so called "Nick. "

Progressiveness has reached its crest and is falling back. We are sick of minority scum and their counter culture. If they out breed us there will be no one left to pay taxes to support their sorry degenerate lazy sex crazed asses. I am sick of having to be PC and tolerant of other cultures. Eat a big one buddy. Just because most whites do not talk openly about racism, trust me hippie we are coming back. Not just some of the ignorant uneducated people that post on here. There is a growing breed of white supremacist that are educated, and armed to the teeth. Suck it buddy. Go rack up your credit cards and jack off to some UFC videos.

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Posted By: Cracker Style Buckingham FlMon. Apr 18, 2011

White Pride from Buckingham Florida!

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Posted By: KjcMon. Apr 18, 2011

White's Right!

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Posted By: Cindy?Mon. Apr 18, 2011

The reason why there are groups and funds dedicated to Black people is obviously because they are a minority. It would be pointless to help a majority that already has an advantage. Why are there groups to help just women or just disabled people?

White people are proud so proud that they colonized all parts of the world that aren't white.

I have forgiven though because otherwise God would not forgive me.

Whoever you are stop wasting time hating other people and start to love and embrace you neighbors and your brothers and sisters.

Also read 1st John 4
It blessed me.

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Posted By: Forgotten All AmericanTue. Apr 19, 2011

CURSED DNA???? Could you elaborate?

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Posted By: Princess ShennTue. Apr 19, 2011


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Posted By: MichaelThu. Apr 21, 2011

its sad but its true if a white gets white pride tatted on us we are considered being hate full ans racist and not only that but our race is growing weaker and weaker were scared to stand proud me personally I have white pride tatted going across my head with a rose which to me signifies the beauty of our race I'm also a member of a group called southern aryan brotherhood I stand proud and solid anyone want to chat pm me white power

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Posted By: FarleyFri. Apr 22, 2011

In response to "Cindy"

Many state universities across the US discriminate against Anglo students with higher GPA's to let minority students go to school paid for by that state's tax dollars or alumn I funds. So my kid with a higher GPA has a less of a chance of getting accepted into a state university than a minority student with a lower GPA? I can afford to send my kids to a state university with out them incurring student loanes. However when they don't get accepted for that reason it is counter capitalist and it makes me mad. Then there are Anglo kids who have to take out student loans when a minority with a lower GPA gets more financial assistance just for being a minority. I am tired of that. Not all Anglo's have the "advantage. " The advantage Anglophones have are decent hard working parents that teach them what life is going to be like and you cannot live beyond your means. So "Cindy" if you find my figurative silver spoon please send it back to me here in Texas. I never knew it existed until a few years ago. I never had it but I would like it back.

On another note the bible condones slavery and those that trample other cultures in the name of Jesus. Please keep your liberation theology on your website. Go check out all of the black power websites out there. Get off of ours.

To all of my anglophone brothers:

Watch your brother's back.

Look out for the interest of your community.

Be an example to the Anglo young.

Walk the walk, talk is cheap.

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Posted By: AbbySat. Apr 23, 2011

are you serious???? mexicans want to destroy this country??? wow you must be retarted your mother must have dropped you on your head because that was the most ignorant statement i've ever heard mexicans love this country because it is a country of opportunity, it is a country where you can be rich if you work your ass off and mexicans work hard everyday and don't complain about it they just do what they have to do. This country was built upon the hard working middle and lower classes wich these days ar mostly minorities. We don't want to destroy this beautiful country at all, and not all people are racist like you! I am ashamed that you called yourself hispanic when reading between the lines I can trully see you are just a sad excuse of a man with too much hatred in his heart... .

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Posted By: AshleySat. Apr 23, 2011

in response to abby whom I assume was a response to carlos I agree with you I don't know any mexicans who came here to destroy the country and I love your culture and also mine we should all respect each other in the name of the lord.

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Posted By: White Iron WorkerSat. Apr 23, 2011

I love the fact you called us dumb, and redneck. you stupid nigger do you even see how you spelled ( stuped) way to go mr smart nigger

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Posted By: Proud To Be BlackSat. Apr 23, 2011


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Posted By: Wood 4 LyfeSat. Apr 23, 2011


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Posted By: EdbvSat. Apr 23, 2011

I am a black male and am willing to be the token in order to get justice against a mexican who has been threatening to attack me and invade the lives of all my white friends. I am from the south. The guy has been stealing from the government, infecting people with hiv for years, paying off law enforcement who are mexican and also I and my friends can not get justice. PLease email me at elwindamion at yahoo. com with any ideas or assistance

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Posted By: FarleySat. Apr 23, 2011

Love all of the people who post that this site is ignorant and that I am uneducated. Do you think your one liners are going to change our opinions and beliefs? Who is of lower intellect? So here is what I have to say:

In response to "Abby:" No mexicans do not want to destroy this country. They just want to take parts of it. With groups like La Raza which translates to "the race" they have a mexican supremacist philosophy that states they are entitled to the south west. They come here and not bother with learning English. They work under the table jobs where taxes are not paid. When they get sick or injured they go to the hospital with a mexican ID that has an American address. When they tell the hospital they cannot pay, the hospital sends a bill to the address where the savage does not live anymore. The American tax payer then picks up the tab. There are spanish speaking radio stations in Texas that broadcast the slogan when translated to English "we took Texas back with out ever firing a shot. " There will be shots fired. Savages. They may be hard working, hard working to take what is mine.

"Ashley:" Open your eyes. They may smile at you and make you believe otherwise. Wait until you are the one on the small end of the stick.

"Proud to be Black:" I have a job and and two college degrees. Learn to use capitol letters. You are most likely not educated, or just passed through high school because you were the token.

"Wood 4 Lyfe:" Not much content there buddy, but keep up the good work.

As to the person that posts next: If you do not like what you see here, you did not have to come. I tried to find a black power web site to tell them what was up, but they do have a blog like this one. It would be too easy for me.

Love the map below. Hope one day the Empire gets back together in one way shape or form. We will keep working. To all my Anglophone brothers keep on keeping on.

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Posted By: DottySat. Apr 23, 2011

Black, white, spanish, there are assholes in every race. Its not the color of the person, its the person. I believe this but still, I am guilty of wanting to live within my own white race.

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Posted By: I Can't Believe You!Tue. Apr 26, 2011

Please Read The Whole Thing Before You Jump To A Conclusion!

( I am white by the way) We don't have WET because instead, we have FOX, CNN, MTV, LIFETIME, OXYGEN ABC, NBC, ABC FAMILY, etc. We don't have national white day because everyday is national white day in a country where there are majority whites. the are sixty proclaimed black colleges, but that is because as you say there are too many stupid blacks out there, and the overall black population wants to help educate them so that they would rather do your taxes, cure cancer, defend you in court, instead of car jacking you or beating you up. by the way, I have been car jacked by rednecks, the other extreme. blacks have ghettos, rednecks have trailer parks. Whites have been racists for thousand of years! and we still are, I mean look at your website! we can't do any of the things you mentioned above because whites still control the world and oppress everybody else. so we give the minorities these few things so that they think they have liberty; but they really don't. so next time you wonder why they get privileged, think how much of an "uppity nigger" you would have if he did not have an opportunity to get a lower score on SAT's and still compete with whites who outnumber him.

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Posted By: Young JTue. Apr 26, 2011

F*** all you white assholes! If you all what to save your stupid race, why don't you all interbreed like you have been doing for thousands of years!

Go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will happily send you there myself with my handing 10mm.

(If you don't like what I said, then go suck on your tiny white penis)

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Posted By: Carlos AlbertoTue. Apr 26, 2011

Well man I just wanna start saying something, I agree with you in what you say you are proud to be white and so. I believe 100 per cent in the white supremacy, am a very proud hispanic, spaniard and german descendant, white man! I beliave there is no f***ing race even equal to the superior white race! Man but it's a terrible mistake when you focus this hate against mexicans because they are white descendants as well, they come from the spaniard so the are also part of the common european white race, just as you the anglosaxons who are germanic descendants. In fact its also a terrible mistake when you americans discriminate the latin americans, I mean the white latin americans because we also come from a european white race so we are obviously part of the common white race! Man I have read many important books about this theme, for example the most important one! Mein kampf and the Zweites Buch by the Fûhrer and our great leader Herr Hitler! So I can tell you I know a lot about this theme;I speak 5 languages, all of then europeans and I am in constant touch with the white culture. So finally I want to say congratulations! Am happy there are people like you who still fight for the white rights, we all white people have to keep us fighting against the f***ing black apes that are the worst s*** in this world together with the f***ing jews, and for the white rights like our Lebensraum! White supremacy for ever!

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Posted By: MistryWed. Apr 27, 2011

Not all colored people are racist's ya know. there isn't anything wrong about being proud to be white, everyone should be proud no matter what their race.

And in reference to what you said about African Americans, Mexican Americans and american americans, it's bull. your not exactly native, you may not be an immigrant but your roots isn't in America.

also, Carlos Alberto- stop begging race, your either white or not. many spanish and mexican people I know are more brown then white.

hitler was a cunt and a pussy, he couldn't deal with the circumstances and shot himself like a lil bitch. oh and hitler tried to helped India become a free country, so much for only whites! lol

there is just too many coloured people, White supremacy can't do s***. lets face it! your country and your own people ain't with you, its a war you'll only loose.

you all are just a bunch of wankers. HITLERS DEAD! FOLLOW YOUR LEADER!!!!!

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Posted By: White Race To Die By 2020Wed. Apr 27, 2011








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Posted By: FarleyThu. Apr 28, 2011

In response to "White Race to Die by 2020. "

It is talk like yours that fuels this web site. 2020 is a little premature don't you think? What would you savages do when whitey is gone? Look at all of the former African colonies of Great Brittan. They are so corrupt. It has been a succession of one corrupt leader after another. Africa has the most natural resources of any continent and yet the poorest. Why is that one might ask. It is because corruption is so rampant. One war lord overthrows the next to take all of the wealth for themselves. It should be clear blacks cannot govern themselves and would be much better off under white rule. Now let's move on to Mexico. Those cowards come over here to get a better life, when what they should be doing is making their country better for them selves. Try the s*** the cartels are pulling over here and my whole neighborhood would be shooting(2020 my white ass). You wonder why we have no respect for all yall savages? It is because you have no back bone, no morals, and a false sense of reality.

Yes all cultures have committed atrocities against another through out history. The Jews massacred many peoples around Israel, Muslims beheaded any African that would not convert. Africans sold their own into slavery. The orient has been warring with other since the beginning of time. Whites have committed many atrocities too. Also the greatest wars ever fought were whites fighting whites.

Last but not least. Why did America import African slaves when they had an abundant supply of Native Americans? Native Americans would not go quietly into the night and would fight back. Niggers are cowards and just gave in.

What now?

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Posted By: White PrideSat. Apr 30, 2011

someone told me white people were retarded now listen you wouldnt have a computer internet electricity lightbulb concrete a country democracy those are all white inventions and only a handfull of all the ones overall

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Posted By: MeghanSat. Apr 30, 2011

I actually agree with this and as a black woman I never really looked at the the difference of racism and just being proud of who you are and your race. Now that I have read this I think that instead of just jumping to conclusions that he or she is racist because they have pride in their race and choose to portray that pride with a flag or whatever represents them. All races have the right to represent themselves, but I'm not saying its ok to go around using derogatory language that is offensive to another race. I'm not just speaking on the behalf of black people but for all people of all races, its not right for ANYONE-black, white, mexican, etc to use language that offends someone. I think that every race deserves just as much as the next. Whether a month or a college fund or an association regardless of what it is if one gets it ALL should therefore no race would be seeking equality, because equality will be obtained among ALL races.

Well said

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Posted By: Christopher Scott ReedMon. May 2, 2011

I am actually a racist but not in the traditional manner... . I agree that we have a lot of bulls*** placed on us... . I am actually considered a racist because I am proud to be white and I don't give a damn what people think of me. They say I am close minded and stupid but I can only respond with one thing...

"My race has you covered... . so now I have to take care of my own. "

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Posted By: Brother PTue. May 3, 2011

Do white people really believe that they are better than non whites ? Really? That is funny.

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Posted By: CharlesWed. May 4, 2011

I have a client who wrote a book that you may find interesting. Here is a quick overview of the Novel. Jamie Lee Fisher in Runaways and Missing Persons starts off as a young beautiful platinum blond girl is abducted by Negros into white slavery. Her wealthy father hires Ex- homicide detective Jack Mc Corrick to get his daughter back.

This story starts in the year 2030 when a major depression has been plagueing the Nation for ten years. A Negro becomes President of the United States and the Negros finally gain control of the Country, and Jack Mc Corrick finds himself stuck in the middle of a civil war with Jamie at his side all the way to the end. This book is about Niggers taking over the United States and the white people have to fight to stay alive, and when they get going they kick ass. If you want to read more about this book I will give you seven chapters to read for free. You only need to contact me at stan. harrison at live. com" and make your request, and I will e-mail you the first seven chapters.

you can find the first 7 chapters free at

www.computerguycomputerrepair. info/Runaways%20and%20Missing%20Persons.html

or the full Novel at

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Posted By: Why?Wed. May 4, 2011

im white, and you make a good point about the pride issues... but this is ridiculous. life is too short to be fighting about something like race, can't we all just get along? this is nuts...

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Posted By: Doesnt MatterThu. May 5, 2011

How can some of you be so heartless? I am white and I fully support black people. We are no better than them and when you say these things you bring disgrace to the caucasian race. The color of your skin means nothing, its your work ethic and heart that makes the difference. So seriously grow up people. & stop disgracing white people, because really that's ALL you are doing! RISE ABOVE the insulting, it will get you NOWHERE!

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Posted By: La RazaFri. May 6, 2011

don´t hate the race hate the individual...

is actually proven that a black guy will kill black guy first than any other guy of other race, same as hispanics and whites just to put it like this i´m MEXICAN WITH ITALIAN BUT I WAS RACED IN A CHICANO HOOD and most of the times I been in fights is been whith my own RACE ANOTHER HISPANIC, once in a while with some blacks and whites and guess what I never had the urge of wanting to talk s*** about black, whites or asians U CAN´T MAKE A CONCLUSION OVER ONE RACE JUST BASED UPON A COUPLE OF BAD INDIVIDUALS



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Posted By: You Guys Are PatheticSun. May 8, 2011

White people are ugly. Enough reason to not give a f*** about them. They should just go away.

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Posted By: NiggerSun. May 8, 2011

white people are funny as f***. a white person could never beat up a nigga. it's genetics.

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Posted By: AnfamaSun. May 8, 2011

You know, I have been doing a lot of meditating and I've realized that I am wrong. The majority of white people are unintelligent and for this reason, our race will end. I think we should all just kill ourselves. We're more useless than those niggers.

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Posted By: PatrickSun. May 8, 2011

I agree all the way... I have white pride tatted across my chest and a lot of people think that it means ur racist like the asses that commented on here but u all want to know something I'm not racist I hate everyone so all u f***ing haters can stick it up ur asses

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Posted By: PleaseSun. May 8, 2011

I hope God gives you the gift of compassion. The hatred that you bear can only damage your soul. Peace enter you. I will not engage with your arguments, I don't think that would work since you have such a complex argument that you believe so strongly in, but just remember that hatred is a poison to all those that encounter it. I will pray for you, daily.

May God fill your heart with joy.

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Posted By: TrevorTue. May 10, 2011

niggers do nothing but f*** everything up in every possible, they are trash!!! and leaving everything in their path like so. And it is us 100% whites left picking it up, and it's no wonder we hate them they're destroying this fine country.

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Posted By: Right To SpeakTue. May 10, 2011

Most of you white commenters appear to be racist yourself. Nobody wants to listen to your dumb hypocritical remarks. And good job to the many white people who had themselves labeled as racist. This world is full of stereotypes, usually made by white people, yet the fact that white people are all racist is definitely a stereotype itself.

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Posted By: WesTue. May 10, 2011

Good God am I sick of white liberals.


I get along with blacks most of the time, but the white liberal niggers are the ones who have a problem with what I stand for as a non self hating white person.

I understand that there are plenty of non whites that hate us, but without the white liberal nigger, they couldn't do s*** to us.

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Posted By: WesWed. May 11, 2011

Stacey D, you deserve a great(white) husband someday.

You are truly a woman of class, and a contributor to the overall message of what white nationalism should be.

The only ones we need to hate are those who have the power to do us harm.

White nationalists just need to be that awesome role model that white kids can truly look up to, real, live, white superheros for our communities.

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Posted By: UnknowinWed. May 11, 2011

I agree. and so does collin.

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Posted By: Collin Fuckin MorganWed. May 11, 2011

f*** all the nigger and beaner white pride

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Posted By: Jack DanielsWed. May 11, 2011

Hey white mens why are you complain? get back to white europe, to germany, to poland to belarus(white rusia) and leave this mixed country to the natives and impures races!!it happens in all civilizations OK white go home!!!

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Posted By: Jack DanielsWed. May 11, 2011

Hey why Obama is the Us president and Hillary his state secretary? why Condolezza was the state secretary and Bush the president? why this blACK&WHITE duo in politics to rule the world? they are sending to war all the american youth no matter what is your color, they only see in you GREEN blood!!!...

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Posted By: Carlos AlbertoWed. May 11, 2011

Anfama please man! do not loose your white pride! we are still the most intelligent race in this f***ed up world, in fact we will always be the most intelligent race. And man I can say you, our race will not disappear! we will find the way to make of those f***ing undeveloped monkies (the negroes obviously)the slaves they are destinated to be of our great race again!Dont loose the hope my friend, we have to keep us together. White supremacy for ever!

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Posted By: Joel CollinsThu. May 12, 2011

That is what I'm talking about!! why are we the racist ones because we are proud to be white? that's stupid well I'm sure you know of jeff hall who has recently been shot by his son I use to work with him at big mikes rooter he was a great man and a great socialist for us whites

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Posted By: Talk Is CheapThu. May 12, 2011

There is a lot of talk on this site what the white man need is to get off our ass and take back what is ours threw force!!! Everyone knows we are at the top of the food chain that's why they hate us our forefathers were strong but bower are weak and soft... . But for me and mine we not afraid to crack some eggs to make a omelet White Power

don't let the sun go down on you black ass when I'm down range!!!!!

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Posted By: Time To ThinkThu. May 12, 2011

reggie jackson said it best " black people should thank the white man. if it weren't for white people, black people wouldn't have the rights they have today. " a white man gave the black man the right to vote, own property, receive an education and many of the freedoms they take for granted today. we only have ourselves to blame! its time to abolish the thirteenth amendment!!!!! and put them niggers back in their rightful place!!!!!!

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Posted By: KevinFri. May 13, 2011

To be frank, I actually agree on this one. I myself find it completely unnecessary to have all these special days and organizations for black people. I mean, sure, there is nothing wrong with commemorating certain historic events such as the period of slavery, but that is much like commemorating other historic events such as World War II etc. , creating national days especially for the black race is an entirely different thing, especially because of the double standards that if there's a day for white people it's racist, but if it's a day for black people it's just promoting multiculturality. Which is of course utter bulls***, because all it is promoting is a further division between races.

I myself am black and I would never want to deliberately insult white people simply because they are white, because I would expect the same kind of respect from them, and it would be hypocritical of me to disrespect white people while demanding that blacks deserve respect from white people.

Do I want to receive special treatment for being a minority? To be given certain advantages that white people can't have through means of access to certain facilities only minorities can access? F*** no, I don't want them, that would be unfair towards the rest.

I've seen white people in deeper financial s*** than me. What special help is there for them? Not much. What special help is there for them if they would be black, Morrocan or Turkish? A s***load of help!

Every person is an individual, no matter what colour their skin is, every person is an individual with emotions and a personality. Every individual deserves access to available facilities which could help him or her, not just individuals belonging to a certain group.

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Posted By: Scare Whites StraightFri. May 13, 2011

You racist whites are so lame. When you talk crap you to reep benefits that white people did, but they are whites that werent racist or agree with your BS. When you see what racists have done you see images of white shaved apes all angry and fat beer guts with no hope of ever getting good looking lady or good paying jobs. All the cool white people are cool with everyone. Why so angry, I bet none of you have ever had any problems with anyone. And for that Afarma person - please write a book and watch it be rejected for publishing, better stick to these racist web sites. And yes, whites have the right to be calledracist because look at my comment and look at all the RACIST white peoples comments

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Posted By: Fuck The NiggersFri. May 13, 2011

I'm going to burn all the black people in this fine country on a stake I am white and proud f*** you black people. black people are the worst thing that god ever created. P. S. they were created when god took a massive s*** on are precious white society (it was probably a wicked s*** that contained alot of watermelon). One of you nigger stole my weed money and threw my motercycle into a field. F*** you. Nigger nigger Nigger nigger nigger

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Posted By: I Hate NiggersSat. May 14, 2011


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Posted By: BruckSat. May 14, 2011

I see myself as pro-white, not anti-color. The white man shall lead all of humanity to its maker. I judge not on color, yet of action. I agree my race is shot down quite a lot, and I do support my race more than anything. That said, I do find some of these comments foolish, this be a war best fought with intellect. Live righteously, white brothers.

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Posted By: BlahblahSun. May 15, 2011

Wow... I I'm white and I love black people lol. My son is black and I never once been with a white person. I love my race, but it seems to upset people.

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Posted By: WhateverMon. May 16, 2011

What the f*** wrong with y'all who still out there racist folk and y'all dumb racist ass s*** to say. . to me who is white and proud of it and still loves every one and there skin color has nothing to do with it. SKIN COLOR SHOULD NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD JUDGE SOMEONE a state of mind is totally different. Why does this s*** still exist where someone even in this state of mind. SORRY ASS S***.

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Posted By: CutieMon. May 16, 2011

what you mean black people always on the news? You ever just think they the ones that make it there? Don't get confused and think they have everything to do with breaking the law. Every other race does too. Judging someone from the color of there skin is like judging them from there eye color. Different people have a different mind sent, no matter what skin color they are.

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Posted By: Living, Loving LifeMon. May 16, 2011

You all know some thing? The white race is a dieing breed. I'm white and proud of that s***. White people, how you guys act of here, I'm happy for that s***. White people done been having a sorry ass name.

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Posted By: Non-racist WhiteMon. May 16, 2011

First off, I'm a proud white American! However, I do not agree with most of these comments. Yes, I hate it when people call us racist, but you all give them reasons too! I'm not racist so I'm not about to make a racist comment like the 300 others. If someone calls all of you racist, then I'd understand. I can't wait for the old generation to die out. Our generation is the future. More educated, less racist, far from ignorant. Sorry old people but you are idiots and it's embarrassing

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Posted By: LaurenMon. May 16, 2011

There are 365 days a year and out of those days there are only a few for the other races and ethnicitys to celebrate their heritage. Why do y'all have to hate when everyday out of those few are about y'all, even everything we learn in school is about the european decent. I find it hard to comprehend the sense of ignorance in our society today both in Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, and many others. Y'all are focusing on the wrong things like the different races in America and how your being called racist. When y'all can be focusing on everything great about your history and different heritages. I've been to white trash trailor parks and they aren't any better than a different race's neighborhood. And yes there are many ignorant people in this world including whites. We have gangs, kill, sell and use drugs, sin and do many other things. Everyone is going through the same struggles in America bit it's hard to get by with ignorant people like yourselves.

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Posted By: EliasMon. May 16, 2011

im agree on be proud of yourself, your culture, black, white or whatever you want to call it. The only think is racist is generilize. I'm mexican and I would be happy to maintain out of your conuntry, youre services and resources if you stop messing with OUR territory, OUR economy, OUR coulture and OUR resources.

argentino iluso, tu sangre es igual de mestiza que la de cualquier latinoamericano, aprende a leer e investiga!

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Posted By: AndreaFri. May 20, 2011

I agree to a certain degree, I think anyone who discriminates or judges a person based on their race (whatever it may be) should be called racist.

The naming of the different racial groups in the US is all due to the standard that European Americans have created though. These days I think people tend to refer to you lot as white or European Americans more specifically, since there has been an increase in any American of any race to just refer to themselves as Americans.

But one question, why are you "proud" to be white? Did you do something to actually achieve this? Did you work hard, save someone's life, earned a PhD, did a volunteer work or donated to charity or even create jobs? In other words, what does skin color matter?

Your skin color is something of an accident, so why should you take credit for something that is not of your own doing? I think it is plainly stupid and it shows how much you have nothing much else to hold onto in order to define your self worth apart from your race.

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Posted By: EricSat. May 21, 2011

Belief in White Supremacy, or any racial supremacy for that matter, equates to a lack of intellect. I am proud of my heritage, but I am open to embracing the culture of others. I can only hope that one day you learn to do the same. Posted by a white American.

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Posted By: OddmoddSat. May 21, 2011

Regarding the comments "Time to Think" posted, the white man didn't give us the right to do anything. We fought and died for those rights or do your stupid ass think the civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's was 20 year dance move. As far as the rest of this website is concerned, tons of comedic material for my stand up act. Afterall, a standup comedy routine is as serious as anyone will take you white racists, or should I call yall physical manifestations of a joke.

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Posted By: Ben2342Sat. May 21, 2011

lol the guy who made this was probaly inbred and his brothers and sisters mate with each other

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Posted By: VeronicaSun. May 22, 2011

The best and most intelligent race in the world is the Japanese race. We, whites, come second. Others come after us and, niggers, of course, come last. It's not my opinion. It's a FACT, as simple as that. Just read Richard Lynn's "The Wealth of Nations".

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Posted By: White PowerMon. May 23, 2011

im gettin tired of puttin up with niggers they think they can just come from there homeland not work a day in there life cause of how much the worked in slavery

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Posted By: VikingMon. May 23, 2011

By the way the Germans are the most intelligent people in the world look it up. The only reason Asian are so smart is because they are forced to go to school and do well. Germany has been called the land of poets and thinkers. Besides Asian account for 99 percent of the weird shut in the world hello look at their game shows how intelligent can they be?

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Posted By: VoterfraudsMon. May 23, 2011

righty/lefty =stupid as MOST are in the middle and poor, BUT the right=$$$$ the left=$$$$, it's more that the right gave certain people in the left some money. The left is more or less DIRT-IER and more Mafia/Thug money- Clinton and Obama pretty much the same slimey lawyers. The thing IS now as I have SEEN it in ARIZONA so clearly we have the MEDIA run by Fox and the MEDIA run by BELO on left here in ARIZONA and their word SCANDAL used a million times to try and cause a literal SMEAR campaign on the ENTIRE police, sheriff, pearce, brewer and ANYONE that GETS IN THE WAY of OBAMAS' VISION----do you THINK this vision on reform (why we have no need for it, but nice try, I mean lie---sometimes IF he talks to us he lets the truth out--) WE have gotten so bullied by the freak liberals that want to get our immigration and the pesky Constitution out of their way SO they can force 20 million of the illegals to be legal, TRUST ME we are supposed to be leveraged or strong-armed into it BECAUSE it was some dirty arrangement and we have lots of the pieces, now lets finish the puzzle before the 2012 elections... ... remeber all the Global warming stuff and movies like 2012 etc... ... Michael Moore----I prefer not to be completely taken over by Communism, not sure though if we CAN STOP them, TRUST ME WE NEED TO PUSH HARD AS WE CAN NOW!!!!

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Posted By: Carlos AlbertoTue. May 24, 2011

Viking you are totally right man!

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Posted By: Some Other BlackguyTue. May 24, 2011

Anfama you are obviously intelligent man with the means to attain a reasonably unknown history. I understand that whites have given a lot to society and why shouldn't it appear as such afterall this society at least as we see it today was founded on the white dictum, whatever that means. As a black man I don't really have an opinion on what whites have contributed or blacks or Latinos or Asians. Or anybody for that manner. I think what society especially those members of society who frequent sited of this nature fail to make as a distinction is that the crime in black neighborhoods is only high on impoverished black neighborhoods. I live down the street from a very well off black neighborhood and found that the crime rate there is lower than it's whit counterpart. Though I am not a fan of the Klan I do believe in the social programs they provide for their kind. There is nothing wrong with supplying for your kind. The reason there is "black" anything is because of the exclusionary tactics of people like the ones who frequent this site. Whites have a large amount of wealth in this country and many don't feel it is in the interest of their people to share with others not like them, deserving or not. so like the Klan many of us have created a system to guarantee that our kind gt something regardless of these exclusionary tactics. Or the record these exclusionary tactics are not limited to non-whites but impoverished whites as well. Before we were freed many impoverished whites helped us and treated us like family it wasn't until the job race of the late 1800's that this racial divide was erected to these heights. I mean no offense but it has been a staple of your people to fight against those different you.

I pose to you Why? Why do you want to rule. Why do you want to hurt others to attain that rule. Why can't we live in peace. Are other races so bad that they need to be eradicated. Thinking back can you really think of no one from another race who charitably helped you attain something you have.

Having been the victim of real racism, stuff beyond juvenile name calling, I think it is in mankind's best interest to live harmoniously. I mean you took us out of our country and home land, are stripping it of natural resources, to this day, forced us into forced labor and then labeled us as criminals to rest of the world. Thereby removing our safe passage in almost every modern nation in the world. And we're the offending party?

You have more guns more devoutests and more people in general. Relax amundo kiddo. You're only getting the short end if the stick in neighborhoods mostly populated by people who aren't you. Think about geometric point of view if they go to your neighborhoods they can easily be incarcerated for being there. I know from personal experience. All these ignorant, yes ignorant, black and browns are doing is hurting your pride. You should have more than enough to spare.

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Posted By: Sam FarmerTue. May 24, 2011

After all that I've done to improve my neighborhood, all these negro families are moving in and ruining it. I worked hard to make this a nice place to live and now they're sponging off of my hard work and bringing crime with them. So I would like to stage a protest in eastern Pennsylvania. If anyone would like to help or get involved with this please contact me at:

samfarmer at juno. com 717-344-2200

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Posted By: Viking Wed. May 25, 2011

Hey Carlos Alberto I've read your posts your alright man

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Posted By: VikingWed. May 25, 2011

I've read posts with people claiming were all racist bastards and stupid for posting on here. I have to laugh because the people who are saying these thing are posting too! I guess that makes you liberals just as retarded us us who are on here in a place for US to speak of our pride in who we are. I guess its no shock that minorities come in here to try and force your opinions on us, has been goin on for years. And for those on here that criticise us for posting our beliefs maybe you should take a look at yourselves. You are on a white pride website you don't just stumble onto it maybe the only things you liberals and minorities have on your mind is race .

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Posted By: AustinWed. May 25, 2011

And "African Americans " say our white government owes them for there ancestors being enslaved. They must not be talking about the government who freed them. Another thing they were sold to us by BLACK "African Americans" . Another thug if you were born here your not Mexican, African, or chink we your an American dumb ass. I'm proud to be white!

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Posted By: AustinWed. May 25, 2011

Well because we live in America. Our race has fought to make it the way it should be. Not to celebrae another nations independence day. Or the fall of diversity. Europeans for the most part built this country and yes we took the land but we kicked ass fair and square for it. No Mexican died defending the Alamo or fighting the American revolution . Did they?

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Posted By: AustinWed. May 25, 2011

Tyrone is a perfect example of a Niger he can't even spell with out trying to show his ignorance. I promise Tyrone probably would starve with his food stamps under his work boots... That is if he even knows what that word is. F*** you Niger.

This website is for white pride not hate you ignorant ape

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Posted By: AustinWed. May 25, 2011

In response to Abby. I live in Odessa Texas where there are thinning numbers of whites. And a large number of Mexicans. And what you heard is nottrue. I live it everyday . They literally are the largest ethnic group charged with murder, rape, possession, disturbing the peace, and are the larger group to take your tax money and squander it on brand new vehicles and not food. So what ever you heard and heard it from is a big line of bs ma'am . I also show my white pride here and am threatened with my life. No Naz I insignia or anything and they hate me. So you tell me who they want to destroy . And no my mother didn't drop me on my head but was a victim of a Mexican attack.

So for those of you who think Mexicans and apes are mistreated or actually respect the united states of America you are very wrong and brainwashed. You may think I'm brainwashed but I have only been enlightened to the fact that there is trash in every race. But I am VERY PROUD to be a white male. When blacks and Mexicans call us honkey they are refering to when slave owners cracked whips on there back.

For that comment white Americans did not kill and steal black sales. They bought them from black slave owners. If buyers could learn to read they would know that. But because white Americans a long ass time ago purchased them legally from blacks. They are racist fowl creatures. I've found this site and just want to show my pride in my race.

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Posted By: AustinWed. May 25, 2011

And auto correct f***ed alot of that up so go ahead nigers say what you will of me working my ass off to buy a phone

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Posted By: Austin Thu. May 26, 2011

OMG are you a f***ing moron or are you just 12. the website is about white pride not hating blacks you jack ass. your obviously a proud homo with the name omg so go to your peter puffing sites and have your man slam his rod in your ass. and let whites be proud to be white. let nigers and spics do what ever it is they do... oh yeah get drunk on cinco de mayo and mlk day and shoot at themselves and others.

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Posted By: UnknownThu. May 26, 2011

There are a lot of crazy comments about black people. We work just as hard as whites to get and education . Not all blacks grow up in the ghetto and even if they did they do better in life because of the struggle they had to go through.

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Posted By: UnknownFri. May 27, 2011

Does this word nigger come in every race. Because I thought it meant a low down dirty person and really that word is very offensive. My final comment is most of the people on this website sound like they have never been educated in any school system.

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Posted By: UnknownFri. May 27, 2011

This is a new day and time love all races and get along.

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Posted By: Indiana White GirlMon. May 30, 2011

okay, so I have sat here for a little while reading on these topics. I personally grew up in an all white neighborhood my whole family has been racist for generations! my dad always taught me it was okay to be friends with whomever I wanted but it was wrong to ever date another race (black) then as the years went by I started going through public school systems and being the 1/5 white people in the class has really changed my point of view, there are good/bad in all races. being the only white girl on my bus I got in fights constantly having to defend myself because I was white I would be getting jumped by 3-6 people and the bus driver would not stop it because I was white! I have no respect for anyone who does not have respect for themselves! all this being said I look it it this way:

african american/ black person: someone who tries to make their life better and do good with their life. NIGGER: a piece of trash low life that has nothing better to do with their life rather than getting their welfare check, do drugs, degrade women, keep reproducing and not doing sh*t about it, transmitting diseases, committing crimes, gangs, stealing, starting s*** with white people just because you think your bigger and better than everyone else and etc. I could go on for days about this subject but the truth of the matter is no matter what anyone says us as whites are now the minority!


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Posted By: Chrisjewett63@gmail.comMon. May 30, 2011

wish I had a girl like you. I grew up in the projects and got the same sh*t. Exception: my parents(father/white(english) mother/pure white(german) both worked two jobs, and my mother was/is handicapped. all the other kids(NIGGERS) parents were home all day went to clubs at night, and yes they ate better than us(food stamps)our family bought food w hard earned money-back to the point-I got into fights daily cuz mom's crippled and the niggers made fun of the way she walks(with metal crutches)I have never, nor will I ever forgive them, for I lay awake at nights(even to this day)exacting my revenge on those lazy, uneducated, foul smelling, greedy fu**ing niggers!!!!sorry I must vent thanks!PS DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW WHERE I CAN MOVE TO GET AWAY FROM THE NIGGERS??? I AM AN HONEST WHITE(GERMAN)AMERICAN

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Posted By: MeghanTue. May 31, 2011

I am in need of advice. Over ten years ago I slept with a black man and deeply regret it. I finally told my husband after six years because I had hid it for long enough. I didn't want him to be disgusted with me as I was with as with myself. Of course he is an understandably so. I know most opinion will be harsh but I need to know what to do so my husband and I can move on and be a happy family.

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Posted By: White GuyTue. May 31, 2011

We don't have any of those things because we DON'T NEED THEM. We are the best race in the world. Every day is "White Pride Day". I'd like to take back my city, but it would take a million bullets. Hell I'd like to take back D. C. but that would take a nuke. Like it or not we are stuck with all this garbage because some lazy/greedy white ahole decided to bring a bunch of africans over to our paradise. Much like the Native Americans with Whites, we were screwed the very first time we allowed someone to off load africans. I am not worried about latinas, they're wussies to say the least. I moved to New Mexico because it was 1. 7% black. Best 4 years of my life! Mexicans are pusses and no blacks made it Heaven on earth.

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Posted By: Fed Up In AzWed. Jun 1, 2011

Sadly I agree. Of course I was raised to believe prejudice is wrong and all men are equal. This simply isn't the truth. I see black folk every day who treat others horribly. They are rude, crude, lazy, and disgusting. They lie, they expect the government to carry them and act entitled about every hand out they receive. They speak in a language I cannot understand. They continuously perpetuate their own stereotypes. Of course not every black behaves this way but the vast majority of them do. Those blacks are the exception not the rule. One person pointed out that their neighborhoods are trashy, that is the truth. You can be poor without leaving garbage all over your front lawn. You can be poor and still take care of your kids. You can be poor and still be educated. It makes me and my husband sick. We are tired of it. We work very hard for a living, we struggle to get by. We don't ask for hand outs, we do without. If we were black we could get section 8, welfare, and food stamps. Hell we wouldn't need to leave the house. Uncle Sam could pay for it all. At the end of the day it's not a stereotype if it's true.

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Posted By: Carlos AlbertoThu. Jun 2, 2011

Be proud to be white, we are the best race! Says a white latin american, as we already know nggers are just s***, the are not even humans, although those stupid scientific theories that all men are of a single race, the human race, that is bulls*** my god! Negroes are not even part of the human specie the are a sub-specie apart of the others really human races like we the whites or the native americans or the arabs etc. So the negroes have to be considered an undeveloped and less evolutioneted sub-specie apart of the human kind, there is evidence of it, like the form of the skull of negroes or their noces etc, the nazis documented very well all this evidence, they found the truth about the disgusting negro race, the are not even humans, they are just undeveloped apes! Thanks viking for reading it!

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Posted By: White ChildFri. Jun 3, 2011

damn, its been a while since the last time I was on here. y r u niggers and nigger lovers getting on this site? it says WHITE PRIDE. some jigg or sympathetic white, start a conversation. . . I'm in the mood for an argument. SIEG HEIL!!!

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Posted By: RichardFri. Jun 3, 2011

Do these clown even know how slaves where introduced into this country... Their own people sold them into slavery. . not the whites

The native tribes looted villages and sold these monkeys to the white slave traders in South Africa. So please don't preach this crap about "How we the whites have oppressed these monkeys into slavery.

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Posted By: CodaFri. Jun 3, 2011

that is right and true so if I want to hate on niggers I think I can with or without being racist!

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Posted By: Proud White ManSat. Jun 4, 2011

Nobody wants to admit that the civil rights movement began the ruin of America. Sure, there were some overall rights that everyone regardless of color should be entitled to but giving rights to people who've never had them, don't know how to live with them and in general don't care anyway, only creates a weak society. Using color as a basis to dole out rights is wrong. America went to the extreme by giving rights to anyone that wasn't white. Now, black and Hispanic crime is at an all-time high and getting higher. I'm afraid the only way to reverse the tide is to repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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Posted By: John AdamsMon. Jun 6, 2011

Wow. Regardless of how I feel about the above (and I agree with much of it), the white "movement" will be absolutely ineffective with the level of articulation that I see in these posts. Folks, if you want to make a point, learn to produce a viable argument, with supporting points. Get a handle on vocabulary. And, sheesh, LEARN HOW TO SPELL. These posts are truly amazing -- despite my agreement with some of them, people reading these would consider most of the posters as inarticulate or even idiots.

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Posted By: Carlos AlbertoMon. Jun 6, 2011

John Adams, most of the spelling mistakes you see here are because of the spelling program this website uses, just wanted to clear that. Read my last post for example, you will find a lot of mistakes this page made me to do because I don't know why this page sometimes doesn't post the words completely.

Clean up your language and your bad words won't be messed with.

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Posted By: MikeyTue. Jun 7, 2011

In prison one white guy out of fifteen will actually stand up for his race. It's really pathetic

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Posted By: Anglo Arian AmericanTue. Jun 7, 2011

Smart people give birth to 1 or 2 kids. Stupid people give birth to 4+ kids. What race will survive one generation from now? WHITE people ... have more kids!

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Posted By: Anglo Arian AmericanTue. Jun 7, 2011

TOO late we are already a third world country

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Posted By: Anglo ArianTue. Jun 7, 2011

People in poverty deal with stress by using humor. You are attracted to black men because they are JOKERS. Stop screwing jokers and get real men!

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Posted By: Anglo ArianTue. Jun 7, 2011

"produce a viable argument?" PRODUCE??? Perhaps you mean "present. " VIABLE??? Perhaps you mean debatable premise. Restructure your thoughts and your meaning.

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Posted By: Aryan BarbarianThu. Jun 9, 2011

get use to it the product "our kids" we produce these days are so dumbed down by the liberal media and parents who are too scared to call s*** the way they see it that we have already lost the war. our parents and grandparents before us should be ashamed. I for one still believe in manifest destiny and my kids will be raised as such. our only chance is to replinish the white race and raise them right which incorporates not being scared

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Posted By: SomeoneFri. Jun 10, 2011

Minority races don't want to "take over"! They came here because they wanted to built a better life for themselves and their families. Isn't that what the Europeans wanted to do when they came to America? They completely drove out the NATIVE Americans and took all of the land for themselves. This isn't even close to what the minority races have done! They came and integrated into the American way of life. How is that "taking over"? I don't know how humans will ever be able to do anything of we just keep segregating and hating each other because we are different! It's just plain WRONG! We have to love ourselves and others for who they are and not undermine them because they are not like you! Humans can do so many things, but we can't move forward if we divide ourselves like this

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Posted By: Carlos AlbertoSun. Jun 12, 2011

I live in latin america here in my country the negroes are, thanks to god, under control (by the moment)but for you north americans white brothers who constantly have to deal with the danger of those f***ing monkies I will like to recommend you to look at this page there you will find important information of how to fight the f***ing monkies, am sure some of you already know this page.

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Posted By: SickofitallSun. Jun 12, 2011

"Black Pride" really? Spout black pride and black power while you stand in the line at the grocery store with your E. B. T. card to collect groceries that are paid for by successful white people. The disservice you do your own people is in itself reason alone to desire to protect my own gene pool. No need to mention the laundry list of other undesirable traits that are offered. There is no shame for blacks. The dog biting the hand that feeds. How long? It isn't about "hate" for me, its about preserving what is good not only for myself but my children as well. We need to stop pretending that we owe anyone anything outside of our own culture and heritage. It sickens me to see white people who are happy to cast their own children and grandchildren under the bus for the undeserving and self serving so called minority groups. All they do is reproduce and demand that you take care of their offspring.

Blame the white man because your ancestors sold your sorry asses into slavery. had you not been shipped here you would no doubt be starving to death in some no name African village with the aids virus or some other f***ing monkey disease. Instead of learning to appreciate the blessing of being removed from the s*** hole conditions your own people had created for you, and bringing you here where you were fed and clothed and given food and shelter (which is more than you had in Africa), you sit on your couch collecting food stamps and welfare checks and bitch about the people providing them.

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Posted By: In 2050Sun. Jun 12, 2011

"Nearly half of American children aged under five are from an ethnic minority, according to a new report from the US Census Bureau. "

news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/4759329. stm

Stop devoting your time to a lost cause. The so called "whites" in America will be overtaken in the next 38 years. There is no way to stop it. It's Over!

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Posted By: SickofitallSun. Jun 12, 2011

"In 2050" that is just pathetic. Lay down and die is not in my play book.

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Posted By: In 2050Sun. Jun 12, 2011

"Sickofitall" What is your current stage?

According to the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. "

Learn more:

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Posted By: In 2050Sun. Jun 12, 2011

By the way I'm German so is my wife. We are planning on not having any kids. Mr. Bush destroyed the US Economy and kids will just be an additional expense.

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Posted By: SickofitallSun. Jun 12, 2011

Well, 2050, you would first have to prove that what you is suggested is truth. There is no need to cite the endless examples of predictions and scientific claims on any number of given subjects that have long since been flushed.

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Posted By: In 2050Sun. Jun 12, 2011

It is all base in the level of education of the individual (and IQ). Every white supremacist display on TV look like white trash bound to jail or some fat individual full of tattoos dress in black. I'm proud of being white, but I'm truly not proud of the people trying to represent my race. This is my last comment I have more productive things to do, like learning some basic Spanish. Good luck!

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Posted By: SickofitallSun. Jun 12, 2011

Perfect example of the character assassination techniques of modern liberal media agendas. Fat ignorant rednecks with less than half a tooth. It is not a new tactic by any means however successful. Until people learn to reject that f&*king brainwashing box that clutters their living space, they will never truly be able to break the stranglehold on their ideology.

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Posted By: Zack Mon. Jun 13, 2011

Hate for a race is non-existent in my life. I do not wish to destroy any race of people and I live alongside most races relatively easy. I have had different races help me and I have helped different races. However I will always maintain my hope in the white race. Ironically after speaking with most blacks and being unafraid I have discovered that they feel the same as I do.

We should be able to coexist while maintaining our identity without interference from any authority. Both parties with this mindset share more than you may think. You cannot judge a mans intellect by the color of his skin, Nor his wisdom. A society is judged but its values. Our values have been changing radically. But the culprit is not one race of people, It is an idea that has been carved into our souls. All men should be proud of their fold and race and not ashamed . We can be different and and not hate. We can be separate and work together. The black people have been handed an artificial culture which has enslaved them to an ideology. White people are not nearly as socially collective and historically we do not assimilate except for the greatest leaders

The media perpetuates a false identity for every race. Those who do not have an identity embrace this lie. The product is disgusting for each race of people. Once again I am white and unashamed and I will express my thoughts openly and in public and do so regularly and with conviction. But my message applies to all people and it is a basic principle that unfortunately has been wiped away from our conscience. Your neighbor whether you like it or not is unworthy of the prejudice that you cast on him and you are unworthy of the prejudice he casts on you. And this apply s too all men. The only concept that permeates the skull of a brainwashed person is when you reveal the truth of your beliefs with sound reason.

If someone predicts a reaction from you consistently then eventually you will either give that reaction or give the opposite reaction. Genocide will never work and if your worried about being bred out of existence then that may be a reality and the people who want that are surely our enemies. If a man resents your view that your proud and white, then not only is he an enemy to whites but an enemy to all of humanity. That man perpetuates the idea that has destroyed our great nation. To abandon what made us great and embrace something that is alien and foreign. He is a pawn and a slave and an enemy against liberty and freedom.

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Posted By: White PrideMon. Jun 13, 2011

Comment deleted because it was in all caps

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Posted By: HypocrisyMon. Jun 13, 2011

How about we all go back to our original nations and give the American continent back to the true owners "Indians"? So funny to hear that other races are taking over America.

The entire white movement was created by people in the south in order to keep the free black labor. People in power always find a way to brainwash mainstream americans (the empty-headed). The WMD will never be found, the world is controlled by a small group and this group is made of many races. I've met some of them, people are just living in a big lie. The most interesting thing is that they are so ignorant about it. Race means crap, power is everything.

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Posted By: America Was Owned By NobodyTue. Jun 14, 2011

indians came from india so... don't say indians were here first you stupid cunt

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Posted By: Big VinTue. Jun 14, 2011

Do people understand the different between the differences of white sumperist versus a sences of white pride? F*** u Young J if you have problem with the white race. I hate to say it but black Americans are 10 times more likely to get invoked in criminal activity. and seem like to make up higher wealth fair percentage as well. I think as time move on blacks populations will stabilize soon such as whites to with small growth rates in America. Eventually will follow Hispanics and Asian too. There not wrong of having white pride. thing affronted actions is racism as well. if we two wrong don't make a right , but three lefts do. LOL. that Viking guy I like you that truth. here to white pride!!!!

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Posted By: Big VinTue. Jun 14, 2011

you every heard of the white man buerden? Anybody it sad why do we got take care of the rest of the world theoical, why!!!!!!

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Posted By: DieselTue. Jun 14, 2011

many of our Union soilders died for black right there where quite a few people that actually died for black rights that where white. go figure. Hear to white pride

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Posted By: HypocrisyTue. Jun 14, 2011

Indians came from india. Perfect example of white ignorant trash. I'm proud of being white but MORE proud of having a high IQ. I prefer having a smart black person as a neighbor than an ignorant redneck. Any day!

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Posted By: 8th GraderThu. Jun 16, 2011

Diesel, Nice grammar hopefully you are Chinese and not white.

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Posted By: JonnyfontainFri. Jun 17, 2011

f*** off hippie

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Posted By: SamFri. Jun 17, 2011

:/ Since when is "white" a single culture? My family has history in Germany, Ireland and Russia. Even within the United States, white people rarely have any unifying characteristics that makes "white pride" even make any sense.

It's not the fault of any other culture/race, etc. that white Americans have lost touch with their cultural heritage? It's an inevitable part of living in a "melting pot" like the US. It can be both good and bad, but the fact is that white people don't need television stations, college funds, etc. that cater specifically to people that share their same skin pigment. It's historically been in our favor to gain access to things like education and other resources. It continues to be in our favor. Any meaningful glance at a statistics resource for the percentage of "caucasian" people enrolled in university vs. other races (based on their own population percentages) shows this, lol.

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Posted By: Anonymous.Fri. Jun 17, 2011

Because Them Niggers think Whites are bad people, while they are bad, look at them sure they're good people the lot of them, theyre horrible we shouldnt be helping Africa. What so they can imigrate to other countries, and breed with our women? No.

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Posted By: Anonymous. 3Fri. Jun 17, 2011

Hey Anonymous, What's your level of education? a GED? go back to your trailer. White people that are frustrated with their social status behave the way you do. They live in a paranoia thinking that everyone else is taking their jobs or stealing their tax money. You are not entitled to anything because you are white, get some education and stop collecting SSI. Maybe you can keep voting Republican and diverting the money from the middle class to the top 2%. You are living in a trailer because you don't know how to use your vote, maybe we should take away your citizenship so you can't vote.

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Posted By: WhiteprideFri. Jun 17, 2011

I hate niggers. if you nigger lovers wanted to help these monkeys, send them back to africa. I want my nation back. I would love nothing more than to start a "send the niggers back to africa" fund. I would no longer have to look over my shoulder when I walk downtown and see one of those f***ing animals on the corner. I wouldn't come out to my car that's been broken into. White Supremacy. regardless of what any of you before me have said, whites deserve dominance. if it wasn't for us, this country wouldn't be here. we built this country. the niggers should be on their knees thanking us for bringing them to this country and for the privledge to work our fields and plantations when they did.

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Posted By: Skinhead14/88Sat. Jun 18, 2011

I really believee in what the white supremacy tries to do and what we try to prove. people say that we are a hate group but we are a love group for our pple, our country, our Race, our women, and our way of life that's not being hateful... .

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Posted By: Annie The AryanSat. Jun 18, 2011

I'm proud of my Caucasian/Aryan heritage. I do not like niggers... . wait now... . not all niggers are black. Niggers come in all colors. I see trash of all ethnic backgrounds hanging out on their "stoops" waiting for the next handout. It sickens me to see the underage girls walking around with their bellies full of some spawn from the shallow end of the gene pool and knowing MY tax dollars will go to feed/clothe/provide medical care to both the slut mother as well as the child. Yes, be proud of your white heritage, that's fine; however, don't bitch when you get slapped down for acting like a dumb white-trash hillbilly nigger who has little or no formal education, summer teeth (sum-mer there... sum-mer missing), meth sores, and lacks the most basic ability to communicate in a way that conveys even the most basic understanding of the English language... stay in your trailers with your generic smokes from the Indian res and your WalMart snacks - you may be white, but I want NOTHING to do with the likes of you. This country was founded by white, English speakers - it should be RUN by white English speakers. Of course all are welcome, but the educated, working whites make the rules. We'll be better off when this country is no longer scum and welfare friendly.

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Posted By: Just Lookin...Sat. Jun 18, 2011

"Summer teeth"... . OMG, that's hilarious!

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Posted By: Sarah KSun. Jun 19, 2011

Hello Guys,

As an American I am not against a white pride day, white pride celebrations, etc. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their own culture and it is not "racist". I think that when you say “White Pride” or “Black Pride” in a way that is to ridicule or harass another race, then yes, you are being racist. Hopefully you should have enough common sense to know when you are doing something wrong and fix it.

Also you should know that there are more programs set up for the advancements of Blacks in America because they have been oppressed in the country for the longest time by whites. I read a couple links on this website and I want to say that these people are what is holding back advancement in our country. So instead of trying to hold African American’s back if you ignorantly feel that they are “inferior” you should support these programs because they are what will bring our country up as whole.

I stumbled upon a post that said "We should send those niggers back to Africa". First of all, black people did not come to America because they wanted to. They were fine in their own country. The whites FORCED them to come over here and work for their lifetime as slaves and did not teach them so that they would not be smart enough to escape. White American’s had been educated this country before African Americans for this reason. Whites treated Blacks horribly and wonder why they think they are more likely to be the victim of a crime by a Black American, then commit and crime upon a Black American. I do not fault the entire White race for problems so far back in our history, but it was the events in our history that contribute almost fully to the problems that we have today.

Fellow American's shouldn't you want to rise up, not push everyone else back down. It is the diversity in this country that makes it a wonderful place to be. This hate that you keep and pass on to future generations will only hold yourself back. Tell me, the reason that you do not approve of our President is because he is Black. What does the color of his skin have to do with his intelligence. I know that none of you have made greater accomplishments than him. There should be no hate as he does not oppress you, because of your skin color.

You need to understand that you live in a world with different kinds of people that is not divided by race. To advance in this World, bond with others instead of oppressing everyone that's different.

Sarah K

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Posted By: AntonSun. Jun 19, 2011

It is a good thing that there is a site where someone of the white race can express their heritage and can openly be proud to be white. It does not seem fair that other races can openly hold pride rallies and gay people can have gay pride parades but a white person who declares that they are proud are automatically considered a racist. True, there are many white racist and bigots at these rallies and many give bad names to those of us who are just proud to be white. Every race has their share of bigots and people who discriminate yet when it comes from a white person it is more news worthy. I have actually been told by an older black woman who was a co worker after I accused her of being racist for her comments and actions to other co workers that "I can't be a racist because I am black" and many blacks feel this way. I live in the south and I have met many white people who were racist, I also managed an all black night club and met many black people who were racist. I wish there was a club or organization for white people that was not built on hate for others. I am proud to be white and I would like to be able to express myself openly without being accused of being a Naz I or in the KKK. I am proud that the white race makes up only about 8% of the world population yet we have modernized the world more than any other race. The white race is a minority world wide but we have changed the face of the world, some for good and some for bad. I do believe in equality but I do not believe in quotas, it is the wrong message, people should be hired or get scholarships on their abilities not on the color of their skin. It is true that having an all black miss America or a college fund that only gives to blacks or black achievement awards given to black actors is unfair if they had the same for white people it would be considered wrong, it is an injustice to other races.

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Posted By: AntonSun. Jun 19, 2011

I agree Sarah K, I think way too many feel that other races are inferior and they are better, this is not the case. Every race has people that embarrass them or are ignorant. Like the "N" word, I think that there are niggers in every race, to me it is a lifestyle and has nothing to do with color. Even though we have the first b I racial President is US history many like to say he is black, he is not black he is b I racial, his mother was white. But many did vote for him simply because of his color, I mentioned to the people who told me this if I was going to vote for McCain because he is white that would be wrong. Secondly, the term "African-American" is a term I will never use. You never hear African-Italian or Mexican-British, terms like this are used to divide, we are all Americans, there should be no blank-Americans only Americans. And lastly anyone who blames the "white" man for slavery is in a sense racist, they are bundling all white people into one group and that is no so, just as all Latins are not the same and all Asians are not the same. Every continent has different groups of people, and they do not always get along. In North America you have the Indian tribes like the Apache, Sue, Commanche, Cherokee, etc. In Africa you have tribes like the Zulu, Mossi, Lobi, Bushmen, etc. In Europe there are the Germans, French, Russian, Italian etc. In Asia there are Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, etc. In the middle east you have Pakisatni, India, Saudi, Eygpt, Isreal, etc. In the Spanish speaking world you have Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, Honduran, Columbian, etc. The British were the kings of the slave trade, not the Russians or Germans or Irish. That is why blacks have British last names, the names of their former slave owners. Unfortunately most blame the white man in general and that in itself is an injustice and some could consider it racist. It would be like calling a Chinese person Vietnamese and saying, no difference. Or a Mexican a Cuban, or an Apache a Commanche or a Russian an Italian and saying, no difference. There is a difference, just because you are Asian does mean your people can be blamed for Pearl Harbor. See my point Sarah?

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Posted By: PhdSun. Jun 19, 2011

Anton: Finally one smart person in this site. I could have more respect for white pride if the people representing the group were not a bunch of high school dropouts, but that is not the case. Intelligent people don't have time to waste in pointless hobbies.

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Posted By: Sam BlakeSun. Jun 19, 2011

Please rename this website Ignorant. com

Children can read this. You don't want to give off the impression that this stuff is real.

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Posted By: Proud WhiteSun. Jun 19, 2011

Blacks are disgusting. Nothing more upsetting than seeing a nigger on the streets of my clean, prosperous, and white hometown (usually coming out of the welfare office or liquor store). Look at every predominantly white cities crime rates compared to a predominantly black city. Enough proof for me. Although I personally don't need stats to realize that blacks are leeches on our society.

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Posted By: AliMon. Jun 20, 2011

as a brown women I agree with this post, there are racist in every ethnicity but bringing that awareness out in the open is how you stop it. I am called racist by my own black family because I say the same thing you are saying here, now I haven't delved deeper into your site so I can only agree with this page. whats is perceived as racism by one person can be extremely scarey for them and hard for them to see it for what it is, cultural pride, not ignorance... . with that said maybe self pride is not needed perhaps taking pride in being human and having compassion is needed instead?

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Posted By: White AussieTue. Jun 21, 2011

well I'm white and I always call my black friends nigga when I'm joking so why would you want to shout racist slurs at strangers anyway? lol white people are so much luckier than blacks anyway so who cares if some angry black dude says cracker

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Posted By: MoneyTue. Jun 21, 2011

You people are too funny. We are all headed for a rude awakening when the banks and the government wipe 80% of us out of existence after the next big crash. Trust me it wont matter what race you are, because the only color that really matters is GREEN!

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Posted By: AntonTue. Jun 21, 2011

As a white man I do wish we could have white pride parades and meetings, but what ends up happening is that if you did orginize such an event you would get white supremisists to show up and ruin what you are trying to do. White, black, brown yellow or red all would misunderstand and think that the gathering for white pride would be for white supremacy. I would love to orginize a march through DC by a gathering of white people who are proud to be white but do not think they are superior but that would not happen. If anyone has any suggestions on how a white man could schedule such an event and keep it peaceful without the klan and skin heads showing up please let me know how it can be done. There is nothing wrong with having pride in your race no matter what race you may be, but when any race preaches hate and discrimination then there is a problem.

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Posted By: GeorgeWed. Jun 22, 2011

My family has been in the same area of New Mexico since 1593, I'm Spanish and Apache, both races were here long before your goofy asses. Anything done for black people should be considered reparations, you idiots got what you had coming, didn't think the whole "slavery" thing through, did you? Or at least you dumb great-grandparents didn't. So quit crying, and accept what you have coming.

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Posted By: AshayraThu. Jun 23, 2011

I agree with the Proud To Be White essay, but I'm black. u have every right to be upset but u r not the only people allowed to be racist, u all have opinions of your own, but instead of getting mad at that, i'm glad that u decided to take up your right to express that. but there is a difference. a difference between African Americans and Niggers. Niggers are the ones with the sagging pants the ones that stuff their faces with flaming hot Cheetos and the ones with the gold teeth in their mouths that want to shoot up people or hold up a liquor store. African Americans, like me, are the ones that are trying to make something of themselves by getting an education, not doing drugs and getting drunk, and living good lives just like those self respecting white people that judge me by the color of my skin. there is a difference people, it's just that every black person has a choice as to which one they want to be. Every race has good and bad to it, but they all have the power to choose which one they want to be. And for all the White people, or any other race, that can't see that then I feel sorry for u, but it's not your fault. You were raised like that, or u formed that opinion on your on, but if your ignorance is what u believe in then who am I to tall u to believe otherwise? I just hope one day u all can see that WE'RE NOT ALL BAD. I know my little paragraph may not change your mind, but just the face that u read it and paid attention to it is good enough for me. Thank u all.

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Posted By: CameronThu. Jun 23, 2011

I can't even leave my house to go to the store without 4 mexicans looking for a fight I would rather kill 3 then beat the last ones ass they make america look and smell like f***ing mexico also all you monkeys(NIGGERS)need to go away too mabey we(WHITES)didnt want your freedom in our country because we knew you would abuse it look at our prisons for f*** sake

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Posted By: NatalieThu. Jun 23, 2011

I am Asian. I urge you to not think that all Non-Caucasians consider Whites to be racist, I definitely see nothing wrong with White pride. However, do not border the line between pride and racism, know the right times to be proud and know when to be modest. And this not only goes to Caucasians, but people of all colors.

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Posted By: NatalieThu. Jun 23, 2011

Proud White, I am not black. I am glad you are proud to be Caucasian, but the comment was not pure proud, it was just pure racist. Not all Black people are bad, if it weren't for them slaving for your ancestors, I don't think America would have progressed so well. And Africa is important for trading. But what your ancestors didn't realize was that opressing Black people would have BIG repercussions. So shut your ass up!

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Posted By: Ian Fitzgerald Woodard (boise,Thu. Jun 23, 2011

I LOVE niggaz! Or should I say, African-Americans? They're better then White people and I wish I could kill myself and be reincarnated as one so I could get poon and be good at sports! White people suck, and they can kiss my ass! I LOVE Black people!

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Posted By: SamSun. Jun 26, 2011

look imagine if white people didnt exist where would the world be, yh we enslaved blacks (not sayin its right) but we would still be in the stone age and when we did enslave blacks then didnt exactly hav civilized life so in a matter of fact we did blacks a big favor!

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Posted By: ObservantMon. Jun 27, 2011

Hey white girl, What is your true ethnic background Irish, English, German, or what?... ... .

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Posted By: SamMon. Jun 27, 2011

im a guy for a start and english.

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Posted By: EqualistMon. Jun 27, 2011

lol this site is so dumb, I mean a white pride website is no prob, but if u slander the other races, then it is racist. And y would u get made if the minorities get a LITTLE slice of the pie, whites get everything else. They have parades to honor their culture and they don't call everyone else out for being inferior... wow I guess ignorance doesnt just stop at minorities, its everybody.

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Posted By: WoMon. Jun 27, 2011

Why is it that only whites can be racists?

Only the the majority group can be racists, and whites is the majority group in many areas.

In other areas, such as Asia, yellow people also get alleged racists, because there are also race conflict and the yellows are the majority there.

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Posted By: JohnTue. Jun 28, 2011

I agree, and always wondered about all of what was stated here. Then just the other day, on the News. They pointed out that those that are considered the "Minorities" are actually not any longer, they are the "Majorities". So to me this says the White Race is now the minority.

But WE are the racists... Funny how this plays out and WE always seem get reamed when we try to express our Pride in OUR heritage, But its fine for them to have Pride and Heritage.

Seems like two different sets of rules there to me. No longer are they Suppressed, No longer are they the Minority, No longer should it go unmentioned, and No longer will I pay for what they consider wrongs done to their ancestors, When do they get to start paying for something, oh wait, never mind, they just stole it.

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Posted By: RonWed. Jun 29, 2011

I'm from Australia and I agree with you 100%. We now have the same problems here with our blacks and blacks from other countries, mainly africa, and from muslims. I pay for my children to go to school, the blacks get paid to attend school. If you are a white Australian you get blamed for everything here, you are racist no matter what!!! We have gang violence now, 20 yrs ago it was unheard off. Since the government let in the muslims/arabs/black africans we now have arab gangs who rape our women and bash our people, same with the blacks from africa. The muslims want us all to convert to their ways and do away with our culture and customs and when we retaliate against these people, be it physicaly or by other means we are all labbled as racist. Because I love my race, my family and my nation I am a RACIST. I wear my white pride shirts all the time because I am damn proud to be white as are my family. We are the greatest race to have ever walked the earth, it was our race that has advanced the rest of mankind. To our American brothers and sisters, stay strong, stay proud, stay white, we here in Australia are with you, shoulder to shouldeR, WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE!!!!!

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Posted By: A Jewish GirlThu. Jun 30, 2011

All of you white supremacists supremacists could really use a few more English classes. For people so proud of your own heritage, your sure don't compose your native tongue very well; but let's face it... most of you probably don't have the intellectual capacity to master a language. At least higher editors. Your poor grammar and spelling make your already weak arguments less sound.

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Posted By: Joe And VernaSat. Jul 2, 2011

Right ON MAN!
I'm in construction and have gotten so freakin' screwed by illegal aliens underbidding me it is insane. And my fiance' was not hired at a job she applied for, "because we need more blacks at this hospital, " Would like to see more because I'm sick of this s*** man!

Okie Joe and Verna

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Posted By: NikkiSun. Jul 3, 2011

I think you lot are making a good statment but are fully going over the top. eg: do you see the black pride going to the trouble of this plastering it all over the net its more like your in competition evry one should be proud of the colour they are and not have to go to a debate session over it. and hey don't forget its not whats on the outside its whats on the inside and untill you start to relise that you will not ever be truley happy with who you are. you want to be proud of being white that's great but it don't mean you gotta put down the dark skined race. I see more white people calling them selves racists than I see dark people calling the white people racist. so think about that 1 for a while

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Posted By: OlavWed. Jul 6, 2011

Germany will march in Europe again, Scandinavia will follow. And the once again the world will be shaken.

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Posted By: IhavenoremorseWed. Jul 6, 2011

All you do is talk, we have gotten fat and satisfied. Julius Cesar put it quite frank: why would the soliders fight if they are full, they need to be hungry. We are not fighters anymore, but when the economy goes south and depression hits. . Germany 1939.

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Posted By: WankerWed. Jul 6, 2011

As an individual , sure no problem. But as a group, look at the statistic!!

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Posted By: TimothyThu. Jul 7, 2011

Native American here and all this crap just gives another reason to have a world war and start over right, solve this white power problem. Honestly were all racist in one way or another I could call white's a bunch of dumbass motherf***ers, maurauders, savages, they are the real problem and why America is not so great and will be owned by china because of our debt. Ever wonder what it would be like if us Native's had control? Just something to think about NATIVE PRIDE!

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Posted By: Timothy's Second PostThu. Jul 7, 2011

If you really think about it ANY race could be dominant right now white's were just a race dedicated to killing, colonizing other people's land, most races you "conquered" were unprepared. Imagine if blacks, natives, chinese were all conqueres to today America would be very different. The only reason White's won against us Natives is because they lied about peace treaties and my ancestors were stupid enough to believe you. If we all gathered up every tribe and warrior in North America we would have pushed you guys back across the Pacific, when we did realize you were a threat it was to late you outnumbered us like 20 to 1. NATIVE PRIDE!

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Posted By: TimothyThu. Jul 7, 2011

Oh and one last thing my ancestors are and were the GREATEST warriors to ever walk the earth fearless, powerful, and deadly is what summed us up. Advanced the rest of mankind? Pshhh... yeah more like extremely lucky turn of events any race could be at the top. White Pride is ridiculous and pathetic to say your time will end soon your no longer the greatest super power. My opinion get the hell out off our land you knew that you couldn't take us 200 or so years ago whites = liars, schemers. You whine and complain about foreigners when you are the immigrants how ironic. NATIVE PRIDE!

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Posted By: Timothy's Last PostThu. Jul 7, 2011

If I spewed to much hate on the last post point is it's ok to be proud of your race white, native, muslim, chinese, black, but don't start saying how your "superior" because all of our races have their positions of power because of lucky events. What if us natives did push you back to Europe? We would have been well prepared for your counter attack and we would rule North America and you would just rule Europe not a very great super power. Don't cross the line between pride and racism.

muslim is not a race

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Posted By: KathrynFri. Jul 8, 2011

Firstly, your pride in being caucasian is acceptable. You maintain to say that if I do not like this, I can "kiss" your "lilly white ass". This is the first instance in which you demonstrate your immaturity and naivety; this comment quite instantaneously showed me that you own the mentality of a child. It also insinuates to me that you are under-educated- if educated at all (which first impressions make me severely doubt). I do not wish to plant my lips onto your behind, you are an adult. Or is it a small child composing these articles? It really wouldn't elude me. And for your information, I do not take kindly to the offer sir. The thing you foolishly fail to see in the entirety of this article is that when you say that you want to be proud of your race, you transgress that you want to suppress others. When other races are proud of their race they invite others to share in it- they do not discriminate. They join in celebration to show others the world that they call their own. It is of a positive disposition, sir. You have evidently massively misconstrued the word pride. To have pride is to have self respect and to feel dignified in who you are; it certainly does not mean to have disgusting conduct towards others and to bear a hate campaign aimed at people who disagree. One would think that with age comes the ability to grow in consideration, and to not be an obtuse imbecilic ignoramus quite alike your foolish self. Your post tells me that with age comes ignorance, and that you, and the rest of the puerile kkk live in the darkness of destructive selfishness. I do not tolerate your existence. I do not wish you the best, I do not wish you happiness. I wish you enlightenment to the truth: Equality amid the world. You must learn, regardless of your persistence, that the truth will outlast lies. You will not win. You will lose. You are losing already. You won't be missed dear children.

p. s Ignorantly deleting this post will not erase the infallible truth that your establishment is a sinking ship and is a cause of so little worthiness that the world looks down on you in pure unadulterated loathing and disgust, sir.

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Posted By: NickFri. Jul 8, 2011

None of this s*** would have happend if you just left them in africa

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Posted By: Matthew The Celtic WarriorSun. Jul 10, 2011

I am Welsh and proud. For you dumb Yanks who don't know where Wales is, its in the United Kingdom next to England. My ancestors can be traced back over a thousand years to England and Wales and I'm proud of my white, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon heritage.

We have the exact same problem over here with being forced to apologies for being white and persecuting black people because they are oppressed and badly treated blah blah blah blah.

Well I hate all people of colour, Islam, Jew and non-christian and I will make no apologies for it

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Posted By: MatthewSun. Jul 10, 2011

Timothy, you truly are thick and stupid, hence your native ancestors having their asses kicked. If you would have defeated the white man then you would have pushed them back to the Atlantic ocean not the pacific.

Native Americans just like Africans were living in their own s*** until the white man arrived.

Less than 8% of the worlds population are white and yet the rest of the world is always begging for food and financial assistance from us!!!!!

Niggers are below the average intelligence of the white man and that is a scientific fact. Everything a person of colour has ever credited themselves with achieving has been as a result of the white man giving them as a way of making them feel worthy and successful. Its called pity...

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Posted By: MatthewSun. Jul 10, 2011

At the end of Men in Black, Will Smith's character begins stamping on cockroaches in an attempt to distract the evil alien cockroach returning to his home planet. "Whoops, was that your Auntie? That must mean this is your Uncle! I'm sorry, all y'all look the same!" He says, mockingly, as he kills them. Imagine the outrage it would cause if the roles were to be reversed?Once again, it's one rule for intergalactic, extraterrestrial space cockroaches, and another for niggers.

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Posted By: MatthewSun. Jul 10, 2011

BBC News headline: 'South Africa's Zuma reveals he is HIV-negative'I love how it is headline news when a black man doesn't have aids.

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Posted By: ConfusedSun. Jul 10, 2011

Thanks for proving everyone correct mud duck. Hilarious!!

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Posted By: No Way MonkeySun. Jul 10, 2011

I am sorry but can u imagine if black people ran this country? I shutter to think. I will fight for my rites until the day I am laid to rest. The blacks would destroy themselves from within as always. You can not stick together! As far as the American Indian goes, I have always felt bad for what happened to your people. Since the beginning of time cultures have been taken over by those who are more advanced. It is inevitable. Live with it. A nigger in my book is anyone who would rather take then give, rather steal then work, destroy and consume rather then build and contribute. Most of these cockroaches seem to be black. Most of the Mexicans I know are hard working people trying to provide for their families. Whats wrong with that? If you have it so rough here go the f*** to Liberia. I hear its beautiful this time of year! Dont tread on me Spooky...

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Posted By: Arayn Graphics DesignsMon. Jul 11, 2011

You have hit the mark. The mud races can have brown & black pride. But God forbide if a white person has racial pride. This forbidden crime evolves into another tangent of being a hater, violent, sociopath, etc.

The only soultion now is a white revolution!

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Posted By: 100%woodMon. Jul 11, 2011

at 509. What a f***ing idiot. This page is 100% accurate. White ppl can't have anything for just who're ppl without being racist! And if whites have done the most throughout history. there is a reason behind that. We are motivated race. We don't expect things to be handed to us. We earn it! Take notes. Cause were taking back our country!

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Posted By: I Will RuleMon. Jul 11, 2011

First off every single one of you are complete unintelligent imbeciles. You want to know why white people are always classified as racists?? because historically they are!!! plus they make up the MAJORITY of the population , so of course someone would call you a racists if you're the majority going around yelling white pride. But I digress, I don't stand for any type of "race pride" it is complete foolishness. I don't care if you're proud to be white, black, asian, mex, etc. . just don't go shoving it down other people's throats and get pissed when someone classifies you as a racist! I mean dammit there's a lot more serious issues in the world than this race BS. Wake up you f'ing idiots I can't stand this stupid s*** it's exactly why the U. S. is becoming one of the most idiotic nations in the world. All of this "nigger, honkey, whitey, beaner, kike" s***, its bulls***. How does it help society as a whole? How does it help you? Oh to know that you're "race" is being looked upon with favor? big f***ing whoop! Sorry for the rant but we need to stop the bs and focus on real issues. Dammit... go volunteer at a damn charity or something and advance yourselves in life instead of getting stuck in nonsensical debates. God help us all. Human power!!

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Posted By: Anti-worldMon. Jul 11, 2011

Anfama shut the f*** up you f*** tard you think you're so f***ing clever writing your long posts. Just stfu. oh and everyone else I laugh at you. . btw way the word nigger is not even offensive... I mean its some word an old stupid white prick cocksucking whore cunt ass faggot dick lover white s*** bird s*** made up. gimme a break you cunts. get your head out off your ass cracks... f*** me...

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Posted By: White And ProudTue. Jul 12, 2011

Anfama writes long posts because he/she has intelligence you imbecile!!

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Posted By: White ManTue. Jul 12, 2011

What are the ten most common causes of crime in your area?Ten niggers.

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Posted By: I Hate Parasitic NiggersTue. Jul 12, 2011

Has anyone else noticed that with all these "natural disasters" tsunamis, earthquakes landslides, mudslides etc. It's always muslims and niggers that get it. Perhaps Allah just doesn't like them as much as they think he does.

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Posted By: Anti-worldTue. Jul 12, 2011

Ever notice how every major war or catastrophe was caused by a white person?? hmmm... ww2, 9/11, iraq war, vietnam, columbine, (or bs war), s*** white ppl are the cause of most of the worlds problems. . lol but its okay you motherf***ers cause you "white supremacists" don't even represent one percent of the pop. lol oh s*** why am I even here I don't even care by 2050 white people will be a thing of the past lol... so go ahead with ur nigger comments lol aw man you guys are so stupid hahahahaaa

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Posted By: Dumb' Ass NiggaWed. Jul 13, 2011

if there was ever a war between niggers and whites would it be called kkk vs kfc?

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Posted By: I Hate Black HumansWed. Jul 13, 2011

Eminem Showing niggers that we can do what they can do better

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Posted By: I Hate NiggersWed. Jul 13, 2011

What's black and sadly no longer with us. Slavery.

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Posted By: I Hate NiggersWed. Jul 13, 2011

What is the difference between Batman and a black man?Batman can go into a convenience store without Robin. I don't know why all the Americans are so excited about having a black president, Zimbabwe have had one for years and he's f***ing s***.

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Posted By: Sean CareyThu. Jul 14, 2011

im white and proud of it. we must never forget who we are and what we must stand for. our 4 fathers shed blood for us. they fought for us and for us to feel safe in our country. I'm not liking what I'm seeing and no longer feel safe in my own country. proud to be white and willing to stand tall with my race.

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Posted By: I Hate NiggersFri. Jul 15, 2011

A woman with a clipboard just knocked at our door. She asked me if we would have an Ethiopian child for Christmas. We normally have a turkey but, f*** it, I'll try anything once.

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Posted By: I Hate NiggersFri. Jul 15, 2011

Ethiopian porn stars, putting the bony in ebony. An Ethiopian walks past another Ethiopian who is laid on the ground and covered in flies. He notices that the flies are very inactive and seem lacklustre and unenthusiastic. He taps the chap on the shoulder and says, "Hey, mate, your flies are down. "How can you tell if an Ethiopian is about to vomit?They are all gathering round with bowls

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Posted By: The OneFri. Jul 15, 2011

Racist sucks for you in a few years the world will be diverse and no more have racist white people like you goodbye love to be Moroccan and a Spainered!

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Posted By: Niggers Are ThickSat. Jul 16, 2011

It's spaniard u thick retarded imbecile!!

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Posted By: AdamSat. Jul 16, 2011

Posted By: AdamSat. Jul 16, 2011

I actually agree with almost everything you say. As a person with African descent, from the Caribbean who is not used with racism. you as an individual have the right to love and appreciate your culture. But I find it awkward and crazy for every white person to feel the same way as you do. Remember that that there is no such person as American at least in my mind, we are all originated from somewhere. if you do not feel comfortable around other ethnic groups, then go back to where your ancestors came from. no hard feeling I am just sharing my thought as a human being.

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Posted By: RobertSat. Jul 16, 2011

First of all fix the problem not the blame. We can blame these people all day, but until we change thing it means nothing. We as let this happen as a nation, we opened the boarders or let them cross without consequence. We can blame the hoods where they live as sub-standered but until we make or force change. People words are a fart in the wind they mean nothing action is remembered throghout history not words. So lets make or force the words into action

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Posted By: DorisSat. Jul 16, 2011

I am of Taino indian descent and I am amused at the uneducated comments placed in the blog. I have also studied history and as I studied I discovered the following. The white euro people were still living in caves when the Romans, Greek, Iran, Irag, China, India and Mexicans had sophisticated communities with running water, trade, medicine, calenders that reached to Dec. 21 2012 etc. I don't recall the huns with any major contribution to humanity. In fact I believe that the huns over running Rome etc. plunged everyone into the dark ages, and lived in filth wiping their ass with thier right hands. Please it is the sign of a small mind and ego that sees himself or her self as above other I dismiss you. In my opinion as a native indian of this world I vote that all those who say that are of euro or african descent and are sooo proud of it should return to their roots. Go back to where your families came from, you families came here with and became the occupiers and you still are the invaders and as far as I am concerned your pounding on your chest like apes puts you all in the correct light.

"It is the nature, and the advantage, of strong people that they can bring out the crucial questions and form a clear opinion about them. The weak always have to decide between alternatives that are not their own. " by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Posted By: White And ProudSun. Jul 17, 2011

Doris by name Doris by nature! What a complete load of rubbish you talk. Where do you get your information from?? You are obviously a nigger lover, thick, stupid and uneducated. Less than 8 per cent of the worlds population is White and yet every starving nigger is begging us for food, financial assistance etc... ... .

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahSun. Jul 17, 2011

Bamboola Obama seems to think that he can behave in America, a historical Anglo Saxon Nation, as a banania african monkey dictator in an african banana plantation, but will see soon how he is wrong

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahSun. Jul 17, 2011

F*** Obama and f*** monkeys and f*** islamists and f*** incas

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahSun. Jul 17, 2011

The Land of America for the People of America and the Land of Europe for the People of Europe

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Posted By: MeSun. Jul 17, 2011


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Posted By: Taylor WardSun. Jul 17, 2011

stupid niggers need to go back to africa

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Posted By: Kunta KinteMon. Jul 18, 2011

I'm a firm believer in black power. That's why I've swapped my farm machinery for some slaves.

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Posted By: Thank The Lord I Wasn't Born AMon. Jul 18, 2011

Stevie Wonder is being interviewed. The interviewer asks, "So, Stevie, how do you cope with being blind?"Stevie replies, "It's okay; at least I'm not black. "

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Posted By: Black BoiMon. Jul 18, 2011

Why is Eminem one of the most popular rappers of all time?Because he's not black.

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Posted By: JaredMon. Jul 18, 2011

F*** You Nigger, go hang yourself and save us the rope. Sieg Heil.

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Posted By: Fed Up Of NiggersMon. Jul 18, 2011

Rebuilding Haiti:$100 million. Aid to Africa:$53. 9 billion/year. Getting away with crime just because you're black: Priceless. There's some things foreign aid money can't buy. For everything else, there's the race card.

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Posted By: TimMon. Jul 18, 2011

How was America discovered if it was already inhabited by people? Also most of it was taken from Mexico so who are the real crooks? That's the origin of this country and through many fights it was made into something great. Why get hung up on race? A lot of what you said was true, but why are black people even here? They were stolen from their homelands and made to work. Then once slavery was abolished, they were just thrown to the wolves and have been struggling ever since. It's only recently that it has actually been fair and the worst part of it, is that blacks have come accustomed to being held down and the majority don't take advantage of their opportunities. The black colleges and college funds started because blacks weren't allowed to go to white schools. As America becomes more integrated, programs such as the NAACP will be obsolete. I hate to be labeled as African America, simply because I was born in America, my parents were born here and so on. I only know America. Where it's not always perfect but I'm proud to say I'm an American and "atleast I know I'm free. " Any person from any race can commit a number of crimes and they do. Prejudging people will only add hatred, unneeded drama and a lot of negativity. Let's build each other up and stand up as the true UNITED STATES. United we stand, Divided we fall.

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Posted By: Lucas VeresTue. Jul 19, 2011

I am Canadian and i'm white. I'm proud of who I am. I am also sick of the liberal scum ruining my country, they keep letting these sun I turban wearing nuts in and the country I love is being turned into some muslim terrorist sanctuary, I'm sick of it and glad others are speaking out against it, regardless of the nation they reside in. We speak out against them bringing their issues with them and we're racist, but they beat their women and kill their kids and blow us up and force us to accept their religion and it's poor them. I got a message for them, you left your country because it's crap, stop trying to turn my country into that same crap, better yet, leave and don't come back.

For those that are unfamiliar with the raghead problem in Canada watch this. Valley Park Middle School in Toronto

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Posted By: White Victim Of RacismTue. Jul 19, 2011

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Posted By: GeorgeTue. Jul 19, 2011

We as a nation are almost 15 trillion dollars in debt. We've spent more than three times that much trying to get a race of people to... . at the very least... . walk upright. It's really sad what the black race has allowed the Democratic party to do to them... . . and they still haven't caught on. Dependency is not an overnight thing. It takes years... even generations... to destroy self esteem. Keep your powder dry... . judgement day is near.

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Posted By: Celinda AnnTue. Jul 19, 2011

I would like to start by saying that there is no such thing as "just American". Anglo Americans were not born in North America but in fact are the original immigrants. They stole land from the Mexican people and Native American people. Secondly ghettos are made up of ALL races. I am a fourth generation Mexican American, my parents are college graduates, my father owns his own business, my sisters are also college graduates. There is only one race, the Human Race. I am a proud American and believe we should all learn to appreciate the cultures that make this melting pot of a country so wonderful.

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahSun. Jul 17, 2011

Do you know of a difference between niggers and monkeys? Personally I don't

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Posted By: Mawloud Ould DaddahWed. Jul 20, 2011

Nigger Obama place is in kenyan jungle trees or in kenyan jungle lions and crocodiles stomaches

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Posted By: Richie =]Thu. Jul 21, 2011

yeeehaw join the klan! lets get in ower f150 and lasso up some spooks! lets drown niggers in the river like a bag of unwanted kittens! yeah luts rape us some black bitches and then burn the babies alive! yeehawwwwwwwwwww dumb ass morons.

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Posted By: HenryFri. Jul 22, 2011

im black and I agree to what you are saying but those black colleges you talked about allow white students and BET has white people as stars on some of there shows. I think any body shouyld be able to be proud not just minorities

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Posted By: Get A Reality Check...Sat. Jul 23, 2011

Though you make a point about double standards in the world, you have to look back at the history between Caucasians and other races and religions. YOU were the ones who brought African Americans to YOUR land to work for YOU. If you didn't want us over here, then why did you bring us? YOU were the ones who insisted on traveling to Asia, the Middle East, and other countries to spread YOUR religion, and showed no compassion for the "barbarians" that were everyone else. So... think about it this way. You have every right to be happy with yourselves just as every other race and religion in the world does... but to amplify this love for your own race would be going back to the old ways when you didn't even give blacks, hispanics, or asians the right to be themselves. Try to think in a larger perspective.

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Posted By: Come On Dude LolSun. Jul 24, 2011

Now let me begin this post with I'm 16 and I'm also of Spaniard, Puerto Rican and Dominican decent ill tell you with a brain you deem less than adequate or not up to par with a white person's what is wrong with your white supremacist movement and Aryan movements, no one and I mean no one is telling you theres anything wrong with being proud to be white that is not what racist is, it only becomes a problem when you say that spanish or "Mexicans" or blacks or asians are less intelligent than you or deserve less than you or that you are supreme the whole supremacist movement is f***ed up entirely, every race in truth is equal with both there geniuses and there idiots, there is a long list of accomplished black mathematicians, there are geniuses amongst every race in this planet, and ill tell you one more thing if you knew your history youd know that if it wasnt for a very unfortunate storm in august off the coast of england in oh 1588 a certain spanish armada wouldve invaded england and this great country america would be alot different than it is now and we'd probably more than likely be on a spanish supremacist website lol at the end of the day we are all equal on this green earth in some culture certain races thrive more I will say that but we are all equal and any sane person can see that, in truth I think the vast majority of the white supremacist need to travel more

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Posted By: Proud??Sun. Jul 24, 2011

funny how you all say you're "proud" to be white, like it's something you worked really hard to become

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Posted By: Proud 2 B WhiteSun. Jul 24, 2011

Just like niggers always saying they are proud 2 b niggers. Why can't White people b proud as well you hypocritical nigger!!

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Posted By: Proud??Sun. Jul 24, 2011

Anyone with a brain wanna try and answer my question? Anfama perhaps? "Proud" to be white? "Proud" to be black? "Proud" to be ---insert any race or nationality---? I've never heard of any test you had to pass or really high tower you had to climb TO BE BORN into a certain country or race.

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Posted By: Proud??Sun. Jul 24, 2011

That's not to say I agree with anything Anfama the literate scum says.

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Posted By: MichaelMon. Jul 25, 2011

I can't believe I have found people that I actually agree with, every thing that was stated is true. its funny, some of the things you guys have said is exactly how ive been thinking for about 20 years. I recently went out to look for a job, got an interview. when I went to this interview, I was the only white person there, its getting out of control.

p. s. , there's nothing worse than when I see a white person that wants to be black. a. k. a. = wiggers.

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Posted By: Martin SmithMon. Jul 25, 2011


What can make a man or woman to start feeling that he or she is superior to others especially superior to people of other races? Is it skin color? Is it social status? Is it material wealth? Is it his or her level of education? The answer to those questions is simple; it is pride. You cannot be a racist without having some superiority complex and such superiority complex goes with pride. Any civilize or educated person would agree with me that pride and ignorance are two closely related cousins which no one belonging to the civilized world should be associated with. You who is a racist and claim to be superior to others, have you ever bothered to ask yourself who you really are? Do you know how you came into being? Perhaps if you had ever asked yourself that question, you would not have been claiming superiority over others because the way you came into being makes you who you are. Since you don’t know, I’m going to tell you. Please, pardon my direct and raw expression.

Either by design or accident, something happened the day you were conceived. Your father whether known or unknown had some hot sensations and felt like making love. He went to your mother who must have been having the same hot sensations too and they both gave themselves to each other. In the act of love making, some organs take center stage. They are the penis of the man and the vagina of the woman. The man introduces his penis into the vagina of the woman. The penis is used to purge out urine and it is the same instrument your father used to introduce you into the womb of your mother. The vagina is also used to purge out urine and it is the same instrument your mother used to receive the sperms of your father that led to your conception. A few centimeters from the penis is the anus and it is used to purge out excrement. A few centimeters from the vagina is the anus and it is also used to pass out excrement. After nine months in the womb of your mother, it was time for you to face the real world. She had to give birth to you. She purged you out very much the same way she purged out urine or excrement using the same instrument. Urine and excrements are waste products and maggots feed on such waste products. Now just think; if you are born between urine and excrements which are waste products and foods for maggots, then what are you? You are dirt and dirt is synonymous to nothingness. When you die, your body shall become a heap of maggots. That is still to add to the fact that you are nothing. Just come to think of it or just imagine it that a heap of dirt is claiming superiority over another heap of dirt when all they take is dirt. What an irony!

Everything you see was created by a superior being who is all powerful whom we call God. He created people of different races out of His love for variety. The fact that you were born into a particular race was just pure coincidence because you never made the decision to be born int

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Posted By: The Master Race Only Spawns FrTue. Jul 26, 2011

The Good:)
Niggers have the best chance of jumping the highest.
Niggers have the best chance of running the fastest.
Niggers love KFC and McDonalds which eventually leads to their premature deaths

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Posted By: Kenneth Franklin BrownWed. Jul 27, 2011

I'm Black I agree with some of your post others not so much I would like to start by saying that the stupidity of most of my race makes me cry I don't understand why we can't pull our heads out of the mud but I have no interest in destroying any culture I am not a car jacker, a gang member, and I don't beat women. I don't do drugs my pants are firmly at my waist my best friend is White and so is my fiance but I do know that five years ago a White police officer shot my cousin two times in the chest. He wasn't stealing or in any sort of gang but he was going to college on a full scholarship and I don't care what race you are it always hurts to bury a child. I don't have any problems with White pride, it's good to be proud, but a lot of people don't see the difference between it and actually being racist. I don't care if anyone thinks there better than me their opinions are their own but I wont be belittled or talked down to. I show the same respect that I expect to be shown and I don't take hand out so please don't act like you know a person because of the color of their skin because where I live the White guys love B. E. T , baggy pants, weed, 40 oz and beating their women. So do the Blacks and the Mexicans it comes down to character, I am a patriot f*** Africa I love this country I want nothing more than to see it restored to its former glory. That is really all I have to say for now, I Thank You for hearing me out and hope that one day we can all live peacefully without violence based just on color and that in time all culture will be protected and shared because in the end its all our history I pray that other Blacks will see where we have erred and strive to become respected not by pity or the race card but by their guts and grit.

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Posted By: Kenneth Franklin BrownWed. Jul 27, 2011

that pretty good but I am happy and proud to be black because I am proud of what my family has gone through and our history I would say it comes to down to being proud of where you came from but I didn't take any test but I figure I should do my best to be a good example so my son will be proud of where he came from so if there is a test it comes later after your born and its what you do with your life that determines your score

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Posted By: Kenneth Franklin BrownWed. Jul 27, 2011

To: The Master Race Only Comes From One Place

Black people hate KFC it really f***ing sucks and McDonald's is OK at best but I haven't had fast food in about a year I stay really healthy but go to a Walmart and count the number of Blacks to Whites in rascal scooter that aren't crippled and post another comment obesity isn't a black think sadly its a American thing

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Posted By: Kenneth Franklin BrownWed. Jul 27, 2011

come on dude lol is part of the bright future of our species

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Posted By: Kenneth Franklin BrownWed. Jul 27, 2011

100% wood there is a difference between earning and stealing first of all what if some other race moved across this world and f***ed everyone in the ass and got mad because those ppl are still sore I am no racist and I don't want to guilt trip the good White ppl aka not you but everything your race has ever achieved they have stolen a black person may steal a tv but whites steal contries and ppl and have trampled on the backs of others claiming that they earned it you reap what you sow you stole this country and now its not just yours bet you wish you weren't lazy then you wouldnt have to see my black ass in the first place

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Posted By: FrenchyFri. Jul 29, 2011

thank god somebody finally noticed it and written something about it. My sister has an african american friend ( I usually just say black friend but I don't know if that's ok) anyway, she made a "white" joke and everything you just talked about rushed into my head for the billionth time so I said a "black" joke back and she called me racist, so I went off on her about that stuff you mentioned and she had nothing left to say but she kept calling me a racist. I'm white and I'm proud, and I'm not affraid to yell it to my sisters friends. Now when walk into my house and I see one of them I yell white pride, so call me a racist I do care, because if I say that the "United States of America" is better than mexico and africa and I get suspended from highschool for it then that's strait up f**ked up. The United States of America are better than mexico and africa if you go there today you'll find a regular to be a shack people dead in the streets and drug lords running entire cities, you don't see that in the USA. If you do real research you'll find that the slave tride started in africa black on black slavery so why was it different when those people got here? The fact that you have to lern spanish to understand a clerk at a store or a the person behind the counter of an emergency room its time to take a stand. Did you know I was driving into bakersfield, california and that was in spanish no english on it what so ever. Hey kenneth we don't want to here what you have to say ok, we built an amzing country and its the black ppl like you that are tearing it apart so shut the f**k up and go swing from a tree you f***ing monkey. I don't care if I'm only sixteen I'll say what I want. White Pride World Wide Mother F***ers

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Posted By: FrenchyFri. Jul 29, 2011

my bad I forgot something, where it says I was driving into bakersfield and that was in all spanish I was talking about several billboards and advertisments everywhere

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Posted By: FrenchyFri. Jul 29, 2011

hey martin smith your f***ing retarded because you came from a penis into a vagina and was born the same way as everyone els that makes you dirt and maggot food as well wich would make you nothingness as well so next time you post think. White Pride World Wide

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Posted By: FrenchySat. Jul 30, 2011

to: a jewish girl if your trying to say that we can't spell because of our brain capacity you need to check your own spelling because you said and I quote "your sure don't compose your native tongue very well" look at your shouldnt that be a you... ... ... ... ... . yeah it should that's what I thought, White Pride World Wide!

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Posted By: White Power ManSat. Jul 30, 2011

to: a jewish girl; shut the f**k up you stupid son of a bitch no one f**king likes jews anyway you f**king kike why do you think the holocaust happend it happened because no one likes f**king jews you dumb bitch just shut the f**k up and if you don't like white supremacists then why the f**k are you looking this s*** up you f**king dumb ass slut just go and f**king die like you were supposed to during the holocaust you f***ing dips**t nigger whore

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Posted By: RawnchypotatoSat. Jul 30, 2011

to: White Power Man: hell ya u tell that bitch

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Posted By: White Power ManSat. Jul 30, 2011

To: RawnchyPotato; I will tell that dumb ass nigger jew bitch because she needs to shut the f**k up shes a dumb jew who deserves to die KDFJ (Kill Da F**king Jew)

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Posted By: JustinSat. Jul 30, 2011

That is the best monologue ever. You just summed up our struggle in it's entirety. Well done.

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Posted By: AlexandraTue. Aug 2, 2011

I'm puerto rican but I totally agree with this monologue :; Its a total double standard and I don't think its fair at all

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Posted By: JulianWed. Aug 3, 2011

It's amazing that this website is still up, and running! It's as if a group of hyper-thyroid 3rd graders banded together to perpetuate the type of ignorance, and hatred that makes people like me writhe with nausea! Why don't you morons realize that the KKK, Naz I fascism, and all other forms of hate mongering, are all, not only archaic, but outmoded ideals? Those of you who support this bulls*** are f***ing retarded! F*** your stupid nationalist/racist asses! I for one find the true satire when I think about the current state of this nation. The rich white men who, refuse to let the Bush tax cuts expire! White elites are the ones who are ruining America. The white elites, and the assholes that created, run, or endorse this website.

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Posted By: White And Superior To NiggersThu. Aug 4, 2011

So what?? The whites make the money because niggers are to stupid to make anything themselves!!!! Niggers don't make anything or contribute anything positive in any way, shape or form. Niggers are retarded and a form of sub human species, hence the constant begging for aid from the motherniggerland, Africa. Face facts and deal with it nigger!!

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Posted By: Unashamedly WhiteFri. Aug 5, 2011

"Daddy, why did Hitler try to kill all Jews?""Because there were no niggers in Germany, son. "

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Posted By: David:)Fri. Aug 5, 2011

You are an asshole. Really. You are trying to blame other people for the fact that you can't get over your own ass. Blame your racism on yourself, not society. You had the choice to either break out of your little caccoon of bigotry or stay in your own little deluded bubble.

We did not make you hate people who are different, and compared with migrant farm workers, and people living in the ghetto, you live like a f***ing king, and shouldn't be acting like the world is out to get you. Guess what? The world isn't.

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Posted By: Fed Up To HereSat. Aug 6, 2011

Ok so I never really thought of myself as a racist ect. But I have experienced a lot of racism from Native Americans. Sometimes I wish that our fore fathers who wrote the constitution etc would have completely wiped out all of the people who were here instead of trying to peacefully expand. It did not work anyway and history has shown us that injuring a group is worse than killing them all off. I mean how much money do the tribes need to continue to drink and have baby after baby that are raised by grandparents who did not raise their own kids. They talk about their culture and Native pride but all I see them doing is destroying themselves and each other. They complain about what the white man has done to them, but they are actually killing each other off faster than any white man is. Their ancestors did not live and do the things they do. Now some are actually applauding drunk native kids shooting and killing police officers claiming it was an act by a Warrior! Bragging about H. I. T a scumbag group that wants to kill off all whites. Well let me tell you if that is their idea of a warrior, they do need to be killed off! I am sick and tired of all the crap that is given and done for the Native Americans. They need to get off their lazy asses and clean up their own s*** holes that I have to pay for time and time again. When the dams along the Missour I river were built, towns had to be relocated do to the changes in the flow of the river. The white towns had help moving however, all the Native Tribes get Millions in IMPACT dollars every year. Our tax dollars going to support breeding and drinking and killing each other. Want to get us our country out of debt? Stop giving the natives all our fricken Money!

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Posted By: Da Blak MonSun. Aug 7, 2011

Earlier today I came across an interesting video on Youtube. It was of a man in hoodie stealing someone's bag, only to be hit with a golf ball as he ran off with it. Below the video there was an argument going on between people of how the video was real/fake. I was appalled with their stupidity, so I commented, "Of course it's fake, black people aren't allowed on golf courses?"

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Posted By: Proud RacistSun. Aug 7, 2011

I love enriched racism

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Posted By: HannahSun. Aug 7, 2011

You are sick. I'm white. My best friends a Mexican immigrant. I sleep over with a family of African immigrants every other weekend. America was founded by immigrants. If immigrants didn't exist then neither would you. If you go back in your family history your from Europe. You might be french or Italian. But if you saw someone on the street that's french or Italian you would hate them just because they came over to America and not there ancestors. Websites like this and white supremacy groups wont change a thing. As long as your fighting to get rid of immigrants there will be people like me fighting even harder to keep them here.

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Posted By: I Hate NiggersTue. Aug 9, 2011

Hannah, I will always be here to make sure the White man gets justice

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Posted By: Scott MTue. Aug 9, 2011

I'm sickof the PC mentality. As a country we should be ashamed, we elected a socialist bent on destroying us. I'd vote for a toaster vs this ass in 2012

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Posted By: ScottTue. Aug 9, 2011

I am sick of the PC routine. Let's strike back

Get a Mac. :)

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Posted By: KwiremanThu. Aug 11, 2011

I agree were letting other racis destroy our country I can't get a damn job for mexicans doing it cheaper can't let my kids play outside afraid a nigger will shoot it up and can't go on vacation b/c I'm afraid a arab will blow up the plane why does our government LET this happen I agree with everything you say they can say what they want and their proud we do were racist so true but their destroying our contrey a nigger hasnt been in the whitehouse no time look at us our countrys broke hes giveing money away I just our country is going to hell and we could stop this if the government would give our jobs back our homes our communitys stay were you came from is how I see it

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Posted By: Imperiwl Wizzard Thu. Aug 11, 2011

If it aint white it aint right. And remember to support your local kkk. Have a nive day :-)

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Posted By: AnonFri. Aug 12, 2011

your gay, your comment is gay, your life is gay

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Posted By: Afghan AryanFri. Aug 12, 2011

TO Anfama, Why u forgot aryans in afghanistan, there is more and pure aryans then india, iraq, turkey etc. and this country havs a name ARYANA

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Posted By: Noah WhitakerSat. Aug 13, 2011

I'm extremely proud to be white I'm 50% German 25% Irish 25% British and and I'm part of the white pride world wide movement I hate anyone who is not of European or American descent I was also born and raised in the USA wpww!

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Posted By: AlyssaSun. Aug 14, 2011

You people do know that if you trace everybody's ancestry far back enough, we all originate from Africa? And we're all originally female in our mother's womb? America was built on immigrants and equal rights.

What makes you think that the Garden of Eden was in Africa?

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Posted By: :0 I'm TriedSun. Aug 14, 2011

I'm mexican... but I do look like the beaner that is stereo typed(everyone says I look like keanu reeves) I just spent about 3 hours reading this s***(not because I don't have a life but because I'm bored at work)

I can honestly say I never thought about how "whites" being pridefull would instantly looked at as racist even if they aren't.

For all those "whites" that are proud to be white I respect that and for those that are just racist... well it is a free country

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Posted By: ScottSun. Aug 14, 2011

I'm all for people being who they are but when a riot happens at a state fair and its all black and a 16 year old kid that got busted for what he did said whites were an ez target and went with the flow of the crowed! WTF Maybe if we called it job fair insted of state fair they wont show up!

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Posted By: SarahSun. Aug 14, 2011

I am mixed and visited the site out of interest, I don't agree with any racism of any kind but had to comment on your talk of not being able to do a white history month, I think there should be no reason it couldn't be done, each culture or race should have a right to celebrate their ancestors history as long as it wasn't solely focused on racism. I do not live in USA so I don't know what kind of society you live in or challenges you face concerning race but I would think as we are in 2011 hopefully one day everyone could live peacefully. I personally believe in god and with faith I believe any challenge can be overcome. Just my views, not everyone will agree. Take care.

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Posted By: Miss N.a.Mon. Aug 15, 2011

I hate white supremacy. Because of this my ex boyfriend couldn't date me. Wonder why he's an ex? Because his mom told him right off the bat he couldn't date me. She doesn't know me. All she knows is I'm not pure white. I'm only 1/4 native american. Big deal. Whatever. I will find a man who will love me for who I am inside and out. I hope this belief fades out as soon as possible. I feel sorry for everyone who is forced into this life.

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Posted By: Original ManWed. Aug 17, 2011


Answer: It took 600 years of grafting the whiteman or making him from the Blackman.

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Posted By: Original ManWed. Aug 17, 2011

I AM black man... I LOVE THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE... BLACK PEOPLE, eye do not hate white people... all the people on this page with hate in there heart, eye hope you find a way to learn and respect all people.

The original black man is where all people came from... the 1st people on the planet where black people... that's not "hate" that's just a "FACT".

If any of you really car to know google the story of Yakub( yacub)--->

Answer: The white man was made from the Original People by grafting and separating germs. In the Blackman’s body there exist 2 germs: a black germ and a brown germ. Yakub with his laws on birth control separated the brown germ from the black germ and grafted it into white, by destroying the Blackman. After following this process for 600 years the germ became white and weak and was no longer the original. Also by thinning the Originalman’s blood it too became much weaker and was no longer the same. Thus this is what and how the white man was made. 


Pure Nation of Islam CRAP

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Posted By: JustinWed. Aug 17, 2011

so I came upon this site out of curiosity, and I started reading the comments. I got to comment 19 and the person who posted it proved a point. he said white people are "the most retarded race ever". the point proven is that when a white person voices their opinion, we're racist, or stupid, or whatever. yet its okay for a nigger, a beaner, a chink, or whatever to say stupid things like that? and their not racist? its bulls***. I'm 18 yr's old, I live in south carolina, I'm white, and I feel that I should be able to take pride in my race and not be condemned for it. white power! keep it white, keep it white!

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Posted By: Original ManWed. Aug 17, 2011

Answer: The Originalman is the Blackman, the maker, the owner, cream of the planet Earth, Father of all civilization and God of the universe.

 Answer: The Colored man is the Caucasian (whiteman) or Yakub’s grafted man on the planet Earth.


Answer: The total population of the Original Nation here in the wilderness of North America is 17, 000, 000 with the 2, 000, 000 Indians, which makes a total of 19, 000, 000. All over the planet Earth is 4, 400, 000, 000.

 Answer: The total population of Colored People here in the wilderness of North America is 103, 000, 000. All over the planet Earth is 400, 000, 000. 

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Posted By: I Demand To See This CorrosionThu. Aug 18, 2011

For these great ends hath Heaven’s supreme command
Brought the black savage from his native land,
Trains for each purpose his barbarian mind,
By slavery tamed, enlightened, and refined;
Instructs him, from a master-race, to draw
Wise modes of polity and forms of law,
Imbues his soul with faith, his heart with love,
Shapes all his life by dictates from above
bow to me faithfully, bow to me splendidly

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Posted By: Your One And Only "a Person"Thu. Aug 18, 2011

what is this devil talking about???

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Posted By: WelderSun. Aug 21, 2011

Bottom line white people have the heart, soul and money to keep America alive. All niggers spics and chinks do is drain the white mans resources and waste our time. I say.

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Posted By: A PersonMon. Aug 22, 2011

bottom line is that the white man has drained all the niggers spics and chinks THATS why they have the heart, soul, and money to keep america alive.

now we're wasting your time, can you say devil. .

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Posted By: CathleenMon. Aug 22, 2011


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Posted By: UfoWed. Aug 24, 2011

tsssss. This is one lame college prank.

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Posted By: Robert WilkinsonWed. Aug 24, 2011

These are not aligations only facts no one seems to be concerned

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Posted By: JessicaThu. Aug 25, 2011

I am white and proud of it... These people come to America for a "better life" I think we should be treated with more respect... OK so ya we had slaves!!! But tell me who didn't at one time or another! Hell in Pakistan its OK for you to rape, torture, sell woman. Right now in 2011! So I say we opened up our land, let them be who they want to be. Now they get to treat us like we are lower then them, but they came here to be like us! Oh ya learn how to speak English before you start looking down on us!!!!!!

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Posted By: Freak3020Fri. Aug 26, 2011

You keep on ramblin' about jesus but wasn't he a jew????

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Posted By: A PersonMon. Aug 29, 2011

they will never answer that question, their jesus is white, who ever that is. lol

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Posted By: Tad SmithMon. Aug 29, 2011

Love your post brother you are right About everything. I just moved to Grand Junction Colorado if you'd aren't any good white people That live in this area Let me know so I can hook up with them. My e-mail address is thompers794ts at gamil. com.

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Posted By: 2013Sun. Sep 4, 2011

You know why white people are consider racist? It's because the white race is to blame for everything that is wrong in this world! Millions of innocent lives of children, women, elders have been taken away because white people think their "supreme" when in reality they are no better then any other race in fact pretty much every white supremacist is a low life, broke ass, didn't make it passed the first grade, ignorant, red neck, idiotic, piece of s***, racist and they know how to do is hate. This world doesn't owe white people a damn thing and I pray that people like you burn in he'll right next to Hitler and the KKK you racist bitch.

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Posted By: Am White But So WhatMon. Sep 5, 2011

What is it with Americans and their obsession with color and race?? You can be so inward looking and ignorant. The world is a HUGE place and the billions of people living on this planet are a lot more diverse than the few categories of race you label everyone under. Travel a bit more, learn a bit more, educate yourselves and you just might be surprised that there is another world that exists outside the US and it is not necessarily the same as what is portrayed on your TV. A world where the colour of your skin doesn't really have much importance at all. I can't stand racist people, whatever race they are.

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Posted By: Chicago Laborers Local 6Tue. Sep 6, 2011

Hey 2013, Come on now. You are full of hate obviously. I think you love WHITE people. Quit blaming everybody for your problems and us WHITES want absolutely nothing from you except to work, pay your own way in life and oh yes keep killing and f***ing your own people. You will have to be exterminated someday, I just hope I am here to see it, Hitler had a great idea and should have added you to his list... :)

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Posted By: CarlosTue. Sep 6, 2011

This is the most interesting site. I don't think most of you have any idea why minority groups have the organizations they have. But I can only say that its probably too much to ask for from the audience of this web-page to read some history. BTW... I don't think comments by people from Argentina count. They are Naz I germans and proud of it. I just think it's funny how they got their ass beat out of their own country so they had to go get one in Latin America.

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Posted By: Cool BroThu. Sep 8, 2011

Everyday is white history if you've ever seen any history book. MTV & CMT are basically WET. I'm black and I personally disagree with black history month. MLK Day isn't a "Black" thing, it's a unification thing. Most of the points made on the list are viewed as black and white, leaving out context. Some police beatings are racists, and others are not. Race pride in general is dumb. There are ethnic institutes used for advancement, as its fair to say minorities came (or were brought) to this country with a disadvantage that still exists today.

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Posted By: Enlighten Woman Of ColorThu. Sep 8, 2011

Ok. SO I found this site because we were talking about skinheads in sociology. First of all be proud of who you are and don't let ANYONE whether white, black, hispanic, asian or whoever try to make you feel inferior. Many people from ALL races have contributed to our American culture. anybody can be racist but can you really blame the minorities for not trusting, accepting or tolerating different people with all the hate going around. Here you have these openly racist white people claiming that they are superior because science says so. What race were those scientists? and its because of the arrogance of your and greed that this country is as diverse as it is. I'm sure the Native Americans didn't ask to be slaves or expect to die by helping YOUR ancestors. I'm sure the Africans YOUR ancestors stole from THEIR homeland didn't want to come to this country as slaves. and the women didn't love or want their white oppressors. they were RAPED repeatedly against their will. YOUR WHITE MEN WANTED THEM and YOUR WHITE WOMEN were curious about OUR STRONG BLACK MEN. just remember who initiated the race-mixing. and another thing. GOD MADE EVERYBODY. to say that He made a mistake and that it is up to the white man to fix it is blasphemy. clearly God had a plan for each of us and loves us all or He wouldn't have sent His Son to save everybody who wasn't Jewish (His people). Also Amfama (idk what you even are. But that surely doesn't sound like any Aryan name I'ver heard of) you are stupid for saying Jesus was racist. clearly you interpreted that story completely wrong because Jesus was the most loving, accepting man in history.

We all have our own opinion. I think you racists jerks are the ones holding this country back and if you want to be somewhere were your race is the supreme one, create your own country and let America be rid of the chaos you create with your ignorant nonsense. I'm Black and I'm Proud. You do you and I'm gone do me.

I could care less if you agree or not because I know I'm right and you racist pigs can go jump off a bridge and die for all I care. The world would be a much better place without you whether you be white, black, hispanic, middle eastern, european, asian or whatever else.

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Posted By: Karl GharstThu. Sep 8, 2011

Understanding White Supremacy
The old tactics of “calling names and telling lies” have really served the Sons of Hell very well in their quest to destroy God’s Holy Seed from upon the Earth! Well, we know what has always worked for us. Searching for the truth and standing up for the truth when we find it! It is the Truth that protects the righteous in the Christian World!

So, let’s put all our racial theories into practice, shall we?

White Supremacy: Name the race of people that has accomplished more – or even as much as the White European People have done (law, science, invention, art, literature, etc. , you know, the things that lift us above the level of an animal)? What race of people would you be better off living with should the good White people decide you have worn out your welcome in their God-given lands (choose well because the racial separation is a fact that is happening all over the world right now and those who curse us and use us spitefully are not going to be part of “white society” much longer)? What other race of people would you rather see piloting the aircraft on your next flight? Whose medicine do you reach for when you or a loved one is sick? Whose laws and whose justice do you seek when you find yourself innocent and in a courtroom? Whose kindness would you rather have when you are in trouble and what race of people would you rather have defend you when you are being mistreated?

For those of you who have answered honestly – we have many problems that maybe you “white supremists” can help us with.

Perhaps you have noticed it is this “same kindness” that we are known for that is being exploited with the multitudes of other races coming to live with us in every land that was once exclusively for White Christendom. This is the result of vile, Christ-hating, mentally-ill, Baal-worshiping Rabbis who we have mistakenly allowed to come among us a few generations ago. Their mission is to socially engineer the White Race out of existence whether through violence or race-mixing and homosexuality - and the core of their belief can be found at the foot of the Tower of Babel, “…. the people seek to make themselves one, now, of all they seek to do what then shall be kept from them…. ?”

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Posted By: Karl GharstThu. Sep 8, 2011

Understanding White Supremacy
Well, we also know all of the nonwhite people who have come to live with us – came only because of their “great faith” in white supremacy, despite the Rabbis worst intentions. We know that “no one ever asked to be born” and we find no fault in their existence – we only ask from the nonwhite world to allow us a place on this Earth that we can exist – a place where white people can call home. For those who can see through the dust kicked up by the Rabbis and find reason with our request – we (the ones the Rabbis call “White Supremists”- like we want to “Lord over you” in order to get you to hate us and strike out against us) promise you a good place upon the Earth that you can call home – we promise you the right to defend yourselves and promise to share the good things of this world with you! If you profess this one called Jesus is the Christ, and agree that His good laws are to be obeyed – you will never have a greater friend than your White Christian friend!

It is very important to think these things through and make a decision this day because… For all those people who are denying ‘the Son of Man a place to rest his head’ – out comes the curses the Bible promises the lawless! We say “let those curses you have called upon us now come raining down upon your head. ” Let the plagues of Egypt come upon you and may your bodies boil over with the sores of Job! Let your houses be broken in and your strong men bound and your daughters ravished! Let the “death angels “you have summoned for us gather their harvest among your kind! You who leer at our daughters – let your eyes be put out like you put out the eyes of our brother, Sampson! Those who misuse our sons and lay hands grievously upon our priests, bring the sword upon them, Father, for yours is the way of Justice!

See how easy that was? You see, the Rabbis have willfully mistranslated that scripture into a statement “…all they seek to do will not be kept from them…!” hoping that no one would notice that this was actually a question posed by the Author to His representation upon the Earth! (Look at how this is written in your Bible as compared to the original in the Septuagint!) Or in other words “I’ve given you all my power to rule this Earth with My Justice – so how much of this garbage are you going to take?”

The Rabbis have been lying to their own people as well! They know that they are not these people in the Bible called “Israel. ” (But then the Talmud tells the Rabbis to “go down to the banks of the river and roll up balls of mud – mumble a few magic words – and these godless, mindless and soulless mud-people will become ‘Golems’ who will do the bidding of the Rabbis. ”)

The Rabbis have already planned their escape with all their wealth in the last days –to someplace like Barbados – leaving the poorer but better behaved Jews behind to take the brunt of the punishment for their great crimes (just like they did in Germany 72 years ago and in Hait I at the

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Posted By: Karl GharstThu. Sep 8, 2011

Understanding White Supremacy:
The Rabbis have already planned their escape with all their wealth in the last days –to someplace like Barbados – leaving the poorer but better behaved Jews behind to take the brunt of the punishment for their great crimes (just like they did in Germany 72 years ago and in Hait I at the turn of the 19th century)!

I will tell you “they will be filleting Rabbis into ‘rib-eyes’ in Barbados on His day!

Karl Gharst

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Posted By: A PersonFri. Sep 9, 2011

what is this devil talking about?lol

why do racist whites always look at the bad things that GOD has said to the jews and not the good things, like you will ALWAYS be my people, and I have set an everlasting covenant with you.

no race is perfect, and every race has had their share of pagan and idol worshiping.

who are you to judge GODS chosen people, are you better than GOD?your own kind has told us your better, so should all races believe it?keep believing your own theories and we'll keep believing ours. hell your own kind says you come from every race, their for you are nothing but carbon copies of the colored man.

you are our little brothers, and little brothers learn from their big brothers, so you have your brothers knowledge and SOME of your own now you want to say your smarter and better.

I say your a bunch of copy cating theives, the only thing your better at is lying to everybody and eachother. period

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Posted By: R.d.elliottMon. Sep 12, 2011

I`m proud to be a redneckhillbilliewhitepowermuther!!!!!! aka scooterdevil61!

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Posted By: Who-me-nawMon. Sep 12, 2011

money changes everything.

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Posted By: JesseWed. Sep 14, 2011

I'm a brite white proud man. I'm 33 half irish and half polish. Igot a black wife. What about it. .

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Posted By: JesseWed. Sep 14, 2011

Hey if racist wanna see me as a devil, huh. I will be the most evil man you evermet, I will sink you and ruin your life. I will be the devil in your eyes. . I hate racism. Every woman of every ethnicity is beautiful. If you don't think a woman is hot because of her skin tone you mite be a peeter puffer pole smoker. Haha

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Posted By: JesseWed. Sep 14, 2011

What war? I wanna stick mt white wener in as many ethnic woman as I can. . Whhhaaahaha. I love rsce mixin!!

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Posted By: JesseWed. Sep 14, 2011

The dark black presedent of zimbabwe clearly states his idol is hitler. He even has the stash. Haha

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Posted By: JesseWed. Sep 14, 2011

I think yer trollin or yer really a dum dum. All races unite... Women any way cause I love u all!! Haha

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Posted By: JesseWed. Sep 14, 2011

Goodnite all you rasist bastards... I'm gunna go plant my white penis in my pitch black wife and fertilize her egg and make a beautiful american man of woman. F*** all u rasist, black and white!!

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Posted By: Pride SayinThu. Sep 15, 2011

Saying white people are racist is very racist.

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Posted By: Whitey McwhiteySat. Sep 17, 2011

Nice to see that someone has thought about something besides lil wayne {whom sux}or showing there ass to other grown men by sagging?in culture we have made ourselves see the difference by sight? sounds good but not only do we look diff. we are diff. we live diff. we teach our children diff. I grew up in a western sub of chicago {mostly black}chased and beatin for being white, so for those memory's I held hate for all blacks, they always go to slavery for their hatred or dislike for whites, I remember running down 9th ave in Maywood getting caught by 3 black kids who I did not know and getting my ass kicked, this happened more then once, ask them how the next day that cubs bat felt, I know not the right thing to do, but my point is I remember it like it was a min ago, are there any black people whom remember slavery, or was it taught to you that your shortcomings are someone else's fault? not someone whitey, know this fact big dog and the asshole after him, it was your tribe leaders who traded your family's, and another fact is that the spanish are the ones who traded your kind to us. do some research. I also have one more fact none of us were alive when any of that very dumb s*** went on, blacks are in everything as they should, the ones who want to be above the rest, you all have the same I have, except I don't get college paid for because of race, or anything else for that matter, if a black man being pres does not show you you have every chance to better yourself then collect your welfare check and blame whitey, this whitey is going out for pork chops and a beer with money that I earned working.

I want to be clear I don't think any race is all the same but every black person on this site has claimed the poor us bulls***, take responsibility for yourself, man jessie jackson f***ed your heads up. I say to all proud people stay proud white black brown mix, do you and get a f***ing job that goes for all the white lazy peace of s*** mother f***ers to most of all you lazy assholes blaming hard working mexican for taking your job, stop bitchin and go to work

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Posted By: Justin Sat. Sep 17, 2011

I am so glad that REAL white people are still out there a lot of my friends and family don't get why I am the way I am but our culture is fading fast we are the minority now we have to learn Spanish in our school system now they have their languages all over and I'm sick of not being able to read what business it is or what its even about!

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Posted By: JoyceSun. Sep 18, 2011

I'm a firm believer that pride in any form, is destructive. It's destructive to the individual who lives IN it's grasp, and it is destructive to society. It is without a doubt, evil. I will never understand the need for people to feel "proud" of themselves and "who they are". Pride is a lifting up of ones self, and if you lift yourself up, the only place for others is beneath you. From my observations pride seekers can only feel happiness if they believe they are above some others. Others take this further in that they have to be in a group that is above others to feel more happiness. Pride is nothing more than narcissism.

Even if those scientists are correct about innate intelligence, it doesn't mean that those with innate intelligence are better than the others. It simply means they are fulfilling their purpose. After all, you couldn't be innate, if the the others weren't here, because you'd have no one to better than.

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Posted By: Whitey McwhiteySun. Sep 18, 2011

it has been proven some are just lazy and looking for a reason for why they are not able to strive above the rest, or even be at the same level, but that hippie s*** I just read is the type of bulls*** that the schools tried with we are all the same, such as wanting to spell the word was with a z instead of a s or that in little league they're all winners, whites have been said to be evil because our cultures have rose above, we have brought you into this way of life you live, yes the European countries have been living in civil structure for century's, so because of that we are punished by a lazy society, back to the original statement above, its ok for blacks to be proud its ok for hispanics to be proud (anglo's) but when a white person says I'm proud to be white its wrong, in chicago we have a melting pot, many cultures, until the most of every race stops playing the blame game, I'm talking to whites most of all, be proud but don't start blaming mexicans and the blacks because your a lazy asshole!!! being proud is not destroying this country lib, hippie bulls*** like the cray Joyce above and she will continue telling all the are the same don't worry if you don't succeed someone will flip the bill for you. god I hope your not a teacher!but it sounds alot like you are, by the way I am a lower middle class construction worker(maybe middle class)and your statement reminds me of class bashing , succeeding should be a good thing and being proud is part of that!bears game in a hour go bears or should I cheer for both teams? are you nuts I hope the other team is crying like last week, weak like that statement above

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Posted By: WentraSun. Sep 18, 2011

You are right about them being cowards. They also stick their noses in their women's fights. If a Mexican woman hits a white woman, she gets her man to step in, in case the white woman tries to fight back. I've seen it myself. I have seen Filipino men get involved in women fights too. In my German-Irish family, a man would be embarrassed to get involved in female business or to fight a woman.

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Posted By: JoyceSun. Sep 18, 2011

at Whitey. Interesting, how you had to stereotype me right away as a teacher - stereotyping is another evil tool designed to break down true understanding between two people. You just labeled me right away, and then made up your mind about me, because of an experience you had with people that have nothing to do with me. No, I'm not a teacher, and not even particularly well schooled. I have been very successful in everything I've sought after: sports, work and family. However, I don't pound my chest and say I'm proud of myself. I say very humbly that I'm grateful to be so blessed and I take my blessings and try to use them to do good for others, regardless of race or gender. I have no need to be better than others to feel good about myself. That is what I said in my note above. Success is great, and striving to be your best is awesome. But, using that to lift yourself up above others, is wrong. I don't agree with any racial pride - black, white, asian, so we are on the same page there. And I'm not liberal, I'm libertarian. Here is food for thought: race, gender, career, economic position, political preference, IQ, have much less to do with who each person is than you could ever believe. Those things are simply the body and mind that your spirit lives in. Your spirit is who you really are, living in the body that was given to you, very temporarily I might add. What are you going to do when you die and you realize that your body was simply a tool that took you through this experience on earth, and now you don't have it anymore. How are you going to measure up and compare then? Will your race matter then?

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Posted By: Whitey McwhiteyMon. Sep 19, 2011

all the proof is in your words, simply you believe that we brake down to just spirit, and these shells we call body's don't matter, and that someone who achieves should see it as nothing because the very short time we are here accounts for nothing, so why try at all if there are no rewards, Mathew 6:19, read it ok? we leave with nothing upon death but are experience will stay my opinion!with that I set goals for myself and always have been taught to do so. so I may have yes material things, but most of all experience. in your response you come with the intelligence taught by those who feel that if you don't want to work or pay rent or earn money to buy your grocery's, don't worry the hard working people of this country will do it for. you all the same, in your words you pose no threat but I see you for what you really are, a bleeding heart lib. public housing in chicago was built for my family's (not just mine) Irish and Scottish are what filled those project first, and when able they got out!no second and third generations, why? I do believe I know you I have met you a million times, I also find it hard to believe that you took sports like the other 99.9999999999% of people who play we play to win, that the point of play, and yes it begins with the fun of the game. o your last statement race may not matter in the life after this, but I I'm not there yet, and my daughter is white, and white people are being told we can't be proud of that, like the person who started this page all whom tell me I can't or should not be proud of my races accomplishments, my family are proud Irish and Scottish the Scots landed in what would be So. Carolina in 1627, I'm proud of what my family has done to help build what I still think is the best place to live in the world, because of white people, that's not to say other races haven't been a great part of that, but look where the others live and how it is what it is, oh yeah can kiss my lilly white ars

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Posted By: JoyceTue. Sep 20, 2011

at Whitey. You are still stuck on the stereotypes. You can try to paint me anyway you want, for your own purposes and even entertainment, but that doesn't make it reality. You are communicating with someone who worked full time and went to college full time, ending with no college debt because I paid my way through, every dime of it. Since then I've worked without unemployment for 22 years. What is my perception of this - I was blessed with a few gifts when I was born by my Heavenly Father. I used them to do good - and therefore he blessed me with more gifts. That's it. I don't think my race, gender, economic place, or IQ makes me better than anyone. I am so grateful for that all that I've been given, I can but only try to share it with others. I know without a doubt, that if I didn't share it, it would be taken away.

I have an eternal perspective and I'm trying to share what I've learned with others. Please try to think past this world, into the next, it's not as far away as you may think. If you make it 100 years here, is nothing compared to rest of your eternal life.

I didn't say our time here doesn't count. I said, quite clearly, that our spiritual development is more critical than our physical development. (Yes, your scripture point is a perfect example of what I'm saying - thank you for that) Actually our time here is what lays the foundation for our future. You may already know that. Yes, when we die our spirit is seperated from our body, therefore, as stated clearly, our spiritual development is the ONLY part we get to take with us for at least a very long time, so focus on that and hopefully develop your character and spirit into something that you can feel good about when you face your God.

Your family wasn't great and successful because of their race. They were blessed by Heavenly Father to have gifts that allowed them to succeed, as was my family and myself. Please use the gifts you've been given to help others. Lift them up instead of pushing them down under you. That's what race supremacy is about - rising up above others.

If you were a Father and created billions of children, would you only want a small percent of them to be special and to succeed? or would you want as many as possible to return to be with you? How would you treat the ones that looked down on even one of their brothers and sisters, instead of using their gifts to teach them and lift them up.

I'm sorry you can't win without thinking your awesome-I can

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Posted By: Whitey McwhiteyTue. Sep 20, 2011

in brief the tools given are useless to those whom refuse to use them. I do believe I'm awesome, as should all, I do not how ever think that god has put me here to live off others, I understand being on the bottom, and in what you said to the common understanding or person is that this place we live is nothing but a brief stop that means nothing more, that was my take. ? and to the succeeding of my people it is directly related to my culture and color, again we are all children of god(my belief)he gave man will to do with as he please, look at the nations and their culture, you are saying I am stuck on race and stereotypes, isn't that what this site is for, opinion on race, and stereotypes come to play for a reason, they are mostly true. the drunk German or Irishman, the black kid who dose not know his father, that is a sad stereotype but a true one even the black comics make light of this. if race is not a factor please correct my ignorance, because every stereotype rings true, why are the black communities riddled with gun fire, and crime in general? you don't have the answer do you, was the white man whom strive to take care of his grass(house yard etc)the reason?or is it simply that we are not the same, you have blacks that care and whites that don't, but those stereotypes exist because they are and will remain to be true, I have money to make so I can enjoy the very brief time I have here, so I my provide my loved ones with just a small amount of comfort, I see your point(maybe) I am someone who will remain god fearing, and take care of my own, and when I can help others as I have in the past. I will, is your point we are all simply people? good day to you and all who read this

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Posted By: JoyceTue. Sep 20, 2011

Whitey. Now we are getting to the point. Thank you. People succeed because of good examples, education, individual motivation, opportunity and good parents, etc. repeated over many generations. It takes centuries sometimes for groups of people to change negative habits of their culture. Race doesn't prevent them from doing that, but their enviornment does. Please look past the skin to the real reasons for the problems and then choose to continue to contribute to the stereotypes or instead, choose to change some lives. Have a great day, too.

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Posted By: A PersonTue. Sep 20, 2011

I like joyce, she's nicer than me. someone like me would tell mr. whitey to go to hell. you know, the place he's going anyway.

its funny how they say their GOD fearing and Christians but do the total opposite of what GOD wants. GOD says love thy neighbor like thy self first, then he says give a portion of your goods to the poor, and fatherless, but they rather judge and put down them very people. that's not fearing him at all.

I think they throw GOD in just so we can't see how cruel, heartless, arrogant, and wicked they really are. GOD also hates proud people, so go ahead with your pride. I can also back everything I say with scriptures you are just giving your opinion.

tell me something, mcwhitey, is the stereotype about the white man being a white devil true?if ours fit the bill, yours sure do too.

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Posted By: DavidWed. Sep 21, 2011

I think as a nation in general we are f***ed, Everyone is too concerned with their own agenda, No one really watches out for anyone but their self, Not to mention that its now acceptable in the public eye to just set on ass and want handouts, Everyone is bitching and trying to pass the buck and blame someone else, If everyone would just do their part IE quit blaming everyone else for their own shortcomings and contribute. immigration, walefare, proson system, all need reform but before we can fix all of that we need to fix ourselves ( except for us who auctually get of our asses and contribute to this country, especially our Military) Done my time, and I'm still working no handouts for me...

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Posted By: BuddhaislandThu. Sep 22, 2011

and if you would have a brain I would call you human!

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Posted By: ErykSun. Sep 25, 2011

Lol you might find this shocking but I'm black and I support this article. Pride of one's culture when positive is actually important in terms of identity. Its when people get attacked due to the 'pride' that pisses me off. I'm a proud Kenyan citizen of African decent. But this pride doesn't give me the right to go out and beat up white or Asian Kenyans. I don't see anything bad about white pride month or holidays as such so if I was in you guys position I would go on a campaign and petition spree to make it happen. As a side note, wtf is this business saying African-American? You are either one or the other. Africans do not like black Americans saying African Americans.

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Posted By: Brown(in)americaSun. Sep 25, 2011

You should be white and proud, but truth is white people don't even talk about there history. You don't celebrate your roots like others that are the same hue as I. We have Black History Month because we are not taught about the important black contributions to society in grade school. We only hear about Anglo-Saxons and that is confusing to me because I remember there being some black people back then. Not just the ones ripped from there land of origin and the ones that helped in the building of this wonderful nation. Yeah the ones barely clothed, malnutrition, beaten, and treated like trash. Do remember that black people and anybody other that white was treated as if they were inferior. Guess what that kinda makes people angry and anger sometimes turns to hate. There was a time where blacks were denied education, so guess what we made our own schools. Can you be mad about that? We took it upon our selves to be educated and learn white ways, language, just to fit in because we basically had very few options. What you clearly don't know is they are only called HBCU's meaning Historically Black Colleges and Universities, which admits students from all backgrounds. Would you like to see them destroyed or shut down because then you would be deleting a bit more of Black History! I am also no African-American, just American will do, nor am I a nigger, a coon, a monkey or whatever someone else may come up with to insult black, brown, and yellow people with the same features as I. White people will never understand the struggle of anyone that is not white in America because they don't have to and don't want to and that's fine just don't be so upset about blacks wanting to celebrate culture in a Country that was supposedly founded for religious freedom. The original post on this site is really silly because your talking about rights that Blacks fought for, these same rights were already given to white male children at conception. I say this because at one point America did not think much of their white women either. All in all this is history and one day people like they creators of this site and the angry people commenting will cease to exist. By that I mean I pray that we will look at each other as equally important and there will no longer be a struggle for identity because we will all play a important part that needs no argument. Be proud and white I don't care but let me be proud and black too!

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Posted By: LaughMon. Sep 26, 2011

You are so ignorant. You say if there were only "white colleges" it'd be considered racist. UM, HELLO?! MORE THAN HALF OF ALL THE IVY LEAGUES ARE WHITES. And you list these examples of carjacking as if only people of color do such things. And why are there such organized movements against police? Because of their unjustified racial profiling. SB1070 is a prime example of that. You claim that all these "immigrants" are taking your jobs. But the jobs they do are of the dirtiest and most backbreaking. You still complain. Your "American" jobs are being shipped to third world counties/ less developing ones by the head honchos of these corporations you love. You still ignorantly complain of the loss of jobs and blame it on the "immigrants". Why do YOU think it's such a stigma to declare white pride? HELLO, KKK, EVIL CULTURE KILLING IMPERIALISTS. But by no means, show your pride. Honestly, it doesn't even matter because we're all AMERICANS. Because, of course, we live in America where our rights are equal and just and should never be infringed upon, supposedly.

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Posted By: JoyceMon. Sep 26, 2011

PRIDE defined in the dictionary: a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

Pride defined in biblical terms: Boasting, Conceit, Envy, Hardheartedness and Haughtiness.

So, in both worldly and biblical terms: pride is ugly. There is NO benefit in it.

at Eryk - You are speaking of confidence and gratefulness for your heritage and that is awesome and fine. The world misuses the term pride, and tells you it's ok to say that your proud to be XYZ. It's not by any definition ok to be "proud" of yourself, because the word proud means you think you are better than others. i. e. you think you are supreme. I think you have a healthy perspective of who you are Eryk, just please don't call it pride. It's not.

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Posted By: AllenTue. Sep 27, 2011

Every country on the planet run by niggers is a complete s***hole. They are too stupid to run a country properly, as they are primitive minded ape-like scum. South Africa is spiraling down day by day. The only thing keeping it afloat is the white enterprise that’s still there and western aid. Once that’s gone it will become just like any other nigger s***pit. So why the hell would any clear minded white person vote for a nigger when the evidence of nigger society is all to evident. Any white who votes for a nigger should be shot.

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Posted By: JoyceTue. Sep 27, 2011

Allen - Have you been to Africa? I have. I went to teach and educate and I was welcomed with open arms and gratitude for my efforts to help improve their lives. They took the education I provided and absorbed it and put into work to better their own lives. The generosity returned to me was 10 fold of that I gave to them. Two year later, they have not forgot my 3 short weeks there and often write to me to check on me and my family. I will agree that some of the leaders in some of the areas are corrupt and don't care about their people. However, there are some good leaders in some areas as well. I met many INDIVIDUALS who were part of an anti-corruption team. There group was designed and operated by a portion of the government that hoped to reduce corruption and it's effect on it's people. I went to them because of an incident at an airport that I encountered when I first arrived. They took care of it in a civil and purposeful way. I was impressed with the outcome. I saw many of the African people working with them in the same way with the same outcome I had. Allen, please unbury yourself from the pit that you've dug yourself into. You are what you listen to, and obviously you have filled your head with nothing but lies and hate. The real truth about the reasons for Africa's problems is there, but it's not as simple as the color of their skin.

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Posted By: A PersonTue. Sep 27, 2011

what allen doesnt know is that the white man owns most of africa, the good counties, the bad countries, AND the s***hole countries.

just like america, they treat their blacks like trash, and make them live in it.

blacks, africans, african americans, colored, we all are just people, we don't need vanity to make us happy. I'm sure they would appreciate some running water though. that's the least they could do for a continent that has made every white country rich, filthy rich, meanwhile leaving africa just filthy.

if africa was that way before you got a hold on to it, you wouldnt have touched it with a ten foot pole. their were kings and queens their who traded to get their wealth, rather it was goods or people until people from afar(spaniards, and anglo saxons) got greedy and decided to steal every body. how would america look if every country in africa came in and took 1/4 of your people, including your leaders and took all your trading goods away?

racism clouds your brain of reality, truth and righteousness

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Posted By: ClovisWed. Sep 28, 2011

Rebuilding Haiti:$100 million. Aid to Africa:$53. 9 billion/year. Getting away with crime just because you're black: Priceless. There's some things foreign aid money can't buy. For everything else there's the race card.

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Posted By: A PersonWed. Sep 28, 2011

rebuilding haiti:tax write off but thanks. aid to africa, well desevered. getting away with crimes just because you're black:blatant lie. ignorant racist:tasteless, classless, and wasteless.

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Posted By: EmmaThu. Sep 29, 2011

I read this entire posting and at first I was offended of how "white people" feel towards "black". But a lot of things that were said about my black race is so damn true and it's very sad for me to admit to that.

I'm 28 yrs old, married mother of a 3 yr old boy, I came to this country at a young age (8 yrs old) and have made a great life for myself as a CRNA, and a lot of my childhood friends are also in the medical field and their mostly foreign . What I truly hate is the black Americans here have not taken advantage of the opportunity this country offers, the opportunity to become more civilized, educated, respected, and financially secure.

Personally I f***ing love white people, I swear some of you are great. White people want to live in peace, work hard, play harder, have their dinner parties, book clubs, raise their kids together, live in good clean communities, and consistently educate themselves. There are white people that takes a college course for example ( women studies)just for common knowledge, just to be able to have a factual conversation with someone, I mean damn you can't be mad at that.

Yes there is a difference in the white and black cultures, whenever i'm around my people I have to talk and act "black" because If I act just a little bit to civil then automatically I think I'm better than them. But white people love me because i'm me, funny, very very very respectful, classy, well educated, I care so damn much, fair, and I look for the best in everybody.

So please live your white lives in peace and harmony and if you come across a few good productive black folks greet them with open arm so they know your not a racist of color, but of people who CHOOSE to live uncivilized.

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Posted By: DandeaearatorThu. Sep 29, 2011

there only three races in the world -black -white-asian and spanish from spain is white not spanish in mexico - yes for sure mexican our taking over u. s. a now there all over in my small town in new jersey . there black people and there niggers (ok) you meet black from africa there different from blacks in u. s. a and there skin look more heather than blacks in u. s. a

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Posted By: JoyceFri. Sep 30, 2011

at Emma - Sad that you are capable of thinking in terms of race. I tend to think you are not who you claim you be. But, assuming you are a real person, I would suggest getting out and meeting some real people. You are not as special and unique as you've built yourself up to be.

at Dandeaearator. Are you a black from Africa? Just a guess based on your very odd, poor punctuation and spelling. I'm white, so is my husband, and we have two beautiful, intelligent children we brought from Ethiopia out of the the HIV plague. Because of my children, I have had a door open in my life to at least 20 African American friends who live in my small rural area: doctors, nurses, business owners, educators and police who are all Mothers and Fathers of complete families - not split families. My life has been enriched by these friends. They are all articulate, funny, live high standards and values, and... . they all spell better than you do. :) p. s. a little education for you: Nigger: defined in the dictionary: Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. A person OF ANY RACE OR ORIGIN regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

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Posted By: VikingFri. Sep 30, 2011

If us whites are to burn in hell for all the injustices we have done to you f***s, at least I won't have to listen to ebonics. I don't believe in hating one another, humans shouldn't hate eachother, oh I wasn't talking about minorities they are sub human.

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Posted By: ErickaSat. Oct 1, 2011

You are all full of s*** w/a chip on your shoulders and I can't help but feel sorry for everyone of you because of how ignorant you all sound and that you were obviously too weak to recognize someone trying to influence you in a negative way or should I say brain wash you when you first were taught these hateful views and predijuces There are good and bad people in all ethnicities but your racism blinds you. There are Irish Americans, Italian americans etc. and when you hear Mexican American, Chinese American usually it is someone trying to identify w/their culture. Please all of you seek some help you all obviously have issues.

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Posted By: NaziSat. Oct 1, 2011

Heil Russia! On their ant I multi-cultural stance we must show them our support somehow.

I believe in reincarnation. In the event that reincarnation is true I'd like to reincarnate as I want to be. All my idols and hero's are white.

I do not mean to put anyone down of another race. But we deserve to preserve our own race. Worse comes to worse we will preserve our race through the cloning of the different mult I faceted Caucasian men and woman. We will still need a place for whites that can live in isolation so we can continue to exist! The truth is there is no place where only Caucasians can call there own except Russia. It's not fair that there is a place for Asians and a place for Africans but there is no place for just us. You come to our civilization at the expense of the future of our race.

"But you brought us over as slaves"... Well you are free now. If you don't like it here, if you don't like us then you are free to leave.

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Posted By: Mark StevensSun. Oct 2, 2011

Seeking a web-site that advances the causes, the philosophy &how to join White Power organization in New England. It's time to abolish the affirmative action laws, NAACP & and other entities paid for with U. S. tax dollars. How about creating a group: NAAWP... . . When will "Caucasian" folks wake the f*** up & realize that, although the U. S. A. is a WHITE MANS' COUNTRY, there are woefully few associations that put the causes relating to OUR HERITAGE & OUR FUTURE for this Nation?? I am so sick and tired of the "RACE CARD" being used every time there is an exchange of ideas, either verbal or written, that have any mention of ones' HERITAGE as a focal point of the conversation. If you use the moniker of "AFRICAN AMERICAN" does that not mean that YOU are AFRICAN first & AMERICAN second?I know that tens of thousands of NEGROES, were brought here to be put to work. Does the NAACP inform its' membership that, as a matter of FACT, that the initial generations entering this country, were "ROUNDED-UP AND SOLD"by their OWN PEOPLE. If it is so important for you to describe yourself as "AFRICAN AMERICAN" either produce a visa or go back to the "MOTHERLAND. "Let the U. S. government break the GHOST SHIP FLEET out of mothballs, fuel 'em up, load 'em up & export 'em back to THEIR HOMELAND. Let us right the wrong... . Good-Bye & Good Luck. One final thought, if negroes resent being called "colored people" then the NAACP should change the name of their organization to:The National Association for the Advancement of African Americans, or NAAAA! Bon Voyage. Submitted by;eyerishiam

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Posted By: AlexanderSun. Oct 2, 2011

So true, ive been saying the same forever, thank you for actually posting it.

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Posted By: JoyceMon. Oct 3, 2011

at Nazi, Mark and Alexander. Sure let's go with that thought... . oh wait, then reality sets in. White's aren't the natives bozo's... ... did you forget who the natives were? So, if anyone needs to be "shipped out" then the whites do - that's us. sometimes, you don't think past your own nose.

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 3, 2011

Natives aren't as native as you think. This land this continent at one time existed without the natives. They found it first perhaps at least before Columbus. However who are the natives to Caucasian Civilization? To Caucasian Technology? The Blue eyed blonde haired gods that built the Pyramids of China and Meso-America. The Blonde haired blue eyed gods that according to the Incas and the Mayans taught them everything they knew. Have you forgotten about that?

This is our Civilization and we don't owe non-whites anything. If we go back to Europe we should take our Civilization with us but we can't.

On second thought the national debt in Europe is MUCH LOWER then the national debt in the US. This country was so perfect with all of my Caucasian Idols.

Our ancestors built America and we do not deserve Genocide!

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Posted By: ScipioMon. Oct 3, 2011

Try living here in south africa. Black empowerment is just a reason to be a black rascist. its hell to be white.

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 3, 2011

You don't belong there in Africa! Either move back to Europe or start killing Africans. That's the Caucasian way Scipio. That's the Caucasian way.

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Posted By: A NiggerMon. Oct 3, 2011

damn all of you don't realize that your ignorance or so called 'enlightenment' is what keeps peace from prevailing in this country. Its sad to know that in these times, people see themselves as superior because of their race; what about your character, your personality, your morals? what the hell is wrong with you guys!? this kind of mentality is what instigated the Holocaust. I'm pretty sure you HATERS are going to leave your comments and please feel free to do so but know this: because of people like you Ive felt guilty for being who I am but now I'm f***ing proud to call myself a black man. I know many black, asain, caucasian, brown, etc people and I'm proud to call them my friends and my peers, and even MY FAMILY! so go suck a huge black CAWK BITCHES!!!!!!!!

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 3, 2011

Caucasians are not your family Nigger!

I want peace and I don't want anyone to get hurt. But our Caucasians need a place to call there own. For our future and for the future of the white race. For the unique ethnicity of white people of all kinds! Your woman are UGLY! UGLY man. And I don't want to reincarnate as one of you! I want a place where beautiful people can live in peace. You're not welcomed everywhere! That's crazy! Our planet is over populated! When we start to reach critical mass us Caucasians stop reproducing as do all animals! But you Asian, niggers and other inferiors do not! You just keep it up until we have Mexico and Africa! KNOCK IT OFF! Your mere half demon of a president wants to raise taxes on what's left of the middle class to 50%! We can't pay 50% of our income on taxes! You Niggers and Flood ruin everything!

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Posted By: This Is So Sad.Mon. Oct 3, 2011

All I have to say is this is really sad I can't understand why we as americans keep forgetting what our country is about we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wh ydoes color matter. What one black does not every black man is going to do its not about someones past but their future. Its not about someones failures but their success, stop looking at ones imperfections but their possibilities.

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Posted By: ChristineMon. Oct 3, 2011

I think you are all ignorant and need to take a lesson in human kindness. Not all minorities are evil and by having the various institutions that we do in place, we are seeking to advance our own culture. Sure black people have black history month but its only 28 days come on! if you people can't deal with 28 days then you have bigger issues than white pride. Also hispanics have national hispanic month in October, other than this month and black history month there are no other months dedicated to minorities so again if you can't deal with two months out of the year then I would suggest you move somewhere else. Morever historically black college were founded BECAUSE white people would not let black people into their colleges. Therefore, the attraction of mostly black people to these institutions is inherently the fault of white people for their discrimination. Additionally, it was stated that if there was a "white" college then you would be called racist, well I would like to argue that there are over 3, 000 white colleges in America their just not called that openly. Some of these colleges have as many as 90-95% white people, so if that is not a white college I don't know what is. I hope you all eventually come to realize your ignorance, and hopefully change because I can't stand to live any longer in a hateful country

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 3, 2011

Christine you claim that I am ignorant? That we are the hateful ones? We have wars in the middle east and our leaders spend billions on countries in the middle east to protect Israel and control oil in the middle east. Young men and woman are DIEING in the middle east. Meanwhile illegals come across the boarder and don't pay taxes or held responsible for our national debt. Their children go to school for free and get medicare for free while we pay taxes. We the decedents of the people who fought for our independence!

Somebody hates America but it's not the Nazi's. Somebody is ignorant but it's not me.

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Posted By: NaziWed. Oct 5, 2011

We NEED to procure a large town. A "Segregate the racist town". I can see it now. All racist white (Caucasians) must live there. Our young men will be in Uniform and armed to the Teeth. Racist cops will bring there white families to this town.

Then we will merely compare crime rates between our "White Racist" town and the rest of America. At the very least this will save the white race as long as we continue to teach our beautiful kids to be Racists!

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Posted By: A PersonWed. Oct 5, 2011

what kids?you'll kill them all by 2015. lmao

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Posted By: JoyceWed. Oct 5, 2011

at Nazi. The government is to fault for our enabling social system that allows Americans to depend on other's. The government and the people who voted for that design, are to blame. I undersand that everyhing for you will be about race, because your eyes are unable to see anything else, but that doesn't make your very narrow view of he world, a reality. If you don't like the social systems we have in place that inable ALL people, including millions of whites, then please vote libertarian and get rid of the democratic leaders that we have. Get rid of the government's control of our lives, and THAT will make everyone stand on their own two feet like I always have. Take your blinders off, and step up into reality Nazi. Your little fantasy world never has and never will exist. Using other races as something to blame for our problems and your reasoning to run away from the reality that has been created by ALL races in our country, is nothing more than one of the million of ugly escapes that everyone tries, when they don't have real answers to solve our problems.

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Posted By: @ NaziWed. Oct 5, 2011

A little history lesson and a little moment of reality for you.

The natives we are talking about came to America approximately 600 years before the birth of Christ... that's 2, 611 years ago. How long has modern caucasian's been here? Your idea that you and your very small white supremacists groups have any hold on this land, which is God's promised land, is simply impossible. Our forefather's built this country to be free, and as long as GOD continues to watch over it, it will be free and you'll have no rule here. Our constitution, our blessings of freedom, our diversity is not small mistakes and is indeed part of our Master's great plan to restore his Gospel to this eary. Your sickness will never spread here. God, and the faithful, will never allow it. My recommendation to you would be "reprogramming for the brainwashed", your worth it, and it's never too late. Reality is out there, but you have to seek it.

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Posted By: ChrisThu. Oct 6, 2011

Please people, everybody says and acts like if we are all different species, distinguished by our colors. We are all human beings! Our color makes us no different than the next individual. If mexicans or black people live in ghettos, it is not. because they are less, it is because of learned circumstances and unequal education. Go to an all white suburb and schools are in far less better conditions, than a school located in the ghettos.

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Posted By: NaziThu. Oct 6, 2011

So it is just a coincidence that the places where most black live are ghettos. It's just a coincidence that Africa is the most underdeveloped continent. It's just a coincidence that no inventors were black. It's just a coincidence that most criminals are black even though the black population is smaller. You darklings know you're inferior that is why it bothers you so much when we tell you the truth!

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Posted By: VikingSat. Oct 8, 2011

I wasn't brainwashed into my beliefs. I grew up around niggers and I know how they are. "hey I can't feed my little nigglets I've gathered with as many trash white race traitors as I could but at least I've got a nice stereo system in my Cadillac and a new pair of air Jordan. Us niggers got our priorities straight".

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Posted By: A PersonSun. Oct 9, 2011

hey viking, atleast we don't throw our little nigglets in the BACK of the cadillac trunk and stomp them to death with our jordans. you whites sure have your priorities straight.

I hope all them little babies come from racist families, that'll keep the racist population down for sure. lol

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Posted By: White Girl From TownMon. Oct 10, 2011

I love this place!!

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 10, 2011

H I white girl from town. Would you mind telling me how old you are and would you mind telling me if you want to have white kids one day?

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Posted By: Working Man Tue. Oct 11, 2011

I am a 55 year old white man. I work in Washington d. c. as a Teamster. In fact I am one of the few white Teamsters. Every day I see the ugly face of racims. I try to be respectful to all my coworkers. It bewilders me at the narrow mindedness and absolute hatred towars me because I am a white man. If anyone thinks that whites hold the cards on racism, think again my friends. It hurts me to be called a cracker or any other remarks.

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Posted By: A PersonTue. Oct 11, 2011

welcome to our world mr working man.

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Posted By: Joe WayneWed. Oct 12, 2011

Hail Satan!

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Posted By: StaceydWed. Oct 12, 2011

Good Morning All,
The issue of race in America is incredibly important and personal to everyone. Race and ethnicity forms the very foundation of our identity, history, heritage and culture. Every time you watch the news or follow political debates, racial issues are a hot topic. We are constantly being bombarded with Black issues, Black interests, the Black vote… Hispanic issues, Hispanic interests, the Hispanic vote, cries of racism, inequality and injustice. So why is it considered “Racist” if you try to discuss White issues, White Interests and the White Vote? The point being… every other race has a voice that rings loud and clear in the media and politics… except for “Whites”… is this not inequality? If a hiring employer is required to pass over a qualified White applicant and hire a minority candidate to satisfy Affirmative Action… is this not racism? Is taking the taxes paid by legal citizens and giving it away to those who are here illegally… is this not injustice?

I am OBVIOUSLY not the only White American who is absolutely fed up with all of it. What I struggle with is… “What can I do about it?” Anonymous postings do nothing but offer a source to vent frustration, but avail nothing. I have also experienced a lot of frustration with finding a legitimate, politically active group to become involved in. I am not an ultra-extremist… just your average frustrated White American woman. So… with that said… I welcome anyone who shares my thoughts and frustration to contact me directly. My name is Stacey Denzin. You can contact me on Facebook or e-mail me at Stacey.denzin at yahoo. com.

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Posted By: NaziThu. Oct 13, 2011

Can somebody please delete that "Hail Satan" comment? Thank you.

Somebody could if somebody else would use the Donate button.

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Posted By: A PersonThu. Oct 13, 2011

sorry stacey but you had your time of an all white everything, give some other races a chance to shine. you are not the only ones in this country. so selfish.

lets keep it real. you know you are the majority in this country, that means, we have more white issues, more white interest, and more white votes. you just want something to complain about. oh and something to be apart of. you ARE racist, that's why you want to be apart of something all white instead of all colorful the way amercia is.

what you don't get is that all the colorfull organizations wants to be united and you want to be apart. that's what makes you racist.

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Posted By: FrankThu. Oct 13, 2011

lol the white hating, self-loathing "anti-racists" never bring anything to the discussion but insults and shaming language. That they can only jeer and name-call speaks volumes about their own intellectual paucity.

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Posted By: Dallas KuhlFri. Oct 14, 2011

Much Respect to those who claim and also carry themselves as the unified individuals. We need to be to conquer these demons. Many of these comments are pointless and irrelevant to our struggle. When one gets on this net to try and reach the masses it should be done to better our understanding of what and who we are dealing with. We must understand that by getting on here and rambling on about " nigger this, Nigger that, " we aren't making a stand towards advancing, we are stooping to their level of name calling and childish escapades. One must also understand that although they are infarct niggers and scum of this earth, what makes a white man different if he stands eye to eye at their level and gets no understanding? Rise above and understand we are on a much higher level than these niggers. We must lead by example for the white future. It starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with us. EXAMPLE... 14/88 Mr. Kuhl. Please contact me at Kuhl321 at gmail. com...

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Posted By: NaziFri. Oct 14, 2011

Does anybody else think a person is a nigger?

"sorry stacey but you had your time of an all white everything, GIVE some other races a chance to shine. "

That's exactly it. You want us to GIVE you this and GIVE You that. Give you a Republic, Give you guns, Give you technology, Give you Section B housing, Give you welfare. I do not believe in Communism. If you want something earn it yourself!

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Posted By: Sothern GirlFri. Oct 14, 2011

Well I'm white and PROUD!! What pisses me off the most is that I've been working for 27 years, up until I moved here to Texas a couple of years ago. I can't seem to get a job because I don't speak spanish. What the hell? This is America. I shouldn't have to know it to get a job. I don't care if your legal or not, but your the one who should speak and know ENGLISH!! And let me tell you, the small town in Mississipp I where I came from, we didn't have gang banging, drive byes and what not. I wasn't afraid to leave my daughter home alone. But here in Texas, oh hell there's all kinds, and very few whites. So what I guess I'm saying is, I'm all for the white power!!!!

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Posted By: FrankFri. Oct 14, 2011

exactly, the insist that whites give them the ability to shine because they are incapable of shining themselves. they say "give other races a time to shine" but south asians, persians, orientals and jews all have much achievement to their name, if not now in the past. blacks have nothing and that is how it will remain regardless of what action is taken by sniveling, prostrating whites

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Posted By: A PersonSat. Oct 15, 2011

ignorant, arrogant white men. goggle black inventors list, you'll see how much we GIVE to this country. your so self absorbed that you think you invented every f***in thing and everybody needs you.

it baffles me that people can hate a race, their for doesnt want to be around that race, their for wont give them the job, then turn around and call that race lazy and worthless and laugh that they have to live in public housing and gets a welfare check. and on top of that bitch that they are sucking all your taxes up. woooow

your hatred is sucking up your taxes not us.

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Posted By: AnfamaSun. Oct 16, 2011

To #1046, A Person, the vast majority of the scientists in the relevant fields of human genetics and psychometrics now agree, after decades of research, the Negro [sub-Saharan] race is inferior in innate intelligence to the white European race. Period.

Concerning the lists of black inventors, you make the white supremacists' point. For on that list are only names of Negros living in the white man's lands enjoying the advantage of the white man's superior knowledge and culture. How many names of Negroes living in all-Negro countries of sub-Sahara Africa are on that list? Zero. So without the fair-complected, beautiful Aryan man the physically loathsome, nappy-headed darky would amount to nothing. Get it?

And the fact that you can list a handful of inventions by Negros also proves the white supremacists' point about Negro inferiority. Because the inventions of the fair-complected Aryan man number in the tens of thousands, too numerous to mention. In addition, Aryans' inventions are the most significant. Orientals, like African darkies, also invent stuff. But their inventions are secondary, derivative on the white man's original ideas. The same goes for the rather unimportant contributions to technological invention of Negros.

Most telling of all is The Lists. On lists of the 20 greatest creative geniuses in every major field, professors from various countries listed only white males. It didn't matter whether the professor of mathematics was teaching at a university in Lagos, Nigeria or Peking, China. All of them listed the same white males, starting at the top with Newton, Archimedes, and Gauss. No Negro made the cut. They all listed the same white males on the list of the greatest painters, starting at the top with da Vinci, Raphael, and Vermeer. No Negro made the cut. The same for the list of the greatest musical composers. Mozart, Bach, Wagner, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and so on, all white males. No Negro made the cut. The same for the greatest chemists [Lavoisier and Cavendish], astronomers [Kepler and Galileo], physicists [Maxwell and Einstein], sculptors [Michelangelo and Rodin], playwrights [Shakespeare and Racine], logicians [Aristotle and Frege], philosophers [Aristotle and Plato], inventors [Tesla and Edison], all, all white males. No Negro made the cut.

Intellectually, it's as if Negros never existed. It's made no difference that they have. That's how miniscule their intellectual contributions have been.

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Posted By: NaziSun. Oct 16, 2011

Welcome back Anfama,

Also Negros are barbaric and have cost Western civilizations untold Trillions. And not just because Obama increased the national debt by over 4 trillion In only 3 years.

When you run from the cops you get your ass beat. Everyone knows this. However when ever a video taped cops beating up a man who A ran from the cops and B just happened to be black the negros wanted them to be charged with "Hate Crimes". The court rightfully declared them innocent. The savage barbaric heathen monkeys went on a rampage! Killing several innocent people (probably Caucasians), wounding many innocent people and caused billions of dollars in damage! And when Marten Luther King got Assassinated They went on a rampage and destroyed America. All these dark heathens want to do is kill Caucasians and destroy our civilization and then complain that they need free stuff and better opportunities or else we are racist. Screw that! I'd rather be racist!

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Posted By: Mr. WhisperSun. Oct 16, 2011

I have to say, when I first ran across this site, I believed it to be just another "I hate niggers" site. However, many of the statements made here are well thought out, productive arguments in favor of the Caucasian race. It's actually refreshing to see that not all so-called "racists" are as stupid and ignorant as the social media would have the nation believe.

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Posted By: AnfamaSun. Oct 16, 2011

To comment #1048 by Nazi, I reply with a related fact. The Aryan invents all the new technology. The cursed Negro, who didn't invent it because he doesn't have the intellectual potential to actualize anything significant, nonetheless takes hold of the white man's technology to destroy, not build.

So the Aryan man invents social networking. He uses it to bring people together for performing art scenes in public squares. The Negro uses the same social networking to organize flash mobs that go on rampages, breaking windows, overturning cars, stealing from stores, and assaulting white people.

Democrats insist that the multi-racial model of society is working in America, if it's not working anywhere else. Yeah, right. FBI inter-racial statistics reveal that Negros have become the genocidal killers of white people in America. Upwards of 7, 000 innocent whites are mass-murdered every year by Negros at the present time. By comparison, a piddling 50 Negroes were lynched by whites every year during Jim Crow segregation in the distant past. And most of them were guilty of some crime. Adjusting the figures to correspond to proportional representation of the two races in the general population, for every one guilty Negro lynched by whites in the distant past 740 innocent whites are being mass-murdered by Negros in the present! I repeat for emphasis, Negros have become the genocidal killers of white people. And yet the Democrats keep telling us that the multi-racial model of society is a success, at least in America.

Democrats meddled in the mortgage market, lowering the standards of that industry, pressuring lending institutions to accept risky applicants, in order to make it possible for Negros to own homes. And how did that work out?

There's no problem plaguing with America today that ethnically cleansing it of all darkies wouldn't solve. And while we're at it, cleansing it of Democrats. Imagine America's economic and crime statistics if you take away Republicans and Libertarians and imagine that only Democrats live in America. That shows you who are the problem.

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Posted By: NaziSun. Oct 16, 2011

Does anyone else have a feeling that our Race was created by "the Grays"? If so how would they just let us go extinct?! And if they were not created by the grays how did we come to be to begin with? How did Irish people come into being and German people and the people who have very light skin yet have dark eyes and dark hair?

However saying aliens created us isn't much better then saying god made us.

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 17, 2011

My last comment seems kinda stupid. I was just wondering if the Grays exist who would be more superior. Them or Caucasians. And really does anyone know how Caucasians came to be?

The Caucs who lived in the Cauc mountains went down and started doing the cutest Asians. Thus the results were Caucasians who than created to Caucland.

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Posted By: TeresaWed. Oct 19, 2011

I think use are all retarded white people sure don't complain when there eating our tacos and burritos or are eating fried chicken use benifit from us as we do use we all are gunna have to deal with the fact that mexicans blacks whites are gunna have to work together eventually

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Posted By: KrakkeshWed. Oct 19, 2011

This is gay. We are all created equal. When a black man gets cut he bleeds red. When a white man gets cut he bleeds red. When an asian man gets cut he bleeds red.

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Posted By: Ibrox1690Thu. Oct 20, 2011

I was born in Scotland for the records I'm 6"2" and 220lbs so Anfama I must be above average for a scots person. My son is also 6' tall and we are both taller than my dad was. Thats just by the way because even when I was at school the boys were generally very tall so I don't know where you get your facts from. Anyway I now live in SA and since 1994 the country has gone downhill, crime is out of control, education is a mess as is the health service with mass corruption in government blacks are incapable of running anything even the Rand has gone for a s*** when I came here it was R1. 65 to the pound now its over R12.

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Posted By: NaziThu. Oct 20, 2011

Yes we all bleed red. So what? What color do you want Caucasians to bleed?

The consistency in blood color has nothing to do with the fact that my race has accomplished profoundly more then any other race. And my race will continue to aspire to greatness until we are extinct. That's not very fair that we are going to be extinct and leave everything we created to the rest of you. Not ONCE not once have any of you said thank you. Thank you Caucasian race.

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Posted By: A PersonThu. Oct 20, 2011

anfama, how do you explain all the african and african american doctors, lawyers, sentors, congressmen, teachers, and professors?

What the hell is an "african american"? If you mean an American negro than say so. African american is just as derogatory as nigger as they mean the same thing.
racist sum bags like yourself just want to keep the black man down for your own gratification and you think your doing the right thing because your forefathers did it. why do you think they didn't want slaves to learn how to read and write english? BECAUSE THEY KNEW THEY COULD BE ABLE TO JACKAS and how do you explain all the dumb uneducated whites in the world ?get off your pedestal and come down to reality you ignorant arrogant person.

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Posted By: A PersonThu. Oct 20, 2011

oh and our contributions are many, that stove you are using and table you eat at, and the toilet you sit on, for more just visit black inventors list.

we have also made you very rich, that cotton, sugar and tobacco didnt pick it self. those historic bulidings didnt build themselfs either. and who do you think have had your back in all your wars?negros

and this is the thanks we get

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Posted By: White And ProudThu. Oct 20, 2011

So you want the white man to bow down to you niggers for doing our work. Because it seems the most work a nigger has ever done has been at the end of a whip.

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Posted By: NaziThu. Oct 20, 2011

I got it! Let's have Red hair month to honor the unique people with red hair. And a Blonde hair month and blue eyed month and green eyed month. Because you know. . We are the minorities.

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Posted By: Robert WhiteThu. Oct 20, 2011

we will we get we have forever in GOD we trust

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Posted By: Ibrox1690Fri. Oct 21, 2011

Like all blacks that post on the internet you talk a load of garbage where the hell do you get your information from. the toilet for a start off the toilet was originally invented by Sir John Harrington although you will find that a man by the name of Thomas Crapper did take a bit of credit for it in the 19th Century hence the expression "Going for a crap" but it was originally invented in the 16th century by Sir John Harrington although there obviously have been some improvements since the days of these 2 White Englishmen. As for inventing a table, it consists of a Top and Legs how can anybody be given the credit for inventing that. As for the stove depending on what one you are talking about the original invention for electric stove was in the 19th century by a white man but like everything else such as Telephone/TV /cell phone/computers they have been improved through the years. By the way all invented by a white man. Please come back when you have something intelligent to say. Here in SA since the demise of Apartheid in 1994 and blacks have moved into "white suburbs" what used to be beautiful suburbs are now littered with beer bottles/cans coke cans crisp packets etc it looks like a rubbish dump now and is getting worse.

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Posted By: DerekFri. Oct 21, 2011

Anfama, I agree with almost everything you say, you are a very inspirational person to young aryans like me. I have always had white pride and have always known I was better then the dumb niggers. You have provided me with a reason, for that I owe you. I know I will live to see a day when America has no niggers, spics, arabs, or anything besides pure whites residing in it.

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Posted By: White Boy From RagsSat. Oct 22, 2011

im white im racist against nigers

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Posted By: BoboSat. Oct 22, 2011

Being an Asian American who sits and watches all the racial drama going on, I think I can offer a couple of unique perspectives. I can understand why white people are so fed up with the whole racist deal promoted by the black people. However, I think its also important to understand that blacks are still a part of a minority culture that is insecure about their own identity. Thus, it would be reasonable to give them some privileges over the rest of the population, so that the black culture may shift from violence and other forms of unproductiveness to things of better value. These privileges encompasses areas ranging from education to positive images in the media. Statics have shown that more and more blacks have risen in socio-economic status even though the overall progress is slow.

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Posted By: NaziSat. Oct 22, 2011

Asians are typically very humble people and even though they were also brought over as slaves they do not cry about there ancestors like other races do. Until now. Now you Asian liberal piece of crap wants to take from those who earn and give to those who do not earn just because they have more melanin in their skin. We are to give special privileges to a race who contributed very little if at all to the advancement of the human race? Go back to Asia you communist scum! Just because we are Caucasians American's does not mean we have unlimited everything!

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Posted By: The Female Sun. Oct 23, 2011

Frankly I'm appalled by such comments but none the less this is free speech. I guess i'd be Chicana since I was born here in America but my family is from Mexico. Honestly, I believe there is nothing wrong with showing pride for who you are and where you come from, if you're white then sure be proud for who you are. I think it is a problem though when people (this goes for all races) believe that they are above every other race. My half brother is white and in the military also, if this helps. There can and will always be asses in every race. You cannot judge a whole race based on the actions or beliefs of others.

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Posted By: A PersonSun. Oct 23, 2011

at lbrox666

why are in even in africa?if you two bit crackers never came you wouldnt know how they live. if you have ever seen a black man more sucessful then you, cleaner then you, smarter then you, you should know that we are the same as you. I myself think we are more then you because you came from us.

you believe everything you guys say about how you are smarter and more evolved but you don't believe it when YOU say you originated from the black man. you pick and choose what you want to believe.

believe this or not but your trailer parks are nasty filthy dirty, whos mthe blame for that?you'll probably blame the black man. lol

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Posted By: NaziSun. Oct 23, 2011

at A person,

I'd rather live in the dirty nasty filthy trailer parks then in the Ghetto! At least there is less crime and the ladies are better looking!

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Posted By: A PersonSun. Oct 23, 2011

at least we steal things , you steal people.

has anybody seen baby lisa????

and if you call walking around barefoot with two teeth better looking then that's fine with me. lol

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Posted By: NaziSun. Oct 23, 2011

I'm not listening to you. You're a black Panther.

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Posted By: Ibrox1690Tue. Oct 25, 2011

To a person

you are a typical black racist and should think before you speak. I don't live in a trailer I live in a 3 bedroomed 2 bathroomed house, on a piece of land which is 840m2 and my wife does not have just 2 front teeth if you cannot contribute anything sensible please refrain from putting any posts on this web-site. The whiteman brought civilisation to africa and as for all the minerals/oil etc it would still be under the ground if it wasn't for western technology. Don't forget we had schools/universities/churches etc in europe dating back before van riebeek arrived in the cape, so don't talk a lot of rubbish or as you on the other side of the pond call it garbage. Whether you like it or not my ancestors civilised the world because you do not like it and to you it sounds racist does not make it any less true. I'm surprised you can even comment as you have to add to numbers before you can post a comment, sorry I forgot you are probably using a calculator.

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Posted By: Ibrox1690Tue. Oct 25, 2011

To a person

as for your stupid statement that you steal things and not people here in sa blacks do steal babies and cut up their bodies and use it for mut I (traditional medicine) they also rape young girls as some half-wit has told them that having sex with a virgin will cure them of aids. So shut the hell up and go back to your ghetto. These are all fact unlike the bs that you spout out. Iy just goes to show you that the old saying is right "you don't have to be stupid to be black but it does help" lol

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Posted By: A PersonTue. Oct 25, 2011

So you call killing every race known to man in record numbers civilzed? , You sure did alot of barbaric s*** before you became civilzed. You don't have to live like evrybody else because you have all stolen everything from every one so now you can sit back and be civilzed.

their are churches in ethiopia that dates far pass your existence. And you learned alot from the continent of africa. How wonderfull would africa be if you were just buying there oils and minerals instead of stealing it. Rather we knew it was there are not. Once you found it we would have start selling it to you.

as far as the baby thing goes, your brothers over here, kill thier own babies and doesnt do anything postive with it but put them in the woods to rot.

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Posted By: Animal Ed Erie,paTue. Oct 25, 2011

How I wish people would open their eyes and see our race slowly being devoured by the ignorance and over running to help and put other nations and races before our own! ! ! ! What is gonna be left of for our white children 50 or 100 years from now? We're already the minority in our own land! ! ! Please wake up and realize before its to late! ! ! ! !

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Posted By: Ibrox1690Tue. Oct 25, 2011

A person

the more you talk the more stupid you sound you are trying to put a positive spin on killing babies you are a complete moron, which no-one in their right mind can condone this you sound as if you have escaped from a mental hospital. You also reckon we should excavate for minerals/oil and then you should sell it to us do you realise how daft that sounds. The governments of these countries do get income from these mining activities just because most black governments are corrupt please don't blame us for that. You are quite right by the way we did lean some things fro you how to rape/murder/ corruption etc lol. What school did you go too the "ragged school" "their" meaning belonging to a person. "Civilised" has an "i" I'm it. "Wonderful" only one "l". Before you address us "civilised" people go back to school. Better still go onto a "black power" web-site maybe they will understand the drivel you post because we do not fluent in "complete moron" lol

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Posted By: NaziWed. Oct 26, 2011

I should have said something to the black panther before but I just wasn't thinking. I used to live in a trailer and I know lots of people who live in trailers. First of all most trailers are not trashy. They are decent homes and some double wides have two floors. And our parks are nice. No trash everywhere! And everyone knows each other and everyone is friendly. No drive-byes in our parks! I do not live in the trailer parks but I live close to them. And we have all our teeth. I myself brush and floss. Oh yeah and some of the people in the trailer parks are black.

so take your ignorance somewhere else. You black panthers disgust me. You want to exterminate all white people! You blame us for everything yet never once do you give credit where credit is due when you use our caucasian technology! Stop using electricity if you hate benjamin franklin, nicola tesla and thomas edison!

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Posted By: NaziWed. Oct 26, 2011

I'm tired of blaming black people for the extinction of my race! I feel no better then those loathsome black panthers!

it's white peoples fault! Slutty white women, gay and wimpy white men. In a few years time I am going to be off my ass through hard work and superior intellect and i'll be in the position to have lots of kids. That is my goal! I'll be the best father for my kids, the father I never had! I'll raise them with american conservative ethics and values. I'll use the best of caucasian technology to preserve the best of my race. I'll teach them pride and i'll teach them to stay with their own!

shame on you greedy caucasians! Shame on you for wanting things instead of babies to love. What a joy it will be to have a baby boy of my own to hug and love. Nothing will be more worthwhile to me.

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Posted By: JoyceWed. Oct 26, 2011

at naz I and anfama.

can you please clarify a few things for me. I've read a lot of your thinking (which comes from your choice to submerse yourself in the lies of god's advesary) and I want to know if you think the following is a fair statement about what you've been taught by him.

you believe that all black people are less intelligent than all white people because of there "genes"

you believe that because some groups of black people living in poverty make bad choices to solve their problems, all black people are like them.

would that be a fair summary of some of your believes.


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Posted By: Born Again JewWed. Oct 26, 2011

Okay i'm not a naz I anymore. I'm a jew now.

"you believe that all black people are less intelligent than all white people because of there "genes" "

no I believe that black people lack something that makes them not innovative enough to pioneer technology. They have contributed very little to civilization. Yet the majority of them have actually caused much more set back to civilization. Not all are like this but we would just be better off without them. Why should they deserve to wipe out caucasians and you know once there are less of us they are going to kill us off with our own technology! How embarrassing!

"you believe that because some groups of black people living in poverty make bad choices to solve their problems, all black people are like them. "

I don't think all blacks are like them. In fact I know negros that are very nice to me and i'm nice to them. One used to make my old job of fun. He was lp and I was cashier so I talked to him. He was nice and even funny. But I can not put their race over my own! I'm sick of their music that tells kids to shoot police! I'm sick of all this reverse racism against whites. I want america's values back and the majority of blacks just don't have them. They are ugly in my opinion. Sorry.

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Posted By: Doesn't MatterThu. Oct 27, 2011

There is a very fine line and white power and black power. Black power was created to uplift our race where as white power seem more so to put down every other race. I don't have an issue with anyone taking pride in their race but I don't believe one race is better than another. To take pride in your race does not mean you have to put other races down. Reality is racism still against it will never go away. This land was not put here for one particular race to run it was made for everyone. This is not the white man land period just because u are the majority here in america does not mean u are right... Change is coming

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Posted By: NoneThu. Oct 27, 2011

The only way that whites can ever accomplish anything is by killing and hating in an unfair manner. Everything that they've ever accomplished by was done killing. Whatever u believe just remember karma so go ahead and look down upon us as if u don't deserve anything but remember something greater than all of us is waiting to make a change in all the wrong that has been done. No killing is justifiable at all. This land will not be here forever and neither will u... I hope its all worth all the hate and anger u hold in your hearts for another race for the color of their skin a smell a job that was lost who cares its life stop crying if u are the superior race move on but wait you guys solve all of your problems by killing anyways

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Posted By: JoyceThu. Oct 27, 2011

at born again jew.
ok, I have a little more figured out. You are under 25 years old, aren't you. That's why you equate rap to all blacks also. Boy, your world is a narrow little place. Tasteless rap is what, about 15 years old. What about jazz which started in new orleans about 100 years ago and what about the blues. These two music styles are some of the deepest most soul felt music i've ever heard. p. S. My black friend who works for intel... Has a different perspective. She creates things every day and in fact was part of the creation of notebooks (not the building of them, but the creating of them). You nor I will ever come close to her multiple six figure income. She's a sweet loving wife and mother. I adore her. But, you know everything, right born again jew. Because you've been around so long and have choosen such great mentors in your life. There are better mentors for you out there... Please find them. If you want to be a loving, caring father and a good example, then please find some good loving and caring people who care about everyone and not just a small portion of the world. A real man and a real father is wise enough to know that everyone has the potential inside of them to contribute to to society. So you can contribute and lift others around you up, or you can tear them down... And that is what your children will learn.

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Posted By: Keith BadeauThu. Oct 27, 2011

at black man:

your retort sounds more retarded than any of these posts. There are some points you could argue against if you have the mental capacity. I do know some intelligent blacks but most of the blacks I know speak ignorant ebonics and tout guns and sell drugs. Your days of oppression are over in case you didn't realize it--the hardships you now face are the same that any *american* (white, black, or otherwise) that weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouth now face.

so, let us now hear your intelligible point of view.

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Posted By: Joe BookeThu. Oct 27, 2011

It is about time someone says what all we white people already know. A government being biased toward one race for the betterment of another, in our case our government being biased toward everyone that is non white, cannot last long. Eventually you will beat us down so far and we will use our superior intelligence against you and you will fall. I am afraid we have gone too far in this country to turn it around without a revolution, it may be awhile coming, but it will come and the white race will prevail. The non white races know this and fear us, they know that in the long run they cannot win, but for the short term, "let them have their fun. " It will come at a cost.

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Posted By: Joe BookeThu. Oct 27, 2011

Thats right and you will find out one day.

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Posted By: NaziThu. Oct 27, 2011

So joyce you are a white traitor to your own race! That explains it. I do not need your permission to be a good loving father! I will teach my kids to watch there black and look out for each other.

and you do not know my future how do you know what I am going to end up doing! Joe you're right. Once whites wake up! We are going to use our superior intellect and these inferiors will rue the day they have ever tried to take from us! They shall have, that which they earn!

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Posted By: NonmilitantFri. Oct 28, 2011

I probably shouldn't be on this website considering I am not white. I remember the first thing my father said to me as I became a man, "son you get to blame white people if you don't 1. Take of your family, 2. Educate yourself, 3. Respect yourself and other around you, and 4. Stand up and serve your country like a man. I know this is going to sound crazy coming from me of all people to you, but really... We "minorities need to stop holding our hands out and acting as though everyone owes us something. If people stood up and did what they were supposed to do, we could understand that. My father used to say if you want to keep a black man down put you information in a book, he won't read it, but you need to read and be educated. The best advice my dad ever gave was this... "Son at some point every race on this planet has endured some form of slavery and rose above it! ! So why can't we? ! ! White people don't owe you anything, and after hearing that I know that I had to become a productive member in a great society that is the united states of america. I have since taught my children to never ask for a hand out and that hard work and respect will get you very far in this world. I have also told them "you don't get forty freaking acres and a mule unless you work for it! ! Truth is blacks just need to step up and quit whining! ! You and I both know that when a man works for he own he feels better, because he knows it is his! ! Oh yeah if a police officer shoots some piss ant gang banger or drug dealer he makes the streets safer for me and my family. On that note, you and I both know that is right also. I my not agree with a lot of things people say on this site, but sometimes it is what it is. I think if you see a person white black or otherwise doing right even most people on this site have to say okay keep doing the right thing! !

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Posted By: SaulFri. Oct 28, 2011

Anfama you should start counting on the coming race war, but its not what you think it is my friend mark my words. For you see it is as the child verywhitegirl who I bet has a mixed race child of her own, that was spurned by someone of another race speaking out in angst. It is your own kind as you eloquently spoke (aryan females spreading their legs as such). Remember it he in his own land that is unacceptable. Some of your most "aryan" follows do things the like to despise you my friend and you believe those "scientist and philosophers" that allow you to type out 100 per minute per your blog. It is good you love your race and heritage, but as they should return to their homelands shouldn't you? Yes you will respond to me in the fine fashion per the intellect you display, however I am truly looking forward to your most wizened response, but really save those word for that race war you speak of my friend.

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Posted By: SaulSat. Oct 29, 2011

Carlos alberto there is truly an aryan man there now isn't he. Hmm there are quite a few naysayers her on this site. The minorities you hate so much carlos are your own. It is sad that you speak at all in english, you probably don't even speak spanish do you carlos? Here is something for you and your lover carlos: carlos es una excusa pobre mentirosa de un humano que es para el registro y anfama es un hombre homosexual que comienza a darse cuenta de sus venidas cortas. Yes carlos this is a sad statement for a spanish, german blah blah blah blah nonsense you speak.

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Posted By: NancySat. Oct 29, 2011

The main difference is that some white people (you) think they're better than everyone else...

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Posted By: NaziSat. Oct 29, 2011

The jew's bankrupted every country on earth! Look up the national debts!

we are obsolete now. They do not need us as producers because the jew's sent all the jobs over seas. They do not need us as consumers because the third world is buying their products. And they do not need us as voters because they have the latino vote. We americans the decedents of our forefathers whom signed the declaration of independence and created the constitution and whom bleed to death for his country and their children and their children's children are obsolete. Useless. Expendable. The jews that replaced real politicians with themselves do not need us to rule this land any longer. And the care only about israel not americans.

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Posted By: NaziSat. Oct 29, 2011

The blank panthers are winning! They are running a eugenics program with white woman to get white woman pregnant and make the husband a cuckold husband to raise black babies instead of his own. And everyone thinks that's fine! This is becoming a huge fetish!

why is this happening? Why are so many caucasian males homosexual and so extremely submissive to the point of pleasure when a black guy is f***ing his wife! How did this happen? Lord all mighty please help us!

meanwhile we are still losing soldiers in the middle east at an incredible rate. Mostly young caucasian males.

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Posted By: EmmaSun. Oct 30, 2011

at joyce to each their own, you just basically repeated everything I just said. You know some articulate black folks well that's all good, so do I and some white ones, spanish ones, asian ones and so on... But that is not the point i'm was trying to make, the point is color is not a factor it's about who the hell you are as a person.

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Posted By: LadysesameMon. Oct 31, 2011

There are many black organizations because regular mainstream white society did not include actors and musicians and authors and actresses and singers, etc of color, so all those black ppl and spanish ppl and asian pp, etc, created their own groups. Until everyone sees everyone as more or less the same, there will always be seperate groups.

I wish you much love and inner peace. Really the character of someone determines who they are. I know you cannot possibly think all white people are the best. You should try asking yourself why you have so much hate and bring solutions to the table on how everyone can unite. this might be too deep for you, but really, 'different races' are really only an illusion. We are all the same 'color. But if you do not agree, you must only love white flowers, white fish, white animals, white food, white furniture, white emotions, white beliefs, white love. Because everything in the whole world has many different colors and shapes and sizes and expressions of love. if you truly believe that you are the victim, your hate will never let you forget it. Your hate will grow and consume your mind of thoughts that are full of ego, not love (god). I leave you with bags of unconditional love.

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Posted By: LadysesameMon. Oct 31, 2011

Also, pride is not your friend. Why don't you change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. Why so prideful? What are you trying to prove? How can you love yourself so much and have such a hateful undertone with your pride. People who truly love themselves, can love others easily. People who are caught up in pride and ego have an illusion of love towards themselves and lots of hate towards others.

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Posted By: NaziMon. Oct 31, 2011

I am really sick of you people not reading this site and understand the reason why the site exists!

we want to preserve our white caucasian race from extinction and stop all of this (non-whites first) injustice. You people are so afraid of being labeled a racist that you are willing to bend over backwards for another race of people! Our race can not survive this lack of identity and lack of love for the caucasian race.

we said it before. Blacks and asians ect. Do not have any color. Other then black and brown and black is void. Asians are not yellow. Natives are not red! Gingers are red! Blondes are yellow. Blue eyed people are blue, and green eyed people are green. Even if you have fair skin and black hair with brown eyes (which I find the most attractive) you are part of the verity of the caucasian race. Why do you think it's a good thing for us to mix together? Why do you not want the beautiful and unique irish, german and british people to exist in the future. And if we reincarnate we deserve more verity to choose from!

also keep in mind that the majority of hate crimes is blacks killing white people. You hypocrites! Why is it okay for blacks to kill white people? Why do you love them so much that it's okay for them to rape white girls and kill white men? Answer me that ms. Peace and love!

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Posted By: JeremyTue. Nov 1, 2011

I ask myself the same questions every day and no one listens. I see the bumper sticker every day, native pride, black pride, mexican pride, but if I put white pride on my truck I am a racist. What the hell? I am not ashamed of my skin color and never will be. In fact, the world today has made me more aware that I need to defend my skin color before it is overtaken. I will do that with gun in hand. I will not stand for racial intolerance of white people. I am a proud white man and I will never be ashamed of my color.

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Posted By: NaziTue. Nov 1, 2011

Blacks are raised to think whites owe them and whites are raised not to be racist.

the fact of the matter is everyone is racist. But only white people are not allowed to be racist. 90 of violent hate crimes are black on white. Put the gun down jeremy and just avoid all black men, do not talk to them and do not make eye contact. Go to church on sundays, invest in the stock market, get a home security system, have lots of kids that you will raise conservatively and have your guns at home to protect your family.

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Posted By: A PersonWed. Nov 2, 2011

Naz I you're an idoit.

go cry us a f***in river, because we aint going nowhere. If you want to be "nigger" free theirs always holland, germany, greenland, ect. Ect. We got to this country around the same time as you did. Why is this more of your country than ours? You did the paper work, we did the labor.

if our culture and language wasnt stripped from us, (you have watched roots right? ) We might have thought about going back. So deal with it.

we have to deal with your violent crimes also. Talk to us when you stop killing, stealing and raping. And your policemen are making up for your black on white crimes. They kill unarmed black men almost daily. Do you think someone should die just because they run?

you want all white men to treat blacks the way you say, well that's when you'll see your real black crimes.

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Posted By: NaziWed. Nov 2, 2011

You call me an idiot. Then you say nothing but nonsense.

"do you think someone should die just because they run? "

yes! They have a job to do! Imagine if everyone just got away with anything just by running away. If they explain themselves to the cops and show they are innocent then everything would be fine! If you want to live in america you must obey the laws! We don't want anarchy man. If you want that go to africa. You'll fit in just fine there.

and btw maybe if you black men don't shoot at my police men and women all the time then maybe they wont be so cautious around you. You make my head hurt with all your stupid comments.

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Posted By: Jake The KidThu. Nov 3, 2011

Okay so this is to the person above nazi.

Man you got your stuff so wrong do you think that the white man just came along and started hating black people? no! we did not you gave us multiple reasons. and you didn't get here first look at one of the nick names you give us "cave Man" well that's right we were here first and we brought yall here to prove your selves to be good hard working men like us! but you didn't you went and screwed that up for yourselves. And running yeah I support what our police do, who's to say your not running with a gun to all your little hommies to shoot back I would shoot in a heart beet not just to kill you but to protect myself and others that you may harm.

If you don't get it you never will we were a little racist at first but now look who is calling out all the racial white slurs and we take it like men. yall cry

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Posted By: NaziThu. Nov 3, 2011

I only recently starting hating black people. And I don't hate all of them!

Honestly you guys there is no such thing as Slavery! Blacks had to eat didn't they? They had to live somewhere, they had shelter didn't they? They were allowed to reproduce (sadly) and what you black people still do not understand is that you're supposed to pay good money and time invested to pass your genes on!

Now in days there are so many free Caucasian Americans who do not even eat everyday! Many have kids that they can't even afford to feed. If someone came along and told them that they would feed them and there children and give them shelter and all they had to do was pick cotton I am sure they wouldn't say no!

When Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt they were not happy. Always complaining and doubting their God. They didn't know it would take years to roaming the desert with little food and water. They were scared and uncertain. They wanted to be slave to the pharaoh. At least they got to eat and had shelter and families. At least they knew what the day brings. In freeing them from Egypt they received little comfort. You must WORK to earn luxury. You niggers want affirmative action so you get free stuff. You want Communism so the Government gives you stuff for free. And when you don't get your way you blame white people and just call everyone racist. You can't blame white people for everything. Who are you going to blame when you phase us out? Asians?

It will be VERY sad when there are no more good looking Caucasians. No more Germans and no more Irish. I'll have to reincarnate as a nigger and be taught to just blame the extinct White men for my incompetence and just play the victim. Very sad and pathetic.

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Posted By: A PersonThu. Nov 3, 2011

you honkeys are all the same, not you joyce, your part of the 2% that didnt take the deal with the devil.

I guess we both like to play the blame game you idiots, who do you blame for your crimes and so called hand outs? stupid crackers. meanwhile your the biggest theives and criminals(you rob banks, steal peoples furtunes, identities, and you kill multiple people at once). your so worried about the petty thieves(purse snatchers and convenient store robberies)you can't see the big picture. you can't see who is really turning your country into a s***hole. I bet you will blame the asians, arabs and jews though if we all left and your country is still going down the toilet, you got to have somebody to pick on.

I see why your going to be extinct, who wants to make babies by a bunch of judgemental hypocrites .

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Posted By: Ibrox1690Fri. Nov 4, 2011

at APERSON I see you are still here spouting your racist claptrap, it hasn't dawned on you how stupid you sound. Here in SA 95% of the prison population is black, and its not just poor blacks as you people like to play the poverty card, there is a lot of poor people who do not turn to crime. It's no wonder you lot cannot get a job if ou go for an interviewwith your trousers round your knees showing off your drawers. By the way I did not make a deal with the "Devil" or any other fictitious person. You did notanswer my last comment of how a person like you can post as you cannot and you have to add the 2 numbers I suppose if the answer is more than 10 you take off your shoes/socks that's f you canafford shoes/socks. lol

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Posted By: Ibrox1690Fri. Nov 4, 2011

at APERSON You actually become more moronic by the minute unlike you I don't condone any type of crime. Crime is crime. In fact stealing a little old lady's handbag with her last $200 in it is morally worse than embezzling $1m from bank although unlikeyou I don't condone either and any way here in SA there is more black people getting caught with ther hands in the cookie jar than whites. Here they even rape babies becaue they believe it will cure them of AIDS and cut up kids and use their body parts as mut I (Traditional medicine) they even burn women they say are witches and you call us uncvilised. All we want to is protect our white heritage if you and Joyce think that's wrong its jut too bad. She probably watches Oprah too. By the way we are also better at most sports than you lot.

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Posted By: Lil Bo PeepFri. Nov 4,